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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 23, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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presidential campaign with amy with then and hill newspaper. they are co-authors of the book "shattered" which looks at hillary clinton's failed presidential bid. host: good morning. a new week begins with congress coming back to session after a two week break erie and the president reaching its 100 day mark in office and the looming threat of the possibility of a government shutdown. it is sunday morning. a live look at capitol hill. the president expected to outline his tax plan on wednesday. the house and senate need to reach a spending agreement by friday. house speaker paul ryan telling his gop members yesterday that they won't rust into a 2.0 version of health care. president whothe tweeted that this marker is a
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"ridiculous standard." we want to get your assessment of his achievements. is our line for republicans. .or democrats, (202) 748-8000 if you are an independent, (202) 748-8002. a lot of you are already giving comments are facebook page. we will take your tweets at c-span-wj. thanks for being with us. let's get this headline. the front page of the washington post. a new abc news washington post poll showing 42% of those surveyed approve of the president, 53% disapprove. the headline, "holes at record lows for the approaching 100 day mark." the washington post taking a historical perspective on what this means. the headline, historians say the useless0 days is a
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benchmark. frank when roosevelt talking about the achievements of his young presidency, the first 100 days devoted to spinning the wheels of the new deal. the first 100 days has taken on a life of its own. some tried to gauge the success or failure of the administration by actions conducted in the first few months while others view it as a time for leadership -- leaders to set the tone for the rest of the presidency. what has become apparent is that the first three months say little about a new presidents achievements, let alone his legacy or agenda. according to experts it is simply too short of a time to achieve something lasting and meaningful. and yet on the campaign trail, in gettysburg last fall, candidate trump said this. asking the american people to rise above the noise and the clutter of our broken politics and to embrace with great faith the optimism that has always been the central ingredient in the american character.
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there is nothing better or stronger than the american character. >> [applause] i am asking the american people to dream big once again. what follows is my 100 day action plan to make america great again. it is a contract between donald trump and the american voter. honesty, with bringing accountability, and change to washington, d.c. >> [applause] dayherefore, on the first of my term of office, my administration will immediately pursue the following six measures to clean up the corruption and special interest pollution in washington. first, a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of government --
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all members of congress. >> [applause] second, a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition. exempting military public safety and public health. >> [applause] third, a requirement that for every new federal regulation two existing regulations must be eliminated. regulations are killing our country and our jobs. >> fourth, a five-year ban on white house and congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service. >> [applause] fifth, a lifetime ban on white house officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. >> [applause] >> six, a complete ban on
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foreign lobbyists raising money for american elections. host: candidate trump on the campaign trail, gettysburg, pennsylvania in october last videond is part of our library. you can check it out online anytime at let's go to our facebook page, many of you weighing in on this 100 day marker. here are some of the comments, james redman says "100 days is not a fair judgment in the scope of things. to many things went unattended in the last administration. ." "he has proven to show his limited work ethic, tension for flip-flop attitudes and willingness to hold people hostage is a negotiation tool." darlene says "the media can c-span only show the negative side of everything he does." david has this tweet, send us a
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tweet at c-span the bj. "moving the goalposts as he cannot score victories within his own target." this is a tweet from the president late last week. the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, it has been a lot including sc, the media will kill." that is a reference to the supreme court and the nomination, neil gorsuch. from philadelphia, milton is joining us on the democrats line. is it a fair measure, the first 100 days? caller: thanks for taking my call and good morning. yes it is. said "the first thing, i will get all of these things done." then he said during the swamp. but he put billionaires and people tied to wall street. he is hypocritical.
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everything on president obama and takes no responsibility for his actions. he hasn't gotten anything done except trying executive orders but the republicans have any excuse to excuse this guy. i'm getting sick and tired. in there almost 100 days and what have you done? nothing. thank you. host: thank you. more tweets from bc bennetts, saying "100 days was his alleged -- pledged benchmark. he did nothing but turn our friends into enemies." >> want to know how he is doing in the first 100 days "just look at his polls. 41% approval. that says it all." he says "so far, so good. climate change reversal, rollback of regulations, extending health care for vets and cover on foreign policy."
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the next caller is a friend of the network, joe mccutchen in georgia. let to hear from you again. caller: you are the best. i think in my opinion trump is the best president in history. a pretty powerful statement. he has only been in for 100 days. think the stock market is unbelievable. it is up 12%. the dow stocks since trump was elected, they are up 12%. that shows tremendous confidence from financial people all over the world. you got neil gorsuch in their. -- we are going to stand up there to join him, a great conservative named carol handle from the sixth district of georgia. she is a wonderful person. back to trump. the confidence -- i have been in the stock market for 50 years -- i call aver seen -- lot of talk shows. i have never seen as much
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confidence in anybody as there is in donald j. trump in the financial community. that tells you things are on track. he is going to get tax reform. i would not be surprised if this week he did not get the health care. he would get the tax reform. again.appy days here i have never been so fired up. reagan was my hero but now i think i have to put trump in there. he has appointed highly successful people. stock marketthe for 50 years and i feel so great about the future of the country and my children and grandchildren. i am so fired up i have a hard time sleeping at night. host: thank you joe. we always enjoy hearing from you. the philadelphia inquirer is reporting on where the president will spend his 100th day in office. in harrisburg, pennsylvania. the president holding a rally to mark the 100 days, a.
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-- next saturday evening the president tweeting "i will hold a big rally in pennsylvania. look forward to it. oh the president chose pennsylvania as the backdrop for a major rally acknowledging his his win.s he role in in december he was in hershey, pennsylvania for a rally. the saturday evening is white house correspondents dinner. we will have live coverage of that about 9:00 eastern time. al is joining us am a line for independents. is this a fair measure? caller: thank you for taking my call. i think it is a fair landmark. honest broker,n we should say what he has actually accrued to his own personal bank account.
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i understand, since he has been there, china has given the royalties, i believe. for hotels and such. mexico is the same. how much has he accrued in personal wealth as opposed to helping -- how many jobs came back to pennsylvania? is -- thethat the man american people have a majority with a quiet wait and see, some as he gotdistrust elected by a technicality that the founding fathers never really -- when it was initially written had made sense, but now sort ofrt of -- it makes us pause and wonder. we need to see what mr.
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trump's taxes are and let's be honest on both sides. we still have not and did these coded forx reform is when the rich get richer and the middle-class get a dog biscuit return. you to put upor that one campaign speech where he stood there and said "i am greedy, very very greedy." host: i remember that. thank you for the call. of course, all of the president's speeches as a candidate and now as president are available on our website at a couple of tweets from ll prater. nexting the tone for the four years, my hope is we make it through without being blown to smithereens."
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carol has this. "it never fails when you find out there is so much more happening like a mess around the world. president obama left it for him. the first 100 a countdown has resulted in obamacare victory because his own party wasn't against it. blame democrats of course." talkingtlantic magazine about the looming 100 day marker. on, this is the headline. "out trump fell into his own 100 a trap." the tweet is the latest with of panic marking the 100th day of presidency. another one came on thursday which is the administration mounting a renewed effort to repeal and replace obamacare despite no indication that politics had moved far enough to make the latest push any less catastrophic. trump has been eyeing the mark with dread for some time.
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"e atlantic magazine writes they are not going to make it. he has little to show for the first three months in office." dan joining us from pickering, ohio. on the independent line. good morning. caller: i want to point out that the video you showed of him in gettysburg where he is making all those six things, he has done five out of the six things. the only thing he hasn't done is the constitutional amendment. if congress wants to give the president authority to pass constitutional amendments they can do that but five out of those six things, he said he was going to do, he has already done. i would consider that a success. host: thank you for the call and this is from -- the handle is "photo dude." "100 days is an unrealistic
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standard. it sets the course of the next four years." tommy in oklahoma, and a credit line. -- democrat line. caller: i have a lot of questions i need answered from mr. trump. said he was going to do i amhat he hasn't done -- very disappointed. i didn't vote for the man but it seems like every time something comes up there is a connection to russia or the university or something to better his financial situation. a man who worked for trump university and the guy that he has put in a position in his cabinet is directly related to having -- i think his name was noon as -- i am really amazed at all the people that are in the cabinet and connected to his business dealings at one
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time or another. nothing's ever done or investigated. i would like to know what can be done about a person who seems to be this corrupt. that is in the presidential office. host: tommy from oklahoma, thank you for the call. lou says he is doing a wonderful job under the circumstances that obama left behind. "make america great again." paul ryan contribute into the time magazine top 100 most influential people in the world. donald trump is called the disruptor in chief by the house speaker. he also finds a way to get it done when so many including "me at times didn't know how he can pull it off, donald trump one a historic victory." completely rewrote the rules of politics and set the course of the country. a businessman willing to challenge conventions. he has shaken up washington and lays out his agenda of generational per fortunes --
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proportions, and made it his mission to fight for those who feel forgotten." "where others would turn back he forges ahead. i have found a driven and hands-on leader with the potential to become a truly transformational american figure." that is from paul ryan, available online. >> from pennsylvania, john is next. independent line. is -- thatt 100 days is a fair estimate on what they can get done because of the nature of our politics and our country. you can only do so much. host: still with us? we lost the call. now to eddie in baltimore. good morning. you're next. good morning, eddie. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i am a fan. i just want to comment on his
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first 100 days. he is definitely representing white privilege through the max. anything except what he said he was going to do and that is help the rich and make the poor poorer. if you really want to see his success, look at the bank account of his family and you will really know what happened. he has been extremely successful so that he can benefit his family. good atlso been very destroying obama's legacy as an african-american president. and that is at the same time why -- with all that civil rights in detroit with jeff sessions. who spokepeople earlier, i'm sure some people are jumping for joy because he is doing what they wanted to do. host: another story, the reporting of glenn thrush and maggie have her men at the front
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page of the new york times. trump reaches beyond the west wing for counsel. ." e outer circle eric and donald trump, rupert murdoch, corey lewandowski, newt gingrich, sean hannity tweeting over the weekend that he is not a campaign advisor and his peers including steve ross and carl icahn and paul ryan. robert kraft, who owns the new england patriots and roger stone along with chris christie. a look at the advisors donald trump relies on. from maggieg haverford and glenn thrush this sunday morning. on the democrats line, good morning. we will try one more time. hutch in hawaii, good morning, hutch. and thanks for c-span. i am anxious to see if the president is going to change at all as far as politicians being in office and washington and
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everything changing and their point of view and their business ethics. days ist's first 100 basically not nothing, and sprinted to the 100 days. not bad. a lot of foreign leaders respect the president more than people in this country which is amazing. but it is ok. but you know what? when i call on the president, i call on speaker paul ryan to stop -- of america. banks --lking about all the banks are now doing this again to their customers. overdraftseven dollar , it is really silly.
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america is being squeezed by corporate america and if you want to get this country back on track you have to start with .usiness ethics i think the house and the president have to take a really good look at how their consumers are being robbed blind. god bless. host: thank you very much for the call. if you log on to the washington examiner website front and center, developments over the weekend with regard to the flurry of activity on health care. speaker paul ryan telling house republicans no votes scheduled on health care this week. joining us live on the phone is al reaver -- al weaver who is following the story. thank you for being with us. guest: thanks for having me. host: what is the latest? there has been some indication that this might come to the floor this week. guest: we are not really expecting it this week.
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speaker ryan said that yesterday called for a recess ahead of the weekend. we are not expecting that. we are still trying to iron out the language between tuesday and mark meadows, the freedom caucus. they are working out the language, especially on the central health benefits. we are still waiting to see what that is, exactly. we will see what happens. we are not expecting that this week. i think more likely it will be towards the end of may. i think they are kind of taking their time on this and they don't want a repeat of what happened a month ago. host: but are they moving closer? is this something that will happen as speaker ryan said in the first 200 days of this congress? guest: it definitely has to at some point. obviously time,
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president trump made the pivot saying "we are going to do tax reform and do that from the outset." was told,ms like he "we need the money out of the health care package to do tax reform." so it seems like they've come to the realization that we need to do health care now and we don't have a choice because we can still get some reconciliation and do it with republican votes in the senate. it is still at that stage. we will see if it is something that can pass. we will have to wait and see what the language is exactly. whether it will appeal to centrist moderate republicans and conservatives. >> let's talk about some other deadlines coming up. first and foremost, friday, congress needs to pass a spending bill to avert a government shutdown. >> it remains to be seen.
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the initial talk this past week was that they were going to pass asextension, short-term cr they are doing that with the health care issue but it remains to be seen if that happens, especially now that they are kicking the can a little bit on health care. that is enough to get them time to get the cr or the budget done. it seems like it remains to be seen. what they have been putting in the bill, specifically, they want to talk about money for the border wall. democrats are adamantly opposed to this, obviously. also money drawn from century cities and planned parenthood is always a big issue because republicans always want to insert language and democrats are adamantly against it so it remains be seen what is in their. they will get something through but anything else i think is going to be problematic. host: how likely is it that we
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could see a clean continuous resolution? guest: i'm not sure. that is the million-dollar question now. adamantly wants this funded. this is the promise of the campaign trail, a great big border wall across the u.s. mexico border. that is why a lot of his court voted for him but the problems heruns into in this case are needs democratic senators to get anything through. he can use the republican support in the house but in the senate, he runs into issues. i don't know what you have much choice other than to do a clean cr. host: with regard to tax reform we will get more details on wednesday. the president going to the treasury department across the street from the white house to begin laying out what he calls the framework for conference of tax reform. he says it will be the most significant tax cut by any president. what will this look like and how much support does he have among
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congressional democrats to move ahead on this if any? guest: not much right now. i think everyone is still waiting to see what happens with the health care situation because if they don't get the health care situation done it makes tax reform for medically more different. especially for republicans who are wanting tax reform. paul ryan debated just as much when he gave that a month ago. we're still waiting on the details and usually the devil is in the details. while we are waiting for that, right now, it looks like the end of the year will be more likely, initially. they want it to get done by august. kevin brady really wants -- he said basically, we want it in august but it doesn't really matter. as long as it has 2017
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it doesn't matter and paul ryan said as much. we are waiting for details on that but it depends on what happens with the health care situation. host: al weaver will be following all of this for the washington examiner, available on the website washington thanks for being with us. guest: thanks for having me. host: let's turn back to your tweets. this is from carol wells who says "100 days of lies, corruption and basing the office . couldn't have expected anything else." from thomas "the first 100 days is not a fair measure. it is not around because of severe partisanship." tweet us at c-span wj or share your comments online. from the u.s. news & world report, "trump is right. the 100 days is dumb." he writes the following "setting aside his reflexive media criticism, he is right about the 100 day standard. it is ridiculous.
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i just wish that he would point out this to his own staff whose seeming obsession with it is risking some real-world damage. it dates back to the whirlwind of activity at the start of franklin roosevelt administration. his first term in office. that was in the middle of the great depression. now he just needs a chat with his staff and administration officials seem not unreasonably panicked about the review with the media." the whole essay is available online at u.s. news & world report. in mansfield, ohio, independent line, darrell. good morning. caller: good morning. the media would pay a little more attention to that harris and black box she has been investigating all of this electronic voting for many years and the hidden
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corruption behind shoulder voting is done -- how the voting is done. and i believe they have now perfected their thing so that anybody who runs for a high public office, the republicans can always manipulate it so that they will win. and if you have seen some of her videos about fractional voting and things like that -- i wish the media would really delve into it and find out more information and expose that kind of thing. host: we appreciate your call. let's go to beverly in north carolina, democrats line. caller: good morning. nothing. has done he hasn't excelled in anything except getting that judge where he wanted him to be.
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has failedelse, he and that is why he is not so concerned about the 100 day mark. mr. trump promised a lot things to a lot of people who feel like him. he felt like them because he needed their vote and he is sort of wondering around and doesn't know what to do. mr. trump does not know what to do. as far as any other time, i don't know what will happen to donald trump. he got in because he lied so much to the people. they believed him. it's just like him. god help us in america. an weekly standard, he said the first hundred days are typically a honeymoon through which the political knives remain sharp.
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finding time to both attack trump and blame each other for their study loss. republican freedom caucus servers are finding time to backstab their speaker and defy their president. and of the honeymoon is the piece that weekly on her website at or the program carried live at sirius xm, the potus channel. and if you are listening across a call andive us tell us what you think. we take a look back at the 2016 campaign.
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the republican line. caller: first of all, president trump is a liar. who cares about his tax returns. he's one of us and not a politician. if you want to know who is the liar, it was president obama. foridn't even change life african and black here. president trump has got the charm. he will fix this country because this country was going nowhere. yet on to it. republicans are not even with him.
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god is bigger than anything. it's a shame that some people -- they demonstrate. damage this country. let's get together and give him a chance. the best president. i promise you that. this is what i have to say and i wish him the best. host: with regard to the front page story, this is from john. he will go be on the west wing and listen to the common man and woman for counsel. looking at people donald trump talks to.
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this from our regular tweeter, he has no idea what he's doing. his visit to the walter reed medical center. the medical center is just outside of washington, d.c. had to have his right leg amputated. when i heard about this, i wanted to do it myself. it will show you a short clip. congratulations
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to the entire nation. host: receiving the purple heart at the walter reed medical facility. president going to his hotel at the old post office to have dinner with his wife. first a tweet from michael that says it is only a honeymoon when you elect to politician. it's still not proven that trump is really conservative or even partisan.
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caller: mr. trump promised the world and the can't even deliver a ham sandwich. when he promises everything in the first hundred days and .elivers nothing the previous president over and over starting with the birth certificate to the wiretapping. and doesn't even have anybody on the republican side to stick with him and do any of the legislation that he wants and can't keep his own cabinet , hether on the same page doesn't have anywhere to work or anywhere to take a break. i don't think this man can do anything.
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i'm not a paid demonstrator. i'm not a lobbyist. but i can see straight and i know what he's doing. he's making money for himself and his family. i would like to know where his money is coming from. the first hundred days are the first thousand days, it's beginning to look like trump is a died. obama changed the health care discussion forever. like it or not, we didn't look at it like we do now. o'reilly coming back on the air tomorrow at 7 p.m. eastern time. his website says he's returning with a new podcast. was updated to announce the new podcast one day after his former news show shut
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down for good. after a reported $25 million by the foxnews channel over allegations of sexual and paying out as much as $13 million for five of the lawsuits against the foxnews channel and 21st century. i think that the first hundred days have been an abysmal failure. the lowest approval ratings of any president. the cabinet appointments. internet administration whose only purpose is to disparage president barack obama. field -- failed.
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-- the band has failed. the repeal and replace has failed. taxes, i want to see his medical records. --ry president i believe what is he have a specialist as his primary care physician. i want to see if he's been treated for depression. i want to see the other aspects of his health. host: you know people will pay to watch his podcast.
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no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. next is a photograph of franklin a you'd is benchmark of every subsequent president. interesting to hear what he said in may of 1933. >> three months since i talked to the people of this country about our national problems. during this time, many things of happened. them really of helped the well-being of the average citizen. in the short space of these few months, i'm convinced at least 4 million have been given employment. 40% of those seeking work have found it.
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it does not mean that i am satisfied or that you are satisfied that the work as ended. host: franklin roosevelt reflecting on his months in office. trump's first hundred days and is it a fair measure? does 100 days compared other presidents. he doesn't want to be judged on the same standards. only 28 bills have been signed into law. president sherman in second place with 55 bills. billsent obama signed 11 into law during his first 100 days.
7:42 am
some historical perspective on all of that. >> what happens is, the first thing republicans did was try to eliminate the ethics committee. president trump made them stop that so they couldn't do that. and i just keep watching. what about kennedy? what about clinton? all democrats that did the same thing and worse. i just don't understand.
7:43 am
do is talked to about what each wanted to do before they start coming around and doing things right. to anthonyring weiner who stepped down amid his own sexual tweeting scandal. democrats line. >> the first hundred days is a map showing the way the administration is going to take the country. review, george will has his piece. nevermindoh, president. messages are important, whether delivered by words, missiles, or words about missiles. his retreat is a matter mostly
7:44 am
between him and them. his comments about china not being a currency manipulator, and how he addresses the world will reveal if he's gone from candidate to commander in chief without becoming presidential. democrats line, good morning. i am a proud scientist and just yesterday, over 600 demonstrations across the world demonstrated against this president. i am ashamed of this president. theave just elected, using electoral college, a highly unfit president. and we had a highly qualified president in hillary clinton. i could've been her scientific
7:45 am
advisor had she been elected. the scientists , canrated by barack obama ?ou explain he said i cannot. that donald trump is endangering our country. that.all the never endorsed the president. and the foreign policy newspaper as well. for the first time in history, endorsing a democrat.
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this president is endangering our country. thise a website devoted to . his focus is to keep the government open. it health care still a priority but the spending bill will be the primary focus of the coming week. caller: i want to say this man is brilliant. forgive the first hundred days and give him his first term. that, the country will
7:47 am
want him for the rest of his life. welcome to the conversation. caller: the first hundred days has been a hell of a lot better than the last eight years. ronald reagan completely destroyed the soviet union. clintonbama and hillary have resurrected the soviet union. and they are going to destroy the world. barack obama and hillary clinton helped them do it. richard nixon created the epa. in 1970, the first earth day.
7:48 am
, it was called the march for science. of can watch the coverage the full event at >> they are the two white guys that had nothing else but white privilege. this country is totally divided. you have the republican party. they are all white. they don't want to accept diversity. they are not going to get new jobs. no new jobs for anybody not qualified. probably half of those white people right there. a president that talks too much. he's extremely hypocritical.
7:49 am
you catch him in a lie every five minutes. he says everything he does is the greatest thing there ever was. he talks too much. he has diarrhea of the mouth. he gets himself in trouble and he ignores it. tax reform on happen until we find out what is on his taxes. trump dining out at his hotel. for security reasons, taking the motorcade. he did so again last month. he rinse the property from the
7:50 am
general services administration. caller: trump has been the most youedibly dishonest person can imagine. newspapers from china or anywhere else, they have a broader perspective. and how other nations experienced trump. john, your next. caller: [indiscernible]
7:51 am
host: we're getting a little bit of feedback that we got the essence of what you are saying. he is scrambling to show progress on taxes and health care. on the republican line, good morning. >> i've never been so proud of my president. he's totally wrong what he's saying.
7:52 am
i wish they would give him a chance. kennedy caller about and the rest of these presidents -- donald trump needs to be given a chance. they will be in a lot of trouble with the people of the united states. it will cause a fight between the democrats and the republicans. he's doing a heckuva job. it's making them look bad. i'm proud to say it.
7:53 am
host: calling him the least popular president in modern times with a 42% approval rating. 73% of his base approve of the efforts to keep jobs here. good morning. caller: i have been listening to all the comments and the thing that really strikes me is that our former president wrote a hek in which he said that put out a blunt in his dorm room carpet. come on. at least the country is heading in a new direction.
7:54 am
in my area, it was abysmal that hillary was going to get elected and thank god the electorate put donald trump in place. >> donald trump's own mouth got him in trouble.
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host: inside the doomed to campaign. they will be there. coming up in about 35 minutes. caller: i have a few things. he's a man. everybody is a human being. nobody is perfect on this earth. god put him in there for a reason. he's anointed by christ and he will do the will of god. ezekiel.ika -- read deuteronomy. we are in trouble because of the sins of this country.
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abortion and same-sex marriage goes against the word of god. jesus was the truth and the life of this country. you people that don't know the bible better get your nose and it. i will go to billy in oklahoma. we will try one more time for billy. connie from chicago. caller: i want to talk about your subject matter. hasink that donald trump , his up to his character persona. and a bankrupt character has no idea how to govern.
7:57 am
disappointed in the election but far more disappointed in what was left to sit in the oval office. the rise in the -- what am i trying to say? in the -- oh, jesus. i'm sorry. host: we have a minute. the -- i'm trying to say oh, jesus.
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i'm sorry. i have to call another time. host: the last call is from oklahoma. billy, are you there? billy is not there. this is the story at washington will france survive this election? james mcauley is joining us outside of paris and a correspondent for the washington post. caller: thank you for having me. talking to you from le pen headquarters outside of paris. give us a sense of what you are looking at today. pen is having le her results watch party here in the town.
7:59 am
any kind of industrial rust belt. host: how many candidates are on the ballot and what would require a runoff? caller: it is convoluted at the moment. we're likely to see a runoff if not one candidate can win 50% of the vote or more.
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we are to see a second-round. host: when police officer killed and the shooter was also killed. what impact did it have on the election today? it's an interesting question and one difficult to ascertain any kind of clarity on. the presidential campaign has a hard deadline. there is very little time.


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