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tv   Open Phones on Internet Privacy  CSPAN  April 1, 2017 2:34pm-2:51pm EDT

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to ensure that consistent, uniform privacy sttstds are maintained -- standards are maintained to protect consumers and future innovation. once congress rejects these rules, the f.c.c. can turn back to cooperating with the f.t.c. to ensure both the consumer privacy across all aspects of the internet are protected through vigorous enforcement, and also that innovation is allowed to flourish. i urge all of my colleagues to quirks you'd been watching a house of representatives debate from this past week on a measure that would repeal internet privacy rules. the senate had earlier passed that measure. the house passed it, and now it goes on to president trump for his signature. he has indicated he plans to sign that in the coming weeks. i would like to get your perspective now on what you think of those changes to internet privacy rules.
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no numbers on your screen. invite you to start calling now. we will take your calls in just a moment or two. you can always tweet us or leave a comment on our facebook page. "the wall street journal" wrote about this story. the headline is -- writing, all
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telecom providers had argued the rules put them at a competitive disadvantage to online at giants google and facebook, which generally are not regulated by the fcc. a little overview from "the wall street journal" on what the impact could the of that repeal of the fcc internet privacy rules. right now, though, your chance to weigh in on what you been watching the last hour or so. joining us first is elite in newtonville, new jersey, on the line for democrats.
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go ahead. >> i would totally vote against this. apparently it has already gone through the house and senate, to theis going to go president, who will vote for it, i'm sure, but i am totally appalled. i should not be surprised at what the republicans do. keep taking away regulation, regulation, regulation, and it's just to make money. if your cell phone provider and cable provider are doing that kind of is and is, they don't need to make more money on top of what they are making selling me these services. amazon sells product. apples.t apples to this is ridiculous. y social security number? my personal financial information? i'm going to pay my cable bill
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and phone bill every month so that they can sell my information? it's absurd, but nothing unexpected from republicans. >> thanks for calling. to kelly next in garden grove, california, on the independent line. >> i have three points that i wanted to make. privacy for sale, and we are not buying it. two, this bill is not an overreach, and it protects privacy of americans. what is an overreach is allowing corporations to mind our private data and sell it. i just wanted to make a last point for those in favor of this to be for one because the fire has been lit and we are getting active in our policy and government and you had better watch out because we are coming for you. >> thanks for calling. republicans arguing the fcc regulation was an overreach and that the ftc, actually, had
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jurisdiction in this area. democrats, of course, pushing and that thessue repeal would remove those privacy protections. your thoughts -- craig in california on the republican line, what do you think? crank, you with us? >> yes, i am. >> go ahead. >> i just wanted to register the fact that i am totally against the ability for these internet companies to sell our private information. craig, you are a republican. what do you think of your party supporting this legislation? >> i am appalled. >> all right. thanks for calling. christina joins us now from hemingway, south carolina, democratic line. go ahead.
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>> i have five daughters, and i'm appalled that republicans are out there. you have to wonder, when my kids are online, the things they do, the things they see -- they are out there selling this information. my debit card number, my social security number, all these things. we are supposed to live in a free country where people want to be us. ownwe are not free when our congress take away our rights, them, youust let know, basically sell at our information to make a dollar, and it seems that is what republicans are for, making a dollar. our money says in god we trust, but it just seems right now as republicans look at it, in trump we trust, because god got voted out of this a long time ago.
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>> the house this past week passing a resolution that would in effectse yet to be internet privacy rules that the last days and the months of the obama administration. now, president trump is expected to sign that legislation in the coming weeks. your calls. robert in yorktown, virginia, go ahead. i am a vietnam veteran, and i fought for the freedoms of our country and our privacy, and i cannot believe that we have representatives who are making these kind of decisions to take our privacy away from us. it is all about a dollar, and they do not take into account what the american people really want. you have listened to every call. they are all against this
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action. how can they sit up there in congress and say the american people support these types of actions? they need to listen to their constituents, and i urge every voter in the country to look and see who is making these decisions and make some changes in our congressional and senatorial seats. thank you. >> let's get another republican viewpoint in lancaster, pennsylvania. john is on the air now. go ahead. >> thanks for taking my call. also arepublican and trunk folder. ,veryone i have talked to republican and democrat, are not in favor of this bill. just listening to the program , you can see there's a lot
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about safety and our freedoms, and that is what is most important, our freedom. take ourne can personal information and outright sell it, and they don't have to tell it -- tell you who they sold it to, and now you do not know who knows what about you, and you are paying money for these services. why do we not have the right to be told where our information is being used? >> thanks for calling. this story in "huffington post" -- senator democrats purged donald trump to veto a bill allowing internet providers to sell your data. back to that story.
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the letter says consumers deserve to make -- the right to make their own decisions about access, use, and sale of their personal and sensitive internet data by their broadband provider, as the letter goes on to say, from senate democrats. time for a few more of your phone calls. your thoughts on the changes to internet privacy rules and repealing that particular fcc rule this past week in congress. let's go to joseph in millington, tennessee, on the democrats line. hi, joseph. >> thanks for having me on the air today.
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i strongly, strongly disagree with the bill. i am completely against republicans pushing this bill through the senate and house. i believe that the democrats have made a very good argument on why we should keep that data in the hands of the citizens -- the owners of that data and to only give that dated to companies with approved consent. question --k you a what is your response to the argument that at&t, verizon, and others make that this just puts them on a level playing field ? th, say, google or facebook >> i have to question what their motives are. google and facebook are in a completely different industry. they are in the industry of providing a service through social media, through targeted advertisements, while at&t, verizon, and comcast are in the
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service of providing a utility, and access to information to all the constituents of the united states. i question what they are trying to use the data for. i question why they have spent lots of money lobbying for this, spending an absurd amount of to republicans in pushing this. i think it further highlights the need for campaign finance reform, of getting money out of politics so politicians can better listen to their constituents. >> all right. thanks for calling, joseph. let's move to ohio on the independent line for kyle, who is with us now. >> hello. thank you for having me on. i do not agree at all with this bill. it takes the privacy from every citizen who uses the internet or
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social media, it could be on their phone or computer. why arttion i ask is consumers obtaining money from the sale of their own personal data -- why aren't consumers obtaining money from the sale of their own personal data? why are consumers who are creating this data not seeing any money at all? >> kyl, thanks for calling. let's go to darlene on the republican line in west virginia. go ahead. >> yes, i do agree with , but i think a lot of people are panicking about this. we have been hearing this information since the internet was devised. i'm not in a panic about this. i think a lot of people are having emotional responses to this when all you have to do is
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use common sense. toyou don't want your data be shared, then do not put it online. .> thanks for calling a couple of tweets -- this one from melanie, who was watching the debate in the house. thank you, u.s. representative mike doyle, democrat of pennsylvania who led the democratic side during that debate, for speaking up against sj resolution 34. this tweet from megan. time for one more quick call. we will go to gym in orchard park, new york. if you can make in brief, we have to move on here. >> sure. i find it awfully hypocritical. it seems like there is a concurrent theme here with everyone that has been on the want allar that they
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their representatives in congress and their senators to listen to them. i have taken college classes that were taught by politicians, and they have come right out and said they could care less about their constituents and are just there to collect their check. if this is the case, these companies are going to let them go and take our private information -- if that is the case, why not just go to a psychologist and tell them your private information? i don't want congress to be my psychologist. it is an insult to the intelligence of the electorate of this nation, not to mention have an that we still electoral college when every modern country in the world their leaders democratically. >> thanks for calling, jim, and thanks to all our collars, by the way. i do want to give you a little bit of programming information. big week in the senate this week off and on the floor as the senate judiciary committee meets
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nominationote on the of the associate justice on the supreme court live at 10:00 a.m. monday morning on c-span2. the full senate will then take it up. majority leader mcconnell has announced a plan to hold a final confirmation vote friday next week, april 7. you can watch that live. our senate coverage is on c-span2. you can also watch on and listen on the c-span radio app. about 10 minutes from now, we will show your remarks from this past week on the senate floor regarding the neil gorsuch supreme court nomination. again, 3:00 p.m. today, 10 minutes from now, here on c-span. video competition. this year, students


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