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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 10, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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the assault on life, marriage, nd gender." later, nina olson looks at the complexity of the tax code. as always, we will take your calls and you can join the conversation at facebook and twitter. washington journal is next. ♪ host: good morning. it's monday, april 10, 2017. four days after the strike against the syrian government airfield that the trump administration said was the staging point of a chemical weapons attack against civilians. the debate continues over how much authority president trump has to act without congressional approval. some saying he has already exceeded his authority. viewersto hear from
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about what role congress should play when it comes to military action in syria. publicans (202) 748-8001. democrats (202) 748-8000. independents (202) 748-8002. alsoan also -- you can catch up with us on social media. good monday morning to you. what role should congress play when it comes to military action in syria? the front page of the washington times talks about this debate today. debatetrikes restarts over war powers. a group of lawmakers including rand paul said that president trump's missile strikes were illegal and insisted any military action against a government that has not attacked the united states must get congressional approval first. the series of strikes was a
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properly proportionate response to the horrific use of nerve gas agents. some lawmakers are worried about the next steps and they appear eager to pin down the policy of a president who said he wasn't concerned about mr. assad. we want you to call in. (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8002 independents. we are talking about the role congress should play. from thomasion massie of kentucky. too late tot's not pass my bill to restrict funds related to escalating u.s. military involvement in syria. a democrat from new york on his twitter yesterday, trump must seek approval before marching us into another war.
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congressman brendan boyle from pennsylvania, congress should return to d.c. immediately to debate syria policy. some of the comments from members of congress will go through our first hour of the program today. you can get in contact with us via facebook and twitter. greg writes that president trump should get approval from congress. i want our adversaries to wonder what he might do next. tracy writes, congress has the same role is insisted it should have when they insisted barack obama must inform or go to congress before he was to strike a sod in syria in 2013. michelle says, it's the same thing every other president has done.
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if this is going to be a humanitarian-based war it needs to be fought at the u.n. level. we want to hear from you on the phones. henry is up first in new york city. good morning. caller: good morning. i agree with senator paul. i also think it needs some type of oversight. we will go to lynn in silver spring, maryland. caller: good morning. i listen on the radio. thank you for taking my call. honesty would be a good thing. number one. last chemical
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attack when president obama was in office and everybody had a fit and we didn't want him to do anything? ban ki-moon came out a few weeks later at the u.n. and had a press conference to announce they had determined and verified that those chemical weapons at that time had nothing to do with president assad. and nobody is telling that truth. it's upsetting. you don't think there was a chemical weapons attack last week? caller: i'm saying that ban ki-moon with the u.n. had a press conference three to four weeks after the attack because at the time when they had taken tests of the chemicals, we took theman disposed of them -- and disposed of them. they said they were chemical weapons used. they would have a press conference in the future if they determined whose chemical
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weapons they were. it was three to four weeks later. the sole purpose of ban press conference was to let the public know it has been determined that those chemical weapons where not a ssad's. host: what do you want to see from congress? want truth. i just want truth. -- on they determined bbc the other day they actually weren't sure who's chemicals they are. i want congress to do their job because we can't trust this white house to do it. comparisons between what members of congress said in 2013 . here's a few of those statements.
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republicans who opposed the plan in 2013 supported president trump's action. here's marco rubio in 2013. i have never supported the use and i remainorce unconvinced the use of force proposed here will work. here is senator marco rubio today. president trump has made it ssad that the days of committing war crimes with impunity are over. 2013 said aell in vital national security risk is clearly not at play. says he supports president trump's actions. democrats calling for more congressional oversight.
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others remain skeptical of any military intervention in syria. senator bernie sanders. you can see the run down of all the members of congress and their reactions today compared to 2013. in las vegas, nevada. what role should congress play? i believe that congress should play a role in something other than just shutting it down. that's all they are doing right now in the government as it is anyways. was more important right now is that action was made by a president who installed a corporate government and this action of war was taken by a corporate leader and of course corporations do not want people
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to have any say whether they are senators or regular old citizens. whatever it may be. ssad.ssue is not a countryhin our own and wallets and we've got to stop the system. that's all i have to say. have a great morning. headline from the financial section of the wall street journal today. oil rises after syria missile strike. crude prices hit a one-month .igh tensions contributed to oil prices rise.
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phone numbers again as we are asking you morning what role congress should play when it comes to military action. (202) 748-8001 republicans. democrats (202) 748-8000. .ndependents (202) 748-8002 on the pages of usa today, assistant professor of government at american university. he rates in his column today about the legality of this. -- headline of his piece records from the constitutional convention in 1787 indicate the framers believed the president would have authority to act unilaterally only in an emergency.
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i can decide whether they believe military action is warranted. mark is on the line for independents. caller: good morning. i looked at, when we went into iraq and afghanistan, president bush passed a tax cut. -- i would like to see congress as a part of saying let's go do this not only in syria but possibly in north korea to turn around and pass a war tax to pay for it.
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i would like all of these people who are so supportive of trump to say it with their pocketbook. independent inan stafford, virginia. caller: good morning. basically i don't have a problem with the attack. i think we did what we have to do or what we thought was right. is i think weue had enough time to wait. we should have verified that it was really care -- chemical weapons from assad. and then done what we had to do. it's not that i'm against it. did not vote for trump. think it was a good thing to
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do. i think america needs to be strong. the only way that we are going to be america first again is when other countries say i can't do whatever i want to the citizens of the united states and get away with it. host: did we have enough time for the president to go to congress to ask for a resolution to do this? i think what was being done had already been done. it wasn't like anything else was going to happen. yeah.hink we had time, i think we could have gone to congress and afterward we let syrian know we are done. you crossed the red line and we are going to show you how we feel about that.
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jump inthink we had to and then find out later it wasn't assad. i think it gives him the proper support. if congress says go in, that makes him look like i'm trying to follow the rules. i'm not just some bully. i didn't vote for trump. i'm not sure he is who should be president. i do support him now that he is president. on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. the republicans had control when thege bush went to iraq and
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senate. we are seeing the same picture all over again. republicans favor trump. other nationalities than america don't favor trump. my daughter went to iraq and i went to vietnam. taking their children to war. you think they're going to send their children to war when his children are running around doing business? people are not fools in america. host: do you think going to congress on this issue and getting some sort of resolution from congress would have shown support from the whole country
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on this action? happened? was -- what we didn't find weapons of mass destruction and everything else. the same ball again that republicans got control. and we are trying to go back to war again? people didn't like it then. people are not crazy. the republicans want to go to war. they are warmongers. people are not fools. you are going to see a protest if they go to war. i guarantee you. a majority of the republican party which is white americans, you are not going to find them protest. other nationalities are going to protest this decision. the topic of the sunday
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show yesterday, members of those showsng on and members of the trump administration to talk about this action. fromessman adam schiff california was asked about the issue. here is what he had to say. it does sound like it's what i heard. moralk there's a strong case to make for what the president did. now in fact then when president obama faced the same situation. when president obama did i think the use of military force has to be the last response and not the first. he was presented with a diplomatic alternative. you exhaust all of those diplomatic alternatives. that ultimately didn't work. the russians to enforce it.
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i think that makes the moral justification, how can the world allow this to go on that much stronger today than it was in 2013. i don't think it should have an without congressional approval. think this president should have taken the strike without congressional approval. what role should congress play when it comes to military action in syria? betty is waiting on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. 2013 whenmazing in those chemicals were dropped on babies back then and president obama was the president this same guy at 835% favor rating
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told president obama don't do that. he even called him silly. he didn't agree with it. you want to drop chemicals. what i want to ask the american people, three weeks ago when this congress and president drop chemicals on america, you said take health care away from 24 million people. don't feed old people. take food out of children's mouths. thing this man and the congress wanted to do was get rid of america's people. american people wake up. trump is not concerned about those babies in syria. he is not concerned about the babies here in america. wake up. realize what this man doing. he only wants to win. the only wants to be praised. the: carol writes, most of
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worldwide applaud the extremely measured response trump took. he thinks hetter, has the authority and congress will do nothing. when it came to obama they didn't want to play any role, just criticize. teresa is up next in ohio on the line for independence. caller: i am real disappointed because i feel like our whole system has been hijacked. when president obama went to congress he was told no, he can't do this. they didn't go with the agreement. we need to stand up together. this is our country. my father did two tours in vietnam. i am so po'd at this.
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i watched our troops come home in 1969. are we going to do this again? my brother was in iraq and afghanistan. he can't even talk about the horrors he went through. so disappointed in the republicans at this point. i have always been an independent. i'm going to go file to become a democrat at this point. i am just sick and tired of this country not standing up for something firm. our framers of the constitution had something in mind. ended late toess stop. thank you very much. host: we want to let our viewers know that judge neil gorsuch, soon to be justice neil gorsuch officially takes his seat on the supreme court bench today.
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talk about his day we bring in richard wolf, usa today supreme court correspondent. where and when does judge gorsuch's day start today? starts at 9:00 a.m. at the supreme court where he will be sworn in in a private ceremony. he is just given the judicial oath by the chief justice. the entire swearing-in will be private. at that point is officially a justice. at 11:00 that there will be a public swearing-in at the white house. i think it's in the east room with president trump present. that will be administered by justice kennedy.
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that's the second both. it's actually a different post. that's the one all federal employees take. he does have to take both of oaths. you need some sort of public ceremony so that will happen at 11:00. host: how soon can he actually get to work? does he have a team of clerks already in place? caller: he can get to work today and i presume he will. there is no time to waste basically for the very reason senate republicans wanted him on the bench. so he could participate not just in the cases that come before , the courthis month sits from october through april. about six days per month.
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starting next week he will be on the bench. that will be the first time we see him on the far right as we view the bench. i mean literally, not figuratively. he can get to work in his chambers as of today. he has a full slate of clerks for the remainder of this term. most of them -- i think all of them are former gorsuch and circuit clerks, most of which are not very straight out of law school types. they are lawyers who have been working in academics or in private is eight to 12 years. a lot of them graduated from law school in the early part of the 2000. starred in one of the advertisements recently saying that he should be acceptable.
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she is someone who had worked in the obama administration and clerked for one of the liberal justices on the court. i believe it was justice kagan. his clerks one of for the remainder of this term. the first big case that judge gorsuch will hear? a number ofe is different ways of answering that. the simplest way is one of the cases that comes before the court next week is a case involving trinity lutheran church of missouri, which wanted to be part of a state grant program. the state gives out grants to nonprofits who want to improve the floor of their playgrounds. but it is a big state church case about whether churches can participate in these types of programs.
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the constitution says separation of church and state dictates the church isn't allowed to be an applicant. the church has applied for this grant and came in fifth out of 44 applicants. the state had enough money for far more than five. over theped right church and said, we can't give money to a church. the church has lost all of the lower rounds of this case. the court clearly delayed hearing this case for the longest time. they agreed to hear this case about a year ago. they delayed scheduling it clearly so that whoever would be on the bench. thinkis every reason to based on the way that judge gorsuch has ruled on religion cases on the 10th circuit that he would be a vote in favor of the church.
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four justices agreed to hear this case probably believing the church deserved to get the money. this would be a fairly important decision in terms of the separation of church and state and what states are allowed to do. this would probably be the biggest case of this term and one that he got to sit on. the decision will probably be coming in june. host: thank you, richard wolf. back to your calls. we are asking our viewers what role should congress play when it comes to military action in syria? republicans (202) 748-8001. democrats (202) 748-8000. independents (202) 748-8002.
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we are taking your calls. we'll start with stephen in connecticut on the line for democrats. caller: thanks for taking my call. i thought the response from the u.s. military and president trump's decision to hit them swiftly was the appropriate response. as far as i know the war powers gives the president so many days under a national security event to hit them hard. north korea, the window is closing fast. i don't see an easy way out of north korea. if we overlie syria on to north korea, i think congress should get involved. seriously. because that is going to be a total mess wants that one goes down. are we going to have north korea
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with a submarine parked off of seattle cold -- seattle or los angeles with a nuke? i don't see an easy way out. syria, i have a lot of trust in secretary matus. plan they laid out was totally appropriate. at them hard and quickly, send the message. i have nothing but praise for the whole operation. host: some background on the war from fox news. the war powers resolution enacted in 1973 requires the president to consult with congress before sending u.s. unlessorces into combat there had already been a declaration of war. the troops cannot stay more than 90 days.
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salvador is in burbank, california. good morning. caller: good morning. i am salvador. i am a senior person. i am retired from 2000. and i am 79 and a half years old. the rest of the people that we support mr. trump, in order to president, are 1,000,000.8 and we have the same result in our agreement. mr. trump has the commander in chief and he can do that. of course. because somebody in the rest of
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the world has to do it. gave to thein 1997 mexican government eight thousand million dollars in order to save the country. host: some news on russia. secretary of state tillerson this weekl to moscow to press russia on why the syrian regime was allowed to weaponsile chemical nearly four years after washington and the kremlin agreed on a plan to eliminate chemical weapons. he is also expected to confront the russians about election meddling in the united states. he will stop for a meeting of
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the group of seven leading relations -- nations. italy.osted by the g-7 member nations were largely supportive of the u.s. military action. russia was ousted from the group after moving to annex crimea. sam in mississippi. good morning. these guys calling in about what obama did compared to what trump did -- what did they expect trump to do. this is the second time syria has done this. do you think we are just going to sit around and let them do it again? some of these people have no freaking common sense. we did it again so let's let them get by again just like obama did. i don't know why they think --
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it's just not possible. kerry supported the move. a lot of the democrats came out in support of the move. tot: should the president go congress again like president obama tried to do in 2013? did it matter if congress is involved in this decision? caller: i would like to see them involved. sometimes it just gets tied up into a quagmire and the evidence of -- elements of surprise is gone at that point. did obama have authorization to go into libya? i don't think he did. host: i believe he used his own powers to go into libya. the question is, now that the surprise is over since the strike happened on thursday, if there is more military action do
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you want to see congress consulted now? caller: i think so. i think it needs to be not reported to the news outlets. i think it needs to be kept behind the scenes. it's going to need to be done again. i heard supposedly they are dropping chlorine bombs on people now. i'm just curious why these people are always calling and complaining about trump when everybody knows this was legit and it was supported by republicans and democrats alike. brian in st. petersburg, florida. also the republican. caller: i am a disabled marine
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corps veteran. i am surprised with happy thoughts behind the move that donald trump made. he has made some statements before. i don't like telling people what i'm going to do and when i'm going to do it. that made so much sense. i don't believe anybody has been afraid of us since we pulled out of vietnam. maybe they are going to sit up and say, we finally have somebody that's going to fight back. this gentleman that said navy seal team six, that needs to go goodbye. we need to take a strong look at north korea and would need to send some nuke subs on both coasts and sit and wait because i believe they are going to do something. i hope i'm wrong. we have the right man steering. the ship. god bless donald trump. host: story from the washington
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obamat the time the administration arguing the military action they were taking does not require congressional approval. that story playing out in the summer of 2011. korea andout north concerns about north korea. a story from usa today. amid rising tensions with that and aircraft carrier strike group is headed toward the korean peninsula. it had been scheduled to leave from singapore. the u.s. pacific command ordered the strike group to head north to the korean waters instead. generaly lieutenant h.r. mcmaster appeared on that program and he was asked about the buildup of force in the korean peninsula. to do it.udent
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north korea has been engaged in a pattern of provocative behavior. this is a rogue regime that is anda nuclear capable regime they agreed that is unacceptable. what must happen is the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the president has asked us to be prepared to give him a full range of options to remove that threat the american people. host: this morning on the washington journal, we are asking about the role of congress when it comes to military action in syria. republicans (202) 748-8001. democrats (202) 748-8000. independents (202) 748-8002. bernard is waiting. good morning. caller: good morning. i am glad you showed the 2013
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comparison. and showed the hypocrisy. , i was stationed on that ship. i'm glad you guys showed the picture of that. donald trumpstand saying he's not going to tell the american people for the media what he's going to do. but then he phones russia and let russians know what he's going to do. so russia is going to call assad. it's basically like their all in bed together. host: should he tell congress what he's going to do? caller: yes. that's the constitution. that prevents all of this confusion. a lot of people see this as just because people are
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making the russia and donald trump connection. what do you say to viewers tiesay going to congress the president's hands? it definitely did with obama. what's good for the goose is good for the gander. this just looks like trump, putin, assad are all in bed together. gotosedly they anti-missiles over there in syria that russia put there that could have stopped some of those bombs. if russia let that stuff come in then they were doing donald
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trump a favor. it makes no sense. showing the comparison between 2013 and today. here is senator chuck schumer. the now minority leader in the senate. talking about president obama's effort to get congress to authorize the use of force. he said the foreign relations committee resolution is clear. it prohibits any boots on the ground and put strict time limits on american involvement in syria. today after the strike last week he said, it is incumbent on the administration to come up with a strategy and consult with congress before implementing it. we want to hear your thoughts on the role congress should play. lamarr in philadelphia on the line for democrats. caller: good morning.
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i thinklike to know -- it's really important to mention bombwhen obama wanted to them, he didn't get the authority. trump just decided he didn't need the authority. he just went and did what he thought he needed to do. my question is, they said the chemical really disturbed him and caused him to react. what about -- they never showed what conventional bombs and barrel bombs do to people. that's much worse. why doesn't the media ever show that? host: gabrielle. republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i was just saying that we should involved.ongress
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host: why is that? caller: because -- it's just stupid. we should just let trump whatever he wants to do. he should do what he wants to do. host: what about the people that say going to congress alone the president to show he has wider support for whatever future will terry action he would want to take? caller: that's a very good question. hang on -- i couldn't hear you. i'm stupid ok. we're going to gilbert in tulsa, oklahoma. caller: good morning. i am thoroughly confused. assad is at home.
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europeans should stay-at-home. look what they have done to this continent, the australian continent, the african continent. look at south america. .hey have destroyed and stolen assad is at home. if the europeans would leave those people alone. they were doing just fine until another draft dodger along with mr. president who dodged the draft eight times and now he wants to send your boys and girls to war. why is it that only the rich can send people to war but the poor are the only ones who are killed? look what we did in vietnam. there's nothing assad has done that we did not do in vietnam. we killed more than 4.5 million people and they are still dying from agent orange. the: the president said images of the chemical attack affected him and his decision. did they impact you? caller: yes. you cannot believe what napalm
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can do to a living human body. there is nothing a sod has done that this country hasn't already done. the last thing i would like to say is this. europeans have been involved in that country for over a thousand years. look it up. all of those people the europeans have killed all across this planet and we are talking about one person. i don't believe he did the thing. i think israel is the one that put the gas over there. host: what evidence do you have of that, gilbert? we lost him. james. good morning. i think the president should in fact contact congress before attacking a country unless there's imminent threat to the united states. i believe that's a quote from the constitution. the other point i want to make said itpresident trump
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was the images that caused him to act. , children killed at sandy hook. or didone really acted anything in spite of what obama asked congress to do. syria ands killed in we can basically start of war. in sandy hook we go on as business as usual because the nra says we don't need to do anything about guns. thank you for taking my call. a blog talking about the president communication with congress under the war powers resolution. after thatdline action to communicate with congress about why he did it. the text of that letter on their blog. ofng through the timeline
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the strike and the president writing i acted in the vital national security and foreign policy interest of the united states pursuant to my congressional authorities to induct foreign relations and will take additional action as necessary and appropriate to further its important national interest. his communication over the weekend with congress. laverne is in henderson, texas. line for republicans. good morning. caller: i would like to remind our vietnam veterans and so forth that all of these people who are after bush and trump that the democrats is the ones that got us into most of these wars. they are the ones that set the table for that. so i mean -- host: in what way?
7:47 am
caller: they are talking about trump going over and putting the missiles over there. ought to look back at the history of little bit and see who got us into most of these wars. keep the secret over five minutes. we will go to ellis in philly. caller: they dropped the bomb on a military airport. didn't hardly hit no planes. no hit it is supposed to be a big success. this is another con.
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if you had a real congress you should talk to them. this congress is just as bad as he is. jerry in rhode island. good morning. good morning. everything president bush, obama or donald trump has or is going to do without permission from congress will be illegal unless it is in afghanistan or iraq. when george bush attacked wenttan, president obama to yemen and syria and many other places. he did it all without congress with congress refusing to do their job. they can't do that without congress telling you to and this is the worst congress we have ever had. they should be impeached for refusing to do constitutional mandates. mr. trump should do another thing, congress has to get
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together and give him permission. he shouldn't drop another bomb in yemen or pakistan or syria before congress specifically gives him permission. they should be impeached if they don't do it. you mention afghanistan. more reporting on that u.s. soldier who was killed in afghanistan on sunday. stories coming from officials with the united states government that not soldier was killed in a joint operation with afghan forces against affiliates of the islamic state. american casualties in afghanistan from hostile fire since the beginning of the year. last year 13 american soldiers died in that country. 20,000 have been wounded according to the pentagon. american soldiers remain in afghanistan today. harold is waiting in brooklyn.
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good morning. caller: i would have to disagree with the bombing. as per his speech he stated he was the president of the united states, not the world. i grew up during the vietnam era. we dropped thousands of palms and napalm on innocent people. entity camereign and bombed one of our air force bases because of what we were doing in vietnam. you can have it both ways. i feel sorry for those children. people die here every day. where is the indignation and the uproar. president's compassion for americans that are shot every day in the streets? the reasons they have problems in the middle east stem from the end of world war i when they broke up the ottoman empire. it's 100 years of problems and it's not going to get solved with the bombing of an air force base with no planes. news going on around
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the country, the alabama supreme court has cleared the way for impeachment hearings to begin on monday against governor robert antley, who has been under fire against allegations he used state resources to carry on an affair with a former aide. a report accused the governor of trying to block the inquiry into his actions. that story from the wall street journal. story, the former fox news commentator appointed by president trump as deputy national security advisor is expected to leave that position soon and make be nominated to the united states ambassadorship to singapore. his departure had been seen as
7:52 am
likely since the forced resignation of michael flynn. successor has been moving to put more traditionally professional stamp on the nationals of the security council. some of the movement happening at the white house this week. time for a few more of your calls about the role of congress when it comes to military action in syria. harvey is in georgia. independent. good morning. veteran,s a disabled 8 i think all of the stuff trump is pulling is a distraction. we need to stay focused on the hearings was going on. while we let trump make all kinds of stupid decisions. thank you and have a good day. host: robert in michigan. good morning. caller: i have been watching
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your show this morning. you got all of these different people criticizing the president. i am behind him 110%. i have a question for all of them. would you have them come over here and gas us? i'm a vietnam veteran two times. i can see it right in front of my eyes. host: do you think congress should demonstrate they are behind him in this action? caller: unfortunately, half of the congress this for the president and the other press -- half try to defy him. they have to work all together or the ones that don't want to work with him can resign and get the hell out of there. i can't see their doing any good. host: in ohio, independent.
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caller: good morning. i agree with the previous caller. congress has been advocating their war powers and authority to the president in order to protect their own seats. i think they all should be impeached. let's remember the words of dwight eisenhower. that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the finals and say theft from those who not fed, those were cold and not clothed. not world in arms is spending money alone. it is spending the sweat of its laborers and the genius of its scientists and the hopes of its children. thank you and have a good day. host: a democrat in hyattsville, maryland. should i agree that he be seeking guidance from congress. i also think donald trump is a hypocrite because he put syria
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on the list and indicated that syrian refugees should not be coming to this country. therefore he really doesn't care about the kids that are being killed in syria. if he was, allowing the refugees that are suffering in the country to actually come and -- that's my comment. congresswoman zoe lofgren saying in her facebook posting over the weekend that the missile attack appears to be unconnected to any coherent strategy. trump said bombing was in response to the chemical weapons attacks on civilians, yet he is unmoved by the deaths of syrian refugees children at sea and continues to bar families fleeing war. any further action must be put before congress and debated in public with the international and domestic consequences fully considered.
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congress will conclude that further military action of this sort are the wrong policies. we want to hear from you. east berlin, pennsylvania. good morning. i just wanted to say a couple of quick things. i don't believe donald trump was moved by anything. examples of many him suggesting policies that would kill many americans and he certainly wasn't interested in syrian refugees coming over here. i think what he was doing was just testing the waters to see if he could do this. as far as congressional authority, the congress has shown themselves to not have a clue what to do now that they have something to do other than say no to president obama. i think as long as we got this open-ended investigation about whether or not donald trump and the people who work for him have
7:57 am
committed treason by working with russia to put trump in office, i don't think he should be making decisions like bombing people. and i don't think congress should be authorizing anything he is putting in front of him including the neil gorsuch debacle. that's my opinion. host: judge neil gorsuch becoming justice neil gorsuch at two different swearing-in ceremonies taking place at 9:00 and 11:00 this morning. derek is an independent. good morning. add,r: i just wanted to congress are kind of week these days. support for trump wanting to go to war, that's fine. you should definitely consult congress because of the financial impact. when you have trump calling an hour before saying, we
7:58 am
are going to bomb, you guys get out of there. it's obvious russia syria so now nobody is around. 24 hours later it back up and running. of dollarse millions that was spent on this. what was the point? definitely congress should have been involved. it was a financial decisions as well. millions of dollars on bombs for what? what do you say to the caller who said that congress is so full of leaks that they can't keep any secret for more than a couple of minutes? do you think you think going to congress makes it more dangerous for those in the military involved? caller: everything should be more quieter. we have to make sure it's just not our soldiers that stay. financial.
7:59 am
we can't waste money or lives if it's not going to make sense. congress has got to get on the ball on this. trump has to make better decisions with finance and our lives. to congress and everybody get together because nobody is making sense right now. we can't waste money or five doing it. host: are you optimistic everybody can get together? caller: it's like i said. we've got to support him but we can't be making calls in our head warning people that we are going to bomb. everything behind closed doors and get it done the right way. together.we can get that would be the plan for america. congress sonsult they can consider the lives and the finance involved because we don't have lives or money to waste. host: up next, we will be joined
8:00 am
by sharon mcgowan of lambda legal. she will the discrimination in the workplace. later, walsh will join us to talk about his new book, "the unholy trinity." 's ultimate this morning on washington journal. ♪ >> tonight on the communicators, pennsylvania congressman mike of a keyanky member house subcommittee on communications and technology talked about privacy, net neutrality and expanding broadband in the west -- in the u.s. >> when you and


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