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tv   Chinese Reaction to President Trump Climate Change Announcement  CSPAN  June 2, 2017 11:14am-11:30am EDT

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>> we will hear more about the decision and more from scott pruitt this afternoon at 1:30 on c-span. now some of the international reaction to president trump's announcement yesterday. first, coverage from the china global television network, and later the canadian climate change administrator. >> you just heard donald trump make the announcement that the united states will leave the paris climate accord. we have a team around the world.
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spitzer and ira berlin. let's start with nathan. trump has some pretty critical comments about the deal, saying it was unfair for the united states, but he also had something to say about china. >> where do we start? what a speech. it is an america first speech, the strongest we have seen from president trump so far. i think it was encapsulated in one line, "i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris." china could continue increasing its emissions for another 13 years while the u.s. has to bring down its emissions. basically saying the same about india, that they could build hundreds of coal-fired power plants over the life of the
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agreement while the u.s. has to cap. essentially, he called it a bad deal. he also laid into the green climate fund. this mechanism was settled before the paris agreement, but it became a central part of it where developed countries would pay into a fund to offset the cost of moving away from fossil fuels to developing nations to help them build that infrastructure. it is costly, but the u.s. has saying way and he is they are not paying that anymore. he said we have paid over $1 billion. that is going to stop. the big question is the big international reverberations. if the u.s. stops paying, a lot of countries could pull out.
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india being one of them. a very tough speech. he was also saying he doesn't think that even if the commitments would be kept to, that we would see much change on climate. he said there would only be 2/10 of a degree decrease over the period. the whole idea is to stop the increase. a very tough speech, indeed. a very america first speech. he did leave the window open for renegotiation. he said we will sit down with the parties of paris and other people and we can renegotiate, but for now we are out of the agreement. who is going to negotiate with him after a speech like this? >> there is also a twist. he says he wants to renegotiate. we will have to wait and see what happens. nathan king live at the white house. outant to slow -- to pull this tweet that the donald trump sent out before he became
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president. back in 2012, donald trump of blaming china for global warming and climate change. he has been a back-and-forth on this issue several times. let's bring in jessica stone live from the white house. jessica, we saw he has a lot of supporters there on the side of climate change being a hoax. what more can you tell us about his positions in the past? >> his positions have certainly evolved. we have seen that on a number of issues. climate being no different. we were talking earlier about just about eight years ago, he was part of a group of people that signed a letter calling on president barack obama to form a global climate deal to address a warming planet, and yet now eight years later, he is reversing that historic effort to do so in the same place, the rose garden of the white house, where just about a year ago barack obama was noting that the agreement had come into force.
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i would note that on november 4 is the date there were enough signatories to bring it into force. just four days later was the u.s. election. he had already laying the groundwork for many years to change his position, since about 2011 or 2012 we see his statements start changing. i would say there is a calculation here to read a certain kind of voter, and they will be very happy to hear what he said today. he spoke directly to them. there are people that work in places in the middle of the united states that do do mining. he spoke specifically about opening mines. he said this has not happened in recent years. the tone that he took really made this a sovereignty issue. this wasn't an issue conservative republicans had brought up, had resisted the negotiation of putting the
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united states in a position where it had accountability to other countries. that is how it was sold on that side of the aisle, but this agreement does not have a lot of enforcement, it was a nationally determined contribution, each individual country came up with them, and was agreeing to abide by them, and they can be changed. i want to note for you, you are talking about renegotiation, and there is no mechanism in the climate agreement to renegotiate it. what he is leading himself in terms of options to change, to start all over or start a new agreement completely. basically the same thing. there is no renegotiating the paris climate agreement. >> the president basically said that right after he mentioned that the u.s. would leave. let's listen to what the president said a few moments ago.
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president trump: let's begin renegotiations to reenter either the paris accord or an entirely new transaction on terms that are fair to the united states, its businesses, its workers, its people, its taxpayers. >> ira spitzer joins us from berlin. a chinese leader was in berlin meeting with the german chancellor. no doubt he will have interesting reaction once this is over. what did he have to say earlier. ira: the chinese premier stressing again his commitment to honor china's commitment under the paris agreement. let's listen to what he had to say earlier in berlin. [no audio] ira: so basically this raises a whole host of questions for america's international partners
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and how to move forward with whether this agreement is in shambles or whether it can be renegotiated, as donald trump suggested, which seems like a very difficult process. so world leaders like chancellor angela merkel and the chinese premier will have a lot of pressure in to how they are going to respond. we did get a sense of at least china's position earlier in berlin from the premier. >> it is the same in china. our words count and our actions should be successful. china will stand by its responsibilities on climate change, and china does not stand alone. our scientists in this area are in connection with the world and follow the climate protection development very closely. ira: there really was a very memorable speech by president trump.
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for those of you are not familiar with his worldview, you were exposed to his america first rhetoric. that is something that concerns many people here in germany and around the world that were very excited about the paris accord, which now is perhaps in grave danger because of the united states' position. >> premier li heading to brussels for the china-e.u. summit. back,t to take a look less than year ago, when then-president barack obama made the historic announcement about the u.s. joining the paris climate agreement. this also happened in the rose garden in 2016. president obama: today is a historic day in the fight for protecting our planet for future generations. 10 months ago in paris i said
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before the world that we needed to strong global agreement to reduce carbon pollution and to set the world on a low-carbon course. the result was the paris agreement. >> let's get your thoughts. our panel joining us now. david, the managing director of the public citizens climate program, and ed hutchins. you have been with me throughout the speech. just your first reaction to what the president had to say. >> i endorse and am happy to hear just about all of it, especially the fact that this is something that could cripple american businesses and competitiveness. i'm very happy this is pro-energy. energy is a good thing, not a bad thing. it is pro-coal. coal is a very important part of our energy mix. i have one or two disagreements. the first disagreement is i don't know what there is to renegotiate. i don't see anything there, because i am not concerned about global warming.
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i think it is very questionable, and as he pointed out, the actual results of these draconian measures were not going to be very dramatic in any case. so i'm not sure what there is to renegotiate. one other thing i want to nuance this with is, for example, china rightly wants to deal with its real pollution problem. ok, with smog and so forth. and that is valid for any country -- united states, china, india, whatever. and you don't have to do it in terms of global warming. you can do it in terms of, this is good for the chinese people. i would also like to see the europeans stop drinking the kool-aid, as we like to say, and understand they are crippling themselves. i want to see a strong european economy and a strong chinese economy, strong indian economy, and these kinds of measures are destructive to those markets. >> so you are saying everyone can do their own thing and
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accomplish their goals without having to -- >> yeah, and i'm saying one of the reasons the europeans want us to stay in is they have been crippling themselves. they have bought into -- i think a lot of bogus arguments. again, the german energy costs are going through the roof. president trump talked about the danger of brownouts in the united states. guess what -- they have them in germany. we don't want them to come here. the germans want to cripple themselves, and i would hope they will pullout, frankly. i was happy to see this speech, and except for the fact that he left it open for renegotiation. >> david, i see you making some notes. >> it doesn't make much sense to say you would renegotiate this. >> do you think he was just saying that to keep people happy? without closing the door, maybe appeasing some of the other people within his own staff that were against this move? and >> i would say with trump,
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anything is possible. who knows what the man is thinking? but it is true, if you think global warming is a hoax, there is no reason to renegotiate this deal. maybe he is backing away from that, but i would not count on it. i would not count on any of this making actual sense. he said america first. this is really an america last policy. with his climate legacy he is basically icing himself. set aside the corruption, all the ethical problems, even if none of that existed, trump's decisions on climate change alone would pretty much secure him a spot as one of the worst presidents in american history. this is america last. even if you set aside climate change. the future is clean energy. we should be investing in clean energy, building that capacity, engaging and healthy competition with china and the european union over who will lead the way towards the energy of the future, which will be cleaner and cheaper. >> gentleman, let me point you -- >> gentlemen, let me point
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you to something that was said on tuesday by secretary sean spicer, whether humans are to blame for everything. let's listen in. >> can you say whether or not the president believes that human activity contributes to the warming of the climate? >> i can get back to you. >> do you feel like that is a decision he is still trying to make? mr. spicer: i don't know. >> nathan king has been at listening to all this. nathan, just your thoughts on what you heard so far. nathan: i think he has made this on purely economic terms and also national pride terms. he used the word, the u.s. is a laughingstock of the rest of the world, the rest of the world is taking advantage of the u.s., this is a massive transfer of jobs and wealth away from the united states. this is the most combative speech we heard from a u.s. president in a very long time when it comes to the rest of the world.
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if we thought the snubs we saw at nato and g-7, this is a whole new league. it's incredible. to basically say to the rest of the world, you are duping the united states out of billions of dollars and putting shackles on us, and it is unfair. we are talking about china, the european union. it is quite an incredible thing to do. it is very important that he doesn't come out as a climate change science denier. he is making this on purely economic terms, basically saying the jobs he wants, the forgotten people, the economic growth, he needs fossil fuels to do it and he can't be restrained by the rest of the world. quite an incredible abandonment of where we were -- by the way, former u.s. president barack obama has issued a statement while we have been talking, and you can imagine, it is very different from the speech that we heard. he is basicay


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