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tv   U.N. Syria Commission Members Briefs Reporters on Chemical Weapons Inquiry  CSPAN  April 21, 2017 10:23pm-10:38pm EDT

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revolutions. environment.on the at 4:00 p.m., gary young and his book "another day in the death of america: a chronicle of 10 short lives." and david horwitz on his book " president trump's plan to save america." the l.a. times festival of books starting at 1:30 p.m. eastern on c-span two's book tv. u.n. commission on syria held a press conference in new york to discuss the 2016 siege of aleppo by government forces and their ongoing investigation into the use of chemical weapons in the syrian civil war. this is 15 minutes. ok, ready?
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thank you very much. for hery happy returning to the commission after one year working with the secretary-general in the refugee subregion. i will say something about what we did at the security council. i was very glad that yesterday breakfast with ayra herself. in fact, more often than not, they use military tactics that directly target civilians as a way to gain military advantage.
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the commission found that all warring parties permitted violations during the siege and fall of aleppo. the siege ended when both parties agreed to a so-called released thet level of its population. several other evacuation agreements have taken place after aleppo, resulting in tens movingsands of civilians west, where they leave and tired conditions. we have the impression that we are seeing in a slow-motion -- a disaster we that will happen in idlib.
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we are afraid that the populations are being concentrated there, they are at a serious risk to their lives. aleppo has resulted in further radicalization of armored groups. hts,of the new formations, united a terrorist group with a number of other extremist armed groups. the presence of these groups in raisesnd western aleppo serious concerns for escalation of hostilities in those areas, which puts at risk the evacuees now leaving. you don't need a crystal ball to say that. isil has against resulted in the group losing control of a significant swath
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of territory. ground, let'soses not forget there are multiple parties contesting the same territory, which further puts civilians at risk. the commission continues to investigate allegations of weapons by parties to the conflict. we recently documented the use of chlorine in our last two reports. we are investigating sense the following day of this incident, the alleged use of sarin or s t killede substance tha many. this is our mandate to to investigate any war crime o humanr rights violation. we are cautious that the majority of the victims have not perished because of chemical weapons attacks, by conventional
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acts. okay. >> thank you for the briefing commissioner. you have talked about accountability. can you flash that out -- flesh that out for councilmembers interested in holding parties responsible? >> we had several questions about that. the famous ripple mechanism. it is not the prosecutors office. this from our perspective as progress. i think several member states are supported. you, i am from france 24 and a newspaper in lebanon. -- several times you mentioned a list of possible
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war criminals in syria. now to putout time it to the public, since you have not been effective along your work for several years -- it is not working. what should you do for your commission to work? >> we don't think it has any advantage to put this in the public. if we receive a request, we will be happy to share. they are the appropriate body to prepare a case against the those -- weor update the list.
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high commissioner for human they are in a safe with two keys . very impressive. >> [inaudible] do you have the chain of command -- >> the chain of command for regular forces, we have. the chain of command for the armed groups, nobody has. -- investigation .> thank you very much welcome. to the whole issue of accountability, have you actually been working with any
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body, tots, any larger talk about the kind of court tot could actually be set up prosecute alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity if the security council does not or to actually unable refer a case to the international criminal court? >> you probably have heard us say this many times, what has to happen with our information is mechanism whothe will take this information. we are waiting to have some contact with them.
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it gives us some hope that things will be moving toward towards some kind of prosecutorial mechanism. judicial authorities of some countries that request information about a specific case, we have been doing this for two years. we have some training about what we will do. >> you said you had been investigating khan sheikhoun. >> the idea would be to have sent -- wewe have don't have -- >> many times.
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the security council, the elected members, we ask for the support of everybody. i would like to say that the fact we do not have access, that does not mean we are going -- weh the investigation .alked to medical experts interested,you are i could see where we are. ok? between 6:40 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. airstrikes impacted
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khan sheikhoun. .here was a chemical agent to 100 people. a second round of airstrike impacted the location between 11:00 and 12:00 the same day. facility a medical treating victims of the earlier attack. the commissioning continues -- the commission continues to investigate regarding the release of this nerve agent. conducting, and are
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victims, witnesses, medical experts, collecting and analyzing photos, videos, and other materials which will all be thoroughly vetted for credibility and reliability prior to making our conclusion. the commission does not work in isolation. >> excuse me. i am next. excuse me, professor. speech to the security council --
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>> [inaudible] briefing.ou for the are you saying when you are youstigating -- when investigated the april 4 strikes, have you come to the conclusion that the planes were thrown by this -- flown by the syrian military? by mechanism, you are talking about the general assembly process, yes? not identified which air force. concluded they occurred. -- .s. intelligence >> we are not in a position to reach a conclusion. have -- you are
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not in a position to reveal what you think, but you have an idea? >> we will report this to the human rights council. >> as part of the tumor of the middle east and africa, james aviv and meted tel with his israeli counterpart. they discussed their military and intelligence cooperation and the syrian civil war. this is 20 minutes.


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