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tv   President Touts Accomplishments at Cabinet Meeting  CSPAN  June 12, 2017 10:45pm-11:11pm EDT

10:45 pm, and the c-span radio app. ♪ c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's television companies and is brought to you why your cable or satellite provider. >> president trump started the week meeting with members of his cabinet at the white house. at the top of the meeting, he talked at length for the time it took his cabinet members to be approved by the senate. this is 20 minutes. president trump: good morning.
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we have much great news to share with the american people today as we continue to deliver on our promises. long delay and confirmation and the confirmation process by the senate democrats, which i call maybestructionists -- they will change, but i doubt it. they are truly obstructionists. the confirmation process has been record-setting long -- and i mean record-setting long -- for some of the finest people in our country, being delayed and delayed and delayed. much of that is over, and now we are going to move on through the regular process with people at other levels of government and that's a very long process also with the ethics committee which is very difficult to deal with.
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i want to welcome the secretary of agriculture, sonny purdue. thanks, sunny. the secretary of labor. director of national andlligence, dan coats, robert litan heiser. this incredible, talented group in this room -- generals, governors, congressman, entrepreneurs, business leaders, many, many others -- i chose each person at this table and i chose them not only because of the remarkable experience and success, but because they all united by one shared goal. what they want to do is one simp very beautiful goal, serving and defending our beloved nation.
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believe me, we are doing it. we are doing it at a much faster pace. never has there been a president, with few exceptions -- in the case of fdr, the depression -- who has passed more legislation, who has done more things than what we have done. many bills, i guess over 34 bills, the supreme court justice who is going to be a great one, a great support -- a great supreme court justice and many others who will achieved tremendous success and i think we have been as active as we possibly can be. at just about a record-setting pace. and we are achieving these goals by eliminating these job killing
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regulations, unlocking american military,building our pursuing fair and reciprocal trade deals, achieving massive adoptions in illegal immigration, transforming the department of veterans affairs and building a partnership to defeat terrorism. in a very short time, we are seeing amazing results, and in fact, there are a couple major stories in the newspapers that miners are going back to work. people are surprised. it is kicking in really fast. last month, unemployment fell to its lowest point in 16 years. returned from overseas and concluded deals for $40 billion of economic investment in the united states.
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these deals will -- these deals will bring millions of jobs to our country and millions of jobs . we will help saudi arabia take a greater role in providing stability and security in that region. one of the big things we did, and you see it now with qatar and all of the things that are actually going on in a very sapping fashion, we are the funding of terrorists. we are going to stop the funding of terrorism. it's not an easy fight, but that is a fight we are going to win. there going to starve beast. we are going to starve the beast, believe me. secretary price is working very replace obamacare. the house passed a bill. the senate has it now. working veryll is hard. we will have zero backing from the democrats, it although they
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should get in and do something. we expect to get zero. if we had the greatest bill in the history of the world on health care, we would not get one vote from the democrats. because they are obstructionists. that is what they want to do. that is the game. they think that is the best political game. they are looking to 18. so far, we have had two races and we won both of those races rid they spent millions of millions of dollars congressional a. they are obstructionists, and that is sad. we are coming up with something that i think will be very good with zero support of the obstructionists. is --ary minuter and secretary minuter and -- secretary nugent -- secretary mnuchin is putting together tax cuts.
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director mulvaney is introducing a new budget that cuts wasteful washington spending and protect the taxpayer and that will come out and believe me, we will take care of the people that have to be taken care of. that is the first step. we will be taking care of the people that have to be taken care of. on a human basis, that is very, very important. today, we are going to hear from secretary tillerson and secretary mattis on the ways that we are combating isis. we have had tremendous success against isis. we are doing very, very well. we will have a news conference seewo weeks and you will numbers you would not have believed. you look back to six months ago, you would not believe it was possible. secretary shall can will give us an update on his tremendous work to make sure our veterans are finally given the care they deserve, one of the most
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important things to me on the campaign trail. we also are pushing for the passage of the v.a. accountability act to ensure employees of the v.a. can be held accountable. .f they fail our great veterans it has passed the senate and the house's voting tomorrow. tomorrow, we have a big vote and i think we will be in good shape. that is something that is going to be great for our veterans. we are also going to hear from secretary costa about a major announcement i will be making later this week. expanding apprenticeships in getting our people back to work. inhave the lowest number, terms of unemployment in many, many years. at the same time, i've always argued with that money because it does not take into account millions and millions of people who have given up looking for jobs and we are going to be doing something about that and getting those people back to
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work and it has already started in ohio. it has started in pennsylvania, south carolina. you see the numbers. i call them the forgotten men and women. but they are not going to be forgotten much longer. greatare millions of jobs. jobs that do not require a four-year degree or the massive debt that often comes from those four-year degrees, even two-year degrees. we are going to start apprenticeships. you will hear that, apprentice -- apprenticeships are going to be a big, big factor. we will have tremendous talent. talent for fixing an engine or a motor. a lot of people who graduated from the best colleges in the world have no clue what they would ever be good at. it's a different kind of
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ability. it's an ability nevertheless. we will help get our young people the technical training they need to pursue really exciting careers and careers that can make good money. they can really earn a great, and maybe even open small businesses. if everyone in this room wetinues to do their jobs, can restore american prosperity and make millions of millions of dollars that we can make for these people and we can make the american dream come true, make the american dream come true for a lot of people that will not have had that experience without the election result that we had in november -- on november 8. return power to the people. we are here to give people a great shot. forward to hearing the
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reports from different people in the room today. we have done, as i said, about as much as anybody ever in a .hort time that is despite tremendous opposition from the other side. we have done something very special and you see the economic numbers because the economic numbers have been incredible. one just came out, almost or trillion dollars of worth created -- $4 trillion of worth created in the stock works -- stock markets of our country. take a look at that. $700,000. 700,000 jobs. if we would have said that on november 8, nobody would have believed the number. if we would have said that, almost $4 trillion in the stock markets have been created, everybody would have laughed at us. that's what it is.
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we have a great group of talent. we are seeing the early fruits of their labor. some of them will not be able to kick in because statutorily they are delayed. we will have major legislation soon on the dumping of steel in our country that is killing our workers and are still companies. we will have legislation on the dumping of aluminum in our country that is killing our workers and we will be and announcing that very soon. i think what we will do, most of you know around the room, i will rex tillerson. everybody likes rex tillerson. i will maybe start with mike and we will just go around, and you name your position and then we
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will have these folks go back and have a good day and we will have our various reports. mike? >> thank you, mr. president. privilege of my life is to serve as vice president to a president who is keeping his word to the american people who is bringing real change to our nation. president trump: thank you, mike. attorney general sessions: i would like to be here and celebrate this group. sure the rest of you understand, but law enforcement all across america very frustrated. they are so thrilled that we have an idea we are going to support him and walk together. theill lawfully fight to rising crime that we are seeing. you inn honor to serve that regard. you have sent to the exact right
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message and the responses fabulous around the country. president trump: great success 13, being thrown out and rapid numbers and they are being depleted. they will all be gone pretty sent. you are great, jeff. think you very much. alex? >> mr. president, it is my privilege to be here. i am deeply honored and i would like to thank you for your amendment to the american workers. we are very excited at the department of labor. i think this is going to make a real difference. so thank you. president trump: thank you and congratulations. whereas -- hear whyeeded to america is stepping away from the paris accord.
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america is not stepping back. we are stepping into play and sending messages. we will still be leaders in the world when it comes to climate but we will not be held hostage do some executive order that was ill-thought out. for takingto you that stand and sending a clear message around the world that america will continue to lead. >> thank you mr. president. it is a new day at the united nations. we now have a strong voice. people know what america's four, they know what we are against, they see as leading across the board. i think the international community knows we are back. president trump: thank you. >> we're going to be able to take care of the people are needed. we will focus on the forgotten man and woman who are paying those taxes. i appreciate your support pulling the budget together.
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>> good morning. it is good to be back in the united states. the environment. the messages the united states needs to focus on growth and protecting the environment. it was received well. >> good morning mr. president. there is a diversity of threats to our country. we have men and women working 24-7, 7 days a week to make sure we have -- we are on top of all of these threats. it is a joy to work with the people i have the inherited and we will provide you with the very best intelligence we can so that you can formulate policy to deal with these issues. president trump: thank you. >> mr. president, it is a pleasure to serve, to serve the children of this country and make sure every child has the opportunity to have a good
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education and therefore a good future. >> mr. president, what a pleasure it is to lead the department of health and human services under your leadership. i cannot thank you enough. i had the opportunity to represent the united states at the g 20 health summit in berlin i cannot tell and you how excited they are about the united states. >> mr. president, as the seal on your staff, it is an honor to be the generator of the energy dominance. i am deeply honored and optimistic we can be great stewards and be the world's largest user of energy. president trump: we can do both. thank you. >> it is an honor to serve the
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country. a great privilege you have given me. clearly we are engaged with our allies. is. know what our vision america will continue to be a do more.t they must with from a national security standpoint and for prosperity. for our adversaries, we will engage but they have to know we will engage from a position of strength to protect america's national interest and we expect to make progress resolving some of these differences. >> it is an honor to represent the men and women of the department of defense. we are grateful for the sacrifices our people are making to strengthen our military. we will always negotiate from a position of strength. you.dent trump: thank >> thank you for the opportunity to help fix the trade deficit. other countries are gradually
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getting the news. they are not happy with it but there is growing recognition of an and i am thrilled to help you. >> mr. president, last week was week.t infrastructure thank you for coming over to the department of transportation. hundreds and hundreds of people were so thrilled to hang out and watch the ceremony. i want to thank you for getting this country moving again and also working again. president trump: thank you. thank you so much. representry proud to the men and women who serve the country and dhs. in the five months i have had the job, we have been able to facilitate the legal movement of crossovers, and at the same time there is a long way to safeguard our southern
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border working with all of our partners to the south to stop illegal immigration. while we still welcome legal anigrants, where no longer illegal order crossing. [indiscernible] >> i have also traveled the country. the message was similar. deficits do matter. >> good morning mr. president. thank you for the opportunity to serve. i have not been traveling internationally, but i have been traveling around the country and what i continue to hear is renewed optimism from small businesses.
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people are returning to the workforce. small businesses are creating new jobs. outreach is successful. thank you. we are on a good trajectory but there is still a lot of work to do. >> on behalf of the entire senior staff, mr. president we thank you for your opportunity and the blessings you have given us. we will continue to work very hard every day. >> mr. president, it is an honor to serve you. i am privileged to lead the men and women to do the national security mission in the finest tradition. despite the media. [laughter] [indiscernible] >> mr. president, thank you for your support.
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i know this is personally very important to you. i have the great honor of being able to represent the 21 million american veterans that have done such great things for our country and i work every day to make sure i am worthy of that responsibility. >> mr. president, it has been a great honor to work with you. we are making tremendous and have already seen tremendous change. this month's national homeowners [indiscernible] -- >> good morning mr. president. [indiscernible] i want to congratulate you on the men and women you have
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placed around the table. this'll team working for america is making results in each and every area. ross,g with secretary lighthouse or, volusia and, tom price, scott pruitt, this is a team you have assembled that is working with love for america. these are great team members. your team. thank you. >> thank you mr. president, it honor traveling with you around the country for the past year and an even greater honor to be in your cabinet. we are focused on creating economic growth, sweeping tax reform, and fighting terrorism with sanctions. all very much. >> thank you everybody. [crosstalk]
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president trump: thank you very much. announcer: c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, newsmax ceo discusses the future of donald trump's presidency and the american enterprise institute and the brookings institution will talk about family paid leave. also joining us, and editor will discuss the future of uber. be sure to watch washington journal live tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m.. join the discussion. >> secretary of state rex tillerson testifies before the senate foreign relations committee tuesday. live coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3.
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you can also follow at and our free c-span .adio app >> attorney general jeff sessions is on capitol hill tuesday for an appearance before the senate intelligence committee. he is expected to address his contacts with russian officials during the 2016 campaign. this will be his first time testifying before congress since being affirmed as -- confirmed as attorney general. live coverage begins tuesday at 2:30 p.m. eastern on c-span3. it will also be available on and the free c-span radio app. treasury secretary steven madden edition testifies on the 2018 budget proposal for the treasury department and its agencies. most questions focus on programs up for cuts under the president's proposal. this house appropriations committee meeting is one hour and 35 minutes


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