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tv   Interview with Representative Stephanie Murphy  CSPAN  June 9, 2017 11:46pm-11:57pm EDT

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there is lots of waste in the economy. inaudible] bowl - >> representative stephanie murphy of florida sat down with sees in for a profile interview.
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-- for a freshman profile interview. she represents the seventh district. >> tell us how you got into politics and how you did? u.s. rep. stephanie murphy theflorida: i got into race for months before the november 2016 election, and i am heart aa public's -- at public servant. given the rhetoric that was going on, the dysfunction of government that was on the much manifesting its else in unpleasant ways. that, then top of shooting happened in my district. it felt like i got called to service. if you wanted to change washington, you had to change
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the type of people you were sending their. so i decided to get into the race. reporter: running against a seasoned opponent like that, who did you turn to to advice for counsel? u.s. rep. stephanie murphy [d]-florida: i had never run for anything in my life, not even in a government. this was my first foray into politics. i was lucky to have a great deaf, and campaign manager who were seasoned hands. they helped guide my campaign. reporter: when you decided to run, what were your first thoughts on coming to d.c.? about the city itself, and also about the job you are about to take? u.s. rep. stephanie murphy [d]-florida: when i see the monuments, and the capitol i feel such a sense of pride, that
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a 10 -- i get to be part of this great country. that is what i feel when i came to washington. seeing those doubles of our the -- of our democracy. here, and i to be am particularly honored to be the first vietnamese-american woman to serve in congress. i believe in a democracy where we have a representative government, with people who represent the people they are serving. i believe and i diverse government. reporter: tell us your experience from vietnam? >> i was six years old and my brother was eight, when our parents got on a boat to escape from vietnam. southrk adrift in the genesee, when a u.s. navy ship came upon our vessel, -- a --
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they refueled and helped us get to a refugee camp. answered our family and relocated us to virginia. jobs,elped my parents get and they work multiple jobs to ensure that they could make ends meet and help my brother and i focus on our education. it is that moment of -- whether it is earned a pity, or just -- serendipity or just can't -- confidence. the u.s. navy was patrolling and ensuring freedom of navigation in the south china sea when they came upon us, and they extended their grace to stranded strangers. reporter: you bring up military influence on your life, you worked in national security intelligence. briefly, what did you do? u.s. rep. stephanie murphy [d]-florida: i worked for the
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secretary of defense -- both rumsfeld, and gait. gates. i worked on counterterrorism, and strategic planning. -- your: so now you work serve in the armed services committee. what do you think you will bring to the committee? u.s. rep. stephanie murphy [d]-florida: it is extremely helpful to have had the experience that i had, because i understand how budgeting works, -- providingon resources for our war plans. it helps me it really get to work serving the men in uniform who served this country. speak do committee members search you -- reporter: do committee members search you out
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for advice? u.s. rep. stephanie murphy [d]-florida: i love working with my colleagues, and in fact, i just got back from a bilateral congressional delegation to the asia-pacific region to explore our national security interest there. that working relationship, and the way that politics tends to --p at the borders average be border's edge is something that i am grateful for. >> i heard that you are part of the democratic blue dog coalition. why did you do that? u.s. rep. stephanie murphy [d]-florida: the blue dogs have been known historically for their fiscal responsibility and their smart and strong international strain. it fits well with where i miss else and i think it is a good opportunity to work with like-minded people to advance some of the legislation enacted in those areas.
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>> what if they like to be a moderate on capitol hill? u.s. rep. stephanie murphy [d]-florida: you are liable to be hit from the left and the right, but i think it is a good thing for the country. pragmaticate, we are and looking for ways to legislate and move this country forward. reporter: what is the best advice you have received since coming here? u.s. rep. stephanie murphy think, thinking of the power of what is possible. there is a lot of dysfunction up here, and there is no point in being here if you wallow in that. you have to will forward in what is possible. reporter: what surprised you ?oming here to d.c. what is an experience you did not expect?u.s. rep. stephanie murphy [d]-florida: i did not expect as much collegiality as i have is your wrist -- i did not expect as much collegiality as i found here.
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there are a lot of things that affect my constituents such as small business am a education, where we are working together and moving things forward in a i partisan way. and that does not always come across. murphy,ank you, anthony thank you for your -- stephanie maurphy. andew american president ceo, examines the digital age in her book "the chessboard and the ." she is interviewed by dennissmith on the -- by mcdonough. >> what would strike me was that we knew that there was a world whether northts korea or iran among or china or russia.
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the world of state to date relations is -- state relations is deal very important. how do we officially be their adversaries, and we think about a move and we try to anticipate whatever move they will make. the mode is there, but equally important is what i call the ".orld of the web the world of criminals, and the world of business which have increasingly take network supply chains. and also the world of nongovernmental organizations. all of these are web actors to me. but we do not have strategies for how to bring them together. watcher: "afterwords" for this interview.
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next, president trump comments during a joint conference with the president of romania. also, the weekly briefing with house minority leader nancy pelosi. president trump offered his first public >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and the president of romania. president trump: thank you very much. president iohannis, thank you for being here, it's an honor to welcome such a good friend of america to the white house. as you know, the people of


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