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tv   Congressional Leaders Speak Out on Health Care Bill  CSPAN  May 4, 2017 5:36pm-6:08pm EDT

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what they just told the american people. the american people will reject that entirely. i'm glad you asked that question. mr. scott: you have to identify who is celebrating, who benefits from the bill? as steny just mentioned, higher costs, fewer people insured, policies cover less, children in intensive care units that run up their lifetime benefit before their first birthday, they don't benefit. people aged 50 to 64 under medicare will see rates go up significantly and those with pre-existing conditions, their rates will skyrocket, who enefits? ms. pelosi: tax cuts. one of the members, more than one, but this thought came from some of the moderate members. it doesn't matter because the enate is not going to let this
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pass, but they have put their name next to some of the worst provisions in this bill. so, again, if we look and we should be sadder that this passed, we are. the uncertainty in people's lives but maybe we had to hit rock bottom and that is what is happening in the rose garden, rock bottom. reporter: we're reporting at "the washington examiner" that the senate reports they won't take up this bill, they are going to write their own. any comments on that? ms. pelosi: i have heard that. reporter: whose idea was the singing on the floor from your side? >> i think that was spontaneous. have no idea. they all just seemed to burst into song. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> it's likely we'll be hearing more about the health care replacement bill passing the house from president trump.
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he'll be in new york city tonight there to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the battle of the coral sea. we'll have live coverage, 7:45 p.m. eastern time here on c-span. the health care debate moving on to the senate. maryland democratic senator ben cardin tweeted, white house the toe op for a bill that won't pass the senate as is? must know this is the only win they'll get on this disastrous bill. republican rand paul said it spends too much while fixing too ed markeyvoted no and tweeting, donald trump must have taken civics class at trump university because he forgot about the u.s. senate. here's a look back at what happened on the floor of the
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house today. pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized for one minute. ms. pelosi: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i thank him, congressman scott, i thank frank pallone, john yarmuth, richie neal, our ranking members who have done such excellent work on this debate on the values of our country. mr. speaker, our colleague, mr. clyburn, began mr. speaker, i want to join him. i think those words bear repeating. over 50 years ago dr. king said, of all of the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and the most inhumane, because it often results in physical death. we come to the floor with the luther king's dr. words in our hearts.
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the affordable care act is a civil right, a fundamental right for every person in our country. not just the privileged few. so in the spirit of mr. clyburn and dr. king, let us be prayerful about how we go forward on this very personal issue, about the well-being of every person in our country. speaker ryan once called this bill an act of mercy. an act of mercy. there is no mercy here. indeed, inequality and inhumanity is exactly -- that is exactly what trumpcare has in store for the american people. but when he said it's an act of mercy, ears what others said. from the beginning trumpcare was a moral monstrosity that will devastate seniors, children and hardworking americans. that was from me. but don't take it from me. sister simone campbell said, this is not the faithful way forward and must be rejected. the catholic health association wrote, we strongly encourage the full house to reject this replacement bill. and the united methodist church
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said, opposing trumpcare, this is what they said, people will die because of efforts like this to roll back health care. lutheran services of america said, trumpcare will jeopardize the health care and long-term service and support of million of americans. the emiss can pal church said trumpcare falls woefully short of our spiritual calling to care for the least of these, as well as the noble values upon which our great nation was founded. end of quote. and all that was said before the republicans decided to destroy the protections of americans with pre-existing conditions. i grant our republican friends their position. i respect them and their constituents who sent them here. but i reject the wrong priorities in trumpcare. tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the health insurance for tens of millions of working families across america. trumpcare very clearly
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spotlights the differences in priorities between democrats and republicans in congress. it has stepped forward in the long standing republican beliefs that medicare should wither on the vine, that medicaid should be shrunken, and that social security should be privatized. if you believe in the health and well-being of the american people, you must reject this bill before us now. it is what trumpcare, here's what it means for the american people. much has been said about policy here today and over time. much has been said about politics. but what are the politics of this? but what's really important is what this means to the american people. and they know, they are listening. they know what it means to them. it means, trumpcare does, it forces families to pay higher premiums and deductibles, increasing out-of-pocket costs. higher costs. less coverage. trumpcare will take away health
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care from more than 24 million hardworking americans. a crushing age tax. trumpcare forces americans age 50 to 64 to pay premiums five times higher than what others pay for health coverage. no matter how healthy they are. stealses from medicare. steals from medicare. trumpcare shortens the life of medicare trust fund and ran sacks funds that seniors depend on to get long-term care they need. that's why it's consistent with their wither on the vine for medicare philosophy. and then, if that were not bad enough, and they couldn't pass their bill because it was that bad, they moved further away from the american people. by gutting key protections. trumpcare eviscerates essential health benefits such asthma ternlt care -- such as maternity care, prescription drugs, and
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guts protections for americans with pre-consisting medical conditions. as bad as trumpcare was the first time around, it was dead, it died. it died right here on the floor. now it's come back to life. like a zombie. even more scary than before. and it is even worse. if republicans had their way, americans with pre-existing conditions would be pushed off their insurance and segregated into high-risk pools will where they will face soaring costs, worse coverage and restricted care. trumpcare means huge premium increases. it's frightening future for families who need affordable, dependable care the most now. on the floor, the republicans have recklessly and some would say fraudulently claimed that trumpcare covers americans with pre-existing conditions. it does not. it does not.
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as the conservative center said about the upton amendment, the $8 billion amount is a pittance spread over five years, it is 1/5 of a pittance. as the keizer family mount dation said, the upton means would cover the costs for only 1% of the individual market. others have given it up to 5%. 1% to 5%. does that mean covering? no. forcing a vote without a c.b.o. score shows that the republicans are afraid of the facts. they're afraid of learning the full consequences of their plan to push americans with pre-existing conditions into the cold, oz ar my colleague from new york said -- or as my colleague from new york said, off the sidewalk. if republicans thought they really were protecting people, they wouldn't be afraid of the facts. but they're also afraid of the truth. and the truth that would come forth if we knew the facts.
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and they're afraid that the american people will find out that this is not a health care bill. this is a tax bill disguised as a health bill. this is a bill that is the one of the biggest transfers of wealth in the -- from the middle class to the richest people and corporations in america. a tax bill, not a health care bill. that's why they have to do it now. so they can get on with their tax bill. but the suffering trumpcare will inflict on people is all too clear. that's why this disastrous bill has been condemned by the american medical association, the american cancer society, american diabetes society, american diabetes association, american heart association, american lung association, american society of clinical oncology, the cystic fibrosis foundation, age united, the childrens hospital association, aarp, the march of dimes, the list goes on and on. instead of reading all of these pages, i will submit them,
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without objection, for the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. pelosi: thank you, mr. speaker. under trumpcare, families, seniors, vulnerable children, americans with disabilities, people struggling to overcome addiction, and the sick will lose their health care. rural hospitals will be closed, nearly two million jobs will be destroyed across america. seven million veterans will lose access to tax credits for health care. and all of this to give a massive tax cut to the richest in america. trumpcare is a billionaire's tax cut disguised as a health care bill. it's robin hood in reverse. one of the largest transfers wealth from working families to the rich in our country. today we have -- within wwe honor of visions of our -- we honor the visions of our founders, we can, who risked everything. they risked everything. their lives, their liberty, their sake receipt red honor, to advance -- sacred honor, to
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freedom to pursue your happiness. the freedom from being job locked or policy locked because of what the republicans want to do today. today we fight to preserve affordable health care as the right of every american, again, not the privileged few. today we fight for children like zoe madison lynn. zoe was born with a con genital heart defect in may of 2010. she faced her first of three heart surgeries at 15 hours. by 6 months old, she was halfway to her life-time limit her insure heir placed on her. she faced a grim future, not only using up her lifetime limit by preschool, by preschool, but by carrying a pre-existing condition will that -- that will require attention and care for rest of her life. under the affordable care act,
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she's protected. but trumpcare puts her future in danger. i wish that our members who vote for this bill have better -- i hope you make time to sit down with the parents of a newborn or with a heart condition or a young woman who just learned she had breast cancer, the family of loved ones struggling with the disease or a chronic condition. any of the tens of millions of americans who are rightfully terrified of what trumpcare will mean in their lives. mr. speaker, we have with this bill a wonderful opportunity. this is one of the best civics lessons we can engage in. because of what happened following the election, the american people are engaged. they are paying attention. i'm not saying in a political way. i'm saying in a personal way. a former speaker said, all politics is local. in the case of health care, all politics is plit -- is personal.
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all politics is personal when it comes to health care. so, this civics lesson will teach the american people a number of things. as special as we think we are when we come to the floor here, most americans don't know who their member of congress is. but they will now. when they find out that you voted to take away their health are. they will know when you put an age tax on them or undermine medicare, medicaid and the rest. oh, yeah. they're paying attention. because it's really personal with them. and their families. so, i think we have to get ready for that. our colleagues who have the mantle of being a moderate, you vote for this bill, you have walked the plank from moderate to radical. and you're walking the plank for what? a bill that will not be accepted by the united states senate. why are you doing this?
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do you believe in what is in this bill? some of you have said, well, they'll fix it in the senate. but you have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead. you will glow in the dark on this one. will you glow in the dark. will you glow in the dark. so don't walk the plank. especially unnecessarily. our responsibility to the sick and the hurt is biblical. it's fundamental to who we are. as pope francis said, health is not a consumer good. but a universal right. so access to health services cannot be a privilege. today let us declare once again the affordable care act must be the right of the -- affordable health care must be the right of every american, not the privileged few. so does trumpcare lower health costs? does trumpcare provide better health care? does trumpcare protect seniors
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and families? does trumpcare -- is trumpcare good for our veterans? is there any caring in trumpcare at all? for the sake of our values, to honor our responsibilities to our founders, like liberty, pursuit of happiness, to our veteran who protect us, and to our children whose aspirations are our guide, i urge my colleagues to vote no on this disastrous trumpcare bill. and yield back the balance of my ime. the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to address their emarks to the chair.
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the gentlewoman from tennessee. mrs. black: thank you, mr. speaker. it really is my privilege now to yield one minute to the distinguished man from wisconsin, the speaker of the house, paul ryan. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. he speaker: thank you. i haven't said anything yet. first off, there are a few people i'd like to thank. i'd like to thank the committee chairs, i'd like to thank chairman walden, chairman brady, chairwoman black, chairman sessions. i want to thank the members of those committees, energy and commerce, ways and means, budget and rules. i want to thank all the members who made constructive contributions throughout this entire deliberative bottom-up organic process. i want to thank the president of the united states for his teadfast leadership.
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the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order the speaker: he called on congress to act and today we take the next step to repeal and replace obamacare. i want to thank vice president pence, secretary price, director mulvaney and all their teams. my colleagues, there is a fundamental and urgent choice at the heart of this debate. we can continue with the status quo under obamacare and we know what that looks like. it means even higher premiums. even fewer choices. even more insurance companies
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pulling out. even more uncertainty and even more chaos. look at what has happened in iowa this week. as is the case in so many areas in this country, iowa is down to one insurer. that, of course, is not a choice. but now that one insurer is saying that it will have to pull out of 94 of 99 counties in iowa. this is happening right now. so tens of thousands of iowans will go from having one option to no options. that is not a choice. this is a crisis. and it is happening right now. what protection is obamacare if there's no health care plan to purchase in your state. this is the direction obamacare
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is rapidly heading. so we can continue with the status quo or we can put this collapsing law behind us, end this failed experiment. let's make it easier for people to afford their health insurance. let's give people more choices and more control over their care. let's make insurance companies come in and compete for your business. let's return power from washington to the states. let's help get people peace of mind. let's put the patients, not the bureaucrats, at the center of the system. this bill does all those things. this bill delivers on the promises that we have made to the american people. you know, a lot of us have been
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waiting seven years to cast this vote. many of us are here because we pledged to cast this very vote. to repeal and replace obamacare. to rescue people from this collapsing law. are we going to meet this test? are we going to be men and women of our word? are we going to keep the promises we made? or are we going to falter. o. after all of this, after all of this, after seeing what is happening in iowa and around the country, after seeing this law collapsing while we witness it across the country, knowing all this turmoil that's coming, we will not falter, we will replace, and today is the day that we're going to do this.
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today this house has the opportunity to do more than just fulfill a promise. we have the opportunity to raise our gaze and set a bold course for our country. we have the opportunity to show that we've got the resolve to tack they will big challenges in this country before they tackle us. arrogant e drift of big government policies in our lives and to begin a new era of reform based on liberty and self-determination. giving people choices, letting them control their own destinies. that is the day that is before us right here. so let us pass this bill to take the next step to put obamacare behind us. let us pass this bill to build a better health care system for american families. let us pass this bill to leave this country better than we
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found it. because that is why we are here. that is what is at stake today. and that is why i am going to be so proud to cast my vote for this legislation and i urge all of my colleagues to do the same. the bill is passed, and without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. the unfinished business is the vote on passage of h.r. 1628 on which the yeas and nays are ordered. the clerk will report the title bill. the clerk: union calendar number 30, h.r. 1628, a bill to provide for reconciliation pursuant to title 2 of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2017. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on passage of the bill. members will record their votes by electronic device. this will be a minimum five-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is
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expressly prohibited by the .s. house of representatives.]
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the speaker pro tempore: on this vote, the yeas are 217, the nays are 213. this bill is passed and without objection theto
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reconsider is laid on the table. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] >> when that on the second try, the house approved the health care law replacement. more debate in a minute. but first, a look at c-span's live coverage coming you up tonight. president trump is in new york city to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the battle of the corral sea. we'll have live -- coral sea. we'll have live coverage here on c-span. and a look at a few headlines in reuters. u.s. house repeals obamacare. bill faces higher hurdles in the senate. and in "the hill," g.o.p. senators say we're doing our own health care bill. and in the "washington times," trump scores victory as house passes g.o.p. plan to trash obamacare. back to the house floor now for more of the debate from before the house approved the bill. om mr. burgess: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speer


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