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tv   Washington Journal Krystal Ball Discusses the Peoples House Project  CSPAN  June 6, 2017 4:23pm-4:35pm EDT

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by association, i've been more it.nst big tobacco than for anever lobbied for even minute. host: myron ebell with competitive enterprises joining to books tv. >> "washington journal" continues. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] houe project. houe hijacking the democratic party to save the world. to you.ning guest: good morning. the people'sout house project. what is the genesis of this
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project? guest: the genesis with many things in politics right now was to selection. to figureul searching out how we can win over a broader population and really be a position to govern and provide solutions for people again. know, we've lost over a thousand state legislative seats years, weast eight lost government mansions, we have the smallest house caucuses. lost control of the senate. we're not in a good place. moment from that sort of of where did we go wrong. just so you know about my background. i grew up in rural virginia. i ran for congress there unsuccessful in 2010. lived in ohio near youngstown in the heart of the rust belts. right now i live in kentucky. i seen a lot of these shifts partyrom the democratic close up. that was the genesis. thinking about how we can win in
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these regions again and get back to governing. people's househe project and the idea for it in apocalypse"ersinged if we're going to change where need to change the kind of candidates we're running, how we're running those campaigns and the issues that we're running on. what i mean by that is, right candidatesof the that we select on our side and obviously i'mo, more expert on my side of the aisle, that's what i focus men critique on. the way we go about selecting candidates we think about who has the greater connections to fundraising circles. who can raise the money. feed back when i was running. rather than think being who has deepest connection with deepesh
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their community. who can really best speak to the issues that are uniquely faced by that community. first part is changing the types of candidates we're running. i would love for us to see a lot of folks from more middle and working class backgrounds running. stepping up to run for the first time. veterans, nurses, firefighters, teachers those folks who are uniquely connected to their community. that's the difference in candidates. in terms how we run campaigns, beholden to this call a industrial complex. this is what i saw in my own campaign. male consultant tell you to to spend tens of thousand win. tv consultant tell you got to spend hundreds of thousand on tv win. when campaigns are so expensive, it does narrow the range of be able toill credibly raise enough money and win. the aisle on the democratic side, one thing that we're really fortunate with now of energy.e tons people are super engaged. what i want to play with with
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project is ause different way of running campaigns to where we're less thosed on spending dollars for mailers that end up and tv ads and more about how we incontinue the community and use creative to get our message out there in a joyful and inclusive way. the last piece is the type of issues that we're running on. a lot of purity in our party on at the do of different issues. goes oned anything economics. as a result, we have very little economicof a strong message. we with the people's house project will focus on candidates are putting economic spurts who are thinking boldly about we'reique challenges facing now with low paying jobs low low benefits and predictability and this coming wave of automation that we're seeing that's wiping out morethat's creating
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instability for folks and contributing to a wage being stuck. to your question, those are some of the things about.en thinking host: krystal ball our guest not only to talk about her issuesation and involving the democratic party. a question,to ask for democrats 202-748-8000, 202-748-800202-748-8001 for repr independents 202-748-8002. you can find this on cnn. right now our party has about level of credibility as donald trump. guest: yeah. unfortunately that's the case. if you look at the polling, i think that's provincial rating party and ourtic president who isn't doing so well in public opinion polling about equivalent. abouts come to this piece the type of candidates that we've been running and also our connections to the real economic
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issues that folks are facing. it's very hard to stay credibly party of thethe people when you see more focused and whoan raise money has connections to the donor community than who's going to community. their in my view, the democratic party is the legitimate party of the people. ones who have been andting for working people the middle class for decades. we've gone a stray a bit from focus. people are feeling like they're disconnected from the party and there to bew we are a service to them. host: to put it fine point on it. of theas leadership current democratic party, does top?an a change at the changes say in the house, nancy pelosi being head of the democrats there. you need to see not only make more people coming into the process but get more what you're doing? guest: i think that would be helpful.
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people'st what the house project is about. the effortved with ohio,an from youngstown, challenged nancy pelosi for minority leader. i was involved with helping him with that effort. is involved with the people's house project. there, after president obama was out and lost andlary clinton joe biden was out, we were faced with a democratic party and with ae to be faced democratic party without a clear leader. whether it's fair or not, nancy is really been demonized across the country. she is the first ad that every runs against their democratic challenging tieing them to nancy pelosi. in montana for example. saying he was nancy pelosi in a cowboy hat. again, whether that's fair to not, she is part of the damaged brands of the democratic party.
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helpful to have a change. that's not what we're dealing with here in the people's house project. ist we're trying to do really focus on local communities and the types of candidates that will be able to appeal there and have the deep connection. when somebody does run an ad saying they're nancy pelosi in a cowboy hat or in boots or whatever, there won't be at the do of credibility behind that. and susan, that's not who they are. they're in touch with our community. they're not part of this distant elite. means when i it try to tie a candidate to nancy pelosi. the: you talk about some of representatives backing you. who is backing you in terms of support and funding? guest: we're still early days. i don't want to release numbers names. i got congressman tim ryan from us.gstown behind my congressman in kentucky and a number of others. excited about the support we're getting.
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host: krystal ball our guest. our first call from cat in grand junction, colorado, democrats line. caller: thanks for taking my call. i'm really proud and glad to formingt you guys are the group. startinge forming or angry.ache o -- if president obama had tried even one shenanigans that trump tried, he would have been drawn. goes on and on. democrats and the republicans by. to be standing democrats i think are starting was talking earlier -- get to work in washington. putting off what we need. world andound the insult everybody. it's embarrassing and it's sad. american
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i know quite a few others that voted for trump. are disappointed. this kind of stuff is happening all over. this man is not bringing people together. he'll say he's going to work on then he comes up the people that work with traffic control. that might be on the list, it priority. guest: thank you so much for question. i think that you're right that this president has been a toappointment knop just those -- not just those who didn't vote but for a lot of people who did. way theyot going the thought. opportunityus an especially on working class people. he has been traditional republican int office. it's what we've seen so far. the infrastructure example that example was a perfect of that. we heard it's going to be a trillion dollars infrastructure
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package. some democrats were excited to for the postpone ture for further proceedings today on motions to suspend the rules on which [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] >> we're going to break away from this. live coverage now on c-span. the house will resume proceedings on postponed questions at a later time. for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? mr. royce: mr. speaker, i move the house suspend the rules and that the house pass house resolution 354, as amended. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the resolution. the clerk: house resolution 354, resolution condemning the violence against peaceful protesters outside the turkish ambassador's residence on may 16, 2017, and calling for the perpetrators to be brought to justice and measures to be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future, as .mended


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