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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 2, 2017 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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later, "popular science" writer and photographer kendra. pi ♪ host: good morning. it is tuesday, may 2. the house and senate are both in at 10:00 today. and the house moves forward with that $1.1 trillion budget deal. house leaders are moving closer to taking another shot at taxing legislation to replace the affordable care act. pre-existing conditions is taking center stage as lawmakers debate -- of all applicants and the policies offered at the same price. it should people with pre-existing conditions pay more?
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phone lines this morning -- you can catch up with us on social media. a very good tuesday morning to you. you can start calling in now on this question, should people with pre-existing conditions a more on their health coverage? -- a more on their health coverage? "trump gambles on big health victory." the inside page of the "washington times" this morning. is of those latest changes .y tom mcarthur of new jersey conservative leaders of the
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house freedom caucus cut a deal according to cnn and that they are reporting on this story that will require ensures to cover those with pre-existing conditions, but unlike the mandate under obamacare, themance could charge entire rate if they allow their coverage to lapse. president trump was asked about it in interview sunday when he was on face the nation. >> what i hear you saying is pre-existing is going to be in there for everybody? >> pre-existing is going to be in there and we are going to create pools and they are going to create -- they are going to take care of -- >> everybody gets pre-existing, no matter -- >> the states are going to have a lot to do with it. if you are unique, i would rather have the federal government focused on north korea, other things than your
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knee. i would much rather see the federal government focused on other things. the state is going to be in a much better position to take care, because it is smaller. >> people with pre-existing conditions, are they worried? -- they are worried. >> we actually have -- >> they make coverage completely unaffordable. >> what is unaffordable is obamacare. looks i am not hearing you say there's a guarantee. >> we have a clause that guarantees host:. this is washington journal this morning. should people with pre-existing conditions pay more?
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we will start with john from glendale, arizona. line for republicans. caller: hello? people with pre-existing conditions should pay more -- i think the majority of those people with pre-existing conditions have made some poor diet,s in terms of their how they are taking care of themselves, whether they have .moked or drink alcohol the majority of those people with pre-existing conditions, they kind of made some poor choices. they should pay a little more. >> do you think people with pre-existing conditions should be gearing teed some form of coverage? teedr: they should begin some sort of coverage -- they should be guaranteed some sort of coverage. otherwise, it is not going to be popular.
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host: let's go to our lines for -- our line for democrats. caller: good morning. we are not going to have existing conditions in the plan. we'll be going back to the same insurance where they could charge whatever they want to. this has something to do with the plan which president trump has where the billionaires and billionaires set the price. these people are going to be extremely more wealthy. none of it is designed to help people. it is designed to say they have did something. i cannot understand and this is what i would like to put on tv one day, take all the states and the ones who are in donald trump's districts who are on medicare, medicaid, although welfare they blame the back , there are more
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hispanics and why people on welfare than black people because there are millions more. there are more hispanic kids in school and they don't need these pre-existing conditions and why people already getting medicare and medicaid because they are older on the top in's host:. -- top ends. host: let's go to sue. caller: thank you for taking my call. every single paper -- ever sickle person should call their congressman and asked if they will be opposed? people with pre-existing conditions will not be able to afford the risk pool. kaiser foundation has a report about risk pools that were in place prior to the affordable care act. it has a statement that the people could not afford the risk pool. that is a real danger. states will not be able to
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control and that will be in the hands of the insurance company. they have a history of the nine people. that is the reason we had 40 million people without health insurance. i'm a nurse. i saw the people who were denied health insurance because they were treated for outpatient -- for maternal depression. this is a disaster. people desperately need to call. they can get the number from house of representatives further congressperson. host: who is your congressperson? caller: i forget his name but i have called his office multiple times. host: with so the response have you gotten? caller: he is a republican in a republican county so he is going with party lines. this has to be about the nation. it is inhumane.
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people need to start pushing for that. it is just ridiculous that we do not have, you know? if they pass this law, canada is going to need to hold a wall across the southern border. all of the aging baby boomers will be rushing up there to try and establish residency for their health care system. the united states of america can manage to do health care. much of the cost -- 25% of health care costs are administrative because of all the rigmarole. i am on social security now just recently. i worked as a nurse for 46 years. i had some health issues. that is a part of my concern, my own health condition. but all of these aging people have this.
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you know, i get a check for .1000 after working all my life we are paying $300 a month for health insurance supplements on medicare. this system, we can do this in the united states. .ost: thanks for sharing should people with pre-existing conditions pay more for their health coverage? a couple of answers to that question on our facebook page at pamela writes in --
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several comments on our facebook page as well and on our twitter page. we will look for those. you can also call in like gary did in oregon. caller: good morning, c-span. i am beside myself with the --ple who think it is not that it is ok to charge people for pre-existing conditions. i got a form of cancer a few years ago, and it was not a lifestyle thing that caused it. my doctor explained it had nothing to do with any of that.
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the people that are saying, yeah, go ahead and charge them more money, well, i hope they don't have the same happening -- the same thing to happen to them that happened to me. they need to have something happen close to them so they can understand that spread it across to everybody. do the universal health care. that is more fair. you will spread across, everybody gets treated equally. that is my opinion on that. host: scott is in new york, line for independents. caller: thinks for taking my call and i have been calling for three months. i don't know if you guys got a thing where people -- host: we certainly don't have
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that. go ahead. caller: i have been watching you guys since 1996. the medical -- you take the money out of everything and the bad gets taken out and we had a national health care plan, if we had schools that people are in poverty but they are smart enough to become doctors but they cannot go to school because they were not born in money, but they could be doctors because they're smart enough because this have no money. we let them go to a school that is federally run. when they get their diplomas, they can go and work in these federal run hospitals, where these poor people, i had health insurance. i never used my cadillac health insurance. i don't have health insurance now. i put my faith and trust in god. i think a lot of the medical
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problems today, a lot of people are pills seeking. you would not have people going to doctors to seek drugs, getting people addicted to opiates host:. -- opiates. host: when did you drop your opiates? not pick up any action health care up. i do have a touch of skin cancer. life when jobs all my i wasn't married or even when i was married to my ex-wife that i would work outside, landscaping. things that americans don't want to do so we need illegal aliens to come and do. those jobs are the jobs i had all my life. that is what has got me through. i'm not crying to nobody. i see my skin cancer getting bigger, but we are all going to die someday.
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host: you think you're going to want insurance at some point? goesr: sometimes -- your -- years ago i was sad. i had to go to the hospital. i would have bled to death. i needed the hospital than. as far as -- i'm going to need somebody to say i am dead, to stop the bleeding. i don't go to the doctors to seek my answers. host: myra is in norton, massachusetts, a democrat. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i also am a cancer survivor. i think it is ludicrous for someone to call in and say that i developed cancer because of my lifestyle. my cancer was environmental because i grew up on long island
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, and the largest incident of breast cancer in the country is in long island because they used it spray pesticide when we were children. no history of it in my family. justther color who chose said god has chosen him to die of skin cancer, let me advise him that i have friends who have died of skin cancer and it is a horrible death. i am sorry that he has skin cancer, but i wish he would make a wise choice to go be treated. host: for folks with pre-existing conditions, this question we are asking. should they be charged more for the coverage? not, becauseutely babies could get cancer, young adults could get cancer and all kinds of mental health illnesses like bipolar.
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it is hereditary. i think it is ridiculous that people with pre-existing conditions -- because it can affect -- illness can't attack anybody. -- illness can attack anybody. host: the editorial board of the wall street journal writing --
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you want to read more, it is in today's paper. you can see it online. matilda waiting in los angeles, an independent. caller: good morning. how are you? host: doing well. caller: what you just read is a bunch of es. that is like the irs, if you're a streakmake it just -- uncomplicated deal, that means people in certain categories pay the same amount. what they are try to do is make it more complicated and the states, of course, if they have for healthot to pay
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care, of course they are not going to do it. you don't need any of these options. it just needs to be flat. people with pre-existing conditions need to have help. host: respond to jeanette on our facebook page. she writes -- caller: that is why you have insurance. they tell you that if you have insurance, they take care of all your problems. then what you have an accident, then all of a sudden the story changes. .hat happened to me i had an accident because of the city -- what the city had not done. they had not placed signage
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where there were concrete bullion's where you had to drive . so, of course, i didn't know they were there. even the police report said the city was at fault. citywe went to court, the said they were not liable. the -- what are we? p ons? they are trying to enslave everybody again, not only like people. -- not only black people. host: that is matilda in california. did you want to finish your thought? caller: people with pre-existing conditions need to be covered like everyone else and those of us who can help to pay for everybody, we should all pay for each other. host: more of your calls coming up in just a minute. we want to turn to nathaniel of
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joining us byper, phone to talk about the latest on the timing of this possible health care vote in the house. where are we as of today and when are we expecting a vote to hit the floor? guest: we are in a hurry up and wait position. there is a lot of uncertainty going on. there is no vote scheduled yet. house leadership is short fusing us as they are saying we are almost ready to vote. host: what is the magic number for house republicans? cannot count on any democratic support for any sort of replacing bill? guest: no democrats, so the magic number is between 215 or 216, so they can only lose about 22 members. right now depending on what count you look at, they had lost
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between 19 and 28 members. they are on the cusp. host: talk us through the macarthur amendment, and how the pre-existing conditions and the payment on pre-existing conditions, how that is shaping the debates this week. guest: the macarthur amendment allows states the option to opt out. they can apply for a waiver to these essential health benefit requirements. part of that, they would allow insurers to charge more. so if you have a pre-existing condition, insurers will have to encumber you -- will have to cover you, but they don't have to cover you at the same rate as someone who is healthy. if you have a pre-existing condition, you will be covered, you will likely cost and have to pay a lot more money, if you
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live in the state that gets one of these waivers. host: where the moderates on the -- on this amendment -- where are the moderates on this amendment? do they have the moderates on board? guest: no, and that is the problem. it is not even the moderates, they're losing some of the rank and file members. board.erates are not on the freedom caucus is on board and they are losing some moderates as well. host: we will continue to watch the vote count this week. the, daniel >> a, thank you for your time. time for a few more of your calls on this question. clint waiting in philadelphia, mississippi. good morning. caller: good morning.
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how are you? think you should be able to charge people more for pre-existing conditions, because it is almost certain that everyone will eventually have to use their health insurance. surchargee to do some , you would tax the healthy people. they're not having to pay to go to the doctor. then also, back to what a he quittingler said this to car insurance. you cannot make that argument, because you are required by law to have car insurance or you lose your license. if you get rid of the mandate that you cannot -- then you cannot apply that because the law is forcing people to pay into the pool is gone.
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of course you cannot afford it. ,s far as the high-risk pools look at it from a house insurance perspective. if you group together everyone that has been hit by a tornado but cannot tort -- cannot pay for it, they will not be able to, it will cost too much. if you were to do that, the non-sick people into the pools, you group a sick person into a pool of healthy people, not the other way around. those high-risk pools that you are talking about, they inld -- the states that opt would avail themselves perhaps of $100 billion of a fund set up
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to help fund those high-risk pools for those people. at least under the structure. caller: where does that money come from? andou cut out the mandate healthy people don't have to pay as much, where is that money coming from? it is coming out of thin air. it doesn't work. host: carroll on twitter writes in -- and steve writes -- steve is in dover, florida. caller: [indiscernible] the most poorest and most richest, all in the same place.
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that should be the best insurance you have. i have lived in canada for 18 years. i wanted to tell you we have to do [indiscernible] ,ou can go to europe, france germany and all those places and the government should have insurance for everybody. now you can have all insurance companies -- hello? host: i am listening. you have to watch out, the drugs company, the insurance canada andi was in this is what [indiscernible] you can say the 40 million people have insurance and 40 many people will have to work. it will not work. canada has all private insurance. they compare to each other to
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ensure -- two run insurance. host: jr is an texas. caller: good morning. this is a weird deal, because insurancess of health and health care and hospitals and doctors and all that and people if we want to cover people with existing conditions, it is a business on the insurance side but it is something when to do to take care of each other on the human side. how do you marry all of that? if somebody was living carefree lifestyle where they are drinking beer, their eating unhealthy foods and they develop something and then it is somewhat else's fault. where is the personal responsibility?
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something that happens like cancer or that is out of the norm -- if somebody lived and all healthy lifestyle -- host: where would you draw the line? caller: that is what i am trying to say. for all of us trying to make these suggestions thinking it is all one nice package, we should leave it alone. the government should get out of it and allow because of the hippocratic of. -- hippocratic oath. the government should leave it alone and let the market fix itself. those who really needed are going to find health care. nobody is going to leave them out there. they are going to find health care and the marketplace. if it is a little higher, it is not going to stay higher for longer. everybody needs some sort of health insurance. host: to headlines on the budget deal working its way through
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congress, this from the "washington post." that is from the front page. the front page of the "washington times" we will be asking our next guest of georgia, a republican, about that spending package. one other story is an op-ed in today's wall street journal from chris coons and marco rubio. every senator agrees that the u.s. must change is the headline. they write -- ex line -- they write --
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one more call on this question, should people with existing conditions pay more? ernestine is in west virginia. independent. caller: good morning and thank you for c-span. yes, i believe they do, because even with private insurance, as you get older, and older people have more problems, their insurance increases. i think that yes, people should with pre-existing conditions should pay more. that is my thought. thank you very much. host: that is going to do it


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