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tv   Open Phones on Bipartisanship  CSPAN  June 17, 2017 2:30pm-2:52pm EDT

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democrats and he began shooting. but i do think that should be addressed by law enforcement if we are going to have big group of elected officials handling it from a security stand point. god bless you and thanks. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit
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>> that was roger williams who was hurt during wednesday's attack during alexandria virginia. his staff member was wounded. steve scalise, the house majority was critically wounded in that attack. that is in which steve scalise and four others were shot at a congressional baseball practice in nearby alexandria virginia. he saw congressional reaction or the last hour. some of the events of that day. for unity, calls working together, touching down the rhetoric and we would like to hear from you now on if you think that is possible and will that lead to renewed efforts at bipartisanship in congress? the numbers are on your screen ,f you are republican, democrat .ndependent and all others
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as always, you can tweak is at c-span, or leave a comment on our facebook page. is this an opportunity as congressional leaders have asked for unity and toning down the rhetoric, is this an opportunity for congress to show renewed efforts of bipartisanship. that is what we would like to talk to about. here's the headline from the hill earlier is weak. the congressional facebook game did go on as scheduled as a night. a picture here of the managers, joe barton of the republicans on the left, and mike doyle of the democrats on the right. headline, bipartisan visual game, a showing of unity after shooting. and that'sfrom stews and, afterwright baseball shooting talks of bipartisanship to congress, put to the test. she writes it didn't take long for house and senate lawmakers lower the bipartisan
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hostility following the brutal shooting spree by a gunman who bash atd the of party the party affiliation before aim at them on an alexandria virginia baseball field. people nearly killed by james hodgkinson returned to the capital hours later with a sense of fear that's the rhetoric aimed at each other in recent months has escalated drastically , perhaps inspiring a madman inspired to grab a gun and shoot members of political parties encouraged to despise. those numbers are ready to go. go ahead and start calling now. we will take your calls in just a moment or two. first, a couple of pieces of video. we will show you brief portions of house minority nancy pelosi enter weekly believing -- breathing. that's as well as remarks from lamarr smith on the house floor
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this week and we will go to your calls. would you comment on the possibility that this incident could be used against the democrats or the democratic they politically because assailant was apparently motivated by some kind of anti-republican sentiment and we have heard comments from republicans and congress about the rhetoric from the left being in some way to blame. i think your question is an excellent one. the comments made by my colleagues are outrageous. we would like congress to commend the . how do they say such a thing.
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>> this is a individual does something despicable and it was able. for them, all of a sudden to be sanctimonious as if they had never seen such a thing before, and i don't want to go into it with the president of united states, but introduce some of the language that he is used, let us ago there another day. mr. speaker, we must speak truth to the powerful, liberal media. venom they hurl daily at the president contributes to an environment of hatred and violence. break -- break meant
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-- encourages this. not much different from the tone of many media articles. a study last month found that it the president received iron a good coverage than any recent president. ollublic opinion p showed the credibility at the low. the american people deserve better than a biased media. >> what do you think? as bipartisanship possible? will the parties unite and lower the rhetoric? let's start with stacy and mclean virginia on the line for independence. i think the. >> thank you for taking my call.
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good morning america. afternoon, rather. this is a sad time that we are in. it is one of my biggest fears come true. we have lobbyists that are running washington. not the legislatures that we elect. they have got americans pitted against each other, red and democrats and republicans, like we are blood and crips. i refuse to play the game, and when anybody comes to me like, oh you are a, no, i'm an american. >> letter to james next. what are your thoughts james? this thoughts are that rhetoric that the left is all over the news is fueling the fire on these individuals that might be mentally -- a little
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bit mental, and i think it will work itself out. i think it will work itself out eventually, but there will probably be more of this. the american people are sick and tired of this. i know i am and i know a lot of my friends are. left and keepgo preaching and you try to take on this president that was elected election,a democratic the more people will be turned off from it. that is fine. let them run their course and it will run itself out like the free market does. >> but scheduled democratic color. tracy, and toledo, ohio. >> high. i was calling because, of course, we can have bipartisanship, but it is not based on what just happened the other day at the ballpark. we should had it anyway.
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it is not going on in the senate or the congress and the white house right now. we need to get that put together. 's also need to get trump income tax return. how can he delegates how we spend our money if he never puts money in there. >> thank for calling tracy. this headline from abc news yesterday representative for doyle, mike doyle, who was the manager of the democrats this will team. he may have brought unity. mike doyle of pennsylvania hopes congress will find a way to debate hot button issues with more civility in the aftermath of this week's shooting at a congressional race will practice. next up is maria in new york. the independent line. >> thank you for taking my call.
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i am a proud american. america has such wonderful opportunities and we have to deal with these terrible things like shootings. i saw the other day that one of these people was holding the and af our president bloody head on the air. how does his son feel when he saw this? what is a matter that's what is the matter america, did you love your country? we have all these wonderful things. telephone first, all these wonderful things that our country has and we shamefully allow this to happen. with policies. that is different. that is what america is. to go on and carry on, and shake people, and carry on to show things like this on the air, that is shameful america. take it back.
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get on your knees and pray to god that we can get together and do the right thing for our country. thanks for taking my call. >> to donald in georgia. republican color. donald, what it your thoughts -- republican color. donnell, what are your thoughts? madethese calls for unity it possible to move forward in a bipartisan way? >> i do not. i don't believe it's as long as democrats have the attitudes that they have. it is a tragedy for america. it is grace for america. for this to happen. it's happening because the andcrats lost the elections they can't stand it. they can't take it. backbone toave the take it and go on with business like they should.
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will continue to have the problem as long as the democrats -- level democrats have this attitude -- liberal democrats have this attitude. thanks for calling. from aet of your brent democrat. stephen maryland. go ahead steep. maryland -- steve in maryland. >> it is really just the topic. it is really easy to get bipartisan support, but on issues like abortion and women's rights and so on, it is going to be very little ground to move on, because you have democrats who think they are voting for's rights. four women's
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republicans think they are voting on something to save human lives. on of basic stamp what, i vote for saving human lives. that is what they think they are voting for. looku go way back, you can in the 50's. it was common to have tax rates and, it was possible back then. right now, you can't do that. that was really common. if you go a little ahead. up to the reagan administration had a bipartisan support for environmental protection the general. now, you have people arguing over that stuff. side you are what in. and what's topic you are bringing up. some topics, you know it will make no grunt work. >> thanks for calling. let's go to harold from home in tow, florida on the independent
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line. your thoughts? i'm 81 years old and i do remember when politicians became american when they got elected. it seems since bill clinton was tooident, they got partisan. but get back to being, are you an american or are you not and do care about american values. >> do you think it is possible to get back to that, harold? >> i think it might be somewhere in the future, but listening to the politicians today on your show, it is not likely. the republicand that was speaking are discussing people. they want to keep the .artisanship
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republicans have good ideas. them aggressive good ideas. people have good ideas. summary might look around and say, what are you of? we're human beings. i don't care what side you are on, it is sad. >> to dahlia and florida. on the democrats line. hi. >> the reason i'm calling is because it has nothing to do with republican, shouldn't have anything to do with republican and democrat or liberal. we are americans and we should do what is best for our country. when it comes to the media, the media is doing their job. -- stayedia didn't say
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on washington, the president, the white house, we would not know what is going around. for the people going along with the rhetoric, we had too many computers. ignorance is bliss. read. look at history. nowhere in the world do people , no matter what party you are drawn to, to sell our country to win anything to the russians. pitting peoplend against each other and taking rent out the people's mouth so that people who are wealthier can do better, we're not doing bad and our families, but there are people who need it and when people consciously set out to harm people who are less align te, in order to the pockets of people who are wealthier and not to get into
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consideration, people who are ill and terminal, that is negligent. >> let's move onto lily in alabama. another democratic column that color. his bipartisanship possible in congress? >> no. >> why not? >> there is no love there anymore. we don't care about each other. it is about the agenda of the parties. >> is there anyway to get back to some sort of unity or down as that is notched we move forward? stop attacking each other and love each other. all of them say when they finish their speeches, godr rhetoric speeches bless america. god has always bless america. we have to bless america.
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god has done his job. it is us and we throw god bless america out there to let whoever know that we have got on our side. he knows all about all of us. we better get it together. stop annihilating each other. it iss what that's when all said and done, it is not about us. >> thanks for the call. let's get to georgia next on the republican line. you're going to get the last word going around. what do you have to say? first, -- >> first, thanks for showing the ballgame and during the afternoon, all the congressmen were there. i heard you interview a lady from whole why, i believe, and i think she was a democrat. in her conversation to your
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person that she was talking with, she said in hawaii they say a low hot and we say hello. lohal hot in hawaii -- means we respect you. the definition of that's was i respect you. i thought that was some of the greatest things that was on your program. if we can remember that we shake hands and say hello to somebody, i respect you. that is what we have to do. the lady from alabama said almost of the same thing. it starts with me. that i respect everybody. we don't have that problem here. i got back from a luncheon where we had such communion together. not communion but fellowship.
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it starts with each one of us stop being ugly to everyone. i want to thank everybody. i'm an elderly person but, i go and if somebody runs and opens the door for me, or they help me get out of the car, or offer to do things, that is the way that i want to be. >> thanks for calling. thanks to all of our callers. we appreciate the feedback and input after what could have been a more tragic week near the in alexandria,l virginia. whip steveinority scalise was critically wounded and remains in critical condition at the hospital. this story, gop congressman, members of congress should look at townhall after the shooting.
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wednesday, it was said that members of congress should cut back on hosting forms after steve scalise was shot on a baseball field in alexandria, virginia. the president today had his weekly address and you begin by addressing the shooting of leaderent to that house steve scalise followed by the democratic address given this week by james clyburn. my fellow americans, this week our nation was shocked and horrified when a gunman opened fire on a member of congress. five people were wounded in the assault including a member of house leadership, my good friend, steve scalise. steve is loved across washington. you buy everything public service is about. he is dedicated to his constituents, devoted to his values, and deeply devoted to his country. i visited


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