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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 26, 2017 9:33am-10:01am EDT

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ianka trump -- ivanka trump: heard the criticism from the media. the thousands of women who have worked with and for my father for decades when he was in the private sector are testament to his belief and solid conviction and the potential of women and their ability to do the job as well as any man. my personal experience and you're asking me about my role as daughter and as a daughter, i can speak on a personal level knowing that he encouraged me and enabled me to arrive area i grew up in a household where there were no barriers beyond my own perseverance and my own tenacity. i do not take that lightly as a parent myself. thing to do easy
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and he provided that for us. no difference between me and my brothers. and i think as a business leader, you will see that and as a president am absolutely. host: we and our program and hearing from you about your priorities for tax reform. i want to tell call in with the trump administration is going to unveil more details on their tax reform plan. phone calls. republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. subject ofan, the several front-page stories in the major newspapers including "the new york times" this morning. a reducedpply business tax rate not only to corporations but to companies that pay taxes through the personal income tax code. it would also increase --
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and a house republican proposal to impose a potential tax on imports known as border adjustment which would've raised a billions of dollars to have offset the cost of those cuts. that was in "the new york times" about it. the trump administration laying out more details. treasury secretary steve mnuchin was active it hosted by the hill newspaper. here's what he had to say. steve mnuchin: it has been reported that the corporate tax rate will be lowered to 15% per i am not going to push on the specifics. how do you pay for that? are there significant offsets? i won not go:
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through all but 15% has been highly and the press for the last couple of days. i will confirm the business tax is going to be 15% and that is what the president said and he thinks it is awfully critical to drive growth. and what i would say is people talk about corporate and what we think is important is small business. small business, owner operators will have the benefit of the business. is ait is not going to be loophole to let rich people who should be paying higher rates pay 15%. this is for small businesses that drive the economy and they will have the benefit of this. host: more, from treasury secretary steve mnuchin at a briefing set to take place later today at 1:30 p.m.. for more details on our coverage , i invite you to go to our .ebsite,
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we are asking you your priorities for tax reform and want to hear your thoughts. darlene is up first. gold hill, oregon. caller: i would like to comment on tax reform. i believe we should have a flat tax in this country and if it is 15%, it should be 15% of income, not adjusted gross income. i feel like people who make under 30 thousand dollars a year should not have to pay tax. those between 30000 and 54,000 should pay about 10%. the corporations that are the richest people in the united states, you are trying to make them people pot -- by providing these type of tax cuts, 50% of their income. -- 15% on their income. said the telephone was a 19th-century too, it was
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it wasd -- tool, invented in the 20th century and most of us were born the 20th century so we still use it as a means. if congress do not have enough people, they should hire more people. host: thank you for calling our phone line pretty independent, good morning. your priorities for tax reform. caller: good morning. talking about lowering the corporate tax rate. but what about all of the corporations i read about who do not pay taxes at all? and the president's texas wishon. -- taxes situation. host: you want to hear more about cutting off the loopholes? caller: right and publishes taxes. he said he does not pay any taxes. and that is ridiculous. are there any specific tax
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breaks you would like to see taken out of the tax codes? not really. i have not really delved into it enough to come up with anything that would really make sense to be -- makes sense. host: ron is up next. michigan, democrat. caller.first time i was told yesterday by the news reform,art of this tax and they want to start taxing 401(k) contributions. i would like to hear is that is part of the deal, stick it to the little guy again and give the rich and the big tax break. thank you. host: looking for more details on the white house today and as we said from treasury secretary steve mnuchin, 1:30 p.m. expected on camera briefing and
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we will look for more details. some of the other headlines on the topic. pthe wall street journal" trum tax plan comes into focus. one seems they talk about is the plan expected to include tax breaks for child care expenses similar to what he proposes doing the campaign act of the urging of his daughter, ivanka, now a top white house advisor. greetom "usa today" poor tax plan with skepticism. some said they did not fare so well. laura, go ahead. caller: hello. unfair thats so they are going to give these tax breaks to the 1%. andusband works is butt off i him on the disabled.
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i cannot work. i can hardly breathe. we get taxed together on my disability. and you my disability have people sitting up in their ivory towers paying 0% tax and that is so unfair. i mean, come on. host: personal income tax reform happen at the same time as any sort of corporate breaks is what you are saying? caller: trickle down did not workable for. give -- before. .- give them a big tax break that never works and it is not going to work. notinghe new york times it is still not clear whether personal income tax rate cuts or increase and the standardized deduction would be part of the announcement that is going to be happening today. we want to hear your priorities. greg, palm springs, california, republican. caller: good morning.
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i would like some type of tax reform for money that is being sent out of the country, money coming from the sanctuary cities and money from just the regular cities. i would like the government to make some type of e-verify system so we can see if the people sending their money out our it illegal immigrants, what do they say, undocumented, that's politically correct word. sending the money out where we can tax of them. 75%e 50% or 30% or even because a lot of the legals do not pay taxes. that is what i would like. host: sydni in mason, texas. republicans. cindy, lost cindy. we will go to paul in pennsylvania, line for democrats. caller: good morning.
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how are you doing? i think we had a progressive tax the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's and people grade the economy was so much better is in. and it seems like the republicans, all they want to do is give great benefits and more in more tax cuts to the wealthy under roosevelt and eisenhower, the tax rates for the top percentages was 90%. eisenhower was a republican. he wanted to build the interstate highways and decide and saidahn in germany if we had these in large cities we have to have the same system. you are not going to get it by cutting from the poor and meals on wheels and stuff. toward veryt's go
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independent. morning.ood thank you for c-span. i am glad you have the topic on it. i want to say that gentleman from pennsylvania was absolutely right. the economy is going to be terrible as long as we keep giving tax cuts to the people on top. they are the ones who have the money and the businesses that profits from our taxes paying for schools and roads so they can make more and more money and that politicians who give the more tax cuts and that is why our economy is terrible since the 1980's for anybody except the top 1% of which our president is one of them. he does not understand what it means to live paycheck to paycheck. trickle down is a complete lie and they still talk about it like it is something that works and it will never work. the gentleman from pennsylvania talked about eisenhower and roosevelt and they knew you tax
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the top 90% and they will only end up paying 90 -- 40% because they will know how to get tax breaks. people like myself pay 30% were people like donald trump pay 0%. concernst about the among some conservatives about the cost of potential tax cut is being proposed from the financial times notes and attempting such steep cuts in the key corporate rate would raise a host of procedural questions within congress. andt is not upset -- offset it would sound alarm bells -- are you concerned about any proposed cuts today? lost the caller. dina, good morning. caller: good morning.
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i would like for the republicans to understand that it would be a mistake to think that the voters actually like them. we just disliked the democrats more. strategically, it would be a big mistake at this time not to cut taxes on individuals with less than a 250k income. we needed to have fairness here and giving all of the tax breaks to businesses is just simply not fair. host: do you feel like these breaks need to be found to pay for the brakes? both an individual and tax break, are you worried it will add to the deficit? caller: yes, i do. i believe there are lots of areas where we can find cuts in our spending to make up for that. wendi in manchester, new
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hampshire, republican. good morning. wanted to say that i agree with the previous collar about flat tax. that is all. before you go, explain flat tax for those who might be unfamiliar. caller: 10% no matter what you make or 15% no matter what you make host: for the year. why is that better? fair to myhink it is that is all. host: line for democrats. steve, good morning. caller: thank you for c-span. two callers back, a guy was saying we should check the money that people are sending back to their countries. in order to do that kind of breaking into the envelopes which will go against the mail system, what people need to understand is it is not just illegal aliens. because no job for you
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they chose to hire somebody else and that's the real problem that the taxes are bent it to help corporations and the loss overlooking the corporations breaking them. host: one comment from our twitter feed. wright's more of the tax burden shifted to the middle class. you can keep call it in and we will talk about that when our program ends at 10:00. republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8001. independents, (202) 748-8002. we want to show you this story out of this morning from the hill newspaper and follow along conversation about the health benefit that congress and their staff oversee. the hill newspaper reporting this morning a new amendment to the republican obamacare replacement bill exempts members of congress and their staff from these facts. it would allow states to apply
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for waivers to repeal the protection against people with pre-existing conditions being changed more and the requirement -- forgive me and the requirement that insurers cover range of health services like prescription drugs and mental health. democrats jumping on the development, arguing that republicans are willing to take protections from the general public but not themselves. that is in the hill newspaper. some action today here in washington also at the white house, president trump will sign an executive order call it to question the future of dozens of monuments to set aside millions of acres from development in asking the interior secretary thinking for unprecedented review and trump may force a question never tested in the 11
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year history of the antiquities act whether one president can nullify another president's establishing a national monument. back to your calls. stacy is in mclean, virginia. good morning. caller: good morning. i have a couple of questions. first of all, congress and federal workers owe $3.5 billion in back taxes. they are not paying taxes and they will not pay taxes later. right now, we give tax cuts to truck companies that push poison prescriptions on tv that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year and they get $5 billion in tax breaks to run commercials. there are in of ways we can fix this system. we have to stop feeding these fatcats and give billionaires billions of dollars to do
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business, it is not fair and only going to hurt america and americans. stasis, the number on the 3.5 billion dollars in unpaid taxes, where is there from? caller: just looked it up. it has been reported across all the newspapers. host: dating from 2015, federal workers owing $3.5 billion to the irs is the story from cnn money. next in cincinnati, ohio, independent. good morning. caller: that is astounding. $3.5 billion. very interesting call. is not going to help anybody but the upper class and that is a really problem. trump will not show his own taxes pretty it is a big mess. host: do this simplification of taxes would help? do you pay for by to do your
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taxes and would be cheaper for you if they were simpler and easier to do? caller: that 50% -- host: simplifying the tax code? caller: no, i do not. most people [indiscernible] all of the programs. host: you are not to were divisive vilification? caller: not really. -- host: you are not too worried about simplification. steve mnuchin on monday talked about the simplification process saying that if they wanted to make taxes available for individuals to do on the size of a large postcard. look for more of the certification issue at the trump administration rolls off the broad plateau tax reform. chastity, democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. . am so frustrated
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i was at the capitol on thursday in our state of connecticut and they are cutting funding and cutting everything. and then you hear they are the rich. cuts for i am like, but, they are cutting our programs, how is having a tax cut -- i do not know how we are supposed to fix the debt problem by letting them pay less. i do not understand how that is going to fix. i am really frustrated. , butbody pays their taxes we do not have a receipt where our taxes are really going. when we have this cuts, we needed to cut this and that, but we do not know what we are saving or where our money is going and that is frustrating. i hear they are cutting off in connecticut care for kids program. there cutting off of their
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budget for early head start and cutting off the program for -- these are essential things for parents with kids. they are cutting off things across the floor and you go and mess.bout it a it is a how can we afford to have tax cuts? i mean we need to look for a place where we can have more revenue. host: on that topic, you may want to read the lead editorial post." washington lower rates could make sense but expecting them to pay for themselves does not square for its self. they say -- if you want to read it, today's editorial page. ray, republican. good morning. are you with us?
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dave and lynbrook, new york. line for independents. caller: two ideas on tax reform. would youl tax system look at states and local taxes is roughly flat. you need progressive federal income tax rates to offset progressive state and local income taxes. how about the getting the tax rates back to where they were in the clinton era? they were higher in the economy did well. is its allies the tax treatment for health insurance premiums. right now, i am in the individual market. of pocketly out after-tax dollars to pay for my chores with those who are employer-based can use pre-to -- to pay where those who are employer-based can use pretax dollars.
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assume revenue neutral at worst and if you make money on it later, so much the better. thank you. host: thank you for telling us your priorities. on twitter, corporations are getting what they paid for. it is called lobbying. policy should incentivize hiring and make it easier for job craters to hold money. cindy emily summit, missouri. good morning. caller: good morning. yes, hi. first of all, i want to thank mr. murphy, dr. murphy for all the work he has done with the cares act antiquities to do to fight for mental health. im a parent of an adoptive daughter who has struggled with adoption trauma and attachment, ptsd, bipolar type of behaviors
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and i recently spoke at with the new frontier on mental health because i was a case study of somebody who has fought and i won for -- with my insurance claim. in the process of being a family in crisis and trying to take care of a child, i learned about it and trying to dig and get help in this crazy, broken system. i was really disappointed in the lack of what samsa was able to offer in terms of any assistance in mental health. i was at the point where i was looking for anything, any type of help of justification. i am a federal employee and i federal employee health insurance and i still was denied medical assistance for my child due to the many loopholes in medical necessity claims that are not evidence-based.
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i would like to see policies in sampsa that hold insurance companies accountable for implementing the parity laws for evidence-based criteria and reviews on their mental health medical necessity claims. host: city talking about the settlement earlier in a program today, congressman tim murphy, republican from pennsylvania joined us to talk about mental health policy in the u.s. if you missed it, all of our segments are available at time for a few more calls on this issue of your priority for tax reform. chip waiting in sioux falls, south dakota, good morning. caller: yeah. host: go ahead. items. two stop taxing social security benefits.
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make inniors working to his meat and it messes up their benefits. they are talk about repatriating overseas dollars and i would like to see them afford individuals the ability to roll $100,000 from their 401(k) at the same tax rate they would repatriate items back to the u.s. from corporate overseas dollars. thank you. host: why would that help? provideit will individuals the opportunity in their senior years to receive tax-free income. host: thanks for the call. jonathan, indiana, independent. good morning. caller: i don't understand why there is tax protected accounts for medical payments. $500 --carry over like
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host: go ahead. caller: i do not understand why accountsx protected for medical payments and you can carry over -- host: the house is gaveling back in now. we're going to take you there now. e clerk: the speaker's room washington, d.c. april 26, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable rob woodall to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the parties and in no event


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