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tv   Macron Speech  CSPAN  April 23, 2017 6:36pm-6:59pm EDT

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uniting the french people can only be done on the basis of the love of france. long live the french people, long live the republic and long live france. >> thank you.
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>> there we go. there we go. my fellow countrymen. today, sunday, april 23, the french people have spoken. our country is going through unprecedented times in its terrorism,ked by economic crisis, social suffering, ecological urgency, and the answer is brilliant. the answer was to go and vote massively. the people decided to take me
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onto to the second round of presidential elections. i am humbled by this, this is a tremendous responsibility thrust upon me. i want to take it vantage of this opportunity to present my greetings to all the other candidates. francois fillon, -- jean-luc melenchon and --
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[applause] you all for having applauded all of them now. this is exactly what you should have done, what you are doing, it looks like what we should be doing. those who supported those candidates are very disappointed, they are very disappointed themselves and i should like to thank -- and francois fillon for having already said they will vote for round andsecond called upon their voters to do so as well. since april 2016 many of you have been with me. you have created with me my movement. year we can entirely change the french political situation.
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the deep-seated age old feeling that has always pushed our people forward, the commitment in the country, the collective interest over division, this is what has won tonight. the tremendous energy and determination that thousands of of -- inshown in order order for this to come true. you showed that having hope for the country is not a dream. it is a true manifestation of a deep-seated will.
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tonight, my dear friends, i owe that to you. now.up to you to carry on this determined struggle. never give up, never forget these months during which actually change the face of the country. remain what you have been so far , determined, demanding, your path already beginning tonight. i must go beyond that and bring all the french people together. but i will never be far from you.
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i will always be in need of you. the millions of french when -- french men and women, i should like to say thank you. >> i want to say i know precisely what task lies ahead and i ponder the path -- path ahead very seriously. this has opened the door to optimism, to a new paths for hope, to europe, for the year -- for the world.
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to my own i say thank you. to all those who are here and no longer here. .ne never does anything well bridget. family, to always present and even more so without her, i wouldn't have gone far. henceforth my friends, it is up to me now to rally our people together even more.
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starting tomorrow, already we do what we can to make sure that 15 days from now we believe in a position to run the country. over the past few months i have heard, and even today i have heard people expressing doubt and the fear of the people of france, the fact they want to change so badly, and this is why tonight the two major parties that had been governing france for over 30 years had been discarded. i wish to speak to all of the citizens of france, of the friends here on the european
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continent. i know what your expectations are. i wish to weeks from now to become your president. the president of all the people of france. with the threat of nationalism. a president who protects, who transforms, who builds. a president who makes it possible for those who wish to create, to innovate, to reform, to start a new things, to do so more easily and more rapidly. a president who helped those who
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have less, who are more fragile or who have been upset by life, -- by life,cation work, education, opportunity. expectations,our your expectations changed for democracy, for ecological and in order tonge build a future of a stronger france in a year that is protecting europe. i need your trust. i shall endeavor my dear fellow countrymen in the two weeks ahead to make sure that together we can bring as many people
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together rallying around my candidacy. willtrength of that rally be essential to the side and to governor -- and to govern. challenge starting tonight is not to vote against somebody, the challenge is going to be to away away to the very end from a system that has been capable from answering the .roblems upsetting this country the challenge is to start writing a new page in the political history of our country and to make sure that everyone with justice and efficiency will be able to play the role that is theirs in france and europe.
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that is our challenge. that is why my fellow countrymen -- to undertake a new transformation. it will be made up of new faces, .ew talents everyone will find a role to be in it. those who come and join me, where do you come from? agree with me. the only thing i want is that with me toad liberate work, to have a new schooling system to make it possible for everybody to move forward in the society. and to relaunch european construction. that is the only thing i will be
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asking from them. take already starting tonight, you must take to come with me and start joining me in the parliamentary majority is that i'm starting to put together already. my dear fellow frenchman and women. -- you've done it. nothing was written in advance.
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you are the new face of french hope. the new face 15 days from now. i want to see triumphant. >> my fellow citizens, there are not many france's, there is only one. in europe that protects her citizens and that we are going to have to rebuild, it is a huge task ahead of us, but i am ready for it. i am already side-by-side with you. the struggle to be worthy to
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lead our country begins tonight, and we shall win it. long live the republic, long live france. >> we are indeed actually going to crowd -- to cross to francois fillon who is speaking. >> i would like to think all those who voted for me and supported me. i would like to express my recognition, my gratitude. on the occasion of the legislative elections, they will have another opportunity to express the views of the right and center. it don't disperse your votes, remain united. we must choose what is preferable for our country in
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the next round. i will not make any recommendation where likely. i do not believe in abstention, especially when it am extremist party -- when an extremist party is close. its program is economic and social program would lead the country to failure, to bankruptcy. and to this chaos we would have to and the european chaos with an exit from the eurozone. extremism cannot bring anything other than division to france. i shall therefore vote in favor of -- believe it is my duty to say so frankly to you, now it is up to you in your conscience to
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reflect on what you think is best for you, your country and your children. my dream for my children is they should be of a to live in a free country that is proud of its values, a country that has gotten rid of the fear of all the a country where promises of our republican service can be realized. that was my ambition, my project, and my dream. this dream is with each of you. the future of france is in your hands. i trust you. at this moment i would allow myself to say i have -- i am proud to have been one of you, a french citizen who loves his loves hisd who always country. long live france and long live the republic.
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>> karen harper royal at georgetown university's slave sale dedication. --naming these buildings for is the beginning of our journey ofether for the healing georgetown's legacy of slavery. >> pennsylvania conquer spend -- pennsylvania congressman holding a town hall meeting. >> we have moved the needle on this discussion. it used to be no way no how on anything like the aca. now it's, let's make it work. competitive enterprise institute on science and public policy. >> to the extent it is possible, scientific research said similarly -- research should similarly be -- you will not find climates in particular being a faction ridden orthodoxy and forcing
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political movement, but rather request for knowledge. >> the objectives are simplified personal taxes. they make our business taxes competitive. >> former ambassador to afghanistan to >> clearly we have to work with the afghans to stabilize the situation against a taliban onslaught. and then moving ahead with a political process is going to have to include pakistan. >> jeff sessions on transnational crime organizations. >> if you are a gang member we will find you. networks,vastate your we will starve your revenue sources, the plate your ranks and sees your profits. we will not concede a single block or streetcorner to your
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>> i love the bell ringers. i use it in conjunction with activity we are doing that day. >> it's fabulous. my students use it regularly and in fact right now they are working on clipping videos and that they canns design and turn into their own bell ringers. >> my favorite aspect is the deliberations page. readyperfect with set up, to go classroom deliberation, classroom discussion on a variety of topics that are current and relevant. >> if you are a middle or high school teacher, join thousands of your fellow teachers across the nation. it is free and easy to register. time to request a free classroom find out more about it
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at >> a behind the scenes look at the clinton presidential campaign. at eight, q and a with david mccullough. british prime minister theresa may takes questions from the house of commons. >> this book, inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign. the co-author's jonathan allen. thank you for being with us. that -- to write this was on her. amie parnes? guest: this quote is from our book at the end of a chapter where


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