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tv   U.S.- North Korea Military Tensions  CSPAN  May 20, 2017 12:14am-12:41am EDT

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>> in a united nations security council session, north korea's deputy ambassador said his country would not comply with un security council orders. if the international body did not take action against the u.s. for its military exercises in and around the korean peninsula. this is 25 minutes. >> good morning. thank you so much for being with us today. as noted there was an emergency
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that closed the meeting of the that closed the meeting of the security council on may 16, the concerning test of the medium to long range strategic rocket and there was a press conference held by the representative of the u.s. and japan and the south korean before the security council meeting. was in the position of my government regarding the decision. knows, i'm going to [inaudible] long-range strategic ballistic missile. on successfully carried out may 14 by scientists and technicians in the field of the
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rocket research. as broadcaster the media, the highly that shows developed usage of science and technology in the feed of dprk is defense by the of great in special signifance in ensuring peace and stability on the korean pincer -- peninsula and the regions. forces, the u.s. and its have described this exercise of the right to self-defense as andations and a threat raised the clamor of the sanctions and pressure against .he dprk
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dprk [inaudible] its forcesu.s. and dprkcall into question the using nuclear deterrence for self-defense. outrageoushanded, interference in the internal andirs against the dprk condemn and -- in the strongest of terms the you and security counsel. -- council. what is more serious is that the u.s. is crying out for sanctions and intimidates the international community with highly intensified sanctions and
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the polite pressure against dprk and the claim that all countries support themr they dprk or the u.s. the self-defensive measures to bolster the nuclear deterrent as a threat to the international community. and beg for the support and collaboration of international community. [inaudible] by clicking the true nature of their behavior. -- cloaking the true nature of their behavior. that inch to the brink of war [inaudible] anti-hositle --
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hostile policy. [inaudible] that is staged by the u.s. on the can and -- on the korean peninsula. strategic -- sufficient enough to raise out in either full-scale war. that constitutes a graver threat to the peace and security of the desk korean peninsula and the region. [inaible] terrorism against a sovereign state. there is not such a critical moment like this has ever been experienced during half a 's long history.
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aggressivereme [inaudible] even currently at this moment after [inaudible] still now they nuclear war of carrier strike groups strategicg ranks and bombers are hovering above the waters and the skies of the korean peninsula to carry out civil war fair [indiscernible] nuclear bombsng
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the target the dprk. the u.s. is only the ringleaders. peace, whoer of the raise the tensions on the korean peninsula and its intentions. occasion, -- that blindly followed u.s. policy. knows, the every this testarried out -- on april 26. at the time the situation on the korean peninsula has reached annexed only dangerous pace.
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introducing strategic assets and the military provocation was conducted by it. the [indiscernible] of the u.s. claiming that it may carry out the launches but not launched -- byt provocative, straining tension. the un security council have [indiscernible] which flew more than 6000 kilometers across the ocean. it is crying out for denouncing testanctions as far as the rocket dprk carries out in its
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own territorial land and waters. the council called and depression the rocket tests while turning blind eyes to the tests.states' icbm they deserve the name of the doubledealing security council or the u.n. -- u.s. security council? if the un security council does not call the united states to account for its oppressive and large-scale joint military exercises and icbm launches, dprk will never recognize any un security council resolution, the dprk [indiscernible] but continued to this clause.
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secretaryf the u.n. is identical. as regards the success of ground to ground long-range strategic ballistic rockets by the dprk and the u.n. secretary [indiscernible] are a spokesperson for the secretary-general. we condemn the exercise of the right to self existence is crowding it and violations and the threat to peace and security in the region. really the u.n. secretary [indiscernible] impartiality and independence. it must establish who is the responsible for the current situation of korean [indiscernible] and behavior impartially and
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with a conscience. againd repeat my words the current situation on the isrent desk korean peninsula often engulfed [indiscernible] to the brink of war. very --roduced a various strategic effort including nuclear aircraft carriers to conduct the south korean exercise in and around the korean peninsula. it is by no means an accident there been raised serious concern of the u.s. threat to the dprk including our neighboring countries. request to thehe security council on several occasions to discuss [indiscernible]
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with disturbing the peace and security of the korean nutso and emerging agenda and sending a letter after the secretary-general as well and demanding him to bring attention to the issues, to the security council. to our, turning its back fair demands the u.n. secretary has pick a quarrel with our legitimate exercise of our right to self-defense against the united states nuclear strategy is a violation of the resolutions. to add more, the secretary has kept silent to our requests for organization of international forums for legal export to [indiscernible] a sanction resolutions to this moment. it is unspeakable for the secretary to argue about the
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implementation of the sanctions resolution [indiscernible] where disappointment -- we are disappointed thathe secretary could not make a decision on issues of organizing [indiscernible] the resolution is right or not. before it became [indiscernible] theear forces to counter united states. it trifles militarily with the nonnuclear and weaker countries, the u.n. security counsel and the secretary [indiscernible] who maintains the peace in the korean peninsula and to keep withtiality in dealing international matters. in conclusion i would like to
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reiterate the solid piece in the stability in the korean the region. and [indiscernible] dprk the policy of the united states [indiscernible] comes to an end. -- speakinglinky the nuclear deterrence for self-defense and the preemptive strike capability aimed at the u.s. trying to antagonize, isolate, stifle the dprk. cannot be a there bargaining chip. they would never be [indiscernible] though the u.s. will ratchet up the sanctions and the pressure to the utmost. if trump or the administration had truly wanted to adopt a new
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, drying aus, the dprk lesson from the preceding administration's failure, it should go for replacement of the agreement between the dprk and andu.s. and that the secure removal of hostile relations to ensure peace and global peace and security. inthe u.s. persists [indiscernible] the sanctions without understanding its rival, the administration will have to take the responsibility for ensuring catastrophe. mind that thed dprk nuclear strikes and capability will be strengthened and developed at a rapidly high-speed as long as the u.s. nasty nickelolicy,
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or threat and blackmail and pressure. thank you. >> now we will take questions. since the time limitation, we will take a few. i would like to hope you to focus on the topics and i also beld like to remind of your -- brief introduction before questions. let's go ahead. >> on behalf of the u.n. association, we thank you for this opportunity. i would like to ask about an issue that is in the news regarding cyber attacks. we understand that a 17, 18 panel member was hacked by someone pretending to be another member of the panel and there is some suspicion north korea is behind this is is the [indiscernible]
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we do not have an opportunity to ask you so you hope you can give us some reaction to these accusations. any reaction would be appreciated. thank you. >> in your remarks, you specifically focused on the united states' role and the security council. as you know, there are five permanent members of the security council and nato power including china and russia. they chose to support the sanctions that have been imposed on you and the resolution. so far, it are you saying that they are completely under the sway of the united states and doing its bidding? and secondly, you said that the missiles the have been fired have been in the dprk's own territorial waters. one went into the economic exclusive zone of japan and i
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think the last one was 60 miles off the coast of russia. it landed. could you clarify that? thank you. lee, inner-city press. thanks for doing the briefing. a way to ask this request to have made to the secretary-general for a conference of international legal experts, the spokesman will not confirm getting the letter. could you saynd more on how it is delivered in what you make of the spokesman not whining to acknowledge receiving a letter and i went to ask you about there was a patent application made through the world intellectual property organization for sodium cyanide and it has become a controversy and i wanted to know it seems to -- it says it was a individual applicant. are there individual entrepreneurs applying for patents or is this a government application and so what is the purpose of the patent application? thank you.
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thank you for the opportunity. the missile launch, condemns strongly also. do you have any special comment on japanese government especially on prime minister shinzo abe be? think you. -- thank you. al jazeera english. could you please explain in more detail the government's request -- armisticee with the trump administration? under what circumstances would these take place and is the dprk willing to return to the six party talks format? thank you. >> yes, sir. >> thank you. the laston is about
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speech, your mission, announced a media that you sent a letter to askr member states they consider and implement sanctions. and the legitimacy of the secretary council resolution. did you get any response from some of the member states? thank you. >> the ambassador will give answers. >> thank you. as first the question that raises this concern, i would like to answer it. -- the similarity
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of the understanding in a compact of play. -- in a comprehensive way. recent move of trump, the administration is regard to the policy of the dprk. thatbody knows [indiscernible] , what is important is not war. what we found from the dprk and u.s. history, the rolling back the holliston policy toward dprk
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has been [inaudible] for solving all the problems in the korean peninsula. therefore, [indiscernible] theo the u.s. policy toward dprk the root cause of all problems. understand the dprk to continuously develop more and [indiscernible] the nuclear strike means an approach preparations for more and itstil the u.s. forces make a proper choice with the regions. the cyber attack, this is a leaking. it is the ridiculous. whenever something strange
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, it needs the [indiscernible] of the u.s. and hostile forces to kick off noisy anti-dprk campaign deliberately linking with the dprk. , ther as the question the unnd the russians, security council illusions and all. that china, the russians, they and they neighbors position. our nuclear [indiscernible] policy toward us, the dprk. the nuclear has their own common interest as the nuclear states
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and this is separate issue from [indiscernible] thank you. -- for today. again, thank you, everybody. for being with us today. i will see you again. >> whether you are going to be a dentist or lawyer or a teacher or accountant, let your guiding principle be truth and service. >> success is not an entitlement. it has to be earned and earned every day through the lens of
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humility. >> my greatest passions in life often forces us to face challenges insurmountable. you can conquer these challenges and they will shape and strengthen your character. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 2017 commencement speeches. this weekend, speakers includes senator kamala harris at howard university in washington, d.c., education secretary c devos at the cookman into town of beach, florida. and eileen drake at university of alabama in huntsville. executive chairman of starbucks howard schultz at arizona state university, tempe. senator elizabeth warren at university of massachusetts, amherst and senator rob portman at ashland university in ohio.
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this saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and andow general james mattis joint chiefs of staff discussing isis. this is just under one hour. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. i returned last week from a meeting in copenhagen with ministers of defense from 14 nations to coordinate our political way ahead in the defeat isis campaign. chairman dunford returned yesterday from a chief of defense meeting in brussels with defeat isis campaign.


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