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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 16, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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congress. at 9:00, philip workman of the washington examiner on allowing members of congress to legally carry firearms. ♪ >> it is friday, june 16, 2017 and on capitol hill, somewhat -- lawmakers say they feel like targets and the aftermath of the shooting that left congressman steve scully's in critical condition -- steve scalise in critical condition and several others wounded. numbers of congress discussed increasing security members and some with the idea of allowing members of congress to bypass great washington, d.c. gun laws. ,he question for our viewers should members of congress carry guns at the capital? republicans can call
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202-748-8001. democrats --202-748-8000. independents --202-748-8002. 3.gun owner, call 202-748-8002 -- reach ustter at on twitter at @cspanwj. or on facebook at in the washington post, more about the feelings among some members of congress that they considerts as they extra protection measures in the wake of the shooting this week. it's is a violent shootout on a virginia baseball field that wounded house majority whip steve scalise and others exposed concerns among lawmakers that increasingly toxic political rhetoric is putting them at greater risk in washington and back home. after the shooting in
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alexandria, republicans and democrats struggle to reassess their protection and engagement with the public outside the protective bubble of capitol hill and some say they should carry firearms at all times, even in washington, a city with strict gun control laws. secure ther funds to private homes. let's look at what congressman chris collins said this week about security and the need to perhaps be able to carry a firearm. >> important for me to carry a concealed weapon. i have done that in the past and i may have it in my glove box. i cannot and washington, d.c. >> you work in d.c. but cannot carry a handgun. concealed or otherwise. i am a sponsor of
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a law that would change that and say if you have a can deals carry permit in any state, you can carry in other states which i have sponsored the legislation. for the time being -- once we are in the capital compound, it is extraordinarily safe, very different in our districts and going to public events. security has to come first. of therday, a sheriff county will have a deputy or two traveling with me. not just safety for myself but also my staff and the public. if somebody were to have a head, takingeir law into their own hands. we have to put safety first when we are in the public and i believe that law-abiding citizens with a weapon will help keep a situation safe. i have always believed that going back 30 years.
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i will be a little more diligent because of what happened yesterday. that was congressman collins on the fox business network on his desire to carry a firearm at all times. calling from corpus christi, texas on the democratic line. caller: good morning. theblicans are only 35% of public support and wondering why people are upset after they threatened to take away health care for 20 million people. 40,000 are more have estimated will die early if they do it and they want to do to change things is carry more guns? wouldn't it be more likely if they accepted the fact to rule this country in a democracy that they need to have majority rule, instead of one party? host: given the fact that you have lawmakers in their districts traveling around meeting --
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caller: this was not an attack on all congress, this was on one party. he knew knew -- caller: who he was attacking and why, let's change their behavior and perhaps there will be less violence. host: what about the fact that the last time a member of congress was shot was gabrielle giffords, a democrat? is this a partisan issue? caller: i think it is one the person picks out the party they are shooting at. i think i know why. can take health care away from that many people, even threaten it and nobody will be upset enough to act out? host: lilly from orlando on our independent line, do you think lawmakers should carry guns, even in d.c.? caller: good morning, i think there is a net security in the --lding and around the area
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enough security in the building and around the area, if they start shooting, they should that -- they could shoot an innocent person and they do not have the expertise to handle a gun, unless they gun -- unless they do. practice?go to target do lawmakers know have to handle begun ? ?- the gun i think they have enough security in the area and unless they have expertise with a gun, because there are a lot of people around who could get shot, they can shoot somebody, like a stray bullet. host: google that the congressman was suggesting would allow people who have concealed carry licenses and to get that you do need to go through training. the problem is they cannot do it in d.c. because of the strict
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laws. even if they were in virginia, they could not cross the border to go into d.c. does that change your view, if it does require training? i just feel there is enough police presence and enough security. do they feel that threatened? i think there is enough security in the building and in the surrounding areas. they say the capitol police are there within minutes when the shooting occurred in the baseball field. i am not sure. i will lean toward no because it is a populated area. inside the capitol building, people coming and going. i will say no. host: jd from alabama, a gun owner, should members of
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congress be able to carry firearms? is ar: absolutely, it right guaranteed in the united states constitution, second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, that is why the question is absurd. in the last 30 years, not enough for american people to see the number of assaults on people who were not armed. pope john paul ii, ronald reagan, jimmy carter was stopped, gerald ford -- jimmy carter was stalked, gerald ford, someone opened fire on the white house with an assault rifle and did damage to the building. puerto rican nationalists in the truman administration stormed congress and killed members of congress. it is implicit that members of congress and every american should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon to defend
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themselves. absolutely. times,n the washington it details one plan to allow lawmakers to do that saying congressman thomas massie says he is introducing legislation that would recognize out-of-state concealed carry permits in the district of columbia in the wake of the shocking attack on congressman steve scalise and others in northern virginia on wednesday. i am trying to anticipate how to avoid a tragic situation in the german he said in an in a real on fox business network -- he said in an interview and fox business network. in the public we are not armed and unaccompanied for the most part. leon calling in from maryland, a gun owner. do you think members of congress should carry firearms? caller: i believe 100% that congressional members should be able to carry.
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i was the first person in d.c. to have a concealed carry permit and own a website and train people every day. sure enough, just like you were discussing before, when people come into the city from virginia or maryland, they would have to have a registered firearm with the metropolitan police department and the rules are ratcheted up, people are not for a blanketrry" reason to defend themselves. it is difficult to process, especially congressional members , are not able to carry based on the constitution. i carry every single day. host: you talked about the training that you do. do you think this rule should require members of congress get
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the level of training required under d.c. local laws? caller: i believe, yes, training is paramount. if you are qualified to carry a firearm, i believe you should be able to carry it. that is why national carry has been typically difficult to pass , based on training requirements. some states that do not have a training requirement, they have concealed carry permits. that person in a lower training state can carry in a more restricted status. thing.s been the ongoing we are only as strong as the weakest link which is the argument being made. in terms of d.c., it has been a
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very violent city. are goingg citizens through major obstacles to concealed carry a firearm. in the district of columbia. me that --ndish to not specifically on the congressional members -- but the topic this morning that those individuals are not being able to carry are coming from districts all over the country where they are allowed to carry and process their concealed carry permits. when they come to f/v -- d/c/-- d.c., they cannot carry and they should get an exemption based on their status as congressional members. host: robbinsville, missouri, independent line, what do you think, brian? caller: i think that would
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probably be ok but let's get to the root cause of what is going on. they are having a charity ball game to help the poor. after they do that, they go back to congress and start cutting health care, cutting social security, giving tax cuts to the rich, none of the rich are paying taxes. i want to remind the listeners that we are only one election away from losing our democracy. this is out of [iy -- putin's playbook, he went against the press and against the opposition and they lost their democracy. ofwe do not vote, only 60% our people that can vote, vote. that is the problem, we are letting the minority party, which the republicans are, if everybody would vote. we are letting a minority party
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steamroll the rest of the country to give to the rich. that is the root of a problem of what i think is going on. the republican congress is as bad as trump. host: one sign at the congressional ballgame expressed that sentiment. says the best sign goes to this 1 -- democrats steal bases, not health care. some of the sentiments expressed at the game last night held out as a call for unity in the wake of the shooting. william is calling in from georgia on the democratic line. good morning, william. caller: good morning. i think the irony is unbelievable. -- there were
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children killed and sandy hook and he republican party did not .ant to pass legislation a republican congressman is shot and we need to secure their homes, offices, let them carry weapons and washington, d.c. my second point is that, you had a caller that mention the puerto rican nationalist party that stormed the capital in the 1950's and shot five congresspeople. none of those congressmen and congresswomen were killed. that is one thing we can do to calm down is stop passing false information. host: let look at what nancy pelosi said, reacting to republican lawmakers who blamed democrats for the conditions that led to the shooting. nancy pelosi: the comments made
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by my republican colleagues are outrageous. beneath the dignity of the job they hold, beneath the dignity of the respect that we would like congress to command. how dare they say such a thing? how dare they? as we sit here, they are probably running characters of caricatures of me. vitriolic things they say about me that results to constantly getting calls at my home. predicated on their comments and they are paid advertisements. this sick individual does something despicable and it was horrible, hateful, but for them to all of a sudden be sanctimonious as if they have never seen such a thing.
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i do not want to go into the president of the united states, in terms of the language he uses. let's go there another day. host: francis is on the republican line from orlando. do you think remembers -- members of congress should carry firearms? caller: i do not know. when a situation arises, there is destruction -- or detraction from the problem. the problem is never gone into. if that guy could have never had an assault rifle, just buying you like you go into a grocery store and pick up groceries, he would not have been -- what would he have used to do the shooting? it is too easy and readily there on the road. and the stores where you can get a gun. you should justify the reason
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why you should have a gun. it is too easy to get a gun. you are talking about giving the congresspeople and senators guns. to thell the way back situation where everybody is shooting. it will not stop the problem. the problem has to be addressed at the root. you must not be able to obtain a gun unless you are justified in the reason for having it. people will be buying missiles and shooting up. you go and get a bazooka. they need to pass commonsense laws where guns are concerned. always using the second amendment as an excuse. if you did not have a gun, he could not have shot and that is
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the thing. from john is calling manchester township, new jersey, independent line. should members of congress be allowed to carry firearms? caller: if they did carry firearms and everybody had them, how will they practice baseball? sliding into second base wearing a gun? seriously? it was a high-powered rifle and this time hopefully they will say high-powered rifles do more damage and is just not for shooting deer because it will blow its head off. i fired the m-16 and and 60 in the military and i know what they can do. host: what do you think other solutions are? do you thing more members of congress should have u.s. capitol police details? that is who were on the scene and able to bring that gunmen down? caller: they were there because
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steve scalise is the majority leader. they were his bodyguards, not for every member of congress. host: right. caller: the majority leader's bodyguard. host: that was my questions -- should more members of congress have security and capitol police at any gathering of lawmakers? what is the solution? caller: the way things are going giffords, theby fire department took the time because she was a democrat and a republican is shot and you have anger on both sides and a lot of fake news that kelly may get is supposed to talk about sandy hook not happening -- kelly meg yn is supposed to talk about sandy hook not happening. they will need either the police
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or more security because they are letting rush limbaugh and sean hannity go across and say this left-wing guy did this, a lot of blame. a lot of anger will be issued eventually and people will lose it. host: one of the officers, capitol police officers who was wounded at the shooting on wednesday was at the congressional ballgame, he treated, -- he threw out the first pitch, a memorable moment at the ballgame where members of congress came together after the shooting. silver spring maryland, democratic line, what do you think, should members of congress carry guns in d.c.? caller: if they can meet the requirements for a carry permit, yes, training. the capitol police are tasked with protecting them. ,f they will be in the public
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they can arrange for special detail to protect them. including above and beyond what the security detail for the leadership have. it irritates me so much that these nitwits will try to capitalize on this and pass legislation, or even discuss legislation about carrying weapons. it is important to remember, this is in virginia where it is easier to carry. as the last caller pointed out, they are playing baseball, are they really going to be wearing guns while playing baseball? the issue they should be talking about is health care, mental health issues. helping people find access for mental health care. also, thank you for taking my
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call and thank you for c-span. there was an incident 20 years ago where to capitol police offices gave their lives protecting the bombs -- bums when they tried to gain access to the capital building with a gun and started opening fire. i have not heard people talk about that this week. job toitol police have a do and have done it pretty well, maybe not all the time, but this time was one of them and when the officers gave their lives to protect those guys. they did the job pretty well that time. thank you very much. host: increasing number of lawmakers say they feel .hreatened in recent months according to the washington post. it says, at the briefing on wednesday, federal members described threats made against them in recent years. according to people in the room,
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a congressman, democrat from missouri recounted an attempt firebombing of his kansas city office in 2014. ann wagner a republican from missouri this graph protesters -- described protesters doing die ins in her driveway and protest at her church and al green from texas talked about the need for unity after others had mentioned death threats against him sparked by his decision to introduce articles of impeachment against president trump. dennis as calling in from indiana on the republican line. do you think members of congress should be able to carry guns, despite the washington, d.c. strict gun-control laws? the districtutely, should get no federal tax dollars until they remove those strict control laws. this country needs open carry to follow the constitution.
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if all of the members do not choose to carry firearms? cure for the the dangerous situation we see them facing? caller: the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. host: darlene calling in from nevada on the independent line, a gun owner, what do you think, should members of congress be able to carry guns wherever they go? caller: not wherever they go, i do not feel that is appropriate. i am sorry. we have different places designated as gun free zones for a reason, a hospital, going into the capital building, i do not feel they should be having guns everywhere. they cannot get together and have a polite conversation about the budget, i do not want them in a room with guns.
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when they are out and about, not like these people collectively do not make enough money and when they have event and are all present, they cannot pay for their own security. a baseball diamond secured. see sorry, i do not want to all gun owners get painted like bad guys and that is what happens when the terrible -- when a terrible event takes place like this and my prayers go out to the family's and your show has done an immense job covering it. you have been so wonderful. gunsshould not be carrying in congress. i am sorry. host: tony is calling from district heights, maryland, independent line, should members of congress be able to cross into d.c. carrying firearms on the way to the capital? caller: the question is
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ridiculous. i am sorry. it does not matter, if they are or if they are not, people will only get shot, he was the one with the deal and he got shot, how ironic. people are suffering in this country, not too many people care if these people carry guns. if they were at work, they were not -- they would have not been shot, how come they were not at work, on taxpayer dollars, they were playing baseball, not even again, at practice, they should be at work, how come that question was not opposed to these people? host: members of congress were out practicing in preparation for a charity baseball game, which happened last night. in the washington times, a piece that says bipartisan -- reflecting a bipartisan call for president trump to pull his tone in the current climate of
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come asl rhetoric, says lawmakers search for a new tone in washington, republicans and democrats, the president is a necessary part of the solution, saying he has the power and even the duty to lead a change in the conversation. mark sanford of south carolina, a republican, said donald trump was partially to blame for the hostile rhetoric that has consumed politics since the 2016 election in which many analysts say help set the stage for this baseball field attack on gop lawmakers. i would argue the president has unleashed partially, not totally, but partially to blame for the demons that have been unleashed. mr. sanford said on msnbc. let's look at comments the president made after the shooting at the white house. president trump: america's hearts and, we mean this in the
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truest sense, sends its love. a lot of great hearts in this country sending their love and support to the steve scalise family. in his own way, steve may have brought unity to our long divided country. we have had a very divided country for many years. steve haseeling that made a great sacrifice. there could be some unity brought to our country. let's hope so. host: travis on the republican line from maryland. -- charles on the republican line from maryland. caller: i have been watching these concerns about protecting congressman and so forth. i do not want to sound non-sympathetic but it diffuses the real problem in america of crime. you cannot stop people with bad intentions with guns, whether
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they are legal or not. exists,lem that really in baltimore, i have walked the streets of baltimore. that youssed reveals have to bring communities together and have the social context. the problem in america is not so much the guns but the lack of opportunity for the uplift of the property in this country, where people can come out of poverty. people have to put shoes on children and a lot of unemployment without any vehicle hitting out of their promotes violence in america. they label things like in baltimore, social unrest, those people are acting out on the opportunity to take advantage of crime. saying use the issue by -- diffuse the issue by saying taking guns out of the hands of
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people will stop the problem in america but it does not address the problem in america. since 200been with us years. it is a right of passage in america to defend yourself. without addressing the real issues in america, you do not get to the problem. would talk more about what the problem is in america than trying to put a band-aid on what they think the solution is. host: james is calling in from tennessee, democratic line. do you think congressional members should carry firearms into the capital? .aller: i do not i think we should do more about getting guns away from people that do not need to have them. i think that is one of the biggest problems in this country. host: how do you think that should happen? what steps should be taken? caller: you were just talking
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about d.c. with strong mollis about carrying weapons. how many other states do not have those kinds of laws, or how many people do not have proper background checks? there are a lot of people out there that should not have access to firearms. host: ok. richard calling in from minneapolis. democratic line. -- republican line, sorry, richard, what are your thoughts? caller: good morning. i think they should repeal the d.c. law that does not allow concealed carry. definitely, the congressman byrne is an schoolteachers -- congress members an schoolteachers, where do these crazy people go? they know people in the schools do not have guns, so they go there. in minnesota, only one instance where a concealed carry person
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has committed a crime with a gun . only one person over several years we have had concealed carry in minnesota. when you compare he to liberal policies -- the light rail in minnesota has killed 21 people. light rail has killed 21 and concealed and carry has killed one. good to have a good guy with a gun around. people that go through the training know how to handle a gun. thank you very much. host: more from last night's game, the congressional charity baseball game that went on as scheduled despite the shooting this week. the hill has a recap, democrats soundly defeated the gop and the congressional baseball game thursday night 11-2.
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the score was not the focus of the game as lawmakers stressed bipartisanship on and off the field. at the game, paul ryan said that leaders from both sides had to "break bread together." nancy pelosi said we are all on team steve scalise tonight. let's look at more of what ryan and policy said last night -- policy said -- pelosi said last night. paul ryan: a brand-new mental health law that is being implemented at a guess resources to the states to early identify people with mental illness. we have made good progress and have to implement it. members want our me to suggest that we have a task force on gun safety to study the issue and not just put a bill, study the issue and see
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what the possibilities could be to reduce gun violence in our country. that is something gabby giffords has devoted her life to now, and her husband, mark kelly. hopefully with an understanding and better knowledge of the issue with evidence-based decision-making, but that is not for today. today is about coming together and celebrating the greatest of steve scalise, he -- we have an anti-american connection. -- italian american connection. paul ryan: you would never otherwise see me wear a sec hat. >> takes a tragedy to bring people together. what can you do to make sure long after the baseball game, democrats and republicans are showing the spirit? paul ryan: more opportunities to know each other, we know each other well and have more opportunities for republicans
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and democrats to literally break bread. travel with each other and do things with one another. we know people on our leadership, committees, people we work with but not enough relationship building exercises between republicans and democrats. her grandchildren actually like me. families get when to know each other, we are proud of our differences of opinion. we have a responsibility to find common ground. professional attitude toward our colleagues which is to respect them. sometimes that does not always work. host: independent line, ithaca new york, should lawmakers carry firearms into the capital? caller: good morning and thank you for hosting and thank you for everyone behind the scenes, all your colleagues who work with you to get all of us across
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the country on. raisedad the question is but i do not believe that is the solution. i think that is part of the problem. ministry one world like systems, i have worked with mentally challenged people on wall street, at a homeless --ter, yesterday, j cap are on jake tapper's program, one asked about the shooter living in a van and going to the ymca. i do not think we are looking at what several callers already pointed out, people who have been reduced to poverty, people that do not feel either party or
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the paper men president -- moon president, he was most likely living in the van and using the ymca to do his daily duty, pay the water bill so do speak -- so to speak, shave and shower. for years and a homeless advocate committed suicide because of reaganomics. , oneu have lawmakers convicted of assault against the reporter, you will have a situation like they had in san francisco where harvey milk was killed by dan white. they will have guns used against themselves more likely before they use it against someone else.
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the critical thing is, we need to look at what -- why this man got where he was? he was out of work. he felt he could not speak to anybody about it. he felt isolated. and desperate times, desperate people do desperate things which is not about democracy. we do not need more security. we do need, as in other talk show talked about, the white house with serenity prayer, we need more serenity. we need to know what we cannot change, the number of the stars. we need to know and change what we can. when our country is not doing that. people not seem like the in the positions right now, including -- if you look a pathological liar, if you look up psychopath, i am a native new
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yorker and i saw donald trump coming up. the man is unfit to be president. host: let's look at -- some pushback to the idea of expanding a concealed carry role for members of congress, or creating a national bill -- carry law, from a group every town, they issued a report that say federally mandated concealed carry rep or atrocity or so dangerous -- how it would interfere with states rights and that the federal government who could carry. it demonstrates that federally mandated reciprocity would enable a person who can obtain a permit from any state in the nation to carry concealed throughout the country, even in states where the person would otherwise be banned from having guns.
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pushback from the idea of expanding concealed carry laws across borders. colling from north las vegas, nevada, you are a gun owner, should lawmakers be able to carry guns into washington, d.c.? >> yes, i am a concealed -- there is a federal law that came from the united states supreme court in 1987. it was ruled by the united states supreme court in 1987, which basically stated that your ,efense is your responsibility and not the responsibility of the police. you have to figure it this way, for anybody that is listening, there is no way that anyone can afford to have protection, unarmed guard, executive protection -- an armed guard, executive protection, not enough
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police to protect all the citizens of the country and the politicians, maybe they can budget money, if they wanted to do that. the law says their defense is the responsibility. if you set up a place where you cannot carry a firearm for your defense, that is most likely where you will be attacked. if you have a gun freezone, people who break the law are not going to adhere to that. they will take their guns and their and do bad things. all you will do is disarm the people who they want to go there and hurt. should the congress have them, absolutely. if everybody wants, you can check, senator orrin hatch was deputized by the united states marshal service, i do not know what the issue was. he carried a firearm in the halls of congress.
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his life was probably being threatened for whatever the issue was. host: in the capital, as most folks who have visited no, there are metal the detectors at airport level security. even in the case of this shooting, although u.s. capitol police were there, these alexandria police was on the scene in three minutes. protections for members of congress, is it necessary for them to carry guns themselves? caller: the two capitol police who heroically did their jobs, what if they were killed outright? no one else there had a firearm, at which point this individual was going to do what he came there to do and a lot of people going to die. after the capitol police did do their job, that was prevented. if they were killed outright,
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there would have been no one there. if someone would have had a firearm, they could have defended themselves and others. if you want to look through the world through rose-colored glasses, you may be say it is a great place but bad people do bad things every now and then. if you look at europe, they are killing people with vehicles, bladed weapons, bombs, and firearms. the police are not there when it is taking place. they are getting there afterward. the police are going there with firearms. if a firearm was not the most effective means of self-defense, why are they issued to police? good enough for a voice subs are, good enough for a private citizens. should they carry in the halls of congress, absolutely. host: washington post says the
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president is decrying the probe by special counsel robert mueller. as as a heightened sense of an asase with the white house president trump lashed out at reports that he is under scrutiny over whether he obstructed justice. aids deflected questions about the probe and vice president pence acknowledged hiring a private lawyer to handle the fallout of the investigation into russian election meddling. the decision to hire the richmond-based lawyer who served as a u.s. attorney in the eastern district of virginia came less than one month after donald trump hired his own private lawyer. the ongoing investigation into .he probe of russian meddling heather is calling from carson city, nevada on the democratic line. what are your thoughts? caller: my thoughts are about, like, gun safety, even when someone is trained to use a gun,
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there can be accidents, human failings, when dick cheney accidentally shot his friend. ?where do you draw the line can bring it into the chambers of congress or just outside of the building? i do not think it is a good idea. host: what would you like to see happen, when more lawmakers are receiving threats, what should be done? caller: mental health services. that is all i can think of. they have good security in the capital and they do not need politicians running around with guns. host: chicago, democratic line, hello, carl. caller: good morning. let me say this -- they should not have guns in the capital. .et me explain this your gun, if you have one, you want to bring a publicly, potentially used if you decide to use it first.
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in other words, you will have to shoot someone else before they shoot you. if you want to be sure you do not get shot first. this is a ridiculous argument that these people who want to have guns, they keep making. if you listen to these people, they appear to be -- they want to be out there shooting someone. -- we want to protect ourselves but we are a free and open society and should not have to carry guns in public. i do not agree with the second amendment. if you want to have a gun in your home, fine, but we do not need guns in the streets. we have kids that are killed every day with guns. we are wallowing in murder.
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who wants to think i have to have a gun?to get ready to kill people that does not make sense. thirst.a blood i would like for somebody to explain -- a guy talking about what if those officers have been killed outright? that is the whole point. police have guns and they get guns will-- shot at, not be all my protection. guns becaused the more guns will be more deaths. host: some other news, cnn reporting that russia may have killed the isis leader.
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it says the defense minister of russia is investigating reports that the isis leader was killed in one of its airstrikes in syria last month. the airstrike on may 20 was onrying out -- was carried the outskirts of the militant group the fact the capital of raqqa on a command post were isis leaders were meeting, according to russian state media reports. according to information which is being verified by a different channel, the meeting attended by the isis leader -- another isis leader who was eliminated in the strike. other state media reported that more than 300 terrorists were killed in the strike. jim is calling from ohio on the republican line. do you think lawmakers should carry guns? caller: i think they have the right. do i think they should, in the house, i do not.
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the main issue to me is the mental health issue. whoe are a lot of people are close to snapping. you have the news media putting stuff on that incites violence. play -- they show the play about getting to trump. picturey griffin with a of her head with the product -- of her with the president's head. it takes one nut to react to what they are saying. not helpingia is the situation by publicizing this all the time, nonstop. they are as much to blame as anybody else. that is all i have to say, thank you. host: timothy is calling from north carolina.
7:51 am
there? caller: i am here. host: we have you know, sorry, i did not push the button hard enough. what are your thoughts? caller: i think it is a ridiculous idea. we are going back to the days of cowboys were everybody is carrying a weapon and there is no law. it is a big problem. the main problem we have is that people are seeing that we are losing our democracy before our eyes. people are helpless to do anything about it. i know it was the russian leader, i think a was chris jeff, who said that we were -- we will bury america and not fire a shot. man. is a smart he capitalized on the chance when they elected barack obama.
7:52 am
the gop went against him. putin is seeing a chance to come in and influence a lot of americans. they did that in the election and are doing it through the media. through so many ways. they are preying upon the people in our country who are stuck in the old times. of the confederacy. taking the union. hating the union. civil war times. people are calling in and saying they hate big government and they use the words, we are so divided, they use the words liberal, these liberals. we are name-calling people. we are looking at what difference do we have, are you a liberal or conservative?
7:53 am
or you this or that -- are you this or that? it is creating division within this country and russia pushes that through the media. we have an open media but it is up to us and our leaders to recognize this. right now, russia is influencing us and the possibility they have been talking to this administration. they a big possibility have people right here in the white house doing their bidding. barack obama put sanctions on them and then russia did not retaliate. these people met with russia and the republicans do not seem to care. we are losing our democracy. you have a gop that don't care about anything but the republicans winning. they knew how donald trump was. they knew it during the primary when they debated.
7:54 am
they knew all of these things. now, all of a sudden, donald trump is a very. why don't they put their country first and do what is right for the country? everyone knows, with this investigation, they do not want to cooperate. they seem like they do not want things to come out. you have certain people like the forgot the guyi who met with donald trump -- these are people in government. host: what do you think should happen -- what should lawmakers do, the next step, if not concealed carry rules? caller: concealed carry, you know, i think the most dangerous thing right now is for everybody getting guns. the last time you talked about this it was school teachers should be armed and they want everybody armed but they are not trained.
7:55 am
you will have people getting shot all the time. these things do happen and this thing that happened with congress is very rare. terrorism is very rare and we are breaking our country on all the security. you go to airports, schoolhouses , you have to have security people. half of the country will be security. host: henry calling in from vicksburg, mississippi, a gun owner. what do you think? caller: i am a gun owner and i .o carry not just a question of whether members of congress should carry guns but a question of the citizens. it is an individual right and up to an individual whether they carry weapons for defense or not. this what do you think -- is a made for more members of congress are saying they are receiving threats, death threats , people have been arrested for threatening members of congress.
7:56 am
what is the solution in terms of security? caller: the solution in terms of security is one, an individual matter, and to, collectively for the congress. they can do security measures as a group. it is not just one approach. host: ok. denny is calling in from milwaukee -- jimmy, sorry calling from milwaukee on our republican line. caller: how are you? thinki am good, what you about members of congress who want to carry guns into the capital? caller: i do not think they should be a i think what should happen is that, anytime there is a gathering of congress, congressperson's, there should be the capitol police, they should be there.
7:57 am
regardless if there is a leader or not. if there is a gathering of -- such as, the baseball practice, whether steve scalise was there or not, there should be some protection for them while they are gathering. i do not think they need to be carrying weapons. -- there areelieve guns that are not necessary. the alexandria police were there within three minutes. once the action started happening. if you have everybody who has a gun, and someone starts shooting and everybody starts shooting and then the police arrived, they do not know if it -- they do not know who is the bad guy and who is the good guy.
7:58 am
from eva calling lafayette, louisiana on the democratic line. the home state of steve scalise. should lawmakers carry guns into the capital? caller: i grew up in a gun carrying family and am not opposed to guns in general. i do think there should be limited gun control. this would allow congressman whoever to have a gun. it would not allow an ordinary citizen to have an assault rifle. are talking we about most of the time when the shootings occur. ordinary citizens having an assault rifle. other than the police and military, there is no reason to issue a gun -- an assault weapon to an ordinary citizen. it is congressman whoever -- if congressman whoever wants to carry a gun, that is an individual right.
7:59 am
let's stop and think about ordinary people walking the streets with an assault rifle. that is not america. that is not what we need to do. but i have no problem with people who want to carry a weapon, to carry a weapon. it should be a limited amount of gun control as to the type of weapon. a little handgun would not have taken care of the man yesterday -- the day the assault took place. every congressman could have had it can gun -- handgun and it would've taken a group effort to take the man down. he fired 50 shots in seconds. assault rifles have no place in our country, in the hands of ordinary citizens or in congress. if they want to but a handgun in their pocket and tearing it into the capital, i have no problem with that. host: coming up next, joined by
8:00 am
u.s. capitol police chief -- former u.s. capitol police chief terrance gainer who will talk about the challenges in securing the capital and members of congress. later with her reactive to wednesday's shooting and safety concerns as a member of congress. we will be right back. ♪ this weekend on american history tv come on c-span three, saturday at 8:00 a.m. eastern on railamerica -- >> general secretary gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the soviet union and eastern europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate, mr. gorbachev, open this gate. [applause]


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