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tv   Senators Hatch and Cornyn on Shooting of Congressman and Capitol Police...  CSPAN  June 15, 2017 6:23am-6:34am EDT

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member that's here, every member of the capitol hill police, their families are calling them and texting them and saying, are you okay? because that's families are scattered all over the country and they're worried. we can help lead. we can set a tone to tell the nation we should disagree on things, but we don't ever do this. so i'd like for us to take a moment of privilege and to just be able to pray. father, thank you for the way that you have protected for those individuals that are in surgery now and are recovering now, for the capitol hill police, for steve scalise, for other individuals that were affected today. god, we pray that you would bring them healing. we pray that you would take care of families that are worried in and a nation that's worried. i pray that you would cause something good to come out of something that is very evil. help us to know how we respond as a nation. i ask this in the name of jesus.
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amen. be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. hatch: i rise to express my deepest sympathy for the victims of this morning's shoot, including my good friend representative steve scalise. i pray that he, the congressional staff, and police officers who were injured in this horrific event can recover quickly. mr. president, today it not a day to -- today is not a day to reflect on our differences but on you are a common commitment to upholding the constitution and doing the work of the american people. this chamber is often divided on matters of policy, but in the face of tragedy, we are unewtowned as -- united as one. today we are together and together we recognize the local law enforcement officials who respond quickly and professionally to this morning's attack. each and every day police officers across this great nation risk their own well-being to ensure the safety of others,
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and they do so with little fanfare or recognition. in light of today's events, i would like to recognize in particular the special sacrifice of our u.s. capitol police officers, the selfless men and women who each and every day assume significant risks to keep all of us safe. i shudder to think what may have happened this morning were it not for the quick action taken by representative scalise's security detail. these courageous men returned tire to apprehend the perpetrator of this senseless and appalling act of violence. through their horrific actions, they -- through their heroic actions, they prevented a massacre, saving the lives of dozens of elected members of congress and congressional staff. today i wish to pay special tribute to these humble heroes. as far as i am concerned, our
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capitol police officers are the finest professionals this nation has to offer. we wave to them each morning and we walk into work. we say goodbye to them each night as we leave. we interact with them each day. but how often do we thank them for their service? how often do we reflect on the weight of their work? how often do we recognize them for their sacrifices? mr. president, in my opinion, had, not often not. because these police officers are such a common presence here on capitol hill, i worry that all too often we take them for granted. we should never take for granted the men and women who would willingly give up their lives to protect ours. mr. president, this morning's attack reminds us all of the thin line between peace and violence. and our capitol police officers are the first to respond when that line is crossed.
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today and every day these selfless men and women deserve our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. in paying tribute to our capitol police, i would be remiss if i failed to recognize the 23 members of my own security detail who work around the clock to keep elaine and me safe. these men and women are like family to me. over the past two and a half years, i've built a special bond with each of them. today i would like to recognize each of them individually. supervisory special agent david rib who leads the detail with assistance from team leaders jason marcelo and shane powell, john britta, jack lean french, eric holdser, eric love, bob martin, ronald lunar, benjamin
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o'dell, richard philis, ryan rabal, henry smith, john wittle, mica harrison, gideon moran, robert schultz, and charles snead. mr. president, all my years of public service, these are among the most honorable men and women i've ever worked with. greater love h -- hath no man than this. the fact that they're willing to put their lives on the line to protect all of us speaks to their selflessness. their bravery, and their love of this institution and of country. elaine and i love each of these special agents deeply. we love their families, too. and these photos, you can see one of the team leaders, jason, hard at work. jason hates this photo, which is
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why i blew it up for national tv. the other photo is of a trip i took to all five of utah's national parks last year. during this trip, my security detail was with me every step of the way. these men and women never leave my side, and today i wish to thank them with all my heart for their service and their sacrifice. these are really great people, and we've enjoyed being together -- at least i've enjoyed being with them, we'll put it that way. mr. president, as members of congress, we stand united in the aftermath of today's attack. and thanks to our brave capitol police officers, we also stand protected from those who would do us harm. because of them, we can confidently carry on the work of the american people. mr. president, these are really great human beings, men and women who literally sacrifice a lot to serve us and to back us
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up, to strengthen us, and to help us in times of need. they're people that i really, really admire, and all i can say is i admire those who stood up this morning for congressman scalise and others who were there. and especially those who were wounded. this is a wonderful institution, and we have wonderful people working with us. heroic people, people who care for this body, people who care for our country, people who care for us. and i think we ought to all thank god every day to have these good people around us. the and we ought to all take time to be kind to them, to show them how much we care, and to show them the friendship that we truly have for them. mr. president, i'm grateful that i know a number of these people, quite a number, and i'm grateful for them for what they do for all of us.
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mr. president, i suggest the absence of a quorum. -- i yield the floor. mr. cornyn: mr. president? the presiding officer: the majority whip. mr. cornyn: mr. president, let me join my friend, the senior senator from utah, the president pro tempore of the senate, in his remarks about the u.s. capitol police. all of us who work on capitol hill, all of our visitors who come here, constituents around the country, are in their debt because they literally do keep us safe and secure here on capitol hill. i do think the events this morning give rise to some additional concerns of what happens after the hill when -- off the hill when ordinarilily there might not be the sort of security measures that are necessary in place.
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and i think it is another wake-up call to all of us to be vigilant, to be aware of our situation, and to exercise concern for our own safety. but, of course, we do need to continue to look at what the needs of the capitol police are in terms of training and equipment and staffing to make sure they can continue to do the outstanding job that they have done yet again here this morning. it's safe to say that without the capitol police being present, as a result of congre congressman scalise's location there at the congressional baseball game practice, that the results of this might have been much more serious, much more tragic than they already were. and of course we're continuing to keep congressman scalise in our prayers. i was looking at the tv screen on the way out. it looks like he is out of surgery but still in critical condition. and of course we continue to
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think about him and his family and offer them our support and prayers. while there is a lot we don't know about this morning's incident, it's clear that 0 this is a new environment we're living in, and we need to do everything we can to keep our constituents safe when they visit us here on capitol hill, as well as all the s carolina. mr. scott: thank you, mr. president, today, mr. president, we are shaking -- shaken and encouraged. my prayers remain with my friend steve scalise and his family, as well as zak barth, the congressional staffer, matt mica who was volunteering at the baseball field, and the two brave police officers, crystal greiner and david bailey. mr. president, i've played on the republican baseball team. i've practiced on that field, an'm


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