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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 22, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EDT

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later john sopko as the latest in the cost of rebuilding that country. as always we take your calls. "washington journal" is next. >> it's "washington journal" and president trump is in israel today landing this morning their time. second stop on his multiday international tour. among his destination the western wall. the first u.s. president to make that visit. here in the u.s., reports from the "washington post" and others about president trump's first budget. which is expected tomorrow. some things that will be targeted include medicaid, which provides health services for low income families but also social programs like the s.n.a.p. program which provide food assistance to families in need. do you think that these type of changes are needed these programs what do you think about
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the potential cuts and changes to them? 202-748-8000. democrats 202-748-8001 and 202-748-8002 for independents. you can post your thoughts on twitter. if you want to go to our facebook page you can do so at the story from the "washington post" is the one that sprung other stories taking a look at the budget that's expected tomorrow. at least the unveiling of it. but the lead of the "washington post" story talk about some of the programs like medicaid. here's what it says, saying, for medicaid, state federal program that provides healthcare to low income families, mr. trump's budget plan will follow through a bill that cut more than
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$800 billion over ten years. congressional budget office messmatesmostmate -- estimated this could cut off medicaid for 10 million people. cnn picked up the story about the bill. under that bill in 2020 that states that expanded the program will no longer receive enhanced funding to cover low income adults which states did not expand previously will not be able to do so. some 11 million adults gained coverage. the bill reduce federal funding for the medicaid program which covers millions of low income adult and children. the state will receive a set amount of funding known as per capita grant for a fixed funding. medicaid being one of those things potentially seeing some cuts when the budgets is released tomorrow. to get your thoughts on it.
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on the phone line. if you're a democrat 202-748-8000. republican 202-748-8001. independent, 202-748-8002. perhaps you use medicaid or you receive some other type of assistance, you want to give your thoughts on your perspective, 2072 -- one of two ways, you can post on twitter. we're inviting you to make a short video of your thoughts if you want to do that. about a minute long. tell us who you are and where you from and your political affiliation and give us your thoughts on this topic. make that about a minute and if we use it, we'll put it on the air. this idea of potential cuts in medicaid, potential targeting other programs, jim from tacoma,
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washington democrat, what do you think? caller: i think the medicaid should not be -- i think it should not be any lower. it is to help the people. the people that maybe can't afford medical and everybody has a right to medical. that is something important and the rich people don't want it because they have to pay for it in the taxes. we have to help the poor. they should not be without. that's one of the most important things is their health and the rich people, the billionaire and millionaire taxes should be higher because they don't need the money. that's only way we can get the money. the people who are struggling, should go lower.
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it shouldn't be just for the rich. paul ryan is influencing trump what to do about everything. trump would listen to the democrats but it's paul ryan they should have tried to talk to trump. it's paul ryan that is doing all the influencing. host: let's hear from ronald from the independent line. you're on. caller: i was listening to it. medicaid i believe in this area, anyway is an aid. some of the younger folks that i see here seem to be aided enough so they're not willing to get out and get their own way. find their own way in the world. they get the aid and therefore they don't want to find their
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own way in the world. host: you're saying changes are needed to this type of assistance? caller: i think it needs to be looked at closer. many of them do need the aid. there's lot of them taking advantage of the system. host: how so? caller: i think there's a lot of them that physically able to do more than what they are doing to aid themselves to get out and get their own way in the world and work. they can find trees and they can drive automobiles they're not able to earn a living. i don't understand it. host: that's two thought this morning. couple of facebook postings for up. warren dolson donaldson saying, these unconstitutional programs should in the exist in the first place. $20 trillion in debt, renee
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cuts in the wrong place and increases also in the wrong places. that is hurtful for people and the economy. that budget expected to be released tomorrow with some details concerning what changes will be made under the trump administration and unveiling its first budget. reports this morning of medicaid and other programs listed as well could see potential changes. if you want to give us your thoughts, for democrats 202-748-8000202-748-8000, rep 202-748-8001 for republicans, for independents 202-748-8002. aside from medicaid, talks about food assistance programs. here's what it has so say. the white house is expected to propose changes to the supplemental nutritional assistance program. make it easier for people to qualify for benefits and average
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of 44 million people receive s.n.a.p. benefits in 2016. that's down from a peak use all of 47 million people in 2013. just 28 million received the benefits in 2008. when it came to some of the requirements saying that the s.n.a.p. program already had the work requirement which typically cut benefits for most able body adults who don't have children. states were given more flexibility during the recent economic downturn to extend the benefits to longer period. something that split conservatives at the time. from west virginia, here is sandra pineville, west virginia. republican line. good're on. go ahead. caller: my husband gets social security and he's worked 40 years in the month. he's got several health problems and it took us a long time to get the insurance for him. i have no insurance at all
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because i'm not old enough. now they want to take everything. the people that don't make much money and had worked hard and done this stuff, they want to take these things away from us. what are they trying to do, starve us to death and kill us? host: specifically some of the things reported looks at medicaid and other specific programs. what do you think about those specific programs other than large issues like medicare? caller: i think they should leave it alone. host: okay, let's go to matthew virginia beach virginia, our line for democrats. caller: good morning. public assistance need to be maintained. especially when we're in a depressed economy. the wealthy need to pay more than the lower and middle class.
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if this country goes to war, the poor and the middle class are going to be the children who go to defend this country and defend the wealth of those people. they stand to lose more. why should the poor and middle class defend the rich and the wealthy ones. they are denied healthcare education and affordable housing? why should we defend you when they come to take you captive? we shouldn't do that. we should let you go and burn. you do nothing for those who have to fight for their rights and defend you. host: no changes and no improving of these programs are needed in your opinion? caller: yes, we need to increase and keep these programs especially when there's no jobs or low wages for the poor. we have to do things so all can become wealthy. just that gentleman spoke on your last program. he said back then, john f.
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kennedy rising tide lifts all boats. now rising tide lifts all yachts. the poor and middle class has not come up. we need to do things so people have increase in income. when they can afford buy their -- they will start to cut those programs. when you have middle and low income wages, how these people supposed to live? the wealthy getting wealthier the poor gets poorer. if you want my child to go into the military to defend you in times of war, you need to help him get an education and healthcare so he can support his family too. host: that's matthew in virginia beach. the lines are available on the screen, especially if you used medicaid or receive public assistance the budget is expected to be released
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tomorrow. the president hasn't instructed budget director he does not want cuts to medicare and social security retirement program ended this budget. the changes may call changes to social security insurance, idea to move people out of this program. back into the workforce. key element of the budget plan will be the assumption that the huge tax cuts that will result in unprecedented level in economic growth. steve mnuchin said those tax cuts will create trillions of dollars in revenue. something budget experts from both parties has disputed. that budget is released tomorrow. more detail will come out. not taking a look what the budget plans for medicaid and other programs.
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maryland, independent line, robert hello. caller: anybody with knows how to balance a checkbook has to understand that these politicians have run this country into the ground. we are $20 trillion in debt. sooner or later, people can get on here and they want their program, this and that. this is going to end you might as well get used to it. we have sat back in this country and had one program after another. we've had subprime loans that the government gave us which destroyed this economy. the politicians give us that. they gave us obamacare all of this welfare programs, all of this stuff. anybody with half a brain understands, this is reparations by another name. that's all this is pedro. everybody is concerned about it. but the reparations that the politicians have been too
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chicken crap to take away from the people, because they're so afraid of what's going to take place. you're $20 trillion in debt. they destroyed this country. host: robert, you're calling for total elimination or can changes be made? caller: it's reparations. subprime loans. host: you talked about that. my question to you -- caller: reparations pedro. you got to tell these people the truth. host: yolanda, democrats line. caller: what i see for the medicare and the public assistance is the each state needs to have the committee where they can figure out where the fraud is coming back to cut back on medicaid and medicare. figure out how to get the people to work.
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a lot of people don't need these programs. there are some that do. there's a lot of people who don't. there's a lot of people who can work and do more. how to get out some of the debt that is causing some of the medicare and medicaid. there's a lot of fraud inside of that. host: give me an example of people who don't need these programs? caller: let me give you example. if a person gets hurt outside of work. they can't work. they get on welfare. they get welfare, food stamps. that's not even cut. they still get to keep food stamps until they go back to work. they don't even stop that. there's nobody monitoring to see if these people still need food stamps. it's out of control. host: it says that you use medicaid yourself? caller: no, i do not use
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medicaid. i don't have medicare. i don't have any of that. i haven't had been able to get those type of things for a long time. i did really need them. there were other systems in place that other people get them. i wasn't able to. i'm not mad about that. i believe people should get up to work. the issue i see is that, people who really truly need it, can't get it. the people who don't need it, are getting it. that's where i say states need to take over and have committees to watch and monitor their own systems. it's out of control. host: when you hear about the president potentially making these changes the house republicans passing a bill that make the changes, is that something you can support? caller: i believe there's something i can support. i'm a democrat to heart. common sense is common sense. it has nothing to do if you're a democrat or republican.
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if you're a working citizen, you want to see what -- do what's right and see what's right for the right people. just not frivolous and foolish just say you're a republican or democrat or liberal or whatever. it is about making sense and making things for the right people. host: "washington post" story adding when it comes to how the trump administration providing and paying for there thing, the white house will used presumed new revenue on the tax cuts to claim its changes would eliminate budget deficit over ten years. budget deficit is the gap between government spending and tax revenue. it's been a deficit in the united states every year since the end of the clinton administration. off of twitter a viewer says when it comes to potential changes, 50% that are productive are paying for government services including welfare for the 100%. time for slackers to get out the
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wagon. again on twitter, not only can you post your thoughts, we're also inviteing you to make a short video. the requirements are simple. take about a minute, tell us what you are and where you from. tell us the topic. make that about a minute. we'll look at it. we'll use it and put it on the program so you can submit that on twitter. pamela in indiana, democrats line. hi there bloomington indiana. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you so much. i am stunned by this budget. this is the republicans doing the -- it never worked. trickle down economics. the vote to repeal and replace the aca was a big massive tax cut to the richest among us. this budget is exactly the same thing. again, they are giving the lie trickle down economics that will
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create new jobs. it never worked. i have the daughter at the wife of an economist, faculty member, that is the biggest lie in the world. what these callers are doing, if you listen to yourselves, you're pitting the poor against the poor. instead of saying, this is a big corporate give away to corporations, lack of regulations. i'm an attorney. when i went to law school and took tort, the amount of uncaring about this and this for the small person, the gm ignition switch that went on for 15 years unresolved that killed 74 people, the cost of that was 50 cents. they knew about it for years. this budget is exactly the same thing. is says, let's strip the poor, let's make middle income people think the poor are takerrers.
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in the middle of the night we'll given tax cuts back to the rich, which is what the aca repeal and this budget does. host: got you. pamela bloomington, pins that's -- indiana. in south bend yesterday it was vice president mike pence giving speech at notre dame. the response from some of the students that got news saying the vice president's comments, though were not heard by graduates, as soon as the vice president and governor stepped up to the podium where he discussed his support for freedom of speech. students got up and left the stadium and protest some of mr. pence's policy position. this was not a surprise. some students somebody planning -- the student organization we stand for began brainstorming ways to take a stand about 100
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plus students filed out of gates 27 and 28 of the stadium. they knew once they left graduation they would not be able to reenter. let's go to loretta cleveland ohio. caller: good morning america. host: what do you think the potential changes? caller: i think that they should go back to the drawing board. we are supposed to be a christian country. the republicans are supposed to be the main christians. yet for some reason, they demonize and attack the poor. this is after they themselves come up with outsourcing and have outsourced america's jobs for the past 30 to 40 years. now they want to turn around and say, you're poor and you need
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these programs, with your tax dollars pay for. i don't receive any of those items. i'm retired. i do get social security. but the thing that bothers me is that republicans come up, they can invent ways to put money into the one percent pocket. i like to see them invent ways to put money into the pockets of the poor. if they can't do that, they should not be in office. no way. we should sit here and watch donald trump get rich doing all of these illegal things -- host: we'll keep it to topic. facebook is also place where you can put your thoughts there as well. marsha saying that this is a
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typical republican budget. pence and ryan has been pushing it. thankfully it won't pass again. also joe saying, waste, fraud and abuse has been proven many times. get the country back on track. we have about 30 comments when we started this program. you can make those comments there on facebook. as well as twitter from gig harbor, washington. republican line, troy, hello. caller: i don't want to cast things on anybody. i think america does a great job taking care of its people. i do think that if you look at a couple of facts in history, one of them being when they had to displace a lot of the people in those islands to do a nuclear test. think about what they did when they supplied them with supplied them
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with fishermen and all give them assistance. now they are overweight, they don't fish anymore. it ruined them. just like the civil rights movement ruined the african-americans of this country. when you take people and you give them something where they don't have to work for, it means a lot less for them. with the way those washington is ran, it is a vote getter for a lot of these politicians. right now even, they're talking about how they're going to win in 2018 when we had an election. there's a lot more to it than just being mean and taking away money from the poor people. i think the religious institutions do a far better job of feeding the poor tan the government ever could. host: budget expected to be released tomorrow. the medicaid and social programs being part of it. other story this morning take a look what might be telegraphed for tomorrow. the education budget being one
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of them. how this budget addresses certain concerns. how would the public school choice program work. poor children are distributed to states on a set of formula. mr. trump is proposing to use one billion of those in a different way. he wants to offer that money in the form of grants. which allows money to schools based on the needs of children they serve. open enrollment policy which allow parents to choose schools beside their general neighborhood school and that allowed federal, state and local dollars to follow each student to the public school of their choice. it's not clear how much money each district will be eligible for. the grant size will depend on part of the size of each school district seeking funds. it also ask the question how would the 250 million private school choice program work. the answer the department funds education research and innovation grants rigorously
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evaluate the evaluations. that fund will set $120 million per year for the first half of fiscal 2017. mr. trump will add $250 million for purpose of expanding and researching vouchers that will help student and low income families attend private schools including secular and the budget document specify religious private schools. here's timothy petersburg, virginia independents line. medicaid and other social programs possibly being cut. what are your thoughts? caller: we talk about these programs constantly. rich people benefit from all programs socially funded. the claim is they're helping the lower class. people haved in cade, who benefits the doctors.
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we never look at program where is rich people are typically benefits. like the school education, where all kids going to college. the government is giving 20, $50,000 and these people don't have to pay this money back until later on. just imagine if the poor people had opportunities to get a $50,000 grant where they can pay back later on. some of these social programs wouldn't be needed. it seems to me that we beat up on the poor people and the true people who are benefiting because -- let's look at housing. when they do public housing some of these families are in these public houses for 10 and 20 years. poor, low level housing. just imagine if we gave them a benefit where they can own a house? we have taken a complete family off public assistance totally and they living in their own communities, thriving, working.
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we don't do those things. written-- when i was working in social services, i saw a problem, our social programs did not really help enough. it just gave some aid but the people will continue to be needing services. they could not accumulate money they couldn't accumulate bank account. inside-out social programs, there's a piece that allows poor people to remain poor. it does not allow them to move forward. host: let's hear from the democrats line. luther in massachusetts. caller: it's been a while since i have called c-span. just wanted to comment what the "washington post" wrote about how food stamp change during obama. that's incorrect. they began to change under george w. bush. i worked welfare office as i.t.
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support. i understood and knew what the food stamp workers were doing. i heard their stories and saw what their clients were going through. people should remember that food stamps medicaid, these are programs a used by working people. they are basically working poor. if you can manage to get jobs for these folks, that pay them living wage, something other than a poverty wage, we don't need these programs. we'll see the numbers of people on those programs decline. we'll have a stronger country for it. host: just to highlight what the post said about these food programs. when it comes to s.n.a.p., it can be one of those programs impacted by changes in work requirement. quotes josh, a senior fellow at the foundation government accountability giving the states more flexibility could
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lead a wrath of changes as program range from medicaid and public housing assistance. one of the encouraging things about putting this in the budget states will see the work, states will try it. the "washington post" adding that s.n.a.p. has a work requirement. but it was during the recent economic downturn to extend the benefits for a longer period. that's according to the recording from -- reporting from the post. that was luther in massachusetts. we'll hear next from rick. he's in magazine noel magnolia texas. caller: i want to compensate about a earlier -- i wanted to comment about a earlier call from ohio. she had a good point. her issue with republicans is hypocrisy. dealing with social programs and helping the poor. that had to do with the church and with the christian nation she said. but yet, the democratic party is trying to take the church out of
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everything and god out of everything. i don't understand what the double standard is. host: to the point of these potential cuts themselves, what do you think? potential cuts in changes? caller: the point of the cuts. host: what do you think about the proposed changes? give us your thought option that. caller: to put things more in the states hand so that local people can make decisions that are seen over the actual population that's receiving the benefits. i think it's a better situation. host: why so? caller: because it's better controlled. it's less centralized controlled. host: california is next. that's where ray is in englewood, california, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. the gentleman just before me. he stole my thunder. he's right states should take personal responsibility for the
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decisions they made. it's time for this nation to put on big boy pants. we got to start somewhere. somewhere. clinton had me in the white house, i'll tell people, if you want to get biblical, it would have been open. we would have been probably a full blown socialist country within the next two or three election cycles. host: you're saying a state like california can do a better job managing s.n.a.p. programs? what gives you evidence of that? caller: well, it's just that the cause -- if you look at how much it cost to live here, this last budget. looks like they're going to barely balance it.
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it's going to explode. our roads are horrible. i tell people, this is the golden state. now it's the iron state. ly make it quick -- i will make it quick. dish washing jobs and busboy jobs were never meant to support a family of four. if you think that, you're delusional. young people got hired to learn how to work. host: let's hear from karen in oklahoma city, oklahoma, democrats line. you're on. caller: okay first of all, in our state, our governor is very good about food stamps and things like that i'm on social security and food stamps. my doctor had me an vitamin d
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because i had no vitamin d in my system. very little amount of food stamps we get in oklahoma, i can't afford to buy cheese or the milk products that i need for my body. my body has been going through cancer and medical problems. i have got so many medical problems. the doctor i have is a pa because the doctor's choices because of the medicaid cuts and cut us all down so we can't get a real there. now i have a specialist that's giving me straightened out on some of my medical problems. as far as the food stamps, we don't get enough food stamps. they cut it you have a, what are we going to do? it will kill us. we barely able to eat on little bit of food stamps. i'm elderly. host: if i may ask, how much a month in food stamps or
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s.n.a.p.? caller: in oklahoma, i get $735 a month on social security. you get anywhere between $10 to $54 a month. host: that's for food assistance? caller: yes. lot of macaroni and tomatoes. host: the "washington post" story talked about work requirements that are attached to the federal programs and how you can potentially change it. does the state have those requirements as well? caller: they do. people like me that cannot work. host: what are the requirements? do you know? caller: you have to look for a job so many hours a week. you have to bring in that proof. you have to bring that stuff in signed by -- people go out and look for jobs and take it in. you get food stamps for six months at a time. you're very well monitored in oklahoma. some people get them up to two
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years. people like me that cannot work and disabled and to a point where there's no possible way being able to work again. i get mine on a one to two year time. the workers all here have been cut back. all the offices are shut down due to the cut backs. our workers are overloaded. even though they are overloaded, they still get the benefits. they doing a very good job with the best they can. host: got you. let's hear from cheryl in connecticut republican line. caller: yes. regarding the medicaid, i had always felt that medicaid fraud was the problem. if they found a way to eliminate medicaid fraud those people who truly deserve and need to benefit from medicaid would have more money to spend. there's too much fraud in it.
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in connecticut, there isn't anyone in this country who hasn't heard of anyone who brags how they don't have to work because they get the government pay for everything. in connecticut, there's tons of people that i know, or have heard of who talked about this. they have multiple addresses they got multiple checks and they go on multiple vacations and they brag. no matter what the government does, i'll be able to find a way to swindle them. i was a teacher. i drawly knew the children -- i truly knew children in my class that needed medicaid. host: when it comes to specific examples of medicaid fraud. what does that look like? caller: a young couple living in a house, two children, not married. they get a check -- each get a check for the children at that house. they go to their parents, they get another check from that
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parent. they use the parent's addresses. then they use their address. filing for things for their children, food stamps and housing and everything. they go to florida every single year. they go on vacation in the summer and the woman said, no matter what the government does, i'll find a way to swindle them. host: wouldn't that be tied to a social security number and not a physical address. caller: no, she said we're on welfare. young person living in the apartment. young guy said to her, how can you afford this apartment. i'm working two jobs. she said i don't have to work. the government pays for everything. my health insurance and housing. she said that's why i don't have to work. i just feel that there's so much -- i know in connecticut, by the way, we have a democratic
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governor who is also cutting medicaid because our tax revenue has gone down because he raised the taxes so much we'll people are moving out of state. we don't have the tax revenue. he is going after medicaid and cutting medicaid in connecticut. host: that's cheryl. thank you for giving us a call this morning. we'll continue on with the topic of medicaid and other safety net programs. other things that could see changes when it comes to release of budget tomorrow. this is from the "washington journal," saying the state departments office of security assistance gives about $6 billion to spend military aid grant. that sum includes $3.1 billion for israel, $350 million for jordan. those grants will be preserve in 2018. pakistan receives $250 million in grant assistant, will see
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that program go down. most other countries will receive their assistance converted from grant alone. that's in the "washington journal" speaking of israel, the president there today landing today to part of a multistate visit. "new york times" talk about preparations for this visit. saying it wasn't infuriated prime minster welcomed ceremony. after learning that most of them were planning to skip because there was no time scheduled for mr. trump to shake their hand. mr. netanyahu had much of a sunday in a closed cabinet meeting with a right wing member. these conditions in the west bank and elsewhere said saying examinationsexpectations are low for break through. neither are the prime minster or
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the president or the palestinian authority wants to risk angering the american president or portrayed the reluctant party. you see the picture the president in saudi arabia yesterday and israel today. continuing on several more countries before returning to the united states. this is charles north carolina, independent line. you're next. caller: what's the topic that i should address? host: we're asking people to talk about the potential changes in medicaid and social security programs. caller: for medicaid, my concern as a rural physician taking care a lot of patients who are on medicaid and lot of patients that need to be on medicaid, i see these cuts as devastating to the rural health situation. i think they will lead to the closure of a large number of
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rural hospitals. that the impact on my patients who currently have medicaid and others that don't have medicaid but should because north carolina hasn't expanded its medical roll it will be devastating to the whole state's financial situation and healthcare situation. i just think that these cuts will be devastating in rural areas. host: how much your practice is built on medicaid recipients? caller: it's about 25% of the practice. i'm in a very poor area of north carolina. northeastern north carolina. the population is very poor. very few have really adequate insurance and they don't have -- they can't get medications now because cost of medicines.
7:43 am
that's out of line. if the government can do something about the cost of medicines to people that are very poor and can't afford these outrageous costs of generic drugs what are they doing cutting back benefits elsewhere? it's going to be really terrible in rural areas. host: what's the scope of medical care that a person receive under medicaid? caller: well in north carolina, if you do get medicaid, you can receive a whole scope of services. medical services. i'm primary care general internist, i take care of adults. i think they do a good job. once they're on medicaid in north carolina, i think that they do a very good job of covering.
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for instance, their cost of their med sips sip -- medicines. cost of care for a visit is not great. but it's adequate for me to keep my office open and keep on seeing the people that really need to be seen. i'm not in a nonprofit. i'm not in a community health center. i'm in my own practice. i know the bottom line of all this. physicians say i can't afford to see medicaid patients. in rural north carolina, you can afford to see medicaid parishes. in fact, hospitals that don't have that income will probably close. host: okay. mike is in florida democrats line. good morning. caller: just a couple of quick questions. out all the money they will save for medicaid what will they do with the money? we never see in the republican budget how they talked about cutting corporate welfare.
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billions of dollars that are reaping in profit. why there's nothing in the budget about that. host: one of the things highlighted as far as the budget is concern what it might do for federal paid leave. "new york times" highlights program that was championed by ivanka trump saying. it faces skeptical. at that time proposal for $25 billion federal paid leave program part of the budget plan mr. trump tuesday is a reflection mrs. trump influence in her father circle. a plan that's been her primary area of interest since the 2016 campaign when she pushed her father into subversion. the plan calls for new benefit carved out the unemployment insurance program. the administration would work with states to find ways to pay for it. the goal was a program that did not add to the deficit. the story also said, mr. trump might find plan to be a tough sell with republicans. senior aid said there was a
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deeper in the party to approve anything that would let mr. trump paint his administration as moderate. at one point, top democrat in the house, nancy pelosi of california offered to introduce ms. trump bipartisan women's caucus. despite a discussion on election night, the white house has not reached out to democrats since. from charlottesville, virginia republican line. here is ralph. caller: thank you for taking my call. we have a medicaid problem which is a good program and it should be for those individuals that really need it. we probably have 25 million people on medicaid. i know the trump program is advocating to save about $800 billion on the medicaid program. what we got on the medicaid program, we've got individual families that -- i do tax returns. both husband and wife are
7:47 am
working and their partners are not married. they got the children on medicaid. they are collecting on medicaid. some of them won't even go to work. i got family members like wise that won't even go to work that have the children on medicaid. they provided housing and they get the earned income tax credit and all this stuff. i also have another example of family member that had a child with epilepsy and had the child on medicaid and got paid for setting for her own grandchild. she charged her money over to the grandson and it's just a lot of fraud and abuse in medicaid. there's nothing wrong with the program what so ever. i hope mr. trump goes in there and roots out this fraud and abuse. i would like for mr. trump to when it comes to charlottesville, i hope he listens to this message. i like to meet him.
7:48 am
i think he's doing a great job. it needs complete revision. the income tax side as well as the medicaid side, that's the way it is. that's a great facts. thank you very much for taking my call. host: part of the spin off from the president's trip at least from the "washington journal," reaction from nato about spending issues. saying that the north american treaty organization under pressure from the administration of donald trump is planning new spending initiative that will use additional money to fill gap according to a draft. proposal reviewed by the journal. it's under the plan that nato members will be required to submit national blueprint detailing how they will meet target. which country should devote two percent to military spending.
7:49 am
plan will track commitments of troops to nato mission. democrats line, here is henry from new york. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. my response, i'm very disturbed when i hear of the -- when i hear the following. a doctrine to determine the degree of literacy. the republicans have a doctrine. when it gets to be winter and cold and your child not receiving proper education and food and what they need in school and check ups. then this thing becomes very upsetting. this is way beyond doctrine. waste. people talk about waste. when was the last time people talked about waste in the
7:50 am
department of defense program? you want to talk about waste? that's huge compared to this business of medicare and education. finally, around 15th of may, mr. obama spoke about partnership of healthy american future in washington. she said the following, i don't care what state you live in take me out the education. like me don't like me think about why some of it's okay with your children eating crap. they're talking about salt and sugar and changing nutritional direction beginning in school. when you put that stuff in schools lunches, it makes it easier for kids to go out -- fast food and illness. host: we'll go to west virginia republican line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call.
7:51 am
my comments is not the budget stuff. i have a grandson. 19 years old. got a daughter. they get their food stamps. they can take that card and get cash off it. that's how they live off that. he won't work. i've got a cousins that's on dope and they get their welfare cards and stuff and they spend it on dope. they need to cut a lot of stuff. host: the amount that your son-in-law or relative? caller: my grandson? host: what's the amount they receive? caller: they get about $600 a month. they live with their inlaws and
7:52 am
then they get their electric. so much for the electric a year. they get -- i don't know what all they get. they live better than i do. host: that's west virginia. iran elections taking place yesterday. the president with second term. saying he trounced the hard line challenger. saying his country seeks peace and friendship as it pursues path to coexistence and interaction with the world. the election was weedily seen as a referendum on the 68-year-old clerk push for greater freedom at home and outreach to the wider world. which resulted in the landmark 2015. that hardliner initialed opposed. but iran continues to suffer from high unemployment and foreign investment. putting pressure on him that he can do more than turn the economy around. he highlighted his desire for
7:53 am
further outreach and with it the prospects of creating jobs throughout outside investment. lyla from gaithersburg, maryland independent line good morning. caller: good morning. back to the medicaid. i think that one of the problems it's misappropriation of funds. i see cases where young girl, three kids, never married getting subsidized howing. smokes pot drinks, smokes cigarettes and gets $400 month in food stampedes, subsidized housing and utilities and gets unearned income credit. she works, her boyfriend works. they go on vacations three or four a year. it's a misappropriation to funds. another girl that i know she
7:54 am
gets three bedroom townhouse big became, has four kids, food stamps subsidized housing. host: what's the fix then? caller: the fix is, you have more people in the system to work the cases. i know other cases where a woman disabled nearly 60 years old doesn't get any food stamps and gets $750 a month on live on. it's a misappropriation of funds. host: are you saying that more people are needed to over see the money money that's given out? caller: they should be drug tested and tested for smoking cigarettes. if they need help, if they quit doing the things they don't need to be doing and appropriate the funds to the people who need it. i think it's a misappropriations of fund.
7:55 am
there's a lot of fraud. host: "washington journal" highlights comparisons this morning. president trump's speech in saudi arabia said president obama initial speech in cairo. if you want to see that speeches go to c-span website. mr. trump speech on sunday in riyadh and president obama 2009 speech deliver dramatically but goals are the same. i cam here to cairo to seek a new beginning of muslims around the world. mr. obama said in july of 2009. mr. trump told dozens of muslim leaders they gather together in riyadh in symbol of the world to mutual respect. could mark the beginning of new renaissance in the middle east. mr. obama speech lasted an hour. mr. trump's took 34 minutes.
7:56 am
matt, democrats line, go ahead. caller: how you doing today? i would like to say that, it's a very clear to me -- i think it's important that c-span, who is handling the phone calls should make clear to some people. most of people have no idea what these programs are for. medicaid is for people on disabilities for one thing. there's talk about slashing even medication. it's not a welfare program. even if it was, that's something we need as well. i think most of these people calling in don't know what it is. maybe, it should be explained. so the people who call in will be a little more aware of what the programs are.
7:57 am
to think that these are all programs that people -- someone else said, go out and smoke pot and go out and use to buy more pot. it's ridiculous. host: got your point. what do you think about the potential changes that could happen to these programs? caller: it's barbaric. i think once again, this is among the congress and senate. most of these people aren't aware that social security, like myself, for an example. i'm on disability as well. that's why i'm on social security. i'm still not 65. the republicans aren't even aware of this. they aren't aware that children can be on disability. it's amazing what the republican politicians don't even know about this. let alone the people calling in. host: you made those point.
7:58 am
we got to get a few more calls. didn't want to let you know, when it came to the larger topic of healthcare, our capitol hill producer sent out regular tweets about activities going on. if you're not following him, you should do so. he said vice president pence will return to capitol hill this afternoon. he'll meet with lawmakers ahead of senate gop meetings this week. that on the topic of healthcare. donna in north carolina. republican line. hi there. caller: good morning how are you? i do agree that they need to monitor. there is a lot of fraud with the food stamps and the medicaid. i know young people out here who have learned they can just live off the system. used to many years ago when they did approve you for food stamps they did home check to find out, you didn't get a lot. you had get out and work.
7:59 am
people are getting $1200 a month, $900. that's way too much. they're selling half of it and children are not fed properly. disability and medicare, i feel are different. these are people who have worked. i have worked ever since i was 16 years old and i'm 56. i just started receiving it four months ago due to an injury on my job. i do feel there's a difference. i never lived off the system for food stamps on the welfare. do i know there's a lot of children young people out here they're having more children they can support. they are selling half of it to buy drugs with. they're getting too much. used to be a place you can go to, you were given the essentials you needed. you were given flour and given vouchers to buy milk. i believe that would cut back.
8:00 am
host: okay. let me stop you there. i want to go to mike in pennsylvania independent line. go ahead. caller: i don't understand why people calling into your show don't realize that 65 to 75% of nursing home care is paid for by medicaid. older folks have to -- if they save their entire life for retirement, whatever they get sick, they have to make themselves destitute to qualify for nursing home care. which cost eight, nine or $10,000 a month. lot of people can't afford that kind of money out of their pocket for nursing home care. which is the main job that medicaid does in this country. nobody seems to understand that. host: mike in pennsylvania. will be the last call on this topic. several guests will be joining us. including two brother who will travel to county in the united
8:01 am
states that voted for president trump. to find out why those people did and if their support will continue. the washington examiner daniel allot and jordan allot will join us next. later on in the program, we'll learn about what skills are needed to be an efficient white house chiefs of staff. chris whipple the author of "trump's america" to find every presidency will be along for that discussion. we've been showing you portions of the president's international trip. he spoke with leaders in countries in the cooperation council yesterday. that in saudi arabia, go to our website at to see it. here's that bit of that speech from yesterday. >> every time a terrorist murders an innocent person and falsely invokes the name of god it should be an insult to every person of faith. terrorists do not worship god. they worship death. if we do not act against this
8:02 am
organized terror then we know what will happen and what will be the end result. terrorism devastation of life, will continue to spread, peaceful societies will become engulfed by vince and the -- violence and the future of many generations will be sadly squand sadly squandered. not only will we be judged by the people, not only will we judged by history, but we will be judged by god. this is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilizations. this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people all in the name of
8:03 am
religion. people that want to protect life and want to protect their religion. this is battle between good and evil. when we see the seams of destruction in the wake of terror, we see no signs that those murdered were jewish or christian, shia or sunni. when we look on innocent blood soaked into the ancient ground, we cannot see the faith or sect or tribe of the victims. we see only that they were children of god who's deaths are an insult to all that is holy. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we're joined by two brothers traveling to united states talking to


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