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tv   Washington Journal Representative Doug Collins Discusses Mental Health and...  CSPAN  May 18, 2017 11:47am-12:00pm EDT

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that part of oversight or inlligence her speaker ry: ll lve it up to the cmittees to derne that. >> by the way, moatic leader pelosi will brief reporters in about half an hour. u n watcthat online at c-span.o. in aut 15 mutes or less, the hoe wilgal ck in. it's national police week, and day the house debates a coup bls. one that would add the kli or aemed killing of a l enforcement offic, first respder to list factors cour could use to wther a dehentence is justified. and also a bl that would authorize feraprobation officers to arrest somee if there's probable cause that that pern has ierfere wh a probation officer's duties. debate on both of tse bills mi up this afternoon. liveoverage of the house at noon he on c-span. anwhile we wait, some more o this morning'swaington journal." st: our first guest i
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representative doug collins. go morni. thoughts on t speci counsel in thehoe rert muelle gut: he is aanf teity. you will not fd a more dedicated work. was a good choice. orhosel provide waing a re in-ptcounse that.ill provide we wl e where these things lead. i think it was the right choic does he havewers unr this and what can he do d at can he not do? he has taken over the
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inveigation from the justice department the judicial coite has dictversight over the attorney general and fbi but they will be more cautious d how we proceed from re. it is an active investigatn. will look at h we can contue on. does the special counsel supersede those in any sense >> theiggest thing out of this is what we gain for t american peop, knowing congress has en doing its job. whats interesngs is idea that you cannldo one thi. at we have fod , it is more of a white noise bkgun
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for folks who don't wanto deal with health carendax. we are loongt continuing those instations this provides other lel for peleo know this isei taken care of. timite length of takes and the cost it tak, u don'share ose concerns? ia ncern. nd to g to it quickly. fairly anstigate it get this done. let' move on. thats e issue we need to alith. we will followhere the facts ad. mueller will do tt. the costf agng it o -- its t good for anybody in this situation. o talko our t guest, democrats(202) 748-8000.
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publics, (202) 748-8001. independents, (202 7-82. about direct comey and his memos. is it uncomn that he kept this ki of notetaking? io't think the notes are usual. kp notes of etgshe have and ep track. wh is concerning to me, and is will be part of the investigation, let'see the notes,hoh d tally -- the totality of the notes. not just something redo reporter. , comey has never upe i a habit of backin from something. he has inserted himself to several issu. was, these are logical
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questions. this was something he fel , why didn't he report that? whdidn'te talked the acting attorney geral? those are the questis at come from anynvestigation. left gets uster he moreueio. the mes are not usu. the question , why would he just put it to a memo and not act on it. y see obstruction of justice being perceived? thet: i have not seen docunts. i am not going to make a determination on what could have been saidontextually. justhe president a
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director comeypeing? were tre others in the room? there are a t questions. host: what standards do you have to meet for obsuction of ste? happened, what would is president have said, there an active participation to make sure the investigation is not properly done or inputting --hing that wouldee ulit hinder or harm the investigation. se y of those have been met. we he a memo that make a point of a dcussion. let's put it in context and let e cts come out. tom, u are up first. go ahead. good mning. a comple waste of time. mes comey, would not let him
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tch my dog, let alone e head of the fbi aa i think we should getidf e fbi. what we need tfi o is how is rusa and trot ab tget hillary clintoto run the worst campaign in the storyf esidential politics. she only visited twcoti i pesylvan, ump visited 40. hodid they get hillary not to visit michigan, wisnsin? -is is democrats call democrats cryi bause w lost. there is a reason the bl doesn't care. raq, chile nicaragua. we should be called thuned states of meddling ameri. tres a disstfor
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this preside aoss the aisle. everhing that comes up or is at is scrutinized t's go back to the campaig itse. weill let hillary clinton's campgnpe for itself. weeeto aur the amerin people that things areeing investat, congress is workin i am an advocate oththree distinct brahes of government. congress needso havehe roles they a sposed to hav the execute branch has their roles. president said with all of the illegal askedhat to place in the clinton campai and the obama admisttion, there was never a special counsel appointed.
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is ustrated. the rnc in day after the summer, the only thinth on the republican atrm was the language on russia. the next day, the first big dump of her emails on wilks. the second issue is, ias reading an article from the guaran in london. they a blami brexit these people.e robert mercer
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that is coerng i wonr atour thoughts o that are. isefarious. still believes in the wld -- he gs cko a time and pcen ich they perceivedominant to the american hean a bigr presence. is in the litary, i have ltle trust of russian ny areas. understd, to ces is propagandahat out of russi or.initll
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this is why this is being investigated. th is not a oneime occurrence it is by a leader who has shown mself not be an honest leader. some of this is not surprising. think this is something we have to be veryarul of. pele a ted of government. they are tired of the standard i will push that we nd
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to be aware that. me of thissnternal. w we reinvent what happens. wenderstand how we are getting - w we are working together. host:- guest: i heard iwaa d attempt at humor i have to believe him athat pot. the going to comme on meetg. host: y he never heard it alludeto. patriciain >> all of today's programs available at


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