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tv   Vietnam Relations  CSPAN  June 1, 2017 6:10am-7:01am EDT

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station near new york city, for political purposes, they wanted free speech -- they wanted to espouse their opinion. these were dubbed propaganda stations and they were told to be careful about expressing their opinions. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern a."-span "q & >> the prime minister of vietnam at the white house yesterday. he spoke at the heritage foundation about relations between vietnam and the u.s. this is just under an hour. [applause]
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>> good afternoon. oversee the policy of the british -- heritage foundation. it is my pleasure to welcome private mr. nguyen xuan phuc -- prime minister nguyen xuan phuc. it is an honor to welcome you, sir. [speaking vietnamese] [applause] >> i am also very pleased to recognize -- they made this
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event possible. [speaking vietnamese] wouldthe american side, i like to acknowledge u.s. ambassador to vietnam and patrick murphy. welcome and thank you so much for being here. [applause] [speaking vietnamese] >> and of course, i would be remiss not to recognize the founder of the heritage foundation and our interim .resident, ed he believed in the potential of the transporter -- trans-pacific
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partnership. he continues to chair the asian studies center to nurture them. thank you, ed. [applause] [speaking vietnamese] >> thank you for allowing me to do the honors today. u.s.-vietnam relations have in on a steady, deliver trajectory for more than 20 years, and for good reason. we have a range of converging interests from economics to security to geopolitics and where we have our differences on human rights, for instance, we have developed a sordid relationship that allows us to discuss them with one another in
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productivity and without rancor. [speaking vietnamese] >> mr. prime minister, despite the changes in washington and matter, i see your visit to washington as a logical and important step in this evolving partnership. thank you so much for allowing heritage to be part of your visit. [speaking vietnamese] >> please let me invite you to
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the podium. [speaking vietnamese] [applause] p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] >> thank you very much for that distinguishednd participants and vietnamese ministers, representatives of the american -- u.s. government, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends. distinguished participants andp.m. xuan phuc:g vietnamese] >> at the invitation of president donald j. trump, i am
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leading the vietnamese delegation on this official visit to the united states. we have been having a series of meetings and activities in new york as well as here in washington, d.c. today. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] >> i have had a series of meetings with american secretaries, members of the cabinet, and a number of major u.s. corporations. i also, just before coming here, had a very successful and fruitful meeting with president trump himself. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] >> i fully concur with what you that theier
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relationship between vietnam and the united states is entering a new stage of development, and opening up new opportunities for advanced corporations. -- advanced cooperation. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] i also took the opportunity of my visit to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our membership to the united nations in new york and i have with me and ambassador, the representative of vietnam to the united nations. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] >> let me start by thanking you for giving me the opportunity to
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speak here at the world-renowned heritage foundation on the topic of opportunities and challenges for peace, security, development in asia pacific and the development of vietnam-u.s. programs and partnerships. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: in the 1776 declaration of independence of the united states of america, president trump -- thomas jefferson wrote "all men are created equal and endowed from their creator by seven unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese]
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translator -- translator: halfway around the world and more than a century and a half later, that spirit was echoed in the declaration of independence that gave birth to the democratic republic of vietnam in 1945, in which president ho chi minh reaffirmed that "all peoples on earth are equal and they all have the right to live, to be happy and free." this is to show that at the dawn of the independence of the united states and vietnam, our founding fathers although
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hundreds of years apart, did, indeed, share core values and principles. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: and an interesting coincidence is that our two national founders, president jefferson and president ho chi minh both passed away on our independence days. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese]
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translator: as we meet here today in a nation when women power is valued, two millennia ago, the vietnamese people struggled with survival and the -- startedhappiness by two women leaders. all vietnamese, no matter where they find themselves, take pride in the uprising by these sisters. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: i believe these historical values are the solid foundations for our two countries to build a sustained, substantial, and lasting partnership. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese]
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translator: if only a few decades ago, the amount -- the annan and the united states were on opposite front lines of a devastating -- vietnam and the united states were on opposite frontlines of the debt -- devastating war. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: i would like to take this opportunity to thank the pioneers of this partnership, the individuals who worked tirelessly for the closer bonds
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between our countries. we always treasure what these american friends have done. we are particularly grateful to president bill clinton, president george w. bush, president obama, the first senators john mccain, john kerry, hillary clinton, and to all friends near and far. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: and i can see here many familiar places, good friends of vietnam for many years. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: looking back at the history of our peoples in our
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relationship and the past 20 years of cooperation, i would like to say to you and president -- we have not only risen above the past and look toward embarked onbut also a journey together to shape a brighter future and right a new chapter for our relations, contributing to peace and shared prosperity in asia-pacific and beyond. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: almost a year ago, the unprecedented and very successful visit by general andetary -- set a milestone a change in our bilateral ties.
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p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: just before coming here, i held talks with president trump and prior to that had a series of meetings with american secretaries and politicians to discuss ways to strengthen the you -- vietnam-u.s. partnership. we agreed on a range of collaborative actions to realize that objectives of growth beneficial to both sides. we encourage businesses to form
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production and value chains and better connect our two markets in a way that would bring the most benefit to our people and our businesses. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: dear friends, the heritage foundation is an independent research institution having positive influence on america's policy making progress. your initiatives and recommendations have been seen implemented. the corporate doubles and values are crucial to soak -- social progress here in america.
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your insightful analysis, policy recognition -- recommendations are useful sources of information and reference for many nations as they integrate in today's globalized world. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: i hope your work can also provide us with practical information and advice as we strive to build a government that is lean and clean, enabling, and action oriented, moving forward together with the people in the business community and one that is america's comprehensive partner today and long into the future. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese]
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translator: during his visit here to the united states, general secretary quoted president roosevelt as saying "believe you can and you are halfway there." today with the belief and the resolve to work together for a better future for the asia-pacific and for vietnam-u.s. relations, i wish to share my thoughts on some major issues facing us as well as ways to advance vietnam-u.s. relations. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: first of all, the opportunities for and the challenge for peace, security, development in asia-pacific -- asia-pacific. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese]
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translator: this vast region embraces the world's leading economies, inc. cutie -- including many dynamic economies. it accounts for over 55% of global gdp and is poised to advance trade, investment, connectivity, all in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese]
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translator: vietnam-working responsibly with countries in the region to translate these opportunities into strong dimon is him for growth -- dynamism dealing withile the threat of terrorism and violence, extremism, unilateral's position in power politics come increased pressure searchsources and the for new resources, poverty, population growth, nontraditional security threats, and complex and unpredictable development in the east china sea and south china sea. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] these are challenges beyond the ability of a single power to address nor can they be
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had with selfish national interest in mind. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: these challenges come hell nations to form collaborative mechanisms that are based on international law and designed in a way that into is a balance of interests and parties and helps shape and open regional architecture involving all nations, big and small, in and outside of the region and abiding by the principles of peace, stability company quality, and cooperation in line with the shared goals of disparity and development in this region.
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p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: indeed, asia-pacific is growing to become the new center of power, crucial in the formation of a new world order. as senator john mccain put it when he spoke at the heritage foundation, the unit states recognize that much of the history of the 21st century will be written in the asian-pacific region. and that an unprecedented era of peace and security has made hundreds of millions of asians lifted themselves out of power -- poverty.
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p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: i agree and i welcome all nations, including the united states, to play an active part in making sure the principles of maritime safety and security and the freedom of navigation on the basis of respect for international law. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: we appreciate the
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support by the u.s. administration, and american politicians and scholars, for the peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with international law, including the 1982 law, respecting diplomatic orcesses and the nonuse threat of force, non-militarization, and not changing the status quo. we appreciate the full implementation of the declaration under conduct of parties in the south china sea and work towards the conclusions to the code of conduct. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: about the growth of vietnam u.s. partnership, it is our policy to have mutual, carter thicke. comprehensive, and lasting cooperation with the united states on the basis of respect for each other, independent, and sovereignty.
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p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] ,ranslator: as an asia-pacific we sure maritime boundary with six countries and china. it is finally important for vietnam to make sure the principle of navigation and overflight in the south china sea in accordance with international law, including the 1982 clause, we appreciate the value of cooperation for peace and shared prosperity in
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compliance with international law. we believe that geopolitically speaking, vietnam and the united states share the values and principles that can lay the foundation for peace and cooperation in the asia-pacific region. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: on trade, our economies are more complementary than competitive. american boeing
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planes, electric engines, high-tech medical equipment, pharmaceuticals. imported nearly 1.5 tons of corn, soybeans, wheat, and half a million tons -- we export shrimp, catfish, fruits, vegetables, wood furniture, garments, footwear which have become favorite products for american consumers. last year, our bilateral state grew to 50 billion u.s. dollars. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: i would like to say
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that the growth of american exports to vietnam has seen a steady but rapid rise in recent years come in many product lines, it has increased tenfold and in others, 7%. -- a number of contracts have been signed worth 15 billion u.s. dollars and most of them imports of american equipment to vietnam. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: on investment, 850 american projects have been invested in vietnam with a total value of over 10 billion u.s. dollars, putting the u.s. as the ninth largest foreign investor in vietnam. many successful american investors have expanded their projects and continue to lift --
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see vietnam as an attractive destination. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: recent reforms in vietnam are opening new and greater opportunities for american investors. at the same time, the strong growth of the vietnam business community presenting the prospect of a flow of investment from vietnam to the united states and probably the world's most attractive business destination. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: i have seen a number of licenses issued to the enemies investors to make -- the enemies investors --vietnam investors to make projects in the united states.
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p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: on education, arenam and american embarking on joint projects, particularly the establishment of the fulbright university as a nonprivate come independent, heart -- nonprofit come independent, high-quality institution which will help our education keep pace with educational -- international
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standards and over 31,000 vietnamese studying in the united states are and will be contributed to our economic development and serve as a bridge connecting our countries and peoples, an essential component of a brighter future for our partnership. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] aboutator: on tourism, 0.6 million americans have visited vietnam in 2016.
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we are frequent users of facebook, google, and a recent movie had marvelous shots of vietnam and the director became the first foreigner appointed as vietnam's tourism ambassador. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: on security and defense, we have focused efforts on implementing various agreements, including activities and law enforcement, crime prevention, cyber security, countering terrorism, and capacity building for maritime law enforcement. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese]
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translator: in addition to the specific areas of cooperation, we have strengthened the relations in very serious by exchanging high-level visits, building mutual trust and confidence, expanding dialogue mechanisms, and diversifying our cooperation which now covers a range of areas from political, security, defense to education and training, coulter, tourism, people to people exchange, environment protection, and response to climate change and the two countries have accelerated the manager and
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cooperation to address the consequences of war, ,articularly in decontamination removal of explosive remnants of war and in searching for those missing in action, including vietnamese soldiers. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: we welcome president trump's decision to attend an economic leaders meeting in vietnam, not only a positive signal he sends to asia-pacific but an important location for the united states to assert its positive role in the region. creating new impetus or greater economics, trade, and investment cooperation in this region.
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p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: let me conclude by quoting president thomas jefferson when he said that "in matters of style, swim with the current come in matters of principle, stand like a rock." i see the cooperation between vietnam and united states as the main current and i expect each of us will stand like a rock when it comes to our principles of cooperation, equality, mutual
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benefit, and respect for the ultimate goal of building and asian-pacific region of peace, stability, cooperation, and prosperity. thank you very much for your time. [applause] translator: thank you for -- >> thank you for taking time to answer questions. position onnam's the development on the security in the asia-pacific?
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p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] >> before answering this question, i do not want my ministers to the unemployed. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: i would like to give the floor to some of my ministers and generals to respond to some of your questions. allow me to address the question you just raised. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese]
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translator: i think that the regional security architecture is currently being formed with various multilateral mechanisms of being developed in this region in which asia is strongly asserting its central role. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: as a matter of fact, it has been growing very strongly and united. with a population of 630 million people, asia has become a strong force in the region. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: i believe that the various security mechanisms, multilateral mechanisms, that we
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are leaving has fundamentally met the interest of all countries in our region. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: i believe that all countries need to continue their support for the central role of asia and their formation of an open rules-based regional security architecture. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] suddenly -- we recognize the various forces in play and believe in the central role of asia. >> a few years ago, the united states, all we talked about was the south china sea and in washington today, many people raise the issue of the mekong
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china andparticular relation, can you share thoughts of how you see the future of the mekong basin? [translator speaking] p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese]
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translator: mekong is a vital river in this region with charts in china and runs the myanmar, taos, cambodia, vietnam. it has undergone major changes and challenges as a number of countries are building major , onr plants on the river
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the mainstream of the river, having impacts on the sediments and fisheries in this river and in the basin. vietnam has been working closely within the framework of the mekong river commission to forge a common voice to consult with all nations concerned to make sure that we can limit and minimize the impact theseda -- these dams have on the lives of millions of people. p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: i take this opportunity to express our thanks to the united states for its interest and for raising its voice in order to make sure minimal environmental and
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livelihood impacts of these developments on the mekong river. >> we may have time for one more question. [translator speaking] >> how does vietnam see the u.s.-china relationship and what impact does it have on these and security in the region -- peace and security in the region? [translator speaking] p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] [laughter] allow me to give the floor to one of my generals. >> [speakinge vietnamese]
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, it is widely said that the u.s.-china relationship is the most important relationship in the world today and, in particular, in the security area. [speaking vietnamese] translator: in this way first -- iny, this relationship the 21st century, this relationship is having the most impact in the asia-pacific region where vietnam is a member. >>[speaking vietnamese] translator: we understand very well that the main driving force of this relationship is the interest of america and china. ]>[speaking vietnamese
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translator: it is our desire that these interests would not impact, but rather help the interest of other nations in the region so that we can all live in harmony. i believe that the american policy in the asia-pacific region, which is fundamentally respectful of international law, is in the interest of all nations. >>[speaking vietnamese]
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translator: and i also believe tot the u.s. and china need work with other nations in the and we, ase vietnam, smaller nations, can contribute to the peace and stability in this region which are beneficial to the u.s. and china. [speaking vietnamese] translator: i fully endorse what the general said.
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i would like to say that it is our desire that the u.s.-china relationship continues to grow and serve the interest of peace and stability in this region's -- in this region and all nations in this region/ . we believe a good china-u.s. relationship is beneficial to all of us. in vietnam, we have a saying, when the buffaloes fight the flies may be hurt. [laughter] p.m. xuan phuc: [speaking vietnamese] translator: we would request both the united states and china to act in full transparency and in a responsible manner so not to impact negatively on the
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region and the relations among other nations. thank you. >> thank you for your remarks and coming to heritage. effortsk you for your in u.s.-vietnamese relations. translator: [speaking vietnamese ] >> thank you. [applause] >> we need to let the prime minister exit first and his people. [applause]
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