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tv   Washington Journal Representative Jamie Raskin Discusses Security for...  CSPAN  June 15, 2017 8:08am-8:40am EDT

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even those who did not have the education a college although -- all the lives. it is essential to the role of a leader. history matters. to book for the complete schedule. washington journal continues. host: jamie raskin is here to continue with us our conversation about the shooting yesterday. we are learning this morning from the hospital that the
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,ullet tore through his body breaking bones, injuring organs and he has a tough battle ahead. what was your reaction ahead when you heard what happened? shot. everyone was terrified. it was a extremely sobering day. it did bring everyone together. people say families were startled and terrified by a. a lot of people were far way from their homes. that speaker ryan did a good job. family and that can spirit we work in the same place together. think there are too many
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people to know everybody, but two of my republican colleagues came over to say with me. we all sat together and we spent a lot of time talking about what .appened we have to find a way we can have profound differences on things like health care, but we actt do anything to violently. host: did you attend the all members briefing yesterday and what did you learn? guest: yes. i learned that seemingly everyone gets death threats. it is a very stressful thing for people and their family.
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course, we see nonstop gun violence over the country. anothery, there was mass shooting in california and something around the wanted to 50th mess shooting this year. many families from newtown, connecticut were in town yesterday to talk about gun violence. a conspiracy theorists -- alex jones, denying that it even took place which is just obscene. is accurate wel have to do what we can to
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reject. -- it gives license to people who are extremely unstable. we have to object that. your do you spend some of budget and office on security? of.t: not that i'm aware think we spend money on security in one of the things that is great is that people go into public office in remain accessible. i remain very accessible. and aso be as open accessible as possible. beould think you'd unaffordable if all the members
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had security details scalise.e we are all americans and we have to be patriotic with all of our values. europe first. david, you're up first. we are fighting the long disorder in afghanistan. we have veterans from vietnam
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understand what it means to fight. citizens against you and in that fight you can never win. away from turn legalizing weapons. it is good to protect your own dangery because there is take that intou the public. we are a country that did not want to be involved in wars all the time, but military is in a point about access to guns. we have a culture with deeply rooted connection to guns.
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the on the outcome of we have a long history of gun regulation. book is an interesting about how we have a deep connection to gun culture and also regulation to make sure it makes sense. we have i think the most liberal gun laws on earth. i think he makes a good point about that and i think we have a lot of time to wrestle with that issue. we do not want to inflame this time webut at the same don't want to ignore --
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obviously if yesterday's shooter think weave access, i should keep guns out of unstable people. brian, independent. caller: good morning. when i heard about what happened yesterday, i called my mother and i told her -- i said this is a horrible thing in the sand thing is now this will be a -- let's if you will put it this way. an opportunity to look at ourselves and say what should we do about this? what bothered me is i believed are not-gun people going to see this as an
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opportunity to say hey and instead they will say this is why everyone should have to guns. the idea of everyone having a beyond insane. and then the idea of us first them, it is a horrible thing that we talk in terms of us first them. the only candidate i that we talk in terms of us first heard talk about the poor was bernie sanders and he talked about the poor a lot and if you like the poor and lower middle class and even the middle class are now ponds --pawnse
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for people that don't matter. are so many of us. i have lived below the poverty line for so many years and it is not easy. people ask why do people get angry and go postal? it is because people are suffering terribly and a lot of people say you're not suffering, you have a better than someone in a stonewaller country. welcome in america you would have -- you would like to have a standard. you see all the discourse in political a society. it is just over one. -- overwhelming. we have to talk about getting
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ourselves back to being civil and down to earth and open-minded. be narrowminded about this entire thing. more guns and more war and not caring about the poor is not going to work. it is not working. i have to leave it there. congressman? guest: he makes some very powerful observations. i think you speak for millions of people who not only feel like they have been left behind in the economic recovery we've had meltdown 2008 mortgage crisis, but who actually were left behind. there are a lot of people who have not recovered yet. we need a politics where everybody is focused on what we
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can do to bring every american into the economic recovery. in real, affordable college education. that we should not turn away from the problem of gun violence. it is not the first example of gun violence against members of congress. continues to be a very strong voice for common sense reposes that the vast majority of people agree with including universal background checks soto have guns in the hands of the wrong people.
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we know there are millions of people who need medical treatment and we have to make debate we do with the over the affordable care act and how to move forward and get more people into the health care system, we have to make sure mental health is front and center. the other thing i would take exception to his use of the phrase going postal. people whoillions of work at the post office who would take exception to the use of that phrase. -- dublin roof when in an assassinated nine people.
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people not long ago. conservativesnk -- we have to find the congress and -- common center. we want to get your reaction to the washington post story yesterday that special counsel bob mueller is going to be talking with intelligence officials in this administration, the nsa director . he is looking at of suction of justice by the president.
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out they madeting theyny collusion and now are going with another phony collusion. you are witnessing the single greatest which on in american political history. guest: there are rumors and -- links -- leaks.
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the president himself said he got rid of, and because of the russian investigation. anyone that would lead to look into it. let's let the investigation where it will. i'm all concern about a massive democracy byrican .he highest levels the question of collusion is in some sense and irrelevant -- and irrelevant distraction. glad the senate acted in the
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broad and bipartisan way to -- it that and i think hope the house will follow suit and take the same position. and the rest of it let's let the law enforcement process take its course. what do you think about your role on judiciary committee and investigations being done by the intelligence committee? guest: there are components that do come under intelligence committee jurisdiction. the judiciary committee has a very important role to play to make sure the basic constitutional values and civil .iberties are being syndicated
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the founders of the country believed in checks and balances because they knew nobody was perfect and so we have set up a system where we watch each other . some of your colleagues have called for drafting of them each with papers are you on that? guest: president clinton was impeached over lying about an affair that he had with an intern in the house brought the articles of impeachment. the senate ended up projecting it and it is obviously the most seriousnd responsibility we have with the negative branch.
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i've not introduce articles of impeachment of my life at this point, but i'm setting very carefully the abuse of power taking place in the government. republicans and democrats take that responsibility very seriously and some people thought it was cavalier to do with the house representative did with bill clinton and that i think weighs heavily on people's mind. people want to make sure that it would only be of the most serious breaches of responsibility and rules of law. host: let's go to florida, a democrat. caller: good morning.
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-- i think that is terrible. with scary and i agree some of the caller that have come in about the guns. has toohink our country many guns and if you look at any other civilized country, they don't have guns. police don't have guns. i think we have to look at our country and say enough is enough. this president seems to like controversy. the media is always saying how the president likes to have .eople in a turmoil i think we need to come together . thank you for coming on.
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guest: let me stay on the thencers issue, i think terrible episode of violence that my colleagues experienced yesterday does suggest some of the problems with that bill. hearing yesterday it was the sound of the shots that practicing inple the neighborhood that something was awry. i think what we need is a whole new tone of conversation. and gundone regulations laws. they have been passed with the
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-- improve publicto safety consistent with the second amendment? it that people have a right to produce handguns and have access to rifles. saw rifles. we band we can find that common ground where we are expecting people's right and at the same time preventing the acquisition of egregious weaponry and also making sure the wrong people don't get guns at all.
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host: justin, a republican from ohio. you are on the air. caller: des moines. first of all, gun control. have a single policy that would have dropped what happened yesterday. the real problem is washington, d.c. do mistreat it more than the washington post. you guys are amazing in your inability to run a balanced budget, and investigations without leaks. the media that supports you is firing people like crazy in this country. you are completely unhinged in
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washington, the see you guys are the problem. you are not a solutions provider. your solutions -- together,get your act . if you can tell what your policies are that would've .topped what happened yesterday host: are you justifying yesterday's actions? caller: of course not. happene said more will unless members of congress start packing. caller: that's right. your behavior is encouraging people to do those things. guest: i'm a bit baffled by the being --ause he seemed pointing the finger at me or the
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or theton post republican party and controlled house and senate. if there's any legislative action, i'm afraid you have to point at the majority, not the minority at this point. if you are talking about guns of -- gun policy, again, the universal background check is many american people. all it does is that everyone should be checked to make sure they are not a felon or unstable -- that is something i think would be a common legislative sense. to
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i'm from maryland and i understand there is a tradition in american politics. what happened in washington yesterday also happened in california yesterday with the ubs shooting. i don't think you can blame that post. washington people inlots of washington who are really struggling to come up with legislative proposals for the country. host: new jersey, democrat. was like to sam's are about what happened yesterday. --
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host: how so? caller: well, the way things that have happened. the shooter and the individual who decided to do this madness. if you don't like the person, don't vote for him. that is the way i look at it. can you imagine if a democratic were -- this is the american way. people have a right to play god. that's all i have to share. guest: thank you. there are people in american history who have played god, as
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you say. there are people that assassinated president lincoln, -- for theennedy, dynamics of political democracy and it is a dangerous thing. we have to make sure we are engaged in a political culture that does not activate the most violent, unstable people. know whatte -- we richard hofstadter called a politics.tyle in has ak all the media responsibility not to spread.
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host: we appreciate the conversation with you this morning. guest: the pleasures all mine. here, does the political tone need to change after what happened yesterday? targeted. lawmakers they are running numbers on the screen. we will pick up the conversation after the break. -- >> as it stands right now, it will run short of money and that debate of interesting do we give them more money? does the argument want to be
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made that this is the back door to privatization? they are coming to the end of that money now. we just reauthorize them to use what was left. i can't confirm this, but i can give you a candid assessment. the question is we have to have a estimate of what it costs. it could be -- we had more cancer treatments going on. my concern is you can't have a wise decision and the visionary decision without that. in response to your question,
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has the conversation started to take on any real substance? i think the answer is no. it has beenrritated over the last couple days about something he that it is finally official. we did not know they were running the short until recently. i have to be candid with you. when we reauthorize a short time ago, i'm questioning whether they knew that at the time, which they probably should have told me. host: welcome back. this morning, we are talking with all of you about political discourse in this country after what happened yesterday. scalisetative steve remains in critical condition, the hospital putting out a statement that the bullet -- his injuries are sensitive and reader -- he remains in


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