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  U.N. Ambassador Challenges Russias Continued Support of Assad  CSPAN  April 7, 2017 4:30pm-6:33pm EDT

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the chemical attack. sean spicer: i think i just gave you a very clear tick-tock of one the president was notified. that pretty much before itself. -- speaks for itself. i think this was a clear response on humanitarian purposes that have been widely praised around the globe. as i mentioned at the outset, we will have a readout of that visit. we will have further information throughout the day. i want to get back our focus. i think we are in the midst of a visit. i think we need to conclude that. thank you guys very much. >> that off-camera briefing with press secretary john spicer -- sean spicer took place earlier
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today. the ap reports with this tweet. haley ones that the u.s. furtherred to take action in syria but hopes it will not be necessary. as the un security council held a meeting on those u.s. missile strikes, she defended the attacks saying it was an appropriate response. this is two hours. >> good morning. meeting is called to order. on behalf of the council, i would like to offer my condolences to the government of sweden and the victims of the senseless attack today in stockholm. reminded that terrorism affects many countries. we are united and we have shared
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resolve. the agenda for this meeting is the actuation in the middle east. the agenda is adopted in accordance with the rule 37 of the council's provisional role. it is so decided. 39, iordance with rule invite jeffrey feldman to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. i will now give the floor to mr. jeffrey feldman. convey feldman: let me our condolences and our shock to
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our friends from sweden. the secretary-general has great concern. councilesident, the asked us to provide an update in syria. we will break the council in less than a week. i will keep my remarks short. in the last two months, we saw the cease-fire falter amid a steady escalation of military activity. in mid-february, government forces escalated their military operations in several places. advances were accompanied by large-scale evacuations. the syrian government decided that there were claims that were disputed by the opposition. in february and march, armed opposition groups launched
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defenses. four april, as government forces were fighting to regain -- itory sources on the ground reported airstrikes. the council discussed this in an emergency session in april. -- fact-finding mission the secretary-general shared that he was abhorred by the chemical weapons attack and the death and injury of many civilians. 4:35, two u.s.t naval vessels deployed 59 cruise missiles and targeted the syrian
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air base. stated thattates this was the response to the use of chemical weapons from this airbase. the damage has destroyed syrian aircraft's and infrastructure and equipment. reports, theyews informed them of the strike in advance. they took precautions to minimize risk to russian or syrian personnel located at the airfield. a statement from the syrian general commander of the armed forces called the act a blatant act of of aggression. it had caused six deaths and huge material damage. attack.demned the australia, saudi arabia, japan, the netherlands and new zealand have expressed some support for the strike. then president, the security
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council has the primary responsibility of national security. we hope the council can unite and exercise that responsibility to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons. this sends a strong collective message that any use of chemical chemical weapons shall not be tolerated. we look to ensure that chemical weapons are never used again. the protection of civilians should be at the top of our security agenda. in the case of syria, there can be no detection. protection. the syrian government continues to commit human rights violations against its own
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citizens. mindful of the risk of escalation, the secretary-general has publicly repealed any restraint that could lead to ask that would deepen the suffering of the people. we will take on necessary precautions to minimize civilian casualties. these president underscore our belief that there is no other way to solve the conflict than through a political solution. we call on the parties to renew urgently, their commitment to making progress in the geneva talks. communication -- we're looking for a solution in this regard. thank umana president. now take statements
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from council members and we will start by giving the floor to the representative from bolivia. president, thank you for giving me the floor. thank you for having convening this open meeting of the security council. it is vital that not only the members of our organization but also the whole world should see that the positions of the security council are transparent. given what has taken place in syria. libya has called for the convening of this meeting. at what hasrned taken place over recent hours. wase the security council
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debating proposals on what would investigation mechanism for the hernandez chemical chemical- horrendous attacks. we were discussing the words that could be used in a resolution. we would put forward proposals for such a resolution. the united states was preparing, once again, and carried out a unilateral attack. the missile attacks are a unilateral action. they represent a serious threat to international peace and security. last 70ause over the years, my kind has been building
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a structure. structure. they have established instrument of international law to precisely prevent a situation in which the most powerful attack the weakest with impunity and to ensure a balance in the world and of course to avoid serious violations of international peace and security. we believe it to be the duty of of thecurity council -- united nations organization in all of its bodies to defend multilateralism. to defende multilateralism. we have agreed that united nations charter must be expect -- respected. prohibits unilateral actions.
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any action must be authorized by council.ity let me read a couple of articles so we can remember this charter. ensure prompt action from the united nations -- primary responsibility for international peace and security and a great that in carrying out its duties under this responsibility, the security council acts on their behalf. -- notcurity council just the 15 members saieated at this table. we represent the 193 member states of this. have agreed that unilateral actions violate international law.
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yesterday,discussing draft resolutions. to come were striving up with alternatives and consensus in the security council, the united states has not only unilaterally attacked but while we were discussing here and amending the need for an independent investigation the unitedattacks, states has become that investigator and has become the prosecutor. they have become the judge and the jury. where is the investigation that would allow us to establish in an objective matter who was responsible for the attacks? this is an extremely serious violation of international law.
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this is not the first time that this has happened. , we canut history remember many episodes in which -- not just the united states have unilaterally violated u.n. charter. because this happened again, that doesn't mean that we should accept it. in september, 2013 -- the united states also launched attacks against syria. said by thet was then secretary-general on that occasion. allow me to read the quotation in english of what the secretary-general said. i quote. forary responsibility decency and security -- that is my appeal.
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everything should happen within the framework of the united nations charter. to use force that is lawful only when the exercise of self-defense in accordance with the united nations charter. >>". end of quote. this was the position of the then secretary general. there are very similar situations to what we are experiencing today. ais attack does represent threat to international peace and security because it represents a threat to the political processes in geneva. well in thevery
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secretary-general's message. this breaks with the lineup of progress is achieved in as bad a -- espana and geneva. this is not the first time this has happened. recall what to happened in the security council a few years ago -- specifically on wednesday, the fifth of february. this is in 2003. the secretary of defense came to present to us in his own words and convince us of the destruction in iraq. i believe we must remember the pictures. we were told that the weapons of mass destruction in iraq -- this
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was the motivation for invasion. there was one-- million deaths. launched a series of atrocities in that region. could we talk of isis? could we be talking about the series of her and this -- horrendous attacks? i believe it is vital for us to remember when history teaches us. on this occasion, the united states did. they had all the proof necessary to show that iraq had weapons of mass destruction. they were never found. never were they found. i would like to repeat what was
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said. i believe that chemical weapons in syria are just an excuse for a military intervention. the unilateral actions are imperialistic actions. the usa is not interested in international law. they ignore it when it is convenient to them. this must be resolved through dialogue and not through bombing. this is a threat to international peace and security . i believe it is important to talk about the double standard when we are in the united nations meeting rooms. dealing -- are throughout history we have lived this reality. words ofbout all these
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human rights which we respect. when the speeches about human sync with not in their interests, then they violate them. d'etat's in african in africa were funded by the cia. this is not better at, this is truth. let's remember the coup d'etat in 1973 against the constitutional government of salvador alley -- -- this was financed by the cia. the schools in latin america -- they taught people how to torture. this was part of national security strategy.
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we can talk about human rights but when it doesn't meet our interests, it is not important. the same goes with democracy. when it is in line, we defended. when it is not, we fund coup d'etat's. when it is not in line with their interests, then it is not important anymore. ,hen it suits them multilateralism is fine. the united nations is fine. when it doesn't, when their interests are not in line, they are not interested in the united nations are in human rights -- or in human rights or democracy. when we condemn chemical attacks, we say the security council must not be used.
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the security council should not be used as a pawn which can be sacrificed on a chessboard -- the chessboard of war. is thecurity council final hope that we have to guarantee international peace and security based upon principles -- on norms and international rule of law. , i would alsot out that it is absolutely vital as you have convened this meeting in a very transparent way that we demonstrate the concern that firstunately, there are class and second-class members of this security council. the permanent members that not only have the right to the veto but they also control the procedures, they control the
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decision making. the other 10, we may be involved if we are consulted or convened occasionally. just to underwrite some positions of others. this is not multilateralism. bolivia would like to reiterate of theust condemnation use of chemical weapons. irrespective of the motivation, where every it may be and by who it may be. thatiterate that we demand we should invest an impartial and conclusive investigation. it should be against the
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organization of chemical weapons. this way we can investigate what took place a couple of days ago. responsibility must be prosecuted and punished under the law. with any international law that threaten international security. thank you madam president. >> thank you to the representative of bolivia. the floor toive the representative of the united kingdom. >> i think this shows more outrage against the united states then against the assad regime. men, women over 100 and children with chemical weapons in the most barbaric fashion.
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more than three point five years ago, the syrian regime made a pledge that they would join the 189 countries who had already joined the chemical weapons convention. they would reveal the extent of their chemical arsenal and proceed with its distraction. hundreds if not thousands were dead in contact. were men and women choking and foaming at the mouth. clearly asphyxiated. historically heinous war crimes were committed after the stockpiles were supposed to be destroyed assad showed us yet that, this time in idlib he is capable of redefining horror. attack must be
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investigated. impunity cannot be the norm. we will work with our partners on this security council to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice. supports thengdom u.s. airstrike on the airfield. war crimes have consequences. the greatest war criminal of them all has been set on notice. the u.s. strike was proportionate to the unspeakable act that gave rise to overwhelming humanitarian distress. it was a strong effort to save lives by ensuring that such acts never happen again. the resolution that we adopted 3.5 years ago provided a framework for the destruction of chemical weapons in syria. it had a clear author and a
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guarantor.ntee or -- russia in short -- promised that assad would destroy his arsenal and cooperate with national inspectors. that was the assurance that russia is seen from assad. they have now learned the hard lesson that backing a war criminal comes with its own consequences -- humiliation. russia has barely any support from the arab world. so it policy of propping up the as it carries out chemical attacks on its own people -- russia needs to listen to this council. they need to listen to the rest of the international community. people, to the syrian their message is clear.
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-- russiaussian has has given us on everything he could dream of. inhout russia's seven vetoes the security council defying the views of other members of this council --assad would have faced consequences for his actions. russia's request. not to get his own people. nose atumbs his russia's request. humiliated there today. let me buff the myth about our
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negotiations over the past few days. we asked the russian federation why we could not have our draft supported by them. if you wanted the truth, why did want us to have access to the faces, the people and the information they need. what possible excuse do you have? what reason do you have to carry on protecting assad if you care about the u.n. charter? dictator who has violated international law time and time again. none.nswer came there ,
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i appeal to the russian federation to abandon its strategy and join the rest of the council to and your , toection of a war criminal join us, all of us in supporting a genuine political progress that would lead to a legitimate and more representative government. here,ly reason why we are why these discussions are being had in this moment, in this chamber is because the international community has not done enough. things can be different. the difference that can be made, the difference that must be made lies in a political solution. that won't happen if we take the familiar route that has claimed -- played this council. the new road must see a syrian
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regime engage. the new road must have russia andiran at the table negotiating in good faith. we are sitting in the halls of the organization that was built to guide us when peace seems out of reach. the united nations has a vital role in combating investigations and helping. overdue that a prompt negotiation on the future syrian led transformation leads to the legitimate aspirations of the syrian people. assad must engage in serious discussion madam president, in conclusion, the united kingdom supports the u.s. action as an appropriate response to a heinous act by a brutal and uncaring dictator, by a dictator who thinks gassing his people is somehow a legitimate step on the road to
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stability. it is time now to get a genuine political process back up and running. those discussions may be long and difficult, but the people of syria deserve nothing less. and if we want to ensure that the shocking images that have haunted us this week are truly confined to history, then this is our duty. thank you. >> thank you to the representative from the united kingdom. and now i will give the floor to the representative from egypt. >> madam president, we have followed with great concern the repercussions of the incident which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent syrian civilians. many reports have confirmed that this incident was the result of the use of chemical weapons once again in syria. we have also followed the
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dangerous development related to the recent escalation on the syrian scene last night. madam president, that incident and other incidents and crimes in syria over the past seven years are a clear indication of the absence of conscience. they are living proof the people of the region, especially the syrian people, are the victim of a proxy war that has paralyzed the international community. serious dialogue has been absent after many authorities decided to pull back on their narrow interest, as if the death of hundreds and thousands of civilians and the displacement of millions of syrians are but collateral damage which will be dealt with later on after they reach a political deal in line with their interests.
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i believe frankly that the disagreement and competition within this council, sometimes on issues not related to syria, have meant an increasing number of innocent civilians killed one day after another. we are fed up with the statements of regret and condemnation by the international community following every humanitarian tragedy that has befallen the syrian people. we are fed up with the statements because they have become empty slogans, mere words that are not coupled by any genuine and serious international effort that would meet the interests of the syrian people and have a genuine effect on their daily lives. therefore, i insist that everyone abandon these disagreements and altercations and focus in the future on the way out of this syrian maze.
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all parties should support an immediate cease-fire and move forward seriously and objectively and without any preconditions or procedural maneuvers with the inter-syrian negotiations under the auspices of the united nations. we believe the syrian people are capable of determining their own future. however, achieving the aspirations of syrians for democracy, reconstruction, and stability is impossible without the genuine international support that will contain the negative repercussions and assist syrians to combat [indiscernible] and build their own state on strong and stable foundations. maybe the time has come to be frank.
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i would call on the united states and the russian federation in particular, given their abilities and co-chairmanship of the issg and their influence on the different parties locally and regionally. i call on them to move actively in this direction based on security council resolutions to reach a middle ground and a political settlement in syria. i urge them to resume their coordination and cooperation in the field and politically to salvage what can be salvaged and avoid further deterioration. madam president, in closing, i stress that the syrian settlement is possible only based on clear and genuine intentions. egypt will deal with any honest and serious actions to save syria from this abyss and contain the implications of this
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crisis on the present and future of the region. thank you, madam president. >> thank you to the representative of egypt. now we will give the floor to the representative of uruguay. >> thank you, madam president. i would also like to thank him for his briefing on the message from the secretary-general. for several decades now, we have seen many terrible attacks. the british coined an expression in english. "keep calm and carry on." i think today more than ever before, we need to keep calm and continue doing our work. because the syrian conflict is
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very long and complicated. it has to be kept in the multilateral sphere. and it is this council that has the main responsibility to address this. we must reactivate and strengthen the political willingness of the three possible scenarios we have been dealing with here in the council. the negotiations in geneva, the negotiations for the cease-fire, and to contain the use of violence. and of course, the discussion in the security council. the principles that guided uruguay internationally are deeply rooted in our country. it is a small country without
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armed forces that threaten anyone. therefore, the nonuse of force in international relations is a guiding cardinal principle for uruguay. and we only allow -- accept the use of force in accordance with principles of international law and the provision of the united nations charter. any the other use of force for uruguay is illegitimate. uruguay has always rejected the unilateral use of force throughout our history. and most recently, if you will, in the invasions in korea in the 1950's, the invasions of hungary, cuba, czechoslovakia, iraq/iran. we have always rejected the unilateral use of force. uruguay hopes that this individual incident which is set
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against the background of the main powers being unable to solve the conflict in syria, we hope this situation does not escalate into further attacks and that the parties will refrain from further actions that will worsen the situation and lead to an endless spiral of violence which could also flow over directly or indirectly into other countries. for uruguay, we have to look at this overall in terms of international law. another fundamental principle here is the absolute respect for international humanitarian law and international human rights law. in recent years, we have seen in syria the most atrocious crimes committed against the civilian population.
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investigations carried out by the joint investigative mechanism have demonstrated the use of chemical weapons by both the syrian government as well as by terrorist groups of isis and daesh. there was the horrendous attack in march of chemical weapons, a war crime that should receive the most robust condemnation of the international community. the use of chemical weapons is a threat to international peace and security. in the midst of all of this, we must not forget the responsibility of this council in identifying those responsible for chemical weapons attacks. until a few hours ago, this council was intensively negotiating to adopt a resolution that would facilitate an investigation being carried
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out to know who is responsible for those last attacks. and now more than ever before, the counselor must face its response abilities to clarify that incident and ask for accountability for these crimes. we must also, madam president, reflect about the situation that this council finds itself in because of the existence of the privilege of the veto in the adoption of resolutions. and also, the aggravation of the use -- the threat of the use of the veto on resolutions relating to crimes against humanity.
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uruguay is part of the group that calls once again for the control and commitment of the members of this council to not use the veto in situations of this kind. the use of the veto removes the effectiveness of the council, the operational nature of the council, and further imbalances the work of this organ. we reiterate that we feel it is important to resume all negotiations underway, multilateral negotiations, to bring about a solution to the conflict which is afflicting the syrian people. thank you, madam president. >> thank you to the representative of uruguay. now we will give the floor to the representative of italy. >> thank you, madam president.
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at the outset, let me express our condolences to the victims of the attack in stockholm, sweden. it bears repeating the attack conducted on april 4 was ruthless and cruel for the high death toll caused, including many children. it is a vile action that we have firmly condemned and adds on to assad's violations of the cease-fire and violence repeatedly perpetrated by him on civilians. our government, the government of italy, is closely following the events unfolding in the mediterranean in consideration of its many and direct interests in the stability of the region, where we are also playing the role of a security provider for the international community.
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as the foreign minister stated this morning, italy understands the reasons for the u.s. military action, proportionate in response to a profound sense of impunity that is completely unacceptable. it is also a sign of deterrence against the further use of chemical weapons in syria. in addition to the [indiscernible] by the united nations for which there should have been already a response, including in terms of accountability, which this council must continue to seek. madam president, it is now, we think, necessary and urgent to reunite all the main actors involved in the syrian crisis and work together to finally achieve a political solution that takes the syrian people out of the tragedy they have been
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suffering for the past six years. we think we must look forward. italy calls for the international community to continue to redouble its efforts to achieve a u.n.-led local transition in syria in compliance with resolution 2254 of the security council and the 2012 geneva communique. it remains the only way out the crisis and the only way to avoid further violence and tragedy in the country. we believe it is now necessary that all parties leverage all their influence to facilitate the real cease-fire and ensure full access to humanitarian aid and promote the process of progressively building trust
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between the syrian parties. all different tracks of the syrian issue, nonproliferation of chemical weapons, the fight against terrorists, humanitarian access, and political talks, can only advance if this security council is united. as an elected member of this council, italy will continue to work towards these strategic goals. i thank you, madam president. >> thank you to the representative of italy. i will now give the floor to the representative of france. >> madam president, my statement is an extension of the joint communique published last night by the president of the french republic, francois hollande, and the chancellor of the federal republic of germany, madam angela merkel.
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i would also like to begin by expressing once again to sweden our deep condolences and full solidarity with you after the tragic terrorist attack in stockholm this morning. madam president, the security council is meeting once again following the use of chemical weapons by the regime of bashar al-assad, almost four years after the large-scale massacre. the april 4 attack has dropped the masks. they have come off. assad has never renounced the use of chemical weapons and never deviated from his ultimate goal, the annihilation, quite simply, of all those who resist him, whatever the price may be. france consistently has called for strong action on the part of the international community in
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the face of series and repeated violations of international humanitarian law by the damascus regime which constitute war crimes and even crimes against humanity, as was already underscored by the secretary-general of the united nations in 2013 after the chemical attack on the 21st of august of 2013. my country has spared no effort to ensure that these crimes do not go unpunished, including by proposing that the security council of the united nations go to the international criminal court. these initiatives however have met with the russian veto, in particular. the syrian regime violated its international commitments arising from its membership of the agreement on the use and storage of chemical weapons and the need to destroy them.
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the actions of syria are also a clear violation of the decisions of the security council. in this context, the american strikes constitute a legitimate response to this chemical attack. and at the same time, an important signal for the future indicating the use of such weapons will not be tolerated. those that pretend to be shocked by this can know that bashar al-assad is completely responsible for what has happened. for years now, and the regime has openly flouted the basic principles of collective security. for years, he has violated repeatedly and systematically his obligations with regards to international humanitarian law, the legal prohibition against
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chemical weapons in particular against civilian populations, and resolutions of the security council. it had become absolutely essential to react to deter him from this action. madam president, recourse to chemical weapons constitutes a war crime and possibly crime against humanity. this cannot go unpunished. syria can be no exception. this was already a position of france the day after the chemical attack and we have never deviated from this position. the international community can no longer be fooled by delaying tactics of the assad regime. in adopting resolution 2118, the security council clearly committed itself to sanction any failure on the part of syria to meet its obligations. this did not prevent the regime of bashar al-assad from pursuing since 2013 the repeated barbaric
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use of weapons of mass destruction, openly flouting the authority of this council and its international commitments. these violations have been irrefutably documented by a united nations mechanism created by the security council. on the 28th of february last, the action of the security council once again was prevented by the unjustified use by russia of the veto. this impasse was seen by the assad regime as a sign of impunity. and in parallel, russia has not met its responsibilities and has not exercised the necessary pressure it should have on the regime in damascus.
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today, it is the responsibility of the members of the council, of all members of the council, to ensure that all possible light be shed on the attack carried out by the syrian regime and ensure the perpetrators of this act are brought to justice. france renews its full support to the human mechanisms and opcw to carry out a diligent inquiry in this regard. we will not resign ourselves to the disintegration of the nonproliferation regime and will work to strengthen this. madam president, the attack of the fourth of april will have proven once and for all to the world the urgent need for a political solution in syria. the maintenance and power of a dictator multiplying chemical attacks against civilian populations is not only a moral abomination, it is an untenable
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threat to the region and the world. all members of this council agree on one thing. the syrian crisis will never be solved through military means alone. after the tragedy, more than ever before, we now have the moral and political responsibility to give decisive dynamism to the geneva talks under the egress of the united nations. it is the top priority. and france, in this regard, would call on the international community to coalesce around a political transition in syria in accordance with resolution 2254 of the security council and geneva communique of 2012. france and its european partners will be tabling proposals in this regard. madam president, our responsibility is to history. every member of the security council and in particular russia
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must face up to all of their responsibilities and commit ourselves to seeking an urgent political solution. it is an urgent matter since we are talking about the security of the syrian people and the region, and also the effective fight against terrorism is at stake. let's not forget. assad's syria is the strong as generator for terrorism. thank you. >> thank you to the representative of france. now we will give the floor to the representative of china. >> thank you, madam president. the syrian conflict has led to large amounts of casualties of innocent civilians. china would like to be empathetic to the profound
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suffering of the syrian people. the present situation will not last any longer. fast actions have to be taken to resort to dialogue and consultation for appropriate solutions. to help the syrian people to lift themselves out of suffering and early date, to lead a peaceful and stable life at an early date, and help syrians rebuild the country and early date. china has been consistently pushing for dialogue and consultation to resolve international conflicts. what is needed is that all parties make effort to prevent the situation in syria from further deterioration. a solution is the only way out for the situation. military means will not work. it will only worsen the suffering of the syrian people so that the situation in syria and the region will be more
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complicated and turbulent, which is not at all in the common interest of syria, regional countries, or the international community. china urges all parties to persist firmly in diplomatic efforts and stick to a political solution for the syrian issue. step two, dialogue and consultation in a certain way and support the role of the united nations as the main mediation channel and the efforts of the special envoy to syria to take forward the progress in the geneva talks. therefore, we can maintain the effort to maintain the momentum for a political solution. recent days have seen some complicated new situations appearing in certain areas of syria. the international community must
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remain highly alert to these relevant developments. we have to stick to uniform criteria in fighting against all terror organizations listed by the security council. thank you, madam president. >> thank you to the representative of china. now i give the floor to the representative of japan. >> madam president, i join others in expressing my sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the attack in stockholm. thank you very much, madam president. i will start again. i join others in expressing my sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the attack in stockholm this morning and our solidarity with the people of sweden. now, turning to syria, the use of chemical weapons is not permissible under any circumstances. three days ago, we faced another
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shocking report that many innocent civilians became the victims of chemical weapons in syria. the act is extremely inhumane and violates relevant security council resolutions. the government of japan supports the determination of the united states government to never allow the spread and use of chemical weapons. we understand that the united states took the action last night in order to prevent further aggravation of the situation. the council must reaffirm its determination to address the reported use of chemical weapons in idlib. japan once again urges you to expeditiously conduct an investigation and report conclusions as soon as possible so that the opcw/u.n. joint
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mechanism can conduct its own investigation to identify those responsible. madam president, in conclusion, japan reiterates its position that there is no military solution for syria and we must advance the political process based on security council resolution 2264. i thank you, madam president. >> thank you to the representative from japan. now we will give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> madam president, first of all, the permanent representative of sweden, please accept our deep condolences on the tragedy that took place in stockholm. on the night of the seventh of april, the united states attacked the territory of sovereign syria.
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we describe that attack as a flagrant violation of international law and act of aggression. we strongly condemn the illegitimate actions by the u.s. the consequences of this for regional and international stability could be extremely serious. this attack was a flagrant violation of the 2015 memorandum on preventing incidents and ensuring security during our operations in syrian airspace, and the ministry of defense of russia has stopped its cooperation with pentagon under that memorandum. of recent times, the united states administration has often talked about the need to combat international terrorism. and this justified american
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troops and their allies being present on syrian territory, although they were there without indication of the legitimate government of syria without the approval of the security council of the united nations. manipulating articles of the united nations' charter beyond any criticism. the aggression by the u.s. has only facilitated the strengthening of terrorism. the attack came against syrian armed forces infrastructure and its air force. that is, against those who for all these years have been combating terrorism. it is not difficult to imagine how much the spirits of these terrorists have been raised after the support from washington. immediately after the attack, there were massive attacks by
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isil against syrian military sites. and once again, we repeat, that the syrian armed forces will continue to be the main antiterrorist institute of the syrian arab republic. who will fight against terrorism? these illegal armed groups who come to syria in hundreds of thousands? you have destroyed the iraqi military, libyan military bases, see what happened. these actions contradict international decisions, including the geneva communique which we designed together with you. and there it says, it talks about settlement while maintaining national institutions.
5:32 pm
is that the sort of international institutions you are supporting? the russian federation from the united nations organization has stated the need to establish an international coalition to counteract terrorism which would be on the basis of international law. and on many occasions, we have sent signals to washington of our readiness to undertake such cooperation. as we see it, you have chosen a different path. we must recall when you take your own path that this leads to horrible tragedies for countries in the region and the people living there. think of the consequences. remember what you have produced in the middle east. think of your steps and how they have impacted on the political settlement process in syria. now today's appeal to move
5:33 pm
forward the political process, they are hypocritical. after this military attack unfortunately. now on the geneva tracks over recent days, there have been clear progress. what aims guided you when you undermined this progress? and the progress achieved was not thanks to you at all. now returning to the history of chemical weapons. in syria the u.s. and u.k. and france came up with a draft resolution.
5:34 pm
it was greatly erroneous in its very logic. it was based on pre-determining damascus being guilty. why do you forget the presumption of innocence in other cases? all of this is taking place because washington, london, and paris. i spoke about this in close consultation and i say this again. they have this paranoiac idea of overthrowing the legitimate government in sovereign syria. and this was clearly shown by the non-diplomatic actions and statements made by the u.k.
5:35 pm
stop doing these -- putting forward these unprofessional arguments and accusations against my country. these are not diplomatic. they are lies. once again, i warn, don't even try to get into fights in the arab world. nothing will work. and nothing will be achieved. that is why you are getting annoyed. all arab countries recall your colonial hypocrisy. now, the ambassador rycroft in his statements talked about issues. i would like to recall exactly
5:36 pm
what has happened. those who undertook this attack are in no way interested in an impartial investigation by a competent international authority to find out exactly what took place. i will say even more. you are afraid of such an investigation. you are afraid of real, genuine, independent investigation. what would happen if the outcome of this investigation would contradict your antigovernment paradigm? you would be afraid of investigations of what took place in other places. the permanent representative of the usa said there is information government forces used chemical weapons. we said, show us.
5:37 pm
specialists will see whether this is the case or not. we will recall the general power in this room, he talked about chemical weapons were not found. work with professionals or ultimatums. we live in a complex and multipolar world. it is difficult to live in this world. but russia has proposed to its partners on the security council constructive alternatives. but you have nothing. you need to accept there was no professional alternative. you did not put forward any good arguments to us. and specifically, our initiative was based on the appeal for specialists on a geographical basis and the opcw fact-finding mechanism and investigation
5:38 pm
mission, to call that group together on our initiative and to visit the site where this incident took place, to conduct professional investigations. all syrian parties were asked to give immediate access to where the events took place. the syrian government does not control this area of the province. there are battle hardened groups from outside work closely related to terrorist groups of nusra. and they have things to hide,
5:39 pm
including in the context of the chemical dossier. you are trying to hide this again. again, as you showed in aleppo. when aleppo was freed, everything became clear. it is no coincidence that the complaints against syria of chemical weapons and their storage by extremists in special warehouses, and they are being used by the army and civilians, has just been ignored or studied for months after months without any outcome. the opcw, the fact-finding mission, does not work in a conscientious manner. they prefer to come up with statements of opposition groups, internet blogs, social networks,
5:40 pm
and a whole range of n.g.o.'s of a doubtful reputation. and they work with information and evidence from the areas where the events took place. they don't even look at the evidence. and they want us to agree with this information? it is not even worth looking at. now, in our draft, we also set out the need to establish a balance in geographical terms staffing of the investigation. it is an important point. it has a direct relationship to the issue of impartiality and trust. so far, fact-finding mission experts have been made up of representatives from one country who are in the forefront of the anti-damascus parties.
5:41 pm
proof of the blatant double standards is the ignoring of the chemical attacks carried out by terrorists in the middle east as a whole. recall the recent events in mosul, iraq. where is the international community's reaction? where was your warning, first and foremost to those establishing this headline action? are these victims of a different category? second-class victims? why do we not see in the headlines of your newspapers the tragedy in this besieged town of mosul? i'm talking about hundreds of thousands of people. therefore, the attack in syria is an attempt to distract attention from the many victims in the peaceful population in iraq and syria caused by the unilateral actions.
5:42 pm
they are attacking homes and civilian targets. the humanitarian corridors make no sense. the little girl lived in mosul. you did not say any word about this little girl who became a symbol of this tragedy. when a coalition bombed her house, everybody around her was killed. thank god, the girl remained alive. her life had to be fought for. now her life is out of danger, but she is almost blind. we will not in this room set up a cynical show and hold up photographs, but the mosul tragedy must be told about. people must know about it. nothing has been said about mosul. those know that this is a lie. we do not wish to draw attention of anybody from anything, particularly what terrorists are doing.
5:43 pm
we merely want to tell you that if we are fighting terrorism, let's do it on standards. world principles or any other principles. don't try. let me once again -- to argue with ourselves and iraq. you will not get us involved in that. look at what you are doing in iraq and what we are doing. the 10 nonpermanent members of the security council did attempt to find a compromise last evening on the consultations we call for. they thanked the american delegation for the fact a vote had been postponed. but there was nothing to thank them for.
5:44 pm
our colleagues did not even imagine that the decision was made with totally different ideas in mind. it was not with the idea of continuing constructive dialogue. washington had already chosen to take military action, which was undertaken when members of the security council had hardly left the u.n. building. we call upon the united states to immediately cease its aggression and join those efforts being made for a political settlement in syria. and to work together to combat the terrorist threat. in that sort of cooperation, we are ready to undertake such cooperation. today, many insulting words have been heard with regard to our
5:45 pm
right to veto. our right. which we have used in a responsible manner. but we used it only in such circumstances when you try in the security council to impose your irresponsibility to political projects. the security council must develop agreed international decisions. but these geopolitical adventures will never be supported. thank you very much. >> thank you to the representative of the russian federation. and now, we will give the floor to the representative of senegal. >> madam president, i wanted to express my deepest condolences through our colleague to the
5:46 pm
people and government. >> thank you. >> thank you, madam president. before beginning my statement, i would like to express my sincere condolences and sympathy of the senegalese delegation through the swedish ambassador to all of the swedish people and its government for the tragic terrorist attack that took place this morning. madam president, here we are meeting in an urgent session today, 48 hours only following a meeting the same format that brought us here on the fourth of april. but just as on the fourth of april, yesterday late into the evening, we still today are seeing a deep division within our security council with regard
5:47 pm
to the syrian crisis. with these of chemical weapons, with the proliferation of terrorist groups, has disastrous, unprecedented consequences, and is the most serious conflict at the moment. what image are we sending out to the international community? and above all, what message are we sending out to the syrian people? that we have lost direction. what ambiguous message are we sending out as well to the terrorists that are mushrooming up in syria? madam president, nothing can justify an atrocity such as the use of chemical weapons being used against civilians. even in a period of conflict. we are a party to the geneva convention. we repeat our condemnation to
5:48 pm
all weapons of including chemical weapons. my delegation would like to further encourage the opcw in its work, particularly with regard to its fact-finding mission and its efforts attempting to analyze all the information available in order to determine who is responsible for what. last september in this very chamber, the president of senegal said in this room that there can be no military solution to this crisis. and that is why my delegation reaffirms our strong conviction that only a negotiated solution on the basis of the geneva communique and resolution 2254 can make it possible to find the final outcome to this conflict.
5:49 pm
we must not forget it needs to be political, security, humanitarian, nonproliferation. all those aspects have to be covered in this agreement. my delegation wishes every success to the fifth round of talks in geneva, opened on the 23rd of march this year, with the hope that the praiseworthy efforts of special envoys that these talks will lead to substantial conclusions. during the fourth meeting, that made it possible for the first time to address substantial issues such as constitutional reform, political transition, and the holding of elections under the observation of the united nations. thank you. >> thank you to the representative of senegal. now we will turn the floor over to the representative of kazakhstan. >> thank you, madam president. i join others in expressing our
5:50 pm
condolences to our swedish colleagues and those in stockholm. my delegation is greatly concerned by recent developments in the actions of members of the council on the actions in syria. we would like to make the following recommendations with regard to the situation in syria. we call on all parties to refrain from actions that could increase the risks of a military escalation of tensions in syria. we would like to emphasize the lack of unanimity may liquidate new hopes of the syrian people which arise from the historical resolution. we should not undermine an inclusive political negotiating process as provided for in resolution 2254. geneva five, held from 23-25 march, will enable to move from discussing procedural issues to
5:51 pm
political aspects of future peace talks. in this regard, we simply cannot allow cease-fire to dissolve. it is our last chance to realize the only way to peace on the syrian land. we consider gas attacks in syria is a crime against humanity and strongly condemn the use of chemical weapons. it is important to have a thorough, objective, and impartial investigation into all aspects of the cannot the attack on april 4 of this year, which will allow the international community to make a fair verdict against the perpetrators in full compliance with international law. we like to remind that the position of kazakhstan is not only the most severe condemnation of the use of weapons of mass destruction by
5:52 pm
anybody, especially against the civilian population, but also the resolution of conflicts exclusively by peaceful means. we also have to respect the sovereignty of states that are member states of the u.n. and the principles enshrined in the u.n. charter. we urgently need political solutions. only political, diplomatic solutions can bring peace in syria. we call on the international community to exert political will to overcome differences and negotiate peace in syria. the legitimate authorities of the syrian republic as well as other parties must thoroughly execute their obligations of complying with the relevant recommendations by opcw and the u.n. by accepting personnel designated while providing for an assuring the security of activities undertaken by this personnel, by providing this personnel with access and the right to inspect any and all sites and alone immediate,
5:53 pm
unfettered access to individuals the opcw believes to be of importance for the purpose of its mandate. the crisis in syria that is still unfolding as its impact not only on the region but the whole international community. kazakhstan believes the regional approach involving neighboring countries which have influence on parties in syria should be considered as a very effective method in mitigating the situation in preventing other deterioration. there is a strong need to continue supporting the aims of the geneva negotiations for political outcomes. we welcome significant results of the conference held this april in brussels which was chaired by the u.n. and attended by many i.g.o.'s and n.g.o.'s. it is encouraging with the pledges made of sending a
5:54 pm
message of solidarity to the people of syria and all those impacted by the conflict. the meeting will increase much needed humanitarian assistance to the syrian people, which is the most important to achieve political objectives. finally, madam president, i conclude by referencing the conference in brussels who said the most difficult times call for the greatest efforts. and i would add, also the greatest of compromises. thank you. >> thank you to the representative of kazakhstan. now we will give the floor to the representative of sweden. >> i'm heartened by all of the expressions of condolence and sympathies coming in as we speak from all my friends in the hall this morning. thank you very much for that. madam president, thank you for
5:55 pm
convening the meeting. very important. as we said in this chamber, the alleged use of chemical weapons was abhorrent and unacceptable. if these allegations are proven to be correct, the joint investigative mechanism has concluded chemical weapons have been used by the syrian regime on at least three occasions. this latest attack only adds to the many other confirmed cases of international crimes committed in the syrian conflict by all parties, most notably the syrian regime. chemical weapons use is clearly illegal, constitutes a threat to international peace and security, and war crimes or crimes against humanity. there must be no impunity for such atrocities. madam president, sweden has been extremely clear that the attacks must be condemned in the strongest terms, that there needs to be a rapid, full, and
5:56 pm
impartial investigation to confirm the use of chemical weapons and those responsible for this momentous attack must be held to account. this is why we have worked tirelessly over the last days to ensure it option by this council of a strong resolution at a robust and immediate investigation into this outrage. while this effort did not bear fruit yesterday, we see hope there is enough common ground for this council to move forward on a strong resolution. efforts should continue, and we will remain constructively and actively engaged. with regard to the u.s. airstrike last night in response to the fourth of april attack, it is important action is based on international law. last night's missile attack also does raise questions on its compatibility with international law. as the secretary-general said, restraint is important to avoid any risk of escalation now.
5:57 pm
madam president, sweden has championed accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity in syria. we voted in favor of the draft resolution on accountability for the use of chemical weapons on february 28. we endorsed the eu targeting measures against these implicated with the use of chemical weapons. we support -- financial and technical expertise. we have actively supported the commission of inquiry led by professor. we correspond with the ga resolution to set up the international impartial and independent mechanisms that will begin. we hope it is worked very -- very soon and will provide -- provide support of almost $400,000. madam president, instead of exchanging accusations and insults, we need to come together to -- to reinvigorate the u.n. political process. the only way of ending the suffering in syria is by
5:58 pm
achieving a sustainable political solution. this will require a transitional political process based on resolution 2254. we reiterate our full support for interest syrian talks under geneva and the efforts of administering. we look forward to hearing from the next week. we must engage seriously. over the last days we have expressed our outrage over the latest atrocity, this time -- yet every day, the syrian people continue to suffer the brutality of war in all of its forms. it is high-time to end the war in syria and what the syrian people are allowed to determine their own future. i think you madam president. >> i will now give the floor to the representative of ethiopia. >> thank you madam president. thank you for organizing this meeting.
5:59 pm
let me express our condolences to the government of sweden and to our swedish colleagues. we are condemning the terrorist attack. proceedings to 2-3 points and want to raise. first, if the situation is here continues and the result will be the collapse of the syrian state, those who'd win would be the terrorists. we have no doubt. we have seen it too many times. this perhaps is another indication that the international community has no united stand on giving priority for resolving the syrian crisis through political dialogue, and countering the spread of terrorism in a united into consented manner. there is no justification for the crime committed. second, there is an urgent issue
6:00 pm
that requires gratification. and him playing with wisdom. that has to do with the fact that has to do with the fact that too many states and non-state actors are very much active in syria. who doesn't know that syria has been an open field for quite some time? the point is, the situation has been worsening and nobody knows what might happen tomorrow. facing is a much broader and much complicated matter. this is likely to easily get out of hand. the priority in our mind should be to find a way out before one gets to the slippery slope.
6:01 pm
this is a time for wisdom to prevail. and for statesmanship to take the upper-hand. one doubts that has been the case for some time. saidthe secretary-general today was referring to, he said, among other things, and i quote, the security council has the primary responsibility for international peace and security. i call on the council to unite and exercise that responsibility . for too long, he continues, international law has been ignored in the syrian conflict. upholdur shared duty to international standards to
6:02 pm
humanity. there is a danger that the security council, which is already being marginalized, might lose whatever remaining credibility it might have. that is why the action taken yesterday looks, in hindsight, not only very timely, but also wise. it help find a way out for what other ways might be a dangerous development? we believe it might. in light of the fact that the rationale for this action, the use of chemical weapons, and who is responsible has still to be conclusively demonstrated and
6:03 pm
the investigation has to be concluded, it seems to us a priority now should be the adoption by consensus or the draft. as egypt said, for the u.s., the international greattion, to exercise responsibility and find a way out, which is not beyond their capacity. finally, as we said two days ago, it is only an inclusive political process that could ultimately address the syrian crisis and prevent the situation from spiraling out of control. that is why there is need for calm and restraint. to de-escalate the situation, we hope the latest developments
6:04 pm
will not dampen the prospect for a political solution in syria to intraterest syrian -- -syrian talks. i think you, madam president. >> thank you to the ethiopian representative. i will give the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> thank you madam president. we were also shocked by the terrorist act in stockholm, our solidarity and condolences to sweden. first of all, i would like to stress that we came here not to discuss yesterday's strike by the u.s., but the consequences of a terrible deadly chemical weapons attack last tuesday. i also would like to draw attention to the statement of the minister of ukraine that states the following -- any use of chemical weapons is an outrageous violation of international law and constitutes a war crime. perpetrators of such acts have to be brought to account. impunity for a violator of international law leads to
6:05 pm
further crimes on his part. chronic blocking of the work of the un security council is unacceptable. the syrian regime sponsors and advocates also bears responsibility for the use of weapons of mass destruction in syria and subsequent deaths and sufferings amongst syrian civilian population. the u.s. sanctions must be supported to prevent the regime from committing any further war crimes, including against civilian population. ukraine considers the u.s. missile strikes against military targets, namely the air base from which an airstrike with the use of chemical weapons was launched against the country was an adequate response. the use of weapons of mass destruction's is not going to be tolerated anymore. yesterday's events were long coming. for years this council was
6:06 pm
, paralyzed on many important international security issues in syria.g for all intents and purposes, it was critically -- practically one delegation that practice the approach of my way or no way. counsel efforts were blocked i do russian veto seven times, seven immobilizing vetoes. thousands of dead syrian children that will never see the light of day again. everything and anything was employed to obstruct a meaningful action of the council. obfuscation, distractions, diversions outright lies, even , bullying. as a result, despite the best efforts of the council members, on numerous occasions the council was not able to deliver because of the and transit gents of the russian delegation.
6:07 pm
the russian delegation point here that it suggested a balanced resolution. ukraine does not consider the draft proposal by the russian toegation either as adequate the circumstances or as proper action of the international community to the portable mass murder of the people in the province. given the brutal fact on the ground, it is actually adding insult to injury. tocannot accept the evidence these crimes is the alleged incident with chemical weapons or causing large-scale loss of life. an incident reported loss of life -- does not the russian delegation watch tv or maybe it continues to assert horrible footage from other countries? furthermore, the draft suggests that the key focus of the international response to the
6:08 pm
use of weapons of mass destruction against civilians, instead of identifying and bringing to justice the perpetrators, and taking steps to prevent future attacks should be able to consider personal composition of the investigation team-based on the principle of a broad-based and balanced distribution. a terribly important issue. this is not serious. such an approach is aimed at postponing a practical investigation. we see these as a shameless attempt to undermine credibility of the security council. when the u.n. is unable to move, the resulting void is filled. in most talks cannot substitute concrete actions. we reject the assertion by the russian federation that the u.s. action constitutes an act of aggression. the russian side has lost a moral ground to make such claims after its invasion of georgia,
6:09 pm
occupation and attempt of annexation of crimea, and launching aggression against my , which intent -- which continues until this day. the deafening sound of silence of russian ground missiles bounding ukraine's territory, bringing death and destruction, go to statements on the subject to respect of international law. at the very least, they are utterly hypocritical. delegationhe russian to stop the mockery of this council. stop calling others paranoid. look at yourself. ukraine continues to believe that the final settlement of the syrian conflict can be achieved through the political solution only. the only way forward is a reinvestigated political process
6:10 pm
, the cease-fire, and a true commitment to a genuine political transition based on the geneva resolution. we urge the syrian regime and its backers to think carefully before embarking on an escalated route once again. instead, read it correctly in a way that would give peace a chance. the events of this weeks at a clear signal to all of us. the international community cannot afford a dysfunctional security council. failure to discharge his duties in an objective manner, to stand up for what is right, to ensure accountability for violators of international law, undermines its moral standing. moreover, when time and energy of its members are dispensed in attempts to achieve unity and consensus by basically shooting
6:11 pm
perpetrators of most vicious crimes for responsibility, they destroy the credibility. i call on all of you to remember the counsel's main task is to not to achieve consistence -- consensus on any given issue at any cost, but to work diligently and responsibly to maintain international peace and security. when the u.n. is found wanting opportunistic and unscrupulous types -- when the u.n. is found wanting, opportunistic and and scrupulous taps will always rush in. if the u.n. persists in in action, sooner or later, they will come from the outside for the system. obstructionists whose identities are well known have only themselves to blame for events not playing out according to their scenarios. i thank you. >> thank you to the representative of ukraine. i shall now make my statement in my capacity as a representative
6:12 pm
of the united states. for six years, the world has watched as the syrian government litter, bashar assad, have terrorized its own people. it has murdered hundreds of thousands and displaced millions. it has broken international law and violated numerous u.n. resolutions. it has committed criminal acts that shocked the conscience of all humanity. the international community has repeatedly expressed its outrage. the joint investigative making them -- mechanism has found, beyond any doubt, that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons against its own people multiple times. on tuesday, the assad regime launched another chemical attack on civilians, murdering innocent men, women, and children, in the most gruesome way. assad did this because he
6:13 pm
thought he could get away with it. he thought he could get away with it, because he knew russia would have his back. that changed last night. as i warned on wednesday, when the international community consistently fails in its duty to act collectively, there are times when states are compelled to take their own actions. the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians is one of those times. the united states will not stand by when chemical weapons are used. it is in our vital national security interests to prevent the spread and use of chemical weapons. our military destroyed the airfield from which this week's chemical strike took place. we were fully justified in doing so. the moral stain of the assad regime could no longer go unanswered. his crimes against humanity could no longer be met with words.
6:14 pm
-- with empty words. "enough," but say not only say it, it was time to act. bashar al-assad must never used chemical weapons again. ever. while the syrian regime is responsible for the chemical weapons attack, it is not the only guilty party. the iranian government bears a heavy responsibility. it has propped up and shielded syria's brutal dictator for years. iran continues to play a role in the bloodshed in syria. the russian government also bears considerable responsibility. every time assad has crossed the line of human decency, russia has stood beside him. we had hoped the security council would move forward, but russia made it known, as it has done seven times before, that it
6:15 pm
would use its veto, once again covering up for the assad regime. further delay by compromising with russia for a watered-down resolution would have only strengthened assad. strengthening assad will only lead to more murders. we were not going to allow that. it is even more than that. russia is supposed to be a guarantor of the removal of chemical weapons from syria. think about that. russia is supposed to have removed all of the chemical weapons from syria. but obviously, that has not happened. continue to syrians be murdered and chemical attacks. let's think about the possible reasons for russia's failure. it could be that russia is knowingly allowing chemical weapons to remain in syria. it could be that russia has been incompetent in its efforts to remove the chemical weapons.
6:16 pm
or it could be that the assad regime is playing the russians for fools, telling them there are no chemical weapons, all the while stockpiling them on their bases. the world is waiting for the russian government to act responsibly in syria. the world is waiting for russia to reconsider its misplaced alliance with bashar assad. the united states will no longer wait for assad to use chemical weapons without any consequences. those days are over. but now we must move to a new phase, a drive for a solution to this horrific conflict. we expect the syrian regime and its allies to take the u.n. political process seriously, something they have not done up until this point. we expect russia and iran to hold their ally accountable and abide by the terms of the cease-fire. we expect this counsel to speak loudly and forcefully when a regime or its allies undermine
6:17 pm
the political process and countless of our own resolutions. the united states took a very measured step last night. we are prepared to do more. but we hope that will not be necessary. it is time for all civilized nations to stop the horrors that are taking place in syria and demand a political solution. thank you. i will now resume my function as the president of the council. and i give the floor to the representative of the syrian arab republic. >> [speaks foreign language] translator: at the outset, my delegation wishes to thank both the russian federation and bolivia that joined us in calling for the convening of this urgent meeting.
6:18 pm
i have a question to the undersecretary general who stated that syrian-arab republic perpetrated an act of aggression defining that act by the terms of the charter of the united nations. at 3:42, attates, dawn today, april 7, 2017, waged a barbaric, flagrant act of aggression against a base of the syrian-arab air force in the central area of the country, using a number of missiles which
6:19 pm
led to a number of marchers -- injured, including women and children, and a wide range of material damage. this treacherous act of aggression is a great violation of the charter of the united nations as well as all international laws. the united states attempted to justify it with empty pretext, fabricated arguments, claiming that the syrian-arab army had used the chemical weapons without genuine knowledge of what happened, without identifying who was responsible, the very same pretext shouted out by terrorist organizations as well as their handlers in doha, tel aviv, london, and paris. the syrian arab republic has
6:20 pm
stressed that the syrian arab army does not have chemical andons in the first place that it would never use such weapons in any of its operations against armed terrorist groups. that it condemns the use of such weapons as being unjustified under any conditions. let me stress that it is well known that those weapons have been used and stockpiled in many parts of syria by terrorists, warmed organizations, and corporations, and with a wink and a nudge by some ruling regimes in the region, including turkey, saudi arabia, some european states. they completely ignore all of the facts and documented information on the use of chemical weapons by terrorists in many parts of the syrian-arab republic.
6:21 pm
this aggression, which surely sends erroneous messages to those terrorist groups, emboldening them to use chemical weapons in the future is to -- and to continue perpetrating terrorist acts against the syrian civilians. , bothra and isil terrorist organizations, , whichng this aggression in many attacks on many parts of syria. the syrian-arab army and its allies against the war and terrorism are confronting them, despite desperate attempts. this condemn them both -- the american aggression is under this umbrella. this condemnable aggression is a great extrapolation of the same erroneous american strategy that began six years ago, one of providing all forms of assistance to what the united
6:22 pm
states calls armed opposition groups. this strategy harms counterterrorism by the syrian-arab army and its partners. it makes united states of america a partner of isil and al-nusra and other terrorists day one of they -- the unjust war against syria have an army position and military bases as well as the infrastructure. let me recall in this counsel that the united states of america leads a purported alliance against isil. however, the real achievements of that coalition is to kill civilians and to strike at infrastructure in syria. it's real objective is to weaken the syrian-arab army and its allies when confronting terrorist groups. in this regard, we see the airstrike by the aircraft of coalition illegally against army inan-arab
6:23 pm
september, 2017, in an attempt ents fallingsil elem between syrian and iraqi territory, opening the territory for them. , followingaggression the grave damage done to them by the syrian-arab army and its allies in the center of the country, following the attack on cities in the region, let me we are told the u.s. congress, some time ago, approved a law allowing the u.s. to send -- to armed terrorist groups in syria. we want to days ago in this
6:24 pm
colonialist, permanent states in the security council, that free colonialists have a renewed appetite to renew their allies and their stories that have been spread in the united states and the united kingdom. this justify the destruction and occupation of iraq. lie, being wmd's, perhaps this has come full circle now in the regrettable scenario. we saw the secretary at the state at the time trying to dilute the international community to justify the aggression of this country against iraq by talking about highly credible information. today, the united states of america in its policy in an , attempt to justify its aggression against syria, is using fabricated information provided by the al-nusra terrorists. this aggression proves that syria has been correct. that successive american administrations will not change
6:25 pm
their policies, which targets states to make people kneel to there will -- their will. international public opinion, the people of the free world have no doubt that this successive united states, the u.k., and the french administrations, for decades, have not cared for democracy or freedom or human rights, let alone the well-being of peoples or their security and stability. these are just pretexts to wage war, to occupy other states, divide them, to control their wealth and energy resources. what is truly disgusting today is that these governments that supported the terrorist extremist ideology since an entity's creation, it is today orchestrating terrorism and investing in it without any care
6:26 pm
for the life of people, even their own people when terrorists reach their own threshold because of these wrong and hypocritical policies. the syrian-arab republic strongly condemns the act of aggression by the united states of america, which is counter to the principles of the charter of the united nations. indeed, with the status of the united states and the security council, which is responsible for the maintenance of international security. let alone that these aggressions, really a promise of total chaos in many parts of the world and will make the law of the jungle the only way to deal with the regional and economic crises without any heed to the charter. when you killed millions of southnts, starting and
6:27 pm
asia, all the way through latin america, what was your position? a member from france spoke on the issue and spoke about exceptions. you should not be the exception. you should be made accountable for the killings in the july of 2017 of hundreds by your were planes. -- your war planes. you and the international coalition must be held accountable for the killing of 800 civilians in syria at the beginning of 2017. you must be made accountable for your support of armed terrorist groups and the political cover as the continue their terrorist acts. the government of the syrian-arab republic receiving from its belief that all efforts must be mobilized to combat terrorism as it respects the rules of international law, the charter of the united nations calls in the security council to show its responsibilities according to the charter, to condemn this act of aggression,
6:28 pm
and to ensure that this shall not be repeated. threatens easta and security in the region and the world. and security.eace like i acknowledge the statement. the representative of the russian federation has asked for the floor again to make a further statement. >> [speaks foreign language] distinguished members of the security council, i am taking the floor again just to say that i would have asked the speakers from the u.s. and other delegations not to insult my country. there is no moral right to do so. we will not -- we do not do so, and i would like to just say assumed haley has just
6:29 pm
her new office, that she does have a genuine opportunity as a permanent representative of the u.s., a member of the security council, to establish a healthy collective work environment and in this security council are but this will not be done if you give the national point of view on what is absolute truth. i would like, first of all to ensure that we have mutually respectful work in the security council. thank you. >> thank you to the representative of the russian federation. there are no more speakers on the list. with that, the meeting is adjourned. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> this evening, the hill center hosted a response in -- discussion on the 13th amendment to the constitution and mask on russian incarceration of african-american men. 7:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> c-span's "washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, we start with an ap reporter on the march jobs report. april is autism awareness month, and we have a guest here to talk about it, director of an autistic self-efficacy network. and a member from the center of autism spectrum disorders.
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