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tv   Weekly Democratic Address  CSPAN  June 17, 2017 12:47pm-12:57pm EDT

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citizens, including millions of talented young american women with tremendous potential, will become the programmers who change the world with the next great technological advance. every american deserves a path to a great job that they truly love. that begins with the right education -- one that gives students the foundation for a lifetime of success. every day, as your president, i will be committed to this goal. thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. >> hello. i am jim clyburn. i am proud to represent the six district of north carolina and the democratic leader in the united states house of representatives. fulle begin by wishing a and speedy recovery. i also wish the same for matt volunteer shotr
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in less wednesday -- shot in last wednesday's attack. i cannot find sufficient words to express thanks and appreciation to special agents and henryystal griner , members of the corps,ary protection for their brave and sacrificial actions which contained eliminated a clear in danger to only god knows how many dedicated public servant. having spent several years under the watchful protection, i know firsthand of their hard work and dedication. i wish for them speedy recoveries as well. them and their families in my prayers.
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no issues more important to the people of america than their health, and the health of their families. and in my opinion, no issues are the health care of america's event accessibility and affordability. the aca repeal legislation recently passed by house republicans, without a angle democratic vote -- without a single democratic vote, would have devastating effects on families all across the country. president trump pushed hard and relentlessly for its passage. recently, however, he called the bill "mean." president obama proposed the aca, he hosted a bipartisan, bicameral town hall type roundtable in the blair house. it was broadcast, in real-time, was-span, and when the bill introduced in the house, it went to three committees that debated
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its pros and cons extensively. republicans and democrats offered scores of amendments and many of them were accepted. as house majority whip at the time, and when the bill was debated on the floor, i called it the civil rights act of the 21st century. i gave it the moniker because the aca outlaws many forms of discrimination in health care. it almost discrimination against women were often charge more for health care coverage than me in. -- men. it allowed dissemination against people with pre-existing conditions. the aca repeal bill to house toublicans passed and sent the senate would rip away health care from 23 million americans, and raise costs and rollback protections for millions more. now commence and republicans are
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working as your own their own trumpcare bill and will not tell you what it is. -- buty won't tell you they want to believe it is more moderate. there's nothing moderate about undermining detections for people with pre-existing conditions by repealing the essential health benefits protections. aboutis nothing moderate gutting medicaid by $834 billion and in the same field gift $900 to aon in tax giveaways few wealthy families and insurance and drug companies. repealing the aca would once again institutionalize the kind of discrimination against the sick and aged that displayed hard-working american families for generations. passing the republican bill would turn the clock back on civil rights and humaneness.
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it does not have to be this way. democrats are eager to work with our republican colleagues to deliver accessible and affordable polity health care to all americans, but republicans must set aside the repeal efforts. that it isrvent hope the path we choose going forward. they can for listening and god bless. today on book tv, that will be a roundtable. >> these ladies right here, i remember being a young lady in washington, marched for us, talked for us when we did not have voices and basically let us know we count, we matter in a time when many of us -- what did
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>> ame chisholm say -- married francis -- and mary fiveces berry, author of " dollars in import chop sandwich." on sunday at 115, david mccullough speaks with former news anchor and journalists about his collection of speeches on american principles. >> i began to think about the great presidents down the years who have been avid readers of history. many of them wrote history including john kennedy. and even those who do not have the benefit of a college education like harry truman, he read history all their lives. and realize that it is essential
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to the role of a leader, whether it is the presidency or leadership of any kind. cause and effect. history matters. forgo to book the complete weekend schedule. ♪ journal live everyday with the news and policy issues that impact you. coming up sunday morning, newt gingrich talks about his new book "understanding trump." and humane society president and ceo wayne discusses his book "the humane economy." also financial times columnist on his book "the retreat of western liberalism." be sure to watch c-span's "watch
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it to journal" -- "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. on sunday and join the discussion. timrrow on "newsmakers," walz will look at overhaul of the veterans affairs department and the accountability at which the house passed earlier this week. he serves as regular member on the veterans affairs committee. a reporterg him is from politico. 10:00 and 6:00at on c-span. barack is completely presented to his story and that is different from history. >> part one of our interview with biographer david garrow and talk to buy his book "rising star: barack obama." >> i think that barack's
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political aspirations and since of destiny lead him to push sheila jager aside. during that time, there was a well-known political figure in chicago. hugely respected man. senator did newhouse who everybody in black chicago elite could never go higher because he was married to a white woman. it is in itself political tradition of black chicago in the late 1980's, the early 1990's that for a black man to aspire to represent black chicago, it is necessary to have a black spouse. announcer: on queuing day. &a."q >> c-span, where history unfolds il


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