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tv   Presidential Election Results LOUVRE VICTORY RALLY SPEECH  CSPAN  May 7, 2017 7:44pm-8:01pm EDT

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you. long live the republic. long live france. [applause] at age 39, emmanuel macron is the youngest person to be elected president of france. he defeated marine le pen with 65% of the vote. here his desk here is his louvre ineech at the paris. it is 15 minutes. ♪ [cheers and applause]
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mr. macron: thank you, my friends. thank you all, thank you all for being here tonight. and ie tens of thousands can only see a few faces. thank you. thank you for being here. thank you for having fought courageously, steadfastly for so many months because yes, tonight , you one. -- won.
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france has one tonight. -- won tonight. what we have done for so many unprecedented, has never been seen before. everybody was telling us that it was impossible. but they did not know france. [applause] mr. macron: thank you. thank you for your trust. thank you for your time. thank you for your commitment, all of you. thank you for the risks some of you took, i know. trust places an obligation upon me. i am now the depository of your trust, and i cannot let you down.
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expectationso your and for the next five years, carry your enthusiasm forward. that enthusiasm that you represent here. tonight, a word to all the french people who voted for me without actually believing in our ideas, because you made a commitment. and i know that this is not just a rain check, a blank check. it is not a blank check to me. but i will tell you that i will do everything i must do in order to defend the republic. i know that there are disagreements from some of you who in the end did vote for me,
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but i will take them in bold and i will be faithful to the commitment i undertook. i will protect the republic. finally, a word to all of those penvoted for madame le tonight. don'txpressed tonight, boo her, they expressed the disarray. they also expressed their own commitments, which i fully respect. but i will do everything in the next five years to make sure that they understand that there is no reason why they should continue voting for the extremes. there are only french men and french women, the whole of the people of france standing
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together. and what you represent tonight is forever the enthusiasm, the energy of the people of france. place where we are meeting tonight is actually expressing that, because it is a , to the history liberation of paris, to the boldness of this pyramid, this is the place where all the french people of all the various components of france, have gathered. this is a place where france stands, and the world is looking upon us, upon france, because tonight it is europe and the world that is looking at france. [applause] mr. macron: europe and the world
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are waiting, waiting for us to defend everywhere the spirit of the enlightenment that has come under threat in so many different places. they are expecting us to defend freedom. they are expecting us to protect the oh pressed. -- opressed. they are expecting us to carry forth a help of humanism, a new world where freedoms are defended, of growth, of greater justice, of more a ecology. they are expecting us, finally us together, to be what we are. the task ahead of us, my fellow citizens, is immense.
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and it begins already tomorrow. that means that we have tomorrow life --lic life -- more more allies public life -- mo ralize public life, build new forms of protection in this world around us, a role to play in schools, and work, and europe and refound guarantee the safety of all the french people. that task ahead of us is immense. require ever greater boldness, because today we have conquered a right, a right that places an obligation upon us. we will continue boldly forging
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becauseay after day this is what the french people expect us to do. because this is what europe and the world expects france to do. againre expecting france to be able to astonish them, for france to be france again. and that is what we shall do. our task is immense, my dear friends. and it will require everyone's commitment. armies, ofent of our our armed forces, of our policeman, of all of our public services, your commitment, each of you. and communityals associations, leaders, trade unions, wage earners, traders, craftsman, farmers, students,
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pensioners. , and it willmmense truth. the demand for , that truthof truth we have carried forward throughout our campaign and that we've shall continue carrying forward into the future on your behalf. our task is immense. it will require building already starting tomorrow, a true majority, a strong majority, and majority for change. this is what the country expects to see, what it aspires to, what the country deserves, that majority for change. that is what i'm expecting to see from you for six weeks for now because i will need you again and again.
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[applause] my fellow citizens, all of you, men and women, women and men standing by me now for so many days and nights. the people of france, gathered here today in the louvre, we have the strength, the energy, the determination. the determination that has taken us so far and has made us into what we are, that is what we were -- will forge our future. we will not give in. we will not give in to fear. we will not give in to division. we will not give in to lies. we will not give in either to tyranny, to the level of defeat
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-- love of defeat and the decline. i know that you have that forever in you. you, and i'mowe doing tonight when i must do for those of you who love walked along this path with me, my friends, family, and those close and dear to me. [crowd chanting] it will not be easy every day, i know this. willask will be hard and i be telling you every single time the truth. , your boldness again will carry me forward.
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i will protect you. i will protect you from all kinds of threats. lies,u, i will fight immobility, inefficiency, in order to improve everyone's life. i will respect every man, every woman in what they believe and what they defend. i will bring together and reconcile, because what i want is the unity of our country, the unity of our people. and the end, my friends, i will be serving you. i will serve you with humility, with strength. ofill serve you in the name our motto -- liberty, equality,
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fraternity. , remaininge you faithful to that awareness you have given me. i will serve you as love. love is the republic. [applause] we have just been listening to emmanuel macron, francis president-elect, giving a jubilant speech in front of the pyramid at the louvre, a historic site chosen for this historic occasion. you are looking at the youngest french president ever with his wife beside him.
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[cheers and applause] >> a team of supporters addressing large crowds at the louvre on the lectern behind him, and front of which he stood was written france together, the theme of bringing france -- in thehe desk
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speech. ♪ [singing french national anthem] [cheers and applause] , q and a with defense news correspondent chris cavas.
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from the victory speech by french president elect emmanuel macron and can special and speech byconcession challenger marine le pen. later, a house hearing on visa security. ♪ this week on q and a, defense news naval warfare correspondent chris cavas talks about the --y's fat leonard bridal more thanandal, with 200 navy officials including several admirals. chris cavas, let me start by asking you what you do for a living. >> i am a journalist. i cover naval affairs, things over and above the water. i like to cover them


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