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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 1, 2017 11:32am-12:00pm EDT

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on the agenda are several bills dealing with exchange commission regulations and a bill to expand sanctions on north korea. you can watch live coverage from the house core. at some window, a look of today's washington journal with more details on the federal spending bill. good monday morning. you can circle in you now for your reaction on the budget deal. up late lastwas night after this deal was reached. tweeting about this budget deal. breaking this down for you. the omnibusdown spending bill. congress must pass that bill before friday's deadline in order to avert a government shutdown.
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for those following, congress is using the hr act by congressman tok as a legislative vehicle move the 1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. breaking down the topline there is no border wall money. aere is no budget cut for sanctuary. it keeps the funding for planned parenthood and there is money for the defense spending. -- that storyoday is covered republican leaders. they bowed to democratic demands. -- both ofrbing these were rebuffed in the spending bill.
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this is over the provision about abortion. trump will include additional spending for the pentagon. plan for thew islamic state. but it does fall short for the money you originally requested. point -- billion dollars for security. but it does not include the wall. there are new restrictions for the money going to sanctuary cities. money's goingew to century cities. we want to hear your thoughts on the spending bill. it will avert a government shutdown.
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if you more details from the washington post story. one particular note, the package $61 million to reimburse local agencies for the cost of protecting trump when he travels. that is involved for the spending talk. and -- theer appropriations committee. that is the ranking member there. i do want to hear from you. democrats and independent collars.
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bill to appropriate this in the fiscal year. and in the breakdown of this we have the appropriations bill. we have a total of $4.4 billion. that includes the salary that has been in place since 2010. the package provides funding necessary for the upgrades to the system. and an investment in security. the has of representatives founded at 1.19 billion dollars. the different agencies of capitol hill include the united states capitol police force, three under 93.3 million dollars. we'll keep breaking down this deal for you. we do want to get to your calls. tom is up next. tom?
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you know, the democrats to keep forcing out funding eliminate illegal immigration including the wall. and i think the hispanic population needs to know one thing. they are being used by the democratic party for political reasons. walley had only funded the and done things to stop illegal immigration, there may be comprehensive immigration reform dating back maybe a dozen years ago. of thosek of all years. all the democratic party had to thats buy into the idea immigration would be completely stopped. the border patrol tells us with regard to the wall that they can't be everywhere at one time. and that is the fantasy of the democratic plan for the border.
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the: do you think trump and republicans -- caller: if they detect one or two coming across the wall, even if they are detected, immigration forces can't get to all of those people at one time. host: do you think trump and the republicans should have fought more for funding for the wall to get that project moved down on the u.s.-mexico border in the week before we have the next government shutdown. caller: the hispanic population in this country needs to understand one thing. they will not give comprehensive immigration reform until the illegal immigration is stopped in the country. and until that happens, the democratic party will pretend to be their friend. and really, they are blocking comprehensive immigration reform. all you have to do is say -- we will stop illegal immigration to
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ins party -- to this country a defined and strong way. and comprehensive immigration reform will happen. host: we go to burke in new york on the line for democrats. good morning. go ahead. david shulkin: -- caller: my opinion on the wall is that trump has a good idea. senator cruz has suggested that we use the money that we of -- he is notrom using it, why don't we put it to good use? build a wall. and give the money to the president and everything is fine. i have another thing for you as well. abortion.
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i think all women should be taking care of up to and not -- i say, not -- to have an abortion. they could go to a doctor. or these clinics that say they don't have abortion that i disagree with that. host: all right. on the border security funding, $1.5 billion included in this spending bill for additional border security. can't noted, that money go towards building a wall on the u.s.-mexico border. the washington post notes that the money succumbs -- the money comes with a security to be used for technology investments and repairs to existing fencing and infrastructure. the details of this 1700 page
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spending deal is coming out overnight. we are trying to go through it this morning for you. and we want to hear your comments, as we do. , republicans and independent collars. is $1.1 trillion deal to keep the government running through the end of september. jim is up next in delaware. good morning. caller: good morning. thatnk trump should demand ryan redesign. it is pitiful. there is no spine in these guys. there is no fight in these people. it is kicking the can down the road. they have done nothing but obstruct. i am talking about the republicans. trump has to stand up and say, listen, we have to take action here. this is an embarrassment to america.
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it makes washington happy but for the rest of the country, it is telling them that the election doesn't matter. so i think trump has to stand up and be strong and demand that ryan resign and get rid of mccarthy and get new blood in the republican party because they are not enforcing any sort obstructionism. host: why is that? you don't think the republican leadership is supporting the president enough? don't think they're supporting him at all. they are part of the swamp that he is trying to drain but they are trying to hold on to whatever benefit they have. the washington-metropolitan area and it has to stop. right, let's go to cannes. can, good morning. i think wally, street should demand that such
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negotiations regarding the budget be suspended until the president discloses his tax records. thank you. host: jane in new york, a republican. good morning. caller: i think paul ryan should go. and i think chuck schumer should go. wake up people. this president isn't getting anything. president could the do to get more support on capitol hill? what do you want to see from him? caller: they should change the regime. paul ryan has done nothing. and i have been in new york state all my life. and chuck schumer is the worst. vote him out. you think the president should campaign against republicans to make that happen? if it needs be then switch it happened.
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host: a couple of other details from the spending bill. this is from the hill newspaper story about it. to be voted onds includes money to permanently extend health benefits for minors. that was a top priority for joe manchin from west virginia and brown from ohio. and the republican leadership of the appropriations committee wrapup of this deal, they note workers relief for mine -- it would have expired on may 5. and now it is permanently extended. the united mine workers of america. the main union for workers. they earned a permanent health congress strikes that deal to avoid the shutdown. tweet fromere
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overnight before midnight. i want to get your thoughts this morning as we get the details on this $1.1 trillion deal. government, it would avert the shutdown at least until the end of september. virginia is in maryland. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you? host: i'm doing well. caller: my thoughts on the wall, they did not find it and there are newer technologies out there that are already paid for. president ofthe mexico showed, is just a waste of money. they can come over that. so i'm glad they did not fund it . host: did you vote for trump? caller: no, i did not. host: what did you think of the debate over the wall hearing everything from the republican primaries to the general election. did trump place too much of a
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priority in it? caller: no, that is the reason america is divided right now. they are hitting programs and initiatives think thoughts and programs that are useless, not cost-effective. and they're basically separating the nation, i believe. i hear these comments coming out on the wall that -- immigration is a problem and it has been since people have been coming to america irish, italian, it doesn't matter. mexican, from the middle east. it used to be that illegals came in on planes and not across the border. at the farmers in california need the labor. a tough issue. host: if you want to join the conversation on that issue and the $1.1 trillion deal to keep the government running, call the phone lines. republicans, democrats, independent collars.
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allers. there talking about it for first hour of the program. want to get your comments. victor is in florida. good morning. caller: good morning. if i look at this budget, it seems like the democrats have pretty much gotten what they wanted in the budget. and the tea party has been rejected because the tea party would bebudget that cut by one third. they want to cut the federal government by one third. ony wanted strict laws immigration, to stop immigration and to stop employers from employing illegals -- with shea don't do. this budget is a total rejection of the tea party platform and it is a very good legend for the democrats who are out of power. concerns,health care we have a big problem with health care. we pay more for health care than
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any country in the world. ranked 31st by the world health organization. we have the highest prescription drug costs in the world. congress does nothing about it. ands costing a lot of money a lot of people are in poverty in this country. people are living below the poverty line and they are not getting any help. food stamps are a disgrace. they should put the prisoners to work and let them grow the food for the poor. they don't do anything practical to help people. what they do in congress is keep donors happy and that is it. reflects the democratic values and the republicans caved because they didn't do their job in the first place. they should've have had a budget a lot earlier. they should have budgeted all 12 of the appropriations instead of going to the continuing revolutions -- continuing
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resolutions. now there is no solution from the republican party. thank you. host: bloomberg news continuing their wrapup of this spending deal. the $1 trillion deal they're talking about. overall -- they write -- it resembles an obama era budget rather than a trump won. it will be a boost reflecting the popularity of medical research a month lawmakers. manager $90 million for famine aid along with $1.1 billion as a boost for disaster recovery efforts. the epa will receive a 1% reduction in funding with no staff cuts, according to one aid e. it is a 1700 page deal released overnight and it will be voted on this week. the deadline is friday for the vote or the government will shut down.
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if this deal is passed by congress, it will fund the government through the end of september. members on both sides of the aisle have to sell this. now, the deal has been reached by leadership and appropriation numbers. the 16 house republicans to vote no on the one we continuing revolution -- continuing resolution. "it is another deal to grow the government incentive cover rising to cut spending." that is what the congressman wrote in his tweet overnight. we go to nashville, a democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. it is good to be alive. i think god we are still here. in thest thing, we are thing,ys and the second
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-- [indiscernible] it is have a treaty president obama and now they have trump in there and they are complaining. they need to stop complaining and look at how they did obama. i don't like a lot of things that are going on myself. but immigration. and the last thing i want to say -- this country has turned its back on god. that is why we have so many problems. they have turned their back on the lord, jesus christ. host: all right. aaron, you are next. good morning. go ahead. i am calling because i think they should have cut everybody 10% on this continuing resolution. why do i say that? i used to work in the federal government.
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and anytime there was not a budget passed and it look like we would be in continued resolutions, they brought up all the supplies they would need toough the year in advance ensure they maximize the budget expenditures. you could take a 10% cut in the non-dod areas and maybe we could make an effort to balance the budget a little bit. host: as a republican, republicans control the house and the senate and the white house. does it concern you they weren't the budget cutting priority? some of the steep cuts in the bill? caller: yes, it does. i don't understand. if these people are really believers in the republican thoughts then they ought to at least be capable of going along with cutting some costs. i don't know whether they don't because of the way
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that the rules are in the senate, where you could get 30 everyof speaking on , motion -- and they are afraid that chuck schumer from the democrats would manage to keep the thing sold for ever? i don't understand. i don't understand the intricacies of the system up there. but there has got to be some way moving andback to reducing some of the things that we don't need as much as other things. in radicalople muslim terrorist groups and other things going on in this world, i think we need to look out for our defense first. and then, maybe we need to look cutting some of the people
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coming into the country illegally. maybe all of them. i understand that there are people who feel sorry for these people and think they should have free access to the united states. i don't agree with that. some of my ancestors came into this country as immigrants. some of them had brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles turned away because they had tb or other diseases. some of them were turned away because they didn't meet other requirements. so why shouldn't we turn these people away? host: you talk about prioritizing defense spending. here is a release from the house appropriations committee. spending on the pentagon in this budget deal
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that came together. five injured $93 billion, an increase over 2016. more than the obama administration's request. -- noted that $516 billion of that is in discretionary spending, including an increase of $2 billion above current levels. and that is in the overseas contingency operation spending. in terms of military personnel, -- foreement includes military personnel pay. to provide for one million active-duty troops -- active-duty troops. and reserveuard troops. again, we are going into the details of this bill. want to hear you. one tweet that came into our c-span thread on this discussion
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-- "the only time the government will stop spending is during a government shutdown. it is sad but true -- taxpayers are better off with no government." two sides of the same coin." "republicans woke up this morning and found there is no difference between them and the democrats. caller: i have to laugh, you took the words out of my mouth. this last election should show the american people, without a doubt, it doesn't make any difference whether the working class puts in a republican or a democrat. in my lifetime, when there were democrats getting in, they give the money away like it is to the lower class and when the republicans get in, they give it to the richest 1%. country -- how many
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americans know that the chinese are buying our bonds and getting interest and reinvesting that money by buying up america? you go to buy any smithfield ham products the chinese own it. lock stock and barrel. when they bought smithfield, they bought thousands of acres of prime farmland in the united states of america. host: do you think this administration is going to be tough on china? caller: no, i do not. an armed white house, -- they have almost to say as much as the united states. that is the daughter and son-in-law. in the election, his son-in-law never opened his mouth. they are liberal new york democrats. host: ok, daniel is up next.
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an independent, good morning. what you think about the budget deal? caller: yes, good morning. i feel there should be the start of a new type of government. and it should be a new system. and with health care and everything that has to do with economics and everything and resources. just put a new angle on politics. even if it doesn't work and operate together. because the population is expanding. -- lways have host: what is your problem with the way the system works now? caller: it doesn't work because other countries do different things. let's say there is an epidemic or defenses, that is number one. but people, you know, if they did a census, that could be a
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way to adjust and count everybody but everything has to be done differently and work together as a whole. host: all right. john, good morning. caller: i got the impression that the $1.1 trillion had already been passed but apparently it is still in process. and i guess that is a continuing resolution? now: we are operating right on capitol hill under a continued resolution that was passed. it gives rumors of congress time to come up with a longer-term deal. this is the omnibus spending deal that they came together with. leaders and appropriators coming together to negotiate. it was released overnight. it has to be voted on and passed this week if the government is going to stay open past friday. does that make sense? caller: you mentioned the --


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