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tv   Senator Ted Cruz Remarks at Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference  CSPAN  June 10, 2017 9:33pm-9:43pm EDT

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>> senator ted cruz also spoke -- at thefreedom and faith and freedom coalition conference. they apologize for accidentally cutting off the senator while he was wrapping up his remarks. this is about 10 minutes. ♪ mr. sen. cruz: thank you. thank you so very much. i bless the freedom and faith coalition. read.d bless rolf what a strong leader he is. i am pretty sure he has in the closet a portrait that is aging every day.
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[laughter] sen. cruz: it is june, 2017 in hillary clinton is not president of the united states. screaming and applause] neil gorsuch is a supreme court justice. which demonstrates that elections matter. it demonstrates that the men and women here, men and women of faith, pastors, americans across the country who love this country, when we rise up and stand together we can do remarkable things. now this is a strange time in washington. there is a lot of noise. there is a lot of people
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lighting their hair on fire on cable television every day. ofave got one simple bit advice. theeach of us, for administration and for the majority in both houses of commons, which is ignore the political circus and let's focus on delivering results. applause] have a historic opportunity. in 2017 there for big 40's we need to deliver on. the first is the united states supreme court having principled constitutionalists on the supreme court. [applause] was aruz: neil gorsuch home run and i commend president thep on nominating constitutionalist.
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for all of us who cherish the bill of rights, who cherish religious liberty and free speech and the second amendment and the fundamental liberty of theg an american citizen, course is at these center of almost all those issues. a very highe is likelihood we will see another supreme court vacancy either this summer or next summer. happens, it is critical once again that the president nominate a principled constitutionalist and the republicans in the senate do our job and confirm that constitutionalist to the court. [applause] sen. cruz: the second big priority for 2017 is revealing -- repealing obamacare.
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obamacare is a disaster. it is a train wreck. it is collapsing before our very eyes. it is the biggest job killer in this country. lostons of americans have their jobs because of it. i been forced into part-time work because of it. have lost their doctors. plus there helped insurance. i've seen premiums skyrocket. i think it is absolutely critical we deliver on that promise to repeal obamacare and i think it is also critical that we do it right. we do it in a way that provides real relief for the single mom who is struggling, who has seen her premiums skyrocket where she cannot afford health care anymore. real relief for the people are working. teachers, farmers, who are working and want to have a better future for their hits. i think the article test on what happens to obamacare is what
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happens to premiums. if health care is more affordable, more accessible, so consumers have more choices, the ability to get affordable care for their families -- that is a win. if we pass a bill that lets premiums continue to skyrocket over into over and over again, that would be a terrible loss. we need to honor that promise and do it right in a way that than to kate's mednet and women who worked so hard to win this election. the second priority is regulatory reform. pulling back the regulations that are strangling small businesses. strangling farmers, ranchers, job creators across this country. i am reminded of a view years ago about west texas. said,d folks there, i what is the difference between regulators and locusts?
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i said, that thing is you cannot use pesticide on the regulators. texas farmerwest lean back and he said, one a bit? -- want to bet? optimistic i am so about this new administration, every single cabinet member, reform has been the very first words out of their mouth and that is critically important for unleashing freedom in this country. big priority for 2017's tax reform. [applause] cruz: right now on tax reform there is disagreement in the house. is disagreement in the senate.
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or is disagreement between house and the senate. there is disagreement with the administration. other than that, we're all on the same page but i believe we can and will get it done. i think the overwhelming toority of both houses want get to "yes." and the advice i have given the president on tax reform is two words, old and simple. i think there is power with old simplicity. i would like to see a flat tax and abolishment of the irs. [cheers and applause] sen. cruz: now some people in washington, they say that is a little extreme. that is a little radical. you mean like electing donald trump as president?
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republican -- a we have a republican majority in house, in the senate, in the white house. how about we act like it? applause] those four priorities will define success or failure for the administration and for congress. deliver, if we see strong constitutionalists on the court, if we repeal obamacare, if we have major reform, fundamental tax reform, then 2017 will be in his store, blockbuster year. this could be the most productive congress and decade. if on the other hand we fail, we do not the liver on those
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priorities, then 2017 would be a heartbreaking missed opportunity. menhat i want to see to the -- say to the men and women here . you, thank you. thank you for your prayers, passion, energy, for speaking out and working to retake our nation. announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage the southern regional director of the date and freedom coalition, virginia galloway. ♪ announcer: on wednesday, vice president might hence welcomed the next class of astronaut candidates. 15 minutes.


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