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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2017 6:52pm-8:01pm EDT

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charities in the washington, d.c., area.
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>> it's a beautiful day for aseball. inaudible]
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cheers and applause]
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> and now for the democrats. [cheers and applause]
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>> please rise for "the star spangled banner" and "god bless america." >> ♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars hrough the perilous night o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming -- and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air
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gave proof through the night that our flag was still there o say, does that star-spangled banner et wave o'er the land of the free of the brave ♪ cheers and applause] ♪ god bless america land that i love
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stand beside her first and guide her through the night with the light from above rom the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam god bless america y home sweet home god bless america sweet home ♪ [cheers and applause]
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>> the game ball delivery now by annheuser-busch. be longerd this might
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than they anticipated. >> what is the purpose of the collidesdale's? to usher in the new pitch her >> they can't have him take the shortcut straight across because as those of us who work on the game side of things all know -- >> the size of the collidesdale's hoofs, they're used to hauling beer barrels. >> seen a few too many minor thate promotions go wrong, hurt the field. >> in ways too numerous to mention on a family radio tation with an animal. here he comes. players leaving the field. the starters will soon assume their positions. the others will ride the bench. good turnout. >> it's filled in quite nicely.
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got a pretty much full -- with the exception of the club areas behind home plate, but the sections they reserve, democrats on the left, republicans on the right. you'll hear cheers from those halves of the ballpark as the game goes on. both sides pretty well full. >> joe tori is here. he's got the -- joe torrey is here, he's got the game ball now. >> the collidesdale making his exit from the field. as joe torrey walks to the pitcher's mound. he's in the baseball front
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office now. >> chief disciplinarian for major league beable. if you do something wrong he's the one who will punish you. >> he's waiting for a catcher. >> what is he doing now? you were just explaining it but in more detail. >> i'm blanking on his official title. he's the -- in the commissioner's office in new york. i think it helps to have someone who used to play, to manage in that role of deciding the appropriate discipline when need be. >> major league baseball chief baseball officer since 2011. >> still need a catcher. never seen this, a ceremonial first pitch and no catcher. >> he's standing there very patiently. >> george, go catch it. > let's go catch this thing.
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cheers and applause] cheers and applause] >> trying to hear who exactly. >> one of the officers who was shot yet and roberto clemente jr. was the catcher.
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you don't get that role. baseball royalty in the house. >> one of the capitol police officers. that was injured in yesterday's melee. >> accepted the ball from joe and threw out the first pitch to roberto clemente jr. >> great, great. the two police officers were wounded. but were obviously not seriously wounded. and are here tonight. unfortunately others are still in the hospital. the most concerned about at the moment the most concern about steve scalise. >> we're almost ready for baseball, folks. crowd is ready. >> one nice side effect to the extended pregame ceremony that often takes the crowd a while to fill in here but most people in their seats by now, able to be here for the ceremonial first pitch and actual first pitch
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should be just around the corner. >> as you can imagine, security tightened around the ballpark tonight, getting in d.c., the streets around the ballpark are basically gridlocked tonight. lots of security. around the parking lot and the ballpark this evening. and getting into the ballpark as ell. we're going -- we've been tweeting pictures out. >> you can give your handle if you're going to be tweeting. >@gwallace wgop. >> and it's a little crazier than normal out here. >> jack shore our tremendous engineer in the house again this evening. ben pushing all the right buttons back in the studio.
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democrats will take the field. >> message from the president on the video board. >> a tweet from the president. no, a real message. >> this game is an important celebrate upport and ur nation. by playing tonight you are showing that we will not be intimidated by a threat. cheers and applause]
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>> the president say big playing tonight's game you are showing you will not be intimidated by anything. >> want to repeat that? >> president's message saying by playing in this game tonight, showing that you will not be intimidated by anything. >> there's been so cheering in the stands. so you know even though feelings are high about donald trump, his is a night for baseball. >> thanking the members of the alexandria police and rescue for their quick response yesterday. as well. >> i leave you with three great american words that for
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ladies ons have been -- and gentlemen, let's play ball. [cheers and applause] >> let's play ball. and they're ready to do it tonight. >> acknowledging the heroism of the capitol police for yesterday's bravery as well. message from the public address announcer here. >> please welcome speaker of the house paul ryan. cheers and applause]
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>> play ball! >> there's your play ball from paul ryan, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. >> cedric richmond has taken the mound. he's back out for for a sixth straight year. seventh straight year. >> i actually don't know -- >> he was 5-0 headed into last year. so this is seven straight. >> he dries to go the distance , he did not make it last year. they had a late sub. be interesting, as you mentioned, he was quite -- it was quite hot, quite muggy last year. we've got a perfect evening tonight, 2 degree, breeze moving right-to-left across the field. pretty decent little breeze. see if it works for the outfielders at all if anything gets in the jet stream.
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>> which way is the wind blowing? right to left? >> yeah, foul pole to foul pole. >> cedric throws near 80 miles per hour. the republican manager joe barton called him the best player to ever play in a congressional baseball game. >> pretty high compliment. probably accurate too. >> he threw a two-hitter, a two or three-hitter. >> last year he did pitch into the seventh but was pulled for patrick murphy. gave up seven runs on 11 hits. ryan costello, i believe, is going to lead us off. wearing a fighting phils jersey. cedric richmond, in addition to his baseball prowess, represents louisiana's second and when he's is onrowing baseballs, he the homeland security committee.
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>> first foich costello over for a streak. e are under way at 7:38. perfect night for baseball. richmond does work fast, if you remember. second offering low. ball one. costello, westchester, pennsylvania, seventh district. >> he has an interesting story to tell he says for the last two years i played in the baseball game for charity, this is the day of the event , he missed his ride by two minutes and didn't attend practice. e now know gunshots were fired at the practice, i'm ok but praying for my colleagues. >> 3-1 leading off here. high and tight, ball four. richmond walks the leadoff
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batter. >> that ball thrown back to the pitcher. it was too high he missed it. a few mishaps in the beginning. maybe opening inning jitters. >> tough when you throw one game a year to get much of a routine. i always wonder about the starting pitchers, he's played before, you get back out there, he gets some rest at third base or left field or whatever, you can get back in the swing. but it's tough to get an arm loose enough to throw 80, 90 pitches. this is a seven-inning game. he's got a long way to go especially if he starts walking people early on. richmond from the stretch. costello leads off first. the 0-1 offering. running. called a strike. costello -- thrown out from davis.
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off to the right. >> something to keep an eye on. not exactly a picture perfect throw to second base. about 10 feet left of the bag. >> and bounced it too. >> republicans try -- sfee epublicans try to run anymore. >> blake is a veteran of these games, played in a number of them. >> ground ball. throws it over for the out. >> looked like he was trying to do there, put a ball to right side, get the run to third base. >> batting third will be kevin brady. tonight's d.h. wearing a houston astros jersey. >> congressman from texas. chairs the ways and means committee.
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swing and a miss, first offering in the dirt, strike one. >> that was quite a swing. went down hard to a knee after that one. brady hit a ball real hard last year. i can't remember if it dropped far double or if it was caught. but he's one of these guys who actually can really swing it. >> brady played varsity baseball at the university of south akota. >> costello gets the first run of the night. wild pitch by richmond, the republicans on the board, lead it 1-0. >> one way to manufacture a run in this game. get a walk, get a stolen base. move a runner over, score a wild pitch. >> last year, brady was 3-3 with a walk. >> that one almost hit him. hought it might have at first. just hung inside. >> ground ball to third is foul. >> brady is a transplant, grew
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up in south dakota. and ene camto tex, timately went from business, got into politics. >> he sps back in with a 1-2 count. republicans on t board lead g-0. >> ball in the dirt from richmond. seems to be try some different stuff. trying to get a feel. he won't just throw fastballs. >> not as sharp to start this one. >> like he's trying to throw a beaking -- a breaking ball there, didn't quite make it. >> a foul back to the screen. >> wish they had the radar gun on for this game, but they don't. probably for good reason. >> right. richmond quickly back to work. the 2-2. swing swing and ground ball toward third. it's foul.
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>> trent kelly starting at third ase tonight. >> 1-, republicans lead top of the first inning, one out. the 2-2 offering. ground ball to kelly. fields it. long throw. brady retires. 5-3. two outs. nice play in the corner. >> the nice play by donnelly, when you're at first base he had to shift his off foot to the bag and back into foul territory to be able to keep the bag and make hat catch for the out. >> batting fourth tonight for the republican, ron desantis. >> went to yale. line drive base hit to right field. he went to yale, played baseball
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there. he was captain of the varsity baseball team. in his senior year. it shows. >> first pitch swinging. >> most members don't have a high school or college association with baseball but they played a lot of sand lot and love the game. but there are a few folks here who have some pretty good credentials. >> mike bishop steps. in mike bishop starting in the field. also a pinch runner at first base. ball high 2-0. richmond looks frustrated, doesn't he? two outs here top of the first. 1-0, republicans lead. 2-0. swing and a high chopper. foul. >> richmond is the kind of guy we've seen over the last two
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year, he knows a lot of this -- you'll see him taking extra bases left and right. chasing down, to cut off a ball that normally you see a third baseman field. he's very competitive in this game. knows how to -- how much of the result depends on his performance on the mound. >> mike bishop on the ways and means committee, the tax writing committee. davis in the back stop. looks like fleischmann is that fleischmann on the back of that jersey there? >> tigers. >> bishop in his second term. >> 3-1 count to bishop. runner at second takes the lead. 3-1 pitch outside. ball four. richmond walks his second batter
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of the inning. > thomas rooney now. first pitch over for a strike, 0-1. >> we've seen a big, looping breaking ball in for a strike. >> and another one. > another one. > 0-2, two outs, 1-0 lead. pitch in the dirt. >> maybe an error. >> to the left field. runner going to score. safe at third. fleischmann scores on the fastball then it was bishop all the way to third.
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they try to tag him out, they collided, but he's safe at third. >> that was a pretty good collision at third base. you see it on the board here. richmond came in with his left arm hurricanes nonpitching arm, jammed it pretty good. both bodies went flying off the bag. ball came out of his mitt. takes a step back off the rubber here. >> he's going to go for the wind-up on the 1-2, two outs. swing and a miss, strike three. inning over. republicans get two on the board in the top of the first. and lead it 2-0 as we go bottom first here. richmond in some trouble early on. i think we're used to just seing the lockdown 1-2-3 inning from him. >> yes, uncharacteristic. sometimes takes guys a while to get settled. credit the republicans for taking advantage of the
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mistakes. there was only one hit in that inning. two walks. couple of wild pitches. stolen base. an error. >> this is a game of runs, hits, and error, which -- would you credit or discredit the democrats for a few of those errors? >> i don't think you can officially give them an error. >> they had some mishaps out there. >> one on the catcher. that qualifies on that last run. >> you know what, we should be he official scorers too. >> to be expected, especially in the first inning here as everybody gets settled. haven't played in a full calendar year in an actual game. >> the democrats come to the plate. hey are the home team tonight. and we'll get you that lineup as oon as we know it.
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they come to the plate here, reat crowd, still filing in. the gate from center field still - fans streaming in. republicans get two on the board in the top of the first. listening to us tonight on the wfed stream, the wgop stream, and also thank our friends at c span for tine's broadcast as well. taking our coverage of tonight's broadcast. we're getting set for baseball
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here. >> with who is batting? >> we don't know yet. >> we don't know yet. mystery man. ok, i'll follow that. >> we know mark walker is on the hill. raul ruiz is going to lead hings off. first offering from walker. to center field. that's a base hit. leadoff single for the democrats. >> double off the bat -- >> i thought so too. >> thought better of it as he ame around first base. >> batting second will be third baseman jared huffman.
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walker, outside the ball. stolen base. the democrats have the runner in scoring position. >> i wonder if this is a preview of things to come tonight. both leadoff hitters getting on, stealing second. and lker takes it back, up in, 2-0. >> he represents the second district in california. that's way down the line. grand haven, granville, california that region. he's ton the financial services committee. -- he's on the financial services committee. >> a swing and a miss. >> financial services just pushed through a big bill to repeal dodd-frank. he's one of the members of the house that would like to see odd-frank changed.
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>> 2-1, outside, 3-1. walker is in trouble here early on. leadoff single, stolen base. now behind 3-1 on the second atter. the 3-1 from walker up and in. alker. >> there will be runs in this game. the first inning and change is any indication. >> cedric richmond will bat third tonight. >> we talked about richmond a lot as far as on the mound, he can also hit the ball as well. last year they walked him, i think they walked him
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intentionally. >> every time he was up. >> and then reached on an error. now a strike. if i do recall, when he gets on, he keeps running. there's a swing. >> running now. he's running now. going to get to first no problem. >> ended up with a 40-foot swing. six inches fair in the grass just inside the third baseline. the bases are loaded with nobody out. >> batting fourth is going to be the shortstop, tim ryan. bases loadeding nobody out for mark walker. having some trouble here early n. [applause] >> that is going to score two, tim ryan.
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>> that ball gets away. took a hard turn to third base before holding on. >> two r.b.i. single, game tied at 2-2. >> i don't know, ryan leads weekly meditation sessions on the hill, he's got a cool head. baseball is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. o we'll see. >> the democrats hitting mark walker here early. two runs in, nobody out. richmond at third. ryan at second. walker going back to the wind-up facing jared polis. he bobbles it. over to first, out at first. run scores but he's out at first. crowd doesn't like it. if we had replay we'd be getting
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a replay. >> he was just out at first. >> polis says he enjoys playing the game. he says it's one of the most exciting things that comes along. certainly exciting a moment ago. >> seeing a replay there, fans reacting. chris murphy, the catcher, will bat with one out here and the three runs in for the democrats. ryan still at second. he didn't go to third. >> optional base running there watching that play behind him. >> i just rook looked up an realized he was still there. >> had a chance to move up but he didn't. >> over for a strike. 1-1. >> you can see the difference between a guy who pitched several years in college, cedric richmond, in terms of velocity. walker is just looking for strikes out there. >> swing and a ground ball back
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to walker. going to chase ryan down between second and third and throw over to third. tags him out. ryan not having the best of times on the baseball. >> i'm sure he'll get a talking to about the times you're supposed to run from second base and when you're not. after the last two hitters. >> that's not a bad run down, huh? >> got to make the runner commit, got him to commit to third. the third baseman can put the tag on him. >> two outs now, panetta the batter, the right fielder. >> that is leon panetta's son who himself was a longtime democratic power. on the democratic side in congress. of course we know he's gone on to hold several cabinet positions. hat's his dad.
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jimmy represents the california 20th, i believe that was the same district probably gerrymandered -- not gerrymandered, changed a little bit since leon had it. >> three runs in for the democrats. 3-2 lead, mark walker into the stretch. high and tight. 2-0. chris murphy at first. i take that back. we have a pinch runner at first. swalwell is running at first. for chris murphy. >> keep an eye on him. >> panetta is on the agriculture and natural resources committee. that's good for the part of california he represents. >> walker into the stretch. 2-0. foul ball.
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look out over there 12 rows up behind the dugout. walker in trouble. rich mnd was in trouble in the first in, got out of it with only two runs. walker has given up three. so far for the democrats. or, for the republicans i should say. walker. 2-1. swalwell takes off running. no throw from davis. they were worried about it for a reason. >> seems clear. part of the game plan for both teams tonight. >> davis goes out, has a word with walker. 3-1 count to jimmy panetta. swalwell takes the lead from second. walker, the 3-1. swing and a foul back to the screen.
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3462. >> costello at nikkei closed the second. looks like he is ready to take third. >> well -- >> i don't know. not like getting on the mound. panetta goes down to first base. a catcher interference? he swung it was definitely a foul ball. all right, batteries at first and second. steve you are the centerfielder. usually,terfield but he can comment if cedric richmond gets in trouble. you can be the relief. sources say.


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