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tv   Washington Journal Paul Mc Leary Discusses Response to U.S. Airstrikes  CSPAN  April 8, 2017 7:04am-7:14am EDT

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this whole thing is during the donald trump talked about warning our enemies when going to attack. gave putin and assad an hour's notice about what we were going to do. way d not take the long out. made a few little strikes here and there. that he thing is warned them they were coming. they had an hour to prepare. russia had an hour to get all off of that base so, no, this was not in the interest of the united states. this was all in the interest of putin. why would you warn them you're coming. grow up in this country. thank you. host: all right. your call. if you called in, we'll ask you to hold the line.
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we'll go to paul mccleary, the senior leader for foreign policy. good morning, paul. are you there? >> i am, good morning. rest of the the world reacting? assad y of them wanted out, because of the refugee the attacks have occurred over the past few years. iran, so all the ies in the region have pushed for u.s. action. intended ikes were not to conflict a regime change on syria. targeted specific in-prick sites to warn assad
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and his russian allies about uture chemical attacks on civilians. host: and you say they were targeted, meant to be limited in scope. do you see contours of the taking form in the part of the trump administration. >> many i know don't see this as the g-term strategy or start of a longer, more involved conflict. they see this as kind of a one-off in response to the horrific attack that killed at 80 people and sickened several hundred more. there's no indication this will involvement. . although, once you begin a nation, issiles at you do become more deeply involved. how is the attack affecting russia? of the a staunch ally
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regime? > the russians are not happy about the attacks and not giving much warning. he white house is quick to point out there was no political contact with the kremlin. it military, with the strike. but the russians had initially that out of a hot line the military has in syria where two officers in each country daily basis, giving general guidance to the other their planes will be. they share intelligence and strike. hey it was in syria, and it was just saying hey, we're going to be here, so watch out for us. they pull out of that, but hours going they said they were to remain involved in that hot line. russians are extremely angry. is heading to moscow next week and this will but the top of the agenda
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there was never much coordination between the united tates, russia and syria, but this would make any coordination much more re no icult especially since one is sure what will come next s far as u.s. policy between russia and syria, if there will be more attacks or the united tates will continue advising the kurds in northern syria. host: i was going to ask you that. on capitol hill this week was whether or not the strike is lawful. attack, it's a one-off if there's nothing more to come from it, what would the legal be that the trump administration used in. > they haven't made a legal justification yet. these things have happened before. attacks inn launched and justified it saying it was a limited attack for humanitarian, and many
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obama administration. many on capitol hill are unhappy they weren't consulted or advised i think a few hours before hand and that there's been no legal yet. cation of it these strikes cannot fall under passed in 2011as after the 911 attacks. that is directed specifically at al-qaeda and its affiliate. that. different from the 2001aums is the legal troopse under which u.s. somollia, iraq, afghanistan, and yemen. host: i wonder, how does this hange president trump's calculus moving forward? does he order a missile strike assad uses brute force against his own people now? >> that's the question. one knows.
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in a white house briefing, trump as moved by images he had seen of dead children in syria during his presidential daily brief on tuesday, and things moved quickly. options for how to respond. secretary ofs, the defense wanted several options less is seemed to be the intense option, is how it's been characterized to me. there are other options that in more r more hits areas but the united states wanted to be careful not to hit or chemical ts weapons storage areas that then spread chemicals to civilian there's really no indication this is going to be a campaign. host: earlier, we talked about the news story about russia to the region s with the u.s. a potential u.s. could
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be drawn boconflict with russia over this? warships go, this is not unlike what happened during the cold war where the russia and thend the then-soviet union had pretty well understood ules for how their warships vicinity. n the same i don't think moscow or washington wants to be drawn into a deeper conflict with one and in syria, both countries, the military pretty small. the united states is about 1,000 north training the kurds and the arabs were state. the islamic ussia, mainly, the troops are mainly in the west, doing some stability operations, training and conducting air strikes but i don't think syria an issue where either country
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wants to be drawn into a shooting war. this change the prospects for peace in syria? >> the prospects in syria have been great. strikes were taken without a statement of strategy or syria. ition on it doesn't move the needle does throw another question a into an already confusing situation. there are several distinct sites in syria. there's united states coalition, russia under assad against islamic state. the united states coalition and a separate way against l-qaeda or the newest response and the civil war between the rebel groups and the syrian government and all those intermix and intermingle in different ways ways, they're very
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separate. the regime in damascus really no interest in -- they have interest in negotiating with the rebels, but i don't think they have interest in peace with assadrebel groups because has said he wants to take the whole country back at some point. not is a possible or different story, but the russians are there to stay and naval base in ge syria, which is the only overseas naval base. they have several airfields. iran. e with syria, for them, is the major state. it presents a route for them to hezbollah in o lebanon. they're not going to walk away anytime soon. investments in syria and the kurds to the north autonomous region so they won't give up and you have the t


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