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  Robert Lighthizer Sworn In as U.S. Trade Representative  CSPAN  May 16, 2017 3:58am-4:15am EDT

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understand what this responsibility means. it means reaching out. it means caring about more than yourself. it means asking about we rather the meat. >> having the fortitude to do the right thing not the easy thing. do not eat a lapdog or a sycophant. speak the truth even when it is unpopular. about being talk to open to the unexpected. about making room for the improbable and the unlikely. >> past commencement speeches from the c-span video library. join us as we hear from politicians, business leaders, and white house officials starting on saturday, may 20, 29th andial day on the june 3.
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>> the ceremony from the indian treaty movie of the executive office building includes former --ator abdul with whom mr. senator bob dole attended. [applause] >> ladies and it gentlemen, my name is pat roberts. i have the privilege of representing the people of kansas.
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as chairman of the senate agriculture committee, i am speaking on behalf of so many farmers and ranchers and people throughout small-town rural america. we are delighted to have our --mpion in bob blight hauser in bob who has been such a great person to come to this job. he worked with my dear friend senator bob dole. thank you. applause] >> thank you for that. want to say i also a debt of thanks to the
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president. ishii, heth president has worked out an agreement in -- president xi, he has worked out a trade deal for the first time in many years and that will help small-town america. i think that is why i should yield to the distinguished vice president of the united states. the vice president. [applause] pence: thank you guest.of our honored on behalf of the president of the united states, today will be my great privilege to administer the oath of office to the 18th united states trade representative, robert lighthouse or -- robert light
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-- robert lighthizer. and with this appointment, donald trumps cabinet is finally complete. occasion.special it is an honor to have a couple of people very special. joiningelcome me in robert lighthizer and his family here. including here, it his grandchildren. thank you so much for coming. [applause] vice president pence: i am
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delighted to be joined by a friend and colleague of so many years. senator pat roberts. thank you for your representation of the great people of kansas. let me tell you by the response of the crowd a few moments ago, it is always an honor to be the -- with senator bob dole. one of the greatest of americans of the last century. [applause] pence: to hear bob tell it, he learned everything he knows from senator bob dole. serving with him for nearly a decade and a half. senator, thank you for being here we are happy to have you. the fight for trade what's america first. in choosing robert lighthizer as the u.s. trade representative, president trump is keeping his
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promise to put america first. [applause] vice president pence: robert uniquely qualified because he is one of the leading oferts on trade and all america. his distinguished career stretches back to 1970 when he worked as a lawyer in private practice, where he eventually rose to service chief counsel and staff director. reagan tooknald notice. the president named him in 1993 as the deputy trade representative. in this capacity, he directly attributed to the prosperity of that era by making more than 2000 bilateral trade agreements all over the world. he has represented american businesses that are the beating heart of our economy. from high-tech to financial
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services, robert lighthizer has distal youngest himself -- distinguished himself and now he will do it for the united states of america. [applause] pence: robert, president trump has now called on you to bring your extraordinary career in hand talent to help us establish trade that is both free and fair and benefits the american people above all else. even your experience, integrity, and your unwavering support of of theing the prosperity american people. president trump and i are you, we canat with continue to restore opportunity and prosperity for working americans for generations to come and we will make america prosperous again. [applause]
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vice president pence: on behalf of president trump, it is now my give you thege to oath of office. these step in front of flag. >> i do solemnly swear to support and defend the constitution of the united states. and i will bear true faith allegiance. i take this obligation freely. reservationsental
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or purpose of evasion and that i will well and faithfully discharge the obligations and , so help mee office god. pound] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the united states trade representative robert lighthizer. >> thank you so much mr. vice
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president. thank you for the honor of being here today. it is a great privilege to be in this administration. and is a special privilege i would like to thank you for all you do. andas quite meaningful important. i would like to thank the chairman of the agriculture committee, senator roberts who is really important because he is on the finance committee. [laughter] >> and i would like to thank senator ross who is here but mostly senator dole. when i had my hearing i said, i would not be here without you. he said, no. i said, it is true. you are a great american and and and great mentor and i am .lessed to have you as a friend my close friends, many of whom
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are here today, know that i read a lot of history and in particular presidential history hand i believe when all of the dust of partisan vitriol has settled and serious people provide serious analysis, the will beministration who rated as one of the greatest in american history. [applause] >> i am grateful to have been asked by the president to serve for this very important issue. i further believe that for my grandchildren who are here today, when they talk to their grandchildren they will say that permanentlyump reversed the dangerous trajectory of american trade, put america first, made at our farmers, ranchers, and workers safer.and the country and i am proud to make some small contribution.
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thank you all so much for being here. i am very grateful for your friendship. [applause] [applause]
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>> thank you all. [applause] >> congratulations. versation]ible concert
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