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tv   Open Phones on Paris Climate Change Agreement  CSPAN  June 1, 2017 4:04pm-4:19pm EDT

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer 1: president donald j. trump drive-by scott pruitt that the u.s. will withdraw from the paris climate change accord. the accord on the agreement the u.s. just joined in october last year announced by president obama. we welcome you and your reaction. 202-8921 for republicans. 202-748-8920 for democrats. 2 --- 202-748-8922 for others.
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he will cease implement the nonbinding paris accord. mike pence introducing the president earlier. in a minute, we will show you all of the president costs remarks -- president's remarks. we go to john in pennsylvania on the republican line. caller: good afternoon. host: you are on the air. caller: i thought this was the president's finest moment as president so far, putting america first. the prior leaders of our country went against us that take us further down and allow other nations to kind of steel are well or borrow -- our wealth or borrow our wealth. to thes putting a stop madness, and think god we had the opportunity to get business booming again, where there was
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not level playing field, now it will be more level. i think god for that. made the president announcement and set in motion a three to four year process by which the u.s. would completely withdraw from the paris agreement. what are your thoughts? independent line. caller: hello. host: you are on the air. i have been studying this business for many years. one of our governors of the state, dixie ray, wrote some good books on the subject, and i have created a presentation that fax, not pseudoscience. mightd hope c-span organize a debate or something on this because the real truth
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is, this is about many years ago, global warming is not happening and ocean rising will continue, and unless people pay for the truth and what is really happening, they can't really do anything about it. host: formerly called the united nations framework on climate 197 have27 nations of ratified that accords including but united states last october. we continue taking your calls, steve bannon, chief of staff, reince priebus next to him. we go to donald on the republican line. taking myanks for call. i want to thank c-span for bringing programming like this to the american people. what donald trump did today was very courageous. he will get a lot of pushback on
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this subject from a lot of people. i voted for barack obama twice, then i pivoted and voted for donald trump in 2016. contrasting his bravery against last night from hillary clinton is amazing to me that she is still stating there was intervention by another country that caused her to lose the election. someone from detroit and the barack obama coalition and voted for donald trump, it is for it iss like this i think doing things the american people need, putting this american people back to work. host: former president obama has issued a statement on the news today the u.s. will withdraw, saying simply put the private sector already chose a local future and to the nations that committed themselves to the paris agreement, opened the
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floodgates for scientists, carbonrs to unleash low investment and innovation on unprecedented scale. we will show you remarks from president obama in october when he announced the implementation. let's go to the democrats line in california. caller: hi, how's it going? host: good, thank you. caller: when i was watching scott pruitt congratulate him, i could not help but feel this is what it is like to live in a totally orwellian society where words no longer have any sort of meaning, special interest i guess. screw it was pretty deep -- scott pruitt was pretty deep in the special interest. it feels super strange. i feel like i am on a bad trip honestly. host: you think scott pruitt was a major influence on the president's decision?
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caller: who knows. the dude seems to kind of listen to himself in respects to donald. host: theodore in newport beach, california. the u.s. with withdrawing from the limit accord, announced by president trump. -- climate accord announced by president trump. the phone numbers are on the screen. on twitter, looking for your teeth -- tweets @cspan. -- notely no-trump evidence donald trump can negotiate a better deal. saturday for america and science. nice to have a candidates science -- promises. how can we save jobs if there is no clean air to breathe by 2040? and we don't need to support the
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test thatcredence want us to fund junk science. the independent line, jack. caller: i wanted to comment as an independent who voted for hillary. it is interesting withdrawing from this agreement hearing from trump's speech saying if the democrats wanted to come together and form a new agreement or make changes, i am kind of confused and perplexed why he did not do that instead of withdraw altogether. this is a president who campaigned on working for all americans and make america great again. why is he always going back and forth that he is not actually working for the people, whereas this deal was supposed to work for the american people and the greater good of our future? while transfer -- transitioning the job market for the coal miners in pennsylvania?
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host: he said he invited democrats to help them renegotiate or negotiate our way back into paris and what he termed a new deal. the announcement today starts the wheels in motion for a 3.5 to four year period in which the united states would fully exit from this accord announced last october by president obama and implemented october 4 last year. california, susan, democrats. appalled at i am what donald trump is doing. i am in a republican-controlled usnty, and they just denied to expand we desperately need jobs, and they denied a company that wanted to expand not because of the environment because i don't know, they don't want the people here. when donald trump says the
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environment is causing us to lose jobs, he needs to think again. it is not causing us to lose jobs. people.d to pay we are losing our jobs for money to other countries, and this has nothing to do with the environment. environmental junk would bring jobs in. he is not fighting for that. former president obama kind of agrees with you in his statement late this afternoon after president trump's announcement, saying the nations that remain in the paris agreement are the nations that will reap the benefit in jobs and industries created. i believe the united states should be at the front of the pack, but in the absence of american leadership, even as this administration joins a handfull that reject the future, i am confident cities and businesses will step up and do more to lead the way and protect
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future generations, the one planet we have got. similar comment that he made last october. obama: even if we meet every target in the agreement, we will only get to part of where we need to go. make no mistake, this agreement will help delay or avoid the first consequences of climate change. it will help other nations ratchet down there dangerous carbon emissions over time. and set bolder targets and technology advances under a strong system of transparency that allows each nation to evaluate the progress of other nations. by sending a signal that this is going to be our future, it opens the floodgates for businesses, scientists, engineers to unleash high-tech low carbon investment
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and innovation on a scale we have never seen before. so this gives us the best possible shot to save the one planet we have got. host: we will show you all of his remarks. you can find them at your comments on the news that the of industries and is withdrawing from the paris climate accord. caller: i am a former republican, now unaffiliated god fornd i say thank donald trump who is standing up for our sovereignty, our who have been totally laughed at and ignored for decades by both parties, and i stress both parties. we are thankful to this president who has guts, backbone , tries to do what is right. thank you, sir. host: thank you.
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let's see what some of you are seeing on twitter. from agreement is that for the u.s.. he is making a spectacle out of pulling out of the global alliance, nothing to be proud of. let's hear from oklahoma city and wesley on the democrats line areas caller: hi there, sir. say i agree with what obama was trying to accomplish. i don't think donald trump is accurately portraying what americans need and want. i also think donald trump should not just focus on making america great again. he should make the world as a whole great. leaders around the world to try and reduce the carbon footprint. .
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created 5.1 year we kilo tons of carbon which would take like eight or nine other countries to even amount. so we have like the largest carbon footprint in america i mean in the world. host: wesley, one more caller. let's go to wisconsin, steve on republican line. caller: yeah, i was wondering if mr. trump has taken a leave of his senses. virtually every country in the world understand global warming and everything is interconnected, but does he understand that once he got the water polluted and the air to a point where we can see it, we will be able to live on this planet anymore? host: thank you for your comments. all of your comments, and you can get more on twitter at
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c-span and tomorrow on "washington journal. we will ask you to grade the president and congress not just on climate change but radio hosts across the country will chime in. tomorrow at 7:00 eastern on c-span and c-span radio app your .ext, comments this morning this afternoon just wrapped up. donald trump announcing the u.s. stepping away from the paris climate accord. [applause] donald trump: thank you very much. thank you. begin byike to addressing the terrorist attack in manila. we are closely monitoring the situation, and i will continue to give


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