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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 1, 2017 7:00am-8:02am EDT

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pomerantz about the investigation into russian interference in u.s. elections. and a bloomberg reporter on the u.s. retail industry. ♪ ♪ there are two differing opinions from senators on the future of the affordable care act. texas radiotold a station yesterday that a vote on the repeal of the affordable could come as early as july. jeff flake of arizona told reporters he had a hard time believing that. it is june 1. this is "washington journal." for the first hour, we will discuss the future of the paris climate agreement. that was agreed on during the obama administration and would
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require the u.s. to reduce carbon emissions significantly by 2025 and other things. in a first hour, we want to get your thoughts, when it comes to the agreement itself, should we leave it or stay with it or maybe you are unsure? unsure.8000 if you are if you think we should stay with it, 202-748-8001. --202-748-8002 if you're unsure. if you want to leave it. 3:00, that announcement at in the rose garden. go to for more information. to remind you of the details of the agreement that was done under the previous , it was under the deal that the administration
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pledged to cut domestic greenhouse gas emissions 26% 2025 and5 levels by $3 billiono in aid to poor countries. emissions would peak around 2030 and it would get 20% of its electricity from carbon free sources. india would reduce its carbon intensity in line with historic levels. there are couple of avenues to trump admitted could take when it comes to getting out of the agreement. -- there are a couple of avenues the trump administration could take when it comes to getting out of the agreement.
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again, that announcement at 3:00 this afternoon. you can see it on c-span. in our first hour, we want to get your thoughts on the climate the unitednd if states should stay, leave, or if you are unsure about it. if you think the united states should stay, 202-748-8000. if you think it should leave, 202-748-8001. 202-748-8002 if you are unsure. joining us on the phone for a little more on the background is dean scott with bloomberg pna. we know the mechanics as far as what might happen or what avenue the trump administration might take. can you talk about where the
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trump administration is on if it will stay or go and who is within the white house advocating ideas for staying or going? guest: good morning. we are pretty much where we were come a few think back to the campaign desk if you think back to the campaign -- we are pretty much where we were, if you think campaign, we may be no different place than .here the president never gave any signals that he was deeply reconsidering his pledge in terms of canceling the paris agreement. in the last two to three months, there's been a lot more chatter, a lot more meetings in the white house in terms of those who want to keep the u.s. in the trying to get
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president trump and convince ways we could stay in the deal while weakening the u.s. pledge. something that would make staying in the deal more palatable. i don't think those voices will win out in the end today. host: what would you think is the value of the u.s. staying or leaving the deal? guest: there's probably great value to the u.s. staying in the deal. overlowed the u.n. summit the years where they have tried to piece together an umbrella deal that doesn't do a lot of the binding requirements that led to the downfall of the kyoto protocol. pledges bythat has
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countries that can be compared and reviewed over time and a mechanism for strengthening them. that approach was largely devised at the behest of the u.s. that is ironic now because we are going to quite possibly have u.s. pull out of an agreement by the was built for u.s. for the world. we will be at a place where we than 190 countries in the world still committed to dealing with climate change and only a very few, including the u.s., outside of the deal. host: since the agreement was nonbinding, what is the long-term effect? as other countries look at us and the decision we are about to make. guest: there's a sort of two sides to this. , weeconomic side these days are already down a path toward
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renewable energy. the cost of clean energy has 80% down so far, roughly reduction in cost over the last eight years for some of these technologies. in some sense, we've already gone too far in terms of making progress on reducing emissions in the market signals that are being sent are not going to be interrupted by the static of the u.s. removing itself from the climate deal. on the other end of the spectrum, there's a great deal of international resentment that is going to be triggered once this announcement is final the u.s. is really getting out of the paris agreement. the u.s. is the largest historical emitter. china has overtaken u.s. in terms of being the top emitter, but that's just about how much
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emissions in total tons each year the country emits. the u.s. is responsible for the largest portion of carbon pollution in the atmosphere. because of that come up the u.s. to not be in the agreement that it helped to negotiate, it will complicate things on other relationships for the u.s. to just walk away from that agreement. host: there is a full-page ad out calling for the president to stay in the deal. why do you think they are putting this ad out? what about other industries that say pulling out the deal is vital for their interests as well? guest: i was around when president bush decided not to put the kyoto protocol, maintain
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the protocol. it is such a different era. there was a lot of push from the oil and gas industry, many companies in this country, not to be part of that agreement. there were binding targets under kyoto. it's been a sea change in terms of corporate reaction to climate change. this is just one of the letters that have been put out in recent months. also, hundreds of other of companiests pressing this administration to stay in the deal. my take away from that is, what is fascinating is that prior administrations, democratic or republican, those messages would certainly be swaying for an administration. this president did not run like
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a campaign in that way. he's not responsive to corporate pleas. it depends on the issue. in the end, there was some feeling that a traditional campaign of getting these companies on board to save the paris agreement might save the day. that may not have been the case with this president. host: dean scott for bloomberg bna did thank you for your time -- bloomberg bna. thank you for your time. with that, your calls. lines will be on the screen. you can also post on our social media sites. floyd from jonesville, virginia says we should leave the agreement. tell us why. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. i think we should get out of it. it has cost us a lot of money. i want to thank mr. trump are leading us in the right direction. coal is starting to pick up in our area. here's the point. in the bible mother's three world ages -- in the bible, there's three world ages. one of them, the dinosaurs were there. we were there spiritually. the third one is coming soon. climate is going to change, but it's going to change because were getting ready to start a new world age. host: eureka, california. john says we should stay. caller: good morning. caller, i don't know
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about all that -- i've grown up in california all my life and for people that can't see the greate changing too ends -- we just went through a five-year drought. we've got landslides all of the place, like highway one and highway 299. people that can't see climate change are not looking. we had over 60 inches of rain upon the coast up on eureka. -- up on the coast up in eureka. with all killing us the rain and prior to that, we had five years of drought.
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people need to open their eyes and see what's going on. carbonputting too much up in the air. it is just unreal that people cannot see this. thank you very much. have a great day. host: that announcement this afternoon. if you think we should leave the agreement, call us at 202-748-8000. if you think we should stay in it, 202-748-8001. if you're not sure, 202-748-8002 . says --f twitter another viewer says -- a chance for you to comment on this agreement. from georgia, someone who is unsure, this is murray. good morning. caller: the only reason i'm
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, durings because trump his campaign, he stated he was going to pull out. he didn't have the rationale. i want to know why. i do agree that we should stay, but he's not giving a reason. he can't say were pulling up because he's committing to everything he said during his campaign. it's unfair. it is very much rhetoric. i would appreciate for him to tell us exactly why, give us a rationale and tell us white will benefit the united states -- why it will benefit the united states. at this point in time, we have to look at climate change. it is happening. my daughter just went to china and she said the air quality was horrible. right now, we have quite a few countries becoming first world. we are not the only ones driving
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automobiles. we have to take control over that. just to give a blanket statement we are pulling out, it is very immature and reckless. that is my problem with trump. tois reckless and he needs understand that we as americans are intelligent and we should be able to have a rest now -- a rationale and weigh the pros and cons. host: then candidate donald trump in a speech on energy last may talk about the paris climate deal. [video clip] >> president obama entered the united states into the paris climate accords unilaterally and without the permission of congress. this agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much our energy and how much we use right here in america. foreign bureaucrats will be controlling what we are using and what we are doing on our land in our country.
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no way. [applause] >> no way. these actions have denied millions of americans access to the energy wealth sitting right under our feeds. wealth we didn't even know we had five years ago and 10 years ago. this is your treasure and you, the american people, are entitled to share in the riches. host: "the new york times" highlighting this morning that who'veal executives pushed for president trump to policies --a
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silver spring, maryland. go ahead. caller: exactly. i don't want the rest of the world telling us what we can and cannot do. i've always known that climate change, man-made climate change is a hoax. god is changing the climate. absolutelye who are supporting restrictions to my call them watermelons because they are green on the outside and red on the inside. it donald trump goes back on his and allows us to stay in this very bad agreement, he will never, ever make america great again. host: william in clearwater, florida.
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caller: this is william. i am a senior. i live in a senior community. i say leave and leave now because all of your callers .ever discuss who will pay you cannot make a foreign country do nothing. burden is us. get out and get out now. host: someone who thinks we should stay is george in misery. -- missouri. i am a scientist at s say -- all the scientist the earth is in big trouble. a lot of it is due to these things that are affecting the climate. it's the worst thing we can do,
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to get out of an agreement that was accepted by the scientific after a study of what's happening to our beautiful world. host: we set aside a line for those of you might be unsure. unsure.ight be sherry's thinking as well. she's in virginia. rerry from rocker uckersville? the united states is committed -- theing $3 billion west delivering $1 billion to date.
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-- the u.s. delivering $1 billion to date. of president obama's thinking from last year. [video clip] >> the paris agreement alone will not solve the climate crisis. even if we meet every target embodied in the agreement, we will only get part of where we need to go. delaygreement will help or avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change. it will help other nations ratchet down there dangerous carbon emissions over time and set folder targets as technology advances.
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-- folder targets as technology -- bolder targets as technology advances. it opens the floodgates for scientists and engineers to look ossen innovation at a scale we have never seen before. this gives us the best possible shot to save the one planet we've got. host: the rose garden will be the site of the current president's announcement on this deal at 3:00 this afternoon. on our line for those who think we should leave, this is isaac in connecticut. caller: co2 is the perfect bogeyman, the perfect human, if you will -- the perfect demon,
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if you will. if you want to greet a problem -- we all have five senses. can wene of those senses prove or disprove that we cannot prove or disprove the presence of co2 we do not have that ability. yet, we will be accused and we have to account for the amount of co2 that we generate. .t's the perfect demon back in the old days, it was the devil. accuse everybody of being -- anyway -- host: got you. a viewer on twitter says this -- twitter is the one way you can communicate with us if you want
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to post something. you can also post a video as well. take a phone and video yourself telling us who you are and where you are from in political affiliation and give us your thinking on the paris climate accord. make that about one minute and send it to us on this in theme to do remaining time we have. we will try to get you on the air on video. again, you can always post the traditional way on facebook. jimmy in west virginia says we should stay. tell us why. caller: good morning. we should stay because climate change is not a hoax. it israel. -- it is real. if you colors back said climate change was a hoax and the climate -- god is the hoax.
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keep on the study path where we are at with the paris agreement. back saidallers climate change was a hoax and the climate -- god is the hoax. are sayingcientists the levels of water are raging. the temperature now is totally different than when i was growing up. the winters here when i was a kid, snow was on the ground and it stayed on the ground until spring. it's not like that now. agreementsl these came in place and all that, could you reverse these trends that we are seeing? caller: we could definitely slow them down. we have to think about our
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children. host: on our leave line, this is randy from louisiana. go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you. i think this climate change is a hoax. i fear god more than i feel the climate. it's all in god's hands. i'm right there with trump. host: when you say it's a hoax, tell me why. caller: it just is. there's money to be made on this. we don't have to give our money away to a bunch of foreign countries. we just need to pull out of everything. this is a bunch of bull. what the obama administration did -- he didn't go through congress. i guess trump did in either -- didn't either, now. would want to vote on it,
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be pulling out so fast it's unreal. it's a scam. like the obama administration, the clinton administration, the bush administration, all of bunch of scams. we need to stay away from all that . let trump do his work. host: a lot of thinking out there when it comes to this agreement, whether you are thinking we should stay or if you are unsure. give us a call. we will continue on with that. this is "the wall street journal" this morning, talking about the latest when it comes to the house intelligence committee looking into matters of russia and the 2016 election. they issued seven subpoenas wednesday. investigation is advancing in scope. turning president trump's former
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national security adviser, mike flynn, mr. trump's personal attorney. it also highlights the fact that the senate intelligence committee is examining suspected russian involvement in last year's campaign. that is in "the wall street journal" this morning. if you go to the pages of "washington examiner," senator al franken asking for more investigation of jeff sessions
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-- he asked james comey to investigate whether the attorney met with the russian ambassador during the 2016 presidential campaign. , investigatorsn were looking for a possible meeting that took place april 27, 2016 at the mayflower hotel here in washington, d.c. president trump also adding to this topic of the investigation, sending out a tweet this morning saying "the big story is unmasking surveillance that took place during the obama administration."
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john in westwood, massachusetts. he is unsure. go ahead. big feeling about this is related to the fact that we live in a global economy. you have vehicles commands and's, parts -- vehicles, engines, parts being made all over the world. is perhapsent truly symbolic, but the reality is you have market forces around the world that are going to dictate how things are produced, how clean they are. . i have a hard time that you will find people choosing to purchase a polluting vehicle that comes as a result of the fact that we've backed out of an accord. it seems to me this is more a symbolic discussion. pollution doesn't know any geopolitical boundaries.
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host: matthew in alabama, calling on our line for those who think we should stay. tell us why. caller: thank you very much. thank you, c-span. i believe we should stay in. i believe in obama's legacy, i believe we should stay with it. it --nasa into terraforming is climate change. we have to learn how it works. green energy is the best way to do this. the oil industry is taking all our money. billions of dollars of american money and sending it -- it is not ours. it's foreign corporations' money . we understand this. we need to get green energy, like the hoover dam.
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it's american money. it goes to the hoover dam for americans. ,ost: when it comes to industry the shareholders at exxon mobil asked questions about climate rules as well. diane cardwell with a story saying the majority of exxon mobil shareholders and the reversal have voted in favor of a more open and detailed analysis of the risks posed by policies aiming to stem climate change. the company's annual shareholder --ting on wednesday
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10 is up next -- ken is up next in washington, d.c. he is unsure. sure --i'm certainly of these. place ace.f pe if we are global leaders, you would think we would want to stay in that position. pollution is deadly for the environment. it has harmful, poisonous effects on the environment. oursidering not only ar
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bodies are environments, if we take in a certain amount of poison, it can harm us -- the earth itself is an environment. that's why we can breathe because it is an enclosed environment. considering all of these pollutants get into the air, they have no other place to go. se sideess of who' they are on as far as trump is concerned or president obama, the fact is you have to agree that this issue exists. host: as you can imagine, there are interesting groups involved in this discussion outside of the political realm. they have put out ads. we will show you some of those ads. this is the competitive enterprise institute. they are advocating for leaving
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the paris agreement. [video clip] >> president obama the united states into the paris climate accord. unilaterally and without the permission of congress. this agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much energy we use right here in america. no way. we are going to cancel the paris climate agreement and stop all payments to the u.n. global warming program. >> keep your promise. withdraw from the paris climate treaty. host: a marriott of special groups committed to this idea. some advocating for leaving the agreement, some advocating for staying in the agreement. one of the groups advocating for leaving, citizens for responsible energy solutions. [video clip] >> president trump, you are
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america's dealmaker in chief. america's biggest ceos asked you to stay in the paris agreement. it will benefit american manufacturing and generate jobs. leader that can bring back our jobs and bring back our manufacturing. >> two thirds of voters support the paris agreement. president trump comest a in paris and negotiate a better deal that creates jobs. host: pat from pennsylvania says we should stay. caller: yes. there was an unreported story that the pentagon released, a change isng climate more dangerous than terrorism. president trump said the damage to our economy -- look at this past weekend's severe storm outbreaks. that cost billions of dollars.
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that's why we should say. host: thoughts on twitter, including stella -- also, this view wereer saying -- robert from new york sing we should leave the agreement. caller: most people who are in the position that they are not for this agreement do believe in environmental issues. was on the news recently talking about global warming and his comets were that ,es, there is global warming but the highest contributor to global warming are bookend corruptions and deforestation -- volcanic corruptions and deforestation.
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we should talk about the top global warming issues and work from there. it should start from the top. , they with private jets should control people who travel around the world for vacation. all these things are country bidding to their global warming. but the poor guy who has to jump in his truck and go to work, he's the one who will pay the higher gas prices and suffer. elon musk saying he's threatened to withdraw from president trump's business advisory council at the white house withdraws from the agreement.
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spring hill, florida. next up is just, who says we should stay with the paris agreement. -- jeff. caller: i believe in the scientists, i believe global warming is in effect. i don't see how anyone can deny the fact that cars pollute the atmosphere as much as anything possible. unknown new energy source that is available now by
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a company called lightbridge corporation. they are out of virginia. they've been developing and proving thatm the use of thorium to replace uranium in power plants is much better than coal, oil or uranium. and produces more energy per dollar. and it is green. the electric car has arrived and there's no reason why the united states can't put out information on this company because it is there and it's available for use now. they want to talk about creating jobs. i don't understand why they are not allowing the american people to know that this exists. they are just finishing a test in idaho.
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aware, it'snt is been proven and approved to use russian reactors, which is a corrugated effort -- coordinated effort to develop and perfect information. this new technology. they take thorium, which is uranium's little brother. while uranium is a monster, just wants to have a good time -- the process allows it to work and where uranium works at 1600 degrees, thorium operates at 400 degrees. you cannot make a nuclear weapon out of thorium. it's possible, but it's highly improbable and not practical. host: jeff in florida. continue on with your calls.
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not too late to make a video of yourself with your thoughts. us through our twitter account. a couple of stories taking a look at the affordable care act know that the senate has the bill that the house passed. senator john cornyn from texas saying on a radio show about its future, he says the senate will repeal and replace obamacare no later than the end of july. when on to say absolutely --was asked about the global he added that lawmakers have no choice but to repeal obamacare come of health care law is in it won't bee --
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perfect, but it's better than obamacare. fulfill our promise to repeal and replace obamacare. "the hill" with that story. also a story with reaction from senator jeff flake. the story saying he cast doubt e ofhe republicans' hop passing a bill by august. working business leaders in arizona this week that republicans might not be successful. inwarning business leaders arizona this week that republicans might not be successful. "i have a hard time believing that" he went on to say. tennesseenashville, on the line for those who think we should be the agreement. caller: yes, i think we should leave. when obama was president, he tried to get the carbon tax passed through the congress. he was unable to do this.
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what kills me is the hypocrisy of some of these people. just last week, obama was flying around in a private jet with a big entourage, going through italy on vacation and talking about the paris agreement and all that. all these celebrities fly around on private jets. and these other celebrities have made money off this whole issue. they live in huge mansions that use a whole lot more energy and electricity and gas and everything else than the average american does. the people that will be paying for this -- number one, we shouldn't be paying other countries to live up to this agreement. the poor people in this country
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and the seniors on fixed incomes , how are they going to be able to afford these increased rates and these things imposed on the american people? the working man going to work every day paying higher gas prices. ruse fort a big the globalists to get richer. it leaves the poor taxpayers holding the bag once again. read where they say carbon dioxide is produced from cows leaving their cow pies and the pastor. what is next? steak because cows will be banned? it's just all craziness from the left and the globalists and i'm sick of it. host: sandy off of twitter
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saying -- again, twitter is available. facebook and the phone lines, too. mark from louisiana says he's unsure. tell us why. caller: i'm unsure of how to deal with what's going on right now. let me explain to you what's going on. i was in louisiana, i've seen the weather changes over the last year. degrees intrikes, 51 north dakota and baton rouge one morning. that's crazy. patterns -- it's crazy. what i am unsure about is how we fix it.
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how can we trust what somebody else says, how can we trust the media? whenever president obama was doing his climate deal, we didn't have the media trying to second-guess whatever he was doing. they are supposed to second-guess everyone. they are supposed to second-guess republicans and democrats. teverjust go with what every when obama wanted the iran deal. i can trust the media. -- i can't trust the media because they are so political. people are so political. climate change is real. it is happening. you see the weather patterns, you see thousands of lightning strikes on the weather thing and you are seeing stuff you've never seen before. the weather is violent.
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you will see trees down, you busted slabss with -- i've seen it now more than i've ever seen it before. it's going on, but who do i bustedtrust? host: if the united states pulls out of the agreement, it will join two other countries who weren't part of the agreement to begin with -- syria and nicaragua. why important to remember those two countries are not part of the agreement in the first place. in the case of nicaragua, the argument went the other way -- the lead envoy explained to reporters the country would not support the agreement as it hinged on voluntary pledges and would not punish those who failed to meet them. simply not enough.
7:48 am
syria on the other hand was an international pariah as the --is accord was going on making it nearly impossible for them to travel to friendly .ira ries like paris and stephen is up next from new york. says we should stay. caller: good morning. americans, regardless of your
7:49 am
view on climate change, whether the paris agreement was made, everyone who wants to do business with the participating nations will have to abide by the agreement. our voice is lost as part of the agreement. we lose our seat at the table. i believe mostly because trump and his administration don't feel competent to participate. if you want your peace of the pie, you have to be in the room when they are cutting up the pie. that's your piece of the pie. host: do you think if we decide to leave the agreement that other countries will still meet their obligations? caller: i believe they will. havever influence we could had in making the agreement, we lose. the world will go on with the agreement. the main nation in
7:50 am
the agreement. host: todd saying we should leave. failed i think stephen to think -- we will always be part of the table. rose and mark made excellent points. we are always going to be at the top of the table with this. from ie nato agreement of i thinklike 4.5% -- our whole economy -- we don't even have health care and education needs being met. why should we go out there and make these like th demands
7:51 am
while these chocolate and wine countries will say you should go and do that. i will only make that point. rose and mark, i will agree with you as an independent. i think it was republican or whatever. host: you still think we will have influence in this process? caller: absolutely. are you kidding me? please. host: if other countries see us leave, do you think they will still meet their commitments? caller: i see your point. i watched your thing yesterday about the urban situation with
7:52 am
"the wall street journal" and the urban situation -- host: the new urban centers. caller: absolutely. people are really hurting here. that's the whole thing. nobody has jobs. i'm living in a pretty urban area, west haven. -- i see it every day. i take urban transport. i ride a bicycle. i'm 44 years old. been to the point where i can even get on a bicycle anymore because i feel like -- i don't even want to get into it. host: you're making the argument if the united states pulls out,
7:53 am
we invest what money we would have put towards that to the of the people in the united states. caller: yeah. host: lily from connecticut. "the guardian" saying nigel a person of interest in the u.s. counterintelligence investigation looking into possible collusion between the kremlin and donald trump's campaign. a person of interest inthe former ukip leader raised interests because of his relationships with individuals connected to both the campaign of president trump and julian assange. published the mouse last year that damaged -- emails last year that damaged hillary .linton's campaign
7:54 am
if you go to the front page of "the washington post," another story there saying the trump administration is moving towards handing back to russia two diplomatic compounds. the compounds were being used by russian personnel for intelligence related purposes, giving russia 24 hours to vacate them. president expelled them from the united states. they were 35 russian intelligence operatives.
7:55 am
ignatius in florida. good morning. caller: anyone who is sincere about climate change is concerned and things it's man-made is correct. you have to think about china and india. india is the biggest single polluter next china -- combined, iny are 90% of the carbon the atmosphere. you think of china and india immediately when you think of global warming if you're honest. united states is no longer an issue when it comes to being a polluter relative to 90%, china and india. we should only stay with the
7:56 am
accord if it doesn't hurt our economy. we could actually do something to help it. we are not a big polluter. is part of this agreement that would give the countries money to help them with maintaining their end of the agreement. the poor countries aren't the polluters. 90% is from china and india. immediately think of china and india, not united states or poor countries. it's bogus. they are not the cause. the cause is the rich countries, china and india. if you are sincere and honest and aware, you think immediately like a pavlovian fashion, china and india. -- p patent in london
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ayton in london, kentucky. caller: i'm old enough to remember the shots in los the money this would unleash for research, maybe the new catalytic converter, i don't know. iswalk backwards from that just dark, really dark. i would hate to see it. cleaning upg now is their atmosphere. -- peeking. why should we worry when they are burning down the brazilian forest? from -- it just
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makes me sad. trump, give us a freakin break. host: the president is excited to make announcement on the future of united states involvement in the paris climate deal. -- expected to make an announcement. you can also monitor it on our c-span radio app. joshua in washington. you think we should leave. tell us why. caller: there's clear and present evidence that a lot of smoke way too much marijuana. let's talk about real money. why we are thet only country whoever pays.
7:59 am
washington state is made up of hundreds of dying small towns. $3 billion doesn't mean much to a politician or billionaire, but $3 billion, we could still have a community hospital in deer -- the roads are abysmal and hospitals are abysmal but we keep paying international money. we give foreign aid to countries we own money to. -- we owe money to. celebrities need to quit being hypocrites. the biggest crimes and intellectual world are hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty. host: robert from texas says he's unsure. caller: hello? host: you are on. caller: the better explanation
8:00 am
totrump needs to stay in humiliate the icc into doing their job. they are spending money to take little carbon dioxide out of the air. ethanol produces more carbon -- you've got 28 million people a year dying of malnutrition. enormous amounts of methane are panels to blind the birds. i've seen the wind turbines.
8:01 am
fund data estimates they will kill another 1.7 million birds a year. please ask them why they are into cruelty to animals. i will leave it there because we are out of time for the segment. pedro: our first guest of the morning, eric lipton of the new york times, taking a look at the pressure being put upon pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices and that pressure from capitol hill and the white house. how they are fighting back. later on, william pomeranz will talk about russia's goal in trying to influence the 2016 election campaign and some of the key players involved. those discussions on washington journal when we come back. ♪


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