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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 13, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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interior department's treatment of native americans under the trump administration. it former cia officer, alex finley, on his article in "politico compo -- host: good morning. this past week, education secretary betsy devos faced an auditorium full of jeering graduates as she delivered a commencement address that many students and graduates said she was in a place to get. andas the latest seen, there is a worry that the right to speak freely enshrined in the first amendment is losing ground at institutions of higher learning. is free this morning, speech at risk on college campuses? the line for democrats,
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republicans, and independents are on the screen. we're asking college students to call a special line. at can reach us online @cspanwj and facebook at for now, let's take a look at the less than warm welcome thomas received -- welcome de vos received. >> i am grateful to speak with for those of you disagreed with the invitation for me to be here. one of the hallmarks of higher education and of democracy is the ability to converse with and learn from those with whom we disagree.
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this behavior continues -- your degrees will be mailed to you. choose which way you want to go.
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graduates, would you please be seated? graduates, would you please be seated? >> as i said, i am very grateful for the opportunity to be with you today. de vos.d it's not just look at thehas a speakers who have been deemed too controversial to speak, including charles murray of the american enterprise institute, a scholar set to speak at middlebury college. yiannoupolis, one
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invited to speak at cal state los angeles. parker, decidedly less controversial, said to speak at elon university, and the students signed a petition and it was called off. devin mcguinness, a conservative actor in cofounder of ice media met with protesters at nyu. : binkley, writing for the is -- colin binkley, "some cast the debate as a political battle. first amendment advocates warn the line could slip if more college students adopt less than absolute views on free speech. when uc berkeley canceled and colder's speech among threats of violence, it was the latest example. since the beginning of 2016, nearly 30 campus speeches have been derailed, and the
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controversy. in many cases speaker seven targeted for their views on race and sexual identity." let's go to the phones, frank from abingdon, virginia. republican. what do you make? caller: well, in my experience over the last 70 years, i have found that mostly college students are very dumb people. they don't think straight. the only people dumber than they are are the college professors teaching them the scrap. the best thing that could be done right now would be for the president to take the same attitude with politically correct bull craft in colleges that he has done with sanctuary cities. if they are teaching that craft p had a school, they shouldn't get any money at all, they will have to make it on their own.
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i would like to see something done about the politically correct crap. host: ok. let's go to dennis from wilmington, north carolina. democrat. caller: hello. host: what do you think? is public speech at risk in public universities or colleges in general? caller: no, if you get somebody that is worth listening to. if the students tell you they de't want to hear somebody, vos is a big liar, why would you listen to a liar that came here to tell you more lies? the students didn't want them to come. the students did not want to hear what she had to say. we have already heard what she had to say. it was nothing. it's against what a lot of
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people think in this country. in fact i think they need to get rid of charter schools. we pay for public schools, we don't pay people to go to private school with tax money. you can just go to school and use taxpayer money to put people where they want to be to segregate them. need to go back to good public schools that taxpayers pay tax money to support and stop making a support private schools that are segregated. she and the trump administration, with charter schools, it's against everything -- health care for millionaires, nothing of value to that trump administration. i think anybody they send, they should have the right to refuse to hear. we have heard them and everything they have said was a bunch of lies. host: so dennis, you have no issues with that? caller: no, i think they told
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her they didn't want her their. host: ok. apparent holmes pit and are, e vos has"d cultivated a fraught relationship with hbc youu. month, shek history of certainly described it as "pioneers" of school choice and a yearningproduct of for education from african-americans within the segregated american system intent on depriving them of educational opportunities. segregationists have long proclaimed the necessity of school choice so they can have the right to send their children to segregated schools." let's go to grad on the -- to brad, from michigan, republican. caller: what would you expects from a majority black
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student body listening to a white conservative? that is their idea of the quality. this is the result of a former thesestration and all social engineers. they just have no respect for anyone, especially themselves. host: let me ask you this. president obama lamented the coddling of college students. what do you think about that? administration divided this country along racial lines, and he also lamented the fact that they were so deep into identity politics, that's basically it. he's not the president anymore. host: what do you think about other cal colleges like uc berkeley, where conservative commentators and speakers aren't receiving the most open welcome? well, the cops ought to
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do their job and kick them off campus. the federal government should cut their funds. a few black students at campuses in a segregated area for them. this goes back to the civil war. it's idiocy. it's from coughlin people. -- people. host: sherry is calling in from ruxton, louisiana. hi. speech atu think, is risk on college campuses? caller: we are, and i am embarrassed to be a democrat. kids areespectful that being disrespectful of adults, and you have to listen to both views.
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be president again because people are sick of it. this is not the democratic party that my father was. is not the party that he was in. much, theyged so don't care about anybody else. disrespectful. it's ridiculous. lot ofot -- a people are changing party. this is just ridiculous. i have children who went to son -- it'save one really out of control, it really is. host: alan is on the line from
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stanley, virginia. . independent good morning. caller: good morning, thanks for taking my call. host: so what do you make of today's question? caller: i think it is suppression of free speech. it is absolutely clear. if. -- it is absolutely clear. if you look at what is costing taxpayers, and all these things to -- these need kids are put there for an education, in these radical professors need to be kicked out. spoke, i caller that agree with her 100%. one caller talked about free speech. he needs to read up and understand the definition of free speech. free speech is giving your opinion. i can sit down with a republican, democrat, and we can have a sane conversation and respect each other's opinions. but today, if you are a
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conservative, you can't speak in the university because of your view. it's absolutely ridiculous. the democrat party needs to get back to being what it used to be. it's a bunch of radical socialists. that is what we are dealing with. a blame everything on donald trump and he is trying to fix the problems, because of everything obama did, everything -- it was a bunch of lies. you get to keep your doctor, you can go on and on. we allow these things to go on, it's not healthy for the american people as a whole, whether you are a democrat or republican or independent or whatever you are. but i appreciate you taking the call, keep up the good work. host: thank you. samantha writing for npr, considering legislation to protect free speech on campus.
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"a handful of states have passed or introduced legislation designed to prevent these incidents from happening. the bills differ from state to state that are based on the model written by the goldwater institute. requirel bill would public universities to remain neutral on political issues, prevent them from this inviting speakers, and impose penalties on students and others who interfere with the speakers." david is calling from las cruces, new mexico, republican. caller: hi. yes, i'm here. i've been a republican most of my life. problemreally have a with conservative thought, but i think the problem that's going on is these kids don't have any other way to voice their opinion toward what's going on, because of gettingr avenues
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their opinion across are being cut off. tryingy have a hard time to support this president, because he is acting less like a president and more like an underworld businessman, it is kind of crazy. threatened?ch i think absolutely, because there is no other vein for these kids to get their point across. i can see why they are upset. no one seems to have any suggestion as to how they are supposed to get their point across. host: let's take a listen to what ann coulter had to say, on steve hannity's show. she's the conservative commentator who is kept from speaking at berkeley. >> this is not a game they are playing here.
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they want you destroyed. i honestly feel -- you going there, and i have told you this personally, is a real danger, because they are so crazy. i think this is getting -- i'veell, i must say -- given college speeches for years now, and it was bad during bush, and then there was nothing during obama because college leftists didn't know what their chant should be. years, those are the easiest things ever. i think what's going on with berkeley, it shows how radical the universities are generally. what you are talking about, yes, they want to squelch conservative speech, but there is a separate issue with the university's right now. when you have bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, bill mahr
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, when they are all saying get over yourselves, we have a first amendment, people have fought and died for the right to free speech, the college republicans nota student group -- i'm just some homeless person wandering into the square -- but i would be allowed to speak theirre, too. they are outside the mainstream, publicly funded. the amount of money they get from the state and the federal government. but all of the people who should have been standing up for the first amendment already away with their tails between their legs. host: let's go to gwen, calling from birmingham, alabama on the democrat line. hi, gwen. caller: good morning. i have this to say, and i want to make my point. dopes calling in, upset with these young people.
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where were you when fox news, their whole media is harassing women? you aren't starting about fox news and roger ailes and bill o'reilly and the disgrace they have on fox news, the racism that they have. you're not upset with free speech there. we have so many phony people in america. i'm not a democrat, i'm not a republican, i'm an american first. those young people were right. yes, they were. as a black woman, i am speaking from alabama, where racism held strong in the 1960's and now. man who is the attorney general, come on, you so-called republicans and
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independents with the oh, i'm so upset, because these young youle don't want to -- weren't there when they were sexually harassing women and racism was running rampant. i don't want to hear nothing. divided? obama look at this man donald trump. the most disgraceful human being on the face -- the president, what are you trying to do against jim comey? this man is a disgrace to america, you want to talk about disgrace? three illegitimate children, president obama had character. conservatives,d so worried about free speech, get on fox news with all the sexual harassment and racism going on. goodbye.
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think about that. host: ok. no mistaking where gwen stands. i want to read something re written by jeffrey stone. history, political and religious conservatives have followed a consistent pattern of detecting to silence free speech when they objected to the ideas put forth. now though they suddenly and unselfconsciously proclaim their unbounded principles of free speech. when their speakers are silenced, they have a long way to go before they can persuade me that their current infatuation with freedom of speech is a product of anything other than cynical political expediency and the profound lack of self-knowledge." anna in connecticut, independent. anna, 20 think? -- what do you think? caller: a lot of emotion out there. i think the students are frustrated.
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college tuition is at its all-time high, college debt at an all-time high, it is difficult to see any relief in this political climate. president trump was elected because he was fighting for the underdog, the little guy, the middle-class, get the people he has put in positions of power are just the opposite. betsy devos has contributed a lot of money to his political campaign, and so has her brother. you see a lot of -- they tend to be hypocrites. en lieu of not being able to gather peacefully, to present not political views, it's squelching free speech. it is their right to free speech. the conversation needs to shift. i agree with your early callers. we voted for president obama
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because we thought he would pull us out of the middle class decline, and unfortunately that didn't happen. now it's just a continuation. right now it's a college student -- my dollar is entering college, i don't look forward to her having $100,000 in debt because she wants to get a decent degree and we can't afford a college education. betsy devos is going to promote chartered schools, taking public money and putting it into private hands. it's a very frustrating climate. think we as middle-class people need to stand up and keep fighting. thank you. napolitano, president of the use of her city of california, wrote an op-ed. "the goal of our university education today should be to prepare students who are thoughtful, well-informed, and resilient. the world needs more critical, creative thinkers and american
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higher education does a better job of producing them than any other in the world. we see to make the world a better place for the next generation and freedom of speech is inextricably linked with fiscal. i prefer allowed claim thi -- a loud campus. i want a faculty that enforces its own professional standards. starsare the three lode that will guide our efforts. consider this my own trigger warning." let's go to bea from texas, republican. flint on thefrom democrat line. caller: good morning. like free speech is a live on campus and the young people deserve to have free speech. with so much going on in the country, they put trump in
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is spewing the one race thing, it just seems like the conservatives are only interested in the wealthy, white -- it has caused a whole lot of confusion since trump has been there. i don't agree with the students booing betsy devos, i believe they should have listened, because you should listen to other people's opinions. people have taught so much racism i think the young people want multi-culture where they can. conservatives seem like they are trying to take the united states to nazi germany.
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we all need to learn to live together, and i think the colleges are going to be all right. we just have to make better choices for president in the future. host: the last caller pointed out she thought college students were displaying their own free-speech rights and protesting. what do you think about that? caller: they were displaying their rights, but as a black man, i know what our people go still they deserved -- they need to know how to be able to listen and show it in another way. you can hear it but you don't have to believe it, but i think you should listen. that's just my opinion. bea from we have missouri city, texas. republican. caller: good morningcaller:. to say that i am
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very embarrassed with black people. host: why is that? --ler: because at this point when i was born, i'm not going to tell you my age, when i was born, we were riding on the back of the bus. we came from the back of the bus to sit anywhere we want to, to owning our own homes and driving our own cars. the way those children treated out of line.llys they did it in front of their parents, grandparents, children, and probably some people that wanted to hire them. think you are doing free speech but you are doing free stupidity. let's stop being stupid and start being smart. youou graduated college should know how to sit down and hold a decent conversation with somebody. free-speech is free-speech, but you also have to be respectful.
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my children go to charter school, ok? that's the best thing in the world that ever happened. i have a daughter that's in 10th grade, she speaks four languages, she's in top honor classes, she is starting college this summer. all of this came through charter school, not through public school, not through black people, not through white people, and i think barack obama was the worst thing in the world that ever happened to america. he is the one who brought lack people to the state they are in now. have barack obama not been the president, we wouldn't be in --s shape, and one when did i didn't like obama but i never disrespected him. i don't like the disrespect, why are you so mad at them in?
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$25,000, obama gave and zero. devos went to the school to talk to them. how did i know she wasn't going to offer them a job? friends,lot of white black friends too, and my white friends feel the same way i do, and it has nothing about race, it is about right. right is right. the right thing to do as black people is to stop being foolish and ignorant and raise our children to be responsible and take over the world when we die. all of us are going to die sooner or later. host: let's go to rob, calling from clayton, missouri on the independent line. hi, rob. caller: good morning, sir. what happened down there
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a sociala, it's indicator that people are not pleased with the way trump is transitioning. a lot of americans don't feel like they have freedom of speech. what i look at is the bigger picture. king solomon said in the bible, money is the root of all evil. fromyou look worldwide, 1898 to the present time, when we had north america colonizing all over the far east, they took the imperial supremacy every country of authority. it didn't matter what political philosophy they chose.
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53 countries in africa did the same thing. when did the things about western europe and north america is they believe in this imperial supremacy stuff, and that means exploitation of people, and -- what is happening in all countries now is we have people trying to resurrect the control of imperial supremacy. everybody doesn't have the same opportunity. democracy is a wonderful idea. we are trying to resurrect the same old stuff of rich white people and they create this between people so they can make money. host: what you are saying is that the protest on college campuses is some way a proxy protest for the way people feel about their current station in life? this happened in the far
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sincend middle east, those imperial supremacists or run out, countries have profited unbelievably. over here in this current administration, they are trying to resurrect that same old stuff we drove out all over the world. there have only been two times in the history of western civilization when entire worlds protested the advancement of a world leader. in 2017.nd in 1933 the entire world protested hibbler coming into power. in 2017, the entire world protested mr. trump. they are in form these days,
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they realize it is bad news, and i'll tell you man, face countries have got to wake up. they are hitting our banking systems.ur high-tech not allow this imperial supremacy to rise again, that's reality. host: what happened at bassoon repercussions,ng because the republican senator from texas has canceled his scheduled speech. this is the lead from the local paper. "they have canceled their speech with senator john cornyn, coming over his support for the trump administration. he had been set to speak at the historically black university, but the university said it has
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asked him to instead visit with students at a future date in order to keep the focus on graduates and their families." let's go to carl the democratic line from michigan. hi, carl. caller: hi, good morning. the first thing i want to say is whose day is this? it is the kids' day. so who invited these people? this is the republican outreach to black folks? interesting. let's talk about george mason university and how much curriculum and wings the coke brother funded, and how many other universities across the united states are trying to infiltrate the youth. this is private money going to schools and there is an agenda. you talk about the goldwater ago we saidweeks
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churches could not lose their tax status. kids don't have to sit there and listen to anyone they don't want to, that's freedom. you read from an article about mr. stone -- exactly. power, itsey have turnabout in terms of the debate over free speech. they have a right for free speech when it's against them. i applaud all the colors that said, can you just sit there and be civil? i understand that sentiment, however it is the kids' day. who invited these people? , and the kids tell it because they are smart. they just graduated from college. thank you so much, have a great day. appreciate all you do at c-span. host: thank you. let's go to ben from phoenix, arizona. independent. we were talking about
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first amendment rights at colleges. the colleges are not banning people from speaking because of peaceful protests that are giving speeches. they are banning protests because of violence that are being introduced by a third they are being, paid like blackrock. these people are coming in and creating violence to create mayhem. they are not on the left or right, they are being paid. we need to figure out who is paying them. betting people but we need to make people check in if they go to these college put up cameras, and
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you have to be able to see her face. if you are covering up your face you are hiding your identity. host: i believe the administration at berkeley was saying some of the protesters -- caller: exactly. are startingters fires and smashing windows and burning buildings, i don't believe they are students. i don't believe they are peaceful protesters. i believe they are mercenaries. they are being paid to be there to cause mayhem. or they just don't believe in government. there are a small number of people -- but anyway, that's what i have to say. sides beingsee both able to present themselves at colleges. i think people should sit down and listen to them because if you don't know the other side 's opinion you can't say
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you're right. until then you have no business. host: let's go to gina, a college student from denton, texas on the democratic line. hi, gina. caller: hi. i met devry university in texas. i do think that free speech is being threatened. people have a right to speak from both sides and register the opinion. your opinion to be listened to and thoughtfully rebuked if possible. speakers, i think the students should exercise their right to be upset about it, but do it in a respectful manner. allow the speaker an opportunity to at least say what they have on their mind. dialogue -- that particular situation was about
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one person giving a monologue and they should have allowed her the opportunity to at least speak. maybe these people who want to speak at campuses can do it in a smaller form first and allow other students to come in and dialogue with them and they can discuss their different opinions. instead of making such a big speech about the commencement when it is their day to graduate, perhaps they should start at smaller venues allowing all students to speak freely and then make it a larger venue. i do think it is threatened and everyone needs to speak. host: you said you go to devry, a community of this. what is the atmosphere? caller: quite frankly, i have never seen there have been any things people are prohibited from speaking -- i've never had any issues at all.
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host: ok. let's go to randy from millington, michigan on the democratic line. hi, randy. caller: good morning. i'd like to start by thanking c-span and you for everything you do bringing us this show, you and all the folks behind the scenes. on the free-speech thing, for one, these aren't children, they are adults, so they have the right to listen to who they want to or who they don't want to. that's america, welcome to america. being put into concentration camps, we all get to speak. , guess i would like to know with all these high-end crowd republicans, how many liberals ,ave you ever listened to speak
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at your republican colleges? they were protecting intelligence -- you don't get up there and say you started this .ollege for black students we started it because you wouldn't let black colleges go to white colleges. let's have a nice day, america. thank you very much. host: speaking of free speech on american college campuses, president trump is traveling to lynchburg, virginia to deliver the commencement address at liberty university. we will have live coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern. jacqueline is calling from philadelphia, pennsylvania on the republican line. what do you think? is free speech at risk? caller: oh, yes. not only in the colleges but in the cities in america. i am a donald trump -- i voted for him.
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people for to tell fear of getting reprisal for people. everyone had to keep it on the down low. he seems to be a president that is encouraging free-speech and people are not liking it. and to me children, they are children, are spoiled brats. they want their way. they don't want to hear what you have to say. term worried that ann coul cannot go and say her side. and the children there are not respecting her right to free speech. host: what do you think about that? reasons?think are the caller: i just think -- i'm 81 years old. i think we are raising a lot of spoiled brats, and i'm not
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talking four-year-olds. they feel entitled and they want to hear what they want to hear, and everyone knows -- if i get into an argument, i go to hear the other side. i'm not always right, you have to listen and they are not being taught that. host: let's go to felicia from arlington, tennessee. felicia, how are you? and i'm, i'm good, listening to all this and it saddens me. i don't know if i am wrong but when i watch the students, the kids turned their backs, their mouths weren't open. it appeared to me all the yelling was coming from the stands. called donaldust trump with the free-speech, he andsay whatever he wants, if those young people did screen, they have that right,.
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they were displeased and they expressed that. if you want to burn the flag in protest you can. other people can disapprove of it that that is what makes us great. you can and you don't have to be put in jail or lose your citizenship because you do that as our current president would like. he can say anything he wants about anyone anywhere, and he does. these young people can't express without being called spoiled brats. the largest spoiled brat in this country is in the white house and if we don't teach critical thinking then we will be lost forever. thank you so much, god bless this great country. i come from slaves and we have come a long way. people have got to start listening to each other.
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berkeley was really sad. you don't have to agree with an don't fight or start riots or say you can't speak, but you can shout them down if you want to. but at least give them a chance to come. whatever takes place outside of the violence. thank you, darling. god bless this nation, and listen to the other people, ok? we all have ideas and we all care about this country, no matter how slanted it seems. host: john is calling in from vi tter, texas. have you pronounce that city? caller: vimart. host: we got it entirely wrong, sorry about that. is free speech at risk? hostcaller: sure, it is. , we were tight as
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we could be, and we expressed views about religion and politics and then they disown you and you ain't got family no more. we are in terrible trouble in this world. i don't know if you realize or not, we are in terrible trouble. our president is the elected president and whether you agree with him or not, he is the boss and he is who we are supposed to listen to because we elected him. i wish somebody would listen to me for a little while. [laughter] alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, people are dying while we are talking and nobody is doing nothing about it.
7:46 am
people per year die from tobacco use every year, and that is something that can be stopped. all you have to say is it's not happening anymore. but you can't talk to them. i have called and called and left my number and never gotten a return call. host: robert is calling from charleston, south carolina on the independent line. caller: good morning. host: what do you think, is free speech at risk? caller: no, it's not. america,reason, in people really don't care about facts and truths. perhaps these students investigated mrs. devos, and
7:47 am
platform the she speaks from and knows it is totally against the foundation they stand on. to know a person is against everything you are against and then sit there and listen to them. that is really difficult. once you know the truth about a person through what they have said in their life, it makes it difficult to sit there when you already know a person. , andan't blame the student that other students said we don't know if they were the ones making the noise of the family members were, but this is america. you claim they are unintelligent and they have these views about other folks, not even caring
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about knowing the truth. say its two sides to a we mayut the reality -- have a different perception of reality but there is one truth. a lot of our perceptions are worked because we are uneducated and we don't know the facts about things. in america -- i travel all across america and canada. people in america really don't care to know the truth about nothing. we're just so comfortable in our own little space, so those of us who think like we think, we congregate toward that and we scream from our corner against every other corner. host: we have a tweet from someone. "all federal funds, loans,
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grants must stop as long as these groups insist on shutting down certain people." the gallup organization did some polling, and 72% of college students polled oppose restrictions o on expressiono f offensive political reviews, but they also support restricting my wish to essentially -- to intentionally hurt others. brenda in houston, texas. caller: hi. welcome. you have a job on your hands, glistening from one extreme to the other. so many comments. let me get to my point. bottom line, i agree with the guys who called in from up north who said, it's your right. these kids didn't want to hear from her, and why are the
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republicans going to liberal colleges? we don't want to hear. -- want you here. let me ask the old white men calling in, saying how black obama, president obama, divided the country. let me ask you this. went tograndkids college, would you allow a black -- let's let one of our black panthers write books, let's let it give a presentation at one of your colleges, and see how you feel. we don't want to mix with you, bottom line. stay away. and i applaud the children. thank you, jeff. have a great day. caller: u2, brenda. let's go to carol, florida.
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college student. what school do you go to? caller: i go to miami-dade college. host: ok. what's the atmosphere there, politically? caller: politically, there are a lot of different point of view, because we have a lot of , and thestudents misconceptions are more on the conservative side, but i do have an opportunity to see perspectives. aboutwhat do you think some of the views you have heard from some of the older callers? caller: [laughter] i've found them very interesting, but i feel like there is this assumption that freedom of speech also entitles others to listen to what you have to say. with the bethune situation, i don't feel like it
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was an appropriate platform for her to appear or speaker views. it was a graduation ceremony, it wasn't a forum for political discussion. i didn't agree with her being there in the first place. host: overall, do you think free speech is at risk in america's colleges? caller: not at all. speak, but no one else has an obligation to listen to what you have to say. host: what do you think of this phenomenon -- maybe that is too strong of a word -- of having safe spaces? what do you make of that? caller: i feel like safe spaces are meant for people who have had experiences in their lives that are triggering to them, or could cost them some sort of mental harm. in that case, i think they are needed. but for every day, normal situations, i don't feel like they are needed. safe spaces are often coded to be something that they are not. host: what do you mean?
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caller: safe spaces are so people who have had experiences in their life that they would rather not be reminded of to feel safe. intoat they don't regress that state of mind. host: on the other side, people say college is a time to get ready for the real world, you won't have a safe space in the real world? caller: well, it's also an institution for learning. if you are trying to learn about something, if you are trying to hone your specialty, i don't feel like you should be , or experiencing things he would prefer not to. host: all right. carol, thank you. let's go to cynthia from mesa, arizona. hi, cynthia. caller: hi. we haveanted to say,
7:54 am
had free speech is that colleges all the time. without all the yelling, without all the screaming. i think what it is missing is good manners. ien i went to college, listened to people who i thought were nuts. however, you either listen quietly or you get up and you leave. or you have a question and answer period. but the way these kids are carrying on, i don't care if they are liberal or republican or black or white. i'm sorry, but the fault belongs with the parents. there is no excuse for bad manners. none. host: taking the long view, haven't college campuses always been laboratories for civic
7:55 am
engagement and protest? from polite to impolite? caller: sure, and in the 1970's i was involved in them also. but i wasn't yelling at people and stopping them from speaking speeches. up their we at least used to listen. placet should be a for free speec, but that means you have to let the other side speak, otherwise it's not free anymore. becausey let you speak you agree with me, then i sound more like adolf hitler then i do somebody from the united states. host: ok. let's go to dawn, on the line from hampton, virginia. independent. caller: hello.
7:56 am
free speechk that is at risk. i think it is more the students disagreeing with her being there for politics reasons. it was supposed to be a time for celebration, and it was made about politics. host: so you think she shouldn't have been invited in the first place? caller: not if she was there for her own personal gain. host: ok. to the larger issue, do you think free speech is at risk in colleges and universities? caller: no, i don't. -- i think itwas should have been a celebration. i don't agree with the ruling, you can protest, but i think
7:57 am
people -- when you go against the grain, a lot of people disagree. host: ok. let's go to james. james, you have the last word in this segment. fort worth, texas. democrat. caller: good morning. i have to agree with the liberal democrat from arizona. i would much prefer recognizing these students if they would protest policies that they disagree with and not try to interfere with someone's right to come and speak. as far as conservative students on campus not having any free-speech rights, they do. they have the same rights as anyone else. there just aren't enough people who agree with them to make them a viable policy change or. as far as liberal policy,'s thisges refuse to report
7:58 am
alternate reality of humans riding dinosaurs 6000 years ago, that doesn't make them -- i wish manners would be part of it. i had an education, been around a long time, but i would rather hear someone i disagree with speak. thanks, you have a good day. host: u.s. will. president donald trump is traveling to lynchburg, virginia where he is set to give the commencement address at liberty university. we will have live coverage at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span,, and c-span radio. stay with us today, because up y -- thereign polic potential ties between the trump campaign in the russian government. later on, the national congress of american indians will be here to discuss the interior department's management of native american land under
7:59 am
r the second -- under the secretary. ♪ announcer: sunday night on "afterwords," physician and journalist elizabeth rosenthal examines the business side of health care in her book "an american sickness: how health care became big business, and how you can take it back." dr. rosenthal is interviewed by dr. david blumenthal, president of the commonwealth fund. >> i was wondering if your book give you any thoughts about whether health care is a free market, whether we can solve our problems in health care through free-market forces. >> well, i think what we have seen is the answer is probably not. at the beginning of the book, i put a somewhat tongue-in-cheek
8:00 am
list of the economic rules of the dysfunctional health care market. where if you think of health care as truly a business proposition, the market. youhe market will solve, get to crazy places like, a lifetime of treatment is preferable to a tear. i'm not saying for a second that anyone really thinks that, but that is where market forces put you. announcer: watch "afterwords," sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. "q&a," thesunday on comparisons between president donald trump and andrew jackson . our guest mark cheetham on his book, "andrew jackson, southerner." >> i don't think he represents the positive values that jackson represented. he certainly represents some of the negative values he


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