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tv   Powerhouse of the Prairie  CSPAN  April 8, 2017 3:31am-3:43am EDT

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i would like first of all to ensure that we have mutual respect for work in the security council. thank you. >> thank you to the representative of the russian federation. there are no more speakers on the list. with that, the meeting is adjourned. will, c-span's video documentary competition for middle and high school students. this year, students told us the most urgent issue for the new
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president and congress. the second prize high school winners are 11th graders in iowa. at grand, students university high school. the energy production and independence is entitled house on the prairie. that for those being the energy capital of the world that can be nice to find and develop complex. in making a wonderful video. >> we have all been working on this project. calling people, interviewing people for interviews. friday's afterschool. we spent a couple of weeks researching. an entire day on saturday going a lot i love your. ♪
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[indiscernible] ♪ >> today we have a message for washington. >> we have been researching and studying everything there is to know about american energy. >> we talked to multiple ceos of energy groups here in iowa and a multitude of people about energy use here in the united states. >> our message to washington is
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we need to create more energy more efficiently, especially when it comes to renewable energy sources. iowa has done a great job in that. we hope that other states and the rest of the country can pattern their energy off of what we have done here. let's go. >> it all starts with energy policy. 2020, if we produce our energy hearing united states, we will surpass saudi arabia. >> the nation has doubled the production of renewable energy like wind and solar. >> creating jobs and making america more energy secure. >> and we will make america the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. >> we have taken great strides in recent years in renewable energy sources. >> whether it is wind, solar, we have created a foothold in climate standings and renewable resources of today. >> and iowa we have renewable
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energy, so companies like microsoft and google and facebook have chosen to put data centers in iowa because they are big energy users and want to be able to tell their customers and investors that is renewable energy being used. >> it has allowed ourselves to distinguish iowa as a leader in terms of research and development and pushing beyond. we call ourselves the silicon prairie of the midwest. >> we sit in the geographic center of the united states. it provides an opportunity to move energy of all types to both coasts and throughout the country. >> in physics, the definition of energy is the ability to create work. here in the united states, energy has the opportunity to energy is the ability to create work. create work and especially -- >> we are full opportunities,
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especially for women. a lot of people don't recognize how many opportunities there are. it's a great opportunity to get involved in science and technology. there's also marketing, commerce and information technology, logistics. a wide range of opportunities. >> i work as a developer, meaning i will come in and work with engineering and environmental studies. there is a slew of different job opportunities there in terms of engineering, environmentalists for environmental studies. >> [indiscernible] >> iowa is the wind energy capital of the world, the skyscrapers of the midwest. >> we got approval for what will
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be the largest wind farm ever constructed to date, about 2000 megawatts here in iowa. >> renewable energy has many big impact on the auto industry. >> they cut costs on international oil imports and allows ourselves to protect ourselves from having to rely on >> renewable energy has many big impact on the auto industry. >> they cut costs on international oil imports and allows ourselves to protect ourselves from having to rely on international energy.
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>> mourad barbara nobler energy -- more and more renewable energy. >> what if something awful happens around the world, and countries we depend on for energy needs? if something went wrong, we would have a real problem here. being energy independent at home helps our national security. >> we lead the nation in ethanol and biodiesel. we are the net exporter of ethanol and have over 50 biodiesel and ethanol plants. >> the future of renewable energy is priceless. renewable energy comes into play everyday. >> on an annual basis, having the sun to power those panels, we are right up there with hawaii.
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not quite as warm here in iowa, but we have great potential. >> there is potentially -- [indiscernible] [indiscernible] >> we have to be competitive. that means for looking to ways to improve efficiency and cost. iowa has done that. i seem to rack improvements over the time i have been governor. i am proud of you, smith we have made. i think the future is going to be even brighter. >> we hope you are energized about our message. >> iowa is a leader in renewable energy sources, and we know all the other states can follow us to. announcer: to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries in
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this year's competition, visit announcer: c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, we start with associated press reporter on the march jobs report. april is autism awareness month. to talk about it is the executive director of the artistic self network. on the march jobs report. april is autism awareness month. in our spotlight on magazine segment, we will feature bloomberg businessweek writer to discuss his recent column on new technology in football to detect and protect against player concussions. watch "washington journal," pentecost eastern saturday morning -- 90. saturday morning. join the discussion.
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sunday, good cobs catching better jobs. pd former chief of the in my talks about his book with court, the former nypd office or in the air of once a cup. bravery,ask a verge, integrity. there is always that small number that keeps you up at night. when i was the commander, everybody knew. you didn't trust any other person. i brought the commanding officers and we would be with them on the regular basis and i would ask them commands like in your -- are you concerned about? >> watch out for words at 9 p.m. east turn on c-span2.
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>> sean spicer, traveling with the president in florida, held an off-camera briefing with for orders to discuss the u.s. missile strikes in syria. this is about teen minutes. sec. spicer: i have michael anton with me of the national security committee. we intend to have a readout later. hopefully we can gather with the


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