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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 30, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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high school students only. as always, we can take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" is next. president trump: a large group f hollywood actors and washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in our nation's capital right now. ♪ [ [captioning copy right national cable satellite corp.2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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visit] host: we have reaction of the president from his first 100 days in office. he says he has kept his promise to the american people. what do you make, what do you make of the president's claim he kept his promise so far in this time in office, this 100 days? ere are the numbers to call, 202-748-8001 if you're a republican and democrats, 202-748-8000 and independents, 202-748-8002 and weigh in by social media, and post a comment at good morning, it's sunday, april 30. and here is front and center op-ed piece in "the washington post" and it says in my first 100 days i kept my promise to the american people. donald j. trump writes 100 days ago i took the oath of office and made a pledge and we're not
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merely transferring political power from one party to another but instead will transfer that power from washington, d.c. and give it back to the people. in the past 100 days, i've kept that promise and more. he writes that issue by issue, department by department, we are giving the people and their country back after the decade of the shrinking middle class, open borders and the mass offshoring of american jobs and wealth, this government is working for the citizens of our country and no one else. president trump goes on to write the same establishment media that concealed these problems and profited from them obviously won't tell the story and why we'll take our message directly to america, writes the president in "the washington post" today. here's a bit more from mr. trump in harrisburg, pennsylvania, yesterday, about his accomplishments after 100 days. [video] president trump: i promise new my inaugural address 100 days ago that now arrives the hour
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of action and we've, believe me, started from day one. and that is what we've delivered. 100 days of action. in fact, those people and others are exhausted. they've never seen anything like that. they've never seen anything like this. we are ending the offshoring and bringing back our beautiful , wonderful, great american obs. we are eradicating the criminal gangs and cartels that have infiltrated our country. you're reading about them all the time. some of you have big problems with them. thank you for that sign. "blacks for trump." i love that guy.
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thank you, man. i appreciate it. we're taking steps to renegotiate or cancel any agreements that fail to protect american interests. here are some of our great achievements from the first 100 days. and i will tell you in addition to that, we have built such strong foundations with the leaders of foreign countries and we're set to rock but we have great relationships with germany and japan and china and so many others, the u.k., such great relationships. that's part of the process. we've appointed and confirmed a brand-new justice of the united tates supreme court. justice neil gorsuch who will
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uphold the constitution and right of americans to govern their own affairs and the last time a new supreme court justice was confirmed in the first 100 days was 136 years ago in 1881 and i was devastated to hear that because i thought i would be the only one to have done that. host: from the president yesterday. can you watch that full event at calls are coming in early, tony, greenwood, colorado, independent line. what do you think, tony? caller: good morning and thanks for taking my call it. that was kind of a scary night when you think about it. on the one hand you have the white house correspondents and it's all about the first amendment and the need for the press to be free and critical f the president, for all
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americans to bring whatever story to all americans, not just his followers or somebody else's followers but everybody. and then on the other side, he's out there touting all the things he's gotten done for his -- the people who voted for him and they're even looking blindly now. he hasn't accomplished what he said he's going to do for them. he's not even really trying. what's scary is his followers are blindly following him even when he -- there's not going to be a wall. he's not going to get his tax plan through. why they even would support his tax plan when trillions of dollars are going to go to the top 2% and i hazard to guess nobody in that audience of his last night is in the top 2%. this is getting scary. people are blindly following him down a path while he attacks the media, who is critical of him, and calling it
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all fake media. between the two events last night, it's actually a scary time for america. host: what's next, where does this lead to, do you think? caller: i followed politics in history for a long time and we have no precedent in this country for it. we have no precedent. i guess what we have to hope for is that the press, the congress, you know, the investigative committees, the f.b.i., that these groups continue just bringing the facts to the public. we have to hope that our system is strong enough with its checks and balances to not let him do severe damage to this country. and if he's indeed guilty, and some of his people are going to absolutely go to prison unless he pardons them. that's all that would save people like flynn right now. this is not me being hyperbolic. i voted republican and democrat
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back and forth for the past 30 years. but he's a dangerous guy. host: i'm going to let you go and get other voices in including bill from the independent line. where are you calling from? caller: from wisconsin. host: very good to hear from you from wisconsin. go ahead, bill. caller: i've never seen a president lie as much as this one. he's lied more in 100 days in all the 45 presidents put together. host: what has he lied about specifically, bill? caller: for crumb's sakes, start with the the buses that went to new hampshire and voted , lied about obama tapping his phones and lied about england tapping his phones. it's just lies. every other day it's a lie. just constant lies. host: that was the voice of bill. we'll get other phone calls in
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with a different viewpoint in at our facebook page. donna writes about the president. he's worked so hard to keep his promises. he'll go down in history as the only president in history that tried to keep his campaign promises and platform as his biggest agenda, thank you, president trump, you are a great president and the majority of the states totally love you. thanks for staying in personal touch with us in your rallies. god bless this wonderful american. this comment from max a little bit below. he did drain the swamp, he writes, right into his bank accounts. got to give him that. christopher on the line from ann arbor, michigan. democratic caller. welcome to the program, christopher. caller: thank you to getting me. i'm a bit nervous. host: take your time. caller: usually when i speak to my daughter i have so much to say about trump but let me say that i'm very frustrated, very disappointed. obviously i did not vote for him, being a democrat at the
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same time. i see the arguments with what was said about hillary clinton. i still feel she would have been a better president. than he is. i think her time, her experience, her connection and sly with her husband his successful candidacy when he was the president would have been very helpful. but with trump, you know, i just feel that he doesn't get it. as if he's found a segment of the population -- interesting enough, poor white men, interesting enough. yes, women, and i think in
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my estimation some part of a racist part of our country and , a as found a place comfortable place for him and really, has torn this country and is tearing this country apart. host: that is ann arbor, michigan. let's go to san diego. thanks for joining us, rose yan, on the democrats line. the president says i have kept my promise so far. what do you think? caller: i think he's lying like he always does or he's completely delusional. i agree with the caller from colorado. i agree with the caller from ann arbor. i don't know what to say about this guy. he just says whatever he thinks he wants to believe and, you know, expects everybody else to believe it, too.
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it would be funny except it's really, really scary. i don't think he's in utopia with it. host: thank you for calling. we'll continue to take your calls and continue to hear from the president in a moment, another attack on the media. but a little bit of flavor from harrisburg. this is "the new york times" piece. this is where they use the word "savage." trump savages the news media in a rally to celebrate his 100th day in the office. after a turbulent day in the white house, mr. trump spent the past weeks celebrating his achievement of his first 100 days but saturday it took on a darker hue filled with anger and touched on unfair trade deals and a corrupt washington establishment. to some extent mr. trump's red meat tone may have been a political necessary.shore up his base after a week in which he vacillated on budget conversations on immediately
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financing the border wall and his waivering drew charges from conservative radio hosts that he was a flip-flopper. the president's attack on the news media started earlier in the day. here's a tweet we want to show you from yesterday before the dinner happened. he said on twitter that the, quote, mainstream fake media refuses to state their long list of achievements including 28 legislative signings, strong borders and great optimism. that's what he sent prior to his speech and the white house correspondents dinner from last night. here's a little bit of what the president had to say last night about the media as he continued his attack in the first part of that speech yesterday. president trump: a large group and llywood actors washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom
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in our nation's capital right now. [video] president trump: they are gathered together for the white house correspondents dinner without the president. and i could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more the 00 miles away from washington swamp spending my evening with all of you, and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people. host: here is a follow-up headline in politico, whca, the correspondents speech rips his
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response to delegitimatize the media from mr. trump. we'll hear from mr. mason in a moment. but let's get in another caller, joe from charleston, south carolina, independent caller. thanks for waiting, joe. caller: happy to wait. listen, i'm trying to stay on topic unlike other people. i'm an independent and voted for darryl castle for president and trump's in there and i'm going to try to see what happens and wait it out. as far as his attempt to keep promises and that's what they are, attempts. what can you say? he's trying to get the border wallop. i don't think it will happen. i didn't necessarily agree with that. he's trying to enforce federal law with regard to illegal immigration and trying to penalize sanctuary cities for housing, people who may be, let's face it, whether illegal -- possibly illegal but maybe dig deeper into crime. militarily, he's reached out and within 100 days he said
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hey, you're not going to mess with us. we're going to bomb you and get into people who kill little babies with sarin gas. we can talk about obamacare. he's made an attempt to have a change and immediately tried to remove the mandate, to actually take it out when you don't want insurance. you can just go on and on. he's attempting to do the things that he did promise. i don't know what else you can say. i'm hoping some of the things do go through. i never, ever liked the affordable care act. i have a son who is deeply impacted negatively financially about affordable care act because of the high deductibles. it needs to be modified. there are a number of issues he's going to be fought on. he did good with gorsuch and failed on flynn. let's face it. host: let me ask you a question "the new york times" lead story has a story on the president, he's remaking the presidency but is being changed as well at the same time.
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what do you think about that? caller: i think so. let's face it, he tried to go in as an outsider and stay an outsider. by the way, he did that last night. but at some point, i hate to use the word -- he's going to have to -- let's see, establish a -- i don't know. establish some political diplomacy or he's not going to get anywhere. he has to learn how to be a politician. he's not done that yet. by the way, a tax plan. he wanted to change the tax plan. do people don't understand how we flourished under clinton because money was freed up and flowed throughout the country to different industries. you have a 0% tax rate for married couples, from 50-100, 10% and 100-200, 20% and over that 25%. that leads to a lot of disposable income that will flow through this country and pull goods off the shelves and those goods have to be replaced by other workers at some
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factory in another part of the country and will have jobs and buy stuff. it flows. that's the way you stimulate an economy to get people's spendable income. there may be some bumps in the road but i think it's a very positive thing. host: all right, joe. thanks for calling. let's hear from tabitha from youngstown, ohio. democratic caller. good morning. caller: hello, good morning. host: the president said he kept his promise in 100 days. what's your reaction? caller: honestly, i can't think of anything he's done that would be positive. he's actually broken so many promises. for instance, like the pipelines where he said it was going to be all american steel. come to find out there's big russian import of russian steel, specifically for that. but, you know, that's just a little thing in comparison to all the horrible things he's doing. he's attacking the first amendment, like last night.
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he's trying to defund a number of programs like meals on wheels, pbs, npr. it's scary what he's doing. and he's already made attacks on reproductive rights. i can't remember exactly which executive order it was. it was towards the beginning where he made it illegal for them to fund abortions or anything lieu the a.c.a. and that kind of flew under the radar. he'll continue these attacks on domestic issues, on our rights, scaling back our rights. he's just terrifying. host: as a democrat, what do you think the posture should be of democrats in congress? should they work with him and negotiate where they can or just block, what should the posture be? caller: i think they should work with him and negotiate where he's willing to be reasonable and where the other republicans are willing to be reasonable. i definitely think people should try to work together and
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come to agreements on things but at the same time, if they're not going to be reasonable, they should definitely block and be very vocal about why they're blocking and make a big to-do about it. because rye now the only way we're going to nail him is legislatively. the protests are wonderful but the republicans are dismissing them out of hand and ridiculing them so they're not really making the impact people want them to so the only way we'll really get him is true the -- through the legislative process and investigations but even that won't be effective until we have more people in the house and senate and that's not going to happen until 2018. but in the meantime, we're doing what we can -- i'm sorry, they're doing what they can and people are resisting as much as they can. but really, it's just -- i lost my train of thought. host: thank you. we do get the point.
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we want to get some other voices in here including carol from twitter who says we need to have patience. yes, indeed, we should give our president more of a chance. here's the headline again in politico, the head of the correspondents association ripping trump's attempts to the media. firing back they write against anti-media rhetoric during the introductory speech saturday. he spoke in harrisburg ripping the media. jeff mason spoke last night at the dinner. here's a look. [video] >> we cannot ignore the rhetoric that's been deployed by the president about who we are and what we do. freedom of the press a building block of our democracy. undermining that by seeking to delegitimatize journalists is containing dangerous to a healthy republic.
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holding leaders accountable is who we are. e are not fake news. we are not failing news organizations. and we are not the enemy of the american people. host: politico reminds us trump is the first president to miss the event in 1981 when ronald reagan was recovering from gunshot wounds following that assassination attempt. jimmy carter skipped the dinner twice in his four-year term and richard nixon passed it three times out of his six opportunities to return. also celebrities, the 2016 dinner, president obama's last featured actors will smith, connie britton, kerry washington, emma waltson, rachel mcadams, quarterback
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tony romo and model kendall jenner among others. trump himself attended the 2011 dinner where he was roasted by obama and host seth meyers. this year former secretary of state madeleine albright and civil rights leader al sharpton and "stranger things" actor matthew modine were among the more famous faces in attendance according to politico. as far as both events, can you watch the president's speech in harrisburg at and watch coverage of the dinner from last night online. you can also watch on tv. so today at noon, we will show the president's speech right here on c-span and at 2:00, another airing of the white house correspondents dinner. lots of opportunities on tv and online to see the action from last night. joey has been waiting in fayetteville, north carolina, on the republican line. caller: my god, i've been waiting 15 minutes and waiting for two democrats in a row. host: glad to have you.
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caller: here's what i have. i can't believe you still use politico as a source. host: how come? aller: having found they colluded with the clinton campaign in the last election. remember glenn, and what he did? trump's doing a great, great, great job. making america great again. especially after obama. he's ruined this country, you know. he divided us along the lines of race, religion, gender and really screwed this country up. but that's all i have. thanks. host: thanks for calling, joey. let's hear from paul from dallas, texas, independent caller. the president said i kept my promise. what do you think? caller: well, i don't believe he did. i don't believe he's kept hardly anything, like the lady said before, about the pipeline, we're supposed to use american steel. i think he backed off of that. but about last night, there's a
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saying they used to have, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and i think mr. trump got out of the kitchen last night. he couldn't stand the heat in washington so he got out of there. because i think last year or the year before president obama took him to task and teased him mercifully. host: what is it about being in the washington bubble as it were? caller: i don't think he knows who the people are. he's not one of the people. like a few years ago we had the governor from massachusetts, romney. he said he wanted to be one of the people, also. but romney never was one of the people. he's never been where they are. trump's never been where they are. he doesn't know what it is to go from paycheck to paycheck. he's never had to do that.
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he can't sympathize for that. as he said he went to drain the swamp. he hasn't craned the -- drained the swamp but put them in charge of the cabinet. the people that took the country apart economically in 2008 are now in charge of the cabinet. host: let's move on to kimberly in washington, p.a. republican caller. hi, kimberly. are you there? let's try one more time. kimberly, are you there? caller: hello. host: glad to have you. go right ahead. caller: i hear a lot of negativity. but what people are failing to see or understand is that with every new president he brings in his own people but the swamp is always there. so the sheer fact he's not a politician, i appreciate that. he can't be swayed to share in the pork and all that crap that
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they do. as far as the media, long before mr. trump, we've known they weren't always honest and seen it throughout the years, every time you turn around they're messing up but they never, ever apologize. they just go on like nothing happened. as far as his promises, he has kept his promises. he has attempted to do exactly what he said and he keeps getting blocked just like with the judges blocking the border and all that other stuff, he can only do so much and we all know that. to just blame one president because the rest of the congress seen it and the establishment won't go along with him and blocks him, you can't blame him for that. host: jeff from lee, massachusetts, on the democrats line. hi, jeff. caller: how are you doing? host: good. how are you? caller: so far so good. one thing i have to say is that he's nothing but a liar and a phony because he says make america great again, bring jobs
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back to america. well, shouldn't start with bringing his jobs back to america and closing his feans overseas? host: thank you for calling. the president finishes his op-ed in the post today by writing this, no longer will we listen to the same failed voices of the past who brought us nothing but war overseas, poverty at home and a loss of companies, jobs and wealth to countries that have taken total advantage of the united states. the white house is once again the people's house and i'll do everything in my power to be the people's president, to safely, loyally and champion those who love this nation and call this god blessed land their home. writing in the op-ed section of "the washington post" that trump has kept his promises to the people. we'll go to a bit of the flavor from the dinner last night but let's hear what the comedian had to say about last night's
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correspondents dinner. >> for those of you who do not know me, i'm a correspondent on the daily show on comedy central. [video] >> i see some of you whispering, what is comedy central? it's basically an internship for netflix. i'd like to thank jeff mason and the white house correspondents association for having me. i would say it's an honor to be here but that would be an alternative fact. it is not. no one wanted to do this so of course it lands in the hands of an immigrant and that's how it always goes down. no one wanted this dwig, no one. don rickles died so you wouldn't ask him to do this gig, all right? done rickles, only one with skin enough to take a joke like that. host: now to judy who is a columnist on the hill.
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so without the president there last night, how did the dinner go, what was the mood in the room? guest: it was more low key than years past and i've covered a lot of these dinners and was very mellow, maybe even borderline comatose, i hate to ay it. but you heard hassan did bring the energy in his bit. and some of the most biting criticism of the media itself which before that was and the g itself first apartment. host: who was in the crowd? judy: a lot of hollywood stars opted not to come as they have in years past and seeing the likes of george clooney and tabloid fixtures like kim kardashian and lindsay lohan, none of that this time around. the big star was madeleine albright. she was talking to a lot of
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reporters ahead of the dinner. but that kind of forced journalists to have to talk to each other which is kind of a foreign concept for a lot of us. not that many hollywood stars this time around. host: any members of congress? judy: many members of congress showed up despite president trump saying he wasn't attending and no one from the trump administration attending either. i saw susanne collins there, and we saw a lot of lawmakers attending but not as many in years past at the same time. although it was a soldout dinner, it definitely was sparser in the hallways, usually, it's kind of packed like sardines trying to get by, they have cocktail parties ahead of the dinner and none of that this year. host: how do you see future dinners playing out? remind us of the real purpose of the dinner as stated by the
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correspondents association? but moving forward how do you see the dinners shaping up without the president again? judy: we talked to the white house correspondents association president jeff mason who said this year was really going to go back to the dinner's roots and show that the dinner is a celebration not of the presidency but of the press and the first amendment. and we certainly saw that with carl bernstein was a keynote speaker last night, giving a long explanation and lecture on journalism. i think, you know, for the next four years it may be more of that. we may not see that celebrity element we've seen in years past and it's kind of this crazy, wild weekend, which i also should note it's something that a lot of folks welcome. they said the celebrities took away from the true meaning of the event, they were distracted. some people are very pleased by the fact that it has turned
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into a more serious affair. host: there was another event in town yesterday something called the not the white house correspondents dinner, samantha bee organized that. what was it like? judy: i had a busy day yesterday. host: you did. judy: it was an hour long show and it was more of an extension of her pbs show where she's sharply critical of the president, like hassan manage who was critical of the press and saving some of her most biting criticism not for president trump but for the way he's covered. ally taking issue with screening matches on different cable networks between these pundits and really taking the media to task while also saying how much he appreciates the role of the media and the important role that the press plays. host: finally, where does this
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debate between the president and the media go from here? what do you see coming in the future? judy: well, as with many things with this president, you don't really know what could be coming so i won't play the guessing game. he said next year he absolutely in his words would attend the correspondents association dinner. he said he didn't attend this year because he didn't feel like he was being treated fairly by the press. i don't know that's going to change next year but we'll be wouching. host: judy kurtz "in the know" cole insist for the hill. thanks to getting early to talk to us about the review. judy: great to speak with you. host: 25 minutes left with your comments and tweets and facebook postings on this headline to the op-ed piece in the "washington post," in my first 100 days, the president says, i have kept my promise to the american people. easton, pennsylvania, dave is hanging on to the independent
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line. good morning. caller: thanks so much for c-span. i would like everybody that's listening just to have patience. this man has never been elected to any office. all he knows is real estate. and he's had tremendous amount of success and failure. and i think what's most troubling is the fact that his russian connection, the cabinet's connections with russia is what troubles me. now, i understand it's only 100 days and they're weeding verybody out but as far as particularly the russian connection is the reasoning. and i hope he doesn't get impeached but want the american people to embrace and be patient. he's never had an elected office. and what's really worrisome is that he says it's the hardest job now.
7:36 am
now he's changing his tune from confident to, i wish i had my old life back. that's all i wanted to say. host: thanks a lot. let's move to phil in chicago on the line for republicans. hey, phil. caller: good morning. host: what would you like to say? caller: i just wanted to say that i think donald trump has tried very hard to do all the things that he's promised to do but i don't ever remember in history somebody -- one of the presidents being harassed as much as he has from the day that he got into office up until now. and the other point i wanted to make was i don't understand why everybody's all up in arms about the president coming into the white house with money. to me it seems to be the bigger concern would be leaving the office with a lot of money like the clintons and all the other politicians. they shouldn't get rich off
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being politicians. they're there for the public. they're there to do their job, not to get rich. thank you. host: thanks for calling. i want to remind folks of the phone lines out there, republicans call 202-748-8001. that's your number to take part in the conversation. democrats, 748-8000, independents, 202-748-8002. we look forward to more of your calls. david at twitter says it's been 100 days, donnie boy and you haven't released your taxes. you said you would. liar. guy is calling now in falls city, washington. democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. i'd like to put a different slant on this. what the press is not informing the public what congress is doing. and they're using trump as a smoke screen because if public knew what congress was doing,
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they'd realize that trump has no peace whatsoever and the press so be telling the public what congress is doing not what trump is doing. host: thank you for calling. sheila is on the line from thousand oaks, california, another early riser. you're on the independent line, go ahead. caller: hi. why have we become such a nation of harsh, negative, judgmental people from both sides? being an independent, you know, i'm not playing the blame game but looking at it from both side. i can put myself in the and hut f a democrat myself in the seat of a republican. but being an independent is a more fair observation because i don't want to be emotionally involved in, you know, fighting and so much hate from both sides.
7:39 am
why can't we come together as a nation? hy can't we love each other? we've gone through so much together but politick is dividing us. we've gone through so many motivational trainings in our life and the loving relationship trainings but yet we're destroying each other with words. host: how do you get there? how do you get to the place where you think we should be? caller: i think i've experienced both side. i was a democrat most of my life and i felt like i was recruited from s.d.s. when i was in high school and being young you think you know everything but you don't have the experience yet but yet you have everything else going and you think you know that you have a better perspective. and i think the younger generation, the millenials
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voting now don't have the experience of the older people and yet they're not willing to respect the experience of the older people that have gone through demonstrations and vietnam and burning the draft cards and women's liberation and sexual freedom and all the things that we've gone through from the 19 50's to the 1960's and 1990's and now the 2000's and are not willing to take direction from the people with the experience. we want to vicariously think we have the answers and we're not even looking for the real experience. the wisdom comes from the experience. host: thank you for calling. laura, you've been waiting in troy, michigan, on the republican line. hi. caller: good morning. i am one of those old people sheila just made reference to. i have kept my
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promise is the same way that he lks about the huge size of his crowd, the repeal and replace. 'm really disappointed because i think this man is living in la la land. he's surrounded himself with friends and i think a lot of his friends that stand up for him are probably people that he's done business with. but what has struck me with a lot of disappointment is his talk about i'm going to help the small man. and when his monetary solutions came out, helping the small man was no estate tax. i don't know how many people realize now that you don't pay an estate tax on the first $5 million. so that really narrows the
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crowd down. then we have the alternate minimum tax that means if it's a different method of scoring your tax but sectionly what -- but essentially what it does is make you pay some small amount in comparison to really what you have learned. -- you have earned. and i'm surprised the president doesn't ask himself the question, why are all these huge crowds? what is that saying to me? what can i do? but he goes blissfully on. last night the speech in pennsylvania, really, i saw that as kind of i'm going to show you guys how popular i am. but did part of that watch the correspondents
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speech. wonderful. the speech honored people that write profound articles, things that people should know about, not castigating them and saying you don't know, you're ignorant, you're all kinds of bad things, which these people are not. and they have a very hard job. the speaker last night was hilarious. and guess what? i don't think anybody even missed the president not being there. host: thanks for calling, laura. chris easton about the hyundai mark. the 100 day standard doesn't have implications beyond a disposable news cycle. most analysts contemplate history 15 minutes at a time. not a single voter will go to the polls on day 1,384 of the trump administration and pull the lever for the other guy because trump didn't come through 1,284 days before. only if he didn't come through
7:44 am
in the days thereafter either. in the weekly standard. diana is calling from trenton, new jersey. as we look at "the washington post," steve broadner has this series of car soons labeled 100 days. you see various figures involving the trump administration and the stories involved, everybody from paul and rt to vladimir putin they show a rocket perhaps indicating north korea. we'll take a look at this while we take our next call. go ahead, diane. caller: thanks for taking my call. i agree with everything the lady just said. she practically said exactly what i'm going to say. i'll leave it at that but remind people when president obama was president, that the congress and the senate said they weren't going to do anything to help him get bills passed and they didn't. now everybody is all upset now
7:45 am
with the republicans because the democrats feel the same way. same thing they did to president obama they're doing to president trump. stop having an attitude about it. you didn't complain about it because they were doing it to him but now complaining about it because they're doing it to the president now. host: thanks for calling. beth is on the line from johnson city, tennessee. hi, beth. caller: how are you today? host: i am fine. caller: i think this is germane to the question you asked. trump passing legislature to me is sort of like a guy that goes to play a baseball game and only brings his cap. literally, what they present as far as the linda cohn bill, it's not passable. so the rest of the executive orders and, you know, a lot of confusion. as far as, you know, the wall goes, that's not going to
7:46 am
happen. and basically to me everything he promised was a pipe dream without any, you know, laying of the bricks. he didn't know what he was going to do. i'm going to drain the swamp or whatever, you know, i'm taking the snakes out but then the rats come in and now he's going to -- the thing about russia and the investigation, the holding of documents, and people say well, he's learning on the job. sure, we all do learn on our jobs but he should be held at a different standard when you're the president of the united states. you should be held as an exemplary standard not ok he might be able to do it. he himself even advises that he misses his old life and his choices, his picks are beyond the pale of ridiculous. host: thank you for calling, beth. we're down to our last 10 minutes. i want to get other voices in. "washington post" headline,
7:47 am
trump's complex the next 100 days. the president will target tax reform and jobs. republicans warn of challenging times ahead. we should point out congress goes back in session tomorrow, both the house and senate. main funding will be government funding and they signed an approved one-week extension of government funding through this coming friday. this coming week. and they have to take the next step and do a bill for the rest of the budget years. you can watch action in the house and senate on c-span and c-span 2. "the new york times" has that headline about remaking the presidency, referring to president trump but he has changed, too, they write in his first 100 days in power the president has transformed the nation's highest office into a profound and mundane, pushing traditional boundaries, ignoring long-standing protocol and restoring the white house and restoring it in his own image.
7:48 am
the president's advisors say it's changed him. till a mercurial and a provocateur, cable of head spinning, mr. trump adapted to the do and -- job and the challenges it entails. as washington pauses for the evaluation of the opening phase, one thing everybody agrees on, for better or worse the capital is headed deep in unchartered testimony and in every one of these first 100 days mr. trump said something that caused historyians and seasoned professionals inside the bellway to use the phrase "never before." thomas is on the line from aurora, illinois. good morning, thomas. caller: good morning, everybody. ne of the biggest threats with trump being president is the promises that he makes and breaks. for instance, every now and then when there's a headline about the air quality and
7:49 am
global warming or the water, trump promises to fix the water in the air and his actions are just the opposite of what he says. he keeps on talking about how he's going to deregulate all and says ations that's going to increase jobs. all that is is sabotage. trump is a corporate saboteur who has conned his way into the white house. for instance, he promises to clean up the environment. he's such a wire. it's getting worse. i live 40 miles west of chicago and love the lakefront of chicago. but just across, we can see it on a clear day, we can see gary, indiana, and there are a lot of refineries in gary, indiana. and mike pence as governor of ry indiana, he increased the
7:50 am
amounts of chemicals and all kinds of junk they dump in lake michigan that comes to the chicago lakefront and the rest of the cities that have like fronts, i'd say lake michigan, and those corporations, they cooperate with each other and a lot of this chemicals in the ater is more than just convenient for them and putting themselves with cancer for profit and all the industries who are really the dark side, they're expecting together and ausing cancer. cancer for profit. host: the caller mentioning climate issues. one more headline from the 2,000 people, the official march for d.c. for climate yesterday. an event we covered live. watch it again at 10:30 a.m. this morning eastern time on c-span or watch it any time
7:51 am
online at some of the shots with the washington monument in the background. lots of different rallies in the cities as well. "boston globe," thousands rally to demand action on climate change. one of many such events in the country and marking the 100th day of the presidency, quote, we are here today because there is no planet b said the everend white-hammond in jamaica plain of the bethel a.m.e. church. climate change affects all, according to her in an interview before the rally. liberals or conservatives, black or white, we'll all go down together said white-hammond. let's go back to the phones. patrick, south hadley, massachusetts, democratic caller. the president says he has kept his promise after 100 days. what do you think?
7:52 am
caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm not concerned with president trump's political promises as i am simply with the promises that he made when he took the oath of office. and the institutional process of upholding the constitution and working and living by the law. i think in response to an earlier caller's response in regards to finances, that clearly has not been the case. the issue not so much whether you come in with a lot of money or little money, i don't care if you come in rich or not. the issue is whether you continue to make money and make money from the oofs. and i think mr. trump is clearly making money from the office. i think it's also worthwhile to look at how much money he's spending on himself while in office in terms of travel in comparison to what he's saving the taxpayer. i'm also very concerned with regard to foreign intervention
7:53 am
in his election which would mean he's not concerned which would be a scary thing. and i'm very concerned that the republicans control washington right now. they control the f.b.i. potentially with comey and they control the house, the senate, and nothing's happening, at east very quickly, about that. and don't know if they'll take is t seriously since they have the re nimbings s from power. host: a story, trump pressuring south korea on missiles and nukes and he said in a tv interview that will be aired today on "face the nation" believes china's president is putting pressure on north korea as it pursues its missile and nuclear weapons programs and when asked if it means military action, at some point because the president said he won't be happy if another nuclear test happens. he says, i don't know. we will see.
7:54 am
and he points out at the mid range ballistic missile failed shortly after launch. a little bit of an update on that story. hearing more from the president later. eric is in rockford, illinois, republican caller. i, eric. caller: the enthusiasm of getting stuff done is donald trump and with that said, i'd like to repeat something that was said a few years ago, the biggest lie ever told by a president was if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. and if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. none of that is true. everybody lost their insurance or their doctors in illinois, doctors are leevening -- leashing by the thousands and so are the people from illinois because in illinois it's very bad. the tax plan. the tax plan does not just favor the rich.
7:55 am
$25,000 is the proposed standard deduction for a married couple. that means the first $24,000 or $25,000, i'm not exactly sure which it is, is yours free and clear, no taxes. so i guess if you are one of those people that get like an $8,000 tax refund when you didn't pay anything in, then it wouldn't favor you anymore. i like donald trump. if i was going to have a baby, i'd name him barron at this point. host: eric, thank you for calling. a look back at the white house correspondents dinner, they chose this as mare headline, hassan manage, jeff sessions is racist who uses the n word. sandra from alabama. caller: and i think donald trump is a very wise man of honor.
7:56 am
spite the democratic congressmen who are blocking im and also the democrats paid protesters and george soros to fight against everything he does. but i just -- he's just great for this job and would vote for him again tomorrow if he ran. and he just -- i don't know. as far as insurance, i hear so much. america does not owe us citizens insurance. it's up to us to get an education and get a job that provides insurance like it used to be. and when it was like that, there were hospitals and doctors and for the people who did not have it had charity wards and they helped and nobody was left behind. but this making like it's up to the united states to give us our insurance, that's wrong. that is so wrong. this is not a nation of -- i
7:57 am
don't know. it's just not america no more but maybe it will turn to america. host: let's try will now, memphis, tennessee. will, on the democrats line. next-to-last call. go ahead, will. caller: yes, i thank you. m a democrat but i don't however vote democratic anymore because i'll tell you why i don't vote democratic anymore. i don't vote democratic anymore because these liberals are taking over this country. we never should have had a colored president. that's the mistake we made. and i tell you what we need to do, steve banon is right in his position. we need to put these mexicans and these colored in their place. host: i'm going to let you go, caller, and get one last call from angus in charlotte, north carolina. a democratic caller.
7:58 am
what do you say? aller: i am a democrat but i would vote a republican were i impressed. i want to say just a few things about the president. he was introduced to the nation with the most vulgar and terrible things to say about women, number one. this was the first i'd heard of him. i was shocked that anyone after that would have been interested in having him represent us in the united states as boastful and proud as we are and righteous as we are and to have so glib and loose at the tongue, so low in character to become the president was a shock to me. i was shocked to know that so many people voted for him and
7:59 am
then i realized that most of them were white. less than m were middle class. educated than the others. less prone to understand the and isdom of a president he voted for him because was this person who could get out and say all kind of things, rally up a crowd and say nothing, really. i think a president who is capable of leading the country should know something about politics to begin with. and certainly a little more nations in he europe who are for us and who
8:00 am
are against us. this is just a common thing that someone would study if they were running for the presidency it. host: thank you for calling from charlotte, north carolina. thanks to everybody who called. two hours left in this sunday edition of "washington journal." coming up in a few minutes, the author who was a former health and human services deputy secretary under president george w. bush and talk about president trump's first 100 days in office with tevi troy another alk with guest with. this program runs 10:00 a.m. today newsmakers and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. this week as protesters marched in d.c. on climate issues, newsmakers interviewed the chairman of the house natural resources committee, congressman rob bishop of utah and asked what the fe


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