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tv   Washington Journal Representative Ted Lieu D-CA Discusses President...  CSPAN  May 24, 2017 8:39am-9:15am EDT

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while we were studying that, we learned that the methodologies, the malware that was introduced, and the place where the service terminated that were stealing information were certainly not isis. asre what are now known cozy there. bear. that's the name crowd strike gave for the malware package that came from russian military intelligence. >> sunday night a clock eastern on c-span's -- sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q&a." announcer: "washington journal" continues. host: california democrat ted lieu is back at our desk. a vocal critic of president trump, especially on twitter, where you have well over 200,000 followers. you tweeted that many of the supporters who supported trump,
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this budget is further proof that he lied to you. what proof are you referring to? guest: with this budget, we are the president lied to the american people again. the president said he was not going to cut medicaid repeatedly. this budget cuts over a hundred billion dollars from medicaid. the president said he was not going to cut social security. this budget cut $72 billion from social security disability. the president's budget is exactly the opposite of what he said he was want to do. he was going to have a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. this budget has $200 billion, but that offset by other cuts to transportation. at the end of the day, you have less payments going to infrastructure. this budget is once again proof that donald trump lied to the american people and continues to lie to us. host: the omnibus spending bill for the rest of 2017 that passed last month is one where democrats were able to avoid some of the most toxic provisions that they saw in that legislation. how do you repeat that in this
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2018 budgeting process? guest: the way that it works is because of the makeup of capitol hill, the republicans are so fractured that they cannot actually pass the budget with their own votes. by the way, i dare the republicans to put up the trunk budget for a vote right now. they are not going to do that because this budget is dead on arrival. it is so crazy, so insane. republicans are not even really talking about it. republicans will have to end up working with democrats because they need democrat votes to pass any budget. havee in place where we do come for moses and both parties work together to pass a coherent budget that helps america. host: what are the specific opportunities that you see? where can you work together to create a separate budget that is not in this budget? guest: sure, we are not going to have a budget that of states veterans. for example, one intent veterans relies on medicaid. 2 million veteran families
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rely on food assistance. we will also have a budget that is geared not solely for war. this is a war budget. and basically cuts everything and then increases defense spending. a cuts the state department by nearly a third. that is insane. there is bipartisan support not to do that. secretary of state james mattis even said, look, if you do not fully fund the state department, i'm going to have to buy more bullets. this is a really stupid budget designed for war. no one in congress wants to do that. host: you mentioned veterans. this budget has a 6% increase from current levels from the department of veterans affairs funded at $79 billion. is that something you can get behind? guest: absolutely, but not while cutting programs like medicaid and nutritional assistance that benefit way more veteran families. host: if you want to join the conversation, democrats can call
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at (202) 748-8000. republicans can call at (202) 748-8001. independents can call at (202) 748-8002. we will be chatting with him for about the next 25 minutes or so here on "the washington journal." ers talking call about foreign aid spending by the government and concerns about spending money overseas when money is need to be spent here at home. you are on the foreign affairs committee in congress. do you support foreign aid spending to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars? guest: absolutely. it is a drop in the bucket on the overall size of the federal budget and it pays huge dividends. when we help countries like israel and other countries with foreign aid, they become stronger allies of the u.s., but they are also able to protect themselves in the dangerous parts of the world. there is bipartisan support not to cut foreign aid, not at the
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state department. republican senator lindsey graham saying that if this budget were enacted, we will have a lot more benghazis because of how devastating the cuts will be. it would make them unable to protect their own embassies. host: you see a return on investment in giving money away to other countries? guest: absolutely. we do this because it creates allies. could also make sure that we don't have instability in any of these places. when donald trump is on his foreign trip, one of the things he is doing is having deals with all these other countries. part of that is foreign aid. host: we are talking with congressman ted lieu. port orange, florida, line for democrats, good morning. caller: good morning, everybody. i keep thinking about how back in the 1970's how they promised us how much money we were going to sa saved the we privatized
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military. that something that resonates in my mind. this simple map it needs to be done. it doesn't take a brain surgeon to look at the big items in this budget and realize the only way we're going to maintain this level of military spending is to take it away from the old people. we have got a real dilemma with a huge group of old people coming online. i don't think the congressmen are being honest with everybody. 40% of all global military spending is coming from our country. if we are going to keep on this road, we are not going to be able to take care of old people. it's just common simple cents and adding arithmetic. guest: i'm glad that you mentioned arithmetic because the trump budget also has a massive math error. they double count $2 trillion. basically this entire budget is also $2 trillion short of
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balancing. host: care to walk through that? their articles on that in today's paper. guest: first off, it's not even me saying it. is multiple media sources as well as a very intelligent smart person that serve on the administration before. can is a huge amount on economics -- he knows a huge amount on economics. they are paying for a tax plan that does not have any pay for it. it is $2 trillion of lost for the federal government. to use it again to say it will generate $2 trillion of growth. the double counted the $2 trillion. their different ways to take care of the needs of the americans. you're absolutely cutting all these programs, including meals on wheels, it's not one of them. i support increasing the payroll tax to fund social security. there are ways to do this.
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the trump budget does not do the right way. host: and he is in connecticut, independent. good morning. caller: why won't the dnc allowed the fbi direct access to their service? ers? why are you trying to stage a coup with the president of the united states with the democrats and the media and the deep state? it is shameful, shameful for what you are doing. guest: i'm no idea. i'm not the fbi or the dnc. that is something that neither you know or i know. , iarding a second question absolutely believe in the rule of law. the president of united states is violating the rule of law. we are watching of instruction of justice being committed in real-time. the present of the united states fired fbi director james comey. there is no dispute on that.
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the president of the united states went on national tv and admitted that he did it because the russia probe was on his mind. "the new york times" reported a story that the president of the united states said he fired james comey to relieve great pressure on him. the white house does not dispute that account. this is obstruction of justice. this is the rule of law. no president is above the role of law. under richard nixon's first article of impeachment, it was objection of justice. we're not talking about deep state. we are talking about rule. host: go ahead. caller: i want to speak about the budget, but let me suggest a website to the congressmen. 'it's called you can watch the senate comey wasnd see where asked about giving hillary clinton's entire staff immunity, allowing them to smash their
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computers with hammers. we all know politicians don't go to jail. if everyone is given immunity, where is the rule of law? where is your rule of law? laws dooss t immigrants have to go back? guest: politicians have to go to jail all the time when they violate the rule of law. that is why we have an entire fbi unit dedicated to investigating the corruption of officials. when people violate the rule of law, they go to jail whether they are politicians are not. the rule of law applies to every american, whether you are a janitor or a police officer or a coat or the president of the united states. host: you tweeted recently talking about some of these issues, talking about obstruction of justice, do so power, criminal,, violation of
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federal law, and felony. you are military lawyer. do you want to say what you think happened when it came to russia in th and the trump campaign? guest: in terms of the fbi investigation between possible solution between donald trump and his associates and russia, i've no idea what that's going to say. no one has any idea except for the fbi counterintelligence agents. but we do know is that the president of the united states repeatedly tried to abstract that investigation. that is a felony. that is a violation of federal law. people who obstruct justice face up to five years of prison time. this is a very serious charge. the president tried to obstruct justice when he basically asked the nsa and cia director's to see if they could shut down the fbi investigation. you can't do that.
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the president try to abstract justice when he asked the fbi director to basically shut down the michael flynn initiation. that's a violation of obstruction of justice. than the president did a third count of obstruction of justice when he fired the fbi director. these are least recounts of obstruction of justice. we just call it what it is. it's a violation of federal law. host: carla is in manchester, new hampshire. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. thank you for your service. i appreciate your resilience. we need you. please keep doing the good work you are doing to hold trump accountable for what's going on. with that said, i'm disgusted with the so-called budget that president trump has tried to come forward with. it totally slashes all the programs that benefit the poor
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and middle class families. i'm disgusted that republicans and his supporters are willing to overlook all the scandal that's going on and the russian ties with the administration at any cost. thank you for the work that you are doing. i just hope that this budget doesn't get past because it would affect a lot of people. host: on that point, the white house budget director spoke at the white house about the president's budget. specifically spoke about why the trump budget doesn't cut medicaid. here's what he had to say. [video clip] >> a couple things about medicaid -- and this is one of my favorite stories to tell about washington spending. i know that you all probably get this, but if you are watching this at home, and washington, d.c., if you spend $100 last year on something and easement
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$100 this year, in washington, people call that a cut. dollars lastr, 100 year, you call the cut. there several -- there are several occasions and many people will still call that a cut. the budget is hardwired by the congressional budget office to go up every single year. if the congressional budget office says we spent $100 last year and we are going to spend or six dollars this year, anything less than $107 is a cut. as a freeze because it stays in line with the congressional budget office. is a classic example of how washington speaks differently than back home. there no medicaid cuts in terms of what ordinary human beings would refer to as a cut. not spending less money than we did one year as before. we are growing medicaid more slowly over the ten-year budget window then the congressional
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budget office says that we should or we will under current law. why do we change it? changehange those -- we those growth rates because of the american health care act, which this president does support. we said from the very beginning that we support the house efforts. we are working right now with the senate on what their health care bill would look like. we support the american health care act. that does change medicaid. how does it change it? this is something not enough people are talking about. it makes it a lot better and a lot more able to deliver the necessary services to the people who need it. host: conga's men ted lieu -- congressman ted lieu. mick mulvaney is back on capitol hill today. what would you ask him? guest: what he just said is one of the most idiotic things i've ever heard. there's something known as inflation. the same ice cream cone you bought 25 years ago is not the
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same price you paid for today. i remember paying a dime for an ice cream cone. now it's like two dollars. this inflation happens andywhere across america that is why the amount of money that you paid 10 years ago is not the same for what you get if you pay it today. its basic economics. and basicto not underst economics or basic math. host: jason, go ahead. caller: i've three points that i want to make. one is with regards to cuts in medical research. the federal government spends billions of dollars on medical research, given to these pharmaceutical companies to create new drugs and so on. then they turn around and they charge the american people tens of thousands of dollars for the new drugs that they create. in fact, we have even had one
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shouldual, named martin relish, who bought up a life-saving drugs for hiv patients and raise the cost of that drug by 5000%. we are increasing the budget for medical research, but then the taxpayers are being forced to turn around and pay astronomical prices for these drugs that we have paid to create. the second thing i wanted to point out is that we give billions and billions of dollars to illegal immigrants in medical care and food stamps and housing assistance. we need to be taking care of americans first. cut these dollars are being from these benefits, leaving to start cutting the ones going to people who are not even american citizens first and then talk about cutting benefits to americans. host: we will take those two questions. guest: thank you for your questions.
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on your first point, i agree with youth. there's a special place in hell for someone like martin sh kreli. he took a drug and jacket up thousands of percent and this was a life-saving drug for people with aids. we had a hearing on this issue and it turns out one of the reasons he was able to do this is because there is this huge backlog for companies who want to enter in and produce generic drugs on the order of six to seven years. he knew that he could do this. for about six or seven years, he had a monopoly on this wondrous. one drug. that fda testified that they will reduce their approval backlog. if they are able to do that, this problem should be mitigated and we won't have this kind of jacking up of joe crisis -- drug prices of generic drugs.
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in terms of the government funding nih and basic research, i fully support that. private sector companies can't invest a huge amount of money for decades with no return whatsoever. host: cap put some numbers with that for a second? thepresent cost -- president's budget looking at cuts for the national institute of health. the national cancer institute will receive a billion dollars less than 2017. the overall budget will drop to about $26 billion could ♪ the . the national science foundation losing and 11% cut. guest: you are hurting the very research that could help cancer patients, alzheimer patients, with a number of diseases that affect americans. basic research is really something that only the government can fund and do because the government can't
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keep funding research that is on the cutting edge. one day that will be a breakthrough in the will be a breakthrough for all humanity. that happens repeatedly and that is why we had an increase in funding for the national institutes of health with our spending plan that was but don't recently. that was bipartisan. host: guy was on the 4017 spending plan -- that was the on the on the best toys 17 spending plan. guest: helping americans is a good thing. host: on the line for democrats, go head. of trying to find out on , i'mrump budget plan
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hearing on the social security disability that i have been in on for four years. i've had five back surgeries. are they going to do away with social security disability or they just lowering your payments let you get monthly? guest: thank you for that question. they're cutting the program a $72 billion. i hope republicans also join us in fighting against it. keep in mind that any american can wake up tomorrow and get disabled. that is why this is such a valuable program not just for you but for any american the united states. host: a few minutes left with coniston ted lieu. .emocrats -- (202) 748-8000 republicans -- (202) 748-8001.
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independents -- (202) 748-8002 . /eborah is on the line . that we can have a respectful and bipartisan if half the children need day care, that is the average a week, multiply are 52 and 800,000, you looking at $5 billion. what i saw, we as a society have our the cost and care of
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children from the family unit to public services and taxpayers, i'm not saying it is think itwrong, i don't is affordable. i care more about our nation's parents than how their vote. we're not asking what about the of the child in this environment and how do we reverse this trend because there that is not affordable. you ave wic, you have csp, have the chip program, have you edicaid and all of those programs were not designed to unit, so i'd amily really like your answer there -- host: debra, thanks for the congress. congressman, respond. guest: thank you for that question. and my view is the best social program is a good we don't actually want people to ave to take food stamps, we
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don't want to have people need o take government benefits, unless they are in a place where they, through different factors need it to survive f. we can economy, increase jobs and hopefully have less children who are going to be dependent on food stamps. but the same time, we have taken position as society on basis, we will not let children starve. hat is why we do have disagreements over the programs from time to time. y view is, we should not let children starve, we need to make sure that they have adequate they will growse up to be adults. if you don't give them adequate can affect their ability to learn, it can affect to be uture ability productive members of society f. e can increase jobs, increase the economy, then we'll have less people dependant on the
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one reason i've introduced the 21st century new jobs, which is a $2 trillion infrastructure plan that is going to not only roads, highways and bridges, but also create a lot in places ing jobs like ohio and other states across the nation. shanada, in massachusetts, an independent. good morning. caller: good morning, sir. wanted to say to ted lieu, thank you so much for all and your it's great to see our representatives actually for americans in a time where we just -- it's just i'm seeing from our government leaders. my regard to the budget, question is, these cuts to the going to rtment are endanger american lives, at home and abroad. can you please tell me if that is a true statement? also, to the host, i'm sorry,
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catch your name, but you cut off a woman caller par -- comparison to it, it is on't make shameful for you to try to shame her when the american people are terrified of this president. we are terrified of what he is doing. fathom the fact you would cut off her point of view extremely s making valid point. hitler's policies killed people. host: appreciate the feedback. congressman. guest: thank you. at the state department yesterday and you have a lot of concerned people about proposed one-third cut to the tate department and again, if you don't use diplomacy, asically you will rely on military force and to me, that is just really stupid. e should never lead with military force tshould never be our first option. this is how the budget is
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constructed, it is really a budget designed for a country go to war. it cuts diplomacy, it cuts everything and he wills spending.defense that is why it is dead on and al, both democrats republicans said they will not support this crazy budget. diplomacy, rms of the u.s. does so much around the world to make sure we don't have conflicts, the state department does amazing job and the way that the u.s. is situated in the world, when instability, it affects our country more than others and a big believer in diplomacy and the state department. home state of california, steve waiting, lieb for democrats. good morning. good morning, i would like to say hello to congressman district, i'm in his i'd like to tell him i think in doing a terrific job
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supporting us. and i totally agree with said, i was at his last town hall meeting and i completely agree with all the about the trump presidency being very dangerous, i think to our country right now. i guess one point i'd like to guess elizabeth warren weeted, it looks like trump is trying to continue to push his agenda through. i would like to say, i think the enate and congress need to really stand up at this point and the democrats need to try to support from the g.o.p., who seem to be starting to crack. hopefully we can get some turning of the tide here against trump. the investigations more underway and start to eally see what is going on behind the scenes there. o i'd like to know if he has any comment. host: go ahead. guest: thank you for the question.
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of know, when the president the united states fired the f.b.i. director, that really i seismic shift in how not just republicans and but how the nation viewed this president. think people thought, hmm, there might be something there to this trump-russia somethingion there is known as cautiousness of guilt, i'm a former prosecutor. takes action meone an innocent person wouldn't do. is isn't t that wouldn't go to great length to impede or obstruct an investigation, that is alcohol what nixon did and you had a number of republicans after that come out and criticize the president, say it was inappropriate. republicans, amosh, mentioned lo impeachment, you had a orrection in the media when a staff member calls corvello called this particular media out in fact, carlos
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corvello was the first talk about the impeachment. host: they wanted to be on the to do it?the first guest: yes. it shows the trump isn't serious. we in america watched in commit , the president obstruction of justice, a felony. we can't just let that slide. host: david monroe, new york, line for republicans, last the congressman. caller: i would like to comment about two things. budget, you see hat no democrats propose any budget that balance the budget years, soourse of the it should be about budget. all, about the investigation investigation, it is a way to
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away the ability to -- for pursue his ump to agenda and about the investigation, nobody knew fired comey that comey nvestigated, it was democrat try special counsel and all of a comey, they are obstruction of justice.obstruction of nobody in the media talked about what he is investigating. host: congressman. guest: to your second point. f.b.i. director comey publicly oath that there has been an f.b.i. counter intelligence investigation into there was collusion between trump campaign and russia. the president fired the f.b.i. of that because investigation. the president admitted that on national t.v. he president told that to the
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russians of which "new york times" reported an account of does not white house deny. as former prosecutor, that leads of lements of obstruction justice, really is no other way to call this than that the influenced, impeded, obstructed or tried to obstruct anmpede or investigation into him or his associates. is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. affect his is agenda? absolutely. legitimacy of the trump administration is at stake collusion last year this affects the legitimacy of is violating f. he the law in terms of social justice, it will affect his amake republicans and democrats not want to support hat he does if we know we have a problem violating federal law. by the way, lies repeatedly to
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the american people. host: congressman, ted lieu we will end it there and let you on capitol hill. come back again. up next on "washington journal," stories we es, two focused on today are president andp's 2018 budget proposal that busy day yesterday when it came to congress' investigation influence in the 2016 election. we want to hear from you, democrats 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. 202-748-8002. 2016 election. we you can start call nothing now, we'll be right back. now, we'll be right back. now, we'll be right back. now, we'll be right back. now, we'll be right back. now, we'll be right back. now, we'll be right back. now, we'll be right back. i now, we'll be right back. n now, we'll be right back. g now, we'll be right back. now, we'll be right back. in now, we'll be right back. >> this holiday weekend on book t.v. on c-span2. p.m. eastern, former u.s. secretary of state rice looks at democracy around in her book "democracy, stories from the long road to freedom." americans in particular were
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lessed with founding fathers who understood institutional design that would protect our say what, our right to we think, to worship as we please, to be free from the night, to have t dignity that comes with having hose who are going to govern you ask for your consent. with thatwere blessed and we believe we were endowed creator with those rights, it can't be true for us and not them. 2:20 p.m., columbia the ssor john mcworder on perceptions of sounding black in back, talking ing black," and -- >> i think we need to get comfortable saying black people a slightly different sound, they spend more time with one people just like white sound like one another because they spend more time together, human true of all groups, it is not racist, just
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harmless. >> and former president george w. bush on his book portrait of commander-in-chief tribute to america's warriors. first guy i painted was chris turner. i turned to him at dinner and said, why are you here? he said, i can't get out of my of mine ng a buddy killed. photost from pictures and and as i'm painting turner, i'm hinking what that must be like in his mind. >> for more on the weekend's go to >> "washington journal" continues. host: and it is open phones until the house comes in at we want to hear from you, especially on two of the topics we've been talking about this morning. one, the russia investigation on capitol hill, three senior officials e testifying yesterdaynd


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