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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 6, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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reporter talks about president trump's recent executive order. ♪ host: good morning, it's 2017.ay, may 6, the headlines were dominated by health care, with the house finally making good on their year-long promised to repeal and replace the affordable care act. know the action moves to the senate. president donald trump attempts to overhaul the health care system but faces a far more perilous fate, the moderate republican senators that have already come out a case -- out against the legislation. senator say they are crafting their own bill and working at their own pace. they could take weeks or longer.
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our question is what is your message to the senate on health care? how should they approach medicaid? what role should states play? how should they handle pre-existing conditions? the numbers are on your screen. you can also reach us on social wj, and you can find us on facebook at the house legislation passed this week, would reshape the nation's health care system by eliminating federal medicaid funding and changing protections for people who buy insurance coverage on their own. "usa today" has a quick recap on the front page. here are the highlights of the house bill that allows insurers in some cases to raise premiums on customers with pre-existing conditions. it stops expansion of medicaid as of 2020. it ends penalties for
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individuals who don't buy insurance and eliminates cost-sharing payments that help low income people pay deductibles, allowing states to apply for waivers of mandatory insurance coverage and reveals taxes on the wealthy. the notion that their health insurance is made cheaper for younger americans is one reason why the senate are starting from scratch in their approach. "the wall street journal" has it on their front page, "senators tackle health bill rewrite." among the provisions they are tackling is one that allows insurers to charge older americans five times more than young people. is seeking tohune alter the tax credit and provide more money to the elderly. beingare among what's scrutinized by gop senators, who
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hope to reach an agreement spending their own ideological spectrum before hoping to win over the rest of the senate gop. then there's also this from "politico," "senate gop rejects house obamacare bill." down, "they need to end up with a bill that can win over 50 of the 52 senators, and even if they accomplish that, their bill could be unpalatable to house conservatives." the house bill squeaked through their vote. the two chambers are not coordinated much in recent weeks as the house frantically worked to kick the health care bill to the other side of the capital. republicans say they will take the time to need to understand the ramifications and will insist on score on the cbo from voting.
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a great one-liner from lindsey graham, "i'm still waiting to see if it's a boy or a girl. any bill that has been posted less than 24 hours, going to be debated three or four hours, not scored? needs to be reviewed with suspicion." orchard park, new york on the democratic line. caller: yes, if i could have the ear of the senate, i would say you could create a national health care bill, one page, that everybody can understand, simply by saying medicare for all at all ages, eliminate medicaid, and medicare for low income people could be subsidized by the government. that, in itself, would save billions. but it's extremely difficult. let me make my point. it's extremely difficult,
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because the average american of there thinks the one payer system that they have in canada, britain, most of the developed country of the world, the people hate it. i have tried to get c-span for years, going back to brian lamb and susan swain when they were doing the shows to say, please, please, get a hook up through c-span with people in canada, britain, and so forth, to find out what they really think of their national health care system, but c-span, for some reason, i suppose it's because of the pressure of the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry, by unbelievable amounts of ads on the cable system, that is why c-span has never done it. but we need the truth out there,
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and i would hope c-span1 cooperate in getting it. thank you. host: we lost him, i was going to respond. jim from vienna, west virginia, democratic line. how are you? caller: i'm fine, sir. host: what would be your message to your senator? caller: well, i still believe that -- it is hard to believe these days, but the senate is the saucer where the coffee cools. i think they will settle this debate down, and hopefully work something out. that is what the senate is for. thank you. host: ok. let's go to pamela from fort washington, maryland. democratic line. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i'd like to ask the senate, or congress in general,
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who was going to pay for this. if they want to lay everything on the backs of older americans, -- i don't know what you call it now -- the affordable young people up to the age of 26 would still be on their parents' -- host: health care plan? caller: right. it was going to be paying for this? because right now, the majority of older people are probably funding most of the things in this country right now, because there are a lot of unemployed young people. host: based on what you know of the house plan, what do you think of the merits of it? caller: i think they should have just left it the way it was and improved on the issues that were in the affordable care act instead of just trying to throw the whole thing out.
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host: some other republicans i spoke to this week saying we are seeing the death of obamacare in real-time. their words. a chart in "the wall street journal" shows you the number of insurers across the country. those areink and red, the states in which there is only one or two affordable care act insurers. you can see the problem laid out in this chart. what do you think about that, pamela? caller: i'm glad you brought that up. i think doctors and health care agencies should not be allowed especially and run, if they are the only ones in that particular state. i think that should be against the law, quite frankly. host: ok. let's go to steve, calling in from akron, democratic line. hi, steve. caller: hi.
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the government guided program on, in 2007-2008 that i got i stand $2000 per month on health insurance. i had pre-existing conditions. they came up with a program called pcip, that was limited and in very few states, but was a government-backed high risk pool for pre-existing conditions. they finance that, they stopped they continued to finance it until obamacare came along. if we don't go to single-payer in this country, we are in trouble. they have tried this program before, the pre-existing conditions, pcip. it went broke and they couldn't find it in a stopped taking people. host: what does that mean for you? caller: for me, going from $2000 to $349 per month. that is what that meant. i have diabetes and several other conditions, but i was at
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the point that i own my own business and financial he went broke because of the health care. i voted for obama, my parents were republican, i got them to vote for some type of health care. is obamacare good? it is better than what was out there. trying to run a small business, it broke me, and i paid that for over three years until pcip came along, which dropped it down. people need to look, they could say i have factory insurance and it's great -- the get out there as a self-employed,, independent person work and pay for insurance. that, you10, prior to couldn't afford it if you have diabetes or anything like that. the government has done this before. pcip. if everybody looks it up and finds the program. that's all i got to say. host: all right.
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we have a tweet hear from bill king. "it's not that confiscated, single-payer universal health care, nothing less will be acceptable." from chicago on the republican line. what would be your message to your senator? illinois,ll, i'm from so both of my senators are democrats, and they are both -- but i just want to point out that the senate gop has their little group of 10 white males that are going to come up with their own alternative -- host: 13. caller: i think that's very alarming. half the country are women, not one woman involved? that's pretty ridiculous. host: on the substance of the legislation, what do you think would be a wise approach for the
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senate to take? caller: to me, all the ones people complaining about, the 19 states that don't even have obamacare. --rida, texas, who else tennessee, all these people that complain about obamacare, all these congressmen complaining about obamacare, ultimately they just don't have obamacare. so maybe they should take care of their states and leave everyone else alone. host: all right. let's go to california, an independent. two senators are opposed to the republican approach to say the least. what do you think the upper chamber should do? caller: good morning, rodney. i'm sorry, it's early. good morning, sir. i'm an independent, i voted for ms. harris and support ms. feinstein generally, and i
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supported in do support obamacare. in fact, i think we need medicare for all. this is really -- i don't even know what my message to the upper chamber is. i don't have much faith in them. republicans control the chamber, and yes, there was once a time in my lifetime when they were independent-minded republicans, independent-minded democrats. that's not the case. aboutee it, sir, this is old-fashioned -- allow me to say it -- an editorial page, federalism. their argument, maybe it is not trump's view, who knows what that is. however, it is just delegating to the states now. the lady just made the point that some states don't have obamacare. that is part of the problem.
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maybe they will say, well, to give the states a choice. it's a bit of a stretch to see it and they will go, there was a civil war, there were states that wanted slavery, and no pun intended to mr. trump's recent embarrassing remarks about andrew jackson, but i believe health care is a right, and obamacare is not perfect, and i don't have faith that the senate -- there might be modifications with pre-existing conditions. sick, and ika were mean that sincerely. maybe it could be a democrat, who knows. have a good day. host: let's go to rob, calling from new york, democratic line. you as well have two democratic senators, chuck schumer interest developer and. what do you think they should do? caller: well, i'm a member of
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upstate new york and my messages for my senator chuck schumer to stay the filibuster and kill this gop bill, because it is deeply flawed, because it takes away the individual mandate. you aren't able to purchase health insurance on a volunteer plan. host: we have a tweet hear from senate minority leader chuck schumer. "house gop has made their bed and their constituents won't careet it, the trump fight is far from over." nancy pelosi said "swing states are walking the plank." what do you think about that? i believe we have lost him. we do have some sound from lamar alexander, talking about his approach to crafting health care legislation. he chairs the house, education, labor, and pension committee. >> we want to get it right.
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we want to meet official deadlines. we carefully considered the legislation passed by the house. we will work together carefully to write our own bill. we will make sure we know what our bill costs when we vote on it. by law we have to do that. we will get it right and then we will vote and hopefully the end result will be significant americans,s for most giving them more choices of health insurance at a lower cost. and to do that, by gradually transferring more decisions from washington, d.c. to the states and individuals. host: the question for you this morning is what is your message the senate as they approach cracking their own health care legislation? there are the numbers on the screen.
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let's has now to fort lauderdale florida where robert is on the republican line. caller: yes. host: what would be your message to the senate on health care? itler: i don't understand that it i just know tried to get obamacare and i was denied and i had to pay $792 if i don't have insurance, and i only make $16,000, which barely covers my mortgage. don't they are going to fine me $792. i tried to get insurance and i got turned down, and i think this whole obama thing is --
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language --or the i would try the best i could to get insurance and i got turned down, turned down, turned down. so when trump came out and he know, i am i -- you going to kill this rule about me fineg to pay $792 as a because i don't have health best thingas the that ever happened with donald trump coming into office. he said i am going to squash that. it helped me out 100%. i don't know what's going on with health care. i am trying to get it, but i keep getting squashed. host: you think your prospects will be better once the house and senate work on a compromise
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bill? ok, i think we lost him. let's go to jonathan calling from minneapolis, democratic line. hi, jonathan. what's your message for the senate? caller: good morning. andybody is opinionated should have a way to express weekendinions, the agreed to do that without being nasty about each others'opinions on trump. amy klobuchar and al franken need to step up their game. i'm from minneapolis. we have some of the best health care in the state of minnesota. they should really take a look at it. everyone should get the same free health care we get a minneapolis and everybody would be healthy, happy, with the pursuit of happiness. i'm disgusted, i'm appalled with
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what trump is doing. i hope somebody starts an impeachment process, there have been so many things wrong with gay and lesbian rights. i'm furious that he took away all these things from people. who does this in the year 2017? everyone needs to treat people with common courtesy and respect. host: ok. let's go to alan,: from scottsdale, arizona. republican. what's your message to the senate? caller: well, i don't have a message to the senate, because i need to wait and see what they will do. but my messages to the american people. votesare came out with no from the republicans, and we understand that. but here's the actual truth. obamacare was implemented to actually fail.
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when they implemented the program, they couldn't even release the $300 million they spent on the internet to put up the website. everything that they possibly did said to the american people you can keep your plan. all the lies that they said, it was deemed to fail from the beginning because they wanted single-payer. why didn't any of the democrats actually try to correct the problems as it was going? and it just goes on and on. the mountain of lies told the american people. thing that makes me sick is the amount of people that had their doctor,had their nobody wants to talk about those people that were on chemo, that needed health care continuously, and were thrown off their plan.
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they didn't care about those people, and that was millions and millions of people that had affordable health care, that were thrown off the plan for the obama health care that was designed to fill from the beginning, because all they wanted was single-payer. attempt from the beginning to defraud the american people of billions, or i will say trillions, of dollars, and it is just sickening that nobody can what thed the fact of democratic party has tried to do to the american people. albert is on the independent line from underhill, vermont. hi, albert. what's your message to the senate? how do you approach crafting health care legislation? caller: yes, i want to support the first caller who was for single-payer. here is my experience. i was in germany a few months ago, suffered an embolism, went to the hospital, was there for
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four days. nobody said anything about being paid. i never got a bill. i don't know what it cost. that's single-payer. doing some research, i find out that the germans are spending far less per capita for health insurance then we are, and the life expectancy in germany is higher than it is here. that's my message. host: your senator, independent bernie sanders, tweeted this. "let me break the, bad news this health care bill is not getting through the senate, no way." he's an advocate of the single-payer system you mentioned. what do you think some of the roadblocks might be that lie ahead for the senate as they approach health care legislation? caller: well, going back to the andt caller, the insurance health care business in this country is huge.
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they spend a lot of money on lobbying and advertising, and that makes it very, very difficult to change things. i am of course a supporter of senator bernie sanders. robert fromgo to ocean city, maryland on the democratic line. good morning, robert. caller: good morning. nice weather here. --ould like the other colors i was in the navy for six years under national healthcare. my wife is british and she paid her stamps and everything. we weren't taking advantage of the system. when my son was born, he cost 10 shillings. my wife had an operation, no cost. . definitely single-payer. absolutely no problems. we do have some money problems
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in the national health system, but you ask any brit and they would say, absolutely not, don't even touch my nhs. thank you. host: tina from massachusetts on the independent line. good morning, tina. caller: halal. -- hello. i was just calling in regards to the gentleman who said he made $16,000 per year and was charged $800 for obamacare. it's just common sense, that doesn't sound right. i am wondering if he was from a state that didn't expand medicaid or a state where the insurance companies were pulling out due to the future uncertainty of whether or not -- what kind of health insurance would even be allowed. that,ally curious about as that sounds extreme. if we are so much for single-payer, then why was the public option not even allowed during the hearings?
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they wouldn't even allow a public option, little own single-payer. but anyway, that was our message. we were had romneycare, told we had to get health insurance back in 2005, so there was no uproar or anything like that. everything went smoothly. it was excepted here -- accepted here. that's my common. host: if you are an independent -- democrats have been saying all week that republicans pay the price for this. what do you think about that? caller: i'm not so sure -- the republicans never seem to pay a price. they always seem to play dirty and it works, which reinforces the attitude of playing dirty again. it keeps getting them places. seem a littleats spineless. they don't want to fight dirty, they don't want to hit below the belt, and because they don't
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like to "retaliate" in any meaningful or big way, it just seems like they are weak. that's why i'm an independent. host: all right. let's head to miami, florida, where linda is on the democratic line. hi, linda. caller: hello. host: hi. how do you think the senate should approach crafting health care legislation? caller: well, i was born in toronto, ontario, canada. they had care for everybody, and they didn't break the bank, they didn't take people's homes, they didn't do anything like that, they didn't charge you $20 for pills like an aspirin in the hospital. i just got out of the hospital. for three days, they cost me $32,000. three days. they turned around and they wanted to charge me an enormous amount, a deductible and everything.
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dropped the money for my insurance company. they dropped $20,000. we had to pay the rest. yet my husband was paying $1000 per month. $1000 per month. it doesn't make sense. none of it makes sense. if the government cannot take care of its people, why should the people take care of the government by paying all these taxes? i know my husband pays a tremendous amount of tax. it's unbelievable. -- why should they should president trump -- there's cheating going on, all this stuff, he shouldn't have won. they should have impeached him
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right away. host: so the message you would share to your senators, marco rubio and bill nelson, would be to focus on cost? caller: the cost? of its crazy. my husband pays $12,000 per they turn around and help the insurance company by dropping the prices for them, but not dropping the prices for us. host: ok. william calling from glanville, arkansas. independent. hi, william. caller: high. thank you for your time. i'm a small business owner and i'd like to share a couple of facts we have experienced. . i have 50 employees. healtho 2009, our insurance costs were $2500 per month, and we played 100% of that as a benefit.
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that same cost today is $5,600, andwe are going to drop it, our employees are going to have to sign up for the affordable and now they are saying they can use the doctors which they were promised, and it just doesn't work. it's not affordable. the second statement i would like to make, has a retired military person, i have friends who work in washington. the problem is lobbyists. my friends tell me the unbelievable amount of money lobbyists are spending on wining and dining our congressmen and senators to get their way, it has to stop. a lobbyists have to be reformed. thank you. host: "the wall street journal has a who's who, and they point out that the deal in the senate between the centrists and the conservatives.
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republicans have proven they are really to book their party, as they have in the past. they may be willing to break from the party on health care. already they have demonstrated that he opposed stripping federal funding for women's health provider planned parenthood. both have concerns over the house built's cuts to medicaid and are expected to push for changes in the safety net. a call from nantucket, massachusetts. democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. it's the lobby that controls everything. the insurance lobby. the pharmaceutical lobby. those are the two biggest lobbies. and the republicans, this was like a football game. trump needed a score so they made a bunch of deals and they made this, but it will never get through the senate, ever. in a million years, it will
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never get through the senate. and a lot of republicans are going to be lost. you know something, he ends up spited. thank you for taking my call. host: june is calling from edinburg, virginia. hi, june. caller: high, good morning. -- hi, good morning. host: what's your message to the senate? caller: my message to the senate is deadlock. they work against trump, totally. is at least trying to do something different because obamacare is a joke. everyone i know that's involved without insurance has problems. they have high deductibles, $5,000, $16,000, it's ridiculous. the old days -- let's put it this way. insurance was a business. a big business in this country. and you are going to try to take a big business and turn it into
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a government owned and operated thing? never going to work. insurance companies want to make money, and they were going to make reasonable money at one time, and then came along all this universal -- with mrs. clinton, she wanted universal health care, and that got everyone all pumped up. oh, maybe the government will pay for my insurance. well it doesn't work that way. because the insurance companies are a business. if they are not going to make money, they are not going to stay in a government program. to let's face it, we are all going to have to pay. we are going to have to pay more than we used to have to pay before they screwed around with it. if they try to give the republicans a chance, i have a republican obviously, and i am a trump fan and i voted for him, and as far as obama goes, that whole program was a lie.
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it was a tax, and it's the reason roberts on the supreme court said it was a tax. otherwise things of the different. live in virginia where they said they will pull out of the health care exchange next year. because of expected financial losses. what does that mean for people you know in virginia? caller: well people in virginia have lost their mind anyway because they voted for obama and hillary clinton. is used to be a red state and things were a lot better. we dropped so low in the economic field -- we are in the bottom 10. and guess what, we have a democrat for a governor. back when we had republicans, we had businesses in the state. of course i live in the county that's kind of dominated by a
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couple big families, and they want to keep this county back. they don't want the progress. that's the reason we don't have a lot of jobs in this county. i'm a retired person, but i worry for everybody else, too. i am concerned about people having insurance and having money to pay for insurance. everything goes hand in hand. if there are no jobs, there's no money for insurance. rump's got the right idea. you've got to get the taxes low, you have to do what you have to do. host: let's go to jail, calling from york, pennsylvania on the independent line. what is your message to the senate? caller: my message to the senate and everybody that is listening right now is it's not a two-party system. you need to look at what they are doing. they have had a long time to figure out and repeal, replace.
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we voted in these republicans thinking they would do the right thing, and they are not. look, made an even have obamacare. they are exempt. so with that, let's wake up. they are not working for us and we need to eliminate them. we need to remove them from the senate, period, because they are not doing anything for us. they have been there for more terms,e or two they are no good for us. we need to look at that and we need to look at each other, talk to each other, and figure this stuff out because they aren't doing anything good for us and we need to get back to that grassroots and helping our neighbors, and they are to doing it. that's all i got thank you,. host: a tweet here from jacqueline smith. "it works in blue states but not
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red ones, wonder why." lisa calling from matthews, north carolina on the democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. share thatt like to i would be happy if the senate would have the same insurance that we have. i think they would fight harder to have good insurance. my husband and i are both registered democrat. are, in the area where we obamacare is definitely not working. ridiculous, the cost of coverage is ridiculous. something has to be done. i know, i understand that we makingike trump
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something different happened with the coverage, i understand that we don't like obamacare, we are going back and forth, and i think all this fighting is hurting us. it is definitely not helping us. something obviously in our area has to change. was promised that i could keep my doctor. we moved here 24 years ago. obamacare, i had to change. so i changed my doctors, and that was not fair. that i said, oh, ok, let's do that. the next year, our premiums almost doubled. we're paying over $2200 per month. they people i talk to, can't afford the coverage. i talked to one person that in order to get a subsidy they couldn't claim each other's
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health care income. were notaying, ok, -- toer, to get insurance get obamacare subsidies. but it's not working. you talk to all kinds of people, whether they are democrat, republican, independent, and you get all these different stories. that we somehow in this country have got to come together so we can get health care for everybody. host: lisa, let me ask you. then north carolina you have the republican legislature and the democratic governor. when you think that would mean for you as it relates to health care? and we lost lisa, ok. let's go to tony from palm harbor, florida on the republican line. hi, tony. what's your message for the senate? in thinking we can honestly moved move to a more socialized system of health
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care, as they have in the u.k., where most people are covered, in the people that aren't as well off maybe have a better job or a better career, that we could move to a better system toward most being covered, and honestly, there's a lot in this country that don't pay taxes. big corporations that don't pay taxes. they made billions of dollars per year. honestly, the fact that it happens, it's sad that there are a lot of people in this country that don't even have health care. i just believe it is wrong, honestly. host: mark is calling from bloomfield, new jersey on the independent line. good morning. caller: hi, good morning. sidesms to me that both
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-- obamacare is terrible, i have two friends in really bad shape, and one is going bankrupt because she has an illness, the other one is living in one room, doesn't even have a kitchen, and they are charging him $100 something for health insurance, it's insane. it seemsepublicans, like they don't have much of a plan either. it seems like both sides are in chaos. be, whystion would don't they do what they are supposed to be doing and seeing which state has the best health care. to me, it would probably be massachusetts, like the woman said before. they had no problem there. it was a combination of mitt romney and ted kennedy. bipartisanped a health care plan that is working. why don't they use that? that's my message.
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host: so your senators, robert menendez and cory booker, democrats, opposed to the republican bill. how do you think they should approach these negotiations if it comes to a point where democrats have a say? caller: i think someone should stand up and suggest that they use the model in massachusetts for health care. everyone would be insured and there would be no problems. you heard the woman from massachusetts. she said it was great. it was flowing there. host: ok. let's go to ridgefield, connecticut, where howard is calling on the democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i just wanted to point out from the previous caller, massachusetts is an obamacare state, that's the basic model. there are no examples of free markets working for health care. ago, there wasrs
7:43 am
a paper that explained exactly why free markets fail. whenever people say we need free markets to fix it, wrong. that will not work. the only example in the world of obamacare, which is massachusetts, switzerland, a couple others, and medicare for all type systems, which are basically single-payer, which most of the world uses. that is what works the best. they pay half of what we pay for medical care. longer, they have better results. that is the answer. there is no free market answer. is acongress did so far tax cut for the wealthy. that's what they wanted to do. that's what they did. it doesn't do anything for your health care. host: explained that for us.
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why do you say free-market systems fail? there wasll, 1963, that 38 page paper. it just doesn't work. story, i couldn't possibly explain it even though i'm an economics major. that's just the harsh reality. they don't. there's the profit motive. you pay more. you have no mobility to really understand medical care in real-time. of -- you have perfect competition, the invisible hand, it just isn't there. the market fails. that's why it doesn't exist anywhere in the world. it just doesn't. from we have a tweet here
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donna westbrook, who writes "watch for senator jon tester, considering a vote for ahca." tester is one of the red state democrats who will be interesting to watch out for. they move forward with this health-care debate in the senate. donald, calling in from san antonio, texas on the democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. first of all, i want to let everyone know, it's not obamacare, its trumpcare now. i can tell out here, you it sounds like they should retire. the insurance they are receiving is medicaid, if you get the results. the people back, that are calling in whining about their insurance are in red states. republican controlled.
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people need to sit down and read their insurance policies. in the insurance is place of making money, it wants to make money, and they keep hollering about going back to old times and pre-existing conditions. the two favorite things of obamacare, that's what they need to be fighting for. pre-existing conditions. they've got a cap. then he put it in worry your child can stay on until 26. there are a lot of problems -- obamacare cannot instruct insurance companies to tell you they are priced to six their price. obama, withwith whoever, every year people jack up their premiums. anytime you use their insurance they jack up your premium. go get your car fixed, then your
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insurance goes up. people need to sit there and start reading these things, stop givingthe media do it, them these a second soundbites telling them what they want to hear. my mother always told me be careful,, listen to a person always telling what you what you want to hear instead of telling you what you need to hear. thank you. host: all right. let's go to jean from arcadia, louisiana on the republican line. caller: hi, good morning. my message the senate would be, number one, protect existing conditions. two, take the burdens off the back of the elderly people. , i'm african-american and i am from the state of louisiana, and my representatives have already voted yes to this plan. african-american, i do not believe in state rights. state rights are not kind
7:48 am
to minorities. i feel this bill was passed in the house to give republicans and trump some kind of a win, but actually they haven't won yet. six, that has nothing to do with caring about people. seven, to you elderly, white, and poor people who voted for trump, i feel sorry for you. trump has lied to you. you are going to suffer if this plan passes, believe me. thank you. host: brent is calling from oregon on the independent line. good morning, brent. caller: hi, thanks for taking my call. our health care system is a joke. if the only system in the world set up the way it is. one in six people don't even have health care, and that was before obamacare. who you have other people are double covered, either from
7:49 am
pensions or from medicare, whatever. it's ridiculous away our health care system is set up. forom line, we paid more almost 18% of our economy going toward health care. for other companies it's half that, anywhere from 10%-12%. i guess it comes down to, as long as we feel health care is a right, then we are messed up. what happens -- as long as we feel it's a privilege, i should say, instead of a right. the problem for me is that in every other country in the world health care is a right, not a privilege. it's only in the united states where they say it is a privilege. we --ttom line is that if
7:50 am
when obamacare was being put in, if we were able to get the government option, it would have killed the insurance companies. they would have had to compete. instead if you look at how much the insurance companies are making, up to $50 million. talked about how the six ceos of the highest insurance companies are making $300 million combined. is in our country health care was a right, they would not be mentioning that kind of money. they would be going to help people, not to give ceos huge amounts of money. host: carl is calling from kansas city, missouri on the democratic line. hi, carl. caller: hi, amen to that man who was just on there. i want to make a point. this thing that's going on is a tax cut. it's not a health bill.
7:51 am
ann the republicans put in infrastructure thing, it will be a tax cut, it won't be building construction, financed rightfully by the government so we can have some roads and bridges. and republicans always say that when the government does something, it is always done bad. will actually, that's not true. -- well actually, that's not true. i'm a veteran, and the republicans are trashing the veterans administration and hospitals because they are trying to privatize it. i had excellent care with the v.a. i sat in the waiting room with a and everyone, likes to sit around and great, that is what they do. my girlfriend has to go to a regular one, she gripes. i sit around with a bunch of veterans, and be careful -- we need a baseline.
7:52 am
life is tough and then you die. when you pay your taxes, it's not paying taxes -- americans, my fellow citizens, it's not paying taxes, is what you get for your money. that's all i have to say, thank you. host: let's go to spanish fork, alabama, where lois is on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. say that it like to think are senators should have the same insurance we have. way, -- they take what we have and try it on for a while. why should they have difference, and then they can vote on what we have. i think it would take the democrats up a notch, the republicans down a notch, or something.
7:53 am
i think our senate, the same insurance, that we have to try it out for a while, at least for two years. host: in sanford, north carolina, john is on the independent line. caller: high, how are you doing hi, how are you doing? i believe that president trump needs to do an executive order and put the house and the senate on obamacare and put president obama on obamacare, and i believe they will get together and fix this train wreck and the health tax act that has been implemented and put on the american people. host: so what has been your experience with the health care system? are you on the affordable care act? caller: i had insurance through the state, but the rates for me to pay for my wife, because she
7:54 am
is unemployed, is just daughter isand my ensuring her family. we get up to go to work for the government every day, and we work for the insurance companies before we provide for ourselves. obamacare is nothing but a tax, and obama denied this, but like theyearlier caller said, passed it even though he stood there and lied to the american people, which it never should have been passed in the first place. host: ok. let's go to austin, texas where mary is on the democratic line. good morning, mary. caller: yes, good morning. host: what is your message to your senators? caller: my message to them would be to put humanity above their party politics and above their self interest. it's just amazing to me how many people really don't understand obamacare reason that
7:55 am
has as many problems as it does is because so many republicans were fighting against things that would have made it better, and they refused to do the things that could still say that and make it better. en lieu of that, our next best option is single-payer. as many people are starting to wake up to the reality of, single-payer is really what would be in the best interest of the masses. host: can you explain what single-payer is and how it works? caller: single-payer is medicare. it's a social program that would have everybody in a pool. benefitstake out the to the insurance companies, we would all participate, we would all get better health care as a result, nobody would be going bankrupt because their insurance costs were so high.
7:56 am
everybody would be in the pool so the risk would be spread amongst everybody. but people don't understand that. they buy into this whole socialism issue, that's not what america is. well, should america be defined by what it is right now, which is benefits -- this plan by republicans benefits people who couples and0 plus, make $250,000 plus. is that what we are? we are going to put it on the backs of the sick, the elderly? we are going to pass a bill that benefits people who make over $250,000? if ludicrous. -- it's ludicrous. if people would stop and look at what republicans have put forward and what democrats have put forward, they would set aside their personal differences
7:57 am
about specific politicians and realize the democrats are putting forward stuff that will help the masses, and republicans are putting forward legislation that helps the top. wake up, america. host: timothy is calling on the independent line from wilton, north carolina. good morning, timothy. what's your message to the senate? caller: yes, my message to the senate is, first of all, i am so discouraged. when we elected as president we had a chance to overcome -- i'm sorry when we elected obama. we had the opportunity to make so much progress. what mitch mcconnell and the said, and the congress they just did everything they could to disturb and discredit this president. it really set us back, it set us back a long ways. but getting to my point.
7:58 am
before obamacare, health care was a disaster. when you look at something as complicated as health care for everyone, is going to have some bugs. i'm index air force guy, military. m-16, we had to work the bugs out of it. there are a lot of good things in it. the republicans know that. they are keeping a lot of the stuff -- if you look at what they are doing now, it's really obamacare minus a lot of things. that health insurance companies are the most costly companies in america. health insurance is the biggest business, and so much money, and that is the reason republicans, why these people are making money off the stock market and everything. that's the reason they don't want to socialize our medicine.
7:59 am
that gives us all bad names. you take the profit out of health care. people shouldn't be making money off sick people. we need everyone to be insured. all the other countries do it. i don't understand -- that's why i'm an independent now. the democrats have no way of explaining to the american people and sell the ideas. republicans are very good at it, they are very crafty, and a fool people really easy. host: a tweet echoes some of what he just said. "health care is always expensive when you let profit factor in the equation." our last call comes from joe in staten island, new york. republican. caller: yeah, is a bitter old man the senate majority leader,. is the next democrat in
8:00 am
2020. he wants bernie voters. knows he is a young whippersnapper. host: all pro labor, political reporter marianne levine joins us. later, reuters'david shepardson joins us. we will be live tuesday morning from murray's energy with a look at the u.s. coal industry. we will travel to ohio to talk about what life is like in the industry. >> we have a translating facility that brings coal by train down to the harbor. we offload and load it onto barges. one of the things we have realized y


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