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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 11, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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-- several gulf states after recent terror attacks in iran. washington journal is next. ♪ >> good morning. the senate intelligence committee will held its 10th hearing of the year on tuesday. we will have it live on c-span. a new weekend development with word yesterday from the attorney general jeff sessions that he will testify. it is sunday morning, june 11, and thank you for joining us on the washington journal. also on capitol hill, a busy week while the timeline continues to shift. the senate debate over health care will continue in the week ahead and the house taking its measure to bring some changes within the department of veterans affairs, including the ability to fire those were not performing well. but we begin with saturday's
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letter to the attorney general, testifyement to set -- in front of the senate committee. fouran call (202) 748-8001 republicans, and (202) 748-8000 four democrats. if you are an independent, you can call (202) 748-8002. join us ono facebook. thank you so much for being with us. with the latest relevant from the washington post, this is a headline as attorney general jeff sessions will not testify budgetngressional hearing, but instead of the senate intelligence committee. here's reporting from the washington post. back in march, the washington post reported that general jeffs -- attorney general jeff sessions met twice with russian ambassadors during the campaign and did not disclose that to the
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senate judiciary committee during his confirmation hearing in january. the next day, sessions recused himself from the russia investigation and said it would be overseen by the deputy attorney general, who last month appointed a special counsel to handle the situation. in a member to congress, the attorney general said "regarding -- it isimony, i important that i have an opportunity to address these matters in an appropriate forum." "the senateo say intelligence committee is the most appropriate form for these matters, as it has been conducting an investigation and has access to relevant classified information." we are here with the co-editor politicos playbook. being here with us. >> thank you. >> what does this mean? >> so i think the take away from sessions testimony is that he
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wants to try to clear the air, because with comey's testimony, which kind of implied that there russianshere with the and sessions, i think he feels like there has been a lot of accusations against him and has not really addressed them into a taboo forum. and the various question statements every so often, defending himself, they have not clearly done the trick either. >> but this was not expected, was it? when they came out yesterday? >> no, it was not expected. i think he basically was going to testify in front of the budget committee, but then he realized that he would face a ton of questions, mostly about russia, and comey and trump, and so he felt like he should do it in the proper forum, which is the set intelligence committee. -- senate intelligence committee, even though it opens
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himself up to getting more attention. so it is a calculated risk on his part, because you start spending this entire weekend prepping these answers because he does not want to perjure himself, he wants to come across as the best he can. i want to follow-up on a story you featured last week in playbook. the headline, the president growing discontent over attorney general jeff sessions. i want to redo a section. "few republicans were quicker to a brace obama's public campaign lester than jeff sessions, -- jeff-- last year then sessions, but this display in past monday in a series of stark
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, early morning postings on twitter were the president faulted his own justice department on the travel ban. mr. trump accused mr. sessions department of devising a politically correct version of the ban as if the president had nothing to do with it. in private, the president's exasperation has been even sharper. he has intermittently fumed for months over sessions decision to recuse himself from the investigation into russian meddling into last year's election, and mr. trump said it was that recusal that led to the point of the special counsel who took over the investigation. what more can you tell us about this story and what is going on in the trump white house with the president specifically? i think the more important context is that session has done this several times, to push himself out of the headlines and also because he felt like he had become a liability to trump. if trump is constantly criticizing him, why should you
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stay in office? i think sessions feels like he is trying to do the best job he can, he felt like the ethics lawyers, they basically recommended that he recuse himself because he had contacts with russia, he was a huge surrogate for the trump campaign, and so even though he supports the president, he recognizes that it would be hard for him to remain impartial about this investigation. less -- he cares less about the norms and practices that a refusal -- that a recusal -- why there is a recusal. he wants to do what he wants. so i think trump often gets, distant tented -- he gets discontented with members of his own white house, all his senior advisers must feel like he is
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not always looking out for them, tries to make snide comments, and then they cyber each other, so i do not think sessions will get fired by trump, because that will create more problems. but there is a clear divide between the white house and the doj, because the white house createdke sessions has more problems, and rod rosenstein is not loyal because he appointed bob mueller, who could take down the president. that is what i am hearing from my sources, and we know rod rosenstein will be the person -- rosensteinnow rod will be the person testifying on monday. i want to turn to some other issues. the senate continues the debate over health care. there has been some speculation of the senate republican leader is invoking rule 14, which
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bypasses the committee process, fast tracking the bill to the senate floor, but now politico is reporting that the timeline is shifting yet again. what can you tell us today? i think we are going to have to make a choice in how much when -- how much longer they will spend trashing the health care bill when it is in the way of other priorities were the president and her public and legislat -- of the president and republican legislature. reform, looking at tax and for structure, increasing the debt ceiling, all of those issues are under the radar because people are talking about health care. so republicans are facing the same challenge that the house did, in that you have this entitlement, which millions of americans get health care off of, but -- and you want to tear
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down obama care but do not want to leave millions of people without health coverage, because that would be deadly for republicans next year in the midterms, because democrats would run millions of dollars of ads saying why did you take away all of the people's health care? they need to do this in a way that preserves the core of obamacare but instead of repealing it, they are framing it in a very tricky way. and annexed couple of weeks, you will see either a successful bill or they will decide to move on. they will turn their attention to actually other issues that a big tax cutike or tax reform, which he feels would, you know, give the economy a shot in the arm. host: a big tax cut or tax reform, which he feels playbook is the morning must-read here in washington dc, daniel lipman is the coeditor. check it out online at
7:10 am thank you for being with us. let's turn to some of your tweets and get to your calls on jeff sessions testifying on tuesday. it is best forys the attorney general to come clean about the prospects of collusion or face the prospect of jail. and from virginia, texas. the president is right on both points. sessions should not have been ban defense muslim has been wimpy. , "trump grows sour on anyone who does not do his bidding. he is a psychopath." let's go to martinsburg, west virginia. good morning. caller: i do hope they do fine
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mr. sessions guilty of perjury. tocould not wait [indiscernible] and lock up the lack and brown people-- black and brown -- giving them the maximum sentences so people can come with the private prisons. everybody is robbing from the top down. i do not know how people raise their kids when the government is so corrupted? they are going to be coming in airplanes --ps and who is president trump? host: new york city, democrats
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line. good morning. caller: i think sessions shenzhen's -- should be brought forward, and i know he is afraid, because if you have to deal with mr. rochester, he would know that [indiscernible] this messy got himself into. the russian situation is a situation. can you tell me why that -- this is a separate issue -- why is it people whothat disenfranchised people from voting come from the republican side? the crosschecking, i know the is more of ag thing were democrats and a are involved, but the crosschecking is more of a republican thing, and it has
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been very successful in taking people off the voter roll. host: i think you answered your own question. caller: but why is it coming more from the republican side? host: our independent line, from new york city. good morning. caller: i do not things to sessions has anything to hide. he is not afraid to come forward . i said i will step aside, you find what you will find. and it is the same democrat hypocrites -- if hillary, god god forbid, would have won, they would have been saying the same thing. where are the back talent -- intochannels in collusion that? there you really have something? republicans make mountains out of mole hills, and democrats reduce them. they are all bunch of hypocrites and the trump administration has
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nothing to hide, and i have never been more proud of my country that trump is now in charge. that is just the way it is. host: anthony, from edison, new jersey. this tweet, referring to now if the eye fired fbi director comey. fbi director comey. with you there reporting from cnn, the weekends developments into deputy attorney general -- attorney general jeff sessions will testify in front of the senate intelligence committee. him more directly in the firing line of her questions about his contacts with the russian ambassador to the united states and a federal investigation into russian attempts to infiltrate -- influence the 2016 election. onsions was to testify
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tuesday to oversee the budget, but rod rosenstein will go before them instead. they explained to the senate .ommittees on saturday let's go to robin port crane, new york. independent line. the morning. caller: i think this whole russia thing as a distraction from the real story, which is not on our news in this country. that is the debbie wasserman schultz had a spy ring running the computers for the democrats. host: what is your source for that, rob? i sought on blacklisted news and russia today. to get any kind of news, you get it on c-span or overseas, because our media is dropping the ball terribly. trust russia today is a news source? cnn, fox, orred to
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and is in bc, i trust russia more than i trust any of our national news in this country? host: why is that? caller: because they have the hard stories the media does not want to touch, and they put a spin on it to make them look good. they put the facts out there on rt. worry about not misinformation, which can admittedly be in american media as well, or propaganda on those sites? caller: i do, but i take everything with a grain of salt. but when i see everything on the media in this country, and it is something they have blown out of proportion or does the democrats in charge of the media that spin things around to make the republicans in the present look bad. host: thank you for the call. the wall street journal reporting earlier that the attorney general had come on the number of occasions, offered to -- had, on a number of occasions, offered to resign amid tensions with donald trump.
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okeechobee, florida, republican line. caller: i have a comment to make an something to talk about with sessions. as far as president trump, i voted for the man, i am sticking with him no matter what. i think he is one of the best presidents we have ever had, but pizza lay off of sessions -- he needs to lay off of sessions. he is doing the best he hcan and he -- he can and he should not be discussing that with the public. and you, steve, ok? i have been noticing you for the past couple of weeks. every time an anti-trump are comes on there, you let them overand rave, and they go and over and over again, but the same line or same subject, same message that they got, and it goes on and on and on. but when a pro-trump are comes on there, you interrupt them, ask them questions, try to get downfrom back -- to bank
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-- back down. but you have a nasty habit of letting the anti-trump are's rant and rave. host: i wasn't here on thursday, but i appreciate your comment. caller: the last time you were on for the weekend. have a great day. host: thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. jeff sessions has already lied under oath once, so what is to stop them from lying again? and from michael, lots of speculation but very little fact from any of the news reports. mcconnell is not letting out the -- letting the cat out of the bag quite yet. the president has asked the senate to pass some sort of bill before the july 4 recess. and there is this from carol, withays does anybody care attorney general loretta lynch lied about a meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac when a sharp reporter knew about it the
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day before? from new york, welcome to the conversation. steve, i wantyou, to say that you do a very good job and you handle it very well. do not worry about the negative comments. passionatee are about this, and we understand on all sides of the spectrum. that is what we are here for. caller: i would not want to be in your shoes. you do it very well. that theseed to say hearings, the house and the senate intelligence committee, a lot of those senators do try very hard to do the right thing. instance,ris was, for and people of these questions do say oh, i cannot tell you that. oh, that is a secret.
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i would love to answer -- so that is what sessions is going to do. it is right up his alley, he looks like he is compliant, but he has watched what other people have gotten away with, and will just say oh, that is the secret, i cannot answer. and it is said that these committees are so toothless, but was whenly bothered me i rosenstein, who i really have been admiring to this point, refused to say simply that he independence of mueller. he danced around that, and that was very disappointing, because i have respect for him. anyway, i do think that sessions is just playing a game, and we just need to learn a lot from 's presidency and change rules and enact more laws so
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that the president should have to do what everyone else does, and not be involved in outside interests. so just saying i do not think i will be looking forward to sessions testimony. i do not think we will learn much. thank you. host: thank you, from cheryl, new york. couple of tweets in reference to our previous color in port crane, new york. someone says "robert needs to know that rt is russia today, and a propaganda channel from the russian government." in is a one, "put couple she his mission -- putin's come pushing his mission. reppo ken's -- republicans are calling in c-span and stress incontinence and russian media propaganda."
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politics to talk about and great britain as well. we will have the latest from the london telegraph, but first, fort lauderdale, florida. good morning, jim. caller: good morning. i'm glad they're calling of attorney general jeff sessions, and i wish they would call of jury fisher to -- jerry fisher to testify right after him because i think that -- jared kushner because i think the president going to be quite important -- disappointed with him. up,: they are calling him but that will be off-camera, presumably. caller: getting him to testify in the open. jeff sessions, i believe, is he is not going to be in the same room with somebody like this. i do not realize that shaking somebody's hand counted as a meeting.
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collusionis russian with him is going to be a great big disappointment for the press, and when they talked to jared kushner and find out what he was trying to accomplish, particularly to the benefit of the united states, it will be shameful that this guy has been characterized the way he has been. leaks that people say hurt hillary clinton, 90% of them did not come from any russian leaking, it came from the benghazi ends -- investigation, which turned up her secret server, which she should have never had, and the freedom of information people got most of those emails out in the public arena. it did not have much to do with any collusion. as far as threats to the united states, let me list a few that i am terrified of in comparison to
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what has been coming out. number one, political party, the democratic party, colluding to do in one of its own national candidates -- that is a huge threat. host: thank you for the call. we'll go back to reporting on -- attorneyy general from the los angeles times, as he is facing a new round of scrutiny. this story online and l.a. here some reporting from that senator -- they were examining whether attorney general jeff sessions had a third, undisclosed discussion with a senior russian diplomat to washington hotel last year. information indicated that sessions may have had a private lacknter with surrogate's kislyak, the russian ambassador to washington.
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a justice department spokesperson denying that sessions has spoken to the russian envoy about tell. the dalton was the latest to suggest a widening series of investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election and any nexus between the trumpet campaign -- trump campaign and authorities in moscow. this morning from the l.a. times, joe come from a -- joe, from suwanee, georgia. good morning. question and confusion is while the fuss about russia? there is not -- any of these issues and claims, and i have watched them for, have been made about russian influence, about any of the meddling so far. you replace the word russia with israel and it would still be true. if you look at the websites for
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or the zionist organization of america, they brag about their successes in winning policy and funding support from the united states. they explicitly control and metal in our elections. why the fuss about russia? there is nothing russia could have done that would remotely compare to this last election .ith a single aipac meeting and there are very few federal people, running for federal inice, senate and president particular, who do not begin their campaigns with an obligatory trip over to israel to meet with the prime minister and people over there in prominent support for policy and funding. withis the difference russia? if you open up the door so wide for one country, why are you surprised when another walks through it? tweet, "i amther
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sure rt is as reliable as the fish wrap new york times, which comey exposed as news. let's not even mention cnn, they are a joke." and the slate magazine's writing this opinion piece on the attorney general. james comey does not trust jeff sessions. that much was clear from his testimony on thursday, during which the former fbi director said that he decided not to tell the attorney general about a disturbing conversation he had trump, the one where trump asked comey to drop the fbi inquiry into michael flynn because he thought it might be of investigative interest and did not want the white house to know about it. the invocation was clear. comey believe that sessions, the head of the independent law enforcement agency that , would havethe fbi turned around and warm the president that comey had great
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concerns about what had just transpired. you can also assume that the special counsel robert mueller either knows what comey is referring to or is eager to find out. you can read the full essay on time -- online at good morning. caller: hello? yes, sir. -- theern is the obvious main thing is that the security risk, it is obvious all the groups have confirmed, without doubt, that s came through and influenced and metal than our systems -- meddled in our systems. is it so obvious that the president united states, who should be protecting us against those things, is working so hard to protect himself instead of
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getting on the bandwagon. so that obviously tells me something is going on. as far as i feel about sessions testifying, i do not think you can or will tell the truth. tweet, sessions was a u.s., they meet with foreign dignitaries. that is their jobs. quit listening to liberal established media, nothing there. good morning. caller: hello. good morning. i just wanted to say that i have watched jeff sessions in the searing -- >> can you speak of a little louder? caller: i watch the confirmation of jeff sessions, and i do not think he lied about that question. it was not even a question -- did he meet with any russian?
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he jokingly said as a surrogate, he didn't. he did not really lie on that question. the other guys, when they testify, they would not answer the questions. getting completely attacked the matter what they say. and i mean no disrespect, but you and all the other hosts on supposed towe believe that you guys do not have your own political view also? you are definitely democrats and c-span, so that host obviously, no disrespect, but i just want to know about that? host: we all have our own opinions, of course. to share thatt with all of you so we can use this as a forum for you, because the program is all about you, not about what we think or our motivation. we want to ask the questions that we think you would ask and do it in a very fair and
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objective way. thank you for that call. headline, trump sees headline -- silver lining in .omey cloud the take is that comey the. before that said intelligence committee was damaging, but not devastating. he threw his best punches without putting trump and in a legal -- in imminent peril, and now they can look for a moment of relative calm as robert mueller gets on with his .nvestigation rest on no distractions going forward so trump can turn the page. we are also reporting on this, the headline this morning "below the fold in the washington post."
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available is also online. caller: good morning. here is what i think about jeff sessions. and his hearing. i think that it is useless. to be already been proven a liar, he cannot be trusted to speak truthfully to the senate, -- technically, he has lied three times. even though he did not answer the question that al franken answered, but he still lied about his meeting with russians, and continues to lie about it. that is one perjury. and then he lied again in writing, two perjury, and when they called him out on it and said he needed to recuse, he -- he was going to
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submit in writing a correction, down and light again. he has lied three dante taught -- three times. that is perjury, and cannot be trusted to speak the truth to the senate. i think what will -- what we will find is that this is the most corrupt administration in the history of our nation. this is a very historical event that we are witnessing right now with the infiltration of our executive branch being infiltrated by russia. this is -- people need to pay attention to this thing. anyway, thank you for taking my call. thank you. host: we appreciate it. "trump and his team have turned lying into an art form."
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was a tweet, and we have posted the answer on our facebook page. your comments and questions --ut the testimony of just jeff sessions, which will take place on tuesday. good morning. i think the whole mainstream media, the media, and the establishment of both parties are colluding in line together to destroy this president before he even gets off the ground and anything good going. they do not want to work with him, he is an outsider, and is not one of their click or the ique or theck -- cl media's clique. sessions is a good man. he was good for our state of alabama, never lied, always told the truth. i do think putin, who is it
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whoonest, has anything -- is a communist, has nothing to do with trump, a capitalist. this is all ridiculous. we have the debt to worry about, terrorism to worry about, drugs pouring into our country to worry about, and all the left and right want to talk about is if donald trump lied? he had a meeting. this is insane. we need to get down to business. that is all i got, steve. host: david, thank you for the call. from the new york times "seven health associates have been -- seven house associates have been linked to russia. " kushner,udes jared jeff sessions, michael flynn, michael cohen, paul manafort, carter page, and roger stone. we are try to connect the dots between these individuals and the russian government or
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russian entities. you can also check it out at good morning. a few comments. first of all, i would imagine if you were to go around here in pittsburgh or cities like washington dc, or new york, and ask them who jeff sessions is, chances are they don't even know . so for a political junkie like -- when i listened to the testimony the other day, with comey, there were several things -- one, on two occasions, he says he has told the president he was not being investigated. he was not the target of the investigation. there wasare told us no evidence of collusion, and told us that several articles in the new york times were not truthful.
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if we can beat this thing to , i think if we let the prosecutor do his job, i think mueller will do an excellent job and i expect that within six months, we will get his findings and then would be an appropriate time to hash over all of this stuff. host: you think it can be done in six months? think i have seen speculation to where it can be 12 to 18 months. it will be six months. he has a substantial amount of information collected by the senate intelligence committee, the house intelligence committee. i think they have gone down this but you keepar, reading from the new york times, and their speculation about these people and the way things might be. to look at their credibility on
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this issue, it stinks. i take it with a grain of salt. -- itdo think mueller will get fixed up your we have a wrapup of this investigation. host: so in president trump says he represents the people of pittsburgh, not paris, what kind of reaction to that get in your home to -- hometown? caller: our mayor is a democrat. my vote is not count here. the last time we had a public and there was a 1946. but we opened up a coal mine here, the first one to be opened in the state in 65 years. so --s noteworthy, host: and a great baseball park as well, pnc. park, the got the steelers, and the penguins.
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host: a sore subject for washington capitals fans, but that is a question for another day. caller: what makes pittsburgh so great is the people. we have some wonderful people, and i have been in the navy for 30 years and traveled all over the world, but i never got anywhere better than pittsburgh. host: i cannot disagree with you there. some news overnight from the fox news channel. three army raters were killed, one wounded. the detail that these army rangers were killed on saturday when an afghan army soldier opened fire on them in an attack in eastern afghanistan. este in lexington, south carolina. democrat line. good morning. caller: how are you today? host: fine, thank you. think the attorney general if he can testify, that will be good because it will
7:40 am
help maybe clear up the air about some of the things that have been said, some of the saids that he has done and , so if he could testify, i think that would be good. and then i have a quick comment democrat,w, i am a but i do try to vote for the best person. i think the democrat person that is roaming is good, i vote that way, if it is another person in a different party, i vote that way. i'm kind of getting a little bit tired of people saying that democrats are doing all of this. this is not the democrats problem. president trump won the election. i will accept it. what is on him as the president, i will accept it. and i have accepted it. but the one thing i hate when people say well, you know, he is just learning the office, he
7:41 am
doesn't know about these things when it comes to the political ways that washington runs. when you become president, you are supposed to know those things. or you hire people around you that knows those things so that they can advise you and you listen. you have to come in to that office ready to take hold. you know what they call that, when they come into office and you come in ready to run? that is the way you have to come in there. you cannot give a person an they justt says well, don't know. this is not a learning job. you have to know. this is a powerful position. position cann this order a bomb to be released anywhere in the world.
7:42 am
host: thank you very much. here are a couple of tweets, "asking you are saying -- businesses to go to the russian when ussr fell, why surprised big guys have ties?" "80another one, saying sessions testimony to use it only makes me wonder will he commit perjury or break the law again this time." another "director comey is trained in the field of intelligence and is also trained and texting someone when they are not being honest and forthcoming. stir comey got a bad rap from the president. one of the best fbi directors in our nation was fired for doing a great job." and another facebook quote "how and c-spanhe msm
7:43 am
beat this dead horse. there is no there, there. attorney general jefferson's -- sessions has been honest and will be honest, i'm like, eric holder, and others. i do nothingnow, sessions should even testify, because it is nitpicking whatever you say, it does not matter who it is, republican or democrat. it is just to make more noise i don'tre stuff, and know why everyone is complaining about russia. our have been mixed up in stuff since the 60's, and obama 2015,bout all of this in and never said a word. nobody said anything about it. and when it turns out you know, when they thought it might be hillary or something, they turned to trump and said now, [indiscernible] with your other
7:44 am
tweeter who is talking about investment in russia, because after the cold war and it fell, and i mean i would like to go all the possible colluding with the democrat side. how many pictures are there out there of them shaking hands with the ambassadors and hanging out with putin and hillary and obama, and everybody else? they do the same thing, they are all diplomats, and so it seems to me this is a pick and choose depending on what they like and what they do not like. going before the congress anymore, i am starting to think it is just a joke because they get up there and pontificate and accuse, and not really ask questions. both parties, which is why i am an independent. i'm kind of fed up with both of them. they are all parlor games, and it is all about who can bs the
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best when it comes to being a politician. i think that is the problem a lot of people are having with trump, because he is not polished, he is not used to being president. every president, every human man, woman, or whatever will take that position and has to go through a learning curve. we will stop you there. thank you for the call, there are a lot of people who want to weigh in as well. "since our twitter page he lied under oath, it does not really matter since he will lie if asked a tough question. the republican congress no longer respects the rule of law." is london telegraph reporting this morning on developers in great britain. you can read the full story here. , "inis the headline ."fice, but not in power
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theresa may was left undermined on saturday night as her chief stop thefailed to furious tory backlash over the election. the prime minister had been told by cabinet ministers that she must overhaul her leadership style and change your economic policy if she wants to remain in power. may made a flurry of calls in an attempt to stay in number 10 in the hours after a disastrous election night that saw the tories lose seats. "viewers -- voters issue a rebuke of the status quo." this will be repeated in germany, as next year angela merkel will head back to the polls. caller: good morning, thank you c-span, span --for
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you guys are great. i would like to make a few quick points. number one, al franken asked jeff sessions directly about the russians. and then gave him a second chance to give that answer in writing, and he lied both times. that is one point. paulecond point -- manafort, all these other jokers around trump, maybe trump did not know anything about this, but they all had convenient amnesia about having russian connections. i find that fascinating, don't you? point, in the very national, these three security people that testified in front of congress, that talked about bots and flooding the news with fake news right before the election, and how
7:48 am
people have been saying today how they get the news from rt and online, other places, and that is exactly where they were flooding the new lives in the fake news. it was funny that two weeks showtime hadnd on that exact episode about a guy flooding the news. i find this all too coincidental, you know? and i think it needs to be looks all the way through. host: thank you very much for the call. and this syndicated column from the washington post this morning. last week was infrastructure week for the administration, focusing on rails, rivers, airlines, including the privatization of the air traffic controllers, testimony by elaine about the needng for infrastructure and how to pay for it. you can read at the washington
7:49 am
let's go to shreveport louisiana -- report, louisiana with our -- shreveport, louisiana with our government line. -- public in line -- republican line. caller: something that is absurd is the fact that james comey, at the time he came out the second time, the only reason he came out is because he was going to media or fbihe about hillary clinton. the only collusion there was was with bill clinton and loretta lynch. he has never talked about anything on the main tv's, did not really talk about benghazi, so all of you are in a bubble. you do not know anything about us in shreveport, you could care less. that is all i have to say. from shreveport, louisiana. there is a primary on tuesday in virginia, a gubernatorial primary, a long-term post for
7:50 am
the governor. endorsedngton post has frank wagner of the republican side and the lieutenant governor, on the democrat side. all the primary results on tuesday, and next tuesday is the special election in georgia's six congressional district -- sixth congressional district. let's go to marry in cambridge, massachusetts, democrats line. caller: what bothers me about the republican voters, and it shows in the people who are , -- i heard that a poll was taken and either a lot , in my have been a majority of republican voters, aw do not consider russia as
7:51 am
adversarial power. and that is really weird. i notice when they call in, they talk about hillary, they talk about benghazi, like lisa just did, and some of them sound very articulate, but they never russia. russia is our adversary, and i thought that the whole thing that everybody would be so worried about, the people in washington, was that trump or someone close to him wanted sections to be lifted -- sanctions to be lifted from russia as punishment for and ing the ukraine, order that americans -- it might have been people who worn a lot -- own aghts in russia lot of oil rights in russia, and one of those people is close to our president and was supposed to go to russia and show them the technology of getting this oil out of the ground.
7:52 am
now that we have put sanctions on russia, these americans, i do not know if it is tillerson, one of the people who has been mentioned in the news a lot, they will not let him, and do that. was --ht that that was that was what this was about, big things, not little things like hillary's email. what is going on between russian -- bus and russia? -- us and russia? host: thank you for your call. and here are some tweets. you pay for the infrastructure updates by cutting the budget from janet ness, and another one if russians are the enemy, wise the u.s. using them as a space service? for enemies? emies?en
7:53 am
and here from this website. "to think of the present was under investigation. broughtk's big hearing clarity. i now believe the president fired fbi director james comey because he believes comey intentionally misled the public into believing that trump was under investigation by the fbi. for thisenough support theory that, had the president been forthright in explaining it when he dismissed comey on may beenere may have considerably less uproar. instead, trump disassembled. he just bought himself a bill ault delegating -- debilitating special counsel investigation, despite its being increasingly patent that there is no crime to investigate." caller: -- i wanted to say that
7:54 am
this whole witchhunt was incredibly disheartening. it is the same thing that happened with president clinton. it is the same thing, only in reverse. back then it was republicans going full tilt after president clinton because he had filet sheol -- host: we will move on to irving in texas, and please keep this conversation polite and civil without getting older. --vulgar. caller: hello, i would like to say the republicans had [indiscernible] questions anytime they heard something. [indiscernible] i would love to hear you all get
7:55 am
some commentators to come on board to ask questions about the leaks, and [indiscernible] heropraised the parliament . i want to know what the differences between him being a and why trump is a criminal? the same people -- this guy is a hero, [indiscernible] i want to know what the is.erence bring them on board to see what is the difference between that guy being a hero and [indiscernible] being a criminal. on to shall be,
7:56 am
from west virginia. good morning, shelby. isler: hello, my whole thing all of these on trump team during the election and even now, in their links to russia, what the american people cannot wrap their heads around is that they were manipulated by the release of information with the hillary emails and i'll of this, and i do not know how anybody can infer trump, he's oblivious to this -- i do not know. he is not that super. -- stupid. oblivious to how the russian , that is the selection for somebody to find out. but to me, it is right there on the stage. theybody is connected to russians. and what do they want to do? mess up the european union. what are they doing? messing up the european union. thing, if we lift
7:57 am
sanctions and they go into foreclosure on citgo oil, there are bigger issues here in the circus he has going on. comey to that he fired try and shut down the investigation early and continue the circus. i do not know what. reporting from deer valley, utah, and the headline at "mitt romney stoking speculation he is weighing another political run, maybe the u.s. senate." trump,ing president raising money, and not ruling out another run for office .imself -- onceromney watched savaged as unfit for the presidency nearly picked them to be a secretary of state destiny theetary of state -- secretary of state.
7:58 am
they sketched out early plans to boost big spending super pacs dedicated to saving the parties imperiled house majority, and even stokes regulation that he is thinking about a senate did if warren hatch decided he would not seek another term. larry and washington, d.c. cover republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. mr. session, he is in honor of mr. sessions, he is an honorable man. the only one guilty of collusion is hillary. perjury, andmitted also the senior fbi officials, you could say he is a corrupt cop. russia, this with collusion comes from clinton, attorney general will
7:59 am
read a hargrove, which is her husband's name, chooses her maiden name. they're playing the establishment on both the republican side and will go for impeachment by november. some people have to face reality. you get the last word, and again you can continue the conversation online at we will be joined by a guest from the heritage foundation as we turn our direction to the fbi director's testimony and whether or not there is anything there, there. michael tomasky on his article from the daily beast. coming up next is steve stivers,
8:00 am
head of the national republican congressional committee. responsible for keeping the gop in the house majority. here is a we taped last thursday. handle the intense interest in the agenda and the politics right now? interestis a intense in there was a lot of emotion around what is going on in this country right now, and that emotion is active on both sides, but it is our job as policymakers and elected representatives to keep our cool, the matter what happens and my advice to all of our members is to keep your head, keep your cool, work hard because if we don't keep our cool, we make mistakes and those will cost us at the ballot box. it is important to keep our cool. i was


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