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tv   Washington Journal Reviews James Comeys Testimony  CSPAN  June 9, 2017 6:59am-10:00am EDT

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c-span3. if you're on the go, on a free c-span radio app. morning, members of the house freedom caucus on their efforts to pass tax cuts and to change the tax code. we will be live from the heritage foundation starting at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span two. ♪ >> c-span -- where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. live today on c-span, "washington journal" is next. at 10:00 a.m. eastern, house democrats leader nancy pelosi holds her weekly briefing. journal" withton
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your reaction to former fbi director james comey's testimony before the senate intelligence committee investigating russian interference in the 2016 elections. ♪ host: good morning. 17 senators asking questions for two hours and 38 minutes. it was the ninth one so far for the senate intelligence committee. today, members of congress, the white house, and the country assessing what it all means following testimony from the fired fbi director james comey. it is friday morning, june 9. the president will face reporters in a rose garden news conference. we will have it live for you on the c-span's network. from the editorial pages to your calls and comments, reaction to yesterday's hearing. 202 is the area code. (202) 748-8001 is the line for
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republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. if you are an independent, (202) 748-8002. send us your comments at c-span wj or on facebook at the other major story on this friday morning comes to us from great britain. this is the headline from "the times of london." "theresa may's poll nightmare -- the pound has dropped as the u.k. faces a hung parliament." let's get the story this one from "the washington post." despite a shock election result that robbed her party of the britishntary majority, prime minister theresa may will ignore calls for her resignation and seek to form a new government today. with more on that story, we go to john mcardle, who is following this and reaction to the james comey testimony. guest: at this hour, the political future of united kingdom up in the air after theresa may failing to win a majority in that election that
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she herself called. "meza june disaster." has called on made to resign in the pressure is already building from some in her own party as well. in terms of projected seats, the conservatives are projected to win 318 seats, down 12 seats from 2015 results. reporting that theresa may has struck a deal with the democratic unionists that will allow her to form a government according to sources. the prime minister expect to see the queen at buckingham palace p.m.:30 the guardian noting that it follows extensive talks with the democratic unionist party. party leaders say they have been driven on in this talk by the dismay at the possibility of jeremy corbyn becoming prime minister. is a couple of headlines from
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u.s. news sources. "drudge report" calls it "hard might."'s hung parliament is a term that you might be hearing more about. bbc reporting about what a hung endnotes that theresa may or jeremy corbyn could opt to go it alone and run a minority government, relying on the sport of smaller parties as needed, or there could be a frenzied round of talks as has been happening between party leaders and negotiating teams as they try to put together another coalition government. in terms of timing, there's no limit, but it'se generally expected to take longer than that. the first deadline is tuesday, june 13 with the new parliament meeting for the first time. today, theresa may expected to make a statement around 8:30 a.m. eastern time at that
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meeting at buckingham palace. we will bring you any news that happens from it. host: the other story this morning as the james comey testimony. this is the headline from "usa today." "comey calls trump a liar." the full hearing is available on the c-span website at here's just a portion. [video clip] >> when i was appointed fbi understood 2013, i that i served at the pleasure of the president, even though i was appointed to a 10 year term that congress underscore to say the fbi's outside of politics and independence. i understood that i could be fired by president for any reason or no reason at all. , when i'd learned that i've been fired, for that reason i immediately came home as a private to the. citizen. but then the shifting explanations ca confused me an increasingly concerned with.
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me. it confused me because the president and i had multiple conversations about my job before and after he took office. he woul repeatedly told me i was doing a great job and he would hope i'd stay. and i told him i would stay answer about the remaining six years of my term. you told me repeatedly that he had talked to lots of people about me, including our current attorney general, and learned that i was doing a great job and extremely well-liked by the fbi workforce. so it confused me when i saw on television the president saying that he actually fired me because of the russian investigation and learned again from the media that he was telling privately other parties that my firing had relieved great pressure on the russian investigation. i was also confused by the initial expiration offered publicly, that i was fired because of the decisions i made during the election year.
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that didn't make sense to me for a whole bunch of reasons, including the time and all the water that had gone under the bridge since those hard decisions that had to be made. that didn't make any sense to me. although the log required no reason at all to fired fbi director, the administration then chose to defame me and then more importantly the fbi by saying the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies, plain and simple. and i'm so sorry that the fbi workforce had to give them and i'm so sorry that the amerco people were told them. host: just a portion of the opening statement by james comey at yesterday's hearing. we are getting your tweets here with some of the reaction after the hearing yesterday. we now know another leaker with many more to go, reference to the fired fbi director.
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's testimony shows corruption, greed, and possible treason could all the way to the top it chums a fool to be celebrating. hang them high." bill king says -- here are some of the editorials this morning inside "the new york times." "this is about america," writes the editorial board. "weeks after being described by donald trump as a nut job, james deftly recastday his confrontation with the president as a clash between the legal principles at the foundation of american democracy , and a venal, self interested politician who does not recognize, let alone uphold them. let's hope that the principles comey articulated in those who hold them guide this investigation the days ahead." your reaction on all this.
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jeff, good morning. caller: can you hear me? host: we will move on to sharon in kingston, illinois. caller: comey seems like he needs his play-doh and puppies now like a baby socialist type. his character is not what he per trade himself to be. i think he came off as seeming very different that he wanted people to see him, but he just sounded like he needed his say safe space or something. i watched it from beginning to end and i thought it was sad. every time james comey would make a comment, i would say, what about hillary? what did you do about hillary? his character and how he portrayed himself to be and what he stood up for, i just kept asking myself that. nothing made sense. if you wanted to be so strong,
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he could've been very stern with hillary and he wasn't. they just didn't sound very honest to me. thank you. -- "trump'sweet actions and motives toward comey only reinforce the likelihood of chums involvement -- trump's involvement even as a shadow player for russia." this editorial from "the wall street journal." it concludes with the following, the fbi director should resign if you believe what he now says." tim from ohio, republican line, good morning. caller: my on? -- am i on? host: you sure are. caller: i watched the intelligence hearings that had mark warner and kamala harris. i saw the way they badgered trumps staff. when i had seen comey on there
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, they just accept the fact that he was not going to answer questions. they badgered him enough in the intelligence hearings that the chairman had to stop them and let him answer the questions. they did not do that to comey. i see a double standard there when it comes to the openness of these hearings. they are going to force trumps people, but they are not going to force comey because of his feelings or whatever. it just seems ridiculous the way the two days went between the hearings one day and the hearings the next day. host: they are both on our website at there was a closed-door session as well that took place just down the hall from 216 heart. took place into the afternoon. briefing took brea place at 1:00 and wrapped up around 2:20 p.m.
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jr, your next. door take on the test -- your take on the testimony yesterday in your reaction this morning. caller: eyman honorably discharged marine and director come he has had no -- i am an honorably discharged marine and comey did not bite his tongue when he said what the world already knows -- donald trump is a liar. he will do whatever it takes to make the deal from mexico will pay for the wall to obama had his phones tapped and many other things he is responsible for. he has got a lot of people fooled and i'm so glad that director comey had the guts to tell the world the truth. think yothank you. host: from lake placid, florida, linda, the morning. good morning. caller: and comey's opening
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statement, he said his department was never in disarray. during the election, he said his department was very upset and angry over clinton news not coming out. i'm confused. he is under oath and he lied . host: linda, thank you. from "the washington times," comey's not goo aery goo goo very good day." it reads as follows
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that is this morning from "the washington times." we will go to kay from illinois on the democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead please. caller: my name is anna. i just wanted to say that i really commend mr. comey for standing up for what's right. his personal notes -- he had a that mr.side feeling trump was doing some crooked stuff. i commend him. i think he did a terrific job. his notes were very, very on.
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i think that everyone should listen to this man because he is telling the truth. thank you so much. host: we will get more this afternoon as the president welcomes the president of romania at 2:45 p.m. eastern time. there will be a news conference from the rose garden. that typically involves two questions from reporters from each of the countries -- to u.s. reporters and to romanian reporters. dennis from indiana, good morning. caller: good money. how are you? if i did not do my job and i did not stand up to my boss, i was let go. i would stand up to my boss. i would say to whomever my boss is, whether it's donald trump, president obama, or whoever, we are not doing things the right way. we have got to be able to do things the right way, sir. i'm sorry, but it's just not correct. i think that you need to realize i'm a little angry about this
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and i apologize for this. you need to realize this is the director of the fbi. this is not a game. if they want to play a game, if the russians want to play game, let them play game. this is the director of the fbi. this is why we do what we do. this is exactly why he got let go, because he couldn't stand up for himself, and he didn't, and that's the reality of it. and i'm sorry to say that. i respect him as a man. i respect his family. year comet who he is, but he's the director of the fbi. this is not a game. they are coming after us. if we are not willing to fight with everything that we have, we can't have somebody like this in power. host: dennis, thanks for the
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call. front page "wall street journal," director comey says i feared to drop the probe. guest: the president is going to be speaking at the white house later today and americans do not have to wait that long to hear the president's thoughts. he took to twitter this morning starting after 6:00. it was one of the longest routes on twitter. "aftere after 6:00 a.m., so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication. wow, comey is a leaker." he also said, "rate reporting by fox and friends and some of the others. thank you." let's run through a few more for our viewers. from one of the president's biggest critics, " comey's explosive accusations." to killed about bid flynn probe and calling russia
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case a hoax. as a front page of "the daily news." breitbart reporting deep state gone wild. "the atlantic" reporting "james comey shock and all testimony." rich lowry with his headline this morning, "comey hits and misses." to the front page of one of those other hometown papers for the president, "the new york post." another measure of interest in this testimony yesterday came from cbs news with a tweet from their pr team yesterday. in the first hour of the coming hearing, cbs news saw its highest viewership since the inauguration and set a new hourly record for mobile web traffic. another story on interest on television from deadline out of
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hollywood, noting that the testimony yesterday was so big that nielsen plans to issue a collective audience that today, an exercise reserved for inaugurations and state of the union addresses. from twitter, terms of social media data, 3.6 million tweets were sent between 7:00 and 1:30 p.m. yesterday discussing former fbi director james comey's testimony to the senate intelligence committee. twitter noting that the most tweeted moments include senator mccain's questions to tell me, comey's lordy moment, and saying there's no fuzz regarding the interference in the u.s. election. we want to hear from our viewers about what they thought were the big moments yesterday. much,john, thanks very who is checking out the biggest stores across the web. this is a photo of two pages inside "the new york times" to
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give you a sense of what it was like for former fbi director standing and sitting by himself for two hours and 38 minutes after he took the oath to tell the truth. the photographer surrounding the fbi director. this is courtesy of "the new york times." john mcardle mentioned the ratings. the c-span networks carry the hearing in its entirety. if you do not have it yet, you may want to check out the free c-span radio app. it was carried on c-span radio and streamed on the web. and get more information on our website at any numbers would not include the c-span audience as well. significant portion of the population watching the hearing yesterday that ran over two hours and 38 minutes. from our twitter page, there is this. "the propaganda arm is strong with the president today." "if youst eagled him, don't stand for something, you stand for nothing. james comey has integrity." this from sandy beach, "the white house lawyers make a solid
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case for investigating come is leaking." jodey says, "lies are not a matter of opinion these days. of course, they lied. this is politics, isn't it? they lie." from redding, california, teresa's next. -- thanksting for waiting. caller: i watched yesterday and i found companies testimony to be filled with integrity and honesty. the irony that trump would turn around and tweet this morning about false statements and lies, that has been trumps hold default. the other thing that i find interesting when i listened to the calls this morning is how people can watch the same thing as i watched, but walk away totally blind by what the man said. i just found him honest. i've always found him honest. i hope this is the beginning of
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the band for this administration. thank you for taking my call. host: we will go to jacob on the republican line. caller: thanks for taking my call. my comment is mainly in regard to the media, especially cnn. i watched in particular michael yesterday making comments that this hearing had somehow verified all the source patterns that they had been reporting for the past few months when the headline on june 7 at was in regard to how comey would that he had ever said trump was not under investigation. i was just a amazed that he can make that comment. that you have jeffrey toobin, who is still making his legal analysis come along comey whatlf exactly mirrored
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alan dershowitz has been saying for a month in regard to the powers of the president. it really was just amazing to watch cnn's reaction. host: thanks for the call. we have been checking out the editorial pages of newspapers around the country and sharing them with you, including this from "usa today." the headline -- "president trump's a liar -- now what?" all this adds to the credibility crisis surrounding the white house that has undermined the president's agenda at home, stein media ministrations efforts to recruit top talent, and frayed long-standing alliances abroad. whether trump is a criminal as well as a liar is a more complicated matter, one that will depend on legal definitions of obstruction of justice and additional evidence to be uncovered by special counsel robert mueller and congressional investigators." another line of questioning yesterday involved the clinton emails and robert mueller's involvement in that. hears that extent.
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-- here is that exchange. [video clip] >> let me go back if i can very briefly to the decision to publicly go out with your results on the email. influenced byion the attorney general's tarmac meeting with the former president, bill clinton? mr. comey: yes in an ultimately conclusive way, that was the thing that cap it for me that i had to do something separately, to protect the credibility of the investigation, which means both the fbi and justice department. chairman: where the other things that contributed to that that you can describe a in an open session? mr. comey: there were other things that contributed to that. one significant item i can't that i know the committee has been briefed on his public accounts that have been nonsense. i understand the committee has been briefed on the classified fax.
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the only thing i can talk about me up in session is that the attorney general directed me not to call it an investigation but instead to call it a matter, which confused me and concerned me. that was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude that i have to step away from the department if we were to close this case credibly. host: sen. burr: burqas the chair of the senate intelligence is that chair of the senate intelligence committee. "lordy, i hope there are tapes." that one moment is one of the tweeted moments of the hearing that took place yesterday. we will go to gill from north carolina. your reaction to the testimony and what it all means? caller: good morning and good morning, c-span listeners. i found the testimony of fbi director james comey to be absolutely stunning and straightforward.
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the take-home points were why president trump tried to leverage vis-a-vis his ego speaking to the rector comey in private without anyone else around. fbi director comey, i feel, is not a purveyor of spirit's stories -- spurious stories. the questions that he could not answer, those questions that will be addressed in closed session will certainly open up the door to more truth. finally what i would like to say is i would like to see when carter page, michael flynn, jared kushner are all brought to testify. i would like to see them withstand and honor and answer questions as straightforwardly as fbi director comey did. one final point and one thing that really concerns me is that in all of this, i'm afraid that
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president trump will start to go ahead and try to thwart the testimony of folks like manna for, flynn, carter page, and his son-in-law. he will even go and pardon these individuals. so that certainly quite a concern. one last point -- i don't believe that there are any tapes. this will be brought out in closed session. thing .things for taking my call . host: we appreciate your participation. if you are tuning in or listening on c-span radio, we are spending the full three hours getting a reaction to the testimony yesterday by the fired fbi director james comey. the lines continue to be open at (202) 748-8000 for democrats, (202) 748-8001 for republicans .
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if you're watching outside the united states, the number to call is (202) 748-8003. the front page of "the washington post" says "trump lied about him." on the twitter page, there is this. "we didn't learn anything we didn't already. trump is a liar and can't be trusted." this is from robert, "trump thinking the worst is over. he is sadly mistaken." andce will unite the gop push through a conservative agenda. trump cannot. he is damaged goods. i'm glad comey tanked." on the line for independents, good morning. caller: i've been a long time listener to c-span. before my statement, i like to ask if you could give me any numbers as to the possible recent increase in listenership for viewers. i have the sense that your
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numbers have gone up dramatically, which is a good thing. host: i can't tell you specific numbers because we don't sell advertising. we are a nonprofit, funded entirely by the cable and settle industry. -- satellite industry. you have seen a significant increase in web traffic, so that's one barometer. anytime we open the phone lines, the lines are jammed. twitter traffic is high as well. it is safe to say that there has been a significant increase, but we cannot put a specific number. we are glad you're tuning in and participating in the process. caller: i applaud the ability of the average citizen to speak in such a public forum. stateaid, i just want to that i'm retired from law enforcement. i'm essentially a democrat, but i consider myself technically an independent. comeyfference between mr. and mr. trump is profound.
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met mr. comey despite my background, but i have friends who know him. he is exceptionally honest. c is a just a man of unusually high integrity. end of the spectrum, we have a man who has absolutely no filter, absolutely no conscience, and the obligation to the truth. i encourage everyone who is and look to go online for an article written by tony schwartz from "the new yorker." i know that will determine a few people, but it's a lengthy interview. he is the fellow who wrote "the art of the deal." mr. trump put himself down as the author. to give us insight into mr. trump's character, on that, i say thank you. host: john mcardle has been
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listening to stories and we will ask them to look into that and share some highlights in just a couple of minutes. from where we sit or stand, just about five minutes away at a pub called the union pub. it is the subject of this morning's style section of "the washington post." if donald trump tweeted yesterday, they would offer a free round in-house. the president's first tweets this morning came from 6:15 a.m. this is a photograph from the style section of "the washington post" to give you a sense of what a media event it was here in our nation's capital. it was something of a national holiday. pubs opening up early in bars and restaurants. many watching on the c-span networks. let's go to mark in columbus, ohio. welcome to the program. caller: good morning. text for taking my call. -- thanks for taking my call. character is one thing we
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judge most people on. if you have none, what comes out your mouth means nothing. james comey demonstrated a lot of character yesterday. donald trump has done nothing but lie. -- we do not ask donald trump to run for president. it is not our fault he is new to this. he needs to get on board if he wants to maintain what little reputation, in my opinion, he has left. he is a straight out clown and paul ryan knows it. there's obviously some other motive for mcconnell and ryan still standing behind this clown because this makes no sense at all. and a veteranld of this man's marine corps and i've never, ever seen anything like this. this is ridiculous. thank you, sir. host: one even with this tweet,
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"comey hearing offered low key substantive information. hopefully we can focus on the election hack going forward." there's this from susan, "comey the leaker says trump lies that the fbi is mismanaged. fbi credibility is in the tank." you can see the democrats on the senate intelligence committee with dianne feinstein of california. [video clip] >> here's the question. you are big. you are strong. and i the oval office know what happens to people when they walk in. there is a certain amount of intimidation, but why didn't you stop and say, mr. president, this is wrong? i cannot discuss this with you? mr. comey: great question. maybe if i were stronger, i would have. i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in. the on thing i could think to say because i was playing in my mind to remember every word he
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said, what should my response be? that is why i very carefully chose the words. i've seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. is amur saying i agree he good guy as a way of saying i'm not agreeing with what you just asked me to do. maybe other people will be stronger in that circumstance, but that's how i conducted myself. i hope i will never have another opportunity. maybe if i didn't again, i would do a better. -- maybe if i did it again, i would do it better. host: yesterday's questions from senator dianne feinstein. john mcardle's keeping track from all things from the senate intelligence committee. hast: obviously everyone their own list of winners and losers from yesterday's hearing as he watched it, as you took in that hearing. we took a sampling of the different news organizations to compare their winners and losers. that is "the hill",, and red state.
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all three of those new sites had james comey as one of the winners of the day. all three had president donald trump as the top loser of the day. to dig deeper down the list, from "the hill," one of their winners was former fbi director robert miller. he flattered his boss and talked up the credibility of molars special investigation into the 2016 election. he had a sterling reputation before yesterday's hearing. the probes and molars investigation appears to be the final word on the russia. matter matter., one of the losers is jeff sessions. , he says he expected to -- comey says he expected sessions to recuse himself from the investigation. based on something else that he a known, but he would not
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publicly say what that thing was, but it certainly was a moment that cost a lot more questions to be asked. red state with their winners with included marco rubio. some people took his line of questioning as a defense of trump, but the writer for red state said he was merely doing his job, saying his questions were pointed not partisan. he wanted due diligence, but people freaking out that rubio behaved like a hack for the president are mistaken. rubio went after dan coats and mike rogers for what appeared to be to many an effort on their part to cover for trump. you can come up with your own winners and losers, the day very that the high-profile hearing. host: the house moving ahead with undoing key parts of the dodd frank law put in place after the collapse of wall street back in 2008. it now faces what "the washington times" is calling and
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uncertain future in the u.s.. senate republicans might keep some of the provisions in the obamacare. we heard from the white house saying that they help the vote in the senate before the july 4 recess, but there are some questions from senator richard burr if that is even impossible. the morning story from sean sullivan in "the washington post." reaction to the testimony from james comey, gwen on the democrats line. gwen.orning, caller: i don't know if i'm hearing you correctly. i called to tell the whole world, especially the republican congress, if you look over time, if you look at hitler's and how we li -- hitler's and how he is sociopathicrd
7:37 am
behavior. chaos -- they thrive on that. they have no empathy. just research sociopathic behavior. all the things listed underneath it describes donald trump. the world should be afraid that this man has the nuclear codes and he is a sociopath. other than that, look at ted bundy. in a suit, well-dressed, handsome man, he was a sociopath. there is throughout history a danger to everyone they come in contact with. host: some of the tweets. james says, "comey is a fortuneteller. he knew sessions would recuse himself a week in advance." business from bill king, "president trump launches a nuclear strike against north korea.
7:38 am
paul ryan releases a statement saying hey, he's new at this." paul ryan knows the presidency is not an entry-level job. why is he lying to the mac in public about trump? hears the house speaker yesterday. -- here's the house speaker yesterday. [video clip] why thee now realize president is so frustrated when the fbi director tells them on three occasions that he is not under investigation, yet the speculation around the clinical systems world that he has. that's frustrating. of course the president is frustrated. now people know why he was frustrated because the speculation was allowed to swirl when he was told directly by the fbi director he was not under investigation. as far as the conversations and all that, i'm not going to speculate any of this. add that of course there needs to be a degree of independence between doj, fbi, and the white house and the linux mutations established. the president is new at this. he is new to government.
7:39 am
inwas probably not steeped the long-running protocols that establish the relationship between doj, fbi, and white house. he is just need to this -- new to this. when i got out of the testimony is that we now know why he was so frustrated when fbi director told him three times there is no investigation of him yet the speculation was allowed to continue. obviously we know now why he was frustrated. host: house speaker paul ryan meeting with reporters following the testimony yesterday by james comey. this is from another tweet, "just more proof that trump is unfit, unqualified to the be president." there's this from "the national review" editorial board. it reads as follows --
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that is from "the national review." floyd is joining us from overland park, kansas, republican one. line. caller: good morning. what i got from this hearing, and i watched it from beginning was theis that comey worst fbi director that we have ever had in the united states and i'm 82 years old. when he admitted that he leaked
7:41 am
government documents, i just said to myself, this is what we had for an fbi director? he should have been fired from day one. that is my feeling on it. i stand by it. i think the man should be prosecuted for leaking government documents. thank you very much. host: thank you for the call. back to john mcardle, who's keeping track on how all this is playing out. guest: steve, you asked earlier or were talking earlier with the caller who was referring to the man who helped write "the art of the deal" with donald trump, his ghostwriter on that book. went back and did some research to try to find some of the information that the viewer was referring to and came across a "washington post" story from last month, in which tony schwartz, the president's ghost writer on "the art of the deal,"
7:42 am
talked about the mindset of donald trump and what he learned about donald trump in working with them. just some passages from that may 16 story. early on, tony schwartz wrote, "i recognize that trump's sense aggressively is relief." he went on to write, trump was an assertive aggressive kid from an early age and once punched the i was with nearly -- punched and i am was nearly expelled for his baby. what is known about trump, who knows if that story is true? whatever collateral damage it creates a long-awaited -- along the way. that is tony schwartz and his piece in "the washington post" last month. think you for giving us some homework. come.on more to
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jodey has this tweet referring to paul ryan, "which will be so nice -- would trump be so nice if the ceo was doing as poorly as he is president of usa? he'd say you're fired." saying from "the sun" "teresa dismay." the prime minister calling a snap election, her gamble is a disaster, right "the sun." the britishear from prime minister as she tries to form a new minority government with help from northern ireland. reactiono to lou with to the comey hearing from highland park, laura. illinois. caller: i believe comey. he seems to be very straightforward and very quick to answer the questions. he was not searching for words. most people who tell the truth
7:44 am
are like that. extremely spontaneous. host: thank you. we will go to james next from portland, oregon, independent line. caller: thank you. i've been a watcher of c-span for a long time and i appreciate your unvarnished representation of the people's views and the fact that you do not confuse your passion for virtue as so many people who have made up their minds about what is going on have argued in. already done. i watched the hearings for both the testimony of the intelligence community before the hearing and comey's testimony. what i would like people to come away with is that these people are still investigating what is going on, allegedly. andrference in elections very many meetings with foreign governments by people in the elections.
7:45 am
i would say let's let them do their job. the fact that we did not get any real bombshells from the past few days from the testimony makes me think that there is substance to what is going on in their investigations. they don't want to play their hand out in front of the media to have it dissected and said over and over again what people think their opinions are. onnk you for your work behalf of the citizens of the united states. i think it is everyone's civic responsibility to know what is going on. whole who condemn people would like the information to get out, i think, are undermining our basic beliefs in a free and open discussion of ideas. so thank you and i hope we can move forward as citizens to take that responsibility seriously. host: james, we thank you.
7:46 am
this program works when you participate and share your comments and thoughts. we have another two hours and 15 minutes for your reaction this morning and highlights from the hearing yesterday and from the editorial pages and opinion pages of leaving newspapers, including paul krugman of "the new york times." this piece is available online at after donald trump's surprise election victory, many people on the right and in the center made the case that he would not really be that bad. every time he showed a hint of self-restraint, even if it amounted to nothing more than reading his lines without outliving or running to twitter, pundits declared he just became president. cimino admit that he is really as bad or worse than his harshest critics predicted he would be? if that is not his contempt for the rule of law, which came through clearly in the james comey testimony, as the legal scholar jeffrey toobin says, if this is not obstruction of justice, what is? this also the way that trumps character and his commendation
7:47 am
of petty vindictiveness and sheer laziness leads them clearly not up to doing the job. that's the opinion of paul krugman in the "than your new york times." claudia is joining us from ormond beach, florida. caller: good morning from beautiful, sunny ormond beach. i did watch the coming testimony -- the comey testimony. is aneve that comey honest, hard-working, god-fearing man. .e gave concise answers he gave honest answers. my problem is i did not vote for donald trump, but i support him as our president for the next four years. i look for everything good that he does and try to understand
7:48 am
why he does what he does. in firing and the manner which james comey was fired was wrong. it was not something -- the way it was done was not presidential. it was more like "the godfather." the federal viewer of investigations -- bureau of investigation is a very, very important office. i watched jim comey when he was by-- when he was interviewed "60 minutes" when he first came aboard as the director. host: i want to stop you if we could get on to show you what's happening in great britain right now as the british prime minister heads to buckingham palace, meeting with the queen. these are live pictures from london as we watch the headlines from newspapers around great britain, including "the daily
7:49 am
telegraph." a shock for theresa may. exit polls pointed to a hung parliament, which is exactly what we are seeing. are joined live on the phone from stephen earlier. thanks for being with us. guest: sure. glad to be here. host: tell us what happened overnight. guest: [laughter] what happened overnight is that britons noticed and they decided they did not like theresa may as much as she hoped they would. they voted in large numbers and they decided that her campaign for a new mandate three years earlier was not something they wanted to give her. part -- a lotarge of lot of young people turned out for jeremy corbyn, the man of the left, but ran a very optimistic campaign.
7:50 am
he criticized the conservatives on a sturdy questions -- austerity questions, policeman, social welfare. he did not explain how it was going to get paid for. in general, the problem for theresa may is that the more people hurt her, the less they seem to like her. host: was part of this based on the fact that the snap election was called an expectation among the conservative party that jeremy corbyn was weak and that the labour party was preparing to get rid of him? guest: not so much that they were going to get rid of him, but that he was weak and vulnerable and she was going to be strong and stable. he turned out to be quite a good campaigner. is not always such a good organizer, but an extremely good campaigner. she turned out to be a terrible campaigner. they also that, the conservatives, the party that pushed hard for the exit from the european union, the u.k. independence party, which was
7:51 am
falling apart, would break much more toward the conservatives . it did so to some degree in the north of england, but in the southern part of england, it broke more for labour. jeremy corbyn did a great job when trump did a great job of getting republicans to vote for him. jeremy corbyn's problem is given the system. he is a far from forming a majority of his own. host: i'm going to jump in very quickly. we are going to hear from the british trimester. stay with us. we are going to get your reaction live from 10 downing street. >> the election that she changed her mind about and as any human being and her position, she must regret her decision. here she is, theresa may. may: i've just seen
7:52 am
the claim, her majesty, and i will now form of government, a government that can provide certainty and lead britain forward at this critical time for our country. government will guide the country through the crucial brexit talks that begin in just 10 days and deliver on the will of the british people by taking the united kingdom out of the european union. it will work to keep our nation safe and secure by delivering the change that i sent out following the appalling attacks in manchester and london, cracking down on the ideology of islamist extremism and all those who support it, and giving the police and the authorities the powers they need to keep our country safe. the government i lead will put fairness and opportunity at the heart of everything we do so that we will fulfill the promise of brexit together, and over the
7:53 am
next five years, build a country in which no one and no community is left behind. a country in which prosperity and opportunity are shared right across this united kingdom. what the country needs more than .ver is certainty having secured the largest number of votes in the greatest number of seats in the general election, it is clear that only the conservative and unionist party has the legitimacy and ability to provide that certainty by commanding a majority in the house of commons. as we do, we will continue to work with our friends and allies in the democratic unionist party and particular. -- two parties have enjoyed our two parties have enjoyed a strong relationship over many years and gives me the
7:54 am
confidence to believe that we will be able to work together and interest of the whole united kingdom. this will allow us to come together as a country and channel our energies toward the successful brexit deal that works for everyone in this country. securing a new partnership with the eu, which guarantees our long-term prosperity. that is what people voted for last june. that is what we will deliver. now let's get to work. the british prime minister theresa may outside of 10 downing street. we are rejoined by stephen erlanger, the bureau chief of "the new york times." what can you tell us about the unionist party in northern ireland? guest: the democratic unionist party won a lot of seats and it's the main protestant parties. won 10 seats and
7:55 am
obviously has done some kind of deal with the conservatives. it is not clear what that deal is. it sounds like an agreement to support the conservatives on ates of confidence so that minority tory government can stay in power. we don't know in exchange for what, what the price has been for that party. and theresa may is going to have trouble. she went to the polls to get a increased authority and mandates. she lost authority and lost the mandate. as confident that she says now that lifting out the next five years, that's not clear it will happen. host: with is that leave her, her position -- where does that leave her, her position as leader of the conservative party, and jeremy corbyn, the leader of labour party? guest: elites or where she was -- it leaves her where she was,
7:56 am
the head of a government, but a minority government that will be shaky because it relies on the support of an ally party with its own interests and a party that also favored brexit. they want to be very careful that brexit does not mean a new hard border in ireland and will want more money for ireland and so on. it leaves jeremy corbyn remaining with more power really as the head of a labour party which did well, very well compared to very low expectations, but is still very, very far from winning a majority on its own. host: we should point out that theresa may was what they call a remainer, someone who wanted to stay inside the european union. as british voters voted against that, she supported the effort by her constituents in the presence of great britain, correct? guest: yes, that's right.
7:57 am
she was known as a reluctant remainer. thedecided on the basis as home minister, the interior minister, that was better for britain to be inside the eu. that was what prime minister david cameron believed. she did not campaign very hard to remain. she has said since that i listen to the people and i will carry out exit to the best of my ability, to get the best deal for britain. unfortunately, she is wounded. she is winded domestically -- wounded domestically international. luyy. the labour party does not have enough power to pull her down, but i would be surprised if this arrangement last the next five years. host: final question -- i know it has been a busy couple of days for you with everything going on in your country. we appreciate your time on c-span.
7:58 am
there's some speculation the tweets back and forth in the boroughk market between the london mayor and the president might have spurred more people to go to the polls. any sense on whether that had an impact in the election? guest: it is hard to say. the pollsters did not ask that question. london turned out big for labou r. labour has been very critical of donald trump. labouror of london is a person, also a muslim and has been articulate about donald trump's tweets on how they misinterpreted in them and how it made him feel. i'm not sure it was important to the outcome of the election because the labour party was going to do well among young people and londoners anyway. everyhard to parse what
7:59 am
little event had to do with what is in the end a large outcome. erlanger, his work available online at thank you for being with us. guest: thank you. host: some of the headlines outside washington, d.c. this is from "the bells morning news. -- the dallas morning news." comey says he was fired over the russia probe. finally this from "the tampa bay times." these headlines from the museum and john mcardle is joining us from the newsroom set. guest: one is happening going forward in this probe by the senate intelligence committee, happening later yesterday after that comey hearing. casey hunt from nbc news reporting that jared kushner will meet with the senate intelligence staff midmonth. it's the first step in an
8:00 am
agreement to also provide documents and take senator questions. up on thatg reporting, noting he is expected to provide those documents, take questions. investigators believe he has significant information relevant to the probe. in nbc's reporting of it, they wrap up some of the recent stories. this is from the talking points , givingthe nbc report the history of some of the recent stories involving jared kushner. "the washington post" reporting that jared kushner spoke with the russian ambassador about setting up a back channel between the trump transition team and moscow. reuters reporting that on his security clearance that jared kushner failed to disclose three contacts he had. don buyer, the democratic congressman from the alexandra area tweeting earlier this week about his ongoing efforts to
8:01 am
revoke kushner's security clearance in light of these recent stories. week, "we won't let up and the calls are growing." host: back to your calls. claudio from florida. republican line. caller: good morning. from beautiful, sunny florida. trumpnot vote for donald but i support him and i would like to see him succeed. the things he has been doing though, put a question in my mind. i believe that the firing of jim comey was wrong, the way it was handled was wrong. was more in keeping with the godfather than the president of the united states. i would never think that he would carry that out as he did.
8:02 am
i watched the meetings. jim comey was straightforward with his answers, honest, and i like him. my concern was with john mccain. i got this terrible feeling that he is failing. did you notice that? host: we did. john mcardle pointed out that that was the most tweeted moment during the hearing. senator mccain issued a statement saying that he attributed that by staying up too late to watch a baseball game before the hearing. caller: thank you so much for c-span. host: claudia, thank you. from the editorial pages of the l.a. times there is this "in a credibility contest with donald trump, james comey is the winner." former fbi director
8:03 am
james comey before the senate intelligence committee was "sensational." drums behavior towards comey might not meet the legal definition of obstruction of justice but many people would concede that it is grossly inappropriate. by another misstep arrogant president who has no compunction about breaking the rules when it comes to advancing his own interests. " more from yesterday's hearing and reaction from capitol hill, here is the senate democratic leader, chuck schumer. [video clip] weeks, the fbi director was pressure to end the fbi's investigation into michael flynn. intimationsd swirled around but we now know much more. of the truth.
8:04 am
there is now no doubt that mr. comey understood the president's request that he let go of the investigation into general flynn in a meeting during which it was discussed whether mr. comey would keep his job as fbi director. effort to prevent that investigation from going further, it looks a lot like a quid pro quo. during questioning from a republican senator, senator rich, mr. comey told us that he took the president's conversation with him about the at the i investigation into general flynn as a directive to scuttle that investigation. presidentr that the possibly build a fence to refute mr. comey's account. well, the president threatened
8:05 am
mr. comey with the release of tapes of their conversation presumably that includes the conversation when president trump asked director comey to "let go" of the investigation. it is curious that no one from the president's team will confirm or deny the existence of the tapes. the tapes of the only way to prove that mr. comey's testimony, which came under oath, are false or misleading. , if you disagree with anything the director said for all of the tapes admit thathear or there were no tapes. the senatefrom democratic leader from the floor yesterday. pat buchanan has this piece,
8:06 am
"the impeached trump conspiracy." if trump is brought down on the basis of what putin correctly labels as nonsense, this city will have executed a nonviolent coup against a constitutionally elected president. this would drop us into the company of third world nations where such means are the customary ways of how elites hold their power. where are the criminals? where is the crime? this new york times photograph, just to give you a sense of what it was like for james comey sitting inside the senate hearing room surrounded in the foreground by some of his former colleagues from the fbi and the press corps, including photographers. this is from doug mills. we will go to ed, democrats line, springfield, massachusetts. good morning. caller: good morning, all of c-span.
8:07 am
i watched it all yesterday and i will say one of the most ridiculous questions that was whod, i do not remember asked it, they asked, why should we believe you comey and not trump? i am thinking to myself, really? you will ask that stupid question? consider trump from the time he started until now. he is nothing but a liar, a , and for all those people who voted for him, for donald duck trump, when this goes back, i hold all of you personally responsible for what happens to this country. that is what i have to say. host: ed from massachusetts. this, "so a baseball game is more important than that rested for your job?" about senator john mccain's statement he issued.
8:08 am
john mcardle in the newsroom with more headlines. guest: more headlines coming out of the comey hearing. one of the unexpected names to emerge was dan rickman. viewers now know him as the man that former fbi director comey gave his documents to to give to the new york times. came to comey's memos that he had written about his meeting with donald trump. andd.c. news organization organizations around the country quick to jump on that piece of testimony yesterday. ed o'keefe with the washington post, one of those who made the confirmation yesterday, tweeting out that dan rickman was the friend that comey asked to share the information about with the meeting with trump. , about rickmanry and comey's ties and they run
8:09 am
deep, they have been friends for 30 years. rickman is a former federal prosecutor for the attorney's office in new york. according to his biography he also worked for the treasury. his areas of expertise are criminal agitation and federal criminal law. in tweets from politico, "for what it is worth, his bio describes him as an advisor to james comey." that is written right into his bio on the columbia university website. the bio also noting that his scholarly writings include law review articles and had offered testimony at a number of congressional hearings at state, federal, and international levels. not a name we were expecting to hear yesterday but something that made news. we are replaying the
8:10 am
hearings on the c-span networks but you can check it out on our website republican line. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i'm grossly disappointed in donald trump and comey as well. trump for firing comey the way he did and tweeting out, the reason for firing him is in poor taste and not presidential. it is not allowing us to move forward. the loser here is the american people. go forwardwants to and help the people here, here again is the people who are losing. have been man enough and man up and walked out of that room and said to trump, this is not acceptable. i should not be here. he didn't do that. i know he is retaliating. most of us would look to retaliate.
8:11 am
i don't see him as a standup guy. i am disappointed in trump for tweeting the way he treated. thank you for taking my call. host: jacqui from arizona. the headline inside the jump page of today's new york times is also available online. we will get more numbers on how many, later today. we're watching or listening to the comey testimony. another reminder, you can check out all of c-span's programming on our free c-span radio app. there is the house democratic leader, nancy pelosi. [video clip] >> we saw confirmation in abouts resolute testimony the frightening reality of president trump's frightening pattern of his contempt for justice. this pattern of inexcusable efforts to shut down the fbi's
8:12 am
investigation of his cronies ties to russia. all of that disgraces the office of president. the president may not realize morebut maybe i have respect for the office of president then he does. -- instead of protecting our democracy from then, he wants to obstruct investigation into michael flynn. nothing less than the integrity of our democracy is at stake. investigation within the justice department, we have a high degree of respect for mr. moeller, but that is within the justice department, reporting to trump appointees. we have high regard for the fact that congress can conduct an investigation, and intelligence committee, in the house and senate, but that is inside the congress, inside a republican congress. we need an outside, independent
8:13 am
commission. that commission would be more about how do we stop the undermining of our own democracy by a foreign power. russia is our adversary. stop them from doing what they did, -- that is in feasible. and incked and leaked some cases, altered. they had an impact on our election. we cannot let that happen again. they are doing it in the rest of the world to undermine democracy. i salute director comey for his courage and thank him for sharing the facts in a straightforward way and look forward to where we go from here. host: reaction from members of congress including nancy pelosi. on our facebook page many of you commenting on the hearing. here are just a few.
8:14 am
frankie says "the only legitimate questioning took place in the first 10 minutes, everything else is he said, see said,hat's she said -- he "oh how." jackie says sweet. such a nice guy. he is out to get the guy who fired him. no credibility. "he is a crybaby. trump is not the issue. all of this is the radical left so that they can change the narrative from the clinton corruption that comey colluded with and was enriched by." here are your comments on facebook. cynthia from outlook turkey, new mexico. caller: good morning. i watched it from the very beginning. me, it looks like he was on
8:15 am
drugs or something. yesterday, he was confused. he would say one thing, the other thing he would change it. the other thing, why would he send papers that were confidential to a friend? why did he not take it to the senate or congress or something? this is funny to me. another thing, i dislike the generalt the attorney --m the democrats told him not to mention hillary, to lower it down. i think that is where it started. and her mess.
8:16 am
she has always had a mess. i don't believe comey. i liked him at first. i don't trust him now. he seems to be too much of a liar or something. host: while you are making that comment steve tweeted, "it was not leaked. " "he should man up and call for impeachment." the fbi director is the president subordinate." republican senator tom cotton of arkansas. [video clip] >> let's turn our attention to the underlying activity here. .ussia is hacking do you believe donald trump
8:17 am
colluded with russia? a question i do not think i should answer in an open setting. we did not have an investigation focused on president trump. that is a question that will be answered by the investigation. senator tom cotton yesterday and james comey. back to john mcardle. good morning. guest: good morning steve. you touched on this earlier but i want to circle back. "lookline from red state, at what the house did today when theyere focused on comey." wrote that they were creating hope for investors and entrepreneurs. it is the choice act. it is legislation aimed at rolling back the dodd frank consumer protection act or parts of it, in their wrapup of that -- heightenedost regulatory requirements by banks
8:18 am
is what is being aimed at. the consumer financial protection bureau, the story notes that, "it was a bipartisan vote that happened yesterday. " scott peters, a democrat from california, says "during comey testimony, congress repealed dodd frank protections taking us back to risky regulations that led to financial crisis. sessions,re is pete "dodd frank was a disaster. that shackled our economy to the chains of bureaucracy." tom rice from south carolina, "this will restore small business the right to capital. yesterdaythe reaction to those news events happening besides the comey hearing. headlines from usa today,
8:19 am
430 $5erball jackpot -- million, the eighth largest in history. speaking of money, $23 million forhe amount being spent the democrat in georgia. the seat formerly held by tom price. the runoff race is slated for june 20. oklahoma, republican line. good morning. >> good morning, thank you for c-span. the major thing, i watched the hearing. the main thing that was a disappointment was how comey admitted over and over again for seven or eight months how all these major papers had nothing -- also propaganda, lies false propaganda, lies,
8:20 am
unsubstantiated witnesses, dark state. host: stay online the line. i want to share one of those moments. this is with senator rubio. [video clip] >> the president asked three things of you. he asked for your loyalty and you said you would be honestly loyal. toasked you on one occasion let the mike thing go because he was a good guy. he said the same thing in the press the next day. i imagine your fbi agents read that. the president's wishes were known to them, certainly by the next day when he had a press conference. the three requests were number , number two let the michael flynn thing go, and number three, can you please tell the american people what
8:21 am
these leaders in congress already know, which you already know, which you have hold me -- which told me three times, that i am not under personal investigation. that is what he said serious. the only thing that has never been leaked in this investigation is the fact that the president was not personally under investigation. i don't know. i find matters that have our --ked to the gang of makes to the gang of eight's art type. >> let's go back to oklahoma. caller: i really do believe this was the biggest news. the sides that comey then turned around and gave information to a friend through the same papers were stories that were full of
8:22 am
not havea but they did the right fax. that tells me they are lying to the american people. for seven or eight months. who do we believe, comey or trump? i wouldn't believe comey. it is proven he took stuff from the last president and their attorney general and changed the words to make it sound good. the rightump did thing firing this sky. we need to move on. people are more worried about their health insurance, taxes, and the business of this country going. these propaganda stories out of the washington post and the new york times shows you you cannot trust papers anymore. that is sad. it has nothing to do with russia. it has to do with our own papers lying to us. host: patrick, from oklahoma thanks for the call. from the new york times, trump tried to sink the inquiry.
8:23 am
couple of quotes from the hearing. "those were lies, plain and simple. i was concerned that it was important to document. lordy, i hope there were tapes. what het as this is wants me to do and i don't want to make you sound like i'm captain courageous." some of the quotes that are highlighted on the front page of the new york times from yesterday. on the democrats line, gary, tempe, arizona. thank you for waiting. >> good morning how are you. that i have with the acceptance of donald trump as our president is that he is not a legitimate president and the view is his political of a fascist. not a not see fascist but the -- but-- not a not see
8:24 am
the definition of the word. he is the head of our democratic republic. host: we are getting your tweets from one viewer. comey hearinghe and found him to be acting with respect and as a professional." dave from wisconsin, independent line. >> good morning. i thought marco rubio's questioning was odd that there. like it's no big deal. mike flynn's a good guy, nothing untoward. he send everyone out of the room if it was so innocent? if that is just an innocent thing, why do you send everyone out of the room? we had two people who were loyal , tooyees to this government the constitution, that have been
8:25 am
fired for doing their jobs. when inerrant told them that gotn was compromised, she fired for that. trump calls upay comey and says come over for dinner. just them to. -- just them two. it all comes down to why comey was fired. trump's own words have impeached him. he said it was over that fake russia thing. his own words. the way he acts going overseas, gun work with saudi arabia on terrorism. -- going to work with saudi arabia on terrorism. this he not know that attacks on the west are exported from saudi arabia western mark that is what
8:26 am
they have been doing. that's fine but you have to understand, you can't blame iran for the terrorist attacks. they are not the ones attacking us. host: thank you for the call. the headline inside the washington journal, "trump stays on script, tweet free." >> not tweet free this morning. the president starting to tweak just after 6:00 this morning. two tweets so far this morning. despite so many false statements, total complete vindication. "greatfore 7:00, reporting by fox and friends." if the president had waited three more minutes before his 6:00 a.m. tweet this morning it would according to the washington post, have been the longest that the president had
8:27 am
been off twitter since announcing his campaign." there of trump oner twitter yesterday. that was donald trump junior. hill,ory noted on the that he insisted there was "no of james-- no coercion comey." summing up several of those tweets, including this series from the president's son. i hope nothing happens but you have to do your job. very far from any kind of influence and certainly not obstruction. knowing my father for 39 years, when he orders you or tells you to do something there is no ambiguity. you will know what he means."
8:28 am
those are several sons that the president's son sent out yesterday during the hearing. the word of the day yesterday was lordy. this is the headline from the sun-times, "lies, leaks, and lordy." guest: according to twitter. host: richard from louisville, kentucky. good morning. caller: good morning. i'll tell you what, i don't know , the democrats have called in, i don't know what hearing they heard yesterday. donald trump was never under investigation. that is what james comey said. donald trump had a meeting with comey and he asked him about said, i hope everything turns out all right. he said i hope. i'm telling you i'm the president of the united states and you have to drop this
8:29 am
investigation. he said i hope you can look at this and find a some way to exonerate this man. we found out also that comey is a leaker. lynchnd out that loretta from barack hussein obama's administration tried to i influence the election. i do not know what is going on with democrats. i was a democrat for years. i have quit the democratic party. care about what happens to this country. hillary clinton did not win the election. barack obama is gone. donald trump will not be impeached. thank you. host: richard, thank you for the call. in" is thenes headline. rubin and her
8:30 am
column on the washington defense, the worst "the president is new at this. he was not steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationship between the doj, the fbi, and the white house." that from paul ryan. "james comey recast his confrontation with the president as a clash between the legal principles at the foundation of american democracy and a self interested politician who does them."ognize or uphold it is a damning indictment -- the president should fire his lawyer and get one who understands what is at risk.
8:31 am
the column by jennifer rubin from the washington post. we will go to maria in mississippi. democrats line. caller: good morning. i wanted to make a statement. i like to be referred to as marie a. i wanted to make a statement of something my father said years ago that he shared with my mother that she shared with me. he said -- he served sometime in the military. my father was an avid reader. he read a lot. he said the african-american people in this country better pray that russia never falls. if russia ever falls the black people of this country, they can get their cotton sacks to get ready to go back to the field. -- nowver forgotten that
8:32 am
that this russia stuff is coming back out. not so much with donald trump, i'm not about on -- that statement came back to me. that was made years ago. i never understood. i think it had something to do in the 1960's or 1970's that a group of african americans, i don't know whether they pseudonym, or was political -- they made this trip to russia or what the whole scenario was about, i'm not sure. that came back to me. that he made that statement. the black people in america better pray that russia never falls. thank you. host: marie a from mississippi. this -- from the hearing yesterday, here is ron wyden. [video clip] is statement you said that you and the fbi leadership team
8:33 am
decided not to discuss the president's actions with jeff sessions. even though he had not recused himself. what was it about the attorney general's own interaction with the russians or his behavior with regard to the investigation that would have led the entire fbi tohip of the make this decision? was very close to an inevitably going to recuse himself. for variety of reasons we also were aware of facts that i cannot discuss in an open setting that would make his continued engagement in a russia investigation problematic and so -- we havevinced artie heard that the career people recommend he recuse himself. that he would not be in contact with russia related matters much longer. that turned out to be the case. how would you characterize
8:34 am
jeff sessions adherence to his recusal, in particular with his regard to his involvement in your firing, which the president has acknowledged was because of the russia investigation? >> i can't answer. it is a reasonable question. if the president said i was fired because of that, why would -- i don't know. i don't have an answer for the question. host: 17 senators posing questions yesterday. ron wyden before the senate intelligence committee. the las vegas review journal, -- trump firedt him to blunt the russia pro." margaret from new jersey, good morning. caller: good morning. my opinion is that donald trump should be fired. comey, i listen to the testimony, i find that comey is telling the truth. comey is a republican.
8:35 am
donald trump is a republican. he would have done that. to -- if wanted america wanted to find out the truth they would want to know that this man is telling the truth. what he said, he agreed on what he said. have was a liar he would -- donald trump denied it. donald trump has been a liar right from time. trump fired comey because he get comey is going to donald trump later. republicans asked the questions, this is america, -- we are not talking republican or democrat. we are talking about america. if republicans think that it is part of republicans do not tell the truth, that is wrong. donald trump should be fired. they should let him go.
8:36 am
they should fire donald trump. he is therefore his own interests. look at what he is doing. look at the children. they are doing their business. not here to is govern us, he is here to disgrace america. we will not allow that. he is a liar and he should not be calling other people a liar. anyone who voted for donald trump -- he refuses to sell the -- he refuses to tell the truth. host: margaret from new jersey. "i was fired from the russia spoke" his attorney yesterday. contrast to numerous false press accounts leading up to today's hearing, mr. comey has finally confirmed publicly what
8:37 am
he told president trump privately. that is that the president was not under investigation as part of any probe into russian interference. the president, mr. comey also admitted that there is no evidence that a single vote changed as a result of any russian interference. mr. comey's testimony also makes clear that the president never sought to impede the investigation into attempted russian interference in the 2016 election. comey,, according to mr. the president told mr. comey, quote it would -- "it would be good to find out." in that investigation if there was satellites associates of his that did something wrong. trump did not exclude
8:38 am
anyone from that statement. consistent with that statement, the president never informed directed, or suggested that mr. comey stop investigating anyone, including the president never suggested go."mr. comey "let flynn the president publicly stated the next day he did say to mr. comey, "general flynn is a good guy. andas been through a lot." also "ask out general flynn is doing -- ask how general flynn is doing." "the president never directed him to do andhing illegal, immoral,
8:39 am
never pressured him to do so." director coats said the same thing. the president likewise never pressured mr. comey. the president never told mr. loyalty." heect never said it in form and he never said it in substance. the office of the president is entitled to expect loyalty from those who are serving the administration and presidente this the took office to this day, it is overwhelmingly clear that there have been and continue to be those in government who are actively attempting to undermine this administration with selective and illegal leaks of classified information and
8:40 am
privileged communications. mr. comey has now admitted that he is one of these leakers. today mr. comey admitted that he unilaterally and surreptitiously made unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the president. the leaks of this privileged information began no later than march 2017 when friends of mr. comey have stated that he disclosed to them, the conversations that he had with the president during their .anuary 27, 2017 dinner and february 14, 2017 white house meeting. that he. comey admitted leaked to friends of his purported memos of those privileged communications.
8:41 am
one of which he testified, was classified. thatomey also testified immediately after he was terminated he authorized his friends to leak the contents of those memos to the press in order in mr. comey's words, "prompt the appointment of a special counsel." although mr. comey testified that he only leak the memos in response to a tweet, the public record reveals that the new york times was quoting from those memos the day before the referenced tweet which belies mr. comey's excuse for this unauthorized disclosure of privileged information and appears to be entirely retaliatory. we will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether these leaks should be investigated along with all the others that are
8:42 am
being investigated. in sum, it is now established that the president was not being investigated for colluding with or attempting to obstruct any investigation. as the committee pointed out today, these important facts for the country to know are virtually the only fax that have not been leaked -- the only fax that have not been leaked during the course of these events. the president feels vindicated and is eager to continue moving with theith his agenda business of this country, and with this public cloud removed. host: mark has a wits is the witz isnt's -- mark haso the president's attorney. open session took 2.5 hours. this is a headline from the , that flynnstar
8:43 am
urged him to drop the probe. from leading newspapers, david brooks of the new york times has this, "it is not the crime, it is the culture. " it reads "trump was thinking about himself. comey had told him three times that he was not under investigation. want -- whendn't comey didn't repeat that fact publicly trump took it as a sign that comey was disloyal. it would not be grounds for impeachment. " trump isoks says played with a form of part of as that is demented part of his own obsessions. he cannot think more than one step ahead.
8:44 am
independent line. caller: good morning. how are you doing? thank you. don't blame me, i voted for the pothead. i'm a gary johnson voter. peoples to assess credibility. let's get one thing on the table. james comey was fired by donald trump. he had every reason or motivation to put the president in the worse light. let's not make comey a hero or saint. i wrote them down. the first meeting that comey and trump had one-on-one was at comey's request when he was trying to brief after another meeting. he was trying to brief the president after the dossier -- about the russians.
8:45 am
at thatd the president time the president-elect. he set the precedent. the next time the president wanted to talk to him, how would he think suddenly, comey would -- the big tell to me, is when comey characterized the president's assessment of his job performance in the president's assessment of the state of the fbi, it may be wrong, but when he called that a lie and no one has called him on it. it is the president's opinion. he could say he could be wrong. he could say the president was wrong in that assertion. if i think that vanilla ice cream taste good you cannot call that a lie. host: johnny from fort laterally -- johnny from fort lauderdale. this from the output turkey
8:46 am
journal, comey testifies that he was fired over the russian probe. john mcardle what you have? guest: so much focus on the comey hearing but elsewhere on capitol hill lots of news. one of those was the feeling of a key leadership position on the house side. that would be the chairman of the house oversight and reform committee. .hat has powers for the house here's the announcement from the speaker's office. congressman trey gowdy will be filling that seat. setting -- is is sitting down from congress. from the greenville spartanburg fox knows in their stories about it. he rose from stardom when he put hillary clinton in the hot seat for 11 hours in the benghazi investigation. news -- this from
8:47 am
vox news. elijah cummings, the ranking member of the house oversight and government reform committee, in his statement he offers congratulations to congressman gowdy on his new role. he says "i look forward to working with him in a constructive and bipartisan manner to serve the american people." from jason j fits stepping down -- from jason chafe its stepping down. ofis a long history demanding accountability and pursuing the truth. under his capable leadership the committee will continue to work for efficiency throughout the federal government. host: thank you.
8:48 am
we are in our and 15 minutes remaining. we welcome reactions from our callers. check out our free c-span radio app. on the sidebar, which is our radio podcast, we posted earlier conversation had a with the former house historian. he wrote one of the definitive books -- we looked back at ,.an-contra, the teapot dome "ae tweets, this from j j j, backstab or." ." trump is the product of a disordered community." richard from thornwood, new york. good morning. caller: my question is are my
8:49 am
statement is, it is very sad that the leader of the fbi has mediaout and talk to the rather than its superiors and find out what they can do to reprimand the president if he feels his behavior was so bad. i don't understand that. i don't understand how that man could be the leader of the fbi, stating he was a coward. i don't understand how people can have confidence in the man. the other statement is, everybody is up in arms about this russian investigation. does anyone remember the moreland commission in new york that was supposed to stamp out corruption? as soon as it got to the governor's office he shut it down in the press was silent. you didn't hear a word about it being decommissioned or shutdown. those taxpayers are on the hook
8:50 am
for it. it is ridiculous that you are holding comey as a hero when he himself is a leaker and a coward. he had every right to fire the man. that is all i have to say about it. host: richard from new york. this tree, "there are so many reasons to fire jim comey. we can pick any six and not be wrong." "according to his testimony and -- in the lincoln journal, headlines courtesy of the museum. republican from oklahoma with this line of questioning. [video clip] about mentioned before news stories and accounts. have there been in news accounts of the russian investigation,
8:51 am
about collusion, about this accusations,or that as you read the story you were stunned how wrong they got the facts? >> yes. there were many stories purportedly based on classified information. but those about russia are dead wrong. host: sherry from louisiana on the democrats line. caller: i'm an independent. host: you are on the air. caller: i am confused that these collars this morning. there was a man from arizona screaming about how donald trump was like hitler's. the lady from new jersey all she did was scream. we need to look at the facts. a lot of people are mad about donald trump winning the race. , whou look at the facts lost it for hillary? how about comey?
8:52 am
he came out a week before the election and said he was going to open up the investigation .bout hillary maybe he was in collusion with the russians? leaks. understand his this is a man who is in charge fbi.e he is acting like a teenager. i was shocked, i didn't know what to do when the president asked me to drop the case against michael flynn. i'm not sure he really did ask him to drop the case against flynn. i'm sure he casually mentioned it is a shame and i hope it gets dropped. fridayes comey do? on a and a monday in 3:00 in the morning, he wakes up and decides, there might be tapes. what was he afraid of? host: we will go to john next.
8:53 am
good morning from florida. republican line. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i believe that comey is not telling everything. i think there is more to it that meets the eye. how many times it they did an investigation, how many times did he call obama or obama call him. how many times did hillary clinton call the fbi agent? how many times at the attorney general call or high officials in washington before the trump administration? think this again, i is a prolonged situation to disturb president trump, to do what is right for the people, and to prolong this so he cannot get anything done for the people. i hope and pray that c-span, which i am a longtime listener and a longtime caller, that they are fair and balanced for all the people and not just on the democratic party regarding all
8:54 am
your sponsors that help c-span and i hope to god that you stay the way you are for the people and not for any party. john, you are our sponsor. you pay the cable bill. we are funded entirely by the cable and satellite industry. you as aholden to viewer and a cable subscriber. we thank you for that. headline deadline -- a , let's go to richard from rockport, texas. caller: good morning. i was listening to some of the commentary after the hearing. it was interesting that someone made the comment about appearance. if comey only met with obama and comeyng his term already has met nine times with trump, it gives you the being,nce that trump is
8:55 am
trying to control the fbi. card and brian came out yesterday trying to cover up saying he-- basically is an amateur that he does not have any political background, paul ryan said that. they want the public to cut him some slack. i think the democrats have a problem that reminds me of colin powell when he went to the u.n. and he is shaking this pipe before he went to the iran war, there is no real evidence that trump was involved personally with this russian thing. that is my comment. host: thank you. from the news tribune, "comey the star witness on the drama on capitol hill." independent line. caller: hello.
8:56 am
host: turn the volume down and we will hear you better. caller: thank you c-span. i would like to say that when i was watching yesterday, john mccain misspoke when he said president comey. andsh we had an honest truthful president like mr. comey rather than lying trump. host: joann from north carolina. desiree from buffalo, new york. good morning. caller: thank you for having me on. watched part of the testimony. i believe comey. they should lock trump up. lock him up like he wanted to lock hillary up. he needs to be locked up and they should throw away the key. host: we will go to vermont, independent line.
8:57 am
good morning. caller: good morning, c-span, thank you very much. you are a wonderful channel. i'm expressing my opinion regarding comey. wonderful,sionate, honest human being. he did his job. ,'m sorry i see the situation toobama put pressure on him not do something with trump. if they have a record of the interview, then the president says it is a lie. host: thank you for the call. this is from inside the washington post and the story next to it, the former at the i chief giving the "performance of a lifetime."
8:58 am
"mr. comey and all the presidents lies." this comes after weeks of being described as a nut job. "this is a clash between legal principles at the foundation of and a venalocracy self-interested politician who does not recognize them or a or uphold them. another story we have been tracking is the development of a senate health care bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act. reporting this morning the latest on that front. moderate republicans on thursday said they were getting closer to supporting an emerging senate health accurate but are continuing to press for slower phase out for medicaid
8:59 am
expansion. the medicaid expansion seems to be the biggest unresolved issue as republicans try to finalize a bill that they can vote on before the end of june. to meet the timeline they have to send the bill to the budget office -- to the budget office for consensus. yesterday, the senate bill coming amid all the publicity surrounding the james comey testimony and some democrats noting, not wanting that issue to get lost amongst the swirl of news about the comey fearing -- about the comey hearing. massachusetts,of rip healthing to care away from millions of americans. they must be stopped." "while everyone is distracted from the presidents tweets
9:00 am
today, how many secret health care repeal meetings are you holding? " we will keep you updated for any news on that front. host: from our twitter page, what kind of loyalty will the new fbi director have to pledge? " send us a tweet at jody is joining us. caller: my name is judy. host: good morning. caller: i think it's a shame our country's on national tv across the whole world. and they just looking at us like we're stupid and laughing at us. give this president a chance for what we voted for. i don't have no hatred towards anybody because god said he loves all of us. the bible says not to judge people. you should be judged in the same
9:01 am
way. i think people need to read the bible. they might learn something. we're living in the last days. we got countries that hate us and we're sitting over here putting on our own self. it's sad. sad day in america. host: judy from florida. the times of mon done reporting on the snap election held yesterday across great britain. prime minister mayhew millated humiliated.rbyn may calling for a period of stability despite being urged to resign after her gabble on that snap election backfired. election returned a hung parliament after the conservatives failed to win in labor heartlands and losing ground in the south as voters rejected her appeal for a personal mandate to negotiate precksit. -- brexit. from early this morning here's jeremy corbyn. >> this election was called in order for the prime minister to gain a large majority in order
9:02 am
to assert her authority. the election campaign has gone on for the past six weeks. i have traveled the whole country. i have spoken at events and rallies all over the country. you know what? politics has changed. and politics isn't going back into the box where it was before. what's happened is people have said they have had quite enough of austerity politics. hey have had enough of cuts in public expenditure. underfunding our health service, schools, and education service, and not giving our young people the chance they deserve in our society. and i'm very, very proud of the campaign that my party has run. our manifesto for the many not the few. proud of the results coming in all over the country tonight of people voting for hope, voting for hope for the future and proud of the results coming austerity. [applause]
9:03 am
>> so if there is a message from tonight's result it is this, the prime minister called the election because she wanted a mandate. well, the mandate she's got is lost conservative seats, lost votes, lost support, and lost confidence. i would have thought that's enough to go, actually, and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all the people of this country. host: jeremy corbyn the labor party leader with a surprising strong showing in the polls yesterday. here are some of the headlines across great britain. from "the metro" stormin corbyn. the daily express, may's fight to stay in power. she met with queen elizabeth ii and vowing to form a government in part with the democratic nationalists in any nifment this from the daily star, mayhem as the tory gamble fails.
9:04 am
the and the shock exit poll leaving britain hanging. alan from east chicago, indiana. we turn back to your reaction to the testimony yesterday by fired f.b.i. director james comey. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for having me on. thank you for c-span. i love this show. i want to make a comment to all of america. just relax. i don't like when i hear people call in and get overhyper and start screaming, calling names. it's not necessary. just relax. and we'll get through this. the comment i want to make about comey's hearing, to me it is serving as a distraction. i think they should just let the f.b.i. and the intel committee get on with the investigation of what russia is doing to our country. that is the most important thing. not the politics. we need to put america first. i agree with that. in the meantime, i didn't
9:05 am
support trump. i didn't vote for donald trump. but i believe he's a lesson that america needs to learn because we don't pay attention to our history. donald trump has slashed education bill. he's cut back on social programs. he's eliminating industry regulations and environmental protections. there for the consumer, the american public. these are going to have an effect down the line. and i would like to see him get his agenda in. his health care, there is none. and people are going to lose their health care. his tax plan is just view due economics all over--voodoo economics all over again. he's going to cut taxes for the rich to give them more money and they are still going to have government spending as their classic formula for a recession. my point is, yes, let trump get on with his agenda. when it finally affects all of america, then we will learn a
9:06 am
lesson. maybe next time, we'll vote for somebody that had america's interests first and politics second. host: thanks. here's how it's playing out to our neighbors in the north. the toronto star, again playing on the quote by james comey, lordy, i hope there are tapes. and this from the national post, lies, plain and simple. the former f.b.i. director saying that the president lies. susan joining us from herndon, virginia, line for independents. good morning. your thoughts? caller: hi. good morning. i want to first thank c-span. it's the best that my cable money has ever given me. thank you so much. host: we approve that message, susan. thank you very much. caller: i really mean it. i am so grateful. first off i want to say that mr. comey gave me faith in my government again. and i mean that. very sincerely. i want to thank him and his
9:07 am
family, especially his wife. don't know if he has kids, but i was very impressed with his integrity. host: he has five children, by the way. caller: i bet he's a great father. i wish people like him would run for president if you want to know the truth. but putting that aside, i listened very carefully and i ask everybody to go back to c-span and listen carefully to everything mr. comey said and listen to the questions, because it all comes together very clearly. if you pay attention to the details. i just want to again thank him for having the courage to get up there and stand up for truth because it's really getting lost. another thing i want to recommend is everybody pick up a very old book called "power" t's by the german writer, leon fute, caint pronounce him. but it's futewanger, the book
9:08 am
talks about how it operates in political environments. and we can all learn. so thank you very much, steve, i'm going to go out today on a positive note. host: susan from herndon, virginia. "the washington post," comey says trump lied about him and the f.b.i. from the editorial pages, there is this from "usa today." it reads in part as follows, all of this adds to the credibility crisis surrounding the white house that has undermined the president's agenda at home. stymied the administration's efforts to recruit top talent, and frayed long-standing alliances abroad. whether trum is a criminal as well as a liar is more complicated, one that will depend on legal definitions of obstruction of justice and other evidence to be uncovered by the special counsel mueller and other investigators. our line for republicans, good morning. caller: good morning. i appreciate c-span. they give the whole interview.
9:09 am
the whole information. then people can decide. that's great, c-span does a great job. i just want to say, let's ask the question, what did we learn? well, one thing we learned was comey was politicized and was biased towards one party. obviously clinton could say to lynch, lynch could say to comey use the word matter. instead of i'm being investigated. and comey used it. so comey is willing to work for and be politicized for the democratic party. good director in that case. they are supposed to be unbiased. the other thing is was there any obstruction? good director in i hope you don't charge this guy. saying he's a good guy, trump has the power, any president has the power to even say i'm going to pardon the guy even if you find anything. with i believe it's the general who filled out one form but didn't fill out the right form. that's not egregious breach. as far as obstruction, no. it's not with i believe
9:10 am
it's is this. is there any collusion with russia? really what the democrats are saying is that trump, who is a capitalist and patriot, he's th a other thing russian spy. ridiculous. there's no proof of it. what we learned was no collusion, no obstruction, comey was basically politicized. the other thing is comey leaked a private conversation with the president to a friend and to a newspaper. this needs to be investigated. so the whole thing is nothing burger, nothing at all. i hope they investigate what happened as far as the leaking that comey did. that could be a crime. and also i hope they investigate the people that unmasked ill -- illegally unmasked conversations of american citizens, which at the time was trump and his -- the people with him. that was -- he wasn't even president yet and they unmasked
9:11 am
him as a private citizen and spread that information. that's highly illegal. that's a fell nifment that needs to be investigated, too. focust's where we need to is on the actual criminal activity. host: thank you. quoting mark twain who quoted the british prime minister, there are three kinds of lies. lies, damn lies, and statistics. and this from milan focus is on the burke. a generational tweet, the brady bunch was marcia, marcia, marcia, the trump bunch, russia, russia, russia. john's old enough to remember them. i am indeed. just want to go i am indeed. just want to go over the president's schedule today. a busy day for the president at the white house. and away from the white house as well. let's go the president is headeo the department of transportation. he'll be attending the roads, rails, and regulatory relief round table there. it's a round table for state leaders of departments of transportation.
9:12 am
it will be hosted by secretary of transportation elaine ciao along with interior secretary haiyan zinke is expected to offer -- ryan zinkey is expected to offer remarks. this after-- ryan zinke is expected to offer remarks. he'll meet with the president of romania at 2:00 p.m. and hold a bilateral meeting, and a joint press conference is scheduled for 2:45 with the president of romania. the house and senate the schedule today, they are not in today. that hasn't kept leaders in the house and senate from tweeting out their thoughts. their continued reaction to yesterday's comey hearing. just want to show you two of those. house minority leader nancy pelosi with a tweet around 8:30 this morning. if you want to work in the trump white house, know your blood type. the president will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat, is her statement. then marco rubio who received both praise and criticism for his questions yesterday at the comey hearing tweeting this
9:13 am
morning, in any investigation, best way to focus on and find out more about what did happen is to identify and not waste time on what didn't happen. host: back to your phone calls. linda from clearwater, florida, democrats line. good morning. caller: yes. thank you for taking my call. my thing is we need to look at who all trump has fired. he fired sally yates, not because she refused to back his ban, he fired her because she was the whistleblower on flynn to begin with. and she knew from the f.b.i. that he lied when they interviewed him at the white house. the other thing is comey said, oh, no, trump, you are not under investigation. you are not under investigation. and you are not under investigation. but the thing is it doesn't mean that he's not under
9:14 am
investigation now. they went into private session. on ave no idea of what went in the secure session. but i can guarantee you that the republicans are not going to let anybody know anything because it is a secure session. but i bet you they learned that trump is under investigation and flynn was actually fired by the democrats because he committed enemy and gaveur them information. he was fired by obama. and obama told him, don't hire him. there is so much -- the other thing is that all through the campaign, how many times did trump lie? they've got the facts the true facts, all that how many times he lied. they said oh, no votes were
9:15 am
changed by russia. that's not true. if you go on facebook and look at facebook, how many of these people that posted for trump and everything else, a lot of them were not even from the united states. countries om other that were influencing people here in the united states. so there were votes that were changed because russia used other means of influencing the election. host: i'll stop you there. thank you very much for the call. to remind you that the hearing has been posted on our website at we're also taking your comments n to the hearing at facebook. more from yesterday's hearing, senator jack reed, democrat of rhode island, this line of questioning to jim momy. >> the russian investigation as you have pointed out and all my
9:16 am
colleagues have reflected is one of the most serious, hostile acts against this country in our history. undermining the very core of our democracy and our elections is not a discreet event. it will likely occur. it's probably being prepared now for 2018, 2020 and beyond. yet the president of the united states fires you because in your own words some relation to this investigation. and then he shows up in the oval office with the russian foreign minister, first after calling you crazy and a nut job, which i think you disproved this morning. e said i face pressure because russia, that's taken off. your conclusion would be that the president, i would think, is down playing russia, that's taken off. the s this threat. in fact, took specific steps to -- a thoroughest of the
9:17 am
thorough investigation of the russian influence and also from what you said or said this morning, doesn't seem to particularly interested in those hostile threats by the russians. is that fair? director comey: i don't know that i can agree to that level of detail. there is no doubt that it's a fair judgment. it's my judgment that i was fired because of the russian investigation. i was fired in some way to change or the endeavor was to change the way the russian investigation was being conducted. that is a very big deal. not just because it involves me. the nature of the f.b.i. and the nature of its work requires that not be subject of political consideration. and on top of that you have the russia investigation itself is vital because of the threat. i know i should have said thisier but it's obvious, if any americans were part of helping the russians do that to us, that deal. ry big
9:18 am
and i'm confident that if that is the case, director mueller will find that evidence. host: senator jack reed and f.b.i. director, former director jim comey at yesterday's hearing. a call from ottawa, illinois, independent line, good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say having watched the entire testimony, if nothing else, what we have learned is how our own failing two-party political system really put comey in two successive positions, first with the democrats, and lynch and clinton, and now with the g.o.p. and trump, put him in a position that the f.b.i. should not be put in. i mean the f.b.i. is an independent institution that , as, as comey said, it
9:19 am
requires an environment with no political pressure to operate as it should. all of that being said, those who say there wasn't obstruction of justice are simply not -- they are not looking for it because if you bring -- if trump brings comey into the office and says, i hope, when you're the president, i hope really means, i want you to do this. and when comey does not respond and played trump's game plan, he's fired. that basically is the timeline of this. there are other little bits and pieces along the way. but those two things taken in order, that is obstruction of justice. but as i said that being said our two-party political system is really to blame for this
9:20 am
entire episode. thank you very much. thank you. this is the take from the conservative national review editorial, although comey is getting hailed by all, the great and good, his own behavior is hardly blameless. one interpretation of his extensive note taking cuppled with his reluctance to tell superiors about his concern of trump in real time is he was saving up ammunition when it would serve his own purposes. what is needed in the aftermath of the comey hearing, no different than what was needed. a thorough independent investigation of the swath of concerns raced by russia's attempted intrusion into last year's election. the senate intelligence committee's ability to conduct a hearing largely devoid of grandstanding and circus antics is encouraging in this regard. june is joining us from brooksville, florida, republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. my point of view is now that we
9:21 am
know all of this, and what has been going on with the democrats, we people of the united states put trump in as our president, not the russians. we found out on our own, we didn't have to have any links or anything else, about how obama had done this over the eight years. i have been a democrat all my life until i started finding out what obama was doing. while we're asleep he hands money, our money, to other people. doesn't the people of the united states get this? we need to take control back of our country. we don't need to be fighting against each other. i don't care if you are republican or democrat. let's get together and bring our country back to what it used to be. that's my point of view. again, the democrats lie, the
9:22 am
republicans lies. to 's up to us people decide what to do. t the democrats or the republicans. let's get together and let's bring our country back to what she used to be. thank you so much. host: june, thank you. from florida. by the way the house democratic leader, nancy pelosi, is expected to brief reporters in about 40 minutes. we'll have live coverage for you here on c-span. della from new york city, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. we had two flawed candidates, hillary had her own baggage. she had benghazi, she didn't respond to that. she had the money she was getting from the clinton foundation. she had her emails, her private emails that she didn't disclose. she should have known better. what she did wrong was she let bernie sanders
9:23 am
take the lead. he would have won and he would have been a clean candidate and we would have had a president who was flawless. that's what let bernie sanders take i have to say. clinton is the one that we should blame. we -- i blame clinton for what happened because she would have backed out of this election if she -- she had her chances. she didn't fulfill them. she's the one who is responsible for this -- what's happening now. bye-bye. host: baton rouge, louisiana. you're next. welcome to the "washington journal." caller: yes. good morning. i have -- this is so unbelievable. i watched the meeting yesterday. that man was a disgrace to the f.b.i. just like -- the representation of the f.b.i.. i think we have a reincarnation of the first f.b.i. director that did things and made notes.
9:24 am
took over s how he everything. host: joy from louisiana. we thank you for that call. john mccartel. >> the 3.6 million tweets sent during the comey hearing yesterday, according to the official took over everything. twitter data handlef those, the most tweeted about moment was john mccain's line of questioning which many found hard to follow. some tweets on that. jack is with "politico" tweeting yesterday, as it was happening, john mccain broke gitter. john dingell, the former congressman from michigan, he doesn't mention john mccain specifically, but his tweet came as mccain was asking his line of questions and john dingell was also following along with the comey hearing. he tweeted out yesterday, naps are important. when it doubt, take a nap. it's only fair to give john mccain a chance to explain what he was asking about. he did so in a statement that he
9:25 am
put out yesterday. here it is in its entirety. i get the sense from twitter my line of questioning today went over people's heads. maybe going forward i shouldn't stay up late watching the diamondbacks night games. what i was trying to get at is whether mr. comey believes any of his interactions with the president rise to the level of obstruction of justice. in the case of secretary clinton's emails, mr. comey was willing to step beyond his role as an investigator and state his belief about what no reasonable prosecutor would conclude about the evidence. i wanted mr. comey to apply the same approach to the key his ions surrounding interactions with president trump. whether or not the president's conduct constitutes obstruction of justice. while i missed an opportunity in his 's hearing, i still believe interactions with this question is important and i intend to submit it in writing to mr. comey for the record. host: from senator mccain's home state newspaper, the arizona republic, there is this, america tunes in. this question is important mccain's question grabs the spotlight of the comey much
9:26 am
anticipated hearing. senator john mccain's confusing viewers yesterday with a distracted and listless line of questioning of the former f.b.i. director. kathy fromtown trnings republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. republican essee, line. good morning. caller: good morning. my comment would be america needs to wake up and all of this really should have been closed because what you have done, comey has done, is testify and he s -- where's the proof said the president lied? to me that would be defamation of character. calling out someone without showing proof of what he lied about. cond of all, president trump is still working for america. while we have korea launching
9:27 am
to wake up need before something really happens to america. and my second comment is, if to comey is that scared of the president, how has he been able to stand up to all of the ones hat he's been investigating? i agree if he felt that was inappropriate, he should have said so. 's hy did he call hillary stuff a matter? look what he's done to the president. to me, this should have all been under closed doors until the truth was out. that he is not under investigation with russia. hat is a win in my book. it's a sad, sad day that we as
9:28 am
america are put on the show for the rest of the world to see when we should be watching our backs. host: it's interesting, kathy, yesterday, with the british elections taking place on the bb c-webb site, the comey story was the and center, and election -- bbc website, the comey story was front and center, and the election in the back. we have been getting some of the opinion pages of newspapers and editorials around the country. no one should lose sight of the fact that the president got himself into this mess f trump simply focused on making great deals for america, whatever that means, rather than obsessing over the democratic-fueled myth he was being investigated, he wouldn't have approval ratings in the mid 30's. the democrats would be on their heels. but he opted to rely on his own instincts and now the harshest irony is that it may no longer be a myth that trump is personally being investigated. review." the "national
9:29 am
dorothy from cleveland, ohio. caller: hi, i agree with that last comment you made. what i would like to make a point about is in the meeting, if you notice, not one republican called this man a liar. this man did not go under oath and say what he said without some truth being in it. not only that, another thing that i notice in the meeting everybody picking up things they like about that hearing, what i saw was, this man, even though he may feel like, oh, comey is out to get me because i fired him, but nobody thought about the fact that he never mentioned for americans say what we going to do about this russian hacking into our election? he never brought it up. he never said ways to fix it.
9:30 am
nothing. like i said, the way he did obama, lied about it and kept it going for five or six years, what goes in the dark will come to the light. and everybody read what they saw. i realize that he's in a bad position, but he put his own self in it. thank you. host: thank you. burke, virginia. john, good morning. independent line. caller: good morning. how are you. host: fine, thank you. caller: i have to say is how americans are trying to take the former f.b.i. director, he's more patriotic than both parties combined. he served more time for his profit, probably done more things than any of these callers are calling in. donald trump has only been in politics for what, last years of obama and then a few years now that he's been into politics. comey has been there since bush. he's actually stood up to all types of political parties. for people to attack him for no reason, he's done more for this country than any of the callers
9:31 am
so-called haters of comey. comey is the f.b.i. director, his job is to watch not to favor any political party over the other. that's were the hillary christianton administration, obama administration was trying to go against him and the trump administration. that's a good thing. that's the good thing of the f.b.i. when you have something that both parties don't get along with. i personally would rather like more independence in the senate offices and the congress. the argument could be better than just one-sided from two different parties. not everyone agrees with one another even if you are all democrats or all republicans. that's all i have to say. host: thank you. by the way, jim comey first appeared on this network in the literal 1990's. check it out as part of c-span's video lie brarery. the times reporter headline, a very big deal. comey says he was fired because of the russia probe. our next call is from greg in richfield, wisconsin. good morning. caller: good morning.
9:32 am
thank you for c-span. a couple of comments here. number one, i wish c-span would dig a little harder to find some of the headlines that maybe don't support jim comey. you seem to be voting about eight to one that say trump's a liar. host: those are the headlines -- we have been showing you some of the editorials. we probably have about 40 headlines here. they all basically reiterate what jim comey said yesterday in his testimony. caller: you put up jonah goldberg, he's an anti-trump guy from day one. even though his blog is supposedly conservative. moving ahead here. what i learned yesterday and what i would like to point out to all the democrats, everybody wanted to fire jim comey for his involvement with hillary clinton. and now the democrats are applauding him? can we take a look at things seriously and realize that liberal democrats today are hypocritical, politically?
9:33 am
it's sad. we have a president now who none of them are supporting. they don't want him to succeed at any level. and it's all political. this country's going nowhere because of democrats being hypocritical, thank you. host: thanks for the call. carl is next, los angeles. good morning. democrats line. caller: good morning. my anaheim name is carl. i have been watching c-span since the iran-contra hearings. true believe -- believer. i want to say i believe comey did an excellent job. very, very honest. if you look at trump, he's lied many times. the other thing is you talk about uniting the american people, nobody stood up for obama when mcconnell and the rest of them said they wanted to make him a one-term president. they would do anything to have him fail. that is treason. nobody, nobody stood up. you guys are just crying about
9:34 am
trump? give me a break. we're dealing with the facts now. trump never, never questioned what we're going to do about having russia get out of hacking our elections. he's more concerned about himself and his family making money. period. that is the god's truth. we all need to unite as american citizens. we all need to be together when we're divided. they control us much better. have a good day. host: from the "wall street journal," the former f.b.i. director should have resigned if he believes that what he now says, the editorial board, calling it james comey's passion play. james comey's first post-f.b.i. appearance in frovent senate on thursday turned out to be politically anti-climactic with no major revelations about the alleged trump-russia nexus or the president's supposed attempt to derail the investigation, but nearly three hours of testimony did expose the methods of the highly political former f.b.i. director.
9:35 am
from homestead, pennsylvania, ray, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. just a couple seconds. i got a few points to make for all the trumps cinco paths. first on the comey testimony. i don't think you guys looked at it close enough. somewhere in there i think comey said pence already knew about flynn's lying. i think he said it somewhere under the questioning. it was just a line. i don't think anybody caught t i think pence knew about flynn and i think comey confirmed that. second, there's only one person between comey and trump who testified under oath under direct threat of purgery. it wasn't trump. if he's a man like they say he get down to that chamber, put his hand on a bible, swear an oath and start talking. he says doesn't down to
9:36 am
come equal to what comey said because comey testified under the threat of perjury. trump, he can say whatever he wants. host: there's precedent for that because gerald ford testified before a he says doesn't congree after he pardoned richard nixon. caller: sure. clinton went under oath and came back to bite him. trump will never do that. he may be dumb but he ain't stupid. host: thank you very much. from homestead, pennsylvania. a tweet from kevin. snap elections seem like a good idea about now. with that we turn back to john. >> on this friday morning, snap want to look ahead to next week. according to "politico's" huddle this morning, one hearing to keep an eye on next week is attorney general jeff sessions scheduled to testify before a senate appropriations panel on tuesday on the department of justice fiscal 2018 budget. the huddle writing that sessions will no doubt face questions about comey's testimony and the russia probe. especially in light of this story that came out yesterday
9:37 am
afternoon from cnn, former f.b.i. director james comey told senators in that closed hearing after the open session that attorney general jeff sessions may have had a third interaction with russia's ambassador to the u.s., according to sources familiar with the briefing. comey explained that the possibility there could have been another encounter was not something he wanted to discuss in the earlier public hearing, according to those sources. the information based in part on russia to russia intercepts where the meeting was justed acorgd -- according to three sources familiar with that information. one story up a few minutes ago from cnn, notes that president trump's outside attorney plans to file a complaint against former f.b.i. director comey with the justice department inspector general. and the senate judiciary committee. the complaint will focus on comey's testimony that he gave a friend the content of memos about his conversation was trump and ask that friend to give the information to a reporter. it's unclear when president
9:38 am
trump's attorney will file those complaints, but the sources told cnn they are actively exploring their options. host: these are more tweets. you can send your comments at c span wj. i'm sure comey shoping today he will not be charged with leaking classified information. referring onna, they to the republicans loved comey when he came out against hillary. now he's garbage referring to the republicans loved comey from ghost, time to put trump under oath in front of the committee. pauline from marietta, georgia. republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. it's my opinion that comey shows his character or lack thereof by leaking that information. he's the director of the f.b.i. he of all people should homed things close and not broadcast -- hold things close and not broadcast them to his friend to put to the news. i think that shows his lack of
9:39 am
character, he should have been fired. i also think that people are forgetting that president trump didn't need this job. he didn't need the money. he didn't need the notoriety. he's not taking a salary. he did it for his love of this country. and if people would relax and let him do his job, i think he would prove himself. host: thanks. we know from john that the columbia university law professor, his name has been revealed. posted on twitter. other news sites. we'll go to jane from new jersey. good morning. democrats line. caller: good morning. how are you. host: fine, thank you. how are you, jane? caller: doing ok. , back onall with trump told , 2016, he himself russia if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails missing.
9:40 am
he directed that to russia, to putin. there's other comments here that hi written down that he -- regarding russia. of course if trump is elected president, he's going to hire those people who have already had connection was russia, including himself all over the years. i think that mr. comey did very good yesterday. i don't know what these people expected of him. was he supposed to start crying or start yelling? he kept himself composed which he should have been doing. these people think that trump is god is ridiculous because it's already been droven -- proven out of his own mouth. host: thank you for the call. peter baker for donald trump.
9:41 am
a looming cloud, just grew that much darker. a piece in the "new york times." and charlie savage writes the testimony sharpens the attention on questions of obstruction of justice. from watertown, south dakota, dave, good morning. caller: i watched -- i'm retired. i watch all three hours of that hearing yesterday. nd comey is pretty self-serving. but the couple points when donald trump asked him for his loyalty, why wouldn't trump ask an obama appointee whether or not he was going to be loyal to the new regime? and one of the other things of all the stuff that was mentioned yesterday, the only crime that was mentioned was loretta lynch flying a government plane 1,000 miles out of the way to have a secret meeting with bill clinton
9:42 am
after it was proven that his wife was under investigation for destroying 30,000 pieces of evidence. and my third point and final point is, all this stuff is going to go in front of the supreme court next week with -- about leaks and all this stuff. and you've got ruth ginsberg who every time says how much she hates trump. how do you have an impartial supreme court justice when she's already said she hates one of the people? and then i'll get off the line. when comey mentioned the crime of loretta lynch flying a government plane 1,000 miles out of the way, it just blew over everybody's head. they don't want to mention that. if you want to talk about
9:43 am
russia's interference, how about $150 million george gave to hillary clinton and other democrats. nobody mentions that money. or the $121 million she got from russia when she was secretary of state over the uranium deal. they pick and choose what they want to get upset about. it's so partisan the news and the democrats, i have been a member of a union for 52 years and i have never voted for a democrat in my life for anything. and i'm happyier -- happier with that decision every day. host: the washington tirgese two headlines, comey accuse trump of repeated lies. and andrea noble has a sidebar story, comey cracks the credibility of his former boss, both loretta lynch from the obama administration and the current attorney general, jeff sessions. and this from "the washington
9:44 am
post," he jennifer rubin. the right turn. trump's lawyer and g.o.p. allies offer the worst defenses every. the worst defensive trump booby prize goes to house speaker paul d. ryan who claimed, quote, the president's new at this. he's new to government so he probably wasn't steeped in the long running protocols that establish the relationship between the department of justice, the f.b.i., and the white house. he's just new to this. weeks after being described by donald trump as a nut job, james comey on thursday recast his confrontation with the president as a clash between the legal principles at the foundation of american democracy and a venal self-interested politician who does not recognize let abone uphold them. it is frankly a damning indictment of trump's ability to perform his duties. the president should fire his lawyer, get one who understands what is at risk, and ask republicans to stop talking with a lawyer and friends like these
9:45 am
who needs political enemies? didi is joining us from massachusetts. good morning. welcome. rhetoricalust have a question. i just wondered what ever happened to the concept of speaking truth to power? i thought that was a requisite for being a political appoint we. -- appointee. -- appointee. comey in several instances called himself cowardly and less than brave. i find that scary. if that was the mettle of somebody who is at the head of the f.b.i., i think-dirnl' glad for one he's gone. thank you so much for the opportunity. host: thank you. louisiana and tommy is next. good morning. caller: good morning. how you doing. host: fine, thank you. how are you? caller: i got a couple things i want to say. i believe comey over trump and this message is for ryan. ignorance of the law is no excuse. that's what i have had to live
9:46 am
by all my life. i'm 61 years old. coming out here and saying he's new at this, he should have been repared when he took office. host: thank you. from grundy, virginia. james, good morning. caller: good morning. took office. took office. the difference is in the republicans and democrats is very little because the democrats does what they want and the republicans don't have enough backbone to say otherwise. on the democrats and collusion, have the democrats been in bed with the russians all along? didn't ted go to russia to try to get reagan derailed? they don't say nothing about that. host: james. take care of your baby. another james in baltimore, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. caller that he
9:47 am
called in a few calls ago there was a secret meeting between ex-president bill clinton and the attorney general, if it was a secret, why does everybody know about it? and second place, trump has a white house counselor, so to speak, why didn't this counselor bring president trump up to base as far as what he can do and who he can talk to as far as the f.b.i. director? host: thank you, james. from baltimore. from the london daily express, one of the british tabloids, may's fight to stay in power. the developments overnight from that snap election in great britain. john has more. >> after her party took a beating in that snap election, yesterday, theresa may has vowed to form a government with the northern ire lapd based
9:48 am
democratic unionist party with her conservative party. she asked the queen's permission today to do that and says she intends to do so. some of the latest reporting on that from the guardian newspaper, the democratic unionist party are insisting they have not yet reached a firm deal with may about supporting a conservative minority government. sky news reporting that the d.o.p. are clear that they have been -- there has been no firm agreement. a commitment to discussion is not an agreement. that from about 20 minutes ago on the guardian's webpage. and their continued updates on the results from that election yesterday. here's some of theresa may's statement after visiting the queen earlier today. >> i have just been to see her majesty, the queen, and i will now form a government, a government that can provide certainty and lead britain
9:49 am
forward at this critical time in our country. this government will guide the country through the brewal brexit talks that begin in just 10 days and deliver on the will of the british people by taking the united kingdom out of the european union. it will work to keep our nation safe and secure by delivering the change that i set out following the appalling attacks in manchester and london. tracking down on the ideology of extremism and all those who support it. and giving the police and the authorities the powers they need o keep our country safe. the government i lead will put fairness and opportunity at the heart of everything we do. so that we will fulfill the promise the government of brexit togeth over the next five years build a country in which no one and no community is left behind.
9:50 am
host: outside that iconic door, 10 downing street in great britain, the comments of british prime minister may. from the bbc trying to forge a government with the democratic unionist party in northern ireland. that from the bb c-webb site and from the london metro, stormin corbyn, who did well with the labor party, not winning the majority. at the moment what's being called a hung parliament. we're going to have john go back to that bb c-webb site to explain what is a hung parliament. first ian from pikesville, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. i have a question. is donald trump above the law? because i recall going to court anti-judge said, ignorance of the law is no excuse. so for paul ryan to say donald trump is an amateur in the white house, that's something i'm really wondering, is he above the law? my next question is, is there
9:51 am
white spies in the house? many are there. that's my feeling right now. host: thanks for listening to us on c-span radio. which we have a free c-span radio app. we're heard coast to coast on sirius/xm. always streaming on our website at from the "washington times" website, opinion piece reads as follow, mr. comey's not very good day on a day of huffing, another day of puffing, we're about where we were. half of us want donald trump's presidency to succeed whether we like everything about the donald or not. the other half regards him as the anti-christ. james comey's big day before the u.s. senate intelligence committee was treated in washington as something of a national holiday with everyone gathered around television sets in offices, bars, and shops to watch the bombs fall. what we now know about james comey only suspected earlier is that he's what the british would call, wet. a wimp under pressure. he offered evidence of collusion
9:52 am
but only evidence of the his eagerness to collude with his own emotions. he was incapable of standing up to donald trump beyond the instinctive deference everyone accords the president. arnold from brownfield, texas, republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i'd like to add my two cents to this. to all the democrats that think comey can't lie. i wonder what he would have said yesterday if he had been hooked to a lie detector during his testimony. besides placing his hand on the bible. host: that's your comment? caller: that's mostly it. host: ok. we'll go to am broshea from alabama. democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. just wanted to put out there that when i saw director comey testifying yesterday i watched
9:53 am
three hours of testimony, and that man showed just wanted to that when i more integrity in three hours than donald trump has shown in his entire campaign and presidency. i think he needs a little bit of credit to that. especially when we're dealing with someone who has issued statements to james comey was fired over the hillary emails. and then turns around and goes on national television and said no, i fired him because of the russia issue. there's a serious question of integrity on both sides of the aisle, but it's horrifying to see the lack of integrity within the white house administration today. thank you, sir. host: thanks for the call. the headline from the "dallas morning news," comey saying that trump lied. we'll go to guy in cherryville, north carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. caller: can you hear me? host: we sure can. caller: i'd like to just make a statement comey, if you remember got in front of the committee and said, don't call this westles here a few months ago. he proved today that he is a weasel, didn't he?
9:54 am
and he shows where the leaks is coming from. he's not a man. he's worse than a wimp. if he running the f.b.i., the f.b.i. couldn't find an elephant in a football stadium. host: thanks for the call. this is from the daily telegraph. the prime minister of great britain at her following polk station, just outside of london, along with her husband. what does a hung parliament mean? back to john. caller: >> you asked the question, bbc with the answer. their "q&a" on a hung parliament. when no one wins a parliamentary election outright, you have a hung partly. of the teresa -- theresa may will remain prime minister. and she's form a minority government working with the democratic unionist party. if that party supports the conservatives, they would together have more than the 326 required to form a majority and pass a legislative program. in terms of timing and how long
9:55 am
theresa may has to do this, the bbc story notes at the moment the first deadline is tuesday, june 13, when the new parliament meets for the first time. ms. may has until that date to put together that deal and solidify that deal to keep herself in power or to resign f she were to resign, theresa may must be clear that jeremy corbyn could form a government and that she she's entitled to wait until the new parling. -- parliament to see if she has the confidence of the house of commons. we're looking to that this morning to help explain a very busy past 24 hours in the united kingdom. host: incredible in politics here and in the u.k. john, thanks. we'll check in with you one more time. back to phone calls. dave from evansville, indiana. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: good morning. i think it's time that the people started really standing up and voicing their opinions than being afraid . to i think that the republican
9:56 am
party, especially, and not all the republicans are in that bag of deplorbles that hillary clinton spoke of. good people. a lot of people are beginning to change their mind. it's time they spoke out against what's going on here. this is not normal. this is not the way our constitution is set up. the people are subpoenaed or called to testify, they need to to it. just like they did yesterday the. decline, the day before, actually. i think that trump has proven every day he cares very little about the american people. his agenda is basically putting more money in his own pocket. the health care plan proves that. his budget plan proves that. every day he proves that. it seems that people are afraid to actually confront that. thank you very much. host: dave. from "the new york times," this is about america. and it's not the crime it's the culture. the editorial board of the "new york times" writes the
9:57 am
following, trump was as always thinking about himself. comey had told trump three times that he was not under investigation. trump wanted comey to repeat that fact publicly. when comey did not, trump looked as a sign that comey was disloyal and unforgivable sin so he fired him believing that the move would be popular. all of this would constitute a significant scandal in a normal administration, but it would not be grounds for impeachment. trump is also plagued with a self-destructive form of selfishness. he is consumed by a hunger for affirmation but demented by his own object somethings sessions. -- own obsessions. he can't think more than a step ahead. republican line, good morning. caller: i would just like to say that politics is like the game of survivor. comey tried to survive under the democrats. didn't work. he tried to survive under the
9:58 am
republicans. it didn't work. this is all a bunch of foolishness. let's get on with life and let our president trump, who is a fantastic president, do his job. thank you. host: thank you, brenda. paul from fall river, massachusetts. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. i think it all stops from hillary clinton you know they cheated to knock bernry out of the race. here we go. we got trump now who is an embarrassment to our country. i'm a disabled veteran. i'm embarrassed to say this man's my president. he's not a good guy. until people realize it, he's not for us. he's not for the people. he's going to be knocked out of this. thank you. host: thank you, paul. yesterday's hearing became one of those moments in washington, d.c. and essentially around the country where people stopped and watched. many on the c-span networks, this is at the union pub just a few blocks from the hart senate
9:59 am
office building. the pub opened early. was also offering a free round of drinks every time the president tweeted yesterday. he did not. so they did not offer any free drinks. the president did tweet this morning praising fox news and others for their reporting on the hearing yesterday. michael is joining us next from missouri. good morning. democrats line. caller: good morning. i just have a suggestion. they need to put mr. comey and president trump on a lie detector test to see who is the liar. they ought to make a lie detector test mandatory for any confirmation hearings to let us know exactly what kind of garbage is being put in washington. thank you. host: thanks for the call. we have our cameras inside the u.s. house of representatives and we're waiting for a briefing that will take place presumably in the next five to 10 minutes. but the room is quite empty at the moment. the


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