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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 26, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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bradford fitch, congressional management foundation president and ceo on health care options for members of congress. ♪ host: good morning. it is wednesday, april 20 6, 2017. the house returns at 10:00 a.m., the senate reconvenes at 9:30. a briefing on north korea is scheduled to be held at the white house complex at 3:00 p.m. president trump had a setback yesterday in his effort to crack down on sanctuary cities when a blocked his efforts to withhold federal funds from jurisdictions that fail to cooperate with authorities. we are hearing your reaction to
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that decision to halt the president's executive order. republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. (202) 748-8002. and a special line this morning ,or illegal immigrants 202-748-8003. you can start calling in on this topic as we show you alan gomez's story in "usa today." he writes a federal judge in san francisco on tuesday partially blocked's donald trump blocking sanctuary cities that do not comply. ruled thatick president trump exceeded his
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authority when he signed an executive order directing his administration to withhold federal funding from jurisdictions deemed to be sanctuary jurisdictions. it describes 300 local governments that have limited cooperation with federal immigration officials. "the constitution invests spending powers in congress, not the president, so they cannot put new conditions on federal funds." a swift reaction from the white house. yesterday, an official statement overnight. in sane district judge francisco ignored federal immigration law to set new immigration policy for the country. san francisco and cities like it are putting the well-being of illegal aliens before the safety of our citizens. this case is one more example of
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the creatures overreach by a single unelected district judge undermining faith in our legal system and raising questions about circuit shopping. we are confident we will ultimately prevail in the supreme court, just as in our lawful efforts to impose restrictions necessary to keep terrorists out of the united states. we want to hear your statements on this ruling by this federal judge in california. the phone numbers are (202) 748-8001 for a republican. (202) 748-8000 four democrats. independents, (202) 748-8002. for illegalne immigrants, 202-748-8003. marvin, good morning. i am in pennsylvania. i live in a place built from
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immigrants. i think the president is out of touch. hello? host: why do you think he is out of touch? i live around a lot of immigrants. host: we got your point from your comment earlier. caller: he is out of touch because i don't think all the crimes -- there aren't a lot of immigrants committing crimes. you have an element of evil in every race. you have a lot of people working hard. they are focusing just on the -- focusing on onigrants keeping their eye the prize. there are other crimes going on. that is why i think he is out of touch. host: philadelphia is listed as . sanctuary city jurisdiction
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the list is compiled by the study for immigration studies. there is the map of their ,isting of cities, counties and states considered sanctuary cities. we will talk about it for the first hour of "washington journal." i want to hear your thoughts on the judge's ruling. ohio.rom cincinnati, republican. caller: how are you this morning? host: doing well. go ahead. caller: i am totally against one democrat judge that can do all this to harm our country. --annot you leave this. cannot believe this. thank you, and god bless. it,: why are you against jane? we will go to brenda. caller: good morning. one thing i want to say is the
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term sanctuary city is a talking point to keep people fighting with each other. on the mostpeople wanted list they have been looking for for years. we have been deporting 500,000 immigrants a year. 500,000. apparently, someone is to detaing in order and identify 500,000 deportees. it sounds like the sanctuary that sanctuary. they are cooperating. host: on the definition of sanctuary cities, "the washington times" in their wrapup yesterday notes that all sanctuary policies are the same. some prohibit all communications with u.s. immigration and
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customs, while others will share information with ice but restrict cooperation with the detainer requests which asks authorities to hold illegal immigrants beyond the regular release time. there have been policies protecting illegal immigrants, saying that they are determined to thwart president trump in this effort. democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. how are you this morning? host: doing well, go ahead. caller: i don't understand mr. trump. the poor man has never held any office. he is like a kindergarten are trying to run the country. he does not have the first clue of what he is doing. the stuff about withholding funds from people trying to help other people that are less fortunate than us is ridiculous. ashamed to be
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of himself. he ought to be ashamed he is even breathing. host: good morning. caller: good day. my point is that these cities want federal funding, but they don't want -- host: we lost james. "the washington times" in their that the ruling released yesterday is still a partial victory for the president. the judge said the administration can withhold funds in cases where the law gives him permission, clearing the path for attorney general jeff sessions to strip hundreds of millions of dollars across three grant programs. the nationwide injunction is the , they write, for president trump who has seen three executive orders halted
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by the courts. tennessee,ville, line for democrats. caller: this issue came up as part of the fight over the affordable care act. can the federal government cityold all funds if the is not doing one particular want themway they to do. in the case of the affordable care act, is the law attempting to twist the arm of the state into adopting medicare expansion by threatening withholding all medicaid funds if the state did not adopt the extension? all the way -- there were five different cases -- that went all the way to the supreme court. decided 7-2 against. you can't do that. it wasn't even close.
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it wasn't like can the federal government penalize people through the irs for not buying health insurance. that one was 5-4. this one was 7-2, no you can't do that. that is a reason so many states never adopted medicaid expansion. host: it is a turnabout in position on the two parties trying to force compliance? caller: a turnabout -- i don't understand the question. host: democrats oppose the efforts by the white house to try to force compliance with these grant moneys. , it is more of a question of what the supreme court decided. if the trump administration will try, you could say in the case
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tothe democrats they wanted do this. the supreme court decided you can't do it. a simple example would lead the idea of withholding federal highway funds if you don't raise the drinking age to 21. you can't do that. i don't see how the trump administration could possibly win this one if it gets to the supreme court. ,he same concept will kick in and they will lose. the trump administration saying they plan to take this all the way to the supreme court if necessary. we're talking about the federal judge ruling in california yesterday. we want to hear from you. a special line for illegal immigrants if you want to call lynn. in aially if you live sanctuary city. eugene on that line.
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detroit. is detroit a sanctuary city? caller: i want to say to the american people, we are not here to harm your country. we love your country. there might be some bad ones, but for the most part we are here to work and enjoy this life. please, don't be afraid of us. those that commit crimes, yes. deport them. not for traffic tickets, but for for loney is crimes. we're not here to hurt you. doould like to come out and my part, but i am afraid i will be sent back. that is the only reason. i thank you. host: is detroit a sanctuary city? caller: i live in dearborn. near detroit. host: is dearborn a sanctuary city? caller: i don't know. this appreciate the call
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morning. eugene on the line for illegal immigrants, (202) 748-8003. also lines for democrats, republicans, and independents. tom is a republican in connecticut. caller: good morning. advocate doing away with sanctuary cities. not come if you did through a legal path where we can take one million immigrants of the capacity, one million per year, that should be sufficient. i live in connecticut. we are in shambles. we are a total disaster from governor malloy. our bridges and roads are falling apart. it used to be a wonderful state, it is going towards third-world. the woman from maryland who said that she wished president trump
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would stop breathing, i think that is a totally inappropriate comment. she called 3 calls before. that is my comment for this morning. , germantown, maryland, independent. good morning. caller: good morning. host: you are going in and out. go ahead. caller: i read the opinion by the judge. i don't think he erred. the potential for judicial rule says you cannot change the constitution by law or executive order. it is set forth in the constitution, article one section eight. how the congress and president can allocate and to spend money. this is not a part of it. until they change the constitution through article
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five, they are stuck here that was the intention of the founders. or liberal,g wild just that they are trying to overreach executive orders. the president has put forth 32 executive orders, more than anyone but fdr during world war ii. host: talking about the executive orders he signed in his first 100 days, as he is coming up on that milestone this week. putting out a press release yesterday talking about the the presidentons has taken on the judge's ruling yesterday. here is reaction from members of , several tweeting members tweeting their reaction. from new york, a democrat, another date another court ruling locking another overreach. checks and balances are working. the president needs cutting
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money to states and local police will make communities less safe. california, democrat, sanctuary cities are safer and more economically better off. i'm glad the court stood up to the unlawful attack on local government and law enforcement here in public in from louisiana saying that sanctuary cities are violating laws and making cities more dangerous. one statement from congressman from pennsylvania, he is the sponsor of the bill to toy federal funding sanctuary cities. this is part of his statement he put out yesterday. he said it is sadly ironic that an activist judge in san francisco, where kate stein was murdered by an illegal immigrant, would rule against cutting off federal grant funding's to these dangerous jurisdictions. one of the federal government's
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responsibilities is to protect its citizens. this is counter to that responsibility. if you accept federal money, you accept being accountable to following federal law. it is time we end the policy of don't ask don't tell against immigration laws intended to protect american citizens. congressman lou barletta. if you want to see his bill to deny funding to sanctuary cities, it is the mobilizing against century cities act, hr 83. democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead, tom. caller: my thought on this is whoever decides they are going to be a sanctuary city, shouldn't these people be held responsible for doing something illegal? if i do something illegal, i am
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accountable for it. thank you. host: what about the caller before you who said if this is going to be changed, do it constitutionally by congress changing the law, not executive action. what would you say to that? if they have to change a law, they have to change a law for anything. they usually don't hear you don't hear of any love being changed because they get their act together on this. host: franklin and washington, d.c., democrats. good morning. taking myank you for call. my name is franklin, shadow member of congress and washington, d.c.. administration -- oncee seeing donald trump
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andfunding issues we have fulfill campaign promises he had. hery time things fall apart demonizes the immigrant and muslim communities. i am an immigrant. i came to this country when i was young person. the way to deal with these issues is in an organized way. the response of a sanctuary city is a response to the lack of a system. that is what people are doing, protecting people. we need to sit down at the table . i agree we need protect our borders and we need to incentivize -- creating incentives for people to come creating -- stop incentives for people to come into this country undocumented.
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we have a lot of people that have been calling america home for decades, 20 years in some cases. we can't shut the door on those people. i hope our president realizes we need to deal with the issue in an orderly way and he puts forth a proposal we can all support in the u.s. congress. host: explain what a shadow representative for the district of columbia is. caller: over 670,000 taxpaying don't have a voting member in either the house or senate. my job is to advocate for congressional representation and statehood for the district of columbia. does one become a shadow member? i know the district of columbia has a delegate that votes in committee, though not on the floor. washingtonians elect
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shadow members of the senate and the house. we have to compete in elections, competitive elections, just like other members of congress. you have to be a u.s. citizen in order to run. i am for all intents and purposes a member of congress for our citizens, but i'm not able to cast a vote on their behalf. is a washington, d.c. sanctuary city, correct? caller: that's right. it has been that way for many years. host: how is that more complicated with it being the city that hosts the federal government? with congress inside the federal city? caller: the response to many thing cities has been because of our broken immigration system. it has worked well, we started
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with an understanding between our mayor and the community. it was enforced as well as other measures. is supporting,or introducing moneys to help. they have created a fund to help some of the folks in the city. host: franklin, garcia in washington, d.c., a shadow representative. why don't you come on the show some time down the road? caller: i would love to. thank you for the invitation. host: stephen, independent. good morning. your thought on the judge ruling to block the funding for century cities executive order? generally, it is not a
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left or right issue. i believe a city or state that takes federal funds should obey federal law. i am not even a trump supporter, that if an area of the country wants federal funds, they should obey federal law and standard. , i see thement lineup, republican, democrat, independents, if you lineup registered voters, independents out number republicans and democrats. may be independents should be listed first, then republicans and democrats. just a thought in the future. host: we appreciate the suggestion that we want to engage with people around the country and get as many opinions as possible.
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,atherine in massachusetts republican. good morning. caller: i am disappointed in c-span. there is an inspector general who did a report on sanctuary cities. lynch onlt, loretta the doj website posted that it -- thatatory that they the cities cooperate with the federal government. i don't understand this judge's ruling. uninformed, the media, including c-span. please have that inspector general on your show so people can know what the law is. host: appreciate that suggestion. democrat. york, good morning.
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caller: thank you for taking my call. thank godd we have -- we have three branches of government. we have been depending on the judicial branch to help with the ridiculous executive orders from .he president, in my opinion i'm waiting for someone in public office to stand up and noticed that the emperor wears no clothes. host: more calls in a few minutes. more news on capitol hill to to keep you on top of, specifically, the potential government shutdown that could happen at the end of the week. one headline in "the new york times" is the threat of the shutdown is fading as president funding.reats on wall congressional leaders were negotiating a spending proposal
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on tuesday that would supply no money for the border wall with mexico, but increase funding for the military and other type supporters security. lawmakers on both parties -- in expressedes confidence that a deal could go out, a prediction that seemed safer as mr. trump backed off of his demand that the border wall received funding in the measure. in this story from "the washington post," freedom caucus members nearing a deal on the health care plan. white house officials and several republican lawmakers claimed they were nearing a deal with the house freedom caucus, with at least three leading figures in the hardline group overhaulsupport an after the dramatic collapse of talks last month. we will talk about health care later, members of congress
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specifically. what health care plans they and their staffs are on. it is a question we get from our viewers time to time and we thought we would address it later in our program. we will do that in the 9:00 hour. we will be joined by the congressional management foundation. if it is a question you have about the health care plan members are on, stick around at 9:00. federalthe topic of the judge in california blocking president trump's executive order defunding sanctuary cities. roy, good morning. c-span andd morning, everyone. thank you for your vital service. i'm very concerned about the trump administration's lack of ethical and legal backing on almost all -- at least a whole range of issues.
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on this particular issue, i feel we are lucky to have a judiciary thatis independent, and can stand up to him. i really feel that he has gone too far. his attorney general is totally obsessed with illegal immigration, just like he is. they're using this as a wedge issue, trying to stoke their base. it is not working. i am an independent. i supported bernie sanders. as far as i am concerned, the democrats should just band together and take it over in 2019, as far as the house goes. they will not investigate or do anything about him until the democrats have power, because the republicans are not doing their job. i'm very dissatisfied with this administration.
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i knew they were going to be problems, but i did not know they would be so fraught with unethical, illegal, and in moral people. i'm very dissatisfied. host: you are an independent, did you vote for president trump? caller: absolutely not. i was a bernie sanders supporter all through the primaries. i was not really a hillary clinton supporter, but i saw him .s a threat so i voted for her now i see he was and is a threat. i don't like him in. mperially calling the house security council and members of the senate to the white house. he is stoking fears of war, doing all kinds of things that are outrageous.
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his connections are unknown. his taxes are unrevealed. ask him you are concerned about the president calling the briefing for u.s. senators at the white house complex at 3:00 p.m. does it matter where the briefing is held? what about the members of congress that said it was good that this president is trying to engage with members of congress, all members of congress, who are invited to this briefing? caller: what other president has done this? none. he is doing it as a show. it is all a show. mr. trump is a show business candidate and president. he has not graduated to the next level, which is a governing president. brief theyou need to senate, you go where they are.
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they have secure facilities. this is unprecedented, and he is doing it as a show. missouri in st. louis, . we have asked viewers to engage with us on social media. here are a few comments that have come in over the course of the first half hour. richard writes that a federal judge does not have the power or authority to inject themselves where power is expressly given to the president. why does the justice system work so good in these areas but fail in other areas? another writes another day another trump failure. what a dud. is suchwrites that this a complicated issue and cannot be solved by trump's chainsaw method. they have only been criminalized not passing
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immigration laws. moreover, only congress has a right to withhold funding. , another example of executive overreach. if this is illegal, it is up to congress to change the law. the ruling judge is acting outside his/her authority. andcomments from facebook twitter pages. we want to hear your thoughts as we are asking this question. we want to get your reaction to the ruling blocking the executive order to defunding sanctuary cities. we want to keep you up-to-date on other news happening in theington, specifically president's tax reform proposal that will be unveiled later today. fromrn to shannon peddi bloomberg. good morning.
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take us through what will be unveiled in this long-awaited tax reform passage. caller: most of what we have gotten is the impact on the corporate side. a lot of individuals want to know what will happen to their taxes. i don't have many details for individual taxpayers. on the corporate side, which will ultimately affect individuals, there is a proposal to cut the corporate tax rate to 15%, lower than even fiscal conservatives have been asking for. they have been asking for 20%, this would go to 15%. tax, will be a cut to the a lot of of companies have billions of dollars overseas. if they bring it to the u.s. now it is taxed at a higher rate. this would cut that to 10% to encourage companies to invest plants,either
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employees, buybacks, or bigger dividends. there will be a 15% tax rate deduction for small businesses and big corporations. these are your mom and pop, llc, someone who has their own small business out of their garage, a freelancer, or contractor, they will get that 15%. that is what we know about the proposal the president and his administration will lay out this afternoon. host: you talk about different aboutis there anything how those cuts will be paid for? caller: that is the important part. the house proposal was going to pay for these was through a tax on imports called the border adjustment tax. that is not included in the president's plan. they are assuming this will be paid for in part by the
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assumption we will get more economic growth by reducing the corporate tax rate and lowering the tax rate on money that companies bring from overseas. that would generate an enormous amount of growth from companies hiring people and investing more in the u.s. they also made vague comments about eliminating some deductions and making the tax process more simple. very vague with no details, that that would somehow generate revenue. that is the big question. everyone loves candy, but no one wants to do the exercise to are the calories. no one wants to pay taxes for a government to function. in some areas, we could cut taxes and how much the
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government spends in general. that is another solution. host: other things we have talked about on this program, the tax plan has come into focus in the president possibly linking it to an infrastructure spending push. with that be unveiled today? is that still in the works? caller: infrastructure has been put in the back -- on the back burner. they're trying to get the government funded. it seemsre is still, like a longshot shot, but they are still trying to get a health care bill passed. they hope they can get something passed on health care before the tax plan. infrastructure will probably get pushed to next year, it is behind the queue of health care and taxes. host: thank you.
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we are asking our viewers for in this 25 minutes first segment about the federal judge in california. blocks thejudge executive order on the 25th aimed at blocking funds for so-called sanctuary cities. a 49-paid order issued yesterday. according to "the washington it is the latest to use president trump's own words against them. if there was any doubt about the scope of the order, the president and attorney general erased it with their comments. weaponsident called it a to use against jurisdictions that disagree with his policies of immigration enforcement. his words about a muslim ban has come back to bite him in his extreme vetting policy. that his comments have tainted
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the process and made the order likely unconstitutional. we want to hear your thoughts. republicans, immigrants, independents, and a special line for illegal immigrants, that number is (202) 748-8003. gregory in baldwin, missouri. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks again for c-span. look at the record of the .ninth circuit court the independent guy for st. louis, i am ashamed of st. louis, i live 30 minutes left. it is a federal law. you have to follow federal law. they get money that is not guaranteed in the constitution. if they want that money, they will abide by federal law. it is simple.
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another supreme court justice, circuit court might disappear. they don't have a record to stand on. the guy gave money to president obama and affiliates of his. how come he, as a federal judge, doesn't match those funds to another candidate? that is my question. host: the white house referred .o the ninth circuit court the white house chief of staff saying this is the ninth circuit court going bananas. he said in a story quoted by "the washington post," that the agency cannot put reasonable restrictions of how money will be spent will be overturned did win at the supreme court level. rick is in san francisco and does not serve in the ninth circuit, though they would reveal his decision.
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in huntsville, alabama. independent. caller: good morning, c-span. i have been watching. i had to call in. i am concerned this country is not patient enough with donald trump to take a stand. illegal.ple, they are they are immigrants, they want to be here, but they have to come the right way. give donald trump a chance, settle down, take a deep breath. very --e people have a they are very passionate about it. give him a chance. thank you. host: washington, line four republicans. caller: a couple of comments. i agree with the last caller. the president has barely been in
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office for 100 days. toryone on the left wants get him out. the issue of sanctuary cities, what is too bad is we see our president dealing with it. congress writes the laws. congress should be dealing with this. congress should be passing the bill today that says "starting tomorrow, any jurisdiction the united states that does not adhere to federal laws with this issue, they will have their funds removed." congress needs to do this. it is frustrating to hear that the president has to do an executive order to get this done, because congress is not stepping up to the plate. these activist judges on the left pick and choose what they want like a menu at a restaurant, they need to be removed from office. congress should pass a law
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saying federal judges that don't to federal law, if it goes to a higher level and it is deemed a did not adhere to federal law, congress needs to have that judge removed the next day. host: on sanctuary cities, the mobilizing against sanctuary cities act has been introduced by lou barletta, hr-83, stopping federal funds from flowing to refuse to that cooperate with immigration officials. prohibiting federal funding for a minimum of one year for any state or local government with a policy that prevents them from enforcing federal immigration law. is that the kind of bill you are ?ooking for custome caller: amen. i didn't know that existed. that has to deal with
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it, congress passes a law. if it is not this issue, it will be another issue. with federal judges, it is a trend to be activists. isn't it hypocritical that during the obama administration, when the obama administration that was doing things that were e,legal with his pen and phon the judges did not stop that. i am sick of the activist judge situation. host: do you think congress is doing enough? theeems there is a bill on table that does exactly what you think should happen. why don't you think congress is moving on this as fast as they could? caller: a lot of it has to do with their reelections. good portion of their time across the street in different buildings doing the dial for dollars, both sides of
7:44 am
the aisle. campaign finance reform would correct so many of the issues in our country. so much has to deal with that there is money in politics. if there could be an amendment to the constitution that got money out of politics, a lot of these issues would go away. they're worried about their reelection. without being in power, they cannot make millions of dollars rs.r 4 or 8 yea statistics show how much our congresspeople and senators make. the cleansing that the country could use is everyone locking pinkies and saying we will vote out every sitting senator or representative next election. every single one. they are not doing what is prudent for the american people. this issue of illegal
7:45 am
immigration has nothing to do with compassion for people from other countries who have less than us and want to live the american dream. it has to do with the rule of l aw. host: angela, maryland. good morning. caller: i would like to say i agree with this federal judge on blocking trump's executive orders. i pray they keep locking his executive orders, especially the one he will sign on overturning the permanent ban on drilling on the atlantic coast. we have plenty of drilling, we don't need any more on the atlantic coast. i live in maryland and i do not want that on my beach. host: during the obama administration were you concerned about legislating from the bench? caller: no. i remember they did overturn a couple of obama's executive orders. host: was that ever an issue that a judge overstepped?
7:46 am
caller: i think it should go to congress, then the courts. the federal judges are doing the right thing. whether it is the republicans or the democratic judges doing it, they are doing the right thing. host: more of your calls coming up in the second. i want to show you other news happening on capital hill. trump'sflynn, president first national security adviser, may have violated federal law by not fully disclosing business dealings with russia while seeking a security clearance for the white house according to oversight lawmakers from both parties. they held a press conference. jason chaffetz and elijah .ummings here is congressman c haffetz about what he learned about the probe from general
7:47 am
flynn. [video clip] that money was received by general flynn, that should be recovered. that final determination will from the army and department of defense. as a former military officer, you cannot take money from russia, turkey, or anybody else. it appears he did take the money coming it was inappropriate, there are repercussions for the violation of law. host: chairman jason chaffetz yesterday. we will keep an eye on that story is more develops. 10 minutes left in this segment of "washington journal." your thoughts on the federal judge's ruling blocking executive order aimed at stopping runs to sanctuary cities, a temporary halt. vera in lorain, ohio. independent. good morning.
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i have been a democrat my whole era.until the bill clinton i am 58 years old and have voted since i was 18. i have been independent until this last election. i had to declare republican to vote for mr. trump. i feel he is the best president since john f. kennedy. illegal, the word speaks for itself. i am a first generation american from croatian immigrants. they had to come legally through all of the ropes to get here. i feel it is fair for everyone. it is not fair that some good to break the law. i think judges should uphold the law. i feel i am a fair person, accepting of everyone. if you start picking and choosing which laws to uphold or break, where does that leave a can of worms open?
7:49 am
an illegalere is immigrant that is pulled over for a traffic violation, do you think that person should be deported? caller: are they legal or illegal? host: illegal. caller: then they need to be dealt with according to the laws of the country. line aboutu draw the which laws you pick and choose to follow? it comes to deportation, whether it is a criminal behavior or traffic violation, if you are illegal you should go? caller: yes. and they should try to come here legally. democrat, santa ana, california. caller: how are you? host: good. caller: i agree with the federal judge., i work in santa
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when people talk about cutting oferal funds, it is 1% individuals in this country you would consider filthy rich. the individuals you are cutting off legalre cutting aid, fair housing council, boys and girls club. are they not aware of the individuals that pay the federal funds they are talking about that are going to be cut off? it will affect their households. jurisdiction, state or local, if they choose not to comply with part of the federal law, do you think the federal government is within their right to try to force this compliance through this process, the money they give to that jurisdiction? caller: i think that the president was wrong by issuing this. there are other ways to go about
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it. talking about deporting families that have been here for 15 or 20 years, cutting off education for children, i think that is totally wrong. holding a wall? individuals that will make a 9-foot ladder. that is not the way to go. he said the american people would not pay for it, and we will end up paying for it. who can worry about a wall with this man having us on the verge of war? who can worry about a wall when our children are not being educated? host: compliance with immigration authorities, what is a better way to get that compliance? you said there a better way than cutting off money. what is a better way? caller: give everyone the opportunity.
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legal, the not opportunity to apply for status to be here. all of us are immigrants. they are here to work. the jobs they are seeking, cleaning the bathrooms, basically doing the field in the industry. those are the jobs the american .eople, as you say, don't want you have kids that have not graduated from school talking about they don't want to work for minimum wage. come on, the attitude of entitlement, we need to get rid of it. we need to start from the bottom like everyone else and earn our way. the newborn and american gives born aneing american gives you the right for an education. going to school at night, to know whose parents and kids are
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there? the ones that are undocumented because they want their children to get a good education. host: the jurisdictions that suit to stop the executive order that were part of this decision yesterday were 2 counties in california, san francisco and santa clara. today" one column by the cofounder of the remembrance project. the headline "help the victims of criminal aliens." he writes the project seeks to killing ofund the citizens by illegal aliens. that it is the direct result of intentional government policy border.ecure our article one section eight of blight is the federal government to execute the laws of the union invasion that the
7:54 am
deliberate refusal to fulfill this duty has resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths. had the killer not been in the country, the debt american would likely be alive today. cofounder of the remembrance project. the full column is in "usa today." republican, good morning. caller: good morning. the federal budgets are set october to october, annually. the money these sanctuary cities are receiving today was set in the budget october 1 and last year under the obama administration. october 1 of this year, congress can defund sanctuary cities. you cannot make them retroactive by writing them today and making someone comply, but october 1 they can write them into law, and apply it that way.
7:55 am
sad to say, there is not a judge that can mandate congress to fund sanctuary cities. host: you think it is congress' job to deal with, not the president's executive order? caller: executive order, because if it is democrat, barney the dinosaur, independent, republican, they could have the same stroke of a pen and pick up their phone as in the past to change laws willy-nilly without going through congress. in this case, the judge was correct because of the way the budget was set up last october 1 and the funding has been set in motion. come the new budget on october 1, they can defund it and there is no judge that can mandate congress to fund that. host: it would take will to do that. do you think there is? caller: i hope so. if not, we need to vote them
7:56 am
out. host: tedford, greenbelt, maryland, democrat. i am a proud african-american scientist with a phd in physics. angela merkel has a phd in physics and was disrespected by this president. this was in february. host: edward, stick on the sanctuary city issue. caller: the sanctuary city issue, i agree with the judge. , the ninthruary circuit of appeals, three judges voted against president trump blocking the emigration from muslim countries. three judges ruled against this, that was correct also.
7:57 am
the reason i called in, i was going to listen, but when i heard your callers say "give him a chance," we have given him 100 days. we have had demonstrations across the nation. yesterday, the women demonstrated across the country, then the scientists demonstrated. 60 demonstrations worldwide. scientists came across, because this guy is against scientists and everything else. i am ashamed of this country. i am an african-american scientist -- host: what would you say to a republican that says give this president a chance? what is your example of democrats giving this president a chance? caller: in the last 100 days this man has had plenty of opportunity to do the right thing.
7:58 am
he said he was going to drain the swamp. 17 intelligence agencies are finding things about things theg on that hacked election, and donald trump benefited, c-span. they have given him ample chances to stop doing what he is doing. i don't think he should be allowed to write executive orders as long as these investigations are going on. host: gary, texas, line four republicans. -- line for republicans. caller: it is almost ridiculous. they are trying to find laws being broken so hard. there are so many being broken that we know about that they don't do anything about it. the ninth circuit court is a joke. they are so far left-leaning they don't represent our country . they are representing special interest groups.
7:59 am
they're not doing a thing for us. how the left-wing part of the country believes they should ignore laws already on the books. cities, weanctuary could use that money somewhere else. host: the last caller in this segment of "washington journal." next we will be joined by tom to discussm new york the bipartisan problem solvers caucus, of which he is a vice-chairman. murphy will discuss mental health and substance abuse policy in the united states. portion of president trump's remarks at a holocaust remembrance ceremony. in the audience were several holocaust survivors. your courage strengthens us.
8:00 am
your voices in spire us. your stories -- in spire us. your stories remind us we should never shrink from telling the truth ibo in our time. he wrote is always searching to destroy all that is good and beautiful about our common humanity. but evil can only thrive in darkness, and what you have brought us today is so much more powerful than evil. you have brought us hope, hope that love will conquer hatred, that right will defeat wrong, and that peace will rise from the ashes of war. each survivor here today is a can of life and it only takes -- a beacon of light, and it tas


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