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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 24, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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♪ t's "washington journal." former president obama will make an appearance at a town hall style event in chicago. you can see that live at noon, and go to for more information on the event. a busy week expected for president trump, with the potential of a tax plan being continued work to get $1.4 billion for the construction of a wall on the southern border into a spending bill, which if not pass could result of a partial shutdown of government starting as the president hits his 100th day in office. democrats are poised to resist the addition, and some
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republicans are hesitant for a shutdown. not only thehour, inclusion of funds for the construction of the wall along the southern border, but also if it's worth shutting down the government over the funds. you can let us know this morning by calling up the republican, lines.t, or independent if you want to tweak your thoughts this morning, you can wj.ou can do so @c-span edition of money in a spending bill that has to be passed to keep a shutdown, here is the "wall street journal" headline, "border wall push muddies talks." in the interior section of
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the paper this morning where the story talks about the funding and how democrats and republicans are viewing this request from the white house, saying the president added he would continue to ask mexico to pay for the project, another bold proclamation he made during the campaign. he says he will press congress to "get started early on the badly needed border wall." it remained unclear sunday whether moderates with in the gop could persuade the white house to avoid a shutdown. democrats insist they will not broker any spending bill that begins construction on a border barrier. they believe the gop will have to abandon the demand or assume the political responsibility if a shutdown occurs. there's more on this story about fundsnitial request for to construct the border wall, about $1 billion. we want to get your thoughts on not only that, but also if it is worth shutting down government over.
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president trump tweeting about this topic this weekend, as he does, on twitter, saying that "mexico will be paying for the badly needed border wall." that's one to ease that some are reacting to. it was on the sunday shows where the budget director mick mulvaney appeared to talk about the request for funds for this border wall and its inclusion in the spending bill. hears mick mulvaney from yesterday. >> we want our priorities funded, and one of the biggest priorities during the campaign was border security, giving americans safe, and part of that was a border wall. i don't understand why the democrats are so wholeheartedly against it. they voted against it in 2006, senator schumer voted for it, and i don't understand why
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democrats are now playing politics just because donald trump is an office. >> i want to ask you a direct question, sir. will he signed a government funding bill that does not include funding for the border wall? >> i think he saw his answer with your lead and, which is we don't know yet. we are asking for our priorities, and we are offering to give democrats some of their priorities as well. they have made it clear that they want these cost-sharing reduction payments. we don't like those very much, but we have offered to open the discussions, to give democrat something they want to get something we want. host: the "washington post" goes into what he was saying about, that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have rejected the offer. a dollar for dollar match for wall funding and federal health care payments, negotiator wants the stopgap to keep government open by keeping spending flat, including money to keep the aca going. the president is hoping to open
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it up for negotiation in exchange for wall money. let's start with troy in nashville, tennessee, republican. troy, good morning. what you think? caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. if there is a government shutdown it is because the democrats are the party of no, dennis anyone thinks that c-span is independent, they need to see you are saying the shutdown will happen because of the border wall. that is total propaganda and that is the talking point that will be pushed. everyone who voted for trump is not listening to that. host: you just heard mick mulvaney saying it was a priority. caller: will obviously it's a priority, but democrats are becoming the party of no and they are going to be the ones who shut down the government, but because of the so-called free press being on their side, everyone who glances at the headline is going to say, oh, it's because of the border wall. but everyone who voted for trump knows what's going on.
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host: sam is up next from rockville, maryland. independent. go-ahead. caller: here's a thought. president trump is supposed to be worth $10 billion, and i think if he came out and said i am going to put $500 million of my own money as a down payment towards the building of this wall and invite other such will be people to put a little bit, that might be something others could say, hey, he is willing to put his actual, real money where his mouth is, and that would perhaps be a big win for him. host: as far as funding for the wall itself, it sounds like you are not in support of it. why is that? caller: in terms of what? host: as far as the request for the white house for funding of the wall. it sounds like you are not in support of it. caller: i would be in support of it to some extent, but my point is if he was really willing -- do we actually have a lot of his
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support? the point of the matter is, if it was some of his own resources to support it, that would go a long way and having people say, hey, ok, he's up for it. host: aside from that, you think taxpayer money shouldn't be used? caller: well it would be a start to make the suggestion. i think he said it would be about $1 billion? host: 1.4 billion to start, yes. caller: a third of it coming from him, that would be great. host: let's go to mark, philadelphia, pennsylvania, democrat. hi. caller: good morning, thanks for taking my call. yeah, i think this is pretty ridiculous. to shut down the government over this wall funding. the thing i just want to comment on, i thought he was going to create all these jobs. forget repeal and replace, because it is going nowhere. forget tax reform, it's going nowhere. go right to infrastructure,
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that's what i would do. here in pennsylvania, do we care about a border wall? get real here. host: what is it about the border wall you don't care for? caller: first of all, the history of humankind is the move from a place where you can't make a living to move for you can make a living. in other words, what i'm saying is nothing is going to stop these people if they stay in mexico or guatemala, honduras, wherever. are they going to starve to death? they will come here no matter what, they will just find another way, and i don't think this is going to work. host: dean from north carolina, democrat. you are next, high. . dean from north carolina is gone, let's go to tom in front royal, virginia. independent. caller: yes. said, why would you build the wall? goinge anybody who is now
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to make a living is going to make it no matter what. people are actually moving back to mexico because of the situation. host: so you are saying the wall overall is not necessary? caller: i'm saying the wall is stupid. people,y about arrogant white americans who don't even work for a living. they don't work. host: that's tom's thoughts. this inclusion of money for a border wall, the topic of discussion as the budget needs to be passed. in order to keep the government open. getting your thoughts on that. the editors of "the washington post" tackled this topic with the headline "congress must make
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a deal to avoid to shut down." -- "republicans do not have the necessary votes to pass any spending bill in the senate, which gives the democrats leverage, despite their minority status in both houses. it would be crazy to capitulate, not only because of the politics, but as a policy matter the wall is a foolish and wasteful enterprise, whose legitimate purposes of stopping unauthorized immigration could be achieved at a far lower cost through other means. in the unlikely event that this enterprise should ever get completed, it would stand as a monument to the xenophobia of mr. trump had to get elected. the sooner he could be forced to abandon it, the better." democrats taking to sunday shows to talk about this matter and the inclusion of the request of the white house. one was senator dick durbin on "state of the union," asked by the moderator if senate democrats prepared to shutdown the government. >> the democrats, the house, and
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the senate are ready to work and cooperate with republicans to keep our government open, but we told the president and the republicans weeks ago, don't try any political stunts, don't put any poison pills into this process. let's just do the responsible, important work of funding this government. we know what this wall is all about. this is a promise made by the president during his campaign, and don't you remember, the mexicans were going to pay for it? now we know it will cost $20 billion to $70 billion, and as we have said, we have democrats and republicans all along the border opposing the idea. ofs a political stunt, an session for the president that should not shut down the government. >> it should not shut down the government. you are calling it a political stunt. the white house and president is calling it something that has to be in the spending bill. so what do you think happens at the end of the day? it sounds like a standoff that could end up in a potential
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government shutdown. >> i hope the president will back off. to think that he would consider shutting down the government of the united states of america over this outlandish proposal of a order wall which we can't even pay for at this point, and is opposed by democrats and republicans all along the border, that would be the height of irresponsibility. he would not want that to define his first 100 days. host: we will hear next from john in texas, independent. caller: yes, dick durbin is 100% correct. no republicans in the border states want this wall built. $500 million from the cleanup of, i think it's lake upe, there's a there in the north they are
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trying to clean up, it will take $500 million out of that to build this stupid wall. it's crazy. i am one of the republicans, if they shut down the government, it will cause the stock market to go down 1000 points. that are not shut it down. -- better not shut it down. host: tom up next, fort lauderdale, republican. caller: good morning. well, if walls don't work, why don't we take down the wall they have at san diego and the mexican border? you don't hear any democrats waiting for that. but walls don't work, so why do we maintain that wall? this is the most hypocritical thing -- this is all about
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politics. this is about the spanish vote, the hispanic vote. it's not about anything else. the border patrol, texas governor, they want the wall to begin down in texas. so if there is somebody down in texas, put them on the screen. let's hear from those people. looks like you continue this false lie about states not wanting the wall. they want to protect their citizens. that's probably 10 minutes in the medicare field. wall, and in the many ways we can't afford not to build the wall. been -- wets have would have our immigration reform today if the democrats illegal agreed that immigration would stop, and they
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would have had everything else in immigration reform. so if the hispanics think the democrats are their friend, think about these past eight years and how far everything would have gone if they had just agreed to to eliminate illegal immigration. host: let's go next to doris in warren, michigan, democrat. hello, doris. caller: hello. my tax dollars should not be taken to pay for this wall of hate. trump and his republican supporters -- they have the names, they know who these people are. collect the taxes from the wall for them? the majority of american people did not vote for trump. we did not vote for the wall. he said that mexico is going to pay for it. he lied, didn't he? just say he lied.
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the american people should not be made to pay for it unless the republicans who voted for trump want to pay for themselves. but that's $30 billion to complete their wall of eight. no. my tax dollars should not go for that. thank you. caller host: the p research center looked at the idea of paying for the border wall. americans saysst they continue to oppose it, saying that percentage of those who say building a wall along the border with mexico, 62% of those polled opposed it, 35% in favor. a percentage of those who say the unitedtely states or mexico would pay the wall, 70% of those polled say it would be the united states, 16% said it would be mexico.
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that poll was done in february. $1.4 billion is the initial request from the white house for the construction of the wall being put into a spending bill that has to be voted on to keep the government open. i'm getting your thoughts on that. you can tweet us @c-spanwj and post on facebook at this is randy, chicago heights, illinois. caller: good morning. thatan a segment last week a lot of people had a great idea. i guess i'm a little border wall, but before we built this will, i would love to see them, president trump, to sign an executive order for all businesses, people that sell homes, people that rent homes --
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if they do not rent or sell homes or higher anymore illegal immigrants, that would be the solution, i believe, for this america. because if you don't, they have no place to live or place to work, so why would they even come over here anymore like that? maybe a little bit against the wall, but i would say that president trump sign that executive order for all these businesses, and they can't even work here no more, live here no more, rent here no more, or buy homes no more, or even get a job anywhere. host: so randy, when you say you are a little bit against the wall, can you expand on that and specifically why, aside from the points you have already made? caller: well, because i think trump is backpedaling on it, saying that he started as mexico definitely paying for the wall.
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i'm getting a little hesitant about that, you know, and like that lady said, my taxes don't go for that. i would rather my taxes help i believe that the wall wouldn't help as much as what i said before. you had a segment on this before last week, and a lot of people said the same thing i'm saying, i think that's a great idea for president trump. host: ok. that's randy. on twitter says "the president clearly stated mexico would pay for the wall, so now to threaten a government shutdown over it is ridiculous." when a caller brought up the topic of executive orders, several are on tap for this week. hes is politico reporting will find a series of executive orders looking at offshore drilling, cyber security, veterans affairs, and agriculture. they come right up to the president's 100th day in office.
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stepsre marks the first toward expanding oil and gas drilling in waters off the west coast. the order will call for "a review of the location" of oil and gas exploration and regulations governing it. former president barack obama put large portions of the arctic and dozens of underwater canyons permanently off-limits in his final weeks in office. ithis administration would open it up to oil exploration in the coming years. again, that's the executive order. at least one of them for this week. the previous president, barack obama, expects to make a town hall type appearance today in chicago, at the university of chicago. you can see it live at 12 eastern. monitor, courtesy of our c-span radio app. rishaad is next and washington,
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d.c., republican. caller: hello, good morning. host: good morning. caller: i think the border wall right now is a priority. i heard someone say earlier -- people are on trump's side, however i do agree -- i don't agree this is the time to work on it. host: why not now? caller: now is a very difficult time to try and pass health care , which he struggled with. i also agree with trump isthat standpoint, and he focusing on taxes as well and he is having a difficult time getting those through. to initiating anything else in the that would make it difficult to get done. host: being in the washington, d.c. area, i know you have probably heard at least the topic of shutdowns over the you think a shutdown will actually happen ? caller: it has happened before. i am a member of the military,
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and i remember a few years ago it got shut down over a disagreement between the parties. if it has to happen for a day or two, and i believe that's what's necessary to get what everyone needs. but i think in those moments of shutdown, people really start to come to a compromise and conclusions about what needs to happen. takes"the new york times" a look at the idea of the potential shutdown over many things, including the funding for the border wall. they add in the last paragraph an analysis saying that "there is an escape hatch, at least temporarily, that the senate returning monday and the house on tuesday, congressional leaders might give themselves breathing room. they could pass a short-term spending bill that would keep the government open in the interim, perhaps another week, while a longer-term measures finalized." the things one of they will take up his the nomination of the agriculture secretary.
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stay close to c-span for more on that activity. the. it is back after their recess. the house comes in tomorrow for the business of the week. chris is next, joining us from washington state, democrat. caller: hi. i think one of the things that is missing is some of the facts in this situation, and what the ramifications are. first of all, this country has a history of this. it started with everybody hating the irish, because they were responsible for all the ills of the country. the fact is, we are not the only people that mexico can trade with. china just signed a deal, opening an auto plant in mexico. mexico has currently started bilateral discussions with both brazil and argentina about buying their corn.
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if anything goes sideways they will walk away from buying our corn. they are also talking about selling their sugar. the reality is more mexicans have left in the last four years and have come across. another point is mexico has been very cooperative in terms of trying to block central americans in coming through mexico. they have cooperated with us on the terrorist list. it's anybody who's on our terror list. that has flown into mexico that is all going to go by the wayside. there may be a lot more downsides than there are ups for us with this border. just the ill will that is being raised in mexico, their congress, one person after another introducing bills that will punish our economy. men of that is being discussed at all. host: glory from oregon -- lori
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from oregon, independent. caller: hello? host: you are on, go ahead. caller: yes, i would like to know, in oregon we do a lot of crop up here, and i know a lot of people come up to do the work. do you know how many of us oregonian way people will get out and do that hard work in the sun? a lot of people don't want to do that type of work, being paid minimal, i know because i did it. i and thankful for those people that are willing to come up, legally, yes, they should do it legally, but how else are you going to get our crops? host: what is your thinking on this funding request by the white house for a border wall, specifically on the wall itself? people i think the
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should come in legally, i think they should be able to come in, only if they can come in legally and provide for their families and then go back home where they can take that money back and help their own family. that's what i think. host: a couple thoughts on facebook. this is susan shirley saying "no funding should go to that wall. few people want it and no one with any experience believes it will have any impact. the only thing i want to find less than that wall is the president's personal trips on taxpayer money to." stay at his own resorts oh " shut down the government until they change their minds." 300 responses on facebook this morning. if you want to add your thoughts of the conversation,, and twitter @c-spanwj. and the phone lines.
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on our republican line from florida, glenn, good morning. caller: hi. the u.s. will lose thousands of square miles to mexico if the y build this will, in some are republicans, but i did not vote for trump because i knew he would betray us. he has betrayed everyone who voted for him. he is going to give everything away to everybody else but the trump initiative, so please don't be beguiled by this man. he is only in it for trump and his family. host: as far as the wall itself, is this something you were always against? caller: the wall is a dumb idea. it's a really stupid idea. it has always been a stupid idea. how many square miles do they need to build it? how many miles from the rio grande in texas, inland from their, do they have to build it?
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this is taking away united states property. it's really a dumb idea. to people on the border, they either love it or they hate it. the ones who hated are the ones who live to close to the rio grande, because they thought it was a good idea to live near a river. now they are going to be -- their land is going to be taken away from them by their own government, and literally given to mexico. is not a good idea. host: gary from arizona, democrat. remember thate mexico is not palestine, it's not shooting mortars at us. they are our neighbor and trading partner, in we should have more respect for that t.untry and show i osing them twitter, "cl federal government every you years keeps the fear."
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you can make your thoughts known at @c-spanwj. judy in colorado. caller: i am against the border wall, but i am not too worried about it being a reality, just because i don't think logistically -- it will be one of those things where they want to pass a muslim ban, but you technically can do that because it's unconstitutional. i think there are problems with it that even if we get funding for it, is just not going to follow through. those are just some of the other things that donald trump has tried to do, he's just wasting time. host: when you say there are problems, specifically what are you talking about? what problems do you foresee? caller: people protesting, like if they get their land -- if they have to get permits, they will run another persons land.
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also some of the structures along the border aren't really suited for a while, like there will be problems with wildlife. i feel like there are going to be enough problems, legal problems, that will persist. host: one of the people that gave their comments on sunday on this topic was florida senator marco rubio on cbs's "face the nation," asked about the construction of the border wall in the funding request from the white house. >> the fight from the white house perspective is over funding for the border wall. is that an issue worth fighting over right now? is a government shutdown possible? >> well, first of all, we are just trying to finish out the current budget year, and i think that's a fight worth having and a debate worth having for 2018. if we can do some of that now, it would be great, but we cannot shut down the government right now. we have a potential crisis with
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north korea, we have seen the ongoing crisis in syria, we don't know what the outcome of the french election would be, but that could potentially throw the european union and nato alliance into consternation. the last thing we can afford is to send a message to the world that the united states government is only partially functioning. that would have catastrophic impact, and certainly very destabilizing, on global affairs. we should keep that in mind going into this week. host: again, if you are just joining us, a request from the white house attached to the spending bill that has to be signed to give the government open, $1.4 billion for the construction of a wall along the southern border. we are getting your thoughts on it. a couple other events happening this week, including meetings with the president. "the new york times" said some of the members of the un security council will be meeting with the president, saying that
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the diplomats are members, an eclectic mix of friends, rivals, and skeptics. their guide is outspoken envoy nikki haley. lunch guests will include envoys from russia and china, arguably the most critical to the russian administration. -- to the trump administration. several diplomats are likely to raise the palestinian conflict, even though ms. haley has tried describing. has the bigger threat -- describing iran is the bigger threat. this is the first opportunity behind closed doors to gauge mr. trump's actual approach to the united nations. "the new york times" is where you will find that story. we go next to butler, indiana. walter. caller: thanks for taking my call. the question about this is like kabuki theater.
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the idea of shutting down the government over $1.5 billion for a wall with $1 trillion in spending, it has nothing to do with each other. we always have the fracturing parties, the republicans scream and stomp their feet, the democrats do that. shutting down the government would be a wonderful idea, because then they would stop spending our money, but since that is not going to happen, here's the question. if you ask people, should the united states has sovereign borders, should we follow the fourth amendment of the constitution, if we say yes, then you have a toolbox, and the toolbox has many different things in it. drones, electric fencing, police, dogs, intelligence, spy planes, on and on. but the bottom line is if we have doors and locks on our home, we use that for our own individual lives. same for the borders. it doesn't necessarily have to be one thing or another, it can
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be a little bit of everything. the idea of securing the borders is fundamental, because there has never been a country on the face of the earth that has ever thrived without secure borders. i think it has to be seen that way, rather than the whole world coming to an end because of $1.5 billion. we spend that on research of animals, and it's ridiculous. the bottom line is that democrats will stop their feet when they are not in power, and then americans sit there and say nobody is caring for us. i think if you give donald trump a chance, the greatest thing you has done so far is has nominated a supreme court and got a supreme court justice. he's going to use the constitution as a roadmap so i think we will be good to go and everyone has to take a breath and instead of protesting they should cut their grass and become productive citizens. host: ok, that's walter. franklin says the taxpayers should not be asked to pay for mr. trump's wall, that he and his supporters should pay for
7:35 am
the wall. rebekah stoner saying they don't need a single vote from democrats to keep the government open. from "the wall street journal," taking a look at the latest when it comes to concerns over the insurance industry, especially as republicans are trying to pass legislation to make changes to the affordable care act. what states are doing to shore up insurance markets. minnesotalahoma, and have passed bills that aim to blunt insurers to cover people who buy individual insurgents and that require expensive treatments. the measure would allow insurers to unload some of the expense of these claims on to state programs, typically using a version of reinsurance that would last through its own set they wouldthat, limit rate increases and keep individual insurance market functioning.
7:36 am
that's from "the wall street journal." we will hear next from beverly in washington, d.c. democrat. caller: good morning. my suggestion is not to make the wall, instead of maybe just have a very large fish pond and what those folks go through the pond and do fishing and teach them theto build homes and money that would be spent in making that wall, and when people do come over, to just train those people to work, to farm, to build orchards in their own homes, and have love and give them a condo, and don't be using a wall. host: aside from your suggestion, why not a wall? why do you think it is not effective? why do you think a wallace not effective? remember thest man ors the lord, and no
7:37 am
person should stop people from going places on this earth, and when people are here, teach them -- to farm, build orchards host: gotcha. wendell, republican. caller: good morning. host: morning. caller: i left this country, and lost americans do, and a wal isn't necessarily anything against mexico, it is pro-american to keep americans safe and to stop 9 million that the taxpayers have to pay for for schools and hospitals and everything else. it is common sense. you have to do something to control the border. we don't have that problem on the northern border. we have a northern border, we don't have that kind of problem. the southern border isn't
7:38 am
necessarily mexico anyway, it is other south american countries that we have proven over the years we cannot control. something has to be done to control it, and i think we ought to open up more legal immigration and work with people to get immigrants in this country, because we do need them, but we don't need criminals coming in here which they have been. host: so wendell, what do you think about a potential shutdown over this topic? caller: you know, this shutdown, that's a joke. here we have $20 trillion in debt and the newspapers like "the new york times" and "the washington post" are having a set instead of saying, why don't we start balancing the budget, why don't we start working on our debt? we are worried about a shutdown, i am not worried about a shutdown. shutdown will defect me at all. 90% of the american people wouldn't either. i tell you who it wouldn't
7:39 am
the people who work with our congress, who steal our money and put in programs that don't work. that's what it's all about. host: jim his next, clarksburg, west virginia, democrat. caller: good morning. host: you are on, go ahead. caller: i thought of the perfect idea. president trump and his supporters could build a wall using toothpicks, and i even thought of a little song. ♪m make toothpicks great again ♪ host: ok. dorothy, arkansas, independent. , it's nottah important to build a wall, but president trump needs to set priorities, and health care is number one. until he resolves health care, american people do not need to
7:40 am
suffer, and he does not need to build a wall. it is not worth any kind of government shutdown. this is nothing but politics and gameplay. gets seriousump and runs a serious presidential administration. he's got too much junk going on. host: let me take your thoughts, you said the wall is not needed. tell us why. caller: it is not needed because when people are ready to come from country to country, all they have to do is vet them and see if they are worth being here, and they don't need any wall keeping them out. the earth is the lord, you don't need a wall trying to keep people out. host: that was dorothy talking events, the first run of a presidential election that took place yesterday in france, the results are in. its emmanuel macron -- it is emmanuel macron, favored to win the french presidency after topping the first round vote.
7:41 am
he faces his biggest challenge yet as he takes on the far right rival, marine le pen. according to the complete count, 44% toron beat le pen 22% in the first round. they will face off in a decisive second round. it was a huge triumph for mr. macron, who has never been elected to public office, and was virtually unknown before becoming the economy minister three years ago. he only founded his political movement late last year and is expected to beat marine le pen in the second round as voters from the left and right rally to prevent the national front leader from becoming president. both of those candidates took the cameras yesterday to talk about their campaigns, what the results were, and where they go from here over the next two weeks. we will hear from both of them. this is translated to english. we will start with marine le pen, and then emmanuel macron. >> this is an historical result.
7:42 am
from now on, i have an immense responsibility, that of defending the french nation, its unity, it security, its culture, its prosperity and independence. it is also an active french pride. down,le that won't bow the conscience its, value or future. all the french people know that the system has tried by any means to choke the political election round. finally that big debate will indeed take place. >> the challenge, starting tonight, is not to vote against somebody. be toallenge is going to end, they to the very
7:43 am
way from a system that has been incapable of answering the problems and setting this country for more than 30 years already. challenge is therefore to start writing a hopeful new page in the history of our country, to make sure that everyone with justice and will efficiency will be able to play the role that is theirs, in france and in europe. that is our challenge. host: those are the candidates from the two people who emerged from yesterday's round of elections in france. france 24 reporting, the "new york times" adding it is the first time in the nearly 59 year history of france's fifth republic that most of the final candidates are from outside the traditional left/right party structure. together they drew less than half the votes cast.
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carl is up next, chicago, illinois. hi. caller: how are you doing, pedro? the wall is not a necessity. for republican people watching this morning, the wall is no more than a talking point. most people that are here illegally never crossed the southern border. as far as shutting down the government, we haven't had a budget released since nancy pelosi was the speaker, which explains the world -- when the republicans have power, they do not want to work to have a budget. a government shutdown is a concept that they have had to keep democrats from doing something, but we haven't had a budget since nancy pelosi. yount you to know that so stop being misled in thinking that, it's all the democrats.
7:45 am
they control the congress. you have the ability to write a budget. this is going to be coming up anyway. so far, this new congress has done nothing on the budget. this week, what would republicans work on? , why haven't they done anything on it? not only that, we have other things -- we have a debt ceiling coming up. they haven't talked about that. all they are talking about is, oh, we are going to have tax cuts, and they have had tax cuts before, it didn't increase the gdp, it didn't increase wages. the tax cuts don't work. republicans need to start evaluating what their policies actually do. host: ok, let's hear from russell, kentucky, republican. caller: yes, how are you, pedro? host: i'm fine. your next. caller: why can't they build a
7:46 am
ate and federal penitentiary together a mile west of the mexican border and have people in the army, getting out of the army that still want to work, and have them run it and work there and take the people that get time for bringing drugs and murder and whatever other across the border and have them work building the wall, pay then six cents per day like they do when you go to penitentiary. people, the army soldiers work them and watch over them. host: so russell, do you agree with the president as far as what he wants to do with a small? caller: yeah, but i don't know
7:47 am
how we are going to pay for it, unless they build a penitentiary way out there, and then take the people that is getting time and make them work on the wall. host: so you are saying the taxpayer funds currently shouldn't be used for it? caller: i don't think it should be but i maybe wrong. host: jewel is next in columbus, indiana, democrat. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: ok. i just wanted to comment, that if you look at history, if you look at people in the united states, who have pieces of that as a keepsake, the chinese wall is a tourist site, why can't we think about what history has proven? has trump even organized experts to see how feasible it is? willse somebody gets hurt,
7:48 am
we be liable for their medical bills? all these questions, i think that is what trump has, he acts without thought. i think there is more to it then throwing up a wall. host: you mentioned these other walls and what history has said. what do you think the history of our current southern border wall is going to the? how would you describe that? caller: i think it will be a trump memorial in decades to come, just like some of his other buildings across america and hotels and everything else. i just don't see it is going to solve the problem. myself being unable to speak the language, figuring out a way to get here, finding a job, doing these things, people are ingenious, they figure out ways. in the meantime, our government
7:49 am
is going to shut down over it, and is just ridiculous. i think it is too reactive and not well thought out. there may be other suggestions that other colors mentioned that would go better. host: ok. the thoughts of the house minority leader, nancy pelosi, asked about the idea of the potential shutdown over funding for a southern wall. she was on "meet the press." >> the democrats do not support the wall. i think the republicans on the border states do not support the wall. the republicans have the votes in the house and the senate and the white house to keep government open. the burden to keep it open is on the republicans. the wall is, in my view, expensive, unwise, and what the president says -- i promised the wall, i don't think he said he was going to pass audience of dollars of cost on to the taxpayers. host: patrick from louisville,
7:50 am
kentucky, independent. caller: yes, thank you. the wall is ridiculous. spent onion could be fixing the pipelines in the flint water system. you also have to think about like the one person said earlier , how was it going to affect the ecosystem? most of them will come by air, go around the border. they don't even really jump it. it's just ridiculous. thank you. times"he "washington takes a look at north korea as a topic as a visiting professor is detained by the north korean government. city officials told the associated press that the american professor was attempting to board a flight to china at the time of his apprehension. "we are aware of reports that u.s. citizen was detained," the
7:51 am
state department official said. "american diplomats are currently working back channels through the swedish embassy to negotiate a release." this comes as the white house -- the aircraft carrier battle group had its mission in the pacific extended by 30 days to give it time to deploy to international waters off the korean peninsula. joel is next, mississippi, republican. caller: good morning. listen, i have been paying close attention. are think that the walls being built around our universities with that free speech thing. we are spending my tax money protecting sanctuary cities, we are spending my tax money giving to students so they can go to
7:52 am
school so they can protest what is guaranteed, the freedom of speech. the wall, we have laws on the books that will take care of the wall if we would use those laws. built, but already it is written down. let's just do that part and sold the college and university think. host: what current law would take care of the wall as you said? caller: ok. we have laws where people cannot enter this country illegally. let's just check them at the border, turn them around, not let them come in. yes, they can come into this country, i'm not saying don't come, i'm saying come legally, and when you come here, do your work, join in with us.
7:53 am
someone whor is comes in temporarily and that is what these people are supposed to be doing, they come in and work and go back. the initialfar as request from the white house for $1.4 billion, you would want to see that happen? don't want to see my tax money spent on things that already exist. we have an ink law, laws that are written, and that is what we need to follow. i want to see my tax money stopped going to universities that will refuse to let people have freedom of speech. host: the topic of sanctuary cities, the topic of the story this morning, specifically when it comes to the justice department. trump targeting sanctuary zones. "the entire state of california is being targeted, new york, philadelphia, milwaukee, are on the radar too.
7:54 am
cook county in illinois. in letters to each of the nine jurisdictions, the justice department says they found documents when they applied for assistance grant money, saying they complied with a section a federal law that demands cooperation when immigration agents ask for it." the story goes on to say they don't detail punishment, but mr. trump has repeatedly said sanctuary cities could lose millions of dollars in federal grants if they refuse to cooperate on deportation. the nine sanctuaries targeted were singled out by the justice department. shawn, democrat. caller: good morning, pedro. i think a physical wall is needed because we already have such a huge invisible wall. we have taken advantage of everyone south of the border's resources, labor and food and
7:55 am
culture and everything else, and have tried to do it on the cheap for so long, that now i think labor rights and human rights are becoming a factor and more expensive. so now let's push them out of the country, build a wall, protect our white castle on the hill, and then we will basically use corporations to keep on milking them. thencan get rich off without bringing them across the border and abusing them anymore. i don't think a wall is going to fix our problem, but it will fight them off for a little while and the wall doesn't have to keep getting bigger and bigger. host: this is darryl from new york, democrat. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. first off, absolutely, republicans absolutely have -- they just cannot govern. number one, are border wall is
7:56 am
not needed. illegaleland security, border crossing on the southern border is down like 60%. in 2012 republicans were using it as a talking point, trying to steal the votes away from the democratic nominee. of border wall is absolutely not needed, and even republicans and democrats on the southern border disagree with the border wall, and should the voters of america think we need a border wall, we will fail to hold the president responsible for what he says. during the campaign he promised us he would do the border wall, but he also promised us that mexico would pay for that will. -- that wall.
7:57 am
i challenge the trump supporters to call in and admit the fact -- trump lied. if you want the border wall, then do what you promised to do in the campaign. have mexico pay for the wall. absolutely not, the government should not shut down because president trump wants to satisfy his base, which i feel like there is a racial undertone to this border wall, because why would you put a wall on the northern border? host: some thoughts on twitter, stating the fact that this --icy "build yourter says wall and they will use boats, the walsall's nothing except how to spend $36 billion." even as the segment comes to a
7:58 am
close, you can make your thoughts on twitter and post on our facebook page at california's up next,, independent hello. caller: good morning, pedro. the issue at this wall is kind of ridiculous. the one thing is we need to have laws that pertain to illegal immigration. the fact is people try to come here legally, paying thousands of dollars now to come here legally, some waiting a lifetime to come here legally, and there is nothing that is done about that. personally, i feel that the people that came here legally went through the whole process should be the ones that are demonstrating saying that, hey, we did this legally, we should have some word into what's going on with this immigration process. host: that's richard from california.
7:59 am
final call on this topic. we will continue talking about this and other matters with two reporters joining us, and hopefully maybe get insight on the question of whether congress can pass a budget, will there be a government shutdown, will a vote on replacing obamacare take place. these questions and more as we are joined by catherine lucey and gillian berman discusses the future of student loan forgiveness for public service. this program continues right after this. ♪
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