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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 7, 2017 8:08am-8:31am EDT

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every book was selected by fdr to be in the room. nothing has changed. >> watch q&a from the presidential library and museum in new york sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable-television companies and brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. "washington journal" continues. host: again, -- we told you this via tweet during a segment we just had that president trump announced
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--will nominate christopher to become the new head of the fbi. he was the former attorney he would succeed james comey, fired last month. take a look at mr. comey, particularly what the conversations were with jeff sessions. mr. comey did not want to be alone with mr. trump. aside to tell him private interactionist clinton fbi director and the president were inappropriate but could not guarantee the president would not try to talk to mr. comey again. he did not reveal what so unnerved him. mr. trump's request, the fbi
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director and investigation into the former national security adviser michael flynn, who had just been fired. you can see at 10:00 this thursday on c-span3, open phones, the numbers on the screen, you can also tweet us your thoughts and post on facebook. up first, democrats line, diane, go ahead. caller: this was for congressman faso. i wondered why he was not responding to the caller talking about postal service that we get no text payer money. host: anything else you want to add? caller: no. we do not get any taxpayer money. host: victor in florida, republican line, go ahead. caller: good morning. need -- for our
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politicians that they will vote for a balanced budget amendment, they will vote to limit taxes to 19% of gdp, they will vote to repeal the united decision and stop taking bribes from large corporations and the very wealthy. they will vote for our health care system, which gives people choices and covers all people, and they will vote to support social security. you have to get that in writing. from his politicians that are running, and hold them accountable. if you keep voting people into office who do the same thing time after time, our country is in debt $20 trillion, we are overtaxed, politician taking large money from foreign companies and even shell corporations that fund politicians. --e of these
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from new jersey, independent line. caller: i want people to know the citation from the representative from new york was incorrect for purchases of soda. that has been thoroughly debunked. in article put out by the new ,ork times, if you just google , washington post, and so on, they have thoroughly debunked that statistic. this is the kind of rhetoric that is very poisonous. it demonizes poor people and public programs. thank you. host: more about the upcoming hearing with james comey being highlighted in the paper today, it raises one of the questions
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mr. comey will have to answer in his testimony thursday. if you believe mr. trump astride to get him to end an investigation, why not tell anyone about it? mr. trump's defenders noted -- has said there are no efforts to repeat our investigation. interaction a the secret in part because he was not sure whom he could trust at the justice department. fbi officials were not sure what mr. trump had done or how the conversation could be koran rated. interactions his -- he did not want it influenced by what the president wanted. about they to ask investigation. he said publicly that mr. comey assured him on three cases that he was not under investigation
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or testifying today as far as and theother people idea of intelligence gathering, that hearing will take place in the intelligence committee. michael rodgers, all testifying. 10:00 onee that at c-span3,, and our c-span radio app. south carolina, democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. speak to theto congressman. i feel so insulted by his words. it or not, poor people pay taxes. less necessary amount of money coming from social security. i mean really?
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also, if we are talking about terrorists [indiscernible] historyo read up on the of the united states to get a true picture of terrorism. read about the wall street of oklahoma, read about rosewood. the lynchings that took place in .he south when i asked my auntie why she to new york from savannah, georgia, we asked her why and she said because there were three lynchings a week. that was all recorded in the newspaper. of the republicans and people who think like him need to study up on history of our country, which we love. we have been paying taxes. we will go to california,
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independent line. caller: i would like to know why maxine waters made the statement the cia creating gangs and stuff. age and in the 60's, had people telling me about the old,, 1011 and 12 years they were really dangerous and stuff, and then in the 1980's, i had a friend of mine who had a son who was in gangs and stuff who was killed. the street and stuff and he had security clearances and he started going off about the cia and gangs and stuff. i would like to know what maxine waters really knows about this and why she is saying it. here is the website from usda when it comes to snap benefits. the junk food and luxury item section says it defines eligible
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-- whichludes seafood plants includes food for consumption. it precludes the following items from being purchased. tobacco products and any foods sold on consumption. drinks, crackers and ice cream, our food items and therefore eligible items. also eligible items, and it goes on to save you want to find out more about what is in it and what is not, that if the usda particularly under that program, what is eligible or not. tim in michigan, republican line. for taking myyou call. before obama became president, we had twice as million people on food stamps.
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we had a housing bubble and a lot of people lost their jobs. we peaked at about 47 million people on food stamps. unemployment was 8, 9, 10% unemployment. downloyment today is back 4% but we still have around 44 million people on food stamps. math is not adding up. the politicians must protect our money and i'm all for getting people off the programs that do not deserve to be on it. i do not think any american's would take food from people who really need it. children mothers, pregnant mothers, like the congressman said. to spend ournt money wisely with the billions of dollars in fraudulent to our welfare programs, these politicians are
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elected to protect our money so we use it wisely. that is all i had to say. thank you for taking my call. [indiscernible] texas, independent line. taxer: when it comes to thears, the people who get most tax dollars from the taxpayer in citizens are the navy marines, policeman, firefighters, teachers, etc. we will not dig into their private accounts to find out what they are spending their money on, alcohol, tobacco, and guns and stuff like that. and tax dollars. will beat up on the poor people and the people who cannot fight for themselves. what a shame it was. thank you. of the hearings we took an yesterday featured betsy
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devos talking about the budget for the education department. from the washington post, maria highlights the fact that lash $10t trump will s billion compared it for $1.4 , topon as savings education priorities, school choice, million dollars for vouchers. out aboutthat came discrimination, the highlight saying she refused on tuesday to say whether she disbarred discrimination based on sexual orientation in private schools that receive federal funds. the whole hearing on our website. specifically on that exchange from yesterday. >> i said it before and i will say it again. schools that receive federal funds receive -- follow the laws.
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>> will such discrimination be allowed? >> on areas where the law is unsettled, the department will not issue decrees. >> just answer the question. would discrimination be allowed or not under your understanding? of unsettled law -- >> are you saying such an area, so discrimination is allowed? to answer theng question? >> i'm going back to what i said earlier -- >> what you said earlier did not help us. it is an area of unsettled law. you said where it is unsettled, such discovery will continue to be allowed under your program. if that is incorrect, please correct it for the record. how about a scrimmage based on religion? will such discrimination be allowed with charter or private schools? >> again, for schools that receive federal funds, -- >> what is the law, in this case, in your understanding, will discrimination be allowed?
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answer the question. >> schools will receive -- answerare refusing to the question. that is very important for the public two nope it secretary of education this committee refused to affirm that she would put forward a program that would abandon -- ban discrimination band on lgbt -- status or discrimination -- >> that is not what i said. >> i asked you to clarify -- any form isation in wrong and i do not support it. >> does your program ban discrimination? yes or no? >> which program are you talking about? >> the charter school in grant program. >> let me say it again -- >> you are not answering the question. >> they need to follow federal law, period. host: if you want to watch it for yourself featuring the secretary, it is on
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from laurel, maryland, independent line. caller: good morning. totally missed that one with secretary devos and i look forward to listening to it. as far ase two points the snap program is concerned. end -- up ora poor rent -- abhorent. a gap between being able to versus theistance fact that one needs to actually survive and have a livelihood. selling drugs is a very bad thing. gape is a substantial between what one would need to make monetarily speaking as far as being able to apply for the livelihood. another point i would like to , that soda is bad for you.
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everyone knows that. when they themselves, the parent, don't mind drinking soda, the children truly want soda, they prefer that over milk, it is bad and i understand that. but again, take into family canon that a buy about a three liter bottle of soda for like a dollar, or 1.5 zero dollars -- $1.50. for twot of milk dollars and how that is stretched between a family, that -- that is a consideration as well. it is not that soda is bad for you and milk is better for you, it should be that since milk is better for you, and soda is that maybe we should subsidize milk. onto lou,let's move
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south carolina, democrats line. good morning. i would like to make a comment on this. still we in america, ready to address the socioeconomic problems that racism has totally caused, i even take something silly like voter fraud, they can talk about voter fraud and try to blame minorities and try to keep them what ating, and i think lot of white people are not seeing is that what is going on is you have people running in your state but keep the house the way they wanted, you have the outside money coming in to confuse the issue. they have not even looked at it. that is just my opinion. they are always a talking -- talking about welfare this and welfare that and snapped snap this and snap that.
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they can talk about that all day long. is going toat trump give up two of the people right now is an atrocity. allow them to and do that without saying something, what does a , $50 billioneed over a ten-year time because of a tax break, that money should have been on their clearing up neighborhoods, building up schools. stories fromthe the recent story about the national security agency that distributed classified materials is how many people in the united states have a classified security clearance according to the congressional research service? people.ion that is a story in usa today saying in general security clearances are granted only to citizens whose work require access to classified material. come from and must worker who is trustworthy,
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honest, reliable, and the .otential for coercion security clearance not mandated for the president or vice president. also, security clearances don't expire. specifically with secret information. a little of investigation for people with top security clearances every five years, 10 years, and confidential every 15 years. paul is next in minnesota, republican line. caller: i just want to ask the why, with all the drugs going around, which i'm totally against, why are the doctors afraid to help the people that are in need of the pain meds? when they have been being taking even such as myself or 20 years, where the doctors are
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afraid to do the surgery because they are afraid they will make it worse, but now they are being forced into not being able to take care of the people. i want to thank you for the call. coming thursday on our channel, c-span3, that you can watch the hearing featuring jim comey, former fbi director, testifying in front of the fbi intelligence committee. you can see that and go to our website for more information. you may be anywhere in the world watching it. folks in washington here within the district of columbia might be watching it and they implied enhance -- with the washington post saying that improves a handful of washington bars open earlier, specials in honor of the potential fireworks event. the tavern on florida avenue is opening a 9:30. the irish pub here on vermont
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avenue, usually a draw for the baseball team here. thursday, all 15 screens will be tuned to c-span. penn quarter opening an hour early, 10:00. customers looking for a place to watch. again, some of these activities .ere concerning that you can watch it again at 10:00. ways to us that as well. that will be it for this session of open phones. our next guest will talk about the fbi director who will testify. delicate stacy of the virgin islands will join us for that hearing later on the program, we will learn more about how muslims of the america are perceiving events, particularly after these attacks that took place in the united states. the group, muslim advocates, farhana khera will join us. our program continues after
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