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tv   First Day of New British Parliament  CSPAN  June 18, 2017 9:00pm-9:44pm EDT

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conduit through which this information flow to the rest of the founders. it made its way first into the articles of confederation, and then anymore perfect way into the constitution. announcer: what's tonight at 9:00 eastern on c-span two' -- c-span 2's "book tv." announcer: members of the british house of commons return for their first session after the election, would resulted in y's conservative party losing their majority. later we heard from labour party leader jeremy corbyn. this is 40 minutes. [indiscernible] >> order, order. >> here, here.
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>> standing order 18, i am now required to ascertain whether john virgo is willing to be chosen as speaker. i call mr. john burko. >> here, here. >> what a pleasure it is to welcome you back to this place. as you have the accolade of father of the house to the many achievements of your long and distinguished career, next sunday you will mark 14 -- mark 47 years in your service to your constituency of restless -- of rushcliff and to this country as a whole.
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you are held in great affection and esteem on both sides of the house. that i speak for all colleagues in wishing you well in your new role. if the house so permits, i should be honored to serve as speaker in this parliament, which thankfully, across the parties, is more richly diverse and representative of modern britain than any of its predecessors. to ensure that all in the house are heard fully and fairly, and as always, i will champion the right of question, toto
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probe, to scrutinize, and to hold to account the government of the day. finally, i refer by early -- i referred admiringly to your 47 year tenure. it may come as a relief to haveagues to know that i'l no pretensions to seek, to serve for any sign like so long -- for anything like so long as that. [laughter]
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as a parliamentarian or in the chair as speaker. that said, we appear to be destined for testing times. i offer myself to the house as a tested speaker. >> here, here. kind andyou for those flattering remarks, particularly referring as you repeatedly did to my longevity. [laughter] >> which is about the only thing you canal say. move that the right do takee john bercow the chair of the house as speaker. can i start by adding michael leavitt congratulations to the right honorable member for
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rushcliffe. he took over this year we sadly lost another number of the 1970 intake. >> here, here. >> the leader of the opposition ,ays he loves life and politics and i can honestly say that could be said of you, too. having served in all of the departments of state, virtually, and all its great offices through a long and distinguished career, it is a tribute to your public recd of service and the resilience over the years in our proceedings of parliaments today and the election of a new speaker. while i am welcoming all my colleagues returning to the house who are speaker -- who are familiar with the speaker's role, we are all pleased to welcome new members across all sides of the house. >> here, here. >> however, they may not realize the speaker's office under this
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name goes back only a mere 640 years. [laughter] >> the speaker was then the agent of the kang, and was afforded little protection. is the agent of the kang offered bad news, -- of the king offered no less than seven were beheaded. [laughter] >> fortunately, the job description has changed since then. our modern speaker protects us and our rights as backbenchers without fear of losing his head. say, whenhave to members misbehave in this chamber. compared to the father of the house, and yes, with 47 years'
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experience, i am just a younger and his place, but i have seen many changes. the hours have changed. the committees have increased. the technology has advanced. the media never sleeps. and the challenges of the job of the speaker continue to multiply. having been our speaker since the 22nd of june 2009, i have seen the right honorable members
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of buckingham rise to those challenges and grow. >> here, here. himself to ben utterly impartial and fearless in defending the house of commons, whether it be over mighty ministers or a raucous media. he is a determined champion of opening up our democracy, bringing in reforms that have made parliament accessible to over 100,000 schoolchildren this year. he is a speaker who has used his office to reject people across our country. he is an energetic ambassador of parliament throughout the united kingdom and the world, but also a devoted and hard-working champion for his constituents in buckingshire. these are not my words, but the endorsement from the right honorable members for sutton , the leader of the opposition, and the prime minister.
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but my favorite endorsement is from the right honorable member ,or can dwell -- for cadwell who said on his reappointment in 2015 that he may be small in stature, but make noistake am in the office of speaker he is a giant. >> here, here. >> perhaps it is true good things do come in small packages. [laughter] >> for my own part in proposing him for speaker, always i have found him to be totally fair, never allowing his views to impose on his impartiality. i think on all sides of the house, we can agree he is no stranger to controversy. i think he annoys members of all the front benches from time to time, which is probably a testament to his evenhandedness. he fosters a community amongst
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those who work in the precincts, and applies himself with vigor to all of the many tasks that fall to the role. but he also has qualities mitch -- qualities which many of us wonder at. his ability to record of skier members. -- obscure members. is look this and command of the english language. and his ability to remain in the chair for inordinate lengths of time, the record being an 11 hour, 24 minute i interrupted stent during the syria -- uninterrupted stent during the syria debate, causing a lot of discussion about the strength of his bladder. 's performance in the chamber is also matched by his record outside. he has hosted thousands of events for charities, and presides over the ministration with great patience and good
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humor, to which i can attest. parliament, like all that have gone before, will have its own character and present its own challenges. over the next few years, our country will go through the great changes that people's democratic votes have presented to us in this house. at the same time, we face the very real threat to that freedom and democracy, and our precious way of life, which has been thrown so starkly into focus with the cyber attack on our nhs , the two unspeakable acts of violence during the election deaths of pc keith palmer, and the loss of our colleague joe cox, who is taken from us year ago this week m.p. corbyn: -- this week.
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. as speaker, he has always acted swiftly with acts of reassurance. i was proud to see him in manchester standing shoulder to shoulder with the community that had come under such lethal attack. allimes like this, and it our deliberations in this house, we need the experience, maturity, and commitment to our parliament which i believe is shown by the right honorable member. 's devotion to this house and his country cannot be disputed. he has served this house and us as members with strength and fortitude, and i have great pleasure in recommending him to the house to serve as our speaker. >> here, here. johne question is that mr. bergow do take the chair of this house as a speaker. anyone in that opinion, say aye. >> aye.
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>> to the contrary, no. have it.he ayes >> here, here. [laughter] speaker bercow: colleagues, before i could chair as speaker, i would first like to think the house for the honor that it has again bestowed upon me.
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i am aware that it is the greatest honor it can give to any of its members. i pray that i shall justify its continuing confidence, and i propose to do all within my power to preserve and cherish its best traditions. i want, if i may, just to say to other things. is a, and yes it repetitionbut i think it is justified, isn't it marvelous to see the right honorable member hcliffe as father of the health and back here -- father of the house and back here in health? >> here, here. speaker bercow: finally, in welcoming and congratulating all those in all parties who have been reelected, i hope
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experienced members will understand if i pay particular believe, 87he, i members newly elected for the first time. >> here, here. speaker bercow: whatever else you have done or will do in the course of your careers, there thanbe no greater honor that which you have just attained as an elected member of parliament, and i am sure that each and everyone of you will be very conscious of your responsibility to your constituents. rest assured, the speaker will look out for you and be very keen, sooner rather than later, and more frequently, rather than
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less frequently, to hear from you. >> here, here. p.m. may: to all those who are new members, you can be here for 20 years and still not know what the protocol is going to be. mr. speaker elect, on behalf of the whole house, may i congratulate you on your reelection.
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at least someone got a landslide. [laughter] and may i also congratulate you on becoming the first speaker since the second world war to be reelected three times. and your tenure so far, you have ofn a great champion backbenchers, ensuring that every member of this house has the opportunity to speak and be heard in representing the people they serve. this is such an important part democracy our is upheld, and i know you will continue this in the future as in the past. let me also think my right rushclifferiend from for assuming his position as father of the house. he had a long and distinguished career in service to his constituents and this country. if i may say to him, is very good to see him back here where he belongs. >> hear, hear. p.m. may: it may not surprising
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that i intend to be difficult today and break with tradition not only welcoming him as the father of the house, but also welcoming the returning mother of the house, the right has been aember great advocate for increasing the number of women in parliament, and i am sure she will join me in celebrating the fact that there are now more women mps than ever before. as we welcome new members on all sides of the house, we should also celebrate the fact that we now have a record number of mp's from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, including the first i hope that together we will continue to build on the progress we have made in previous parliaments to fight against discrimination in all its forms and to make our
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politics more representative of all the people we serve. >> hear, hear. p.m. may: for while there is further to go, if there is one outcome from this election we can all welcome, it is surely this, that today we have the most diverse and representative parliament in our history. >> hear, hear. mr. speaker elect, i know that members across the house will also want to contribute to their predecessors. we will all miss former members not returned to this house, but we welcome our new colleagues. being a member of this house is a great privilege that requires dedication and often personal sacrifice, and everyone in this chamber does it because they want to serve the public. whatever the result, general elections are above all an exercise in democracy and our values. the very democracy and values that the recent terror attacks sought to undermine.
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this is theelect, first opportunity that parliament has had to reflect on the despicable terrorist attacks in manchester and london bridge. i'm sure members on all sides will want to join me in sending our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all those who lost their lives in the attacks. >> hear, hear. p.m. may: and i know the house will also want to express admiration to the extraordinary work of all our police and emergency services whose courage and speed of response saved many lives. >> hear, hear. p.m. may: as we begin this new parliament, it is clear that our country's challenge of keeping the country safe is one of the most challenging in our history. the challenge of securing the , andpossible brexit deal the challenge of spreading opportunity and prosperity to every part of our united kingdom so that no one and no community is left behind. in meeting these challenges,
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what we have seen from the election is that there are parts of our country that remain divided between young and old, rich and poor, those for hume the future offers a sense of opportunity and those for whom it brings worry and concern. some people blame politics for these divisions or say there is too much politics, but politics can be an incredible force for good. conducted in the right way, it can be how we resolve our differences and how we deal with injustices, and how we take the big decisions. it is not always glamorous or exciting, but the duty we share asoliticns to serve others in confronting these challenges is a truly noble calling to us all. and the test for all of us is whether we choose to reflect divisions or help the country overcome them. so let us choose in this parliament to conduct ourselves in a manner fitting to this moment, to debate, to disagree, but in doing so recognize that britainant to see
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stronger, safer, and more secure for our children and grandchildren, and that are shared values, interests, and traditions can and must bring us together. as we faced difficult challenges ahead, let us come together in to build aity stronger, sarah, and more prosperous union for everyone and every part of our united kingdom. speaker bercow: i call the leader of the opposition. m.p. corbyn: mr. speaker, thank you very much. i follow the prime minister and the remarks of the importance of the work we have to do in this parliament. but firstly, i want to congratulate the honorable ushcliffe on becoming father of the house. you seems to be a very well-established imp he when i -- very well-established mp when i entered the parliament 32 years ago. i would never forget the first
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image of you carrying a cigar while walking away from a debate on healthy living. [laughter] speaker bercow: -- p.m. may: and -- m.p. corbyn: you had a very long and distinguished career in this house, punctuated by a speech in the brexit debate, during which he lamented that party opposite had become mildly anti-immigrant. how true that might be is open to debate, but to but it --erously, it is also also antiworker and anti-young person as well. it's all right. it's all right. mr. speaker, it is customary on tose occasions congratulate the returning prime
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minister, and i absolutely do so. i'm sure she would agree that democracy is a wondrous thing and can so often have very unexpected results. [laughter] and i'm sure we all look forward to welcoming the queen'' speech. mr. speaker, i would just let the house and the rest of the nation know that if that is not possible, the labour party to offer strong, capable leadership. i want to warmly welcome all new members to this house. have is, as you and others said, no greater honor than being elected here. it is an amazing day when you first come and take the seat here. the honor of representing your
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constituents and taking on decisions that will help people's lives, that is why we are elected here to represent those that have put us here to try and make their lives better. out,uite rightly pointed as did the prime minister, we ,ow have over 200 women mp's more than ever, and i think that is excellent, and i joined the prime minister in congratulating all we have done to promote women in parliament. speaker, this weekend marks the anniversary of the election of four black mp's to the house of commons more than 40 years ago. in particular, i welcome my right honorable friend for hackney north and leicester east. in 1987 andlected are now members of the most diverse house of commons ever. they paved the way, and i have
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to say they put up with an awful by being pioneers in taking their seat in 1987. it is vital for our democracy that all voices are heard and represented. mr. speaker, there can be no better speaker than you in the 30 years that i have been here. because you have always ensured that backbench voices are heard, and the way you have presided over our chamber at all times, the good, bad, the tragic, and the difficult, particularly the way in which you presided over this chamber after the horrors of what happened on westminster bridge when those horrors came almost to the door of parliament. while parliament has already that has obviously not been in session the past few weeks, we also commemorate the awfulness of what happened in manchester and on london bridge. we have to stand together as communities strong, united against those that would seek to divide and destroy the democracy
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that we have in our society. >> hear, hear. m.p. corbyn: and i congratulate you on the way in which you have conducted yourself in the inclusive debates that you have made sure adventures are fully involved with over the years you have been speaker. we have two things in common, at least two things. firstly, our love for arsenal football club. i realize that would bring on further comment, but i can cope. secondly, we both came to this place having been local counselors. i think that serving communities and local authorities is very important, and i am delighted as a member of former serving counselors that were elected to this house on thursday night that also bring a very special expertise and knowledge to this house. >> hear, hear. m.p. corbyn: we have to speak up for our constituents, and that is why we are here. i know mr. speaker, you will make sure those voices are heard. i want to thank you for your role as speaker in facilitating
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exhibitions in this house on commemorating the end of the slave trade and the many receptions you have held for charities in the speaker of the house, but also the way in which you have traveled around the country, reaching out and spreading the whole idea of democracy in schools and colleges not necessarily famous or well-known. you every step to people in a way that -- you have reached out to people in a way that has never been done before, that the should all be very grateful to you for that. >> hear, hear. m.p. corbyn: you will not be troubled by parr politics -- by party politics anymore as you'rethe chair, but in your house, your job and his job was to protect democracy and rise above party debates. i just hope now we can have that ,eal debate in the future whenever those on the bench
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opposite might be available to take part in those debates. we look forward to this parliament, however short it might be, that we can be the voice for change in our society because more people, particularly young people, than ever before to part in this recent general election. they took part because they wanted to see things done differently in our society. they wanted our parliament to represent them and deliver change for them, and i am looking forward to this parliament and no other parliament ever before to challenge and hopefully bring about that change. thank you, mr. speaker. >> hear, hear. p.m. may: >> thank you, mr. stewart haysy. with the words of the prime minister in her condolences to their lives in manchester and those who lost london and to pay tribute to the emergency services, it's -- we do that as our democracy process was affected twice in a short
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campaign. can i also add, say that we will miss many of those who have lost the seats from all parts of the house, while we welcome all of the new members from all of the parties. there are some big beasts who are gone and we'll miss this sooner rather than litter. i must also agree with the prime minister, politics are not divisive and that's important. whether we take a different view on the constitution, on brexit, on social policy, on tax and spend, these are simply the different opinions of political opponents, not enemies, and if we can reflect a little more respect across all the parties that would do this house and politics a great deal -- mr. speaker may if congratulate you.
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we have always seen you as a champion ensuring that all of the voices across and indeed within the parties are properly held and having sat with you on a commission you have shown yourself to be incredibly diligent, an attention to detail in way the building of house and commons and those who join me in that commission in this parliament will find exactly the same thing. so, in congratulating you -- and we do -- may i make one final comment. the lead are of the opposition has referred to a coalition which is as yet undefined and a program for government which is unwritten and given there is no absolute majority in the house, we're in for interesting times. so with my congratulations, mr. speaker, may i wish you all the very best of luck. thank you.
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>> mr. tame farron. ociate mysele remarks that have been made by the speaker so far, especially in the light of the outrage that took place in manchester and london during the general election campaign. they were outrageous that was meant to divide us and our responses toe united, to show love and respect, gratitude to those who came to our aid, those who came to help those who are stricken, those who keep us safe and as we were attacked in this place a few months earlier and assault the death of kate palmer we are reminded in the most this rollaway how our security keepers and who we are some-- immensely grateful. may i also associate myself with remarks made about the right honorable member and also with the remarks made by the right
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honorable member. she made one mistake or she said we got nearly all the weeks-- [inaudible] >> mr. speaker, congratulations on your reelection, which is of coseeserve you had the privilege of serving and presiding over one of the most interesting parliaments in recent years and i think you're the first speaker in modern time to preside on only one, to balance parliaments and we really have to do something about the chaos and the absolute instability caused by the electoral system. we have every right to expect and every confidence you will continue with characteristics,
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good grace and humor to preside over this place. you are known for your very best and willingness to ensure that every corner of the united kingdom and every party is heard. i'm sure my colleagues return here in greater numbers look forward to speaking clearly for their constituents particularly as we embark on these critical brexit negotiations. after this recent time it will be our intention to cq duty in the national interest across this house and where we disagree with other parties to seek to disagree well and with grace. we shall also speak out in favor of or start investment, schools, health and social care believing a parliament that does not invest in those public services is no servant of his people. again, many congratulations for me and all of my colleagues.
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>> me i begin by congratulating you, sir, on your reelection and i wish you very very well indeed you've always been very good at ensuring that those with smaller parties, regional parties and those with little influence in this house have had their voice heard. can i also say that i wish-- i hope in future while some things may have changed it's good you remain and some things haven't changed. we look forward to this parliament and i want to commiserate with all those members on all sides of the house who have failed it to be reelected or who have left us and congratulate all members of all parties who have a joined us.
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i went to particularly pay tribute to that members from northern ireland, other parties who have not been reelected and i want to thank them for their service. we bear a heavy responsibility in this house along with independent member as representatives from northern ireland and we intend to carry out responsibility very very carefully indeed. we will hope for the restoration as soon as possible for our assembly and executive in northern ireland where everyone can play a part in the government of northern ireland. so, speaker elect, we have interesting times ahead. i look forward to playing a role in the proceedings of this parliament over the course of the next five years and i wish you well in your office during that time. >> mr. howell williams. >>
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[inaudible] >> these acts have no place and we join together to condemn them. if i may begin by welcoming my new and honorable friend. we look forward to his contribution. on behalf of my friends, i would like to congratulate you mr. speaker. i'm sure the members on both sides of the house look forward to the confident interventions and looked to be one of the most the parliaments of recent years. not least because the matter mainly before us in this space, the matter of the uk's place-- [inaudible]
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c mckay also wish to congratulate you, mr. speaker. >> caroline lucas. >> hello. i associate myself with the comments made by the prime minister. our hearts go out to all those affected by the attacks. i'm delighted to congratulate you, mr. speaker elect on your well-deserved reelection. when you were last reelected in may, 2015, you said you would like to be immortalized as the back benches champion and as a member of this house and perhaps the least chance of becoming a backbencher i say you have that
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ambition safely in the bag. can i also say you are a champion of the smaller portions of this house as well as a pioneer when it comes to the urgent issue of parliamentary reforms. i would like to congratulate you on becoming fatherf the hous and i go the well said words about the right honorable member on her will when it comes to being the mother of the house and in particular her role in getting more women elected. in doing so, would like to echo the comments of others about seeing now a record number of women being represented in this place and at the same time we remain somewhat off. slow progress is better than those progress, but we still have some way to go. perhaps we will not have to wait
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a full five years before having a chance to improve on that 32% of this house being women. i look forward to diversity across this house. >> thank you. we come now to the adjournments. >> speaker, i moved that this house adjourned until tomorrow at 2:40 p.m. >> the question is that this house adjourned until tomorrow at 2:40 p.m. >> recently on c-span, new orleans mayor on the removal of a robert e. lee statue. out thetually lay reason why the statues were erected in the first lace. why we were taking them down and
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what we can do to recover from the age old battles that have divided us for so long. roleecause of new orleans in that dark period of our all one we were after of the country's largest slave market. and other people in tita specia responsibility to help our throughnue to move rachel discord. a actress marisa hargitay on white partisan task force and ending sexual violence. words like dehumanizing, the way that lives go off track. people lives sitting on a self, getting derailed. derailed ofting what is this life supposed to be. even on this track, cannot
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make sense of what happened to me. we have been letting testingtors go by not these kids in saying we care about these issues. >> and senator rand paul on the proposed arms sale to saudi arabia. >> we will discuss something more important than arms sale. should the united states be actively involved with refueling the saudi flames with taking targets, with having advisers on the ground? should we be at war in yemen? >> c-span programs are available at on our homepage or by searching the video library. coming up next from washington journal, financial times columnist edward luce talks about the current political climate in the u.s. and its impact around the world. that is followed by former house speaker newt gingrich on his new book understanding trump which presidentsk at the
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personal experiences and style of governing. giro.david continues. journalist and edward luce the retreat of liberalism. thank you for being with us. as write the following quote president the means at trump's divert public anger is chilling. to separate the man from the people who vote for him. what do you mean? thinking not just of the last presidential campaign nd hillary clinton's notorious description of many of trump's deplore a basket of believe peopl


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