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tv   Health Care Law Replacement and Government Spending  CSPAN  May 2, 2017 8:00pm-8:10pm EDT

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2017 spending bill. they say the reason for that plan negotiated between the republicans and democrats is that we need 60 votes in the senate which are not there. we either elect more republican senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. our country needs a good shut down in september. to fix the mess. tweets president trump. senior staff's writer with the hill. what is the current status of the possible vote in the house this week? >> we have seen a real push from the white house and from gop leadership. both would like of vote this week. who iscally donald trump still awaiting his first major legislative victory. after passing his 100 day mark over the weekend. as it looks right now, they don't have the votes. i was told by congressman frank lucas of oklahoma that, if they
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did had the votes, we would be on the floor within half an hour. so far that has not happened. there were two significant gop defections this week. -- a long, us conservative conservative. and fred upton, one of the key voices who was pushing obamacare repeal over the last several years. both have said they could not support the bill because of what they said it would gut protection for people with pre-existing conditions. those were a 1, 2 punch for gop leadership this week. it looks as though the vote is heading in the wrong direction from what the gop leaders would like. >> as we speak, we are looking at the headline at the saying there are 22 no votes. issue thatto be an is concerning a number of
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members. >> it is specifically members who are from a more moderate district. elong is a conservative, though. that was surprising and unexpected. essentially, this stems from an amendment or deal that was struck between the tuesday group chairman, tom mcarthur of new jersey, and mark meadows of the freedom caucus chairman. that was in order to bring on reluctance from the house freedom caucus, but what it has done, drive -- essentially drove away gop votes on the more moderate lane of the party. fromhere is a real push the vice president, who has been up your on capitol hill, from speaker ryan who has been calling members into his office to live some of those moderate no votes back to yes. what specifically has the
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vice president been telling members about health care legislation? the methods from the white house and from speaker ryan in theclosed door meeting with republicans earlier today was that this is a do or die moment. of course, we have heard that in past weeks when we thought we were on the cusp of a health care vote. maybe the vote -- maybe that message is wearing a little bit than was some of these members. ryan made a case to his rank and files to say this is a do or die moment in whether we do vote or not. this will define us in 2018 and beyond. that is some of the rhetoric that we are at it -- we are hearing around the capital. however, right now, it looks like they are so searching for both. they are still hauling members in two vice president pence's
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office as well as speaker ryan's office. and the trump, after billy long came out and told me that he was a no vote and i tweeted it out, he said shortly out to that's went out, he received phone call from the president himself trying to switch his vote. billy long said he remained and even after the conversation. >> it looks like the rules committee is passing the budget forward, the house will take up that spending measure for 2017. certainly the senate the later next week. the president was tweeting about to the whole process and looking year 18, saying either reelect more republican senators or change the rules, now 51%. our country needs a good shutdown in september to fix the mess. ?hat were the reactions tobers certainly don't want
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shut the government down and i'm not sure how sears the they were taking bets message from the president. this billt looks like is heading in the right direction. it will come up for a vote in the house, i'm sorry, the current funding bill to fund the government through september, will come up for a vote in the house as early as tomorrow and head to the senate where, it looks like it will pass. although we are hearing a few murmurs of some senators making noise about the need for more defense funding. the real fight, i think, over funding will happen in the fall. currentwhen this government spending bill will learn out in donald trump is insisting on funding for his border wall. and some of his other priorities, and that's fight, [inaudible] and i don't think this is the end of hearing about the wall.
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reporting at scott ong on d.c. -- scott wong dz twitter >> -- the house rules committee looks at the army was spending bill to fund the government through september. >> in case you missed it, on c-span. speech fromrth's the senate floor. >> some try to convince us of left -- less invested in and ourselves. it does not include turning our backs and the shared values that built of this nation. >> sonny purdue. >> i am excited about the opportunity, roll up my sleeves,
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and to make sure we make american agriculture as great as it can be in the future for ru .al prosperity and jobs >> gerry connolly tax reform plan. bywere going to simple abide taking the current seven tax brackets we have today, and reducing them to only three brackets. >> david horwitz on communism. >> these things are prone to evil. the corruption is within us. once you understand that, you are a conservative. [laughter] society iseve that an oppressive system, everything can be understood in terms of the dominant class or a dominant race, or dominant sex. --rybody that they'll press everybody that they'll press --
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opress >> we must all do our share. china is accounting for 90% of north korean trade. china alone has economic leverage over north korea that is unique. their role is particularly important. >> c-span programs are available , on our homepage, and by searching the video library. ♪ washington journal's live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, republican congressman, chris stewart, discusses tensions with north korea. >> then gerald connolly on the future of health care and market -- margaret, talks about president trump's approach to wall street regulation.
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be sure to watch washington journal live at 7 a.m. eastern on wednesday morning. join the discussion. president trump made a comment about the $1.1 trillion spending bill deal to fund the government at a rose arden ceremony earlier today. here's a look. >> in our new budget, it has been a very hot week for the budget because, as you know, we have to go through a long and rigorous process, but we have ended years of painful cuts to our military and just achieved a $21 billion increase in dispense -- defense


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