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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2017 1:34pm-1:46pm EDT

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> we will be back live with 145 withttee at about their discussion on tax or cuts and budget deficits looking at the trump administration. and the first 100 days. we will have live coverage when they return here on c-span. coming up tonight and tomorrow, a special program's profiling 100ld trump cabinet and the -- first 100 days coming to a close. state, nominee, mulvaneyrson and mick
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had discussion. here's a preview. >> russia wants to reestablish role in the global world order. they have a view that following the breakup of the soviet union, they were mistreated in some respects of the transition. . they think they deserve a rightful role because they are nuclear power. they are searching on how to establish that. 20 or more years, since the demise of the soviet union, they were not in a position to assert that. they have been developing the capability of that and what's seeing thewe are results. they are forcing a conversation about what is russia's role. country is more than just
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numbers. economy, healthy, allows us to take care of our most vulnerable. my mother-in-law relied on social security in her retirement. to helped on medicare her before she died of cancer. pam and i were happy to have that safety net for her. i would like that safety net to be here for her grandchildren. you can see more of those confirmation hearings tonight beginning it 8 p.m. eastern as we profile president trump's cabinet marking the first 100 days of the administration. i will take you back to the discussion and policy conference, next up though, a discussion on republican leadership in congress now that's they hold the majority in the house and senate. >> the republicans need to
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figure out a way to govern. and are great on opposition going out, but we are not so good at governing. frustration that this administration will feel, and be administered -- frustration that members of congress feel. >> that begs the question that, the next prudential -- presidential election is far away. what will congress need to get done, bottom line, in order to not have the wrath of voters come down on their head. >> i think they have to come up with some sort ohealth care not necessarily the bill that paul ryan wanted. i think lisa has identified one way that they could do this which is by the evolving -- by voting power elsewhere.
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there are solutions out there that might attract bipartisan support in congress. i think they have to get something done on that front. i think they have to to get something done on the jobs front and on economic growth. they have to come up with some sort of tax reform package. it may not be the big tax reform that people have talked about, but it's maybe a series of smaller text changes that they ultimately are able to pass. in those two areas, i think they have to perform. they also have to do something about keeping the government up and operating. they have to come together in passing a budget that keeps the and insuresn place that people are not adversely affected by the government -- a government shutdown or a
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government unable to meet their basic needs. -- we woulde were all like to avoid a government shutdown. >> do republicans actually have to do anything to be success successful in 2017? avoiding war like with north korea. [laughter] we're seeing economic growth at 2%. the trump administration will to you it will be 3% if they get some sort of tax cut through. that's good temporarily boosted gdp. if americans were voting on the economy in november, and adding up all of the angst that they went through during the great , we are kind of back.
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if we are back, is that enough in its self in order to hand the republicans another video -- victory in 2018? >> i think it would be a huge disappointment if there wasn't a kind of that was transformational. it is possible we will get pieces of it. [laughter] >> sorry. [laughter] i know, i know. 1986 was a long time ago. the tax reform will happen? i don't think so. i would think that the health care bill and the tax reform are some elements of -- or some elements of tax reform, and i would add to infrastructure as
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that's being the job and element of methods. i would at the infrastructure package which is being talked about on the help. republicans are in decent political shape. we talk about the divisions among the republicans because they are the governing party at the present time. the democrats also have huge divisions. it is not clear that you can maintain that kind of anger that is driving some of the special elections right now. the republicans are in decent shape. a lot of the seats are safe. each and that's even marginal losses will keep them in place. -- even marginal losses will keep them in place. chance to get senate seats based on the numbers. is not good,here
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they will have a problem winning those seats. you are right, a strong economy will make for a much better election season, but the strong economy will depend on getting some of these tax changes -- but because of the economy right now is getting some momentum out of believe that some of these things are going to take place in washington, and will improve it. the one thing trump is doing at the present time, and he can do it with executive orders is a lot of regulation. that's will help keep the economy going, because a lot of the changes in regulatory atmosphere will make a big difference for companies being able to keep jobs on board. what to do you think democrats need to do if they to not march around? >> to what extent do the
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politics shape the policy? thehe focus is on blue-collar worker, then the policy agenda or the economic message to your voters is going to be different from the one you deliver if you are trying to reach suburban soccer moms who drive minivans. right now, democrats are trying to figure that out. going to the most recent example, it was interesting to see in kansas, some women who were bernie sanders supporters who received funding, they had appeal.essive in georgia, it was a different situation. a lot of the money was outside national money coming in. that's candidate was considered much more moderate. both candidates considered
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that'se and not really part of the standard of the progressive wing of the party. which one of those will be the heart of the democratic message for 2018? that is still being debated. will put on my partisan hat for a second. it is interesting in georgia to have the party that will empower women to run viciously against the woman who is the republican with a candidate who doesn't live in the district. [laughter] msnbc and he called out women as a key demographic he was trying to win over. >> what was it? 8.5 million dollars came from outside of georgia for that trace. point aboutto your republicans, maybe they can coast through this and avert disaster. wearing my state legislative
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hat, would employ -- implore everybody to go and remember what is happening in the database. when they say the republican party is doing well, look at what i passed around on the table that shows republicans have 69 chambers of 99. those are state legislative chambers across the country. 99, not a hundred because of nebraska. you can drive from key west florida to the border of canada and not leave a republican trifecta state. that means governor, senate's and house in the state, and that is a pretty amazing >> -- you can watch all of that online at we're live now with the committee of economic development on the


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