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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 19, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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we look at gender inequality with louiza savage. we're joined by taxpayer for common sense vice president stephen ellis. host: good morning it's monday june 19, 2017. we'll talk about education reform, the national flood insurance program and the gender gap when it comes to running for elected office in the united states. we begin today the morning after nbc's megyn kelly interviewed alex jones. it was interview some critics believe it shouldn't be aired given the conspiracy theories jones pushed. we want to know what you think. did the segment hand jones another high profile platform? give us a call, republicans
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202-748-8001 democrats 202-748-8000 independents 202-748-8002. you can also catch up with us on social media on twitter @c-span wj very good monday morning to you. we show you the opening from megyn kelly's program. >> some thought we shouldn't broadcast this interview because his baseless allegations aren't just offensive they're dangerous. but here's the thing, alex jones isn't going away. over the years his youtube channel has racked up 1.3 billion views. he has millions of listeners and the ear of our current president. host: one of the biggest critics of this interview being aired
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was the liberal media watchdog group, media matters. his wrap up of yesterday's interview by megyn kelly with alex jones. he writes, i believe jones is a newsworthy topic. it's important for the american people to learn how the conspiracy theorist had garnered a large audience and gained the ear of trump. as i argued last week interviewing jones' victim will be shedding light on his character. the week of controversy changed's nbc's calculus, producing a better segment than suggested. he said it's too early to tell whether the sandy hook families will be satisfied with the results. or if they will deal another blow to kelly's stature. he can't feel good about the
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clarification that he is a dangerous extremist. that's media matters and that wrap up. we'll go through more of it. we want to hear from you. your thoughts on whether the segment should have been aired. what it accomplished what do you think it does for megyn kelly and alex jones. republicans 202-748-8001, democrats 202-748-8000, independents 202-748-8002. one other wrap up from the interview comes from jack schaefer. his column in fight coe -- politico. he ask why all the preshow uproar? isn't the press supposed to throw light in the darkness. how do you examine a newsworthy subject. somebody the president talks to and sites is newsworthy. there's unspoken assumption instead of roaring on the politically informed, people like senator mccarthy, governor george wallace, alex
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jones and others, the press should quarantine suggest figures from viewers eyes. maybe this is the way they did journalism in the former soviet union. american journalism never operated like that. we don't avoid complicated stories because it hurt somebody's feelings. we don't ban free thoughts and press of freedom because it might fall to the advantage of manipulatetor or demagogue. we want to hear your thoughts. we'll start with joe in georgia, line for republicans, joe mccutcheon. caller: i love c-span. i have mixed feelings on this alex jones interview. you need to give people freedom. i'm a conservative. i think in politics today we need more love. we have a project down here in georgia started by ginger howard to put love and kindness in politics.
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even though i'm a conservative republican ginger's movement is to get people to show more love in politics. i think we ought to tone down the rhetoric. we don't believe in personal attacks. we need to be kind and good. that's what we'll do with the great ginger howard project. we have a tough race down here. karen handel is running. anyway -- host: what do you think this interview accomplished? did if accomplish anything? caller: i don't think it did. the people -- john, that are conservative, i think probably in most cases he's controversial would probably like it. those who are not conservative, of course, the media matters they would all be opposed to it. the bottom point is, we need to be understanding of other people. we don't need to be taking other people. i'm a conservative. i got a good liberal friends. they are fine people.
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sort of like steve scully. that's the action we need in american politics. be kind and loving. that's what the message i liked. alex jones, i really don't -- he's no hero of mine. i'm a conservative. i do think you need to let people speak out. he need to tone down the rhetoric. we want to avoid what happened to poor steve scalise. don't be mean. i will lift up liberals. i don't agree with them. i think that's so important. that's the way we ought to be. don't attack people for their beliefs. host: appreciate the call from down in georgia. joe referring to that special election happening john ossoff democratic republican, karen handel running in that special election in georgia. it will take place tomorrow.
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very closely watched special election. we'll talk more about it later this week. be covering it tomorrow and wednesday as we check out the results from that race. here's more about it the story from "u.s.a. today" on it. patrick is up next in florida line for independents. your thoughts on this megyn kelly, alex jones interview? caller: i think it's a worthless story. that joe you had on talking about he's a conservative, i don't know what that means. he said sandy hook was a lie. i don't know what you label yourself when you call sandy hook a lie. ted nugent who said what he wanted to do with a machine gun to hillary clinton gets invited to the white house. sarah palin gets invited to the oval office. you had newt gingrich on
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yesterday, how proud he was saudi king was walking around with donald trump. those are the people who funded wahhabiism, 9/11 the radicals in afghanistan. the people you give a voice to is pathetic. i don't know how anybody that considers themselves to have a drop of decency ever work with c-span. you guys are the original alt right. this paris climate control i'm 60 years old. i threw away all my toys made in america. then japan and korea. this is back in the 1960's. the 1970's and 1980's with the electronics coming in america. you can't even process cotton in
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america anymore because all the cot tin -- cotton engines are in mexico. donald trump says we want to send wealth overseas. we've been sending wealth overseas since 1960. host: charles is in indianapolis indiana, line for democrats. good morning. caller: thank you guys so much for the opportunity to speak with everyone. i'm trying not to be as jaded as my previous caller. i'm just disgusted. everything that donald trump stands for is in opposition to the my life's goals. we're talking about distribution of wealth whether we're talking about the environment whether
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we're talking about child school lunch programs. everything that that man stands for i am in opposition. i believe he only doing that because his hatred for our previous president. we look back briefly the white house correspondents dinner when obama embarrassed him and that was the evening. host: bring it round to the interview, megyn kelly alex jones interview. should that have been aired? caller: alex jones he doesn't deserve air time on any realistic news station. the man is a -- he's a nightmare.
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he is the embodiment. of fake news. when trump wants to lambaste cnn and msnbc, the exact opposite of that is breitbart and it's alex jones. it doesn't deserve a place in any realistic time with any realistic -- the problem here, at least in indiana, we are apathetic. we have the lowest voter turnout in the entire country. that is what disgust me. we have 30% of our voters turns turn turning out. fast why donald trump is president. host: got your point. this interview between megyn kelly and alex jones didn't appear on every nbc station. nbc connecticut did not air the
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interview. huffing post in their reporting. noting their decision to skip the broadcasting following intense public pressure from families of children killed in the 2012 massacre of sandy hook elementary school. the president told internal memo the wounds caused by the pass shooting is still so raw according to a report in the hartford current. over the last few days, we have listened to the sandy hook parents and considered the deep emotions of the wounds that have yet to healed. i want to hear your thoughts. should it have aired anywhere in the country? what did you think of that interview? did you watch? ralph is in battle creek michigan, line for democrats. caller: yes. i think the problem previously mentioned is we're wasting time
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and effort and air time on these conspiracy theories. what i know of alex jones, he's jumped on every conspiracy theory kind of last 15 years. i'm thinking of the 9/11. he goes back to 9/11 truthers. that was a big thing for several years. then the chem trail conspiracy. host: he was one that got a lot of attention. he had to retract some of his statements for. caller: did he retract? very good. i'm glad he did that. instead of talking about real economic issues or poverty or income inequality or huge national debt, i'm not a opposed to examining alex jones.
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i hope that they brought in some of -- all the false conspiracy theories and paranoia. would it be nice to devote an hour to inequality or poverty in america or healthcare in america? less emotionally charged but important. host: it wasn't worth doing this? it didn't add anything? caller: i did not see it. i should see it. if she addressed debunked theories, then it would have been a learning exercise. a learning exercise how to sort out fake news and false news and rumors and that kind of thing. host: let me show you, here's a part of the interview in which
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megyn kelly asked alex jones about his comment about sandy hook. >> at that point, that is pretty much what i believe. i was going into devil's advocate. we know these thing happen. >> you trying to have it all ways. >> no i'm not. >> if you went out there and said it was a hoax, that's wrong. >> what i answered your question was, listeners and other people are covering this. i didn't create that story. >> alex, the parents one after the other devastated. dead bodies that coroner and autopsy. all the parents decided to come out and lie about their dead children? what happened to the children? >> ly sit there on the air and look at every position and play devil's advocate. >> was that devil's advocate? the whole thing is a giant hoax. the whole thing was fake?
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>> yes. i remember in then saying. then some of it looks like it's real. what do you do when they got the kids going in circles with their hands up. i watched the footage. >> when you say parents faked their children's death, people get very angry. >> i know. they don't get angry from the sanctions -- >> that's a dodge. >> it's not a dodge. the media never covers all the evil wars it promoted. >> that doesn't excuse what you said. >> here's the difference. i looked at all the angles of newtown. i made my statements before the media picked up on it. host: alex jones yesterday. ralph you still on the phone with us. your reactions to that? caller: that is -- i'm glad she went after him with those questions. you you can see him dodging
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obfuscating, half retracting. he's not a real journalist. i don't know what his his background is. i wish we would stand an hour documentary on a bigger issue and not just on a personality that's been discredited to conspiracy theorist. host: appreciate the call from battle creek michigan. rick on twitter said i dip watch it. it violates the norm of civilized communication. we're asking you this morning in the wake of this interview that got so much attention. should it have aired and what are your thoughts this morning in the new york magazine olivia newsy with wrap up and the interview. it talks about thehistory of interviews with alex jones. this is not the first time that
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he's been given a platform. she writes, nbc actually late to this. jones was covered extensively by major news publications throughout the campaign. he was covered prior 2008 when the libertarian congressman ron paul ran for president. jones supported him and interviewed him on the show. texas monthly devoted more than 6000 words to jones in 2010p in 2011 nightline covered him. he was profiled by this publication. he's had a round table on the view. he defended charlie sheen. he's been around and he's been popular. he may not have been on your radar. answer to the question, all this media coverage creates his support, it's a no. people who watch him and end of the world survival kit he sells they're not the core demographic for the view. it's possible to be exposed to bad, dumb or crazy ideas.
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we're showing you some of the wrap up this morning. we want to hear your thoughts. ed is in kennewick, washington this morning. should this interview aired? caller: no. think about it. if people came on fox news, c-span said, you are fake news. you're bad for the country and you should be killed and they aired it time and time again how would you feel? is that fair? is that right? host: did you watch or did you learn anything from this? caller: we can learn. i'm not going to watch that. as a matter of fact, you had -- what his name from tulane, university. he was promoting book on your show the other day.
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gingrich. i'm from that area, and i'm catholic also. he disgust me. he's not the only one. trump is on utter insanity. you can say no and yes and then blame the news and call it fake you don't have to air a program. all you have to do is talk to him. host: all right. let's go to jack in oklahoma, line for republicans. good morning. caller: i was to thank megyn kelly is one of the most respected female journalist that's out there. if people aren't grown up enough to hear a story and if this guy believe it's all credit, he discredits himself. intelligent american people to
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realize, he's about nothing. i want to say one other thing about the democrats and republicans and news going on. abraham lincoln wasn't the first one who said, divided house cannot stand. it was jesus christ. as we air democrats and republicans, we air our stuff on the news more than any other nation. how are we going to try to make other countries look at us as a free nation and want to try to model after us when we look like we're divided and confused. as we're divided people with taking shots. our enemy see us confused and want to kick us when we're down. i'm saying if they let trump go and everybody stand by the president, i'm a republican, i would say forget about hillary and the comey and loretta lynch.
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let's keep our dirty laundry out the news. stand by the president for four years, make america great. if you got a leader if you're democrat or independent and somebody willing to step up, turn four more years from now. give a go. right now as americans let's stand behind our president as americans. right now, the world is looking at us and we're losing ground. we're never going to get it back. host: jack in oklahoma. jan writes in, i'm not sure alex jones believes what he's saying or if he says it to keep his name out there. bill king, more disturbing, breitbart is one of the sources president trump uses as actual real news. carol writes it's despicable. i watched the u.s. open
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yesterday. we're asking you this morning. should nbc bothered talking to a man like him. your thoughts. did you watch the interview? was there anything to learn from that interview? karen is in wisconsin line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning. i feel very strongly about this. it might seem little silly. i didn't want the interview. i'm a 60 minutes girl. i have had exposure to alex youtube. he's all over there and it's pure nonsense. the reason that people should all be saying absolutely, should be aired. if this is america for heaven sakes. our president looks to this guy as a credible source of information. that should be of concern to everyone. most by the mainstream
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individual don't have any idea who this man is. of course we should know who he is. if nothing else, show that we can change the channel and choose to watch 60 minutes. megyn, we have too few opportunities for common, credible media these days that's aired on network tv. over here in america, we have a lot of rural areas that don't have internet access that don't have high speed broad band that don't have access to youtube. lot of elderly people or even families that have a lot of expenses can't afford it. i am really wishing and hoping a perhaps, before brian retires we can get c-span and pbs to pair up together so we have a
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common trusted media channel for things like this. i would love to see megyn put her foot down and say look nbc i don't want to go opposite to "60 minute" there's a time slot after that with a media audience built in that will be just prime to watch her at 7:00 central time instead of competing with "60 minute." it's ludicrous to do that. why not have two wonderful shows with information for all instead of trying to drown out one. that's my big beast. everyone in america should know who alex jones is. i say yes. let's all stand up for free speech like we used to. that's when i was in high school. even if we disagree, we should always say yes. this is america. as long as you're not hurting anybody, we can always change the channel or elect not to
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watch. host: karen in wisconsin this morning. about 7:25 on the east coast this morning. we're talking about that interview last night megyn kelly's interview with alex jones. more of your calls on that in a second. i want to keep you updated on what's happening on capitol hill. politico reporting yesterday senate democrats are getting ready to escalate attacks on republican plans to repeal obamacare this week. democrats senators are planning to hold the senator floor until mid night today to thrash senate republicans for refusing to hold senate hearings on the healthcare overhaul. the round of speeches is being organized by senators patty murray of washington state and brian schatz of hawaii. bernie sanders was or sunday show yesterday on cnn "statestate of the union." he was asked if senate democrats are currently weighing to shut down the chambers business
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because of the healthcare battle. >> i think that the democrats and the congress should do everything possible, to defeat that legislation. which is unspeakable. how do you throw 23 million people off health insurance and same piece of legislation gives tax breaks to the wealthiest folks in this country. that has got to be defeated. as you indicated, we have insane process. insane. you have legislation which deals with 1/6 of the american economy. that's the healthcare situation. there are republicans who haven't seen this legislation and certainly no member in the democratic caucus has. what kind of process is it that when you deal with an issue that impacts millions of people in this country, republicans don't have the guts to allow it to go to a committee where questions can be asked.
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this legislation is so bad, keep it secret, keep it hidden and in the last possible second, rush it before the senate and get a vote within a few hours. that is beyond belief. >> i will take that, as a confirmation that senate democrats -- you're in favor of senate democrats bringing the chamber business to a hault. >> i'm in favor of the american people and members of congress doing everything that we can to defeat the horrific piece of legislation that will hurt terms of millions of people in our country. host: we'll be watching that healthcare debate on capitol hill today and what happens in the senate chamber. one other story we're keeping eye on this morning. vehicle strike of pedestrians near a mosque in london, the latest reporting from the associated press, london police stretched by series of margin incidents. putting more officers on the street to reassure the public after a driver plowed into a
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crowd of people leaving a mosque early on monday. one man died at the scene. the suspect was arrested immediately after the attack, which is being treated as a terrorist i want. the 48-year-old man driving the van has been arrested taken to a hospital. he was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. not clear why no charges have been made in relation to the one death. very early in the reporting on that. we'll keep you updated as that happens throughout the morning. we're talking this morning about that interview last night between megyn kelly, alex jones. should it have aired? is our question. was there anything to learn from the interview. josephine has been waiting in livingston, new jersey independent, good morning. caller: good morning. it should have been aired. there's a good reason. he has literal literally 6 million followers. that should scare everyone. this is a man who speaks hate.
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what concerns me even more, the president -- they showed it. he patterns his falsehood. this should scare everyone. it needed to be shown so that people can understand that someone like that is literally making millions of dollars off these people. they don't understand what he's doing. he's doing it for money. he's in the midst of a divorce right now with his children. the court is going to be taking the kids away from him because they consider this guy a nut case. this is sad. sad. we've got to realize. when they talk about fake news, this is the epitome. this is the epitome of it. when the president says, fake news and parrots, t aren't we ashamed what he's doing.
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host: gene calhoun, georgia, line for republicans. caller: good morning. i din watch the interview. about only time i watched megyn kelly. i watched that segment. this guy is a dote. i known that ever since 9/11. pick up on conspiracy theories and never read a copy of popular mechanics. he preys on people's prejudices, their ignorance. that's what he's all about. i think the main thing that were trying to do was draw the contrast between real news and his so called fake news. i think there will be no little defensive by showing this guy. he's an idiot but at the same time they want -- minimize what they want to minimize. they highlight all the stuff
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they want to highlight. sometimes our news is manufactured. host: what are the concerns that critics raised about airing this interview. it gives him even higher profile platform to reach more people. caller: yes, that is unfortunate. i agree with that. but at the same time, you can't hide something like that because it's like a funnel. it will go larger in the dark. one of the earlier callers attacking sarah palin, they're still on that kid. i wonder when all of this -- they're hyperventilating about russia like their hair is on fire. it's the same crowd attacking her when she warned everybody 10 years ago to look out for the russians. they made her out to be a simpleton and wassilla
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hillbilly. this same bunch, every other thing is russia, russia. it shows you they play their own game as well. the mick mainstream media as well as nut jobs like this guy. thank you. host: ll pratter said we can respect the right of free speech by forcing idiots to use a bull horn on the corner instead giving them a national platform. taking your calls this morning republicans it's 202-748-8001, democrats 202-748-8000, independents 202-748-8002. some reports this past weekend the wake of the criticism this interview received changes made more edits to the piece in new york post reporting that eventually megyn kelly and alex jones interview was edited to take a critical tone of jones work.
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one of the leading voice against this was media matters. we showed you matt column. this was his wrap up after watching the interview yesterday. well deserved fire storm from the families of victims of the sandy hook elementary school mass shooting. other critics forced megyn kelly to turn the reports into a well edited investigation of the dangers posed by unstable maniac. with millions of loyal fans including one in the oval office. kelly deserves credit, shing ad in response to overwhelming pressure. the network's reactions to jones only grab for media attention. mail out the nation biggest producer of conspiracy theory media come out the winner of last night's program. you want to read more on that it's media matters. the liberal media watchdog group. john is in plymouth, massachusetts, democrat. caller: good morning.
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i just like to say that alex jones and his ilk for many years has been pretty much downgraded government entirely. as work that undermining the public's confidence. i think that what we've seen with -- even his approach to megyn kelly last night, is that he's going to continue to look for ways to profit. the guy and the others like him have become tens and hundreds of million of dollars wealthier producing the stuff that scares the american public. i think that's dangerous thing. people at least now can see it. they can know that it's all about the profit. they'll say whatever they can to earn a buck. host: randy, chicago heights
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illinois line for independents go ahead. caller: i watched that program last night. i just like to say megyn kelly she wouldn't be where she's at today if she's not a pretty good looking blond and she had that thing with donald trump during the debates thing where donald trump and her had a little bit of a conflict. the thing with this alex jones guy, you know what, it's the american people making millionaires by listening to a guy like that that believes in aliens and flying saucers and big foot. people like that, if they were screaming at stuff on the streets, they're be arrested and thrown in a mental institution. he's getting rich because of people are supporting him. buying his products and listening to this guy. it's amazing what i heard last
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night. host: randy if you don't want to hear that, if you think that's from -- how do you do that? do you ignore it? do you put it out there and show it in the form of the interview that this took last night? caller: people heard him on a street screaming t wouldn't they say, leave him alone? host: do you think more harm than good? caller: heck yeah. anybody can say anything i guess. he's making millions out of what he's saying. what is that? why didn't kelly ask him, do you believe in flying saucers. host: why do you think he's making millions randy? caller: he proved it himself on tv. by saying he's a millionaire and
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this other stuff and everything. host: what do you think his appeal is? there's some people who watch him and he's making this money. caller: he needs to see a psychiatrist that has to tell him, you're a nut case. that's all it is. host: all right jamie is waiting in corpus christi texas, independent. caller: good morning. i was calling about the alex jones interview. i agree with him as far as sandy hook. when i seen those interviews, when -- there was one kid that i seen that never mentioned gunfire. never mentioned murder. she did said she heard a lot of noise. a father look like he had his hand against her throat. host: what interview are you pointing to? what evidence have you seen? is that something you saw on alex jones show? is this something you looked up or verified independently?
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caller: it's something you saw on tv. the cnn, they had an interview with the little girl and there was a father and mother. you can clearly see the father holding her by her throat and she felt uncomfortable. the mother was looking at her. not just that, donald trump talk about fake news. i believe it's fake news. the shooting that happened in paris. they had a s.w.a.t. team member that was supposed to be shot dead in paris. this was few years back. there was no blood. at that high caliber weapon, there should have been blood. host: how do you determine -- you seem skeptical of many news reports out there. where do you go for your news? what do you trust if you're skeptical of something like sandy hook? caller: i watch it on tv. i watch the tv and i watch the
7:40 am
news every morning. i'm up here 6:30 and i'm watching it. just like they were talking about the 9/11 bombs. what people didn't see there was actually on live tv, there was a bomb -- i don't know what it was, heading towards the trade center. that hit the world trade center. host: why do you think everyone is trying to deceive with you with all of these major news stories and major news events? why do you feel like there's some big effort to deceive on these massive incidents that happened? caller: i really don't. i want to say it's all about the ratings. i want to say -- i really don't know. i can't answer that question. i can almost guarantee that i can see this and i believe that it's fake. i no longer believe the half the
7:41 am
stuff that comes out the news. i don't believe it. when i see it, i need to see some proof. i'm looking at you now. i'm thinking to myself, why do these people -- why do they lie. it's fake news. i believe that. sandy hook, my wife and i were talking about it. not once we see -- host: when did you stop believing the news? did you ever have any trust in news reporting that happens? caller: it to have been around 9/11 when i stopped believing news. nobody mentioned this bomb. it was on live tv. i can't recall which one. there was actually a bomb that hit. even george bush, he had an interview, he said when he saw the first plane hit the world trade center, how would he know
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the first plane? when i read up on some of these guys some of these guys are live and well. they're not actually dead. they're alive and well. host: that's jaime in corpus christi, texas. steven sun next in north carolina, line for republicans. go ahead. caller: i like to thank you for having me on your program. i'm a little nervous. i like to say, i saw the alex jones, megyn kelly interview. it's typical of what liberalized news and hollywood is doing to president trump. they're going to keep doing it for the next four years. hopefully the next eight years. no matter what president trump does, it's going to be taken out of the context or it's going to be embellished by the liberal news. i hate to say it, there's much more to come.
7:43 am
host: you think alex jones was taken out of context yesterday? caller: alex jones does not deserve any air time. he's a total idiot. all he did was, he fueled his fire. they gave him more people to watch and listen to his program. he's now on national news. he really deserves nothing. host: how was that segment liberalized? you used liberalized? what does that mean. what's the example of that in the interview? caller: they hired megyn kelly away from fox news. megyn kelly had a disgruntled with president trump during the debate. she's the perfect person to go on liberal tv and sit there and say pretty much what she wants to say about the president. it's all scripted. that's just the way the liberal will be doing things for the next four years. you're going to be hearing things such as this russian
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thing. which isn't going to amount to anything. the russians did what they wanted to do. they done this in past elections. you never heard anything about it. it's just another way to try to muddy up the waters for president trump for the next four years or so. investigations will be going on. you will be hearing things left and right on tv about could president trump have done this. maybe president trump did it. do you think their administration did this. there's never anything positive. i've never seen a president in my life get trashed as much as this president. host: are you speaking of that investigation and attorney for president trump disputed reports that president trump is under formal investigation for possible obstruction of justice in connection with the firing of former fbi director james comey. despite claims to the contrary, by government officials president's own tweets. jay sekulow is the president's attorney. he was on fox news sunday with chris wallace.
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here's the exchange. >> the president takes action based on numerous events including recommendations from his attorney general and the deputy attorney general's office. he takes the action that they also by the way recommended and now he's being investigated by the deputy of justice. the special counsel regulations reports to the department department of justice. he's being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general, deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the termination. that's the constitutional threshold question here. >> what's the question? you stated some facts. you have now saying he is being investigated. z he's not being investigated. >> you just said he's being investigated. >> chris said that -- let me be crystal clear so you understand, we have not received nor we aware of any investigation of the president of the united
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states. >> you just said two times that he's being investigated. >> no. the context of the tweet, i just gave you the legal theory of how the constitution works. if in fact, it was correct that the president was being investigated, he would be investigating for taking action that an agency told him to take. that is protected under the constitution as his article one power. that's all i said. i appreciate you trying rephrase it. >> jay you said he is being investigated. wait a minute. jay, it's not just being investigatedded for firing comey, there's question what he said to comey when comey was still the fbi director. there's more than just the fact that he fired comey. >> chris, let me be clear, you asked me a question about what the president's tweet was regarding the deputy attorney general of the united states. that's what you asked me. i responded to what that legal theory would be. i do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth when i've been
7:47 am
clear that the president is not and has not been under investigation. i don't think i can be any clearer. >> you don't know he's not under investigation again sir. >> i can't read the mind -- >> we're in agreement. you don't know whether he's under investigation. host: that was exchange on fox news sunday yesterday. we have about 15 minutes in this segment to continue discussing the nbc segment yesterday. megyn kelly's new program on nbc. her new sunday program which she interviewed alex jones. i want to get your thoughts on what whether you watched that interview, what you thought of it. whether it should have been aired in the first place. phone lines again, republicans, 202-748-8001, democrats 202-748-8000 independents 202-748-8002. few more tweets on topic as we've been having this conversation. have we lost our ability to think freely?
7:48 am
jones forced anyone to believe him, why are we wasteing time with jones. calling jones anarchist is understatement. entire news immediate is about money and insighting the public. i want to hear your thoughts this morning. todd baltimore, maryland, a democrat. did you watch the interview? caller: yes. good morning. i think we had a low point when a person like alex jones can conspiracy about children who were gunned down. where is the sympathy? it's so sad. i want to also say that the media. you guys are the mvp. you guys hold people accountable. i want you to keep reporting. nobody is perfect. i just think sometimes people don't want to hear the through the. that's what you guys do. i hope that you guys continue to
7:49 am
do it. especially with this presidency and his administration. this is just unbelievable. host: lawrence is in elk grove village, illinois line for republicans. caller: i didn't watch the interview. i saw snidbits of what took place. just a general comment about conspiracy theories and what have you. i like to make a comment about c-span if i can. everybody has been making money on conspiracy theories. we still have people that believe that john f. kennedy was killed by mafia. we got people that believe the holocaust hasn't taken place. we have people making millions like movie producer, like oliver stone making movies about conspiracy theories. people flock to the movies to do
7:50 am
it. this guy alex jones, i never heard of him, i don't care about him. he's making money just like oliver stone. megyn kelly who used to work at fox, all the liberals and progressive hated her. now she's on nbc and they kind of like her. whatever. she was getting paid by fox. now she's getting paid by nbc. she doesn't care where her paycheck is coming in. host: you say people flock to conspiracy theory. why do you think they do that? caller: to make money. host: the people who flock to them. the people who are providing the money that's being made? caller: pardon. host: the people who flock to those conspiracy theories. people who listen to him and spend money whether it's the movies or books. why do you think people flock to conspiracy theories. caller: they want to be entertained or marketing. people like to be confirmed with their own ideas.
7:51 am
that's what they do. that's why you have some of the callers that call in over and over again. you guys are complicit in that way. how many people called about the conspiracies people believe they made money. george bush planned the attacks on the new york buildings on the pentagon. these are more on robotics morons. we allow them air time. people got made millions on that too. i know you don't to it intentionally, you're complicit when you allow people to call in. then they give an opinion. you did with mitch mcconnell for years. you had people call into this station saying from day one mitch mcconnell said he was going to make barack obama a one term president. that was a lie. you allowed it for years, all
7:52 am
you had to do was look at the interview from the national journal that took place during the midterm elections of 2010. host: before you go, i want to hear from you, how would you do it if you were sitting in this chair? what would be your cut off for people whether they should be allowed to keep speaking or not? caller: it's not one person decision. i'm sure as a company or organization you guys have some standard. you cut off certain people when they use certain words or racist term. you should. you have to do that. you also allow people to use vulgarity and vicious attacking people that basically slander. you never cut some of those people off. host: where would you do it? how would you go about making that decision? caller: it would be with the
7:53 am
organization. one person can make the decision. sometimes you got to have people on the program. your open phones is a good idea. you allow people to talk and talk. there are thousands of people out there that disagree with me. i'm in the getting anything in terms of effect. i'm generalizing that it is my opinion. host: we appreciate your opinions calling in lawrence. marie is next in maryland. line for democrats. what's your opinion? caller: hi. i didn't know what this alex jones guy was. i didn't watch the interview. i googled it to see who he was. i can't believe one nbc gave him the air time to exspouse that crap. two, just by some callers this morning. we have a huge mental health
7:54 am
crisis in this country a anyone buying this stuff. 9/11 started lot of people in france claimed the french government was fake. now we have our own citizens claiming that this slaughtered children is all fake. i'm positive that half these people calling in supporting this thought, i believe has legal access to guns, which is frightening. i'm offended. our president is continuing to feed the monster of fake news and talking to people like. i don't know what to say about our country. host: do you think you're prepared now that you have
7:55 am
looked that up. now that you know who alex jones is. now that you know some of the things -- conspiracy theories that he put forward in the past? caller: me better prepared? no, i know that it's crap. i know what he's espousing. he's doing it for money. there are people like who called in this morning, that will buy what he's saying if he puts a book out they'll probably buy it. we know the secret. it's all money. i doubt he even believes it. he found a niche he can make a lot of money. host: george is in uniontown pennsylvania, line for republicans. good morning. caller: hello. i'm one of those nuts that believes in alex jones. i've actually will bed to -- listened to him for the last several years as opposed to the lot of people calling in this
7:56 am
morning. i don't agree with sandy hook. i don't remember alex jones ever saying definitely that it was fake. host: you don't agree that it was a hoax? caller: i don't know. let me put it this way, alex jones talked about that for weeks after it happened. i don't remember him ever saying definitely that it was a hoax. he discussed a lot of different possibilities. he talked about it everyday. host: as somebody who watches alex jones, what is the appeal to you? what brings you back? caller: the appeal to me is, he's right on about 95% of the time. a few years ago, in the fall, this was october before the
7:57 am
arab spring, he had a guy on there this correctly predicted it was going to happen. at the time, there was nothing going on over there except palestinians shooting iraq and israel. host: what about his claims about pizzagate or 9/11? do you think he was right on? caller: he never said definitely what happened there. he couldn't prove it. that was awful funny. i seen a video from several different angles a building seven collapsing. that was really funny, that whole building, would fall free fall speed when there was a couple in it.
7:58 am
host: do you consider alex jones entertainment or news? caller: i consider him news. i consider him a viable alternative. what this is all about is george soros and the people trying to take over this country warrant to limn all news except for abc nbc and cbs. i watch fox news most of the time. he was showing couple of nights there, some of the stuff they're saying about trump. it's disgusting. these people call him names and call him a punk. like i say, the guy that
7:59 am
deserves a fair shot. i would say to all those people that called up and went berserk about him, they ought to tune in and listen to him. you can get him on the internet any time 24 hours a day. his show is on from 12:00 to 4:00 eastern. but they play it all day. they just repeat it. host: that's george in uniontown, pennsylvania. last caller in this segment of "washington journal." up next, we'll talk about education reform. we'll shift to that topic. rick hess will be with us an author of the "letters to a young education reformer"." we'll discussion on gender session in politics louiza savage from politico. coming up this morning on "washington journal."
8:00 am
>> tonight on the communicators >> i'm a capitalist. i have no problem people making money off it. i think it's been overreach. we have a lot of lousy ads there are way too too many of them. disturb the experience on a website. they slow down the loading of the website and they track your every move. we need a way to deal with that. i proposed that we start over. >> the second of two part conversation with one of the nation's best known technology watchers, walt mossberg. he talk about the ethics of reviewing technology. >> ever watch star trek. there's a computer this exist in the star ship and it understands your idioms. you can have a con


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