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tv   Washington Journal Representative Don Beyer Discusses the Russia...  CSPAN  June 14, 2017 8:27am-9:05am EDT

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-- aside their there was a well-known political figure in chicago, a hugely respected man who everyone in black chicago believed could never go higher because he was married to a white omen. so it is in the political tradition of black chicago in the early 1990's that for a black man to aspire to represent it is necessary to have a black spouse. easterny night at 8:00 on c-span q&a. >> "washington journal" continues. host: from virginia, the district that is home to this book field where the shooting happened this morning where
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according to reports, the majority whip has been injured in that shooting. what updates can you give us? guest: all i have heard so far , a heavysetfired white man with a rifle. we just hope and pray that everyone is ok and there will not be death. five people were injured and taken away. dot: what sort of updates you get from police? i think we will probably turn first to the leadership. if i can my best contribute. i do not want to -- do you feel safe as a member of congress? guest: i did although my wife is
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a little freaked out right now. i know it is your home to. it is scary when it happens anywhere in the country but even scarier when it happens at home. every stump speech i give, sometimes if you just watch fox news or msnbc, you think everyone on capitol hill hates everyone else. democrats and republicans will not going to elevator together. that cannot be further from the truth most treat everyone with respect and friendship. pastor -- a pastor a church gave the opening prayer and paul ryan was presiding in quebec and did a photo with the pastor. i did not even know he knew my name. different opinions and
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policy, people are generally pretty good to each other. that very terrible to see strife spillover into gun violence. host: we're still learning some updates. the suspect is indeed in custody .nd not a threat we will bring those updates to our viewers. are you concerned about the level of anger, not whether involved at all in the shooting but it is on -- is it on your mind today? guest: certainly. we have to find a balance. let's try to lead, clearly on
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things that concern us. i'm against the president's's decision, a terrible. go decision. you do not want to over characterize it and say everyone is evil. we are having a big debate over health care right now. is notmal care act perfect but it brought health care to 20 million people and brought -- did wonderful things for pre-existing conditions. republicans have a different idea i don't like but at the same time, you do not want to tear down the individual and the institution while we had a difficult, meaningful, important debate about how health care moves forward in the country. important thats a language be positive, that we continue to look for constructive ways. i disagree with the president on many things. when he does something right, i
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think it is my responsibility, for example in a merge electronic health care at that is affairs, really good thing and we need to celebrate those kinds of things. host: i wonder your thoughts of viewers whong, for do not know, one of the place where members both sides of the aisle come together and there is and it is chur additionally one of the positive moments of the summer for congress -- guest: particularly sad. i think the stadium gets largely sold-out. a lot of money. i think i was way the worst player on the field. just going to practices alone was really fun.
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you have people on the field any see them in a different way. the positive way. i know you are someone who is a strong advocate of more gun control. is that on your mind today? although this is probably the worst possible time to make a gun-control argument. it is a rifle rather than the kinds of things we're kind -- trying to control. it will be interesting to see who the shooter was pyramid he of these cases are people with mental illness, from the reagan shooter to virginia tech. we don't really know but it may , the rifles not typically one of the things in the front part those are debate, further discussions. i think all of us would like to see much less gun violence than we have.
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i met with the suicide prevention people today. 20,000 gun deaths per year from suicide or suicide from guns in america. that is about two thirds overall. we need to work together to find without upsetting the constitution. how well do you know steve? guest: not at all. i do not know that i've had a conversation with him. there are 435, and unless you are on the same committee or the same hall, it is not easy to get to know people. we have 3.5 daily experience. come in monday and york on thursday. the huge advantage of living 15 minutes from the capital is people tend to have events in the district every night rather than capitol hill with all these guys and gals. training do you
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get from capitol police in terms of safety and potential threats that could happen as you are out doing your business as members of congress? host: i do not remember getting much training at all from police. we had three or four days of it was notaining and really dangerous but they warned and al people like isis qaeda would look for soft targets. it is tough to get in pass the downtown,aq but pretty easy. that things like always being aware, is anyone following you are watching you, taking different routes every time. carook the tags off the because you did not want people to know you are an american at bassler and becoming a target.
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but i have never worried about it here. sometimes, once a month, there is an incident on capitol hill and the capitol police do a really good job of protecting us. host: reports that there might've been some of those shot in that exchange, the latest information as we go forward, we are talking with congressman don beyer, democrat from virginia. his home district is alexandria, arlington, where that shooting happened at that baseball field. republicans -- invited you on to talk about jeff sessions testimony yesterday. i want to get your reaction to that while you are here? guest: i saw senator warner last night, and he seemed pretty , that theyby it
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wanted more answers from senator sessions that he destined was going to come forward with. he would and said never want to hold senator sessions in contempt of the senate, but that there is so much more that is there that they were unable to extract from the senator. host: what more did you need to hear from him in that testimony? key thing was trying to confirm and characterize the conversation you had with the president and we were getting it indirectly through the president's tweets and the comey testimony. host: let's get the viewers involved. mary is up first talking with congressman don beyer. line for independents. caller: thanks to time very upset right now. i feel sorry for you people in alexandria and the congressman.
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we are now harvesting the hate going on in this country. you look like a man who probably live through the assassinations of the 1960's, starting with our dear president. i do not go for violence or hatred. if you want to talk politics, talk politics. but we see a comedian on cnn behead a president and put it we see a shakespearean and even attacking the this has gonemean overboard. now we have got permission to go start shooting down congressman? the violence and the hate
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speech, it goes one into another. i am 70 years old. damned if iammed -- go through another assassination of a president or any other political figure. reagan and myort dear friend called me the day he was shot and i dropped my phone and they said, you don't like reagan, and i said he is the president of the united states. you don't do this. thank you. she is absolutely right. it is interesting. don't have a first amendment clause or a freedom of speech. they really do criminalize hate speech in many places. to poor speecher is more speech.
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everyone is in a leadership position, every american should minimize hate speech. in polite ande respectful ways we can make strong arguments and get angry and upset but the notion of bringing forth violence or hatred is absolutely unacceptable. host: adding more information, on capitol hill, a fox news producer following this, his tweets from this morning saying capitol police are on scene with long guns at the congressional baseball practice where that happened. 7:15, he says the gunman approached with a rifle and it went on for 10 minutes. the department of homeland security monitoring this -- that shooting. three minutes ago, he tweeted out-of-court -- quoting the president saying this is a tragedy and thoughts and prayers are met -- with members of congress and staff and first responders. said. well
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he is another person from alexandria. is one of the most wonderful communities in america. there are -- there is shopping and restaurants and the best halloween parade i've ever seen. not only the sort of normal end, --but by the >> a neighborhood that has seen a shooting took place this morning. republican, pennsylvania, good morning. caller: you seem like an honest guy. you think the language used by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are not causing any kind of hate in this country? the other thing is msnbc and cnn, they call names and glorify and black lives matter, they make heroes out of them. i think they are getting what they tried to get. this guy went and asked if they
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are republicans or democrats. they were republicans and five minutes later, he shot on them. host: that is not something we have seen reported and it is still a developing story so we want to be careful with the information without. but your point is taken. congressman? not want to take apart any person's language but the larger point is right. we need to find constructive, , appropriate ways to disagree. these debates are important. we get to better policies for america by having these debates. but it is a bad idea to characterize individuals as evil. d's in the ways of disagreeing have gotten worse in recent years and why? seems it sometimes
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has. i'm old enough to remember vietnam. was pretty tough then. if you read american history, the thomas adams and thomas jefferson stuff 220 years ago was awful. it has always been difficult. having these fights over the years. host: how does it get better? guest: one person at a time. i do not think it is something you can legislate as they do in europe. all of our leaders, beginning with the president, and i think to think of, trying any contrary example, he was very good, as was george w. bush, bill clinton, president -- president after president has had them's -- conduct themselves in respectful -- respectable
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ways. good to their families, clear language, great confessions of regret one terrible things happen, prayerful missing gratefulness, these are the kinds of leaders we need. not just elected leaders but people at every level of this -- government and society. talking with democrat of virginia, his district includes the alexandria area of the baseball field where the shooting happened about an hour and a half ago this morning. we are getting reports that the gunman, a congressional aide and steve were shot. idaho, democrat, good morning. caller: yes. it is such a sad day for america. guest: you are right. it must very early in idaho right now. thank you for calling. caller: yes, very early.
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i cannot believe this happened again. hate to ask you but who do you think is behind this? i have no idea it we just don't know yet. if i had to guess, and this is just a wild guess, often these in -- in these cases, people have serious mental illness. in alexandria, a terrible case of a mentally ill man who murdered three different people, including the wife of our sheriff act in 2003. it took a long time to figure him,ho it was and catch but he was well known to be someone who was clearly pretty mentally ill. but we will see. host: fox news now reporting some of what that caller was talking about earlier quoting a republican in florida describing a strange encounter with a man
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shortly before the shooting practice inaseball virginia. he said by phone that he and other congressmen were leaving when asked whether they were republican or democratic members of congress on the field. kind of odd. the man was not carrying anything at the time. later, the shooting started, the gunman with the rifle, in custody according to the alexandria police department. waldorf, maryland, robert, independent. good morning. caller: good morning. the democrats and the media have stated their intent to older -- overthrow and impeach the government. today, all of your rhetoric has come due. a gentleman decided to take out the whole republican leadership. this is a coup attempt by the democrats and the media on the united states government. you are all guilty of treason. the thingsyone of
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you have accused people of with no evidence come you have perpetrated a lie on the country for the past eight months. you lost an election because you are all in bunch of communists. host: got your point p let's hold off on the name-calling this morning and that the congressman respond. guest: i don't agree, obviously. there are a handful of democrats in congress who have talked about impeachment but the vast majority have not. we are working on trying to win elections. trump has said elections have consequences and we realize that . what we are working on now is trying to win elections in virginia and trying to take back 2018, and we want to do this within the constitution and the law. there is no overthrowing the president and impeach and -- impeachment would only come up at some point in the future if there was an impeachable action to be made. that is not where we are trying to take the country right now.
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another report, the capitol police chief is on the scene. senator, one of the members of the congressional baseball team, saying the motion , dragons of 15 yards after the shooting. we are looking at the details and trying to bring them for you as they happen. don beyer taking your calls this morning in the wake of this. republican, florida, go ahead. caller: i am republican but i did not vote for trump and i do sessions is the attorney general and he should , he knew what they were going to ask. not want him to answer, all he has to do is invoked his right to not answer. this is also stupid.
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if anyone else watched all the hearings yesterday, for the first time, republicans worked all night and all day together. it is ridiculous. just ridiculous. guest: one thing i have discovered is we do have a fair number of one or two votes per day. strictly on party lines. once you get a bipartisan consensus, pretty much everyone says that is ok and it goes on the so-called consent calendar. you have an electronic vote is -- vote, and there is not a lot in between. things are better than a lot of
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people think. i certainly agree with the senate intelligence committee and the house intelligence committees, both approaching russian interference, verified republican-led intelligence community now. it is something we want to approach in a bipartisan way to make sure it does not happen again. host: maryland, democrat, go ahead. caller: i would like to know if the american people have any idea how much the dog and pony show will cross them, not the democrats refusing to work with the president, i did not vote for him, but he is the president. if he loses, we all lose. why don't the damage to its do paid tothey are getting do, like sitting in the meetings and holding these hearings and stop refusing? they are creating an awful lot of hate and causing the american people to lose.
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they are worried about votes and not the american people. thise paying a fortune for . go down to the state attorney's office and tell them you think someone will cause you harm and when they ask you and you say you have nothing, they will tell you to come back when you have evidence and they will open a case. i am not sure what you are referring to because we spent most of the week in hearings. i have a couple hours today and a bunch more hours tomorrow. shows up and asks good questions and tries to do it in a thoughtful and respectful way. i think people work pretty hard. study or politico did a that an average congressman been debt, his prison were 70 hours a
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week when they are back home. these are not 40 hour weeks. to the started in the morning and then at night. you go back home so close to d.c., a lot of federal workers in your district as well. have more than any district in the country because we're right here p we have the pentagon and all of those good basis. host: the congressman is with us for just a few minutes before he has to run. marianne is in pennsylvania, independent, go ahead. you c-span at thank you, congressman. it never ceases to amaze me, convenient memories in this country. let's go back to the beginning of rush limbaugh on top radio and let's go back to anne coulter. even just the filthy titles she put on her book. i am sick and tired of the democrats always putting down
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and known remembers how close this was in the last eight years, that president obama, what he went through. let's really remember who has started the hate in this country? how about the congresswoman shot in the head? it is amazing she survived. wake up because that is basically what we are, to parts of america. look in a mirror before you start throwing around, nastiness. thanks but i think it is really important that we do not try to prove -- place blame on one party or the other and all take response ability for acting like grownups. eschewing violence. i know the family has got to be terrified right now. i know how terrified my wife is and i am in us a studio. that everyone who is her today
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gets to be ok. we do not want anyone hurt. briefing in the wake of this, i know it has just happened for you walk on set. guest: the capitol police are very responsible and i'm sure they will do something later today. host: republican, go ahead. caller: i am concerned about america. said, wek and like you need this. start showing love, i forget the the little girl is, policeman, needs to start with the older generations. cut this stuff out. general'sing attorney when they are just trying to and what have been
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sent, whether they are sent or what. think theven congressman has the right to do all this stuff. i am not quite sure how to respond but you are right love andeed a lot more wonderful police force made an enormous effort and they are civil and i spent almost -- no attention, more cooperation. host: one that hasn't talked what didrecent years, they tried to do? >> a lot of it comes from leadership.
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maybe my percentage is a little long, we have had african-american police chief, african-american -- attorney, thean commitment to really engaging the long-term parts of the community, it has worked well. bill you'll was born and raised in the projects of alexandria. college, and i believe a very important city for a long time. maryland, democrat, go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call.
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i just want to make one comment. i believe the president is to take all of the blame it all of what is happening in democracy today. every republican and democrat, i unite them. let's move the country forward. situation, calling them obstructionist's, it does not help. to dig into the lungs trying to heal. i just want somebody to talk to him. as a commander, as the head of tos, but this is the way unite the whole country together. it does not help to move forward at all.
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guest: well, philip, i largely at allith you it is not appropriate to blame the president for what happened this morning. we always want leaders who are united. thought the three -- the most attractive part of the barack isma message in 2008 is vision of post-partisan america. we're not there yet. we need all the leaders to bring people together on common ground. have a meaningful debates the lift people up rather than put them down. michelle obama said well, when they go low, they are just being others. we together need to go high. san diego, california, line for republicans, go ahead. caller: do you honestly think harris was respectful yesterday? that was ridiculous and insulting both to women,
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democrats, and the american people. isould like to know what it the democrats with taxes. i have not heard a tax proposal yet from a democrat in 10 or 20 years. host: a chance to respond. ofst: there are a variety test proposals. republicans control the white house, and the senate in the u.s. house of delegates. are more reacting to test poses that come out of the white house in the ways and means committee. it has been tough. right now, the proposal is to have a border adjustment tax. democrats will try to adjust those around the edges as best we can.
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>> this is very early on. i want to thank alexandrian police, the sheriff's office, and the fire department for their rapid response to the request for assistance. i appreciate the rapid response, and certainly we saved lives. at this point, we are going to gather the investigators together and look at what we have should we will -- what we have. we will put together what we have. through, alot to get lot of witnesses to speak with. what we need, we will pass information along to you all. answerre not going to
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any questions at this point, because this is an active, ongoing investigation. becausee scene is hot, we are collecting information and evidence. in an hour and a half, we will come back together to give us -- to give you more information that we can. right now, we cannot answer any questions. there is no additional threat. we consider this to be a closed incident under investigation. we will be back in an hour and a half. host: congressman, your immediate reaction to that? really learnnot anything new, but that is the first time i saw the police chief in action. he currently has a large background in california. i'm confident seeing alexandrian and virginia police in the
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background there, i am confident that do a great job. host: i'm sure you are eager to get back, so i think you for joining us. guest: thank you. host: we want to get your reactions to the shooting. the gun man was shot. we are getting your reactions this morning. you can start calling in now. we will be right back. >> this history on american history tv on c-span3, saturday at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, on railamerica. -- reel america. seek. gorbachev, if you peace, if you seek liberation, come to this gate. mr. gorbachev, open this gate. mr. gorbachev, tear down this
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wall. [applause] >> president ronald reagan's trip to berlin. aen, we will speak with college professor on how the baby boom, suburbanization, and teen culture shaped post world war ii society. >> young people began to adopt their own style of dress and music that they listen to. separation ofd of youth culture from the mainstream culture. >> on the 45th anniversary of the watergate break-in, we get an insider view into nixon's white house and the scandal. phone rings,house
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and i instantly assume it is that dreaded call from nixon. the conversation is surprisingly brief. john and me to meet him at camp david today. again, iphone rings struggle to stay composed. president now feels very strongly that john and i should volunteer to resign. >> for a complete american history tv schedule, you can go to washington journal continues. host: you are seeing a live scene of the baseball field in alexandria, virginia where the shooting occurred this morning. it was just under two hours ago at a congressional baseball game practice. the republican


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