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tv   Washington Journal Reaction to Congressional Baseball Shooting  CSPAN  June 14, 2017 11:47am-12:16pm EDT

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again everybody stood up in a standing ovation. >> do you think this will have -- host: martha mcsally, republican from arizona's second district. she said there talking about the firsthand experience that her community has had with violence against a member of congress. back in 2012, martha mcsally actually ran for arizona's eighth district, called the eighth congressional district at that point for the vacancy created by the resignation of former congresswoman gabby giffords after her shooting in the tucson area. that district renamed the second district. marty mcsally lost the 2012 election. won in 2014. again in 2016. there talking about the impact on her community and taking questions from reporters. the house expected to come in in about 10 minutes here. we're expected to hear from both speaker ryan and minority leader nancy pelosi. and taking your calls in the meantime.
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want to hear your thoughts this morning after the shooting about seven miles from here. a baseball field in alexandria, virginia. where the republican members of the congressional baseball team were practicing. robert next, atlanta, georgia, independent. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm a little dismayed to hear people from both sides identify themselves as either democrat or republican. and immediately go into the politics with this thing and calling out one side or the other. peef had a member of congress -- we have had a member of congress, regardless of his party affiliation, who was shot, and everybody wants to go in to all the analysis of who the shooter was. how did he get his gun? what did he look like? i think it's just time for everybody to get together and think about what's happened that a member of our congress was
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shot while just playing a silly ballgame. not silly, but just a ballgame. something so american. and immediately everybody wants to go into full-on blame mode. and somebody obviously has to be blamed. somebody did it. it's a terrible, terrible thing. but this is why we're so divided. everything has to be called out with regard to your party affiliation. it's a very sad statement about where we're as americans. we're all americans. and i just wish people could give a little more thought to what's actually happened with a member of our congress being shot. plain and simple. that's what everybody should be thinking about today. i appreciate the opportunity. host: you talk about the gunman. the hill newspaper reporting that president trump has confirmed the gunman who shot the lawmakers -- the lawmaker this morning along with capitol police and the staffers that were there has died from his
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injuries. "the hill" breaking news story on that. showing you the tweet there. chris in lancaster, pennsylvania. democrat. good morning. wanted to st actually send out my prayers to all those that were injured. and family members of those that were injured. i also wanted, i am a democrat, i want to commend two people i heard speak today on different networks. one is davis, republican from illinois evidently, he came to the microphone and talked about this is a time to bring the country together. not just people in the house or senate. and to try and work together too bring people idea of democratcy, the united states, we're citizens, we're all in this together. and then also just a few minutes
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ago on your network showing martha mcsally, who i never really heard from before, either, or heard of. and one thing she said that just struck me was we all check our own hearts. i know that there is a lot of bipartisan fighting back and forth verbally. and it's just really scary to me some of the things that are said. in the press, in the public. and i just think it's so important what those two individuals said as to bring everybody together. i do have a suggestion about that. don't know if anybody takes suggestions from regular citizens. i worked in school for 25 years. when there was a crisis of this magnitude, they brought in teams of people that were not involved in the school directly, that were trained to help people deal with the crisis and to bring sides together. i often have thought in my
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previous that maybe someone needs to come into congress or into the white house and their staff and to really do some training about reaching out to both sides and bringing the country together. and that it's -- i'm not talking in terms of a political sense. i'm talking in terms of a proactive for not letting this happen again or someone else doing this. to really work on the message of unity even though there are differences in opinion as far as what kind of bills or things like that that they are working on. i think it's amazing because the two people that i heard speak today are people i never heard of before. so i would just ask also that congressmen and senators who feel that way start to speak out. because i think their voices are most important to be heard in thames of trying to make a
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change in the nation and also in the government of the nation. host: thanks for the call. lancaster, pennsylvania. you mentioned rodney davis, republican from illinois. here's his twitter page tweeting out three hours ago. please pray for steve and all those who are injured. nd then his -- also retweeting a radio wtax report that his spokesperson had confirmed that he was at that practice but is ok. about seven minutes or so until the house is expected to come in. more of your calls in just a second. but in the meantime news update from bill at our news deving. >> when they do come in, john, both the speaker of the house, paul d. ryan, and the democratic leader, nancy pelosi, will speak from the well of that house. they are in that all members briefing now at the capitol visitors center. tweeting out the video, leader
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mccarthy and speaker arriving at the video, the meeting just a short while ago. that's from craig kaplan. also some news from that meeting from inside that meeting, they are saying, you may have heard this from martha mcsally as well, members were told the congressional baseball game is still happening tomorrow via roll call. that's a tweet from roll call. and again the house coming in in 10 minutes or so. we'll have coverage here of course on c-span. host: until then, more of your comments, your reaction after the shooting this morning. happened just after 7:00 this morning. want to hear what you have to say. what you're thinking about. lisa in washington, pennsylvania, line for independents. go ahead. caller: yes. i'm calling. i'd like to say that i believe -- i listened to the congressman this morning from arizona recently, and she said by the grace of god. and i think that's true. by the grace of god go all of
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us. and our society is in a state of terrible decay. i believe we lost our compass. we lost our north star. i believe our leaders lack wisdom. there is a quote that i read once i think pretty much sums it all up. and it says, where there's light in the soul, there's beauty in the person. where there's beauty in the person, there's harmony in the home. where there's harmony in the home, there's order in the nation. and where there's order in the nation, there's peace in the world. and i believe that we need to be that beacon of light to the world and we have certainly lost our compass as a society. and whether we like president trump or whether we don't is not the issue. we need to stand behind our president and unify and stand for what's right. and if we don't like what he's
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done, then we can vote him out of office in 2020. but the way people have behaved and the way that they have acted is a disgrace to our country. and what it must look like to other countries, we look like a bunch of barbarians and savages. i look at congress and i can't believe the way they act. they act like little children in a room fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting. there is no attitude for the good of the people. there is only i want my point to be heard. at any expense. it doesn't matter what it costs the american people. so you know, we put this president in office. he got there and whether i like him or whether i don't is not the issue. host: we got your point. thanks for the call. doris in pennsylvania. republican. go ahead. with us?- doris, you
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brian in santa rosa, california. a republican, brian, good morning. caller: good morning. yes. terrible morning. i'm glad the congressman has survived this assault. lots of people calling in to say that the gun control needs to be move forward. the second defend the first amendment rights, our right to free speech. our system is founded on individualism and our right to be able to protect ourselves. and protect ourselves from the government. so the second amendment not going to happen. if you keep pushing for that you waste your time. i voted for barack obama in 2008. i voted for peace and freedom party in 2012. and then for trump in this latest election. i did this because the country
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does need change. does need to be america first. does need to push forward an agenda that will support the american people and not this give it all away policy of the democrats and the social marxists who are currently running our schools and our press. academia has been infiltrated by people who don't love this country, who are critical theorists, whenever they can they run down this country instead of talking about the awesome -- the enlightenment that came out of the american revolution that give us all our bill of rights. they run us down by these out of context, historical events. host: to sharon before the house comes in. been waiting in hanover, pennsylvania. line for democrats. good morning. the house in expected about a
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minute or so. go ahead. caller: i personally am sick and tired of gun worshipers and media haters. we need our media, strong and healthy. and varied. meanwhile, let's look at reality, people. the ult right and steve ban none -- bannon, for example, who does not shy away from this projected some sort of armageddon, blood shed, and donald trump himself who said we will drain the swamp. mop up washington. implying that washington is our enemy. and lo and behold, psychopaths and radical ideologues come out of the woodwork with weapons. host: did you listen to the president's comments just now? about 20 minutes ago? caller: no.
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i'm sorry i just got home. i'm sorry. host: that's ok. if you miss him you can rewatch them on you can rewatch any of our program this morning. we have been on live since 7:00 this morning taking your calls and as this was happening, taking your calls as well. we talked to congressman don beyer, a democrat from alexandria, virginia. he was scheduled to be on for an appearance with us this morning. came on at about 8:30 after this news had come out and talked to us about his reaction and his response. if you missed that, before the house comes in, linda, michigan, republican, go ahead. caller: hi. i just heard this last lady speak and i'll tell you something, for 50% of the opulation out there, it's very
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disturbing and very hurtful that she says the things that she says. she doesn't even know what she's talking about. she just got home. she doesn't even give the president a chance to speak. i put up eight years with barack obama. i respected him. i even prayed for him that he would succeed because he was the president of the united states of america. now i have to put up with steven could he bear and every other channel, including this channel, that is so biased and so disgusting. can you imagine if a comedian on the right had a cut off head of barack hussein obama? he would have been tarred and feathered in the streets. we would still be talking about it today. this is why these things are going on. this man was a bernie sanders of socialists. and i'll tell you something, i'm seeing signs on tv that he held.
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you went up to a congressman or aide and he asked that aide, who is out there playing? republicans or democrats? this was a targeted hit. host: linda, we don't want to get ahead of the investigation. want to be careful with the facts that are put out there. we're still waiting for more from the police and we'll certainly continue to bring that to you in the hours and days ahead as this continues. california, line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the people hat were attacked. i think not only was the injured, injured, but it must have been horrifically traumatic ust to be there.
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i agree with the people that say we're all americans. it.we should get over and realize that we have more to come. ask this you morning, what do you think should be done? my suggestion may seem a little umorous, but i was thinking, each team had members of each party on it feel it wouldn't be emocrat against republicans. it would be bipartisan. that would be an interesting decision. it would be -- this may be a signal to say, hey, we're all on the same team. thank you very much for taking
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my call. host: anita, charlotte, north carolina, line for democrats. good morning. caller: yes. good afternoon. i have been listening to the comments this morning and i have listened to the discourse over the last two years with our politicians and people around the world. i want to just reiterate something. i was born 67 years ago. i was born in a segregated hospital. i lived in a segregated neighborhood. i went to a seg get gated school. -- segregated school. i drank from a and when they were forced to take down the signs, they left he wall to make sure that we remembered that we were still separated. and now i see, you know, today the world is still -- 67 years later we are still separated.
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we are still dealing with black and white, rich and poor. and, you know, we have people in congress who are perpetuating this same type of ideology that, you know, if you're black, you're this. i heard one man today say that we should have martial law again. what kind of person says that? that we're like this some third orld country where we need the military to come out and police our neighborhoods. another man said, we need to go into the areas where there's a lot of crime and there's a lot of guns. and just clean up those areas as though people don't have civil liberties anymore. you know, minorities don't make guns. they're not responsible for shipping guns and ammunition all over the world. so that people, you know, can just get them and kill people. so i would like for people to
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step back and understand that we have come a long way. but we've got a long way to go. people were disrespectful to president obama the entire eight years that he was in office. and i think that was very sad. it still shows that we're not ready to be diversified completely. and that we can live together as one people. host: got your point. a few minutes left here before the house comes in. we're waiting for the house to come in. they gaveled in very briefly at 10:00 and then went right into recess. they're expected to come back in soon. we can show you the scene from alexandria, virginia, the delray neighborhood of alexandria, virginia, where that shooting took place. you are now looking west to east down the street. the baseball field back behind those parked cars there. where the shooting happened this morning in the 7:00 hour.
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still a very heavy police presence as that investigation continues this morning. back to your calls as we're waiting for the house. george, arizona. line for republicans. good morning. how are you doing today, sir? host: good. caller: i was just thinking a couple different things. i hear a lot of people talking about what can we do to keep these things from happening. i mean, as you look through the istory of our country, these types of things happen the whole way through. the difference is we hear about it more. people tend to almost commercialize divisiveness in the country now. but when it comes to gun control and things like that, it's almost like saying, you know, oh, well maybe we can stop this if we make murder illegal. we just need better laws against murdering people. it's pretty much the same thing. people who follow the laws follow the laws. people who don't follow the laws, it doesn't matter if it's illegal or not. they're not going to follow the
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laws. but ultimately i think we need to stop trying to have everything be us versus them. in every aspect. for whatever reason that just seems to be the it thing to do now. to pick a side. it doesn't matter what the against. but there's always a side. instead of trying to think of everything as people working together. host: the speaker of the house is expected to start the day on the house floor. minority leader nancy pelosi. what do you think they could say this morning, what should they say? what do you want to hear from them? caller: i'd like it hear from them to just drop all politics. and actually just respond as humans. honestly. just say that them versus us narrative has gone too far. that it's time to stop looking at things like that. that it's ok to think differently. you don't have to demonize somebody because they don't agree with you.
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and just try to work together. that's it. host: robert, california, line for independents. good morning. we can also still show our viewers that camera setup outside of that all-members briefing that happened at 7:15. still waiting in case other members step up to the microphones. robert, go ahead. caller: hello there, sir. i just think it's a tragedy what happened this morning. my thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims andle -- and the families. most of all, i see this world and in this america, this land is becoming a land of confusion. hate. hate causes more violence. only thing that can happen is, you know, peace and understanding. more love in this world for your fellow man. conflict is always there. but if you can resolve problems without violence, then, you
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know, come together as a people, as a country, and most of all to love your neighbors. to find out what's happening in your community and then, you know, be a part of something. i'm ashamed now this morning. like my head and i feel america's lost its spirit. all the time, violence, bigotry, prejudice. it's all going on every day. i see no relief. sometimes i wish i just would close my eyes and go to sleep and then hope to wake up to america that's, you know, proud and beautiful again. what do you think? host: appreciate the call, robert. seussen in cleveland, georgia. line for republicans. go ahead. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say that i am a proud american. i'm proud of my country. i'm proud of my president. and god bless him for doing
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this job. it's not an easy job. my prayers and thoughts for our congressman. my prayers and thoughts for the senate and congress at this time. and may god shine his countenance upon this country. and may he lead our president and open the hearts and minds of those who are assisting him to lead this company or this country. may god bless all of us. host: bakersfield, california, line for democrats. go ahead. caller: yes, i'm a democrat. i'm saying that i attribute this to the men at the station of the hatred that the democrats have been spreading. for eight or nine months. they were spewing it out and it's not right. and i would like to say that we dovente need gun control, we need tongue control. tongue control. that's what we need. the celebrities need to have more grace. they need to think about the public. they need to think about all
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the hatred they've been spewing and they're partly responsible for this incident that just happened. because of all the hatred they've been spewing. and i'm a democrat. and i do not agree with what they've been spewing. it's not right. they need to stop. host: you think you're going to stay a democrat? caller: yes. host: why? caller: i am a democrat. host: why are you going to stay a democrat after how you just expressed yourself? caller: i'm not saying i'm going stay. i have a right to choose and i will choose the next time around. host: so you think you'll not vote democrat next time around? caller: i have all this time to think about it. i will think about it. but what i'm saying is right now today, they've been spreading too much hatred and it's coming from the democratic side. we see it day in and we see it day out. and it's not right. host: all right.
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edwin is in carlisle, indiana. an independent. good morning. we're waiting for the house to gavel back in. they were expected to gavel back in about 15 minutes ago. we'll go to them when they do. go ahead. caller: yes, i tell you what i'm seeing in this country. bsolutely breaks my heart. host: just continue with your thoughts and turn your tv down. just listen to the phone. caller: ok. ok. i'll get it turned down. what i'm hearing and seeing in this country just breaks my heart. i am a veteran. what we've got in this country is too damn many democrats, too damn many republicans and not enough americans in our congress, in our senate.
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we need americans. this is america. that's about all i got to say. thank you. host: how do members of congress become better americans? caller: look at the meat of america. we've got people in this country that need help. we've got soldiers every day few of our at a congressmen faced today. they face it every day. host: jennifer, brantley, alabama. line for democrats. go ahead. caller: hello. host: go ahead. caller: yes. i agree with what the caller from arizona said. what he said just touched me. and what that lady said about democrats, there's no way in the world she's a democrat and see what she see on television and on the internet and saying that democrats is bringing all this hatred. a lot of this started with donald trump and stuff he said during -- when he was running for president. and also a lot of stuff you
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hear on breitbart, you see alex jones and sean handsy. everything's coming out of fox news. they put out what they want to put out. host: we're going to end it there and go live to the floor of the house of representatives. almighty god, on a day when violence has come to this assembly, we ask your blessing on our brother, representative steve scalise, the two officers and the staffer who have been shot. bless the hands of those who tend to their injuries. we as americans are blessed by a free and open society with rights secured by law and the constitution. but once again we're reminded that there is a vulnerability that comes with that openness. may we all


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