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tv   U.S. House Meets for Legislative Business  CSPAN  June 13, 2017 5:59pm-6:24pm EDT

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well, in order to help people, just like the cfpb, and for my liberal friends, that's sarcasm, well, going to get everybody's health care records. that way the government can help people better because they'll have all their records. well, some people, some liberal left-leaning folks would say, we call that helping people. we gather all their medical records. we gather all their financial records so we can help them. libertarian, re conservative, we don't consider that helping. we consider that abusive and we on't need it. one of the great honors,
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developments, since i've been in congress has been development of a friendship with just an absolutely great patriotic american, he's a friend of mine, and he's come twice to sit in my seat in the gallery, most recently to hear president trump deliver his state of the union address, but here's a story by sean "pully, it's entitled the plug on the mueller-comey witch hunt." it says special counsel robert mueller's investigation is turning into a witch hunt and needs to be shut dun immediately. ex-f.b.i. director james comey who admitted sparking the probe by leaking information to the "new york times" is nothing more than a calculating, cunning,
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partisan political hack at the -- at home in the d.c. swamp. during last week's hearing, comey admitted he intentionally gave a memo to his friend hoping it would lead to the appointment of special counsel. quote, i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter, unquote, comey told lawmakers. quote, didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons but i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. and so i asked a close friend of mine to do it, unquote. what comey's admitting to under oath can in the be overlooked here or understated. his end goal was the appointment of the special counsel with -- which just so happens to turn out to be his longtime friend, robert mueller. by leaking information,
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comey could be putting himself again in serious legal trouble if those memos were classified and several legal experts are arguing they are, comey may have broke then law. comey created those memos on government computers, in a government truck, making it property of the united states government, not james comey. in addition to that, there are nondisclosure agreements in the f.b.i. rules that exist that comey also could have violated. leaks aside, comey's relationship with muller is a massive conflict of interest. it's why it is time now to shut down this political witch hunt that is really aimed at stopping the president. delegitimizing him and hopefully in the minds of some making sure he gets
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thrown out of office. it's that serious. we have a guy, comey who is beyond disgruntled and angry after being fired by the president and now one of comey's closest friends is leading the investigation as the special counsel. i don't care if you're left, right, republican, democrat, does that sound fair? honest? object i to you? of course not. conflict of interest rules disqualify mueller from being special counsel in a case involving his pal. and if that's not bad enough, four members of mueller's team have donated to democrats. not to mention why did james comey wait until his hearing last week to actually mention the fact that loretta lynch, the then-attorney general, tried to interfere with an f.b.i.
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investigation? he testified that she instructed him to soft pedal his investigation by calling it a matter. this on top of her infamous meeting on the tarmac with bill clinton, the real collusion mueller is never going to probe is not with president trump and the russians, it appears to be between the clinton campaign, the -- the obama administration, loretta lynch, james comey, and i would add, mueller himself. let's pull the plug on this witch hunt and go after the real lawbreakers. so that is from fox news. it's . speaker, extraordinary what's come out. i mean, i already knew before all of this started that robert mueller, great patriot, served his country in the vietnam war, bronze
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tar, courage, bravery, but got into government and he apparently wanted nothing put yemen. he want -- nothing but yes men. he wanted nothing but yes men and women hetch didn't want people point out when he had a suggestion that lead to trouble, he would rather have the trouble than have anybody point out such things. so he created a policy he called the five year up or out program. we have f.b.i. offices all over the country. and local law enforcement that i've worked with so many times through so many ars, and as people know, you'll have bad apples in every crowd, but i would submit that when you're
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talking about law enforcement, the percentage of bad apples is dramatically lower than you find in the general population at large. we are greatly blessed in that respect. massive all of the number of employees with the department of justice, mueller has this five-year up or out policy. so if you were in a supervisory position of any kind for five years, anywhere in the country, then at the end of the five years, you had to uproot your wife, your children, your family, you had to move to washington and be a minion among minions in the office here at the department of justice, or if
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you weren't willing to uproot your family in the communities where they had gained so much credibility, were considered such an important part of law enforcement in the area, then you had to get out of the f.b.i. it's not that you weren't absolutely priceless and invaluable to law enforcement, it's that bob mueller did not want your experience where you might ever question him. and so as an article, i believe it was in the "wall street journal" years ago, pointed out, under his leadership, the f.b.i. lost thousands upon thousands of years of experience. so we keep having people get killed around the country, people wonder how did the f.b.i. not pick this up? how did the f.b.i. not recognize this?
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well, i recall when i got out of law school and i was an assistant d.a., i would see criminal defense attorneys and i would think in my head, i would know in my head, i knew a whole lot more law than they did. heck i had one moot court, won a trip to london, england, baylor law school, won an award for best brief award. won -- for that i had a partner. won an award for law review article on torts that i did. you know, gee. i was coming up against lawyers that hadn't won awards in law school like i had. and so i'm going, gee this ought to be pretty easy. they're not near as smart as
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i am. when it comes to the law. and what i learned rather quickly in courtroom work is that knowledge of the law is extremely helpful but experience is even more helpful. getting a feel and an understanding of human nature, learning to pick up different signs from people, what they think about different things, when they're holding something back. when you're cross-examining somebody, when to know to keep going or when to know to stop. a lot of things you pick up over questioning thousands of people. somebody right out of law school that knows every bit of the law is going to have a hard time competing with somebody that has a tremendous amount of experience in the courtroom of human nature. and that is true of law enforcement. i have known law enforcement
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that just had incredible knack for just knowing when people were lying. amazing. to see some of our great law enforcement at work as i have through my career. but, f.b.i. director robert mueller didn't want them around. after you've been in a supervisory position for five years or more, you either come to washington and take up your little cubicle or get out. and again, robert mueller damage to able the f.b.i., to its experience, to its ability to root out and find criminals. that experience that he ran off from the f.b.i.
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absolutely incalculable. it is just priceless. he also spent millions on a software program, many tried to tell him, wait, you've got us inputting stuff in a system, it's not going to work, it doesn't fit our needs. i don't know if he had some relative there he got it from or why he was so sold on this terrible program. people tried to tell him. but those are the people he wanted out he didn't want anybody questioning his brilliant intellect. and as a result, they wasted ssive number of hours by f.b.i. employees, wasted the millions that were spent on the program trying to make the program work, later had to scrap it. why? because he was talked into a bad program and he wouldn't listen to anybody that tried
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to tell him about the prbs -- about the problems. we also know that one of the reasons we continue to have people who were on the radar of the f.b.i. even questioned by the f.b.i. continue to get away with murder, literally, or be able to commit murder in america, commit terrorism involving murder, is because robert mueller, trying to make radical islamists that hate americaened that want to overthrow our way of life, wanted to make them feel better so he brought in people to purge our training material in the f.b.i. so that we wouldn't offend radical islamists that want to kill us. so there were some things,
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michele bachmann and i reviewed much of the material that was purged. lynn westmoreland reviewed some of it. but it involved hours going through. and unfortunately, and obviously it was intentional, but the f.b.i. under mueller classified the purgele -- the purged materials so i couldn't have a blow up poster here to show something very important that f.b.i. agents would need in order to understand radical islam. so they classified that. i can't bring it down here and show people. damage again the that f.b.i. director robert mueller did to the f.b.i. basically incalculable.
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and i've mentioned before but one of our intelligence guys said, you know, we were blinded of our ability to see our enemy. and we have robert muller to thank. coursecare -- of course cair, the council on american islamic relations who is always there to rush in and have a press conference after violence to say, we don't support this kind of violence, though clearly, when the evidence is reviewed, the council on american islamic relations individuals involved in cair, they ultimately want to see sharia law as the law of the land. that should have been prosecuted as supporting terrorism.
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there were scores of people that were listed as co-conspirators in upporting terrorism and and the holy land trial convicted the principals involved, over 100 counts of supporting terrorism, instead of being alerted and being more on s guard, the f.b.i. director mueller, bent overrule backwards more and more to accommodate those who want to see shari'a law be the law of the land scrapping our constitution. at one time, it was considered treason to want to scrap the constitution and replace it with anything. ut in bob mueller's america,
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people that wouldn't mind seeing the constitution go away and be replaced by shari'a law, those are people you want to develop an outreach program. instead of going to the boston mosque where the tsarnaevs indicated, shown signs of being radicalized, robert mueller and his f.b.i. went to the mosque as part of an outreach program to lay patty cake with people who could have established that were honest, that tsarnaev brothers had indeed been radicalized. the information from russia was correct. and yet because under bob mueller's leadership, the raining materials were purged.
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f.b.i. agents didn't know what they were looking for. they didn't know what scriptures n the koran were quoted by people who had been radicalized. they had no idea what to look for. speaking to kim jensen who prepared over 700 pages of training materials so people in the f.b.i. could learn radical islam, his training materials were banned and were supposed to have been destroyed, but after it became clear that the f.b.i. uld not recognize islamist islamists that mueller did so much damage in training f.b.i. agents, finally decided, we kind of need to get somebody back in here, get sore materials back in here so maybe we don't keep
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getting people killed in the country after we are alerted to somebody who has been radicalized as an islamist terrorist and we let them go because we don't know they are radicalized because f.b.i. director mueller prevented our f.b.i. from being trained to recognize radical islam. there are some people who ex toll the virtues and heard people say he is a great guy, so they ex toll the virtues not realizing the damage that has been done. and as i mentioned last night, mr. speaker, when you look at the damage that james comey and robert mueller just really tight friends, have done to the country, i mean to an extent i didn't even realize until we started looking, the article by
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olly hemming way in "the federalist go" rather breath taking, i had no idea that comey talked a very fineman, john ashcroft, into recusing himself so he would not appoint a special prosecutor to find out who leaked the fact that valerie agent. s a c.i.a. john ashcroft, recuse yourself and i'll find somebody good. mr. comey likes to talk about conflicts of interests unless they apply to himself. and so ashcroft recuses himself, and mr. comey convinced him to do so.
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looks high and low, who could we possibly find to investigate and prosecute whoever it was that will leaked information about valerie plame. oh, how about my very dear friend patrick fitzgerald, who happens to be the godfather of my child. so he likes to talk about conflicts of interests and chummy relationships, unless they are chummy relationships, in which case he puts them in places which appear to be conflicts of interests, which is no surprise that he was supportive and even manipulative in creating what appeared to be a need for a special prosecutor, which actually was not a need for a special prosecutor at all.
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he just leaked information, probably violated the law. there's a good chance. certainly should have violated his f.b.i. employment agreement, property, memos that he prepares as part of his job regarding meetings he had as part of his job. those should belong to the f.b.i. under employment agreement. has seen re that he presidents with whom he has worked, for whom he has worked, that take their own memos and take them back and use them to write books. perhaps that is what he is thinking. i'll take my memos that i personally prepared and i'll be like a president, and i will save my memos and use them toll
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write a book. of course it turns out with regard to this one memo that he wrote about his conversation with president trump, he consulted with other members of the justice department that all need to be fired, coluded with them to figure out what should be done. and there's no question, these people are smart or they wouldn't be where they were. they knew if there was an obstruction of justice in which trump had engaged, then they would have to report it, fail to report it would be a crime. they didn't. so we know there was no crime. we know they were conspiring and coluding to hurt the president of the united states. we don't need a special prosecutor and we don't need mueller. he has done enough damage. it's time to let the special
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prosecutor go. yield back. the speaker pro tempore: question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. accordingly the house stands


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