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tv   Washington Journal Daniel Lippman Previews Week Ahead in Washington  CSPAN  June 12, 2017 1:49am-2:01am EDT

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more staff to help him at the justice department. one of his biggest problems right now is the justice department is a large department, and the confirmation process has been so slow that he has -- he is running the justice department with a handful of people. that makes it difficult to get anything done. host: hans von spakovsky, who is with the heritage committee is e most appropriate form for these matters, as it has been conducting an investigation and has access to relevant classified information." we are here with the co-editor politicos playbook. being here with us. >> thank you. >> what does this mean? >> so i think the take away from sessions testimony is that he wants to try to clear the air,
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because with comey's testimony, which kind of implied that there russianshere with the and sessions, i think he feels like there has been a lot of accusations against him and has not really addressed them into a taboo forum. and the various question statements every so often, defending himself, they have not clearly done the trick either. >> but this was not expected, was it? when they came out yesterday? >> no, it was not expected. i think he basically was going to testify in front of the budget committee, but then he realized that he would face a ton of questions, mostly about russia, and comey and trump, and so he felt like he should do it in the proper forum, which is the set intelligence committee. -- senate intelligence committee, even though it opens himself up to getting more attention.
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so it is a calculated risk on his part, because you start spending this entire weekend prepping these answers because he does not want to perjure himself, he wants to come across as the best he can. i want to follow-up on a story you featured last week in playbook. the headline, the president growing discontent over attorney general jeff sessions. i want to redo a section. "few republicans were quicker to a brace obama's public campaign lester than jeff sessions, -- jeff-- last year then sessions, but this display in past monday in a series of stark , early morning postings on twitter were the president faulted his own justice
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department on the travel ban. mr. trump accused mr. sessions department of devising a politically correct version of the ban as if the president had nothing to do with it. in private, the president's exasperation has been even sharper. he has intermittently fumed for months over sessions decision to recuse himself from the investigation into russian meddling into last year's election, and mr. trump said it was that recusal that led to the point of the special counsel who took over the investigation. what more can you tell us about this story and what is going on in the trump white house with the president specifically? i think the more important context is that session has done this several times, to push himself out of the headlines and also because he felt like he had become a liability to trump. if trump is constantly criticizing him, why should you stay in office?
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i think sessions feels like he is trying to do the best job he can, he felt like the ethics lawyers, they basically recommended that he recuse himself because he had contacts with russia, he was a huge surrogate for the trump campaign, and so even though he supports the president, he recognizes that it would be hard for him to remain impartial about this investigation. less -- he cares less about the norms and practices that a refusal -- that a recusal -- why there is a recusal. he wants to do what he wants. so i think trump often gets, distant tented -- he gets discontented with members of his own white house, all his senior advisers must feel like he is not always looking out for them, tries to make snide comments,
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and then they cyber each other, so i do not think sessions will get fired by trump, because that will create more problems. but there is a clear divide between the white house and the doj, because the white house createdke sessions has more problems, and rod rosenstein is not loyal because he appointed bob mueller, who could take down the president. that is what i am hearing from my sources, and we know rod rosenstein will be the person -- rosensteinnow rod will be the person testifying on monday. i want to turn to some other issues. the senate continues the debate over health care. there has been some speculation of the senate republican leader is invoking rule 14, which bypasses the committee process, fast tracking the bill to the senate floor, but now politico
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is reporting that the timeline is shifting yet again. what can you tell us today? i think we are going to have to make a choice in how much when -- how much longer they will spend trashing the health care bill when it is in the way of other priorities were the president and her public and legislat -- of the president and republican legislature. reform, looking at tax and for structure, increasing the debt ceiling, all of those issues are under the radar because people are talking about health care. so republicans are facing the same challenge that the house did, in that you have this entitlement, which millions of americans get health care off of, but -- and you want to tear down obama care but do not want to leave millions of people without health coverage, because that would be deadly for
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republicans next year in the midterms, because democrats would run millions of dollars of ads saying why did you take away all of the people's health care? they need to do this in a way that preserves the core of obamacare but instead of repealing it, they are framing it in a very tricky way. and annexed couple of weeks, you will see either a successful bill or they will decide to move on. they will turn their attention to actually other issues that a big tax cutike or tax reform, which he feels would, you know, give the economy a shot in the arm. host: a big tax cut or tax reform, which he feels playbook is the morning must-read here in washington dc, daniel lipman is the coeditor. check
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>> be sure to watch c-span's washington journal -- join the discussion. tomorrow, treasury secretary steve mnuchin testifies in the house subcommittee in his apartments 2018 budget. irisble topics and clued operations comes ever security, and to respect counts. watch live at 4:00 p.m. eastern on c-span three. c-span,you missed it on retired brigadier general gerald
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on the possible threat of climate change on national security. if the repeal minerals, this one from the 1980's that says -- most significant aspects of battlefield combat, whether it's nice that have to be open, open seas, or were you a crime -- climb -- the military about that. on you have an interest of feeling thing -- with things like this and forecasting might have -- what might happen. >> jim sensenbrenner and attend meeting. warned -- [applause] >> as i said at the beginning of the meeting, interruptions are not going to be tolerated. ok, would you please sit down, sir?
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you do not have the floor. sit down. sit down. -- you for leaving. >> means surrendering his king hearing on -- the foreign so -- intelligence surveillance act -- >> where you not answering these questions? is there executive privilege or >> where you not answering? nots what you feel is relevant, and. >> missouri congresswoman and wagner on the changes to the dodd frank act. reporty we released a titled -- was the cup on the beach question mark this is regarding this here activities rules ofadequate investigating -- original scandal. i had to see numerous records
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for wells fargo and -- others -- candidacy of tb was asleep at the wheel. >> c-span programs are available andrg, on our homepage, from searching -- through the video library. >> now, examining the economic impact of opioid addiction and other forms of opioid abuse. this is an hour and 40 minutes. >> good morning and welcome. i want to welcome our ranking member and vice charmt and other members of the committee who join me in expressing the importance of holding a hearing on the threatening increase of drug abuse.


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