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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 12, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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replace the affordable care act. vended hoople editor and publisher of "the nation" -- ♪ secretary of state rex tillerson in russia receiving a rebuke from his russian -- britain, france and the west pushing for a boat at the un security council as soon as today. , president trump saying the u.s. is sending an armada to the korean peninsula. china telling the trump administration they will offer willingness to cooperate on a peaceful solution.
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korea -- wea, north want to get a sense from you, if these recent events are making you anxious about what's going on and how the u.s. is handling these events. if so, what is the way for the u.s. to go forward? for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. for independents, 202-748-8002. if you're anxious about world events, post on twitter or facebook. abc news has the latest on the meeting currently going on between the russian government and the u.s. delegation that features the secretary of state. rex tillerson was met with a stern scolding by the russian foreign minister.
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the russian foreign minister criticizing the u.s. for airstrikes on the syrian government, warning similar action was unacceptable to russia. the abc news piece also adding that regardless of those russia expressing a desire to work with the u.s. on counterterrorism issues. on the issue of north korea, this story by "the financial times" this morning. president trump and the chinese president spoke about the north china nuclear program --
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said mr. trump had initiated the phone call. a quote from the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson. this story adding an interview with the president about north korea, saying the north korean leader was doing the wrong thing with the nuclear program. armada --nding an very powerful." beingns over the world expressed at a briefing yesterday -- james mattis holding that hearing.
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diffusepted to tensions between the u.s. and u.s. korea, even as a carrier strike group arrived at the peninsula. [video clip] >> you've talked about red lines and the president has talked about red lines. at what point is there danger of this spiraling out of control? i don't believe i've talked about red lines. i shy away from it, myself. be cautiousd assad about violating international law with chemical weapons. it will not spiral out of control. secretary of state tillerson is in moscow. we maintain communications with the russian military and diplomatic channels.
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it will not spiral out of control. >> russia has been very clear in their rhetoric. the russians have said red lines. they say the launch would be a redline for them. how are you so confident that this won't spiral out of control? >> i'm confident the russians will act in their own best interests. they don't want this situation to go out of control. host: that whole briefing on c-span. in our first hour, we want to get a sense from you come if you're anxious about these events going on in the world. you can let us know. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. for independents, 202-748-8002. we start this morning with alan in brooklyn, new york on outline for democrats. -- our line for democrats.
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caller: in 2013, president obama was proposing to respond accordingly to the chemical attacks by assad and there was a letter to the congress saying you had to have the war powers authorization to do this and he was waiting for them to give him that authorization and they refused. now, president trump has done this without congressional authorization. but, because he is of the same party, they have not tried to hamper his response in this way and yet, they are blaming obama several years ago for not attacking assad over chemical weapons. totally hypocritical. be timing of this seems to too convenient for trump. first of all, it is a way of seeming to be opposed to putin
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in a very hasty fashion without a lot of planning and without making a coordinated policy toward syria. thats time to come out morning that a supreme court justice was being sworn in. by pushing that off the front this stolen seat was subordinated to a military attack. host: the events themselves, do they cause you concern as far as the various events of the world? caller: it causes me concerned because i don't think this way of approaching a possibly proper assad's chemical by politicalivated
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issues. host: lily in orlando, florida. independent line. caller: i'm more concerned about kim jong un, the north korean leader. he is kind of new at this nuclear weapons and i think he is a loose cannon. , i am concerned about russia, but russia and united states always were jabbing each other with nuclear weapons. think he is a loose cannon and i don't know what he will do. as this far announcement from the president that ships were heading to the korean peninsula, does that give you some comfort or does that cause you concern? what is the best way north korea should be handled? caller: i understand why he's doing it, like a show of force.
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we are ready for action. but come i don't think you're dealing with somebody who is playing with a full deck. i wouldn't know what to do. this man is out there. the north korean leader is a loose cannon. would someone like him, you don't know what he would do. , if: getting your thoughts you're anxious about world events. pamela in indiana. democrats line. caller: good morning. i'm looking at the indianapolis star. an interview with a very respected man in the international realm -- he says trump's foreign-policy goals are withic and reactive characteristic of a selfish inward looking nation that is being motivated by fear, not a
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superpower with capacity to shape global affairs. everything the current administration has been doing on the international realm has been reactive. and infantile in so many ways. the first caller was spot on with their concerns. -- butxion about russia the flexion about russia, the inadequacy of some people working in the current administration with no skill set minot big picture analysis. the guy in the big chair is not very interested in learning about the nuances of international affairs or domestic affairs. are sending an extremely dangerous precedent because america has always been at the forefront and we are giving that up and telling other powers we will come out to play or we will tangle with you over nothing. we've got into a bad way with australia and britain early on.
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two countries that love bustier. -- that love us dear. thank you for taking my call. host: that viewer references the indianapolis star. if you go to their website, you can see the story she referenced regarding the interview with luger.uger -- with david is on our independent line. north carolina. caller: bear with me just a minute. i think china should have to do more in the korean peninsula. they should totally on that. -- own that. we need our own administration to own the fact that we are not supposed to support communism. if china's citizens aren't
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allowed to invest as individuals and china as a government is the one owning all this technology and stuff, we should not support that in any way. until they give their citizens the same civil rights and the processes that we have. that werocess is that w have. thehould have a line in sand because that's what we are supposed to be the champions for, individual citizens, personal rights. and personal liberties. right now, the federal supersede neglects to the united states constitution -- events, areational you concerned about the way the u.s. is treating these countries? china need to and
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be dealt with a little better. they could come together and give us a bit of static. do not stand firm for civil rights for individual actors, weom state don't stand true to the constitution. host: republican line. pueblo, colorado. this is when. -- this is wayne. caller: i agree with what trump did . -- a horrible act done to children. america is the only one that did step up and did something and did something quickly. this might have delayed another attack afterwards. there's no cause for acts like
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this to be done anywhere in the world and america is known for morals. up for as far as north korea, that guy is a nut. he's out of control. used taken fear if out of commission, north and south korea will come together. that's why china's not doing much to do anything. everything that is being done right now come trump is not doing it on his own. he has advisers and attorneys and people giving him advice. to get the enough help that is needed so that he makes the right moves. he has to walk on pins and needles because he has a lot of people watching him and nitpicking everything he's doing. he gets the right advice from season people. we heard the president talk about his desire to stay away from the events international events like the ones we are seeing now.
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do you think these new actions fit into his philosophy that we heard on the campaign? theer: he said he is president of america and we are not the policeman of the world. that is correct. he is a human who has human feelings not only for america but for people in general. when this act occurred, we had the manpower and the know-how and the ability to step forward and do something about it when no one else would. he's doing like no other president did. he's not talking, he's walking. like a domino effect, he's putting them in place. everything he's done is growing and helping america. host: anthony in california. independent line. assad: i want to say that is not the one hurting the
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children, the civilians, it's the rebels there who are setting them up to be bombed by assad. fighting a civil war against rebels, against isis. he is being made to look like a monster. it's not his fault that these people are using them for human targets. host: what convinces you this was an act of the rebels? caller: they are sending it up. that's the strategy. senditting them up. they placed them there and they get mixed up with them so that that you have to pick them out individually.
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that's why we never got anywhere with iraq and afghanistan. this we are asking you in first hour about if you have anxiety over the world events, specifically looking at syria, but relations with russia, concerns about north korea. let us know. 202-748-8001 for republicans. for democrats, 202-748-8000. for independents, 202-748-8002. the white house talking about their justification for events that took place in syria with those bombings the united states is confident the syrian regime conducted a chemical weapons attack using sarin gas. attack inaunched this response to an opposition offensive in the northern hamah province. there is more to that document that was released concerning the actions and the thinking behind
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the events that took place in syria last week. wendy in michigan. republican line. caller: good morning. i've heard all these things and it's getting where you can even watch the news because there's any problem everyday. kim jong-il and is a loose is a looseim jong un cannon and has to many toys in his toy box to shoot rockets and things. congress doesn't seem to be going together on things. the health care problem. it is like a wall of problems that we have to face. way of getting around them. getting over them, not facing them.
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with it taking so long for gorsuch to be confirmed -- that should have been done quickly so the supreme court could do things. that you see these whenings and problems -- is congress going to face the responsibilities? host: do you think congress should give the president and authorization for military action in syria? caller: i think so. assad -- you don't murder your own people my children. when i saw that man with his two little ones, that hurt. man have access to that sarin gas? that shouldn't even be around.
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it worries me how all this is happening. endy. that is whe this is on twitter -- seattle, washington. democrats line. hello? one more time for seattle, washington. in west palm mike beach, florida. republican line. caller: good morning. thank you, c-span, for your wonderful coverage. a few comments on sean spicer and what's happening with -- we all misspeak at times. there's folks out there from every race and creed just dying
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to be offended. he's comparing assad to hitler. period. assad is like hitler in many ways. tler used, hi gas. we had a president obama who said i will draw a line in the sand against these regimes. guess what? nothing ended up happening. we have a president now who is finally doing something who sit back andously do nothing when he sees these types of things happening. why did we have a president do nothing previously? we have a president do something and everybody is getting hung up misspeaking. host: you talked about syria. what about north korea? we have an armada heading to the
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korean peninsula. are you concerned about actions from them? what should the u.s. be doing there? host: that is another -- caller: that is another problem in the world. i see why the anxiety is so high. we have a president trying to make relations with china and stabilizing that. china will be on board with us and help us in regards to this. once again, you have action, not worry. everybody gets hung up on words and not action. host: mike in west palm beach, for florida. here's a story from "the washington post." spicer apologizes for insensitive holocaust references. even hitler's wouldn't
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-- that type of warfare we take you to the statement that place during that white house briefing. [video clip] >> we didn't use chemical weapons in world war ii. you had someone as despicable as hitler who didn't even sink to .sing chemical weapons host: shortly after that initial statement much on spicer was asked about it by a reporter, prompting another response. here is that exchange. [video clip] >> [indiscernible] "hitler didn't even sink to the level of using chemical weapons." >> nosair and gas. -- no sarin gas.
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he wasn't using gas on his own people the same way that a in a way that assad used them. i appreciate the clarification. that was not the intent. host: sean spicer putting out a press statement regarding that statement. i was trying to draw ofistinction on the tactics using airplanes to drop chemical weapons on population centers. after that statement from yesterday, sean spicer would and talky go on cnn about those events and apologize. we are asking you in this hour
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about world events and if it's causing you anxiety. if you want to give us a call on that, 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. independents, 202-748-8002. mike in texas. independent line. caller: good morning. administration gave uranium to the russians. children -- the media hasn't made a big fuss about it. now that trump did the right thing and everybody is wasicizing -- i think trump
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right to stop assad from killing his own people. host: jacksonville, florida. independent line. caller: good morning. my problem is the lack of historical knowledge that a lot of your colors -- a lot of your callers are clueless on world events. sean spicer emphasizes the point of america that is clueless on historical events. there's a lot of readers across this world that leaders across this world who've done her rent is thanks to their people. we have events going on in place andt have taken people don't even know about it. trump tojust a way for
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get away from what has been happening with his russian .ollusions this wasn't anything else about what took place. about3, trump tweeted out we should not take action when the russians dropped that when the syrians dropped gas on their people back then. i have a problem with trump anyway because he has five deferments from the military. i'm a veteran. host: should concerns about actions in syria, north korea's nuclear program, should that cause the u.s. concern or foster a response? caller: that's a response for the world, not a response for the united states. we are not a world police. did in 2013 obama -- the republicans didn't even
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want him to go to respond to what happened back then. , everyonef a sudden is on trump's bandwagon for what he did. even he's one of the people who said president obama should not attack syria back then. and as a major hypocrisy lack of historical reference on people in the united states who just are controlled by narratives. sean spicer exemplifies that. misspeako way you can about the actions that occurred by adolf hitler in world war ii unless you are clueless. host: democrats line. caller: thank you. i would like to ask a question
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does -- since when compassion become weak? ,hen obama didn't bomb syria that is strength. you start reacting out of just emotions, that is weakness. you are doing it to draw people's emotions and make people fearful. last year was a year of mercy and compassion. , and then we elected donald trump to carry this out. this is what we get from america. war withu fight a peace? by being peaceful. you simply change their thinking. we have to change the way our thinking is. start over. post""the washington
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looks at events with north korea must visually concerns about the nuclear program. -- especially concerns about the nuclear program. saturday is the day of sun in north korea. it coincides with easter weekend in the united states. analysts say they think north korea may conduct another missile launch to mark the day. the mere suggestion of striking north korea has been rolled out by the american and ministration that's ruled out -- has been ruled out by the american administration.
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isaac is up next from maryland. go ahead, isaac. caller: i'm a first-time caller. love your show. i have a comment on the previous callers. america is not the world police. we have to continue to remind ourselves of that on a yearly basis. the one thing that concerns me as far as the worldview -- for some reason, it's become a pattern that every republican administration has to have some type of big world in it -- bush had iraq and that entire fiasco. the one thing that has been a
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ofmon pattern, we lose track america's lead. ortend to be a big bully world police for other countries but don't take care of our own citizens. we just had another school shooting where a child was killed, but we don't have any conversations about gun control. when are we going to stop worrying about every other country and focus on us? host: john joins us from arizona. republican line. caller: what gives us the right to control others? host: meaning what? caller: someone is having a war in another country. why do we have a right to control them? next from new is york. immigrants line. -- democrats line.
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caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm a veteran of the united states navy. is more or less caller or the color before. -- the caller before. sveryone keep's bringing up obama. he is no longer the president. we have a new president. and his misscer ,peaking -- miss he went on cnn, which is supposed to be the fake news, he immediately retracted his statement and apologized for something he said. i don't see fox news covering
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it. that is one place that i do not spicer coverage of misspeaking. host: our question about world affairs -- how would you comment on that? technically, we are not the world police. i believe the president said we are not. e, hebecause he is in ther sees that's what's going on. i agree that when something happens in the world, we should be a part of it. but we should never take the lead. lives.end, we will lose personeing a military come up with the current events
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going on with syria and north korea and other places, does that cause you anxiety or concern? caller: absolutely. on the people jumping bandwagon, yes, we should go in. how many of those people actually served? how many of those people have lost loved ones and are willing to go in? for me, that is a great concern. host: anxiety levels over world events with so many things going on at once. that's what we want to hear from you about. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. independents, 202-748-8002. we showed you the statement from sean spicer leading up to yesterday's events and his comments. he did go on cnn and issued an apology with an interview with wolf blitzer.
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[video clip] >> i was trying to make a point about the heinous acts, using chemical weapons and gas. i used an insensitive reference to the holocaust. there is no comparison. for that, i apologize. it was a mistake to do that. i appreciate director panetta's comments. >> there are holocaust survivors out there who were listening to what you said and couldn't spokesman for the president of the united states would make such a statement. tell us who you want to apologize to. >> clearly come anybody who not just suffered in the holocaust but frankly anyone who was offended by those comments. to draw ang
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comparison for which there shouldn't have been one. i'm not looking to quantify this in any way. it was an attempt to talk about and to drag any other comparison into this was not appropriate. in washington, d.c. on the independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning. i think it is fair to say, most people have anxieties about world events. you can just spin the globe and ssad.our finger on a si we need to be more coordinated when it comes to the united states taking action in the world.
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syria is a difficult place. we have our allies in israel right there. seven or eight different countries right there on the border with syria. needs to have a coalition of partners and an authorization by congress. i think this was a big distraction from the whole russia investigation. you can spend your globe to africa -- we have boko haram in nigeria, the conflict in the congo, there is plenty of other places in the globe where kids are dying at a much faster rate than syria. if trump was honest about that, we would be doing something over there. fromis a whole distraction
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the incompetency and the terrible things that are going on in this administration. i think it is awful. i feel bad for us as a country. i'm almost embarrassed talking to people about how this guy got elected in the first place. -- 2018, weight have 39 republican governors retiring or up for reelection. to send a message by voting so we can fix this trump thing. host: darren mentioning the 2018 midterms. kansas,the u.s., in concerning the fourth district, an election to decide who would replace mike pompeo.
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with help from president trump and other high-profile republicans, the state treasurer held off a strong challenge by , jamesocratic newcomer thompson. they dispatched senator ted cruz to wichita to rally on monday. thompson won the urban county by a small margin. the libertarian drew 1.7%. dave is next from michigan. republican line. caller: a couple of points to , mr.-- the first thing
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trump came into the white house with the world and so much disarray, it's unbelievable. the middle east is on fire, the ukraine is on fire. our friends didn't like us and our enemies weren't afraid of us. replacingama globalism with his actors -- anyone who wants to blame donald for what's occurring right now is off their rocker. mr. trump is not a racist. he's not an anti-semite. most of his family is jewish. his son-in-law is a jew. his daughter is a converted jew. donald junior is married to a jewish lady and their grandchildren are jewish. point,o your previous when it comes to areas of the
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world, you talked about how president trump is handling these areas of the world come are you concerned about russia or syria or north korea? caller: no, i'm very confident that mr. trump will handle it correctly. he holds his cards close to his vest and he doesn't want the media knowing everything he's going to do at every moment. very competentis businessman -- he's proven himself over and over again to be nothing but successful. area wheret another i have confidence in his success . i can't believe some of these people who can't put two sentences together are calling mr. trump ignorant. host: the previous caller had mentioned boko haram. story today about the trump administration planning to sell
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planes to nigeria in helping with the boko haram fight. aircraft will be sold to help fight islamic militant group boko haram. the deal is said to be worth $600 million. it was agreed to by the obama administration but was sent to --gress rose in franklin, west virginia. independent line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i'm not too anxious about what's going on around the world. the human condition has been
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decaying for some time. what i did find interesting, america's behavior now that we no longer get to live in our little bubble and it's all coming home to us. we no longer get to be 1/5 of the world's population and consume 25% of the finite resources. that is what i find curious and what makes me anxious is america and our inability to respond to reality. host: chad from indianapolis. democrats line. caller: good morning. dave from michigan made a comment saying he doesn't like that people are saying trump is ignorant. he is very ignorant. i don't believe anything that he says. he doesn't give you direct answers to anything, whatever the topic is. i don't feel we should be spending money to start a war in
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syria when the last time we were people we the american felt that financially in our gas prices. gas went up in indianapolis to five dollars a gallon. people, we working shouldn't have to fund all this war -- it's great to save other people and all that, but what about us? the people funding this war. ready to goericans up to five dollars a gallon for gas again? how are we going to keep sending he said costsiles $1 trillion. i'm already seeing that in the gas prices here. our gas has gone from $2.19 to
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almost $2.50. when we say we want to make changes and help other countries , we have to consider how much it's going to cost us financially here. we have so many people who are unemployed, people working mcdonald's jobs -- that is a large amount of money to fill up your car to go and be a productive member of society and work and we are funding a war and building walls and we are the ones paying for it. host: in the final 15 minutes or so, if you are anxious about world events, let us know. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. independents.or the secretary of state is in moscow to meet with his russian counterparts over many issues.
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chief among them, actions in syria by the united states. atwas rex tillerson in italy a meeting of g-7 leaders talking about events in syria, giving justification for the u.s. role there and what might occur next. [video clip] >> we do not want the regime uncontrolled stockpiles of chemical weapons to fall into the hands of isis or other terrorist groups who want to attack the united states or our we accept the normalization of the use of chemical weapons by other actors in syria or elsewhere. the u.s. is grateful for the statement of all of our partners who've expressed support for our timely and proportional response. the united states will continue its strategic options and opportunities to deescalate violence across syria. to the genevaook
7:48 am
process to resolve this year a conflict in a way that produces stability and gives syrians the opportunity to determine their own political future. will not be asad part of that future. host: if you want to see that statement in full, you can go to next up, florida, republican line, this is jack. caller: good morning. how are you doing today? host: fine, thank you. caller: i'm calling about the north korean missile aggression that is going on. i believe we have our forces over there. when we fought a war with them, we let them know that we were not weeak. they were going to take advantage of people in that area
7:49 am
-- if they are violating anybody's airspace, the u.s. has every right to suit up a patriot missile and blow them out of the sky. because they are putting something up there, they don't want to listen to nobody, if it violates some peace airspace -- somebody's airspace, we have an obligation to blow that thing out of the sky. host: what makes it different now? caller: because they are not listening to anybody. they are looking at the world and they think they can do whatever they want. they are watching with going on with iran. that's what is going on with iran. there this thinking that we are just weak. they need to understand that our got thee have, we've eagle and we've got weapons in one hand and peace and the
7:50 am
other. trying to show aggression against anybody else in the world, we need to let them know that we are there and we are not going to tolerate this type of stuff. host: miami, florida. calling on our independent line. caller: how are you this morning? host: i'm fine, thank you. super on edgeways whenever i turn on any news media outlet between c-span to i'mc to cnn to fox news flipping through all of them, driving my entire family crazy. trying to keep them up-to-date. not a lot of my family members are actually watching current events. host: what concerns you the most these days about world events? or one.honestly, isis, -- for one. isis has been taking over the middle east for the last seven
7:51 am
years. recruite been trying to people who are against the regime because they are trying to pass their own agenda. they want to fight anyone who is a nonbeliever. so, it is a whole other situation going on over there in the middle east. in the u.s., between our government, which is majority corruption through the entire establishment, between the government and the judicial system, just hearing about the , that theya judges had the kids for cash scandal, who knows how many other judges in united states are actually taking human beings and putting them into prison and making a profit? we don't know, because we don't have enough people investigating. , what do you isis
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think about this administration and its ability to take on isis? what to do think of the previous administration's attempts to cut isis? caller: honestly, i love the obama administration. that was the only administration that actually -- before they -- as soon as anything happens, there he goes again on twitter. he's not even stopping and thinking about the american people. you are representing us as a whole. you are not doing this for your own personal gain. you are supposed to be protecting us. he's disrespecting everyone. he's disrespecting women and muslims and whites and blacks and hispanics. who voted for this guy? i am a protester.
7:53 am
i go out and i protest. who are the people who voted for this man? page carter saying that was his advisor -- how is it all tying to russia? we found out how. host: let me show you the story on the front page of "the washington post." the fbi obtained a secret court order last summer to monitor the communications of an advisor to president trump from a part of into possibleon links between russia and the campaign.
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a response from page saying he's repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in his dealings with the trump campaign and russia. the white house and fbi and justice department declined to comment. eugene up next in columbus,
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ohio. democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. i wanted to touch on anxieties in the world today. has to do with the racist republican congress. 's skinesident obama color was different from theirs, they used that to hate against the entire world. done in libya, when president obama had to go into libya on his own because the republican congress voted no, they wouldn't go along with him to libya. now, the republican congress started counting the costs of every missile, saying to the
7:56 am
public, the black man doesn't know how to manage money. look how much money these missiles are costing. now, he wants to go into syria and he's got a redline. president obama is a very smart my great man. whethercongress decide or not he could go into syria and clean syria up. and congress, not president obama, voted against the red rednecki call it the line. congress is the ones that voted against that. host: this is michael goodwin in "the new york post" this morning. the story coming out of that was the relationships with mr. --mp's advisor, steve bannon
7:57 am
said to be at the center of a --dom white house infighting here is the quote from the president. "i like steve, but you have to rubber, he was not involved in my campaign until very late -- you have to remember, he was not involved in my campaign until very late." that is in "the new york post." reported infighting within the white house. sandy is up next in columbia, maryland. democrats line. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say, first of , we have a 70-year-old president with a mental problem.
7:58 am
it's only going to get worse as he gets older. something fell out between him and put iin. one whoputin is the spread that -- host: what leads you to believe that? caller: i don't know. i think he's the one behind all this and trying to control donald trump. host: one more call -- caller: donald trump went off. host: one more call. scott from maine. independent line. caller: i'm trying to be quick. this deal in syria has been going on since 1956. i would invite all your viewers syrian war this is all over a pipeline. assad refused to let the oil
7:59 am
companies, bp run pipelines through his country. we have tillerson, now, we are dropping bombs on him. this is all over a pipeline, running oil into jordan. that's all it is. if you don't believe me, look it up. it's been going on ever since we overthrew iran. host: that will be the last call on the topic. we will continue on about our discussions on the secretary of state in russia, what's coming up in these meetings. running us for that discussion, emily tamkin of foreign policy. from the will hear american action network. those discussions coming up when
8:00 am
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