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tv   Washington Journal Reaction to Congressional Baseball Shooting  CSPAN  June 14, 2017 10:03am-10:32am EDT

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got a problem. host: ronald, what can we do to try to make things better? what suggestion would you have this morning? caller: my suggestion is we have to acknowledge who's in control and that's god, that's not donald trump. he's the president but he's not god. i know not everyone believes in god and that's their belief. i don't care. but i tell you what, just try it and see what happens. host: michael is in buffalo, west virginia. line for independents. michael, good morning. caller: i'm calling on the shooting that happened this morning. people blame one or the other side. it boils down to just people that are hate -- they hate each other. until we all learn to love one another in the eyes of god or whoever we trust and believe in, things are not going to change. one of the biggest things politicians on both sides is keep your word because when you
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go against someone's word you lose all value in the eyes of people that are for you or against you. and i think if we would learn to respect one another, especially respect those that are smaller than you instead of looking above, i'm talking about human, not god, we are not going to change in this world until we learn to love and have each other's friends. friends only that's going to make it. host: appreciate the call. for more on updates on what happened this morning in the wake of that shooting, we go down to our news desk now and bill. good morning. >> hey, john. it's safe to say the congressional baseball game is probably one of the oldest traditions on capitol hill, a game that goes back decades between republican and democratic members of congress. first played at old griffith stadium in d.c. and then at r.f.k. and then at nats park. democrats and republicans take this seriously. they get management help. they get guidance. they get uniforms from the pros
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and they practice. they were practicing this morning. republicans were practicing this morning when shots were fired, and steve scalise among others, the minority whip -- majority whip, rather, injured and in the hospital undergoing surgery. the headline from "politico" and a little bit of the incident, what happened this morning from john brezz me has and louis nelson. a gunman opened fired at a baseball practice in alexandria, virginia, this morning wounding whip steve scalise in a scene that senator rand paul could have been a massacre. they write, it does not immediately appear there were fatalities and the gunman is in custody. the identity and motivation of the shooter is not immediately disclosed. alexandria police chief michael brown said five people were transported from the shooting scene but did not identify him. the gunman was wounded in exchange with gunfire from capitol police and local police. it would be typical for capitol
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police to be at a scene like that. they are in charge of protecting members of congress. so they were there as well. do the same for democrats as well at their practice. again, this is for a game that will be up -- will be coming in the next couple weeks at nats park. all of which is to raise money for charity. obviously you saw the house come in very briefly. they've changed their schedule for the day. there will be no more debate, no more votes today we expect in the house. they did have a full agenda. we haven't heard yet about the u.s. senate but certainly they will be impacted as all of capitol hill is impacted. in fact, the tours set for through the capitol have all by diverted through the capitol visitors center. bridgette from "roll call" tweeting about one of the congressman who were there, gary palmer of alabama. here's her tweet. representative palmer tells me we probably should have realized that having this many members of congress congregate in one place made us a target.
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some of the reporting, too, from fox news. they talked to jeff flake. jeff flake, senator flake made sure to call steve scalise's wife after he was shot by a gunman during a g.o.p. baseball practice. senator rand paul said there was a shot followed rapidly about 10 more. representative scalise was one of those hit. john mccardle read a statement from a few minutes ago from the majority whip's office. steve scalise is at the hospital undergoing surgery but was alert going into surgery. again, steve scalise and others injured this morning in a shooting at the republican practice for the congressional baseball game. the schedule on capitol hill for the house has been impacted. no votes. not much debate expected. we'll tell you about the senate here on c-span we are waiting to take you live. we expect a briefing from the alexandria police department probably at that same field at about 10:30 eastern, so some 20
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minutes away or so. the president today was to have talked more about his focus this week. the apprenticeship programs he talked about monday and in milwaukee yesterday. we haven't gotten word from the white house but the president got word and a statement, the president tweeting that steve scalise of louisiana, a true friend and patriot was badly injured but will fully recover. we'll keep you posted when we take your calls and comments. look for your tweets as we continue "washington journal" on c-span. john, back to you. host: bill, we'll check back when there will be updates. i'm sure there will be updates and we'll keep our viewers up to date. in the meantime we will take your calls. after this took place around 7:15, 7:30, getting your at the at the shooting
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practice. john, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. prayers go out to the -- those out there today. i have been listening to your program and have been listening to the democrats and republicans pretty much tear each other apart. when we quit becoming americans, really, ridiculous? that's all i got to say. thanks for taking my call. host: john, when do you think that happened? and what can we do about it? caller: when are people going to get along? we vote for people to go to washington and all it is, it's like the civil war except it's not the north versus the south. it's democrats versus republicans. where did we lose our way? host: gloria is in gonzalez, louisiana, the home state of the majority whip, steve scalise. gloria, good morning. caller: good morning. how are you today? host: i'm doing all right.
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go ahead. ller: my thoughts today is that if we come together, black and white, children, mothers and fathers and begin to pray that the things that are going on in the world today would change. prayer changes things. we need to stop fighting one another. if you cut me i'm going to bleed red. you are going to bleed red. there's no little bit of you in the sight of god. we need to stop this. i am really, really shocked what happened this morning, and it's going to continue. we have to turn from our wicked ways. god said turn from the wicked ways and then he would bless the land. our land is cursed. we need a blessing from god. we need to stop this. white house,
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republicans, democrats, president needs to get on their knees and pray and ask god to come in and lead and guide them in what we should do in this country today. it is really, really, really bad. you're afraid to walk the streets. you are afraid to go to events because of what's happening this morning. it is time to turn around. the united states needs to go down in prayers. let's call upon prayer. tell the president that bible that his mother gave him, it's in there. prayer changes things. we need to pray. and i thank you for taking my call this morning. host: diane, arlington, texas, independent line, good morning. caller: hello. i was just calling because i agree with the caller previous to this last one is where have we gone as a country? why are we not proud of our country? this is not a democrat and a republican issue. it bothers me of the fact we don't make people be accountable for some of their
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actions anymore. and i think sometimes we are putting some of the generations into a place to say that we can't do entitlements. we need to do what is earned in this country. we need to respect those on both sides that run the country and get over all this petty garbage. this is causing people to go over the edge. if our leadership doesn't change it around, it's not going to change so it's up to them just like a parent needs to teach a child, our leaders on both sides of the aisle, you know, all three, independent, republican, democrat, even our president, they need to come together and once they do the people will come together. host: diane, before you go, you talk about those that run our country. do you think an incident like this is going to decrease access to those that run our country? caller: well, basically. i mean, i'm 60 years old. i watched it. i had presidents in office that i didn't truly believe in but guess what, i am an american
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and i am proud of our system and i'm proud of our country and i'll support anybody who's president of the united states because that's who the majority in this ple -- well, case they say not the majority but how our electoral process works, that's who voted into office. i will respect that person as a president. but i don't see it changing until it starts even with a group of people like yourself. the media has to turn this around. the media has to be proud of our country, proud of our system and talk about what we are doing. there is so much going on in our country that no one's even paying attention in other countries that's going on because we have to constantly focus on a tweet or what trump says or what russia says. i think you're pushing people over the edge. if that is the intention of what our news media wants to do to our country, you're doing a pretty good job at it. i no longer will watch any of the other news media. i will go to the boring what we call c-span -- sorry -- because
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i don't want to listen to politics on either side. i just want to hear the news. i watch the hearings. that's how boring my life has become is to sit here and watch hearings because i can't trust what the media is going to tell me. it's as simple as that. the news people have to change. our government has to change. the people will follow. host: diane, thanks for the call this morning. mary is in gettysburg, pennsylvania. line for republicans. go ahead, mary. caller: yeah. i am on the line for republicans although i do -- at this point i don't care if you're a republican, democrat or independent. this has got to stop. this has got to stop. i've been telling friends and neighbors for months and months all this stuff, news media and the false news and different things, somebody is going to get hurt in this. why don't they calm down and do their job as democrats and republicans or whoever in congress? why don't they just do their job and stop battling with each other? democrats won't help the
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republicans or vice versa, whatever. it's ridiculous. this country is better than that. this country is better than that. and i don't know. i don't know what to say except this has got to stop. when people are putting hits of presidents up -- it's beyond the pale. whoever did that, whether they were republican or democrat or independent, that is just -- there's no respect. why has this country lost respect for everything? no. they don't -- don't they keep -- they should respect kindergarten on up. they don't know what the word means. i'm sorry. that's all i have to say thank you very much. host: we are about 15 minutes away from an update from the alexandria police department. in the meantime, here's an update from bill. bill: we are getting scheduling information, john. there's a briefing coming up in the capitol. here is washington from "the
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washington post" tweeting, house members have been summoned to an 11:15 briefing about the shooting at the capitol's visitor center. he talked to karen traverse of abc news. president trump cancelled his 3:30 speech at the labor department this afternoon. the first lady melania trump tweeting thank you to the first responders who rushed in to protect those who were hurt in alexandria, virginia. my thoughts and prayers to everyone. and a statement just released from the democratic leader, nancy pelosi on today's shooting. she says this morning the u.s. congress suffered a despicable and cowardly attack. my thoughts and prayers are with whip steve scalise and those wounded, capitol police and staff and their families. we're profoundly grateful for the heroism of the capitol police whose bravery under fire undoubtedly saved countless lives. on days like today, there are no republicans and democrats, only hopes and prayers for those wounded. once again on the house
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schedule, no legislative debate today or votes today. haven't heard about the senate. they were scheduled to come in. they are scheduled to come in at 10:45. we will keep you posted on that. as john mentioned, waiting to hear from the alexandria police briefing coming up in about 15 minutes. host: thanks for that bill. in the meantime we will be talking your calls in the wake of this shooting. getting your reaction this morning. jay is in reno, nevada, on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. my prayers go out to the people that were shot. now, i'm a gun owner. i have a concealed carry permit. homegrown. this isn't isis. this isn't a terrorist. just like the pulse nightclub. homegrown. fort hood, homegrown. sandy hook, homegrown. these are homegrown terrorists.
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donald trump has promoted hate and violence ever since he started running. he will use this as a platform to say several things. one, we need more guns in the public so we can protect each other. or he'll say we need more protection and i need my ban. this is what will be used as a political platform by donald trump. donald trump has degraded our security system. he belittles judges. he belittles the policies and procedures of a presidential candidate to lie, cheat and steal his way through. he has an investigation going and is hindering it at every step. if you're not guilty, say, i want this to be out there and i am going to do everything to make sure you the public know
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the truth. he's hiding everything and this is what he does. you can have blue skies and a sunny day out there and donald trump will tweet it's overcast and-run and every surrogate will -- and rainy and every surrogate will come out and tell you it's a lie. but this is a tragedy. this is homegrown. no ifs, ands or buts. host: we do want to be careful about the information we put out there especially about the shooter and motivation. obviously this just happened. don't want to get ahead of the facts and ahead of the investigation that's happening but we are getting your reaction to it and want to get your thoughts this morning. lee in weathersfield, connecticut. line for independents. go ahead. caller: yes. i feel very sorry for everybody that gets shot. it happens everywhere.
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c-span is putting this shooting like the sues budget. i think that's more important. life matters. but we have to make a difference that matters. a balanced budget is more important than these shootings. they happen all over the world, all over the country all the time. host: that's lee in weathersfield, connecticut. gene is in oxford, maine. go ahead. caller: i believe all this on citizens united ruling that people could donate all the money. the reason the republicans and democrats can't get along is because they have to stand up for their donors. as long as you put that much money in politics you won't have anybody on either side getting along because if they don't go along with what the money people want them to do,
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you're never going to change it because if they try to close over the other side they'll lose their funding. i don't know why anybody thought that was a good law but i believe that's 90% makes everything so divisive in congress and it won't change as long as that law is in effect. host: donna is in chicago, illinois. line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: first of all, this planet belongs to our lord and savior. that's what man seems to forget. until we denounce satan in our hearts and minds and accept jesus christ as our lord and savior starting with the 10 commandments, then nothing on this planet is ever going to change. ever. so that's the first step. host: donna, any thoughts on the shooting that happened today? caller: it's horrifying. it's a horrible thing and this
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is obviously a very disturbed individual. it's basically because of what he is hearing and what he is seeing and what has taken over his life. he felt a need to do what he did which is a horrible, horrible thing. and that leads me right back to the fact of denouncing satan in our hearts and minds and accepting jesus christ and we should really start following the 10 commandments. host: mame golden, mississippi, go ahead. caller: yes. i think everyone is a democrat and republican and independent, any of them, not be bickering back and forth because i feel like the president is trying to do something good for our country. and i think everybody should and im a chance to do so
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i think everybody should just sit down and think what's going on and what everybody's doing and saying. start working together. and i'm sorry about all this shooting that's going on. i pray every day that this stuff will stop. host: appreciate the call, mame. more from c-span's bill scan lynn. bill: john, the shooting happened in alexandria, virginia, just across the potomac river sometime in the 7:00 hour this morning. the white house correspondent for cbs radio saying the president will make a speech about the shooting. awaiting the time and place. multiple law enforcement officials, preliminary investigation showing no indication that virginia shooter has international ties to international terrorism. again, a briefing expected in about 10 minutes in virginia. from chuck schumer, the democratic leader in the senate, saddened by the shooting in virginia this
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morning. thoughts and prayers for representative steve scalise and others injured and help for a speedy recovery. he's grateful of the u.s. capitol police. their bravery saved lives in virginia northern. the republican leader, majority leader mitch mcconnell, my prayers are with those wounded this morning and their families. continue appreciation to capitol police and first responders. the reason the capitol police are on the scene or were on the scene this morning at the republican baseball practice -- they don't play softball. they play baseball in this charity game. the reason they're there, steve scalise is third in line in the majority. he's the vote counter in the house, the majority whip. we will keep you posted as we wait to hear from alexandria, virginia, police, perhaps capitol police at the half-hour. host: appreciate that, bill. we're getting our viewers' responses and reaction as well this morning on twitter. a couple tweets that have come in over the course of the past half-hour or so. jody says now congressional people know the fear the kids
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at sandy hook and the pulse nightclub felt. maybe this will change the -- add debate in congress. one said i thought this kind of stuff was supposed to stop under trump. getting worse. when chicago has a mass shooting over the weekend, nine shot -- and the main street media ignores. d.c. it's the holy priest. you can call in our usual lines for republicans, democrats and independents. we'll put the numbers on the screen for you. russell is in medford, new york. line for democrats. go ahead. caller: hey, how you doing? very sorry that people were shot, you know, but people in this country got to wake up because two-party system is broken. we need a real third party. or nothing is ever going to happen. so i want people to think about that. whether you're a republican, democrat, independent, whatever. three parties. host: what do you want to happen, russell? what needs to happen especially in the wake of this news this morning coming out of
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alexandria, virginia? caller: well, i mean, this guy, you know, like this guy said before, trump said he could shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue of new york. he thinks it's stupid to pay taxes. people, think about that. it's stupid to pay taxes? a lot of us have to pay taxes no matter what. anybody that has a payroll job is paying through the nose. host: does a third party change the discourse in this country? caller: you don't think so? you don't think someone to break up this stuff that goes back and forth from one side to the other and nothing ever gets done? nothing. we need a third party, it's that simple. host: all right. let's go to jason in las vegas, nevada. line for republicans. jason, what's on your mind this morning after the shooting? caller: yeah, good morning. i'd like to say it appears that the fundamental transformation of the united states of america that has been called for by eight years by the former president is being done. that's exactly what's occurring right now. and what i'm listening to on
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these callers has nothing to do what's occurred. we've been listening to members of congress from the democrat party calling for exactly what just occurred this morning. we had a president -- host: calling for a shooting? caller: called for this. they have called -- they have called for the guns in the streets, blood running in the streets of america. they have been calling for it since the election of donald trump. this is a fact. this is a fundamental transformation of the united states of america that the foreign born president that served for eight years illegally in my country have called for. you are seeing the results for it. i congratulate the schools in america. host: all right. that's jason in las vegas, nevada. jason is calling from culpepper, virginia, independent. good morning. caller: yes, good morning. host: go ahead. caller: i'm 74 years old. i'm a christian and i believe what the word of god says. i think we're living in the end time and a lot of people don't
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realize what's going on. this one world stuff, people are for it but it's totally against god's word. when you bring in strange gods and strange beliefs, there is a lot of problem. that's what's wrong with the world today. you have one person with one belief, one person with another belief and they are blaming it all on president trump. we as people of this united states of america need to come together and reason together and learn to get along together but put jesus christ, my lord, and god, jehovah. nobody wants to talk about the name of these gods but there are many gods and there are strange gods. sodom, with all its glory, was destroyed because of the many gods. that's what's happening in the united states today. too many false beliefs. too many blaming the other person for it. no truth. host: all right. douglas in virginia this morning. a statement from the governor's office.
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governor terry mccauliffe as we await the news conference that's set to get under way in a minute or two from the alexandria police department. the governor of virginia stating, dorothy and i are shocked and deeply saddened by this horrific act of violence against members of congress, law enforcement and other innocent people who were simply enjoying an early morning baseball practice. we're praying for swift recovery for those injured and we are thankful of the swift action of the capitol police and local first responders to stop the attacker and treat those who are wounded. virginia safety officials are coordinating with others. we will make every resource available. and when that press conference from the alexandria police department becomes available we will go right there. in the meantime, more of your calls. brian from michigan on that line for independents. good morning. caller: yeah, good morning. when i was born in 1958, there was approximately 150 million americans. we had problems back then.
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now you come fast forward to now, you got double that amount in this country. you're just going to have more problems. now thankfully in this situation scalise was there and he had extra protection because he is vulnerable, higher ranking. you have to ask yourself if the capitol hill police and of course the virginia police, if they didn't have protection until the -- this guy was subdued, there would have been far more people killed. you got bad people out there. there's no doubt about it. but turning away, cowhering away, trying to control guns or blame it on anyone, including trump, is just a bunch of b.s. there's a lot of bad people out there. you have to protect yourself. it's happening in every single industrial city in this country for decades. we have a lot more people now. you got a lot more bad people. you have to stick up for yourself, protect yourself. it's not going to get done with
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kind words. there's no single answer to this. there just isn't. thank you. host: brian in michigan. that press briefing by the alexandria police department, some other local agencies set to be -- begin in just a minute here. let's see if we can get in carlos from north carolina. republican. go ahead. caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. you know, i just want to point out we are all in the same boat. yet, most of us don't go out shooting people. i think there is a mental health issue. there's always going to be people out there that are maladjusted or deranged. host: carlos, got your point. we are going to take our viewers now to that press briefing that's happening down in the neighborhood of alexandria. >> this city is indeed safe. we will continue to work with the investigation as it moves forward. the facts as we have it this morning, again, at


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